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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 22, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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see again. >> we're going to have very strong background checks and strong emphasis on mental health. >> the action president trump is 3r07promising to take. remembering a man widely regarded as the most influential preacher of the 20th century. >> he took god very seriously. he never took himself too seriously. >> his ministry reach all corners of the earth. >> he reached the lives of millions, inspiring our nation. >> tributes pouring in for america's pastor, reverend billy graham. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ we were keeping the faith. ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, keeping the faith. >> a little billy joel to get
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you going on this thursday morning. we all need a little faith this day and age. you don't agree? >> i completely ah agree. we lost a big man of faith yesterday. >> we have to remember to keep the faith. you are watching "fox and friends first." breaking overnight, a by glair storbizarre story from th. afternooan attacker blew himsel. >> a motive is not known. americans are asked to stay away from the embassy until further notice. we will keep you updated. police officers lining the streets, saluting an officer who made the ultimate sacrifice to save a neighbor in need. the corporal was off duty when he was shot and killed, trying to help a woman threatened by
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her estranged husband. >> he was not working, needing help. he immediately responded to that plea for help. but he saved her life by giving his own. >> the suspect in this, glen tindell, was killed in a shootout with police. he was remembered as a 14 year veteran of the force and medal of valor recipient. he leaves behind a wife and four kids. his death came hours after an alabama police officer was shot and killed on the job. at least 15 officers have died in the line of duty so far this year. survivors of the florida shooting return home overnight after rallying for change in the state capital. the high school students pushing lawmakers for gun reform after 17 of their classmates and teachers were murdered.
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we have a live report from coral springs, florida. what are the students saying this morning? >> reporter: one can only imagine what it's like for the students and their families. we just saw three busses of about 100 kids from stoneman douglas high school who just had the worst week of their lives. they went to tallahassee on tuesday night and got back this morning about an hour ago. they were greeted by a welcome heros sign from one of the parents here among the crowd. the parents welcoming these kids, these teenagers who have, again, witnessed something horrific about a week ago and went total wha to tallahassee to lawmakers. they vow they'll continue to move forward. many of them acknowledged that not only were they doing this for the future, but at the same time they were grieving the loss
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of their friends. many funerals happened this week. take a listen to diego. >> reality has always been with us. it's not like we're distracting ourselves, going out on these trips. we are very much grieving. our hearts are filled with sorrow. but that is what pushes us towards new hope. >> reporter: parents acknowledged with us that they believe that there's a long road ahead in the recovery for a lot of the students who witnessed terrible scenes on that wednesday and they know this will be a long road of recovery. but when it comes to what the students are getting from the lawmakers, they showed up in tallahassee. they met with legislators and they say we're understanding republicans that are coming up with a comprehensive reform bill that will raise the age from 18 to 21 to be able to purchase a rifle in the state of florida, perhaps mandating a wait period before the purchase comes through when it comes to rifles, as well as the conversation of
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adding more police officers to the schools, as well as more mental health counselors. that's part of the reform that's being discussed. they've got three weeks to do it in the legislative session in the state and the students will be putting the pressure on. what an exhausting week for the kids and their families. >> thank you for your report this morning. president trump gathering with students and families at the white house for an emotional listening session about the rise of gun violence. students t an and family members shared heart-breaking stories about the shooting in florida, including a father whose daughter was killed. >> should have been one school shooting and we should have fixed it. and i'm upset. because my daughter i'm not going to see again. she's not here. >> nothing ever that horrible should ever have to happen to you. >> i was lucky enough to come home from school, maybe compromised on some solution, so
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this never -- no child, no person in this world will ever have to go through something so horrific. >> president trump reassuring the group that he is looking to make changes. >> we're going to be very strong on background checks. we're going to do very strong background checks, very strong emphasis on the mental health of somebody. it's not going to be talk like it's been in the past. we'll get it done. >> president trump will be meeting with the nation's governors to talk about the growing problem next week. he confessed to drunk driving in a crash that killed an indianapolis colts linebacker and his uber driver. now the illegal immigrant claims his rights were violated. his attorney wants the confession thrown out, saying his client made it before an officer read him his miranda rights. he was previously deported from the u.s. twice before that
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accident. an american and isis want to be pleading guilty to supporting the terror group. he faces up to 45 years in prison. he also pleaded guilty to making false statements on a passport in an effort to join the terror group overseas. u.k. officials tipped off the fbi in 2014 after he was denied entry to the country for isis propaganda on his phone. he was arrested in new york city two years later for helping an undercover agent travel to syria. north korea is changing its tune quite literally. the country's giant loud speakers on the southern border typically blast propaganda speeches from the north into south korea but since the beginning of the olympics, the regime has been playing classical music ever so loud. the unusual change comes as we learn that kim jong un could be going broke. new reports suggest his cash flow is expected to run dry by october if these very tough international sanctions continue
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to cripple the north's economy. republicans in pennsylvania filing an emergency request with the supreme court to block a new overhaul congressional map. they say the court doesn't have legislative authority to approve readiere districting. the supreme court threw out a map saying it violates the state's right to a free and equal election. the conservative political action conference kicking off, celebrating president trump's agenda. >> tonight, vice president mike pence and other big names will take the stage before president trump steps up to the microphone tomorrow. griff jenkins is at the national resort and convention sense teln national center, maryland. who knew you would be the opening speech? >> reporter: this is the 22nd one i've been to. this is the largest gathering of conservatives ever. and take note of this.
