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tv   Fox News Night  FOX News  February 17, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PST

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pretty athletic for a white guy? no it's not racist. kevin you were being funny. taking things out of context. not cool. ed henry up next filling in for shannon bream. good night from washington. ♪ ♪ >> hello, welcome to fox newts@night it's ed henry in for shannon bream on a busy news night. breaking tonight, maker developments on two fronts. president trump making a surprise visit in florida, meeting with survivors and thanking first responders a the hoff requiric school shooting. this as the fbi comes under fire for admitting it failed to follow up on a tip that virtually predicted this week's florida school shooting. gop members of congress demand answers. the president declaring vindication after a shocking development special counsel robert mueller's probe with
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mr. trump saying this shows his campaign did nothing wrong and there's no collusion. we're all over the continuing fallout. first, live team coverage from florida. all over the shocking development within the fbi, but kevin cork on the unscheduled stop for the. . good evening, kevin. >> evening, ed. very big night in south florida as you point out the president not only had a chance to say thank you to the first responders, also met with victims of the magic shooting at parkland. very important for the president, not just here on the dproubd and to say thank you but to also really say something important to the people who not only did all they could to save those affected by the tragedy and pledge to work together with those who would be stakeholders in the community. >> president trump: very sad, something like this to happen. but the job the doctors did, the nurses, the hospital, first responders, law enforcement, really incredible.
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the speed that they got the victims over to the hospital was, in one case 20 minutes, con ways 19 minutes from the time of the shots. incredible thing. >> jeff, some of the comments, on a night when there was no shortage of reaction marking the heroism of so many over the past few days. while the visit to broward are north was not on the fe o'firm schedule it's fair to say the president tipped his hand on twitter when he said he would be meeting with some of the bravest people on earth and pledged to work with congress. he said he would be meeting with people whose lives have been totally shattered. in fact he did meet with stakeholders including lawmakers at the broward county sheriff's office tonight, a round table, solutions-bailed approach say white house officials to an issue that has torn the very fabric of the community. unfortunately, so many others over the past several years. now, tomorrow, ed, we suspect
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the president will continue his outreach trying to touch victims of the tragedy and looking for solutiontion as his administration reacts to another deadly school shooting. >> a lot of families in pain, the president trying to comfort them, appreciate you, kevin. stunning revelation in the florida shooting case, the fbi admitting it mishandled a very specific tip about the 19-year-old gunman that could have, could have prevented the horrific event taking place, of course ended up in 17 lives lost. phil keening joins us live with more from the shooting scene in parkland. good evening, phil. >> good evening. numerous warnings and alarms rang out about the high school shooting suspect nikolas cruz over the past two years. but not one of them throwed an arrest, a crime, or even a detention. in fact just in broward county alone, the sheriff says 20 times his office received a call for
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service to deal with a volatile kid named nikolas cruz. he says such calls in the future will now garner far greater scrutiny. fresh reports tonight on florida department of children and family services documents that in 2016 they investigated cruz after he cut his hands to bleed on snap chat. that he indicated he wanted to buy a gun. well, investigators determined he was not a threat to himself or to others. and they left him in the care of his foster mother. in the stunning admission today, the fbi admits it failed to properly act on a tip from some one close to cruz just five weeks ago that he was ee reratic, desired to kill people and could carry out a school shooting. that was never forwarded to the field office as it should have been. christopher wray from washington, we have spoken with victims and famdlys and deeply
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regret the additional pain this causes all those affected by the horrific tragedy. that led the u.s. attorney general to publicly reprimand his own fbi, quote, it is now clear that the warning signs were there and tipgs to be fbi were milgsed. we see the tragic consequences of those failures. but even that exceeded in outrage by florida's republican governor rick scott. quoting the fbi failure to take action against the killer is unacceptable. 17 innocent people are dead and acknowledging a mistake isn't going to cut it. the fbi director needs to resign. cruz himself remains on suicide watch held without bond charged with 17 counts of first degree murder. one of the public defenders says he's well aware of what he's accused of doing. >> he's sad, he's mournful, he's remorseful, he is fully aware of what is going on.
