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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 22, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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the evening with us, good night from washington. i'm shannon bream. our news continues at 4:00 a.m. eastern. ♪ e .
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>> that i met with the democrats they were all pretty supportive of our movement, but the republicans that i did meet with, they were very open, to the -- idea of possibly -- and -- >> not only were these students in the capitol of tallahassee yesterday lobbying lawmakers speaking to governor, rick scott but also thousands outside of the capital in tallahassee, also lobbying, comup reform activities out there as well the governor here rick scott tweeting last night, that he said that he is going to release his plan on friday morning, that is tomorrow morning at how he believes the
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at a time should go after guns, being that those mentally ill should not be able to get them the bus restrictiving this morning students had a whirlwind of a week return home many grieving for the first time after continuewhile win week not only morning continuing to take action. >> unreal how all lives changed in seven days thank you very much, president trump, gathering with students families at white house for emotional listening session rise of gun violence, several sharing heartbreaking stories about school shooting in florida. >>s nothing ever that horrible should ever have to happen to you. >> i was lucky enough, to become -- >> some schools maybe compromise on some solution so this never no child, no person, and in this world will ever have to go through something so horrific. >> father killed at douglas high speaking out in emotional plea for change.
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>> should have been one school shooting, and we should have fixed it. >> the ♪. >> i am -- because my daughter i am not going to see again about she is not here. >> president trump reassuring the group that he is looking to make changes. >> -- very strong on background checks, very strong weekend checks strong emphasis on mental health of somebody not going to tab like it has been in the past we are going to get it done. >> curriculum vitae april action cpac kicked off celebrating president trump's agenda vice president pence andorre big names take the stage before president trump, that is up to microphone tomorrow. >> guy legislatored vort in national harbor with a preview good morning. >> is if good morning, it is the conservative political
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action conference began 1974 hands down largest gathering conservatives anywhere in the country, in president trump first sitting president to come here since ronald reagan back this year, there is a lot of energy here and here is the president of cpac, talking about the significance of president trump's visit. >> the take a listen. >> to have the president back, in the vice president back, two years in a row this is history, donald trump ran as a conservative, for some conservatives dubious about how he would govern clearly the president's agenda is conservative and he has gotten more accomplishments than skrefrz have seen in a decade. >> it was fascinating about that sound bite is that a few years ago that cpac didn't want donald trump did not believe he was a conservative but, now, after achieving tax cuts central tenant conservative movement, of course, so many other, ideas,
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president trump has won this crowd over vice president pence traditional conservative will speak here, kicking things off in a few hours list of speakers you've got marian le pen niece of le pen the grand dataer of le pen controversy many as a liberal not true conservative at your each have to bring conservatism to both sides. >> is it a mcgeorgian personal attorney ted cruz deathsy devos educational second attracts young people on people that will hear speakers. >> i can sense it with all the kids who were there, cpac 50% college aged or younger, we are attracting new people voices to the movement one main reason they felt real
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buyers remorse with barack obama even people voted for him felt buyers remorse the democrats #resistance. >> front and intercept when it kicks off in a few hours by these day, ahead. >> thanks, and now outpouring of love world mourns love of billy graham. >> two rouse was broad that leads to destruction and judgment the other road thatlized to heaven. >> if you remember nothing that i say tonight except one thing i want to i remember. >> god loves you. >> 99-year-old icon, could be us legislator to president passing away in sleep republican pay respects at the billy graham library north carolina monday and tuesday private fiernl next friday
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graham is remembered for factory and quack on the world. >> unconsciously hoodlumorous a remarkable sense of humor one other thing, too he took god very severeriously never to himself too he seriously i think gave him a human anness that was very, very relatable to all of us. >> billy graham touched the world ministry reached to all corners of the earth, legacy not so much in looking back, but looking forward, not ovenl for him in he ter errantly eter >> most who heard his message can say we offer pro foun condolences to family gratitude to god this man showed up on planet earth to point the way to millions of people to the knowledge of christ. >> president remembering on twitter wriekt there was nobody like him missed by
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christians all refugees very issue special man. >> mike pence saying billy graham's ministry for gospel of jesus pricey changed lives he will be missed. >> 11 minutes after a hour a shocking plot veiled isis trying to take down a passenger plane hackers helped thwart that attack. >> dr. mark siegel looking at a study that could be the answer, to peanut allergies, and back apparently we don't need a border wall if we mow along. >> people can't smuggle, through the grass, that is -- technology. >> can parent everything to rule as magic nancy pelosi
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comments turning heads. ♪ ♪.
