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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  February 19, 2018 6:00am-8:00am PST

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students speaking up -- it has been a real mix as the grief has turned to anger. we've had a string of funerals. four yesterday, three today, two more tomorrow. as the number of students determine they intend to try to change the gun laws across the country. >> our elected officials need to get together and get things done. the future of our country are the children that are currently dying because politicians refuse to take action and continue to take money from these special interest groups. >> there were major anti-gun rallies across the state this weekend. another one tonight. and next month the students have claimed they will lead a national march to washington for a big anti-gun rally. big, back to you. >> bill: steve harrigan in florida today. thank you on that.
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>> white house officials saying president trump supports new efforts to improve federal gun background checks after he met with victims of the school do something about background checks. we're talking senate majority whip john cornyn and chris murphy of connecticut. they're doing what they can to create an idea that would enhance background checks. something that we have also heard from the white house on numerous occasions they would consider as they continue to move forward in the conversation. let me share a bit of what sarah sanders had to say this weekend about what the president thinks. she said the president spoke to
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senator cornyn on friday about the bipartisan bill he and senator murray introduced about criminal background check legislations. while discussions are ongoing the president is supportive of efforts to improve the federal background check system. this is something that has been very important to the white house for quite some time. you may remember on friday the president took part in a round table with stakeholders not just community leaders and lawmakers but also those who live here and work here and whose priority, like all of us, is to maintain the safety and security of america's children. that was on friday. that's a conversation, as you know, that will continue this week. in fact, the president will bla
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administration for russian meddling in the 2016 election. he is finally right about something. obama was president. knew of the threat and did nothing. thank you, adam. the president is making a reference to the announced indictments of russian operatives who targeted america campaign operations and political debate long before he ran for office. here is corey lewandowski. >> the president made a very important point. the previous administration, obama administration under jim comey's lack of leadership at the f.b.i. should have been doing something about this. if they were informed back in may of 2014 that -- don't
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forget. donald trump came down that escalator in june of 2015. 13 months later but what we now know according to the indictments from rod rosenstein is for 13 months before donald trump got into the race the russians were trying to do something to change the outcome of our election. >> materially change the outcome of our election and they warn this is something that will likely continue as we look forward to the 2018 mid-terms. back to you. >> kevin corke in florida. thanks. >> bill: i want to bring in byron york, fox news contributor. good day to you on this presidents' day, some on the left think the russia revelation as bad as pearl harbor. you've had three days to think about it. what do you think the indictment tells us? >> it is not as bad as pearl harbor. we can start with that right now. you know, one of the things the president has tweeted about continually during the whole trump/russia investigation is that he says there was no collusion between his campaign
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and the russians and one thing about this indictment we should say it does not allege any collusion between the trump campaign and the russians. doesn't address it, allege it, it is not there. i think what's really extraordinary about this indictment if you look at the indictment in conjunction with earlier testimony that we've had from executives at facebook and other social media companies, is that the whole operation was fairly small. the mueller indictment is fairly vague on how much money the russians spent on this content farm in st. petersburg that created all these phony facebook accounts to try to stir discord in the united states. it wasn't very much. maybe a million dollars a year. >> bill: 1.2 million compared to 2.4 billion. >> compareist to a campaign in which 2.4 billion were spent
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just not a big deal. if you go back to the testimony we had back in november, the senate intelligence committee chairman revealed how much the russians had spent in a few key states on facebook ads. in pennsylvania they spent $300. in michigan they spent $823. these are nothing. this is not the stuff of rigging the election. on the one hand this is something that the united states government needs to stop the russians from doing. certainly make sure they don't get any better at it. but on the other hand it is not something that should cause enormous alarm that the united states is under attack like in pearl harbor or 9/11. >> bill: 44% spent pre-elect. 56% post-election. we'll go through it over time. breaking news from the white house. the president spoke with john cornyn on friday about gun legislation the white house is telling us supportive of efforts to improve federal
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background check system. in two days' time when we have this meeting at the white house you will hear more of that. what do you make of the continued failed alerts that were given by so many? we know of two at the f.b.i. right now. the sheriff said 20 times they were called to the house. the school kicked him out. when you get that many warnings and no action is taken or no action can be taken, byron, what are we left to think about this? >> this is one of the most across the board failures i think we've ever seen. after incidents like this in the past we've had this kind of depressing argument with republicans saying that more needs to be -- attention needs to be paid on mental health and democrats saying more needs to be paid to gun control. and this is a situation in which there was a failure all across the board. clearly the authorities, the local health authorities, the f.b.i., the police, the school,
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everybody knew that nikolas cruz was a dangerous young man. and so there clearly needed to be not just an intervention on mental health grounds but to make sure he could never purchase a weapon. and so this is the kind of thing that actually could bring some of these arguments together. it will probably be very smart for the president to seriously consider some of these arguments that are being made now. >> bill: i found friday afternoon stunning. you had a span of 28 minutes where you had two major news stories from the department of justice and one trumped the other. last comment on that, byron. >> you are right. the failure in the f.b.i. in terms of acting on this tip beforehand. it is one of these things do i have to draw you a picture? somebody drew them a picture and they didn't act on it. there has been a lot of criticism from republicans directed at the f.b.i. about the highly politicized investigations it has conducted about clinton email or trump russia. there is praise at the same
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time for the way they handled fighting crime. this was an enormous mistake and blot on the f.b.i. in terms of the way it fights crime. >> bill: thank you, byron. have a good day. alisa. >> rush limbaugh reacting to the florida shooting. >> prayers and condolences don't solve it. marches won't solve it. chris, the next shooter is out there. the next shooter probably has the gun that he is going to use. >> student survivors are become being the face of a new national movement demanding action on gun control. will their pleas lead to policy? our panel will debate. >> bill: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell with new predictions about the mid-terms. can republicans hold their majorities? tell you what he said about that coming up. >> robert mueller indicts 13 russian nationals and president trump is claiming vindication.
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flipping over. the four people inside the car are okay and luckily no one else was hurt. police say the 16-year-old driver didn't have a license. >> no allegation in this indictment that any american was a knowing participant in this illegal activity. the indictment alleges the russian conspirators want to promote discord in the united states and undermine public confidence in democracy. we must not allow them to succeed. >> bill: then what happens next? rod rosenstein announcing a bombshell indictment in the russia matter charging 13 with elaborate scheme to interfere with the election of 2016. where do we go now? former utah congressman jason chaffetz. how are you doing sir? good morning to you. in the words of john bellucci it is not over until bob mueller says it is. what are we waiting on?