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and he's just a broken human being. >> and quoting one of the public defenders for cruz, the sun sentinel reporting that cruz is now willing to plead guilty to all counts, all 17 counts of first degree premeditated murder in order to avoid the death penalty. reaction to that, state prosecutors say no such deal is even close to being on the table at this point. and the attorney general has indicated she absolutely favors cruz being convicted and being sent to florida's death row. ed? >> a lot happening in florida, a lot in washington. trey gowdy, republican congressman saying he wants a quick briefing from the fbi to get to the bottom of what went wrong. phil keating, appreciate you being on top of this. to the unexpected new round of indictments in the russian meddling investigation. of 13 russians. at least three take-aways. no americans were witting
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participants. it did not impact the election. that according to the deputy attorney general. and 193 russians have to be extradited by moscow to face american justice. all of that, according to the jules advertise department tonight. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has the details. >> defendants allegedly conducted what they called information warfare against the united states. >> with direct oversight of the russia special counsel probe the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein said 13 russian nationals and three organizations were charged with, quote, conspiracy to defraud the united states illegally using social media to divide americans and disrupt the 2016 presidential election. >> the russian conspirators want to promote discord and underline public confidence and democracy. >> as early as 2014 the 37-page indictment allegation the russian defendants including a businessman with deep ties to
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pushgs president vladimir putin and their co-conspirators planned the operation from their base in st. petersburg, russia. the indictment says by early to mid 2016 defendants' operations includes have included supporting the campaign of jonld j. trump and disparaging hillary clinton. the defends spot space in the u.s. to create a virtual private network to mild the russian roots, used stolen or fictitious american identities, fraudulent bank accounts, and false identification documents. the defendants pose the as politically and socially active americans advocating for and against particular candidates. >> the indictment allegation that russian optatives made contact with support irs of the trump campaign, unnamed in the charge sheet. the deputy attorney general asks if campaign officials were downed. >> no allegation in this indictment that any american was a knowing parties panlt in the illegal activity.
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there's no allegation in the indictment that the charge conduct altered the outcome of the 2016 election. >> the russian optatives allegedly sought to hurt the candidacy of trump's challengers including cruz and rubio and bolster hillary clinton's challenger bernie sanders. after the election special counsel vettors found russian oomentives played both sides. >> the defendants organized one rally to support the president-elect and another rally on to oppose him. both in new york on the same day. >> asked my fox news whether the russian government would cooperate in future prosecution. have you had any assurances that the russians that they will provide these individuals for prosecution? >> no communication with the russians about this, we'll follow the order process of seeking cooperation. and extradition. >> also today a california man plead guilty to selling bank account numbers to nationals outside the united states between 20. 4 and 2017. a spokesman for the special
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counsel head said he they had no evidence he was a participant in the russian plot. ed, back to you. >> thanks. we don't know what the special counsel has in store when it comes to allegations of russian collusion, some members of the mainstream media seemed excited when the initial news of indictments seemed to be a big problem for the. . then the deputy attorney general came of the for the news conference and poured cold water on the idea that it impacted the election, the media seemed to turn. >> we have this piece of it, lots of new detail but don't have the full score, it's unclear how rosenstein can say that. >> unclear to me how he feels like he can draw that conclusion based on this kind of interference. but that certainly is something that's going to resonate with the president, he viewed the russia investigationtion as wait to undermine his victory from day one. >> so, for more, co-host of the five todd williams and from the daily caller vince. seems like buddies in the media
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were dying for the attorney general to come out and say the president did it, there was collusion and this means everything is going down. instead, the deputy attorney general said this didn't impact the election. >> first of all, the documents, what was presented by the special counsel, did not -- would not have substantiated anybody on the left saying there's evidence of collusion here. there's no such evidence in this indictment. what we have is an indictment of russians who are interfering in the election. on that basis, i think the left can say legitimately that president trump who has said that nothing happened, they fake news, a hoax, it's just perpetrated by people who want to delegitimize the election, is wrong. we have the intelligence community and counsel saying the russians interfered in the 2016 election. >> that's the centerpiece of sort of the intellectual eye dishonest take of the press, there's no distinction between the way the president treats the notion of a hoax.