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two years ago, donald trump didn't come. he was worried that he wouldn't have a big enough audience because they didn't think he was a conservative. now he comes back as president for the second time, coming for first time as a sitting president since ronald reagan. i talked to the president of cpac about the significance of president trump and the vice president coming to this year's. >> to have the president back and vice president back two years in a row, this is history. donald trump ran as a conservative. some conservatives were dubious about how he would govern. clearly his agenda is conservative. he's gotten more accomplishments that conservatives have seen in a decade. >> reporter: accomplishments, tax reform, they'll be talking about that. it's a packed day today. you have vice president 3450eube pence, senator ted cruz and you have betsy deversus devos, the n
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secretary. we have the niece of mayor lapin. many view her as a liberal. we'll find out what the students think. the students make up the bulk of the conference, college students. here's what they have to say about the youngsters coming out here today. >> you can sense it with the kids who are there, 50% of the crowd are college age or younger. we're attracting new people and new voices to the movement for one main reason is they felt real buyers remorse request baracwith barackobama. now they're looking at the democrats. the democrats are just about hash tag resistant. >> reporter: it will be interesting to see what the youngsters think about gun control. back to you. >> griff, thanks so much. >> front and center, that conversation. an outpouring of love as
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world mourns the loss of billy graham. >> jesus said there's two roads, the broad road that leads to destruction and judgment and there's another road that leads to heaven. if you remember nothing that i say tonight, except one thing i want you to remember, god loves you. >> the 99-year-old christian icon and counselor to a number of u.s. presidents passing away in his sleep. graham remembered by supporters for his faith and his impact on the entire world. >> he took god very seriously but he never, ever took himself too seriously. and i think that gave him a humanness that was very, very relateable. >> his legacy really is not so much in looking back, but it's looking forward not only for him in eternity but the fact that he has poured his life into so many people, profound gratitude to god that this man showed up on planet earth to point the way to
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millions of people to the knowledge of christ. >> the public can pay respects at the billy graham library in north carolina on monday and tuesday. a private funeral is scheduled for next friday. it is 12 minutes after the hour. president trump promising to take action during a listening session with florida shooting survivors at the white house. but all some could focus on was the president's notes. the outrage now brewing on both sides. and the gop kicking off the conservative political action conference with both the president and the vice president slated to speak. so what is next for this party? rnc's kaley mcanani will join us live, next. is space travel a sign of toxic masculinity. the lacest out-of-this world claim you're not going to believe. ♪ ground control to majo to maj.