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>> until mr. mueller takes a big bow and you see him at the camera this thing is not over. remember, there are still four other investigations going on. the senate doing its investigation. house judiciary and oversight committee. gowdy and radcliffe leading an investigation. inspector general investigation is critical and then you have the house intelligence committee looking now at the state department as well as the intelligence community. >> bill: i mentioned this with byron a few moments ago. 44% of the meddling took place pre-election. 56% took place post-election. what does that tell you? >> well, first of all we knew about this back in 2014 evidently. it begs the question the "wall street journal" points it out in their editorial today. what about brennan and clapper? what did homeland security know and why didn't they do anything about it? why is it more than a year after the election this is
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finally being illuminated? it clearly -- the russians wanted discord throughout the united states. and people like devin nunes for years have been talking about this. so russia is no fan of the united states of america. we better get used to it. they'll do it again. >> bill: rush limbaugh has a very different theory than most. watch. >> this is all politics and it hasn't changed from the get-go. it is about protecting hillary and obama. obama is the primary person being protected here. all of this spying and all of this collusion to destroy trump happened with his knowledge and probably encouragement. and the reason hillary isn't charged is because that would mean obama would have to be exposed as participating. >> bill: what do you think of his theory there? >> i don't know we've seen anything directly implicating president obama. but there are a lot of
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questions about unmasking that was done. how did dossier was used. how the dnc and the democratic national committee and the clinton foundation, marki elias, the attorney who sits in the middle of this web, how that -- there are millions and millions of dollars flowing overseas and it's making its way back into the department of justice being used in our legal system. that's why there has to be all this uncovering. but you see the department of justice, state department, and the intelligence committee throwing a stiff arm to congressional investigators. that begs the question why are they withholding all this information? because it is embarrassing to them and exposes them. >> bill: what the former president has said is he did not want to look like he was interfering or tipping the scales on the election. what do you think of that now? >> well, because they all assumed that hillary clinton was going to be the next president of the united states. that was always their game plan and every poll that was out
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there said it was going to happen. as long as it was going to hillary clinton's direction, of course they weren't going to get too involved. it was president obama said if you wanted to manipulate the election you couldn't. were there people spying on trump campaign officials? the evidence starts to mount the other direction that yes, president trump was actually right. >> bill: it runs deep. jason chaffetz. thank you for your time. good to have you back on this monday morning. thank you. >> alicia: fox news alert on an isis ambush attack near baghdad. at least 27 people are dead. the details on how this all unfolded plus this. >> bill: this was not in a bar. it was brawling on the high seas. why some passengers say this is the cruise from hell. >> alicia: nice vacation. >> bill: and this. what forced this plane to land
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>> bill: at least he stuck the landing. a small plane putting down in the middle of a northern california freeway. the pilot reported engine trouble before landing on the median. that's pretty good. he says he tried to glide the plane to a nearby airport and realized he wouldn't make it. my guess is there is a fuel issue going on there. luckily no one was injured. >> alicia: a deadly attack on iraqi-backed troops and isis is claiming responsibility two months after they were supposed to have been defeated. benjamin hall is live in london. >> hi, this is just a reminder that although isis has been defeated as a territorial force in iraq and syria they still have pockets of resistance and
6:26 am
still have sleeper cells and still armed and still very dangerous. sunday's attack comes two months, as you say, after baghdad declared victory against the terror group. yet they continue to carry them out successfully. sunday they were disguised in army uniforms. they set up a fake checkpoint and they attacked as shia militia's were hunting for isis remnants. the clashers were two hours into the night near kirkuk. 27 militia men were killed and some terrorists. it was shia militia's leading the hunt. the forces attacked answer to iran and this has long been a point of contention for the u.s. government who is really concerned with increased iranian influence in iraq. another reminder of how isis ideology remains in russia. isis claimed responsibility for an attack there when a man walked into a church on sunday
6:27 am
and opened fire on worshippers killing five. that area in russia has been a hot bed of islamic radicalism. certainly great strides forward in the battle against isis and somewhat the ideology but they continue to launch attack in libya, egypt, pakistan, iraq, syria and philippines. you might say it is evidence while many battles have been won, the war continues. alicia. >> alicia: that's true. >> bill: surviving students from the florida massacre rallying for change over the weekend. >> at the end of the day it isn't about the red and blue and the gop and democrats. this is about adults and kids. at this point you're either with us or against us. >> bill: where will those passionate pleas lead next? a closer look coming up. >> alicia: chaos at the daytona 500 as nascar kicks off its 2018 season.
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>> alicia: the surviving students from last week's school massacre rallied together over the weekend emerging as passionate voices in the debate over gun control demanding legislation to become policy. >> this is a student-led grassroots movement and this is not a debate, this is a discussion between americans. we've had too many debates before and we've gone nowhere. >> this is a case of simple please stop. please stop allowing us to be gunned down in our hallways. people are telling us that we should run for president. we want an education. >> alicia: lawrence jones is editor in chief of campus reform and democratic strategist michael starr hopkins from when hill. thank you for joining us. these students aren't just kids. they're survivors who look to be becoming activists out of something they experienced first-hand. they have the passion, the
6:32 am
agony of watching their friends and others die in front of them and now rage. pushing them to call for a change in our gun laws. how feasible is this, their demands? lawrence, let's begin with you. >> well, you know, i am heartbroken for what happened to those kids and also very intrigued that these students are getting involved in the political process because they do have a right to have a voice. but i am worried that this is getting ready to turn into the typical political debate and i know that's not their intentions but this is becoming the same thing about pro-gun, anti-gun. i get their desperation. in reality, republicans and democrats don't know what to do. no one knows what to do. i feel like this has taken another political stance. >> alicia: what are your thoughts, michael? do you think they'll be able to get together done? these kids could push congress to move? >> i think they will be.
6:33 am
first i want to start out and say god bless these kids. they managed to take something that is a horrible tragedy and turn it into a teachable moment. they're saying there is a lobby for gun owners but no lobby for kids that are victims of these horrible crimes and we have gotten to a point where you can't go to school, church, a concert, basic places without being worried about whether you will be shot. i went to the movies this weekend and saw black panther. the first thing i did when got in the theater is check to see where the nearest exit was. that's not america. we need to have a conversation with people with mental issues aren't getting their hands on high-powered weapons. >> there is such an emphasis on the tools of these mass killers. but there is not a conversation about the killers themselves. and all the evidence that we miss with these people. this is not the first killer that the f.b.i. has missed crucial evidence that could
6:34 am
have prevented this from happening. i think that should be the focus right now. i get it. there will be a debate about guns and people that want gun control. we have to take the things that we can affect right now. i don't see gun control happening any time soon. we can follow on our leaders what we know people are troubled and said they plan on killing people. >> alicia: he brings up a good point here, don't you think? that so much was missed. every possible thing that could fall through any possible crack went down that crack when it came to this shooting. is it about changing legislation? >> one of the first things we can do is allow the cdc to look into the correlation between gun crimes and mental health. for 20 years they've been restricted from funding any research to do that. there used to be a time we didn't have school shootings at such a rampant rate. since columbine over the last 20 years it has become a regular occurrence. there has to be a reason. it is not just the guns, i
6:35 am
agree. there is a societal issue going on and we need to address that. i think allow the cdc to research we can do that. >> alicia: let me pick up on that. columbine was the first school shooting i ever covered. i'm from colorado. the point rush limbaugh made this weekend about the country running to change laws. listen. >> the next shooter is out there. the next shooter probably has the gun that he is going to use. the next shooter is known by many people in his community who are concerned that this guy may do what everybody is afraid he is going to do. now, how is anything that we're talking about going to stop that? we have got to realize this is what our country has become. we can wish that it weren't this way. and we can wish that congress could legislate it away. but they can't.