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he said hoax. what he's roeferg to and what he has referred to consistently is the notion that they are the reason he won the election and that he colluded, alleged throughout all of this, that's a hoax. russia's involvement, he and the white house accepted that multiple times. >> i don't think so. >> hang on, vince, when vladimir putin told the president face-to-face i didn't interview, the president came out and told the press president trump said i take him at his word. >> and i don't have the verbiage in front of me. >> you know it. >> reading that language, you're right, there noz reason to wander on things like this. the white houose and the president have said multiple times since his election that they believe russia was involved in 016. >> look at atd am schiff, his statement -- adam schiff, a fierce critic of the president, democrat, said the indictment leaves open the vital question of whether americans, including any associated with the trump campaign, knowingly played a role in russia's active measures campaign. it leaves that wietd open. >> i agree. >> yes, robert mule core still come out with more.
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>> but not now. no. not in this document. i think we also have another point, vince andry going to clash on this, which is when you hear rod rosenstein say it didn't influence the outcome of the election to my mind he's saying there's no clear indication they were able to get involved with machinery, the voting machines, to interfere with the voter roles. but propaganda has tremendous impact. >> i had people sending me notes on social media saying if your vote in this was decided by a post on facebook you're an idiot. i mean shouldn't you make up your own mind? is a facebook post by the, aretion or anyone else going to turn your vote? >> no. here's why. soesh yol jirnlts have soesh yol jirnlts have looked at this. the new york times said there was little impact on the election on this type of election.
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>> you believe the president of the united states, should do something about russian interference in than american election, right, juan? >> big-time, we're coming up on the mid ternls. all indications we heard from not only christopher wray but heard from the director of national intelligence, dan coates, that the russians not only are continuing right now, but they plan to, in fact, increase. they are -- we are at cyber war, under attack, cyber warfare attack from the russians. >> my point is i wanted to lead you into, an american president, this president, you want him to do something. why didn't the last american president according to the indictment, it started in 2014 under barack obama. what did they do? >> i don't think they did enough. i'm not the only one, i think if you had a group of democrats, left wing, especially people involved in the hillary clinton campaign they would be very damning of the lack of action taken by the obama folks. now the obama team says they couldn't do more without appearing to be taking sides in the election.
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>> the clinton campaign has its own problems, russian informants animating an opposition research document that was handed over to the government -- >> harng on. >> you don't want foreign influence but it's okay with christopher steele to have a dossier? >> he's working for an american company. >> a british -- >> working for the american company, fusion gps, doing row search, that was it. >> whose money? >> first it was conservative money -- yes it was. >> never got money -- >> fusion gps was given money to crow it a a dossier on donald trump by conservatives and then later we the clinton campaign. >> we have a whole hour. >> we could light up friday night. >> have a good weekend, we have more news. the white house and the media is guilty of fake news. after a report in the new yorker claiming donald trump had an affair with a former playboy playmate not long after his marriage to milania.
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he denies any relationship to the former playmate. an overall of security clearance procedures in the wake of sharp criticism over the response to the rob porter debacle. kelley faced tough questions over how porter continued to work as a trump official despite allegations he abused two previous wives. agreed to changes that put the burden on the fbi and the justice department to provide more information. plus, big updates to security clearances. coming up, our own lee land vittert digging into problems with the fbi. what's behind the string of alleged fail use? have the miscues vindicated the president of his attacks on the bureau? that's next. i try to take care of my teeth,
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>> we heard about the fbi's mishandling of information that could have maybe prevented the tragic shooting this week in florida. most recent blunlder has the agency caught, of course, in the crosshairs. the president took a lot of heat for challenging the bureau. but is he get something measure of vindication now as we see the problems loo e land vittert is looking into it. >> the senate judiciary chairman wants a briefing for its staff on how the fbi missed so much about nikolas cruz.
