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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 21, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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"fox news @ night." in the meantime, most-watched, most trusted, and was grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from >> i signed the memorandum directing the attorney general to propose regulations to ban all devices that turn illegal weapons into machine guns. >> the president has said no american child should ever feel unsafe in their school. >> the president said russia didn't metal, that it didn't have an impact and it certainly wasn't with help from the trump campaign. >> we are not talking about that. in any event.
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♪ rob: today's addition of "fox and friends" first is a party in the usa. you are watching "fox and friends" first. today, donald trump will welcome the florida community grieving after the deadly school shooting the commander-in-chief holding a listening session at the white house for those impacted by mass shootings and pushing for ban on bump stocks and tougher background checks for gun buyers. griff jenkins joins us with what we can expect today. >> from bump stocks the background checks donald trump is working to respond to the
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tragedy. >> we must do more to protect our children, we have to do more to protect our children. school safety is a top priority for my administration. >> reporter: front and center, moves to ban bump stocks that were used in the massacre. >> the deadly shooting in las vegas i directed attorney general to clarify whether certain bump stock devices like the one used in las vegas are illegal under current law. we must move past clichés entire debate and focus on evidence-based solutions and security measures that actually work. >> keeping guns out of the hands of the wrong people, whether we are republican or democrat we must focus on strengthening that background checks. democrat senator dianne
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feinstein who led the effort on gun control issued a statement saying words are one thing but we want meaningful action, call congressional republicans and tell them to stop blocking our bill. whether they have the will to act, it is worth noting congress received the blessing of the nra who said the nra believe the device is allowed to functionally fully automatic rifle subject to additional regulations. parents, teachers and students from department community and some from sandy hook. and this white house is looking for a lot of action and movement. we will see if this environment
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continues. rob: significant developments in the past 7 days, thank you. the teenager accused of gunning down 17 people at that high school, a former friend and classmate revealing nikolaus cruz of disturbing behavior, she recorded him at the school several times. >> people who opposed them should be killed, he posts pictures of 15 or more firearms. like this was normal. >> knives out of a lunchbox eventually expelled from school. turning their grief into action, 100 teenagers from parkland arriving to meet with lawmakers and push for tougher gun-control. >> looks like unity, strong and
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together. back home, everyone together. >> the students bursting into tears when the state has voted not to hear a bill that would ban the sale of assault rifles and high-capacity magazines like the one used to kill their classmates. police find a stash of weapons and a student's home. investigators he was being bullied. and 99 years behind bars to improve his status with the gain. and another gang member took
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turns filing before 2015. house republicans, the anti-trump dossier probe, and a lawyer tangled the special counsel's russia probe, to lie to investigators. >> democrats say the republican memo is misleading but the gop deepened its probe into the trump dossier. house intelligence committee chairman devon nunez sending an inquiry of 10 questions to current and former officials including former fbi director james comey. some of the questions asked, was president obama briefed on information containing the dossier prior to january 5, 2017. when did you first learn to come to believe the steel dossier was funded by the democratic national committee and/or
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hillary for america referring to the clinton campaign? >> the facts are not to what the democrats wanted it to be because we have found collusion, we found collusion between democrats, specifically the clinton campaign and the democratic national committee and the russians but there doesn't seem to be -- nobody is interested in that. >> republicans approval from donald trump released the controversial memo earlier this month claiming former british by christopher steele compose the dossier without unverified allegations to obtain a fisa warrant against carter page. >> all of my communications were hacked and wiretapped for over a year. you think about the tremendous resources that took not only in terms of fake news, us government propaganda in 2016 but even with the fbi.
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>> alex vanderswan, the son of a russian oligarch pleaded guilty to lying with trump advisor rick gates, a former campaign manager, paul manaforte, and it is part of a plea deal with robert mueller. >> we will break what you discussed into more detail in our next segment. is the republican investigation to the dossier heats up their spotlight continues to hover over three key players, hillary clinton, christopher steele and glenn simpson. sarah carter has been following the story since the beginning, and deeper in the obama administration. >> expanded to the state department, this is what devon nunez is looking at as well, the reason he sent these letters.
