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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 19, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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democrats admit the obama administration should have done more but wait until you see how they are stiming this on another attack to white house. >> driver austin dillon with overtime win at daytona 500. "fox & friends first" ronts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> a song for what was a somber weekend. obviously sad situation in florida but we are glad that you're here watching "fox & friends first" on the president's day, i'm todd piro in for rob schmitt.
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jillian: we will are more, good morning, i'm jillian mele, thousands gather to mourn the loss of classmates and teachers following the deadly school shooting in florida. >> new details emerge about the gunman's troubled past including a 2016 investigation into mental state yet another warning sign missed. rob schmitt live in parkland, florida as officials work on a plan for the site of the tragedy. >> good morning, students could be back here at douglas high school next monday however not to building 12 where the building happen and probably never will, plans to possibly demolishing building 12 and replacing in the near term with trailers for students to actually attend class in for classes inside of the building, this coming to light over the weekend as the funerals continued for the 17 people killed in this horrible shooting. we spoke to a 13-year-old girl
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outside of funeral for a 14-year-old and the little girl trying to process what has happened here. >> i'm 13. she was only 14 and she didn't deserve that. none of the kids deserved it. rob: just unbelievable having to process something like that at that age. we are taking a look at the disturbed young man that committed horrible act. nikolas cruz posted himself in snapchat cutting himself and saying he wanted to buy a gun, the department of children and families investigated that, they found out that cruz was receiving outpatient care from mental hospital here in broward county and that the hospital had deemed that he was stable enough to not be hospitalized at that point. there is a hearing today, dcff hearing, children and family will decide whether or not to release the mental health records of nikolas cruz so we have to wait and see how this goes. over the weekend, local
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newspaper sat down with the family that took nikolas cruz after his nom died in november of last year, they say he showed clear signs of depression, very lonely. he wanted a boyfriend. he brought arsenal of weapons, they had them all locked up and the father, the man of the house thought he had the only key, they had no idea why nikolas cruz did this, confused like everybody else. prosecutor said that he will possibly be trying for the death penalty in this case, cruz and his attorneys have said that they will plea guilty to the charges if the death penalty is off the table, so we will see how that develops. guys, we will send it back to you. >> a lot more to unravel. we will hear from you later in the hour. >> thanks, rob, classmates of junior rotc kid killed in shooting now calling for military honors, peter wang reportedly died while holding
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doors open for others to escape. jillian: petition posted in white house website, led the survival of dozens in the area. wang a hero and deserves to be treated as such and deserves full honorees burial. >> a student shot five times, broward county sheriff visiting anthony burgess in the hospital as he recovers. >> held a hero after using his body as human shield saving 20 lives. that's according to abc news. sheriff's office says borgess in fair condition but long road ahead with surgeries. >> 22-year-old gunman armed with gun and hunting rifle opening
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fire on christian worshipers in service killing five women. five others including a police officer and a national guardsman also suffering injuries. intelligence and strategic failures may have led to brutal ambush attack in niger that killed four american heros. new york times reporting reporte soldiers were led to terrorist territory longer than planned with no backup. they were prepared for patrol jillian: russia will keep meddling in our elections, that's the message from lawmakers after indictments handed down by robert mueller, now democrats are saying that the obama administration could have done more to prevent it. griff jenkins live in washington with the very latest, good
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morning, griff. >> we now know the meddling began in 2014 according to allegations in the indictments and democrats like adam schiff admits the obama administration deserves some of the blame. >> i thought the obama administration should have done more but none of that is an excuse for this president to sit on his hands. it is inexplicable that the president of the united states continues to sit on sanctions that congress passed, that congress once enforced against russia over the interference. >> and while schiff says this doesn't vindicate trump administration and the president took to twitter defending that russia didn't med until the investigation or the investigation itself was a hoax but rather saying the russian hoax was that the trump campaign colluded with russia, it never did. as for sanctions, lawmakers on both sides of the i'll have criticized the white house for missing a congressional deadline in january but treasury secretary steve mnuchin tells the senate committee, finance
