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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 20, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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display but not subjected on the dna test. it's been a blast sitting in >> obama was president up to and beyond the 2016 election. why didn't he do something about russian middling. >> he didn't is not say something, he marked and chastised people who were warning about it. >> appearing in court today for another motion hearing 19-year-old suspect nikolaus cruz kept his head down and said nothing. >> you have a right to have a gun unless you are a felon or adjudicated. >> working with this organization to get young people engaged politically on a local level.
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♪ rob: jim comey would refer to it -- you are watching "fox and friends" first this tuesday morning. a lot of serious news to get to, grieving students will march on the capital demanding changes to gun safety laws come of the demonstration coming hours after a judge ruled the shooting suspect's childhood records can go public. kelly) new details about his troubling past. >> reporter: florida is the first capital of tallahassee so busloads of students will arrive to tell lawmakers no more guns. during a candlelight vigil in
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south florida last night students, parents, teachers and concerned citizens continue to remember those killed in the school shooting. >> i am sorry for every single parent but lost a child last week. >> children are dying. where does it stop? it stops right now. >> students are determined to demand politicians take action. florida lawmakers are considering raising the age for buying an assault rifle to 21, imposing a 3 day waiting period and identifying background screening loopholes. as for the shooter, nikolaus cruz, a judge has ordered his sealed court records to be released. it reveals allegations nikolaus cruz filled with abuse and neglect, the public has the right to know. >> i don't believe these are
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confidential and the way it is. >> rick scott demanding the fbi to release details on its failure to act on a tip about nikolaus cruz. our state and nation was learned of the fbi's inexcusable in action after receiving a tip informing them of his desire to carry out a school shooting. the fbi failure to initiate an investigation raises many questions and the victim's families deserve answers now. students want answers from donald trump about what he intends to do about gun violence. he will have a listing session with students on thursday. >> the white house signaling donald trump is open to better background checks. jason chaffetz says that the step in the right direction to making sure this never happens again saying he has supported
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similar legislation in the past. >> i wish there was one thing we could do to make sure it never happens again but i like this idea of fixing the background system and giving the website a fixed nick. a shooting sports foundation and others support this. i supported it in congress, passed out of the house and has bipartisan support. in the senate it makes sense some people can distinguish between right and wrong and they shouldn't to being able to acquire a gun. i have 5 guns and a concealed carry permit. and they should not be able to access a gun. and there is a problem accessing a gun. >> and to a fox news alert,
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missing 5-year-old boy. according to his stepmother lucas fernandez was seen at his kansas home saturday afternoon, she claims he was gone and the back door was open when she woke up. police do not suspect lucas was kidnapped. according to local reports, relative called child protective services concerned about the child's well-being. donald trump blaming the obama administration for not doing enough to prevent russian election meddling is several states consider returning to paper ballots to avoid outside interference. griff jenkins joins us with the latest on that and moscow's response to the russia investigation. >> russia is responding. this may come as a surprise but they are denying any involvement, there is no proof moscow interfered in the
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election. the president was tweeting again, the administration when the appearance began in 2014, obama was president up to and beyond the election so why didn't he do something about russia meddling? several secretaries of state met in washington to discuss the russian middling. >> that was $1 million a month operation. that gives me an idea the resources we are working against. >> the biggest threat seems to be the american public be leaving the many false stories that were told during the last election. >> official gathering at a meeting of the national organization of secretaries of state many from the 21 states believed to have been targeted by the russians and with lack of information being shared about their systems, some even suggesting the answer lies in returning to paper ballots but george's secretary of state reminding us what that could
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entail, the infamous hanging chad. >> what we see in georgia is paper ballots. i would be very careful going back to the old days of the hanging chad. >> homeland security officials acknowledged the need for critical help, to make sure states get the support they need, but it is a reminder the next elections are just weeks away and the special election, pennsylvania, just after that. >> i always love the russian react like the guy in casablanca, we are shocked there is gambling here but every single time, thank you. senate hopeful mitt romney, a huge endorsement from washington, donald trump tweeting his support saying he will make a great senator and worthy successor to orin hatch and get my full support and endorsement. thank you for the support, i
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hope over the course of the campaign i earn the support and endorsement of the people of utah. mitt romney was critical of the president during the 2016 election calling him a sony and a fraud. new concerns that north korea could be planning to blackmail the us out of billions of dollars, national security officers worried once the rogue nation becomes capable of striking they could try to extort washington. >> a range of possible things from enormous financial payoffs, north korea feels they are entitled to reparations for everything from losses suffered during the korean war to sanctions that have been imposed since 1953. donald trump has insisted he would not let that happen. to sports, and olympic gold medal, they've been to the quarterfinals against the czech republic. and get this.