6:36 am
>> alicia: his point is it's the people, the system. do you see his point there? >> i hear his point but i think he is wrong. when i was a kid you used to be able to walk to the gate at the airport. after richard reid you had to take off your shoes before you went to the airport. we can have gun rights to acknowledge that these kids should live. we need a balance between those rights and making sure everyone gets a chance to live the american dream. >> i think rush is completely right. if you take the guns away they will find knives, bombs, cars. i have made the decision, me and my family is how can we protect ourselves when these crazy people decide to go into the movie theater? in texas i can carry my gun in the movie theater. when i go to college, i can carry my gun on the college campus. what can we do as americans to
6:37 am
protect ourselves from these killers? guess what? it won't stop. if you take something away from them they'll find something else. they are cold blooded killers. how can we stop them? >> living in fear isn't living. if we have to take guns to schools and movie theaters. >> that's the reality. >> that may be the reality now but that's not how we should be living. >> alicia: one point to both of you. these students will be registered voters and they are calling on fellow teens across the nation to take action. they are watching perhaps closer than ever before to what members of congress are doing. lawrence, do republicans need to be careful here? >> look, i think the messaging needs to be careful. i think all sides need to be careful. i think it's important, though, we just don't do something just to be doing something. we have to be intentional and i don't want to take the rights of legal gun owners away by just because we're in this emotional state right now.
6:38 am
everybody is feeling the pain of these kids. gun owners, nra, everyone is feeling this pain. >> the nra isn't feeling the pain. >> they are feeling the pain. that's insulting that they aren't. there are nra members with kids who are affected that feel the pain of this country as well. >> the nra is a corporation who has millions of dollars being funneled through it. i don't feel bad for them at all. we need to get money out of politics completely. i have friends and family members of the nra and they feel bad about this but the nra is a separate group. >> bill: they advocate for their members. it is this type of rhetoric on national tv is why we won't get change when it comes to this issue because immediately democrats attack the nra instead of the killer. >> alicia: we'll continue this no doubt. thank you, lawrence jones and michael starr hopkins. >> bill: good debate there.
6:39 am
2018 nascar season is underway. sparks flying in daytona. a couple of big wrecks near the end including this one. danna patrick about mid race. announced prior to the race this would be her final nascar event. in the end it took overtime. austin dillon crossed the finish line and winning the great american race. made famous by dale earnhardt who died 17 years to the day. cool stuff there. first nascar event for me. i want to tell you, alicia it was amazing. the speed and power and precision. i get it after being down there in daytona. it was really exciting. check it out. they do this stuff in colorado, too, you know, somewhere. >> alicia: they do? i'll have to look. i see ski slopes, but i don't know. >> bill: in a moment called a
6:40 am
family feud for good reason. a fight on a cruise ship. that video of the chaos. that's coming up in a moment here. >> alicia: mitch mcconnell predicting the mid-terms as governor john sununu joins us live with his take straight ahead.
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on >> alicia: passengers calling it the cruise from hell. watch this. a series of fights gets a family of 23 kicked off a carnival cruise ship sailing off the coast of australia. cell phone video showing members of the group attacking each other. at one point you can see the ship's security team kicking passengers while they're on the ground. unclear what started the fight. so far no one has been charged. >> bill: you shouldn't take 23 family members with you, you know?
6:44 am
>> alicia: too much family? >> two or three might be okay. okay. they won't forget it. no, they won't. there was a flurry of tweets over the weekend for the president including this one. great pollster john mclaughlin has the gop up in the generic congressional ballot. big gain over the last four weeks people loving the tax cuts. we need more republicans, he said that a lot, too. john sununu white house chief of staff of george hw bush. who was your favorite president? >> george herbert walker bush. >> bill: i guess to the point where the economy stays good you can probably sell that point. what do you think? >> look, there will be three issues in the election. one will be the economy because
6:45 am
it's always the economy. second the democrats are going to try to make the dreamers the issue and certainly the president himself will be an issue. i think the economy is going to get better and the republicans will figure out how to milk that. i think the democrats are making a mistake on the dreamers. the dreamers, i think, are a symbolic issue that everybody responds to positively in the poll. for the only people it's personal to and personal counts when you are deciding who to vote for are the 600,000 to 1.8 million non-voters that are dreamers. so the democrats may find themselves with a great symbolic issue and nothing of substance. so i think the election will swing on the economy and the way people perceive the need to reinforce the trump agenda. >> bill: two interesting points there. we'll keep an eye on that. mitch mcconnell did an interview with "the new york times." he said the following. the odds are that we'll lose seats in the house and senate.