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>> from bump stock to background checks president trump calling for action, following the florida high school massacre. >> we're going to be very strong on background checks very strong background checks strong emphasis on mental health of somebody not like you mean to has been in the past been going on too long too many instances, and we are going to get it done. >> we also learning the president is now considering, raising the minute age to purchase semiautomatic weapons from 18 to 21 but is it a good idea to debate it, attorney with u.s. shield law emmy taylor director of guns down. >> thanks for getting up igor i begin with you why do you
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like the idea raising the age limit. >> i like the idea moving towards fewer guns period the problem is that the more guns we have, the more gun crimes we have, that is just the fact when you look at states that have loose gun regulations this have more gun crime if we really want to solve this problem, we've got to move to a place with your guns we've got to talk about bold solutions federal licensing like training and ultimately, not only raising the age but banning the assault weapons altogether. >> emory i am assuming you disagree with every point he just made. >> yes, i will start with this notion, that the states that have loose or pr missive gun laws have more crime look to battle more, chicago, and see these, microcosms of what the country would look like as a whole, if we had those sorts of ultra restrictive laws
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ar-15 is not some inhere ently dangerous or evil weapon it is a tool, like any firearm is a tool increasing the age so that people between ages of 18 and 20, can no longer purchase a long gun, is -- it is swath a flu with a sledgehammer it really is curtailing the rights of millions of people, in this country in order to solve i think no more than one issue we've had with the actions of one deranged individual. >> emlao i want to have you respond to this argument the federal age for buying a handgun, is 21. whereh why shouldn't be restrictive age for other guns to 21 to match the age of a handgun. >> because most crime in this country in terms of gun crime homicides is committed with handguns i think worth digging into numbers undispooutd there
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is no good number of gun deaths two-thirds of as wide as take those out looking around 10,000, take out tho homicides by police officers other with neglect or reckless gun districts you are looking at about 9,000 homicides by firearm every year, there are less than 1,000 everies committed with long guns vast majority committed in handguns quite frankly the vast majority are committed in have baltimore chicago d.c., places with very height gun control laws. igu. or your response to -- >> emily is making my case for what i am saying, and that is we need fury guns fury handguns yes a lot of crimes committed handguns look at chicago the point is all of
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these guns are coming from a states with looser gun laws why we need federal changreform why we need a federal license if you have if you need a licensed to drive a car you should have a license to operate a gun mandatory training for guns real changes. >> emily igor obviously this is the debate captivating the nation not going to end today going to continue on for years, thank you. >> time 19 minutes after the hour, about vicious killed countless people if you ask liberal media only fox news viewers who who they are. >> the biggest issue in the united states the biggest, ms-13 a gang nobody that doesn't doesn't watch fox news harder of. >> shocking numbers breaking
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down how deadly this gang is getting. you know what they say about the early bird...