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the north korean team desperately trying to win a medal in anything, they have yet to place in a single event at the winter games which could land them in the rogue nation's gulags. kim jung un's family sentenced losers of the 1966 world cup to concentration camps for their loss. today donald trump will honor 12 of america's finest with the public safety medal of valor. among recipients, first responders and to the san bernardino terror attack, also being honored for ending workplace shooters rampage in kansas. this year's honorees were scheduled to receive the award last year but instead they went to officers who respond to the congressional baseball shooting. time is 9 minutes after the hour, the supreme court back in session today and could decide to take up daca. what this could mean for the
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trump administration. and fergie breaking her silence to explain the national anthem performance on sunday. ♪
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>> as the march 5th deadline looms for a deal on daca, deciding the appeal of donald trump's executive order. what could the decision mean for the president and congress moving forward? here is legal repairs reporter for the washington times alex sawyer, thanks for being here. before we get into congress and the president, a little law school 101, what are the arguments for and against this?
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>> what happened is rare. the administration appealed to the supreme court after district court judge issued an injunction saying it could not rollback the daca program. usually that goes to a circuit court and in this case the ninth circuit so before the ninth circuit has ruled the trump administration is asking justices to step in -- they are asking them to issue the case. >> this is unique because they are skipping a level. for a person who doesn't understand the circuit court, judicial and all that stuff. what does this mean for the president? >> it is very interesting because an injunction issued by federal court in california there is also one from a brooklyn court, the one from the california court issuing at the supreme court but for the president really, nothing will
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happen until the circuit court, ninth circuit or the supreme court decided to take the case and that is when his argument would seem relevant because at this point with two injunctions by district court, no daca rolling the way president obama, nothing donald trump could have done being implemented at this point so he does need a favorable ruling from the ninth circuit or the supreme court to take the case. the conference on friday we did not here if they were going to take it friday night. at 10:30 it comes out and suspecting we might hear from the justices then. if they do take the case it would be on the term, decide it by june. a lot of people, experts i talked to say it is very unlikely because of where we are in the term and the expedited appeals, skipping a level, is very rare.
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only a handful of times in 70 years and usually there has to be an issue of public importance, imminent public importance can most two injunctions there is not any harm, the daca program is ruling the same way it was before. i don't know if they will take it that the longer we don't hear from the justices the more likely they will not. >> that march 15th, quote, deadline is not the most hard and fast deadline we have ever seen. what this means for congress. we remember from civics class we have three branches of government, congress making the laws. >> what is interesting, i talked to a court, the justices don't pay attention to what congress is doing. they are separate entities and they will go on about themselves. if the supreme court were to decide to take the case and congress would reach a deal,
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schumer and mcconnell coming up with something, something that could make the case moot in the justices wouldn't hear it but in terms of deciding to take the case, what congress is doing will not be a factor for the justices. rob: we are close to the daca issue and the fact that congress didn't do what we thought they were going to do and the specter of gun control all over that is tough and we will have to see what happens. thanks, great insight. 17 minutes after the hour. a brand-new study offering new hope in preventing artisan, cleaning products, more dangerous than cigarettes. the true benefits of booze, doctor nicole safire here to talk about your headlines and the controversial comments not over quite yet.
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>> one thing to talk to jesus, another thing when jesus talks to you. that his mental illness if i am not correct. >> the avalanche of complaints abc is now dealing with. ♪
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>> could be one of the biggest breakthroughs in diagnosing autism, scientists have taken the first steps toward groundbreaking tests that could lead to earlier detection. what did parents need to know?