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everything you need to go. expedia welcome back. new polling showing conservatives have a slight edge in the upcoming mid-terms, 39% saying they'll vote republican, 38% voting democrat. so as republicans continue to rise and with cpac kicking offer today, can they get the momentum they need to carry into mid-terms? here to weigh in a spokesperson for the rnc, kaley mcanini. thank you for joining us. you saw the numbers, a 1% difference there. what do you think? >> this is a huge deal, julianne. we closed the gap. there was initially a gap, democrats were leading in the generic ballot. they're not anymore. that being said, i want to put that aside. i don't put much stock in the he generic ballot and polling in general. i look at what's coming into the rnc, the grass roots donations, the small donations, 98% of our
2:17 am
direct contributions have been small donations. we're having a record-breaking year in fund raising, more than we ever raised in a non-presidential year. it's a great time to be a republican. >> let's talk about the gun control debate. that has the entire country captivated right now. that's going to be a big conversation in the upcoming days. what do you think we'll hear? >> we need common sense solutions. i looked at the president's listening session yesterday which was phenomenal. we heard common sense. we heard a dialogue. we heard a civil dialogue. that's the kind of conversation our lawmakers need to be having, putting politics aside and asking what works. this president has taken an extraordinary step saying yes, let's look at background checks, let's look at the age of owning some of these weapons. it's time for democrats to come to the table with ideas on mental health and let's get this solved. >> what h else do you want to hr
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from prom a president trump at . >> we're going to hear highlights of what his conservative agenda has been. president trump didn't come to cpac initially. he went welcome, necessarily. but president trump governed like a conservative. he has captured this party. he has captured this movement. he's going to highlight things like neil goresich. he's going to highlight tax cuts. >> a lot of people in this country are in the middle between i don't know who i want to vote for, i don't know what side i'm going to be on. what do you think can be said from the republican party in the next few days to get those people who right now are on the fence? >> julianne, well, those people on the fence, i think they're going to start coming over. we've already seen it in our internal polling at the rnc. in our battleground states, people support tax cuts by a
2:19 am
margin of 8%. that's huge. people are seeing their paychecks grow. as we move forward into tax season, people are going to be extraordinarily encouraged that this is the party and this is the president, president trump, that will make them better off in the future. >> thank you very much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thanks, julianne. 19 minutes after the hour. nancy pelosi refusing to admit defeat over the president's tax plan. >> imagine a tax scam that gives 83% of the benefits to the top 1% in our country. how could that be? >> how her own party is now pushing back. and rosie o'donnell known for trying to pick a fight with the president on social media. her latest hobby, that's no rosy picture, if you will. we're coming right back. ♪ why can't we be friends. ♪ why can't we be friends. ♪ why can't we be friends.
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still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. good thursday morning to you. while conservatives are rallying at cpac, nancy pelosi is attacking president trump's tax plan, this time calling it a scam. >> they've gotten a tax bill, imagine a tax scam that gives 83% of the benefits to the top 1% in our country. how could that be? 83 million families in our country according to this bill will pay more taxes. that gives $1.5 trillion in tax breaks to corporate america and with interest payments will take the debt, the national debt over $2 trillion more. >> at least five democrats distancing themselves from pelosi over her take on the tax plan, including dnc vice
2:24 am
chairman keith ellison. the navy offering new incentives hoping to meet fleet demands and reduce the amount of over-worked sailors. first term service members are now allowed to bring their families overseas if they stay longer on tour in japan, guam or in spain. sailors can extend their tours in exchange for preferred housing and guaranteed shore duty at their next post. a fox business alert. your favorite ride-hailing service is getting cheaper but as always, there is a catch. >> tracy karosko is here with a new program that uber is rolling out. >> reporter: uber is rolling out something called express pool. think of it like riding a bus. you'll tyou'll have to walk to p location and the driver will drop you off somewhere near your destination. there will also be other people in the car. it is 75% cheaper than a regular
2:25 am
uber ride a 30% cheaper from an uber pool, which is essentially a car pool. this will start out in san francisco, boston, also rolling ouoon lhi@-washington, d.c., min diego and denver. uber also wants to roll it out in other cities very soon. >> i guess it's not uber anymore many kind of defeats the purpose of the ride service. >> interesting. mcdonald's has a new sauce. >> yes. this sauce has been around and people have gone crazy over it on social media. came out back in 1998, they took it away. so mcdonald's has been teasing their szechuan sauce, it's a teateriyaki sauce. they said they will announce today when and where it will make a return. the shamrock shake is available right now at mcdonald's through march 17th through st. patrick's day. >> people gorazy for those things. >> they do. >> nobody here knows what that
2:26 am