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after the hour remember comh must mishost said this about ms-13 after the president's statute of limitations. >> when he makes you the sound like the biggest issue in the united states, ms13 a gang nobody that doesn't watch fox news heard of. >> sound like biggest threat. >> well, turns out they actually exist major danger to our country a new report from center for immigration 20 7 measures attitude to brutal gang 22 statues since 2012 over 500 open casesch members charging with major crimes
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including 300,000 illegals exploding under president obama. >> pulling out of a college career, mounting pressure agency saying it voluntarily withdrew from event at instruct ke rutgers. >> ru draechlz started online petition calling for school to withdraw invitation for ice to participate saying they ail yen undocumented students. >> a brand-new breakthrough guessing hope to millions of americans with peanut allergies doctors optimistic about the new study but you the comes with a big warning, fox news medical a-team dr. seeingl to explain this could be a game-changer you that he heard don't try at home don't try at home. >> absolutely not over the counter not at home, because we had a 6 % of success rate
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with this meaning that kids with severe allergies, from the ages 4 to 17, were given peanuts over six month pefrd time 67% by end of six months able to tolerate two pape austin day 20% they had to take out of the study, so if you put those things together, a physician has to be involved who in those what they are doing, ultimately, it is a very, very good idea good thing. >> let's put up a full screen um see stats between 1997, 2010 number with pan university allergy more than tripled not going into reasons some say pesticide some say we baby our kids, but the fact of the matter is, if you do start a child off between i guess at 6 month mark introducing bits of peanut allergies some say that is a good way building immunity does not get analogy
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when they get old sonar background for this, several studies past couple years one out of texas did exactly that, took halt kids with no peanut allergy very young age, being infant gave thm tiny bits of peanuts risk of developing a pan ought allergy much, much les arcs troo allergies much less talking over throw million people in united states have some kind of tree al. >> one of the leading kous of food allergies on the rise now this study, looked at people with severe peanut allergies had it message here is, it is never too late, if you even have a peanut allergy you are at risk going to hospital for severe peanut problem if we solely give you amount my 12-year-old has food al jooz calls at you peanut vaccine tiny bits of protein over time decrease risk ending up in emergency room rl what it is useful for cross reactivist you are at a dinner don't ask
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for peanuts accidental in your food even though in your food you don't have that reaction, that is the target audience trying to hit. >> on plane somebody opens a bag of peanuts tell you we have one person sitting back row please nobody on peanuts on a this plane this could help solve that. >> that is huge, can't always verify what is in food,ia yeah no pan university in there but next you know face swelling up decreases that dramatically. >> greet stugreat tough, sanctuary as it showdown acting ice director calling out liberal lawmakers trying to ban from -- >> i am not running a popular too confident law about enacted by correct me if i'm wrong. >> on president trump's border wall most influential creature of 20th tributes for reverend
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billy graham. ♪ .
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♪ the acting director ice slamming california democrats claiming they don't let officers do their job this is lawmakers work to ban agents from county courts and jailz in l.a. with more of what the director has to say robert good morning. reporter: hey. good morning that is right controversy in the golden state over wave of remaining targeting undocumented immigrants actions california so-called sanctuary law limits cooperation between local law enforcement and immigration authorities, the acting director of u.s. immigration or oohs says measures are counterproductive keep agents from doing their job. >> what in communities,
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criminal toughest, two, they permit grart risk of ice arrests with arresting bad guy may find others thirdlyly enticing illegal entry. >> for their part ka dissonance dianne feinstein kamala harris issued a statement calling on ice to detail how raids are prioritized to focus on dangerous criminals not punishing california where is misuse of scarce resources he contends makes his agency use more resources. >> -- senators really concerned about my resources let me back in jail process 10 a issue of fact now county jail releases 10 people to street i got to send a team out to find people that is a danger to my officers. >> meanwhile, the federalizing has begun replacing a section of border wall in downtown calexico petition more than two miles long and will replace the current 1990s
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barrier with 30-foot high posts that are much taller than the current wall, back to you. >> thank you very much, aies plot to blow up a plane tlartdz by group of elite hackers according to prime minister of israel members helps stop a bombing on boarded a flute from australia to dubai tipped off authorities over the summer, about those four men arrested. >> ambassador nikki haley calling for end to bombing in eastern sir supporting new resolution would bring 30 day cease-fire allowing aid through worst hit. >> no secret nancy pelosi isn't biggest fan of president trump's border wall now telling the san diegan republican she has a better solution to kakeep board of saw. >> talk about where more
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serious might be necessary, grass people can't be smuggled through gras. >> she said that, blowsu saying the president campaign promise to build a wall have mexico pay for it, is quote never going to happen. watch this going to need a bigr boat, a two man fishing crew bringing in a massive catch whether they hook 3,000 pound great white shark. >> -- up out of water now. >> out. h, [bleep]. >> right in there. >> you would curse to a 3,000 pound shark white white shark whisper says he had to call for backup tagged it before releasing it.