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in the past, the president partials no words -- parses no words in talking about the d.o.j. and fbi. calling them disgrateful and saying they should be ashamed. from the "new york times" trump's unparallel's war on a pillar of society, law enforcement, writing the war between the. and the national law enforcement apparatus is unlike anything america has seen in modern times. there is of course the political war by the president but there's also the public relations war by the bureau about its own reputation as the world's premiere law enforcement and investigative agency. in fact as we look back at the most searing terror and other attacks in recent memory it's harder to find suspects that weren't on the fbi radar than those who were. the boston marathon bombers. the fbi did interviews, but found no link or nexus to terrorism. the orlando pulse nightclub shooter, the fbi velsed but said they couldn't find anything ilg legal.
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the charleston, south carolina church shooting in april of 2015, well, the fbi missed police report from a prior incident. the fort hood terrorist, the fbi conducted a cursory investigation into evidence that the radicalized american born muslim was frequently contacting al qaeda affiliated terrorists overseas before killing so many at fort hood. the fort lauderdale airport attack, the gunman went to the fbi's office in alaska complaining that voices in his head were telling him to follow isis. they did nothing. the texas church shooter fell through the cracks of the d.o.d. and fbi allowing him to purchase weapons. as for the failures and tracking down the tip that could have prevented the parkland shooting the fbi director today said we are still investigating the facts, i am committed to getting to the bottom of what happened in this particular matter. as well as reviewing our processes for responding to information that we received from the public. it's up to all americans to be
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vigilent. when members of the public contact us with concerns, we must act properly and quickly. on the website the fbi notes it gets thousands of tips a day underscoring back to the story you covered the boston marathon bombing and president obama's response in defense of the bureau after their miss of the boston marathon bombing. president obama said this is hard stuff. >> and fair point. the fbi gets a lot right as well. they protect us. they make mistakes. they're human. but they also protect us, it is a balance. but this mistake, boy. 17 dead. >> they will tell you, the bad guys only have would be right once, they have to be right 100% of the time, a high bar. >> appreciate it, leland. in the wake of the fbi admitting they failed to follow protocol, governor rick scott called for the fbi director's resignation. does this fit in with the gop versus the fbi narrative or is
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there something else going? joining me live, the white house correspondent for the washington examiner, sarah wesley. constitutional attorney ed. good to talk to you both. we heard from leland, all kinds of mistakes, as i said, they're human. but i thought jonathan turley, a little earlier tonight on special report, said something that is so important. take a listen. >> you can't tell people see something, say something if the next line is do nothing. it really undermines what the fbi has been working for years to try and get people to do. so there has to be some accountability and some really explanation. >> ed, you know, see something say something. you say something, they do nothing. >> yeah. saying something means that you took the time and courage to say something. and then nothing is done. and so, ed, i'll tell you, i grew up in that community, went to high school in that community, my kids graduated from a neighboring high school recently.
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i have to tell you that community is devastated. and they were let down. what does failure of fbi protocol mean to a parent who simply sent their child to school that morning and they didn't return? >> shar ra, you heard the headlines, talking about the "new york times," a couple more. "new york times" hald the stroir recently, trump's unparalleled war on a pillar of society, law enforcement. unprecedented. nine historians on why trump's war with the fbi is so stunning. the guardian, trump's attack on the fbi is an attack on the u.s. constitution itself. on the constitution itself, sarah. i mean, look, the. needs to be fair. and he needs to be balanced how he goes after and demands accountability from the fbi or anyone else. but what's wrong with asking questions of agencies that clearly are not perfect here? >> exactly. president trump has never attacked the fbi as a whole.
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in fact he and his allies in the white house have been careful to specify that what they're criticizing about the fbi is political leadership that's left over from the previoused a mshgs, particularly everyone a -- previous administration, particularly james comey. they never crypt sized the rank and file of the fbi. and they've been clear that they want to defend those men and women. democrats that have extrapolated the white house's skepticism of the political leadership to make it an attack on the bureau to have this strong man argument. >> i think sarah makes a good point. chris to dper wray is in the hot seat, rightly so, but new to the job. if there are major problems at the fbi it turns out that this guy who has been holding himself up to be the high prince of everything, james comey, was running that bureau for about a decade. what in the world is going there? >> clearly they failed here, and the community, this community will never be the same, ed.