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committee in the senate last wednesday that they're working on it and that sanctions are on the way, but congressman trey gowdy puts it in perspective. ultimately this isn't a partisan problem but american problem. >> i have known all along and they will do the same thing in 2020. next cycle it could be a republican. americans are the victims of what the russians did, all of us are victims. >> we don't know when the investigation will wrap up but we know that there are some calls from folks like senator by bob casey kashing mueller to wait after midterms to release final report. >> griff, thank you, have a good one. as president trump touts vindication, rush limbaugh says not so fast. >> the danger for the president is it would be very, i think, seductive for to him to embrace
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this, see, see, i've been vindicated. the worst thing he could do in his world is to validate this whole investigation by claiming victory here because what if down the road there is another indictment or series of indictment that do name trump or do name the russians and trump campaign colluding because that's what this is about. this is about getting trump, chris, this whole thing is about setting trump up for impeachment if democrats win in 2018, donald trump remains in cross hairs, he is the target and there's no led-up in that. >> switching gears now, literally, austin dillon on top of the world after winning daytona 500 in overtime. >> dillon wins great american race. >> dillon taking the american
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race in number 3 car, that's obviously important because 20 years after dale, jr. in 1998. avoiding two wrecks, this win second in his career but a biggie, super bowl, giving him a shot in the playoffs for the nascar title. jillian: look at that celebration. lindsey vaugh, responding, my family loves me and i sleep well at night and i try to be the best person i could be, if they don't like me, their loss, i guess, vonn came under fire after not accepting an invitation to the white house if she won a gold medal. >> nine minutes after the hour now and the war on cops
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escalating, students protesting white national event and then go ahead and take aim at the police [shouting] >> this after 12 officers already killed nationwide this year, what needs to be done to protect men and women in blue, law enforcement panel weighs in next. jillian: why are people so upset about it? >> the video is of my breakfast this morning. imagine this, something worst for you than smoking 20 cigarettes a day and impacts every american, you don't want to miss the story. "fox & friends first" continues
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>> 13 minutes after the hour now and frightening threats now under investigation after social media posts hint at new school shootings, deputies in pennsylvania and virginia looking into the menacing post. they show a handgun with specific threats aimed at two middle schools. officials telling parents that extra security is being provided when classes resume. a business owner now afraid she may have to board up shop after being harassed and threatened for flying propolice flag, frightening miami posted on the shop's window reading, pig supporters not welcome, flag goes down or you go down. elders' antique joined us last hour describing how she felt after receiving that note. >> i'm scared. >> okay. >> it's frightening. you don't know what people are capable of doing. it's not funny at all.
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i would just have to say -- give people the benefit of the doubt. i wasn't flying the flag for no other reason except to support the police. >> elder has removed the flag and hopes police can catch whoever is behind those threats, jillian, over to you. >> war on cops taking a turn after protest in tennessee quickly turned into attack on law enforcement, watch this. [shouting] jillian: comes after u.s. saw 12th police officer killed in the line of duty just this year. so what more needs to be done to protect our men in blue, here to weigh in nypd sergeant and former las vegas police lieutenant randy, randy, i will
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start with you, what's your reaction when you see video like that? >> well, watching that makes my blood boil. here it is, the law enforcement officers that are on the campus are there to protect the same people who are screaming and acting complete, you know, childish idiots. we are seeing this on campuses all over the country. of course, what really is hurtful, if you will, is that yesterday a texas police officer was shot and the deaths of law enforcement officers, the shootings are increasing, the ambush shootings, the multiple shootings of police officers are increasing and then you see people like this who are -- who are screaming and basically acting like idiots. jillian: joseph, you know, you see a video like that where you see the students wanting cops off campus, you see what happened in florida just last
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week, can you see how quick the response was by police in just about an hour of the shooting happening, police were able to capture the suspect and take him in without incident, joseph, how important is it for police to be able to do their job? >> what's going on across the united states nowadays old policing and bias training, the issue is officers are letting guard down because they are being taught to treat everybody very nicely and hand out lollipops after every single stop and when you are going out there and trying to do your job is not easy. what they need to do is put them out and show police officers in the training, the 12 officers being killed in line of duty and show them the situation and how each one is dairnción. you can't tell people to treat everybody else the same because they can't. jillian: there were 35 police officers killed in 2017 so far this year as we mentioned randy, we are at 12 right now.