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espn double down on tweet called president a white supremacist here with backlash. >> good morning. >> good morning back at whereofed backlash for tweeting this after the char lotz vul rites donald trump supremacist, when asked about that comment on the view, did not back down take a listen. >> is it i stand by what i said i don't think supports like supremacists what i would say that they have the privilege the benefit of privilege to be able to distancing disassociate themselves from issues. >> if you disagree with their you are probably going to disagree today some on social mediar sound being will have off she backed into a box, that she may not be able to get out of, she could have recanned pin apologized helped for the best carla just because she stands by what she
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says does not make it so. now as for the career writes for espnetwork said that was her decision. >> purdue telling students don't use words with man in them. >> i give up i got nothing. >> man is out, she you got to be gender neutral perdue you have to encouraging people avoid like you said, phrases with the word man in them things like, man kind should be changed to humanity, people human beings man's achievements now human achievements use machine made instead of man-made, some social media think this is a little silly, geographiry says sounds like a. >> i like this better how going to manage this, so a lot of laughs about this.
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>> use of english language tlon out by purdue university. >> old school man amazing life billy graham. >> a flood of tweets from president past and present celebrities have been loved ones like his son franklin graham honored hum tweeting my father billy graham was once asked where is heaven he said where jesus is i am going to similar soon he departed into eternal life prospected by lord jesus christ. >> mountain mutt wrote bg lifted ice toward heaven mourns man of god, john mccain saddened by passing of billy graham inspired millions of people, with the gospel message refute in peace.
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>> inspiration such a got a word inspired people in life yesterday as we reflected all all inspired people in death as well. >> amazing how many lives billy graham changed, thank you very much. >> time 38 minutes after the hour, florida deputies responded to school shooting. >> we need to be able to defeat any threat that comes on to campus. >> they plan to keep students of saw while armed to the teeth. >> it rally cry for "black lives matter" from day one. >> now. >> how one professor is protesting to honor that movement and switching gears completely, salt or no salt? where to find deals on this national margarita day.
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>> 42 minds after the hour university of vermont staffer goes on hunger strike in support of "black lives matter" you know same group responsible for stuff like about this.
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>> "black lives matter" -- when do we want it. >> now. >> john calling for a "black lives matter" flag to be permanently flown along with funding for antiracism events on campus and examining whiteist course for faculty and staff a flag flown at police headquarters he says he won't eat won't eat until all of his demands are met. >> about serving justice firing two employees after they refuse to serve a police officer navy veteran in uniform two with many refused to containing his order at little kreez arz in alabama sharing on facebook saying he would never go book once word got back to the company at the caned two workers gave free pizza to his department, not forget a half hour ago a story
1:44 am
about another officer killed in line of duty, up to 15 this year let's remember that, walmart going to war a amazon tracee carrasco from fox business here with changes for retail giant is making good morning. >> good morning, about walmart revamping the home section of web site giving users more of a chance to get some design tips and editorial information, making it more of just an add to cart experience rolling out this new revamped web site within next few weeks still focusing on price to compete with other places, like ikea, this as they keep up the amazon, of course, results earnings came out they had disappointing online sales this is just eat effort there. >> good stuff, all right. you know when i fill in i think like shoutouts have you coming back deseret walked into meeting said all stories out, tomorrow national
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margarita day today. >> to celebrate, because it is national marking prieta day restaurants offering some deals out there, for some margaritas hooters a margarita 7.59 a glass buffalo wild wings margarita 5 dollars, 4 dollars street think a koss 3 dollars chips salsa 2 dollar margaritas all day long, salt no salt, frozen whatever you want, available today. >> going after the show i hear. >> 5:00 a.m. let's do it. >> thank you very much time 45 minutes after the hour you have-year-old what nancy pelosi thinks of president trump's duts. >> they crumbs that they are giving bowl of will doinge-doo. >> party pushing back distancing from leader what does lawrence jones think live from cpac talking to griff
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right now taking the stage in a couple of -- ♪ ♪ ♪
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have by now you know how nancy pelosi feels about president trump's tax cuts. >> in terms of of the bonus that corporate america received, versus the crumbs that they are giving to workers it is like -- giving you a -- a -- bowl of doggie-doo a great disservice to our country. >> but many americans disagree, 51% now approve of those tax cuts, even her own party now distancing themselves from their leader