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that's a real problem. they need to do a quick process revow and people need to be held accountable. whether it's james comey or wray or the underlying theme of some of the other people involved in the process, this cannot happen on a regular basis. we do a lot of things well. but the bottom line is the major failure caused 17 death. >> sarah, final point that, is so tragic, obviously. the fact as well, you hear democrats like on social media today, saying i bet you he's predicting that the president is going to use this miscue as a pretext to fire christopher wray who he nominated as way of getting him out of russia and the other investigation. is this more of democrats trying to start trouble, they said he's going to fire mueller, fire rosenstein, he hasn't fired think of them. >> we haven't seen the president calling for wray's resignation. the only one he criticized
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mccabe was removedtor cause. rick scott is calling for wray's resignation and trump's interest would dovetail with that, we haven't seen the white house call for wray's removal. there's no evidence that's the path president trump will take. >> a lot of big issues right now. sara, ed, appreciate you coming in supreme court justices meeting behind closed doors. will they take up the dispute on dreamers and daca? one of the largest immigration sweeps in southern california, the federal crackdown continues on the sanctuary state. plus a smart phone, american officials say you should stay away from. details next.
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>> on new year's day california's status as a sanctuary state was codified no law. this week immigration and customs enforcement responded yet again with one of the largest enforcement actions in years.
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in and around l.a. trace gallagher has the story. >> this was certainly nothing random about the crackdown by customs enforcement or eyes. ice. they sent a message to california casa sanctuary state and los angeles that businesses have to follow federal law and verify their employees are ints country legally. this was among the biggest enforcement efforts in years against local businesses. in the end, ice arrested 212 illegal immigrants and served notices of audit to 122 businesses. those companies will now have to prove they're not hiring illegals. i.c.e. says 90% of thoefs arrested are convicted criminals which follows their policy of focusing on illegals who commit crimes. remember being a sanctuary city means that los angeles dogs not cooperate with immigration agents when it comes to handing over jail inmates for deportation. i.c.e. says if the city won't
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give them up agents have to go out and get them, saying, quoting fewer jail arrests moan more arrests on the street and that requires more resources. which is why we are eye forced to send additional resources to those areas to meet operational needs and officer safety. some of those arrested will be prosecuted for illegal entry or reentry after being deported. others will simply be deported. the last time i.c.e. conducted a business crackdown in january, 17 liberal lawmakers signed a letter objecting to the eb forcement writing, quote, i.c.e. officers have a mission to promote homeland security and public safety, not to act as an arm of the government de signed to intimidate and harass wis owners, their employees and patrons. and certainly not use raids as a threat of what's to come. i.c.e. says unlike the state of california it has no plans to stop enforcing the law. ed?
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♪ >> now, for where in the world. quick hits from all around the globe. the "miami herald" reporting nearly half of pertain row co-'s housing was built illegally. then came hurricane maria. the island's building codes are said to be on par with florida's wind storm rule but the herald reports as many as half of puerto rico's dwellings, up to 1 million, built without permits of any kind. the island struggling to recover from maria. top officials from the cia, nsa, fbi and the defense intelligence agency agree americans should not buy smart phones made by chinese tech companies. testifying before the senate intel panel the intel experts said the smart phone makers pose a security threat to u.s. customers. the company disputes that, rushing to the defense saying the u.s. spy agencies are trying to protect domestic brands like the i phone.
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international aid group sells it's taking action on 24 cases of sexual harassment or abuse among employees last year and dismissed 19 people. msf is known as doctors without worlders. it came as they face widespread criticism that they paid for sex while working in hatie. after the 2010 earthquake. el salvador supreme court commuting the centers after woman serving 30 years in prison for getting an abortion. she said it was a still birth. the court ruled the evidence did not prove she took any specific action to abort the pregnancy. which is illegal in el salvador, was eligible for a form of clemency. el salvador one of four latin american countries with total complete bans on abortion. a sophisticated spot to wage information warfare against the u.s. how they characterize the 13 russians indicted today. up next, we'll talk to a cyber
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security expert to learn whether this was really a sophisticated operation or something like the merry prank stergs. he says washington has a lot to learn from utah, taking a swipe at president trump over immigration. mitt romney is back announcing a return for senate, is he about to become a big thorn in the president's side?