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you hear those numbers, i'm sure that's tough to stomach, where is the disconnect, what needs to be done? >> joseph hit one of the most important and that is training. what we have seen because of political correctness because of the obama administration was a shift from -- from training officers to be -- to have the warrior mentality which is absolutely essential to the survival of law enforcement officers to this happy meal mentality. in fact, what just took place boggles my mind in new york city de blasio and his minions have just -- have just put forth $4.5 million to train every single new york police officer in implicit bias training. these are the resources that need to be directed towards officer survival training and this is going on all over the country, we are seeing the shift, we are seeing political
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correctness on steroids, what it shows instead of being more concerned with lives of police officers, police administrators are more concerned about the image they are trying to portray. jillian: a couple of police departments in pennsylvania who in december and january once a week would bring in citizens, they called it the citizens police academy and what they would do meet once a week, cover things like use of force, s.w.a.t. tactics, a don't shoot session to try and help the community understand situations that law enforcement is faced with every day. do we need more of something like that, joseph? >> well, i spoke to several officers and they asked the question, we are getting this train, what's going on with the public. you're putting all the stuff out there to heighten their level of what an officer goes through but that's not going to stop the issue, when people say it's the
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public, poll tingses -- politician that is don't like the law. you want to be a hero become a firemen because people don't like authority as a police officer and officers, they need to respect people, 2018 and you can't respect someone's background, that's an issue. people have to earn them and try to people like it's unicorns and rainbows. jillian: we appreciate the work that you have done and continue to do to keep us safe. we appreciate it. thank you both very much for being here. >> thank you. >> todd. >> thank you. >> 20 minutes after the top of the hour. students calling on lawmakers to make a change. >> we want to have conversations with president donald trump, senator marco rubio and governor rick scott about the fact that they are being supported by the nra. >> we are live with the plan of
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jillian: good monday morning, welcome back. high-speed chase ends up suv crashing and flipping over on busy road. the 16-year-old driver led them on a chase in a stolen car through two counties. the teen losing control crashing the car onto its side by a guardrail in ohio, he was arrested and charged with receiving stolen property and three other passengers charges pending, thankfully no one was hurt. a plane not landing to runway.
2:25 am
the pilot only one on board when the engine fails and describes the quick thinking to land safely on the freeway. >> my wing was out in number one lane and a couple of cars moved over to make room for me and i'm sure it's a day they'll remember and everything worked out fine. >> that was scary? >> not at all. >> the pilot was not hurt during emergency maneuver and the plane was not damaged. >> new program that your dentist probably won't approve of. st. louis police chief on twitter that they will handle candy from patrol cars for better relationships. one tweeting four out of five dentists recommend this, let's remember our last segment building communities with police, it's okay, candy is not going to kill you. michael jackson's family firing back at quincy jones telling michael stole a lot
2:26 am
of stuff and stole a lot of songs, he stole a lot of songs, one of the songs jones is referring to billy jean e specifically this beat. ♪ >> that's iconic beat, right >> yes. >> sounds like state of independence. ♪ >> i don't get that. did you hear that? jillian: i don't hear it. >> jackson's family is saying, jones, must have first stages of dementia. not good to make fun of people with dementia. new york mets general manager telling reporters he thinks tebow will play in major league.
2:27 am
jillian: tebow takes part of spring training camp. >> below average hitter last year splitting time with class a and aa affiliates. when he was here, my goodness -- jillian: people love him. >> nicest guy you ever want to meet. jillian: he was here a couple of weeks, actually. 27 minutes after the hour. he put the body between the florida shooter and students being targeted. >> now athletes are honoring coach aaron feis the best way they know how. >> how was it today? >> it was good, doing what we love and he loved it too. >> he's not really gone, he's more with us in my heart. jillian: rob schmitt joins coach feis' players on the field. that's still to come.
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>> the white house renewing its calls for legislation to strengthen gun background checks in the wake of the florida school shooting. jillian: this as students call for nationwide protests
2:31 am
demanding swift action, kelly wright joins us live with the latest, good morning, kelly. kelly: jillian and todd, good morning to you as well. the sadness is in parkland, the students are determine today is to be this from ever happening again. students from "fox & friends" expressed sadness for 17 lives lost and voiced determination to launch grassroots movement to demand politicians to take action to stop the wave of gun violence in america. >> the march for our lives is going to be in every major city and we are organizing it so students everywhere can beg for our lives, because at tend of the day, this is isn't about the red and blue, gop and democrat, this is about adults and kids. >> there's a case of simple please stop, please stop allowing us to be gunned down. >> we want to have conversations
2:32 am
with president donald trump, senator marco rubio and governor rick scott about the fact that they are being supported fbi nra. we want to give them the opportunity to be on the right side of this. kelly: students will likely get that because the white house says president trump will host a listening session with students and teachers on wednesday and then meet with state and local leaders on thursday to discuss school safety. senator marco rubio says it is time for congress to act. >> just because the laws could not have done anything to prevent it doesn't mean that we can't have a debate on the laws anyway and it doesn't mean there's nothing we can do. kelly: president trump singled out mental health as being part of the problem here and sarah sanders over the weekend also revealed the president's support to push to improve federal compliance with criminal background checks for gun buyers. jillian, todd. >> all right, kelly, thank you. students mourning the loss of a hero football coach aaron feis.