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it is expansive, looking at people in the state department, the second dossier, sidney blumenthal, close friend of hillary clinton is implicated in this. cody scheer who worked with her husband, and this is not just fusion gps, we are looking at christopher steele, a foreign ask agents, british by working with the russians but also looking at information through the state department, through allies of clinton back to christopher steele placed in the dossier. >> this is a fox news alert, breaking news out of the area of mobile, alabama. and alabama police officer shot and died into our newsroom in the last few seconds. it is unclear whether the
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officer, we believe, died on seen or died at the hospital but officer shot in mobile, alabama has died. the suspect in that shooting was barricaded inside a home where there is a police presence. and connected to a woman found that earlier this week. as we have been reporting throughout the week the number of deaths so far in the last 6 or 7 weeks of 2018 with surpassing the pace of 2017. donald trump honoring 12 of our nation's he rose with public safety officer medal of valor. 6 officers responded to the terror attack in san bernardino. >> you have earned an eternal place in the gratitude in our history and in our hearts. through your service and sacrifice we are reminded that america's greatest treasure is
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her people. >> of the recipient save people from fires, drowning in shootings. the middle of valor is the highest honor given to public safety officers. thank you so much for all that you do. the store that is preceded shows how dangerous the job is. 11 minutes after they are, another charge in the russia probe, you heard kelly right tell us about this, admitted to lying to the fbi but what about collusion? a former doj official explains there is no evidence. could there soon be an answer for peanut allergies, the new breakthrough giving hope to millions of americans. backing our men and women in blue, carrie underwood's gift to a police officer, those stories when "fox and friends" first on wednesday morning continues. ♪
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>> 14 minutes after the hour democrats are aged as the trump ministration pushes low cost health care plans as alternatives to obamacare, larry ensures to sell short-term policies with your benefits and lower premiums. house minority leader nancy pelosi not liking it thing, quote, americans purchasing these shoddy misleading short-term trumpcare plans will be one diagnosis from disaster and senate minor leader chuck schumer saying since day one the trump administration playbook on healthcare has been to sabotage the marketplaces, jack up costs and premiums for millions of middle-class americans. the first treatment to help prevent serious allergic reactions to peanuts may be on your way. making progress on a pill that helps children build up a tolerance to the nut.
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67% of kids tolerating the movement of two peanuts after taking the pill for one year. the company plans to apply for fda approval. a lawyer has admitted to lying to the fbi. it is the latest development in the russia investigation. and charge to the president or his election, what do these indictments mean to the trump presidency? here is former doj official hans, thanks for being here. what is the significance of the mueller team filing this charge against this international lawyer working for a new york-based firm? >> nothing to do with the 2016 election, the lie he is being indicted for regarding his involvement with paul manaforte,
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have nothing to do with the 2016 campaign because of his dealings with the ukrainian government, many years before the elections. once again we have an indictment that has nothing to do with the collusion investigation. >> this is in my legal estimations just an attempt to get more leverage against paul manaforte. this guys indicted for lying to the fbi, he is not being indicted for the underlying conduct which had to do with him giving legal advice to manaforte. >> let's go to the next phase of our interview which many say is the most important one, coming for comey, demanding the dossier and the former fbi director and the whole state of top officials in the senior intelligence agencies. what do you make of this?
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>> nunez took the logical next step. the steel dossier has the basis for a daca application which is what led a court to allow electronic surveillance and spying in the trump transition team. for nunez to find out, paid for opposition research, when did they know it because frankly it is an abuse of the ivanka statute to use opposition research to authorize spying on american citizen. rob: if you do not respond we will resort to compulsory process. what compulsory process can devon nunez put forward to force individuals to respond and what defenses do they have to not respond? >> he can authorize subpoenas to be issued against them if they
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refuse to respond. and subpoenas, and rely on department of justice to enforce the subpoenas and you may recall in the obama administration on several occasions the obama justice department refused to enforce subpoenas like the ones issued against former attorney general. >> the interconnectedness of all the players involved here is basically what donald trump is referring to when he called it the swamp. thank you very much, appreciate your time on a wednesday. 19 minutes after the hour donald trump vowing to keep guantánamo bay open from the very beginning. >> we are going to load it up with some bad dudes. >> one terrorist on the verge of walking free thanks to an obama
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era deal. >> we are joined by one more witness to the ominous nature of this regime. >> he was honored at the state of the union from cheating death as a north korean defector, why he says the regime cannot be trusted.