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♪ >> the indictment of 13 russians
12:41 am
revealed today by the justice department talks about an operate that is was able to organize a couple of pro and anti-trump rallies after the election during the presidential transition. they created an internet meme, activist, united muslims of america, army of jesus, trumpsters united, and clinton fraud. another meme, imf. wonder why that didn't work out. petered out in 2014. the russian hackers put a sign in a sign in front of the white house that said happy birthday boss ekt directed at a russian 'ol i gashing back home. the russians ran into trouble two months before the election. according to an e-mail, we had a crisis at work, the fbi busted our activity, not a joke. media taking this very seriously, p. quoting experts like melissa ryan described as a democratic social media marketing expert who reportedly keeps track of right wing
12:42 am
activity, the idea was not to help one political party over another, but to sew as much discord as possible. this was america that was attacked. david gersof richard told the a.p. this the new norm, it's not going away. but was this really a sophisticate aid tack or something a little whacky? let's get a reality from cyber security expert morgan wright. i hear the groups and the memes sounds like the co-stone cops. >> keystone cops crow it aing special counsel investigation, congressional investigations, have turned facebook, twitter, social media on its head. >> they're on defense. >> i don't think it's a keystone cops operation. i had a chance with talk with ambassador wolfly, this has a lot of the hallmarks of russian intelligence. >> former intelligence director. >> yes. this was the sophisticated operation. 14 people, people say it didn't have an effect but it had its intended effect.
12:43 am
we're still talking about it a year after the election. >> we're talking about it tonight. point well taken. but i do want to put night a broader context. so a million dollars spent and robert mueller investigating. he may find out there was a lot more spent. we'll see. but a million dollars is what we found so far. i checked the numbers, in 2016, you know how much was spent on the election? 6.5 billion, with a b, 2.4 for the white house when you include republican, democratic primaries, general election, about 4 bill yonl for house and senate. 6.5 billion. these guys spent 1 million. was this minor in context or on the other hand to your point, out of 6.5 billion, they spent a million, and they didn't though the election according to the deputy attorney general, but they had an impact. >> they had an impact, they were in the election databases. they wouldn't have had to alter the election they would have had to put into doubt one of the databases, one of the vote results and say a key county in
12:44 am
ohio, always a swing state, some important county. if you can throw one county into question into suspicion they have worry about the other process. the integrity of the voting. and they accomplished that. pitted people against each other. >> i want to go back to the integrity of the vote. you seem to be suggesting they could have had an impact on the integrity of the vote. we have no evidence. >> because we know that they were inside the database these didn't affect anything. had they chose to do that, had they, and that might have been a bridge too far. now we're going from influence to interference. that gets into sovereignty issues. i don't know if the russians are ready to take that kind of swing at the ubs unls yet and interfere in the elections. but this is as close as it comes without flipping a vote. >> you raise something that touches the viewers' lives, social media, facebook and twitter. what should people look out for? how much more skeptical should the viewers be, what can they do? >> go back to, it was edgar
12:45 am
allen poe who said believe nothing that you hear and only half of what you see. take with it a grain of salt. social media is not the be all and end all, not the silver bull let of truth. how did we vote in the '50s or '60s? people had discussions, did things. you got to quit relying on social media. we've seen in so many things na to the other attacks, social media has played a disparate role in the influence. and we give it too much influence. >> and also, i got 30 seconds, but did it really have that much impact? i mentioned i had people on social media telling me i voted for donald trump because of the economy, this, had nothing to do with a russian facebook post i voted for hillary clinton i wanted her to be the first female president, i don't like donald trump f you base your vote on facebook you have an issue. >> facebook and twitter goes down, what am i going do. it really boils down, this is a test run. we have to worry about the 2018 and 2020 elections. you know what they did, they have learned a lot of less ongs.
12:46 am
less ojs and mistakes that they will not repeat in the upcoming elections. >> morgan, thanks for bringing the facts and separating out the fiction. >> you bet. >> have a good weekend. staunch hillary clinton supporters say the economy is better off under trump than it would have been under clinton. a clinton supporter saying that. why is the media talking about it? we'll take a close look at a rocky road on the markets and what to expect next week, coming up.