6:46 am
the fired up nature of the political left. it will be a challenging election. is it any different than any other mid-term or more challenging than in the past do you think, governor? >> every election seems to be the most challenging in history. and certainly a lot of that comes because technology changes and the technology used this election for communication changes. yeah, this is going to be more intense because there is more personal communication through twitter, facebook and the rest of social media. >> bill: do you think the me too movement is a big factor here? do you think what we're talking about next september and october is how many women turn out to vote? what do you think of that, governor? >> well, i think the long lasting thesis and poster children of the me too movement may remain the weinstein crowd and may end up hurting the
6:47 am
democrats. >> bill: how come? >> points out they've been hypocritical on this issue for years and hypocrisy does move voters. >> bill: the russia indictments are out. watched it on friday. thinking about it over the weekend. >> couldn't avoid it. >> bill: where do you think that announcement has taken this whole story? >> i think it's just another step forward. i think it's consistent with what the republicans have been saying, there is no substance to the collusion issue. but special prosecutor, special investigators have a tendency to move off what they start on. i have no idea where mueller really is taking this. so it bears watching through the process. >> bill: why do you think it came out on friday? as far as i can tell the russians who were indicted they, they don't live here. i've barely seen a picture of any of them. >> i have not been able to really figure out why it came out on friday and why the
6:48 am
deputy attorney general made the announcement instead of mueller. to tell you the truth i'm still a little confused on that. >> bill: you expected mueller to come out. >> well, mueller should be talking about what mueller is doing. >> bill: why do you think that was not the case then? >> i think mueller -- i don't know. that's why i say i can't figure out why mueller didn't do it and why friday was the timing. >> bill: what comes next in all this? if you had a crystal ball and could predict it we would win a lot of money. but it's 14 months now. >> i think the next thing is the inspector general's report. and i think the republicans in the congress are now souped up to go after folks like clapper. i think the obama administration keeps finding itself in quicksand here and the republicans aren't going to let go of this thing and they will make a strong effort to create an he equivalent of
6:49 am
their reports with whatever else is coming out. >> bill: the question is what did you know or did you what did you choose not to do? >> i think the question really is how did you connive to abuse the process from 2014 to 2016, mr. president and mr. obama's white house? >> bill: you think they're culpable. >> i think there is serious culpability there. obama pooh-poohed romney when he said russia was the most important issue. the democrats put a spin on it in 2012 election and then felt uncomfortable in saying that the russian issue was important in 2016. >> bill: president obama has said he did not want to go public with this or pursue it. it would look like he was tipping the scales of the election toward one candidate or the other. what do you think of that explanation now? >> spin, spin, spin.
6:50 am
>> bill: that's it? >> that's it. >> bill: we'll see where it goes then. john sununu great to have you back on today. enjoy your presidents' day in honor of #41. >> alicia: mike pence weighing in on the dreamers and the immigration debate. >> the president took a stand for the constitution and rule of law but set a timetable to march 5 to say congress has to come together and work in such a way to not only solve the daca problem, but also to keep the promises that he made to the american people. >> alicia: those comments as the clock is ticking toward the march 5 daca deadline. is compromise possible? can a deal get done in time? whoooo.
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>> alicia: the u.s./mexico border shaping up to be a hot topic in mexico's presidential campaign. a pair of candidates taking aim of president trump and his proposed live. william la jeunesse is live in the west coast newsroom. >> the u.s. has always been the pinata of mexican policy. you don't lose trumps attacking president trump. it is more talk than action usually. that could change. leading in the polls for the july presidential election is the bernie sanders of mexican politics. he promises to make ex me overhaul public health. break up monopolies and use the united nations to stop the border wall which he claims is not necessary. 10 points back from him but rising in the polls is 38-year-old. a centrist candidate. lawyer and former lawmaker backed by the center right and
6:55 am
left. he wants to raise the minimum wage and said mexico will never again be treated like a doormat for the u.s. as it has been in this government. so behind him by 20 points is another candidate representing the current ruling party. widely considered a disaster. perpetuating the corruption they vowed to eliminate and the violence at an all-time high. he held four cabinet level positions in two different administrations and considered capable, boring, carries the torch for the current administration but none of the baggage. so in mexico you have one six-year term. now the former mayor of mexico city and most well-known. in terms of policy and personality, he and president trump are likely like oil and water. we will see.
6:56 am
we have, you know, campaigning begins march 1 officially. and the election is july 1. >> alicia: he got capable of boring and the bernie sanders of mexican politics. thanks. >> bill: the grief and raw emotion replaced for a moment by rallies from students who want action. as we get news on what the president has planned for later this week. plus in a moment president trump lit up twitter over the weekend after the indictment of 13 russians. he argues yet again there was no collusion and that's not what all he said. >> they used the clinton campaign. they tried to disparage her campaign. next cycle it could be a republican. americans are the victims of what russia did, not republicans, not democrats. all of us are victims. l, but tonight i bounce back. ♪ what's an l? the rap singer took a loss and now he's ok again. right. yeah you can get a mortgage that avoids pmi, but there's no way to avoid mip on... . hey! this'll help.
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thisat red lobsterest. with exciting new dishes like dueling lobster tails and lobster truffle mac & cheese. classics like lobster lover's dream are here too. so enjoy these 10 lobsterlicious dishes while you can because lobsterfest won't last. >> bill: tears and anger giving way to a call for action in the wake of the deadly school shooting in florida. students and activists planning protests as the gun debate
7:00 am
heats up and we're also getting new reaction from the white house at this hour. it's monday, it's presidents' day. i'm bill hemmer. a big welcome to you. how was the first hour? >> alicia: well pretty well. >> bill: nicely done. welcome. >> alicia: i'm alicia acuna in for sandra smith. organizers are mobilizing students and teachers to conduct sit ins, walk outs to protest. it's time to make schools safer. >> people are saying it's not time to talk about gun control. and we can respect that. here is the time. march 24th in every single city we're going to be marching together as students begging for our lives. this isn't about the gop, this isn't about the democrats. this is about the adults. we feel neglected and at this point you are either with us or against us. >> bill: the white house planning a listening session that will happen later this
7:01 am
week as those students call for action. president trump last night saying he supports changes to some background checks. watch that story. >> alicia: griff jenkins is live in washington what's the white house saying? >> good morning. we've seen this movie before. a push for gun control following tragic events and nothing gets done in washington maybe because of these students things will be different this time. they rallied all weekend and took to the airways in full force. after a few days of intense pressure the white house announces the president will hold a listening session with students on wednesday. last night the white house issued a statement saying the president spoke to senator cornyn on friday about the bipartisan bill to strek en the f.b.i.'s database systems. discussions are ongoing and revisions considered the president is supportive of efforts to improve the federal background check system. then deputy press secretary raj shah elaborated a little more this morning.