1:50 am
to weigh in editor in chief of campus, all it will take is mow grass republicans want this tour 200 cities have her get out there push it. >> [laughter] >> go for it you know, i have an opportunity to speak across country with skis of this great country people are upset about these type of comments shows how tone-deaf democratic party is how he tone-deaf nancy pelosi is not just talking about average american talking about when i get to talk to college students campus reform every a little bit goes where they pay off a little bit of debt too soon loan i just don't understand philosophy to call it crumbs just not reasonable. >> seems like nancy pelosi
1:51 am
only one thinks nancy pelosi is the future of the democratic party, let's get you to you got a big day coming up speaking, on a panel at cpac called an affair to remember how liberate left mainstream media got in bed together made me think of question is this something a also a the case or point in time where you can see the left and media became one? >> well you know what maybe it exited existed but past election bluntly clear media carrying water of the democratic party may be happening but we it was very clear for us, and i want to a discuss that in penal, because -- panel so much bias hasn't been a media like this of about so dishonest not giving a fair shake interesting seemed like during primary they wanted him to win felt like he was getting defeated
1:52 am
in general now that he is actually the president of the united states, thoefb they have been very harsher. >> seems like if you are a democrat legislator you have every right to attack president that is your job that is your party but a federal licensed to broadcast over federal airwaves so many media do you shouldn't be doing that i want your thoughts on this registmemberin billy graham had a profound impact on your life. >> billy graham, we lost a giant within the christian faith he was truly america's pastor never will forget, you know i grew up watching him as a child when i got to meet him in person, as a young person, that was a believer he gave me just a little bit advice he said be bold. and something i kept with me i was saddened, flying to d.c., yesterday, and when i land i
1:53 am
started getting alerts he passed away, and i know that he is at peace he lived a great life there is a lot of young people just like me, that are we're going to carry his message in heart forever. >> a shame obviously that we don't have individuals in the making of billy graham transcend race transcended so much that divide us was an inspiration to so many. . >> lawrence, best of luck today. >> a great legacy brother. >> absolutely have fun today at entire conference we will speak to you soon 53 minutes after the hour tsa known for long lines frustrated flooerz have push to privatize security a snag one state saying enough is enough the plan to reform medicaid when we return ♪ you are riding high in april shot down in may
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sheriff's deputies in the county where 17 people died in the parkland scoot shooting will now carry ar-15 rifles on school campuses. the sheriff says it's necessary to keep the school safe. >> only deputies who trained and qualified will carry the rifles. we need to be able to defend any
1:58 am
threat that comes onto campus. >> deputies will keep the rifles with them at all times unless it's locked in the vehicle. just days after that horrific shooting, a major movie theater chain is beefing up security. they are aut are announcing a bn large bags in their theater. there are exceptions to the rule for medical equipment and diaper bags. if you bring a bag, it may be searched. one of the nation's busiest airports delaying a proposal to replace tsa screeners with a private firm. officials at orlando international airport will spend the next two months looking for ways to decrease wait times at security checkpoints. workers in danger of losing their jobs protesting at the airport. they argue privatizing screeners would put passenger safety at risk. there are hopes to reduce
1:59 am
the cost of the medicaid. lawmakers in alaska introducing a bill that would force medicaid beneficiaries to prove they are working for 20 hours a week, looking for a job or participating in an educational program. presidensimilar policies were ad in indiana and te and kentucky,& friends" continues right now. it is thursday, february 22nd. police paying tribute after two more officers were gunned down in the line of duty. the shocking new number that shows how bad the war on cops is. stunte student survivors ofe florida high school massacre return home overnight after a gun control march in tallahassee and an emotional meeting at the white house. >> there should have been one school shooting and we should have fixed it. my daughter, i'm not going to
2:00 am
see again. >> we're going to have very strong background checks and strong emphasis on mental health. >> the action president trump is 3r07promising to take. remembering a man widely regarded as the most influential preacher of the 20th century. >> he took god very seriously. he never took himself too seriously. >> his ministry reach all corners of the earth. >> he reached the lives of millions, inspiring our nation. >> tributes pouring in for america's pastor, reverend billy graham. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ we were keeping the faith. ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, keeping the


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