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>> hillary clinton supporter, the ceo of gold man sacks says the economy is wetter under donald trump. he said if the president didn't win and hillary clinton won the economy is higher today than it otherwise would be. despite market volatility, socks rose for the sixth straight day. joining me, hover fellow and former policy director for mitt romney lonnie chen. to be fair he added the odds of a bad outcome have gone up. so explain this confusing split in the economy right now. even lloyd blankfine is say ig was a clinton supporter but trump has done better on the economy but i'm worried. >> the tax cut bill is the great undercovered story.
12:51 am
people haven't talked about the impacts of the bill. what it's done is economic growth and economic positivity. he's done better than hillary clinton, a cheerleader for the economy. so much of the person for mans is whether people feel good about it. i think the reason people are concerned is what happens when the impact. tax bill starts to wear off, what happens when inflation starts to creep up, i think those are the worries. >> too good, interest rates go up. >> exactly. that puts pressure on the stock market and puts pressure on some of the economic measures. >> let's get to some of the other hot issues we talked about, mitt romney, you used to work for him, anoujsed today, made it official, he's getting into the senate race. let's look at something barack obama said about him in 2012. >> a few months ago when you were asked what is the biggest geopolitical threat facing america, you said russia. the 1980s are calling to ask for your foreign policy back.
12:52 am
the cold war has been over for 20 years. >> the cold war has been over, russia wasn't a big deal in 2012. when you look at the headlines today, democrats seem like russia is a big deal. >> and i think they keep saying that over and over again, let that clip replay over and over again to remind people how wrong president obama was and romney said russia is a threat, they continue to be a threat, if anything today's news tells us that russia was in fact trying to infill tralt the american system of democracy. >> maybe the obamaed a mshgs didn't do enough. >> during the obaba administration, when president obama was in office when the activity started. rush a began to intill trait the election. >> mitt romney was the republican presidential nominee, we made that point. now he's really taking on the president on a whole range of issues particularly immigration. is he, if he wins, is he going to come to the senate and just be an independent minded senator or be a scourge, is he going to
12:53 am
be a nuj, just poking at president trump and further dividing republicans? >> i don't think he's going to the senate to be the be a tie trump. he's not -- anti-trump. he's not going to poke at the president all the time. there will be lots of situations where mitt romney and the president will agree. in those situations he'll do everything he can to move the ball forward on the conservative agenda. there will be times he'll disagree and he won't hesitate to express that disagreement. that will be a really good thing. >> and the media will highlight it. >> but that's part of it? lonnie chen, appreciate you coming in. >> thanks, ed. >> a salute to a crooner, personal stories about a dear friend we lost this week and the man frank sinatra said was the best. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> it is a tough week for america and nothing can be worse than what happened in florida.
12:58 am
last night there was a new banner to honor flip sanders. he was principled and kind and relentlessly optimistic and the same for singer vic demone. he office my late night buddy. and he loved president trump who quietly put a phone call in to the hospital before he died. we were unlikely pals and i am irish and vic was fiercely proud italians. he taught me about legalitying things go. someone double crossed me and i leave it in god's hand and sometimes god is italian. i picked a hat that i thought
12:59 am
would make the old man proud. yours truly had worn a jaunty hat. love your reporting, but that hat, don't wear it again. and like always i listened closely. this guy ran with the rat pack and he was like flip a good and decent man. and in the end of the long tough week, a tip of the hat for two swell guys. good night from washington, i am ed henry. thanks for watching. ♪ ♪
1:00 am
♪ you are the one dream i pray comes true. ndndndndndndndndnd. we'll see you mont. sean hannity is next. a fox news alert. now since the day that president trump was elected the media, the left in this country have been trying to convince you, the american people that president trump colluded with the russians in order to win the election. we have been telling you there is no evidence and tonight we have proof. there is still no evidence. today the special counsel robert mueller indicted 13 russian nationals and three russian companies for engaging in information warfare on the united states and interfering on the election. this indictment shows this was widespread in terms of a russian effort and dates back to 2014 during the obama administration and meant


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