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>> the musket must go, california historical society biting the bullet canceling a revolutionary war reenactment because park officials want them to use sticks instead of guns was the event was in the works until officials enforced a rule saying no guns could be fired inside the park they want to
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use. it will be changed for next year. jeff sessions announcing a cybersecurity task force to protect us elections from foreign interference. the task force will attempt to stop attacks on infrastructure, curb online terrorist recruiting and defend businesses against cyberattacks. the balloon airport will be prevented decision that the end of june. this announcement comes just days after robert mueller indicted three russian companies and 13 russian citizens for conspiring to interfere in us elections. it was one of the most unforgettable moments of the president's state of the union, donald trump, a brave north korean defector who risked his life for freedom. fox senior foreign affairs correspondent got to talk with him about his journey and how he is using his second chance at life. >> reporter: hitting hard at the
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brutality of kim jung un, a new strategy the trump administration and its efforts against pyongyang and the new weapon is the north korean defector, the human face of the horror. >> we are joined by one more witness to the ominous nature of this regime. region singled out by donald trump in his state of the union address last month and held a crutches he once used, lost a leg and a hand in 1996 struggling to stay alive in north korea. 10 years later, hardship and persecution were too unbearable, crossing a river from north korea to china. almost drowning in the process. >> i wanted to live as a human being outside of north korea. >> brave recited he would later be in the white house with mike pence during his trip to south
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korea. and the father of the american student who died after being held captive in north korea. >> a victory against north korea, a victory against evil. >> reporter: he went the organization in soul helping inspectors out of the north and reaching those inside. state media has made threatening statements about him branding him, quote, humans come. as for recent moves by south korea to engage with the north or public diplomacy including meetings with the sister of kim jung un, he has concerns. >> this is just a show. >> any future conversations the south or the us had with north korea not only will the nukes and missiles regime but human suffering there as well. washington seems to agree. fox news. >> 26 minutes after the hour. a tearful apology for this picture of a beheaded donald
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trump. >> i went too far, made a mistake and i was wrong. >> reporter: kathy griffin doesn't feel that way anymore. the comedian is trying to take on donald trump, carly shimkus next with how social media is firing back. she called them crumbs and unpatriotic. >> most people have to struggle to make ends meet. rob: the outrage nancy pelosi is facing when "fox and friends" returns, first returns. ♪ take the money and run ♪ vo: gopi has built her business with her own two hands.
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woman in mobile. the suspect opened fire, that suspect, robert holly died after an hours long standoff with police. investigators believe holly is connected to that woman found that earlier this week. warrior -- horrible news out of alabama. the first guantánamo bay transfer under donald trump could be happening soon. the detainee could be transferred and finishes 13 year sentence in his home country of saudi arabia if he testifies against two other detainees. to plot a 2002 al qaeda attack on a french oil tanker negotiated under president obama. north korea pulling out of a secret meeting with mike pence at the last minute. talks focused on the regime's missile program, and the number head estate schedule during the
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olympics. and the vice president softening his message which would have ceded the world stage for propaganda during the olympics with a new gallup poll shows 51% of americans see north korea as our top enemy, that number has tripled in two years. an incredible picture, lining the streets as a 30-year-old daughter of a sitting police commissioner killed in the line of duty returns to school. one week since commander paul bauer was gunned down while chasing a convicted felon. and giant condolence card. she called $1000 bonuses crumbs and now nancy pelosi says the tax plan is unpatriotic. >> cutting taxes at the high end and not being allowed to invest
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in the future. >> it wasn't long before the minority leader was heckled during the town hall. >> most people not in deadly poverty but some are. most people have to struggle. we are not talking about that. i am a mother of five. rob: what do you think of the tax cuts, are they unpatriotic? post comments on facebook, twitter or instagram pages or send an email to friendsfirst little remember kathy griffin's tearful apology for that photo with a bloodied donald trump head? >> i went too far, i made a mistake and i was wrong.