2:33 am
>> several hit the field to honor feis' memory, our own rob schmitt spoke to the team about football event and coach's legacy, rob, good morning again. >> rob: sounds like he was a great guy. good morning to you guys, it was their friend, assistant football coach aaron feis died a hero throwing his body in front of students trying to protect them from the bullets but this weekend there was a combine in an effort to get kids scholarships to get them to go college and students had choice to make of whether or not to attend and decided to do so because that's what their assistant coach would have wanted him to do. >> coach feis is everywhere we were. if we were somewhere, he was there. >> not having him here, it looks like from what i saw you guys still played your hearts out on the field. >> i think these guys knew that's what -- he would want
2:34 am
them to do, you know, he would want them to come out and like you would say ball-out and give everything you had not only just for ourselves but support douglas high school and our whole community, we are not going quit, we are not going to lay down, we are going to stay strong and keep doing what we do. rob: how proud of you are of these kids? >> oh, my lord. i can't tell you how proud i am, it's hard for them to come out here. >> everyone in the program is one, it's a family. they came out here and made not only themselves proud but our school proud. rob: coach feis, tell me something you loved about him. >> great guy and cared about everyone and everything. i don't know, i'm honestly speechless by everything, shock. >> we expected him to go back but he's not going to be there. this is my outlet right here. >> we have strong young men around us and we have to keep
2:35 am
pushing, keep helping each other out. >> i know he wanted me to come out here, right, i had to come out here to support it, i had to make -- i came out here and balled out. rob: how was it today? >> he loved it too so he would have want us to come out here. >> i feel like he's not really gone, he's more here with us in my heart. every time i get on the field he's there. >> i kind of came out here, you know, rethinking it, i was like, i walked out on the field and i was, like, this kind of hurts because i don't see my big man standing because he was supposed to come to this. rob: if he could have told you whether or not to do this, you think he would have said get your butt on the field, go play. >> no question. if we talked about us not going, he would have been very, very upset. everybody loved him. he was probably one of the greatest men i had ever met and i will keep saying that until
2:36 am
the day i die that he's one of the greatest men i have ever met. prayers to the families. i have every single victim. that's coach hicks. that's joaquín oliver. peter, alyssa, elena, jamie. we have everybody, all 17. rob: the quarterback there, we watched him throw, he was throwing really good, he even told dad that there might be extra after what he had been through and that's certainly understandable. the kids played great and the father of the quarterback said it was great to see son out there playing football and getting back to normal because he has so many funerals than most people in a lifetime to attend over the next week and these kids are teenagers, so it's unbelievable. jillian: i'm sure they will be playing with heavy hearts in the field and playing for him.
2:37 am
>> and every time i've heard the line from you, 17 funerals, it cuts right in my heart, you know, rob, amazing job down there, thank you so very much. jillian: let's get a check on the forecast with janice dean. it's supposed to warm up this week, right? >> yes, tomorrow and wednesday and then we go back to winter, enjoy it while it lasts, current temperatures 37 in new york, bump those up big time starting tomorrow and into wednesday, i want to take a look at the next storm system that stretches from rockies to great lakes bringing heavy snow. winter weather advisories and winner storm warnings, several feet of snow in the mountains and going to move east ward across the ohio, tennessee and mississippi river valley, my worry here is the threat for flooding over the next five to seven days with over 8-inches of rainfall again, during the next several days but flash flooding is going to be a concern, real quick, look at temperatures to end up on a high note, 65 in new york tomorrow, 70 on wednesday
2:38 am
and then we go back down on thursday. [laughter] >> you know what, we are getting there. jillian: we are. thank you, janice. >> time now is 38 minutes after the hour. a candidate in the maryland legislature sparking outrage by raffling off ar-15 rifle just days after the florida shooting. >> i'm a father of four and i'm a christian, i can't imagine what they are going through. but i do not believe that this is a gun issue. >> how that candidate for legislature is defending his controversial move? >> democrats vowing to flip the house and senate in 2018 despite republicans gaining in the polls, so is it the recent string of gop wins or the democrats antitrump message? we will debate it next. >> and fergie's rendition of the national anthem setting up a fire storm for all the wrong reasons. jillian: interesting. >> it was something.