7:02 am
>> right now you have a patchwork in which local communities and states give information to one system. our budget has an increase for 200 personnel to help staff that system. we want to make sure the background check process is fully staffed. that all information gets in. >> very interesting. we'll see what senator cornyn has to say later today or this week. >> alicia: griff, what the students are doing, this is unlike anything i've seen in the aftermath of a school shooting in this country. what is the likelihood that these students are going to succeed? >> good question. but it would be a big deal if it did and the rallies continue tonight. the real test is whether the momentum last through next month's march and to the mid-terms as they take this message to state capitals and d.c. targeting elected officials and special interest groups. >> they need to save the future of our country. the future of the country are
7:03 am
the children that are currently dying because politicians refuse to take action and continue to take money from these special interests groups. >> the nra hasn't commented since the shooting. it is important to remember that president trump has been supportive of gun control measures in the past. we talked about it on the campaign trail. maybe, just maybe this time things will be different. we'll see. >> alicia: we'll have to see. griff jenkins in washington >> bill: questions to the f.b.i. too right now feeling the heat over the massacre in florida failing to investigate warnings that cruz had guns and wanted to kill. steven hayes editor in chief of the weekly standard. good morning to you. we'll get to the russia matter in a moment here but there are two incidents that we know of for the f.b.i. when an american citizen calls the f.b.i., that is quite a step. you think about local police or the superintendent or the principal. in addition police were called to his house 20 times. who knows what the school knew or anyone else in that
7:04 am
community? really stuns you. and i think it leaves you asking the question what can we do when something is so obviously disturbed in society? >> this really is sort of a wake-up call. this was a kid who seemed to be holding a red flag himself and was waving it at every possible minute. you have this slogan if you see something, say something. and in this case many, many people did say something. then it's up to the authorities to actually act on what they've been told, whether you are talking about the f.b.i. and federal law enforcement or talking about local law enforcement, the schools and others. and obviously in this case it was somebody who didn't get the attention he needed early on that might have prevented something like this. >> bill: does christopher wray survive this? i imagine there is a hearing in congress that has his name all over it. >> i think he should be asked hard questions about what the field offices in florida did or
7:05 am
did not do in this case. and have to answer those questions before congress and in front of the public. that said, this is pretty distant from him. he wasn't in office when those calls came in. he will have to explain the processes and procedures. i think it's hard to lay this on him. >> bill: fair point. let's talk about russia. weekly standard editorial, the closing paragraph goes like this on screen. a real trump rally regularly atracked 15,000 floridians. a fake russian organized rally attracted 15,000. the red troll army starts to look not so much ominous but humorous. it is hard to credit that particular rusky funded endeavor with having any impact at all let alone swinging an election. >> we had our eric felton take a look at indictments and dig beyond what was the first set of headlines that came out over the last few days.
7:06 am
he looked at one aspect of what the russians were trying to do, get people out on the streets, engaged in political activities, actual campaign style events. and what he found was it didn't work. he looked in particular on august 20th at a time when the russians apparently tried to organize these kinds of rallies and campaigns. and in effect nobody showed up. very few people showed up and what eric did was contrast that with the broader trump rallies. every time donald trump would show up in florida he would attract massive counts. the russians weren't very effective looking at that. >> bill: adam schiff won't let go of this. he has been on it for more than a year. he said this on cnn on sunday. watch here. >> this is a president who claims vindication any time someone sneezes. the trump campaign and candidate trump himself was very knowing of what was going on. the whole country was. >> bill: let's wait and see what we hear from him next.
7:07 am
the president tweeted this. finally little adam schiff the leaking monster of no control is now blaming the obama administration for russian meddling in the 2016 election. he is finally right about something. obama was president, knew the threat and did nothing. thank you, adam. john sununu said 20 minutes ago he expects the turn in this story to go toward clapper and brennan and president obama. do you see it that way as to what they did or knew at the time? >> well, you still have james clapper out today saying he thinks another shoe is going to drop if he has this information he ought to let us know what it is. he hasn't been shy talking about it in public over the past year. adam schiff there in that sound bite you played was saying of course the trump campaign was witting -- encouraging the hacks of hillary clinton's campaign asking the russians to make the stuff public.
7:08 am
he held press conferences to do that after the republican national convention. at the same time that's not what this indictment is about. this indictment is about specific things. it is about the trolling, about the social media presence and it is about organizing these activities. i think on this narrow slice, as i say, this is not the collusion that people like adam schiff were talking about from the beginning. it is early. we'll learn more. if anything we learn about robert mueller's investigation is he is running a tight ship. we haven't heard leaks about these things before they happen. perhaps he has a lot more. perhaps he has more about the kind of hacking that adam schiff was referring to there. >> bill: i thought the key word from rosenstein was unwitting americans. do you agree? >> i do. on those two subjects that was the key word. it doesn't mean he doesn't have more that he is not investigating and won't learn more. these 37 pages, these indictments of 13 russians, that was the key word.
7:09 am
on these two subjects i think it's not as big as people had suspected it might be. >> bill: last point here. last tweet here on meddling on screen. i never said russia did not meddle in the election. i said it may be russia, china, another country, group or a 400 pound genius sitting in bed playing his computer. the russian hoax was that the trump campaign colluded with russia. it never did. last comment on all this, steve. >> i don't agree with the president there. i think he has said and implied several times that this whole thing was a hoax, not just the collusion narrative but the whole thing was a hoax. he talked to vladimir putin and putin said i didn't do it. the president conveyed those words to the american public saying he says that he didn't believe it. he said very strongly that he didn't do this. i think the president has left the impression repeatedly that russian meddling itself was a hoax. it wasn't a hoax. there was russian meddling. we'll learn how great and significant an impact it had.
7:10 am
>> bill: the logic is the reason why he hasn't called for an investigation he doesn't want to impugn the election of last year. >> i think that's what he is doing. having said that russian meddling is a real thing. we'll learn more about what was involved here. we need to learn from 2016 to take cautionary steps about 2018 and 2020. >> bill: steven hayes in washington, thank you. >> alicia: fox news alert. isis claiming responsibility for a deadly church shooting. the scene unfolding at a russian orthodox church in a predominantly muslim region. russian news sources say a local man in his 20s fired at church goers yesterday as they were leaving afternoon service. five women were killed. the gunman was shot and killed at the scene by police. his wife has been detained for questioning. >> bill: 10 minutes past the hour. a manhunt underway after a mass gunman shooting four people outside a restaurant in texas.