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rob: apparently she doesn't feel that way anymore saying she wants to face the president at the upcoming white house correspondents dinner. carly shimkus, sirius xm 115 here with the outrage online. >> reporter: following -- the white house would attend, kathy griffin took to twitter writing i will host free of charge or pay-per-view. griffin is trying to make a career come back and serve as a presenter at the writers guild award a week ago. social media not so willing to forgive and forget. alayna says seriously, coming up desperate now. max on facebook said it was nice when she was out of the spotlight. another twitter user wonders if the secret service would let her host the white house correspondents dinner to begin with. it would pay good money to watch her host the event, donald
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trump, whether he wants to attend the events this year are not. >> i will play third base for the yankees, knowing accepting the offer. i might look good. it is all about the team. a great example where they came from. >> carrie underwood donated $10,000 to the go fund me page of an oklahoma police officer severely injured, this tragedy, the injured officer, and tend to church together. social media caught wins of this and tweeted about it. and a speedy recovery. still in intensive care after
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breaking his neck in that car crash. we are sending him all the best. >> i tried to come up with a witty thing to say and millennials, can't you just be normal? >> some people proposed sporting events, some proposed vacations lose the soundless exciting. a report from the website extra crispy says people are using avocados to propose to their brides to be. if you are interested in doing this, just cut and avocado in half, take the pit out, pop the ring inside and say will you marry me? folks on social media all over this, eve says that is why millennial's can't buy houses, they are spending all their money on avocados with diamonds. another twitter user says what are they going to put on? avocado after the ring comes out.
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i like avocado as much as the next one but i'm not buying this. rob: i give up. carly shimkus, thank you very much, 36 after the hour, donald trump slammed for not dealing with russian interference sooner. >> outrageous that donald trump continues to sit back and do absolutely nothing. nobody should be sitting back given what we are facing in 2017. >> a big announcement to do with the obama administration never did. disney in the doghouse, unionized workers, the happiest place on earth, a little less than happy.
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rob: no consequences for protesters for toppling a confederates that you, the da announcing charges against five protesters will be dropped. a judge acquitted one defendant and dismissed charges against two others. this is happening in north carolina. prosecutors failed to prove their case. a record-breaking financial hall for democrats but still falling behind republican, national republican congressional committee announcing it raise $10 million in january but democratic congressional campaign committee raised only about $9 million.
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a record for that committee but still lower than republicans. the happiest place on earth just got a little less happy. tracy here with white disney in the doghouse, our producers and stories every morning, i look at some weary i did here is what i see, mickey mouse accused of holding hostages. what? please explain this. >> disney employees, unionized employees upset because they say the company is withholding those $1000 bonuses company was giving out because of the tax reform, withholding those bonuses because these employees won't sign a new contract, the new contract would give employees a $.50 increase in wages over two years and would also give them a signing bonus but 93% of the employees have rejected this offer. they say disney is not giving
1:43 am
them those bonuses until they give something out, the bonus will expire on august 31st. they have to get something done, they want to get that bonus money. >> mickey is not -- >> not holding any hostages. rob: big news at fox. what is going to be our new service? >> fox news getting into the streaming business. similar to netflix it will be called fox nation, offered to fox superfans who want to get more content when they can. live daily video content with longform programming exclusive to subscribers. fox nation will be launched later this year, no word on how much it will cost but if you want more content, here is the best way to get it. rob: there is a voracious appetite for this content and we will provide it.
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43 after the hour. is it possible to manipulate someone to the point of committing murder? >> i need you to feel there is only one way out. rob: new documentary film in secret pushing psychological boundaries. [cheers and applause] rob: that screaming is my ring tone. it is not. millennials screamed at the sky when hillary clinton lost the election. do we really need more of them voting? to lower the voting age, we will debate it coming up next. ♪ you know what they say about the early bird...