2:39 am
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jillian: fox news health alert. at least three more kids died of flu, age from 6 to 12 living in tennessee, new jersey and connecticut. one of the children grayson oaks passing away after collapsing at home comes after cdc just added death of 22 other kids bringing total to more than 80 since october. cleaning could be a bad for health as smoking, a new study revealing inhaling chemicals and cleaning spray has impact on lung health comparable to smoking a pack of cigarettes every day, scientists at norway found women in particular found significant lung damage after long-term use, they advice using micro fiber clothes. i knew there was a reason i
2:43 am
didn't like to clean, tod, the. >> that's kind of scary. numbers are in and not looking good for democrats, voters trust republicans with security. joining me to debate new york city city councilman joe and director of research jessica, thank you both for being here. jessica, we will go to you first. put immigration to the side for a second. >> okay. >> do democrats have any chance when it comes to economy when people are waking up to bank accounts bigger? >> well, not everyone is. some people were waking without a job, fbn:am, harley davidson is closing out plant. gop tax reform bill is great for republicans and bad for democrats because of messaging. there's elegant way to say to people that we are thrilled that you have more money in bank account but these are why bem contract policies are better and
2:44 am
we need to make sure that the top earners of the world are paying more and individual rate as tax should -- sorry, decreased in proportion to corporate tax rate which is where they took the cut, i think that could be done better, overall the numbers haven't been good for us. >> okay. she seems to be seeing that point. i'm going to immigration right now and i'm going to let you kick off immigration. do you think republicans have the better message on immigration? >> in the poll, excuse me, people thought so. more people thought republicans were trust worthy on immigration than democrats and i think it's because you saw democrats sort of seeding message, they had the opportunity, republicans gave them an olive branch and offered them to get party platforms, 1.8 million dreamers to be given a pathway to citizenship, instead of taking the deal and working with republicans, they stood -- they basically took ball and went home. >> jessica. >> i wouldn't go that far, the deal was complicated because it
2:45 am
wasn't 1.8 million dreamers plus 25 billion for the wall and we know the wall is a huge sticking point not only talking point but something that americans weren't a fan of when they heard about it. i do think if donald trump doesn't continue to go for things like muslim ban, for instance, lays back here that it's not going to be great for democrats. i'm curious to see what the effects long-term of the horrific shooting in florida are going to be. i think the gun control will come to top of the agenda especially if you look at voices of emma gonzález and popular all over the country campaigning against the nra. we saw top republican donor saying he's holding all donations until they do something about gun control. trey gowdy says he will go for bump stock ban but the value is plus 10 to plus 13 for democrats right now it's at plus 4. shift -- >> the two of you are in the mix, you are talking to people that are in the no, how
2:46 am
confident are republicans with this change, how scare right side democrats, begin with you? >> democrats, i think, still feel cautiously optimistic about taking the house, the senate much more difficult, those who say will take a couple of seats, i happen to not think that, i would still think that we take the house but a lot more complicated than it was a month ago. >> joe. >> i think she's right. when you look at generic ballot you see republicans creeping up but when you start looking at individual seat that is democrats are targeting, a few in pennsylvania, one in iowa, it's tough and when -- >> california is a big one. >> the ten seats in the senate, there's almost no way that, you know, republicans can probably lose. you're talking manchin. it's very difficult for democrats to want to clean sweep in all of them. >> you guys fought as much as
2:47 am
who likes puppy. >> i think it's too early. >> jessica, joe, thank you so much. jillian, over to you. >> 14 minutes until the top of the hour, paying the price why some say facebook should be fined for its role in russian interference. first ainsley joins us now with preview of interview with vice president mike pence at the u.s.-méxico border. >> we did, we talked about the border on friday with the vice president and his wife. we toured the rio grande, fascinating as you see the mexican police on the top of the land with guns pointed at us, it was pretty scary. we will talk about this video. you will hear his response after we asked about joey, we talked about florida shooting and response to gun control and we also talked about the news that broke on friday involving the russia indictment, listen to
2:48 am