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doctor nicole safire, this is fascinating and amazing news for so many families out there. >> extremely exciting, very happy about this, this study came out of the uk recently but what they are showing is there will potentially a blood and urine test for detecting autism. it is hard on the road but this is important because autism has a wide array of the behavioral symptoms. someone has to suspect someone has autism and then they have to undergo series of behavioral tests. there is nothing definitive, nothing concrete or objective saying someone has autism or someone doesn't so this study is extremely exciting and maybe we will diagnose earlier and potentially give these children and their families better quality of life. >> currently you almost need to wait for the child to do, quote, normal child things they would be doing at a certain age of development before you can figure it out. when a baby comes out they are not doing much. >> pediatricians are in tune watching for signs of this and a lot of parents know their children but a lot of times it
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is delayed diagnosis because behavioral issues in school. you might be able to diagnose it earlier. >> this is great stuff, great news, this is not so great news because i like to clean. a freaky study on how products in your house you're using to clean if you use them enough can be like smoking 20 cigarettes a day. >> tobacco causes cancer and lung disease and a lot of studies have told us the chemicals in cleaning properties are harmful. this study in particular has looked at the long-term effects and they are saying it is equivalent to about 20 cigarettes a day for 10 to 20 years but these are really limited to people in the cleaning industries or who are using cleaning products at home on a daily basis. irritant chemicals in your inhaling them and it instructs your mucous membranes causing remodeling of cells, long-term consequences so for the most part you can use a microfiber
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rag with water, maybe a little bit of vinegar and that should be enough, you don't need those harsh chemicals unless you are trying to disinfect. consider using gloves. >> men didn't seem to be as effective. >> there admitted by risk, there are not of men in their population. >> you are saying i can go booze immediately after the show because it is healthy. >> an apple a day may keep the doctor away but it is possible glass of wine or beer now and then may make you live longer and this one study which is a great study out of california, long-term effects, why people are living longer, they looked at a bunch of people 90 and above and said what have you done? they had one to two glasses of wine or beer a day showing an 18% increased chance of survival of living longer and there are other things as well.
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if you have a hobby, more than two hours a day, that increased longevity. one thing with alcohol. we know beer is good for bone health, antioxidants in white wine and decrease cardiovascular disease and stroke, one or two glasses of something a day might be pretty good for you but anything more than that not good for you. >> you always hear these studies, a lady is 110 years old, two glasses of wine. >> stress levels are low and for some people that is something. >> great insight. 25 minutes after the hour. the idea of russian meddling in american elections was once marked by former president obama. >> let you recognize al qaeda is a threat. two months ago us the genius -- biggest geopolitical trait use
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in russia. >> donald trump now demanding to know why his predecessor stayed silent. ready, set, activists. one hollywood star taking a break to fix democracy. carly shimkus not taking a break, she's next with the online outrage when we come back. with more than 150 ethnic regions to connect to...'s the perfect time to find out where your greatness comes from. save 30% at
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rob: donald tremblay me the obama administration for not doing enough to prevent russian election interference suiteing, quote, obama was president up to and beyond the 2016 election so why didn't he do something about russian meddling. the federal circuit are trying to figure out how to stop the problem as the mueller indictment gives us an inside look at vladimir putin's playbook. >> that was a million-dollar month operation.
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that gives me an idea of the resources we are working against. >> the biggest threat seems to be the american public believing that many false stories that were told during the last election. >> concerns coming from several states including georgia which wants to bring back paper ballots to avoid outside interference. >> the fraud we see in georgia is with paper ballots. i would be very careful going back to the old days of the hanging chad. >> this is the first time former president obama brushed out warnings about russia. take a listen. >> i am glad you recognize that al qaeda is a threat. a few months ago when asked what was the biggest geopolitical threat facing america you said russia. >> that was the former president marking his republican opponent mitt romney in the 2012 election for calling the kremlin
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america's number one geopolitical foe. tammy bruce says refusal to acknowledge that than has given russia just enough time to wreak havoc on the us now. >> he did more than stay silent. in october at a press conference with asked about this, he told trump to stop whining, no serious person would consider this remote possibility that anyone could affect the american elections because they are so dispersed. he mocked and chastised people who were warning about it and it started in 2012 when he mocked mitt romney for saying exactly the same thing. democrats, the media, liberals on those coattails, the notion that the election was not valid, divisions between americans, michael moore, the march on washington, this is not my president, this is a fraud, the attempts to nullify, legitimate american actors here using that
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kind of correct is what the president is alluding to. >> we want to know why do you think president obama stayed silent on election meddling. email us on twitter, facebook and instagram pages. we will share them later on in the show. group of teenage protesters facing a lion outside the white house, 17 members laying on the ground to symbolize each person killed in the florida shooting, dozens more joining them. their goal is to send a message to the government to pass tougher gun laws. two new york state troopers given heartwarming gift in the face of the tragedy. nbc news reports judson trying to go to the funeral of her friend, a 1-way ticket cost $700, troopers robert troy and