7:11 am
what we are learning about the suspect today. plus this. >> this is an opportunity for the american people, maybe our last real opportunity, to create an immigration system that is lawful, that ends the lawlessness, the illegality and serves the national interest. >> alicia: dreamers facing an urgent deadline after the senate fails to act on immigration. can they get a compromise done? >> bill: march 5th is the deadline. israel's prime minister feeling the heat as more israeli officials arrested on charges of corruption. what prime minister benjamin netanyahu is saying about that this morning. fast acting zzzquil liquicaps help you fall asleep fast,
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7:15 am
>> bill: four people injured including a 6-year-old boy when a gunman opened fire in front of a steakhouse yesterday. police don't believe it's a random shooting. the victims are all from one family. two of them listed now in critical condition. >> the president is committed. our whole administration is to work with republicans in the house and senate, to work with democrats in the house and the senate and find a way to build this wall and to solve the daca problem and reform our immigration system. >> alicia: vice president mike pence speaking about immigration reform while during the rio grande valley of the
7:16 am
southern border as a battle overboarder security and daca stalled in the senate last week that threatens to complicates a spending bill. our panel now katie pavlich is an editor for town and fox news contributor. marjorie clifton is a former obama campaign consultant and principal at clifton consulting. thank you for joining us here today. good morning. before we get started. i want to play a portion of an interview rush limbaugh gave to chris wallace this weekend. he brings up an idea. i would like to get both your take on this. >> i would be willing right here to support an effort to grant permanent citizenship to whatever number of illegal immigrants are in the country tomorrow if you will make as part of the deal they can't vote for 15 to 25 years. and if they will agree to that i'll grant them amnesty. >> alicia: does that make sense to you? >> rush limbaugh has a point it is not a serious proposal
7:17 am
that's on the table legislatively. democrats will never allow republican president to claim victory on amnesty. it threatens their liberal voting base. they believe the hispanic vote is theirs for the taking. if they allow republicans to dig in and offer that community some wins on the illegal immigration front and the amnesty front that definitely pulled away from their political perspective. in terms of the daca debate. we've gone from trying to fix daca to overall now doing comprehensive immigration reform and we are learning again that it is more complicated than everyone has let on. from the white house perspective they have put their compromises on the table and it's time for the house to do their job. >> alicia: i want to get your take on what you heard mr. limbaugh say. >> i think if republicans feel like they are truly doing right by the people that they are serving, they shouldn't be afraid of people voting. and so i think his statement speaks highly of how they are
7:18 am
treating the immigrant population and the fear they would vote against them because they've been treated improperly. >> the illegal immigrant population. >> they are talking about people that would be lawfully in the country. >> they're illegal now. not legal. >> bill: if they were in the country in terms they're talking about they would be legal. >> democrats won't allow it because they want the votes for their party and it is political for them. >> alicia: let me bring up the tweet put up by charles schumer. one problem even if democrats would take that deal, general kelly wouldn't. >> i don't think americans would take that deal. americans for a very long time for decades and decades have been set up with the illegal immigration system and the way it prioritizes those who come into the country breaking the laws of the united states and then not prioritizing people who come here legally. this is ending the illegal
7:19 am
immigration problem and getting rid of the magnets that allow people to continue to come here. that's where republicans are drawing the line by saying look, we've been here before and offered amnesty in return for border security. we haven't gotten it and we won't go there again. >> i only have a minute left. congress can't seem to get out of its own way. democrats shut down the government for three days in january. republican senators didn't get anywhere last week. immigration reform fails again and again. the president has made it clear he will not sign anything into law that ends chain migration and visa lottery system. that said congress will try again. both sides acknowledging immigration will likely be added to the omnibus spending bill. what are the chances? marjorie? >> we have 14 republican members of the senate that have dissented on the last bill. the challenge we've got is not a positive environment for compromise on either party as evidenced by my counterpart here.
7:20 am
a lot of fear and lack of understanding of what immigration is really about. >> i'm from a border state. i understand it. >> i'm in texas. >> it's a lot about fear. >> absolutely not. >> demonizing. >> it's embracing the law and allowing legal immigrants to be prioritized above those who come here illegally. it's about enforcing the law and making sure that people don't come here in the future to break our laws. don't accuse me of having fear over this. i want people to follow the law like everybody else who comes here legally. >> alicia: we have to go, ladies. we'll continue this another time. marjorie and katie, thank you. >> bill: the u.s. pressure campaign against north korea continues as rex tillerson reveals more about that campaign. >> the threat to the american people by a regime like this is not acceptable and the president is meeting his responsibilities as commander-in-chief of asking
7:21 am
our military and secretary mattis at the defense department to assure we're prepared for anything. >> bill: there will be a face-to-face meeting with kim jong-un? what he says about the potential for conflict with that rogue regime coming up. >> alicia: the russian indictments raising questions over what to do about the next u.s. election. reaction next. >> i've known that all along and they'll try to do the same thing in 2020 and every election after that unless and until we do what the indictment said which is we view this as america being the victim.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
>> alicia: israeli police arresting associates of prime
7:25 am
minister benjamin netanyahu in a growing scandal. seven members of his inner political circle on corruption charges days after netanyahu be indicted on separate bribery and fraud charges in two separate cases. netanyahu calling the latest arrests a contrived fwhaubl will burst. >> bill: tillerson's interview signaling north korea is open to talks with the u.s. if pyongyang initiates the dialogue, the u.s. may do the same. that's not all he said, either. rich edson live at the state department. in the past this is what north korea wants, right? face-to-face talks. how real is this possibility? >> face-to-face discussions, bill. the problem is the united states wants north korea to discuss surrendering its ballistic missile and nuclear weapons program. secretary of state rex tillerson said he is willing to talk with north korea. they want to negotiate. north korea has to show a
7:26 am
willingness to discuss those programs and north korea has rejected that idea. in fact, kim jong-un has just spent the last year launching ballistic missiles and developing that program with some analysts saying north korea's ballistic missiles have the range to hit u.s. cities on the east coast. the u.s. and north korea have kept open lines of communication especially regarding americans in north korean prisons. the u.s. is still trying to isolate north korea to ensure that north korea and convince north korea to come to the table and discuss those weapons programs. the state department is leading what the administration has a pressure campaign and a naval blockade to make sure other countries aren't trying to circumvent things. they're trying to convince countries to halt their business and diplomatic ties with north korea and they say the campaign is working. this is all ongoing while north
7:27 am
korea continues have dubbed its charm offensive at the winter olympics in south korea. it's an attempt to drive a wedge between the united states and south korea according to some. analysts say they're looking to see after the olympics if the united states and south korea continue with those joint military exercises that they suspended during these olympic games. >> bill: march is going to be very interesting. rich, thank you so much. rich edson at the state department today. nice to see you. >> alicia: ambassador nikki haley putting iran on notice. >> iran believes that they have been given a pass. it is incumbent on the international community to show not only are they not being given a pass, but all of these actions have to stop and stop immediately. >> alicia: her warning to the world about iran and its influence in the middle east. general jack keane is here. >> bill: also alicia, questions about the f.b.i. matter as we await a status hearing on the
7:28 am
florida shooter. and we are oh he hearing from the family who cared for him after his mother died last october. >> nothing i can say will heal them. we hurt for them deeply. >> very much so. we are devastated.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
>> bill: we are learning more details now about the florida school shooting suspect that the family took in the killer just into their home only three months ago and the f.b.i. comes under fire for failing to follow up on two warnings. one very specific. the couple who took him in after his mother died last fall explaining the guns he brought with him when he moved in. >> before he moved in one of the stipulations is he had to get a gun safe. we got a gun safe on the way back from moving his stuff to our house. >> he didn't have free access
7:32 am
to the gun safe? >> no, i thought i had the only key to the gun safe. >> had he ever asked you to take a gun out of the safe? >> he asked twice. once i said yes because he wanted to clean it. he said he wanted to clean a gun. i said okay. another time he asked and i told him no. >> a former f.b.i. special agent is with us from arizona, john iannerelli. thank you for coming back here. i wanted the read you a little bit from the f.b.i. statement on friday afternoon. here is how it read in part. on screen on january 5th, 2018, a person close to nikolas cruz contacted the f.b.i.'s public access line the tal. tip line to report concerns about him. the caller provided information about cruz's gun ownership. desire to kill people,er atic behavior and disturbing social media posts as well as the potential of him conducting a school shooting. now that is pretty specific. what would prevent the f.b.i. from moving on that?