this. >> our administration has been fully cooperating with the special counsel investigation and we will continue to, there's no question that russia sought to interfere perhaps with other countries in our electoral process. there's no suggestion that there was any impact on the outcome of the election despite what these indictments suggest. ainsley: jillian, we will show the viewers the whole story down there at the border, we also have dan and johnny jones who fought for country and lost both legs. we will get reaction from him and david, campaign manager for president trump. stay with us, "fox & friends" starts at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. ♪
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>> a republican running for legislative seat in maryland gives away ar-15 rifle at a bingo fundraiser days after the florida high school shooting, candidate erin, sheriff's deputy and former marine, the sold-out event was planned months ago and winner had to pass background checks. >> my prayers go out to the victims down at events in florida, i'm a father of four, i'm a christian, i can't imagine what they are going through but i do not believe that this is a gun issue. >> democratic opponent held a vigil for the shooting victims outside the fundraiser sharing stories over a mega phone. jillian: cracking down on white house leaks, attorney general jeff sessions telling fox news in exclusive interview he's opened 27 investigations, investigations, excuse me into who is sharing classified information. >> we are going after this aggressively. i have directed personally, some of the matters involve this matter and some of it is a
2:53 am
matter that i'm not rescued on and i'm pursuing aggressively. jillian: attorney general says there were only three open investigations. >> fox business alert now, americans demanding facebook pay the price for its failing during the russian election meddling. >> tracee carrasco from sister network fox business here to explain. good morning, tracee. tracee: good morning, facebook said it will start using postcards through the u.s. mail, mailing them out to people to verify that they live here in the u.s. and their name if they want to purchase a political ad that will run on facebook. so they are going to start doing this later this year. the postcard will have a code that you'll have to use to prove that you live here and that you are who you say you are. this will run for candidates for ads that will mention specific candidates not issue based political ads, so they are doing this in response to all of that criticism that they've gotten for their potential role in the
2:54 am
2016 presidential election. meanwhile there's online survey taken a thousand people who say that facebook should pay a fine for their potential role, 28% say this, 15% say they shouldn't pay a fine, 56% say they don't know. this is a survey that comes from honest data. it was taken just before that mueller indictment was released on friday. jillian: we will see how that one plays out. >> time now 54 minutes after the top of the hour. the national anthem making noise all for the wrong reasons. ♪ ♪ jillian: from confused to amuse, the reaction flooding social media this morning.
2:55 am
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if you have severe pain in your stomach area. tell your doctor your medical history. gallbladder problems have happened in some people. tell your doctor right away if you get symptoms. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite, indigestion, and constipation. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. change the course of your treatment. ask your doctor about victoza®. ein the 2018 lexus es,y system plus, standard... and the es hybrid. take advantage of special president's day offers now through the 28th, on the 2018 es 350. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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jillian: it's time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first up the good. half a dozen army soldiers embark on one of their most special missions yet. operation reilly's birthday surprise. the california boy who has autism and adhd was all smiles playing with nerf guns with the american heroes he idolized. todd: nearly two dozen passengers kicked off a carnival cruise ship after a brawl breaks out on board. some of the passengers say it start whfd one man
2:59 am
stepped on another man's flip flop. isn't that always the way? jillian: finally the ugly. ferguson yption jazzy star-spangled banner falling flat. ♪ o say does that star-spangled banner yet wave. jillian: players like draymond green couldn't help but laugh at the botched rendition and that anthem going viral on social media, of course. todd: actress roseanne barr joining in on the twitter fun. i think mine was better. low key. jillian: another taking a shot. so bad kaepernick stood up and told her not to disrespect the anthem like that. todd: julian this might take the cake.
3:00 am
i have never seen this performed. never heard it performed in the key of happy, mr. president. congrats. we are going to leave it like that. jillian: we are. "fox & friends" starts now. todd: bi, everybody. bye, everybody.♪ ♪ ♪ only in america ♪ red, white, and blue ♪ steve: hi, everybody. hey, it's presidents day. ainsley: that's penally. that's the artist that comes on our show a lot. that paint something beautiful. steve: is hhe is leaving jersey right now: we are going to have him, we hope, provided he wakes up in


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