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lawyers for man featured in the document tree series asking a murderer, asking the supreme court to review their case. >> good luck. >> you are the most dangerous individual ever to set foot in this courtroom. >> the legal team wants the justices to review a lower court decision, the confession to helping his murder, was voluntary. lawyers argue investigators took advantage of the youth and disabilities to coerce them into falsely confessing, now serving a life sentence. a chilling new netflix series explores a very dark question. >> can social compliance be used to make someone push a living breathing human being to their death? welcome to the push. rob: the push put an
1:49 am
unsuspecting man in the middle of a massive hidden camera scenario. actors try to convince him he has no choice but to kill, netflix says it shows a terrifying truth that our natural instinct is to obey without question. the truman show was funny and silly. that is not. for some young voters donald trump's went over hillary clinton was too much to handle. but now one liberal college professor wants to drop the voting age to 16. is that a good idea? here to debate a political analyst with media dc ron myron democratic strategist, thank you for being here but i want to read the tweet from lawrence tribe which he writes teens between 14 to 16 have far better
1:50 am
bs detectors on average than adults 18 and older. wouldn't it be great if the voting age were lowered to 16? just a pipe dream i know but -- that is tough to read. sorry, the way they wrote it on the prompter. let me start with you. we all know by and large democrats are the youth, folks democratic. is this a ploy to get more in the base of the dems? >> a strong word here. this was not a serious proposal. what the professor is getting at, cities have had success lowering the voting age to 16 but really the point of this moment is young people are being mobilized and away we have never seen before and it seems to me they are the only ones with common sense in the room, people hold power that continuously watch mass shootings and refuse to do simple things like pass
1:51 am
background checks and then assault weapons we are seeing repeatedly in the school shootings. weather is a serious proposal are not, a sharp contrast with people who actually hold power and students mobilizing to make a difference. >> young people are definitely willing to have lots of conversations but this is an attempt that if you can't win elections you change the electorate. if you think the american people are too stupid or young people more educated or whatever he is trying to imply, have better bs detectors you try to change the electorate, they have a history of trying to do that so the question is should the voting age be 15? some people are ready to vote when they are 16. the idea is when you become a legal adult, start paying taxes, that is when the right to vote comes. that is what has made sense for many years and if you do 16, no reason you shouldn't go lower than that. the republican party, time for
1:52 am
youth empowerment, or elected officials under the age of 30 in the republican party than the democratic party in the last 5 years by leaps and bounds. >> we all agree, to get reaction than reality. i'm trying to put this into a realistic context. forget the politics here. do you think 16-year-old or 17-year-old has the wherewithal and time, when i was 16 or 17 i barely had enough time to get my schoolwork done much less delve into the political issues of the day. what do you say about that? >> you can make the same argument about people over the age of 18 the jews not be responsible or participate in civic engagement. what this is really about is expanding access. we should be doing more to make it easier for people of color by rolling back superstrict voter
1:53 am
id laws, we should empower people to same-day voter registration and have election day be a national holiday so everybody who wants to vote has no barrier to doing so. i don't think this is whether people are 16 or older. it is about making sure people who have the right to vote are not encumbered by anything standing in their way. >> the biggest difference is look who is trying to empower young people versus pandering to young people, democrats want to pander to younger voters, republicans are electing younger voters. a couple years ago only a handful of elected officials under 30 in the entire country, now there's a handful in every state. age 28, i'm not even the youngest elected official in my own county much less the commonwealth of virginia so we are seeing the republican party saying we need younger voices at the table and the democrats are electing younger people so that is the voice of the future.
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rob: 53 minutes after the hour. apparent road rage incident caught on camera, shocking moment the man shoves a woman to the ground. 's version of the story coming up next and the dramatic body cam footage showing firefighters saving a woman from a burning building with seconds to spare. the amazing moments you have to see.
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rob: a man claiming his wife disappeared at the end are about crash charged with her murder. the fbi says lewis bennett killed isabella hellman and tried to make it look like an accident. agents said he did nothing to search for his wife during their bahamas honeymoon. stealing $100,000 worth of coins. the body was never found. police arrest a driver shoving a woman to the ground or in the road rage confrontation with the new hampshire woman says the man backed into her car and when she got out to talk to him he pushed her down. the man says she was the one causing problems and almost ran into him. he is charged with assault. the woman is not heard. a former kansas police officer cleared in the shooting death of an allegedly suicidal team. police arresting this - cam video showing john alberts
1:59 am
backing out of the driveway nearly hitting the officer who jumped out of the way just in time. the cop shouting at him to stop before firing as the van, killing him. prosecutors say the unidentified officer felt his life was in danger. he resigned for personal reasons. brave police officers go into a burning building to save a woman trapped inside. this heart stopping rescue caught on body camera. indiana cops pulling down the woman hanging from a second story window. she says with those police officers she wouldn't be here today. 7 people were hurt in the fire including two cops. "fox and friends" first continues right now. jillian: out of stock from bump stocks to background checks
2:00 am
donald trump calling for action. the meeting at the white house happening hours from now with students and teachers. >> make and meet, we are not talking about that. in any event, i am a mother of five. i can speak louder than anybody. >> she called them crumbs, now they are unpatriotic, nancy pelosi, blasted for tax reform comments. jillian: another swipe at sarah sanders. >> scott horowitz, one day, no makeup on at all, the next 6 foot long eyelashes. can you believe what they turned her into? jillian: the latest attack just backfired. "fox and friends" first continues right now.


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