7:33 am
>> while it's specific, the fact of the matter is there is nothing there directly a violation of law. under the law to be arrested for making a threat it has to be a specific threat. i want to kill such and such person. or i'm going to go on such and such day. that said, that lead should have been sent to miami. agents should have been dispatched out to interview the person just to see what he might say. >> bill: back on screen the statement continues the following. under established protocols the information provided by the caller should have been assessed as a potential threat to life. the information then should have been forwarded to the miami field office where appropriate investigative steps would have been taken. so that did not happen. i think the question is why? why not? >> it's a tragic situation and frankly it is unconscionable. for some reason that information didn't go down to miami. whether the call center received it and there was a
7:34 am
technical glitch or someone dropped the ball. that's why director wray has said it wants it investigated and fixed. i'm concerned that what else is out there? we have to make sure every one of those is being addressed to keep people safe. >> bill: okay. these are the two that we know about. had it been relayed to miami, perhaps they would have picked up on the fact that police had been called to his house 20 times. i get what you are saying there is no specific threat, no crime had been committed, but would that not have raised flags for so many people? for an american citizen to call the f.b.i., you can see him calling the sheriff's department, you can see him calling the school. but this is the f.b.i. and these -- based on what we know these are just regular citizens. that's a big step for most people, john, do you agree? >> it is a big step but also a big step that thousands of people do. this call center is set up just
7:35 am
for that reason. we've been telling people for 17 years now if you see something, say something. and that's what people are doing. what i want to ensure is that people are not discouraged from calling because there was a single mistake made. tragic mistake that should have never happened. maybe it would have made a difference, maybe not, we won't know. we want people to call. we want f.b.i. agents to be enabled to do their job. agents in florida were never given the chance. >> bill: when do you think the f.b.i. explains this, john? >> i imagine people are looking at this right now and they'll have an answer shortly. director wray understands the f.b.i. is under fire from all directions. it is a short time before we hear the answers. >> bill: governor scott said the following. we constantly promote see something, say something, a courageous did something to the f.b.i. and the f.b.i. failed to
7:36 am
act. it is a very important thing and people must have confidence in law enforcement. the f.b.i. director needs to resign, end quote. >> i don't see how director wray resigning solves anything at all. director wray has been in office a short period of time and under his leadership we've already seen changes in the f.b.i. changes in f.b.i. leadership which is exactly what this comes down to. somewhere along the line someone leading the operation whether it be high up or on the scene needs to ensure all of this is being followed. if there is a problem, it needs to be fixed. director wray has shown he is the man willing to make changes in the f.b.i. >> bill: were you as stunned on friday afternoon as so many others were when that news broke? >> i was not only stunned, i was heartbroken. i will tell you after my 21 years in the f.b.i. i have yet to made an agent that does not want to go out every day and help protect people. i know there are agents in
7:37 am
miami and every office that would have loved to have received that sort of information, the chance to protect people. it is an unfortunate situation. >> bill: imagine what a gut punch it was to the folks in florida, too. thank you for coming on. john iannerelli there from arizona. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> alicia: concerns over the possibility of russian interference in the upcoming mid-term elections after robert mueller's recent indictments against russian for presidential election meddling. peter doocy is live in washington what's the vulnerability election officials are most concerned about ahead of the mid-terms? >> exposing personal information that voters share with their states. >> i think most of us have come to the conclusion, the biggest risk at the moment might be the voter registration list because those are the ones that are most frequently online. and managed online. in a variety of different ways.
7:38 am
>> secretaries of state from across the country have descended on d.c. over the long weekend to strategies about the best ways to minimize interference in the mid-term elections in 2018. they got to see part of the russian playbook on the first day of their conference. >> there was one piece of information in the mueller indictment. there is a lot there but one i thought was particularly relevant to this discussion. it was a million dollar a month operation. that gives me an idea of the resources we're working against. >> since it was spent on propaganda that's what secretaries of state seem most concerned about stopping. >> alicia: what about the feds? have federal officials talked about -- >> the secretary briefed the state officials and no talk yet about a federal election takeover. >> the main thing she indicated to us is she is open, willing and able to work with us at the state level. she wants to do so and she has
7:39 am
absolutely no desire or no intention to take over elections and to run elections from the federal level down to the state level. that was the thing we were the most enthusiastic about hearing from secretary nielsen. >> alabama is one of the 21 states that russian hackers tried to breach in 2016 but he insists there is no evidence that any ballots there were ever changed. >> alicia: peter doocy in d.c. >> vice president mike pence responding to joyce behar's comments. >> i think i'm a very typical american. people of all different faith traditions cherish their faith in god and to have abc have a forum that spoke in such demeaning terms i think it received of how out of touch some in the mainstream media are with the faith and values of the american people.