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thomas jefferson at laguardia decided to step in and pull out their credit cards to pay for that ticket. they say it was the right thing to do. good story out of a horrible situation. more americans are supporting donald trump's textile. new york times reporting 51% of americans now approve, up from 46% last month, 37% when it passed in december, donald trump tweeting about the tax plan successes overnight saying in part the us economy is looking better good in my opinion, better than anticipated, regulations and taxes have been massively cut, jobs, jobs, jobs. fergie the internet by storm. ♪ josé does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪
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>> carly shimkus just recoiled. the 42-year-old finger telling teams you have always been honored and proud to perform the national and then last night i wanted to try something special. i'm a risk taker artistically but clearly this rendition didn't strike the intended tone. i love this country and honestly tried my best. i say let's give her a break. it wasn't great, we don't always perform great. a note left on an ambulance sending sparks flying on social media as an iconic actor fires back on twitter at his own death hoax. sylvester stallone is alive and punching, jennifer lawrence taking a break from acting to fix our democracy. carly shimkus is here with what is trending this morning. >> jennifer lawrence is on a press tour for her upcoming
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movie called red sparrow which is due out next month but recently revealed she is taking some time away from the spotlight. take a listen. >> working with an organization to try to get young people engaged politically on a local level. it doesn't have to do with partisan, just anticorruption. can help prevent corruption, fix our democracy. >> hollywood folks get involved in politics, things like this, conservative commentator ben shapiro says people who think hunger games is a documentary, matthew on social media said so glad we have hollywood celebrities like jennifer lawrence to come to our rescue. what would come in folks do without them. they are smarter than us, they are famous. someone you may have not heard she is working from a nonpartisan anticorruption
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organization something that benefits both parties. >> potentially benefits. this one, funny when you first think of it but it is not funny because it has serious ramifications. sylvester stallone death hoax. >> sylvester stallone was forced to deny rumors of his own death after things like this started to widely circulate on social media. sylvester gardens io stallone died early this morning after a battle with prostate cancer. the actor kept his illness a secret but in the end couldn't beat it. those rumors began to spread so widely that he actually responded saying please ignore the stupidity. alive and well and still punching. his brother also chimed in, younger brother said i'm very protective of my older brother
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and don't find any humor in this fake post on my brother absolute demise. it upset my 96-year-old mother. i don't understand what makes these sick minded people take. he is alive, he says he is alive and well. the person who started that rumor has way too much time. >> serious consequences, that 96-year-old mother. a woman arrested after leaving a file note on a parked ambulance. >> this woman was arrested after she left this note saying if this is for anyone but number 14 you have no right to be parked here. i couldn't give a believe if the whole street collapsed, move your van from outside my house. a paramedic posted a photo of that note on social media saying so upset to be sent this by our crew this morning along with this note on the ambulance, they received that. that woman was arrested on suspicion of public order
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offenses. don't mess with paramedics, that woman having a bad day. >> you and i could have had our justin timberlake moment. >> 38 minutes after the hour, deadly dog food. urgent warning for pet owners, what you need to know to keep your furry friend safe. white imagination, white property, white speech, the controversial curriculum being taught that one of our country's top universities. i like this one. why did the chicken cross the road? apparently there weren't enough of them. this shutdown hundred. ♪
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>> the state of pennsylvania issuing a congressional map ahead of the 2018 races, democratic majority state supreme court approving the map in a 4-3 division placing a 6-year-old republican map accused of being gerrymandered. the new map will take effect for the may 15th primary, republicans bowing to challenge it in federal court as soon as today. yale university offering a course on how to understand and counteract whiteness, the english course is called construction of whiteness obtained by the college fix, it will export topics ranging from white masculinity to white speech and white stasis. the course allows students to construct counter narratives using plays, poems and memoirs. how about it keep the revenue
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recall of potentially deadly dog food. our sister network foxbusiness here with what you need to know. pretty scary. >> several major dog food brands being recalled because they have small amounts of the drug in the dog food. here are the brands, gravy train, kibbles and bits, very well known but if you have one of these throw it out. it is unlikely your dog would get sick from this. >> dog food to human food, the kind i like, crispy cream launching a new gold donut. >> a gold medal winning donut they are launching this day available for a limited time, a glazed donut with pieces of her she's new candy bar that you can see on your screen with salted
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caramel by sing, sounds delicious to me, salty and sweet treats. available today, limited time at participating. >> an amazing combination, salty and sweet, spectacular. time, 44 minutes after the our, philadelphia approved injection sites for addicts and now wants to decriminalize marijuana. will the policy work or is it just plain insane? we debate that next. google taking assistant closer to driverless taxis, coming up next. when only the best will do...