7:40 am
>> bill: this past week she accused the vice president of mental illness because he listens to jesus. her remarks were in response to a reality tv star and former white house staffer omerosa saying they should be worried about pence because she thinks jesus tells him to say things. alicia. >> alicia: a status hearing for accused florida shooter underway. his attorney is asking for a continuation. we'll bring you any developments from the courtroom. >> bill: the president says he will support some changes in background checks. what would that legislation and those changes look like? we're coming right back right after this. my digestive system used to make me feel sluggish
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but now, i take metamucil every day. it traps and removes the waste that weighs me down, so i feel lighter. try metamucil, and begin to feel what lighter feels like. on this presidents' day one of america's founding documents is in the headlines. a rare copy of the declaration of independence made for the
7:44 am
fourth u.s. president recently sold to a billionaire. it was penned in the 1820s hidden behind wallpaper in a home in virginia for safekeeping from union soldiers. later packed up in cardboard boxes and stored in a closet in kentucky. it is one of 51 known copies and that is cool. >> alicia: that's way cool behind the wall? >> check out what i have in the closet in kentucky. good stuff there. >> alicia: very good stuff. >> we are using large sticks and that's what they need to understand. our diplomatic efforts will continue until that first bomb drops. my job is to never have a reason for the first bomb to drop. and we don't know precisely how much time is left on the clock. >> alicia: secretary of state rex tillerson speaking about u.s. strategy on bringing north korea to the negotiating table as he admits he is worried
7:45 am
about not knowing how long it may be until the rogue regime strikes the u.s. with a nuclear bomb. let's bring in retired four-star general jack keane. a fox news senior strategic analyst. thank you so much, general, for joining us. >> glad to be here. >> alicia: what does secretary tillerson mean by a big stick. those are ominous words. >> first of all what he has been doing and have some reasonable success here is cutting off all sources of revenue and trade with north korea. my sources tell me they've accomplished 70 to 80% of that. that's good news. of course, what they want to do is clamp down on it entirely. there are some other things that can be done, i believe. and as you cited in the introduction, what we're concerned about is what director of the c.i.a. pompeo has said on fox as recently as a few weeks ago when he said
7:46 am
that we are only months away from north korea having their full nuclear icbm capability that could reach the american people. if that's months away clearly we have to start pulling out all the stops now. >> alicia: that's a frightening thought. the south korea and north korea relationship is thaw a bit during the olympic games. should it signal anything to the white house, secretary tillerson said he is doing more listening rather than sending messages back to the north koreans. >> i think the north koreans got some goodwill out of that to be sure. and the administration i know from speaking to them myself, they are very clear eyed about north korea and how they use negotiations in the past to buy time while they developed their technology and get some propaganda gain out of this. we have to go into it clear eyed. we certainly talk to them and let's see if we can talk them down from this nuclear
7:47 am
capability but at the same time recognize they have always gamed us in the past and this team is not going to play along like that. >> alicia: he also said if they're willing to communicate directly with the administration, that the north koreans will likely be, quote, very explicit. what does that mean? >> well, the north koreans -- what they are about, they really want the united states off the peninsula. they truly want to drive a wedge between the united states and south korea. they have it in their mind, as doubtful as this could ever happen in this world, they believe one of the things they want to do is reunite that peninsula under their leadership. we know that is never going to take place but nonetheless they have that as an objective. that is what a lot of their strategy is truly about. >> alicia: turning now to a report from the united nations on iran's support for haogty rebels in yemen it accused the
7:48 am
nation of violating a u.n. weapons embargo. ambassador nikki haley reacting saying the world can no longer claim ignorance or skepticism of iran's role in fomenting instability in the middle east. it is a necessary prerequisite for preventing war. what is your take on this? >> i'm delighted to see the ambassador doing that. certainly that u.n. report is backing up what the united states has already identified and that is that iran is an actor in the region and responsible for starting the shifl war in yemen through their proxies. what has happened here ever since the nuclear deal was finalized in the summer of 2015 and iran got this windfall of money as a result of sanctions
7:49 am
being removed they've been in fast forward in their maligned behavior in the region. they're running the war in syria, they're involved in encroaching against israel just as recently as a week ago. they want to put missiles and bombs in syria to fire them at israel and the israelis know it and won't let it happen. they were involved with the russians in an attack on a u.s.-led coalition base some 10 days ago. a full size attack and behind the maligned behavior in the region and we have to put our foot down. ambassador haley is trying to put markers on the ground to get international support against the iranians and support inside the region as well. i think it's time finally for an arab nato to stand up against the iranians and organize ourselves, share intelligence, share training,
7:50 am
share equipment, and start to push back on them aggressively. their desire is clearly to dominate and control the middle east. they've been saying that since 1980. >> alicia: thank you for your time today. appreciate it. >> bill: 10 minutes before the hour. money for nothing you say? a city in california trying out a new idea that it says will relieve poverty. so what do you think about this? check it out when we come back here. ould stare. psoriasis does that. it was tough getting out there on stage. i wanted to be clear. i wanted it to last. so i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. and keeps on working. now? they see me. see me. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you- cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx,
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>> bill: there is a city in california launching a pilot program to try this. we're live with the story. how will it work, claudia? >> bill, the plan is to give some of stockton's poorest
7:54 am
families $500 a month for a year to spend however they please to see if it can lift their spirits and put them on a path to prosperity. >> if you give people a base amount that they are receiving regularly that can be a hand up that helps them to really gain their own economic success going forward. >> it is a real world demonstration of paying people for being alive. a popular concept in silicon valley amid fears that automation will wipe out jobs and a tech-based nonprofit is funding the give away through a $1 million grant. pay should be earned is what critics say and basic income is still welfare. some say giving out free money could be a disincentive to work. in stockton that declared bankruptcy in 2012 and one in five residents is poor. an extra $500 a month would be significant. >> i would spend it in my
7:55 am
community so it goes back towards the community, maybe buying local fruits, vegetables. >> pay bills. >> it will help a lot as a single mom raising four children. that's a lot of help for me to pay my bills. >> i would take my children on a trip to disneyland. >> many of the details have yet to be released. who will be eligible to receive this money and how their spending habits will be tracked. at the end of the year-long demonstration we'll get to hear from the recipient and find if it was enough to boost their self-esteem and help combat stockton's poverty. the program begins in the fall. >> bill: certainly is novel. claudia is there live in stockton, california. >> alicia: fox news alert. nicklaus cruz will be in court at 1:00 p.m. eastern this afternoon. he is being charged with 17
7:56 am
counts of premeditated murder and the family who took him in after his mother's death last year appeared on tv this morning saying they had no idea what he was planning. more on this ahead. your digests billions of bacteria, but life can throw them off balance. try align extra strength, the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. with 5 times the good bacteria to re-align your system. re-align yourself, with align.
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with its historical ance records...test
7:59 am could learn you're from ireland... ...donegal, ireland... ...and your ancestor was a fisherman. with blue eyes. just like you. begin your journey at >> winter games continue. the americans are in the running for gold in women's hockey. they beat finland. the u.s. team will face four-time defending champ candidate. norway leading the medal count. team usa right now in sixth place in the overall medal count. what do we have, eight? 10, okay. 10 it is. on the second board you would see the united states. >> melissa: the second. >> do you watch the olympics? >> curling is my favorite.
8:00 am
>> for a rocky mountain woman you would think downhill. what is curling like? shuffle board? >> it's shuffle board but don't tell them that. >> great to have you here today. >> you are a wonderful host. >> great to have you. we'll see you soon. we have to roll. presidents' day. see you tomorrow, bye-bye. >> fox news alert on calls for action after the deadly florida school shooting. the students themselves from that high school they are demanding change. making plans to launch a march on washington and other cities across the country amid a revived movement for gun control. hello i'm eric shawn. >> i'm lee ann gabriel. rallies this weekend and more planned across the country as the pressure is on to toughen up gun control laws as we learn more with the couple who took th


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