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>> in an attempt to combat the drug epidemic philadelphia approved safe spaces to ship, the district attorney looking to drop dozens of overcharges as the city paves the way to decriminalize marijuana. radio talk show hosts and democratic strategists don calloway. thanks for getting up so orderly. i will begin with you. what do you think of all this? >> it is a really bad idea. students, especially young people don't need more reasons to be apathetic, more reasons to have learning problems. and to multiply cancer rates, copd, and psychotic breaks.
1:49 am
on any society. >> we moved away as a society, the decriminalize nature about a small amounts of marijuana. and the legislative process is considering social norms. and there is a difference between encouraging it and decriminalizing it, not even to talk about that. and not to talk about legalizing. i don't we should encourage marijuana but recognize marijuana enforcement has not been the same for generations. we are looking at the universe again in which our social norms have changed and the regulatory scheme has to reflect. it is not proper to equate this with safe spaces which we have
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in terms of formalizing methadone clinics on a way to deal with addiction which is not what we're talking about here. rob: talk about overdoses, 63,000 deaths in 2016 from drug overdoses. obviously this is a serious issue, put that up, 1200 just last year alone. philly this is a good idea to prevent death. what do you say, and the shooting up. >> 63,000 of, let's try to fix that and make it easier. the logic here, all human psychology is my background, and facilitate something.
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decriminalize it, that is how you make it more prolific. if you want more deaths you are doing the right thing. as far as mister calloway, as far as societal norms changing, it has been wiped out by societal norms. and std has literally killed an entire civilization, and when we have this horrific shooting in my state, florida, some of them dead, drug use is a precursor to mass shootings. i don't think these sound like smart decisions. rob: final word to you. >> and safe spaces, a way to do it in a more regulated and
1:52 am
healthier space, dirty needles, the wild wild west, inner-city philadelphia, the most use i ever encountered was during my time at an ivy league law school, we were not being prosecuted or arrested. and the disparate enforcement of marijuana as a social judge and philadelphia doing the right thing by decolonizing it. rob: a lot more debate. thank you so much. 52 minutes after the hour. thousands of people don't need to share a view on mike pence's faith. >> one thing to talk to jesus, another thing when jesus talks to you. that is called mental illness if
1:53 am
i'm not correct. rob: according to a media watchdog group 25,000 people have made complaints to abc following those comments on the view. the same group demanding an honor apology to encourage viewers to stop watching abc and go after advertisers. the vice president said it shows how out of touch the mainstream media is with americans. donald trump slamming obama for not doing enough to stop russian meddling in the us elections but wouldn't be the first time, why do you former president obama stayed silent on russian meddling, obama likely figured any russian intervention in the election would be in hillary's favor and designed to keep
1:54 am
democrats in favor. gene writing worst president ever, more lies and corruption than any other, all designed to help hillary take his place. dennis on facebook says obama thought hillary would win and they would be able to keep the lid on the corruption in his administration. 53 minutes after the hour. the dream of carrying people from dc, and one step closer to becoming a reality. ♪ ♪ take me home ♪ to the place i belong ♪
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rob: i never heard of that song. we are all learning here on fox news this morning. a driverless taxi, google launching ride and share service later this year, texting going on to take control but google will start charging folks and vehicles will be completely driverless. they plan to extend the service to other cities. we are step closer to traveling from washington dc to new york city and minutes. according to the washington post, dc has given approval to elon musk's company to begin
1:59 am
building a total for high-speed hyperloop train traveling 600 miles an hour. musk's apartment will allow for some territory and excavation work in northeast, his vision is for the vestal network to make stops in baltimore and philly. you like that? alleviating traffic. some expert say a decade before it happens. just call it kentucky fried chaos, kfc locations across the uk i running out of, wait for it, chicken. kfc uk tweeting the chicken crossed the road, just not to our restaurants. the chain's new delivery partner having trouble getting chickens to its locations. 800 of them have been forced to close down. you literally have one job. starbucks offering a color changing coffee drink. the butterfly tea lemonade, cold brew uses the unique tea and lemonade to create powerful
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swirls but only available in asia for now. starbucks has not said whether it plans to bring the drink to the us. "fox and friends" first continues right now. >> claim has been there was collusion between the trump campaign and russia. >> tuesday, february 20th, pointing the finger at a predecessor, the president taking aim at the obama administration over 2016 election meddling, the new push to safeguard elections by taking voting machines back. >> dreamers heading back to the drawing board. the decision on daca it can come as early as today. rob: you could win a chance to be featured in the next music video, "fo


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