is. >> i've never had one. >> minty, that's all i know. >> thanks, tracy. 2 a 5 minutes after th25 mi. if you ask the liberal media, only fox news viewers know who a certain gang is, ms-13. >> this is a gang that nobody that doesn't watch fox news has ever heard of. it makes it sound like they're the biggest threat. >> the shocking numbers break down how deadly the gang is getting. remembering america's pastor, the tributes pouring in for reverend billy graham. stay tuned. last years' ad campaign was a success for badda book. badda boom. this year, we're taking it up a notch. so in this commercial we see two travelers at a comfort inn with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct
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it's abor it isn't. ence in 30,000 precision parts. it's inspected by mercedes-benz factory-trained technicians. or it isn't. it's backed by an unlimited mileage warranty, or it isn't. for those who never settle, it's either mercedes-benz certified pre-owned, or it isn't. the mercedes-benz certified pre-owned sales event. now through february 28th. only at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. welcome back. the acting director of i.c.e. slamming california democrats, claiming they won't let his
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officers do their job. >> roberts gray is live in los angeles with more of what the director has to say. robert. >> reporter: good morning, jillian and rob. lots of controversy in the golden state over the recent wave of raids here targeting undocumented immigrants. the actions follow california's so-called sanctuary law, limiting cooperation between local law enforcement and immigration authorities. the acting director of u.s. immigration and custom enforcement says the measures are counter-productive and keep his agents from doing their job. >> they promote further risk of criminal activity because criminals won't back the communities. they put them at greater risk of i.c.e. arrest. when i'm arresting the bad guy, i may find others. they're enticing further illegal entry as well. >> reporter: for their part, california senators dianne feinstein and kulala harris hare
2:31 am
fighting back. >> the senators are concerned about my scarce resources, then they would let me back into the jail. one officer used to be a able to sit in a county jail and process 10 illegal aliens a shift. now when they release them to the street, i've got to send a team out to find the people. that's a danger to my officers. >> reporter: the federal government has begun work replacing a section of border wall in downtown kolexiso. lexi. back to you. a few weeks ago msnbc joy reed had this to say about the gang ms-13 after the president's state of the union. >> he makes it sound like the
2:32 am
biggest issue in the united states, the biggest threat is ms-13, a gang nobody that doesn't watch fox news has ever heard of. it makes it sound like they're the biggest threat. >> well, they do exist and they pose a major danger to our country. according to a new report from the center of immigration studies, 207 murders have been trietied to this brutal game in2 states since 2012 with members being charged in major crimes, including 300,000 illegal immigrants. the number's exploded under president obama. walk out of class to protest and get suspended. that's the message from a texas school district as students around the country stage gun reform demonstrations in the wake of the florida school shooting. the superintendent warning, quote, the needville i.s.d. will not allow a student demonstration during school hours for any type of protest or awareness.
2:33 am
life is all about choices and every choice has a consequence, whether it be positive or negative. new developments in the special council's russia investigation. prosecutors filing new sealed charges against former trump campaign manager paul manafort and former@@ a rick gates. gates and man forget wer man mad last year@en@ guilty. the president's daughter and advisor, ivanka trump, will lead the u.s. delegation at olympic closing ceremonies. she is set to have dinner wh the south korean president tomorrow. she is not scheduled to meet with any north korean officials at this time. white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders will join her on that trip. overnight, the u.s. women's hockey team beating canada to
2:34 am
win their first ever gold medal in 20 years, first in 20 looked. one player so upset with the silver medal she actually ripped it off. the u.s. sits inouh placen the medal count. we've got some work to do. america's pastor, reverend billy graham touching the lives of millions over his many decades of service, preaching love and unity. >> i don't know what your religious background or racial background or cultural background, it makes no difference. you come here and you say i give my life to christ today. >> god is a god of love. he loves you. if there's one thing you i want you to take from this great park when you leave he here today, is this, god loves you. >> here to reflect on the life and legacy of the most famous preacher in america, president of concert of prayer in greater new york, pastor dimas
2:35 am
salibarius. thank you for coming on this morning. >> good to see you. >> wish it was better circumstances. unfortunately, we lost somebody that was very powerful in this world. can you tell us a little bit about your experience with reverend graham, what he meant to you? >> i had the privilege of serving on his youth committee. this was a guy who was so focused on jesus, he lived a very simple life. most people know his salary kind of followed his age around that was a purposeful decision that he made. he didn't buy big, fancy houses, stayed in the same home in north carolina. what's so beautiful is he's leaving in houme mill a humilit. i looked at his casket that's made by lifers in prison. that's the same casket that billy graham will be buried in.
2:36 am
they often point out, no matter where you are in the united states, if you're in a group of 100 plus people, all have you to ask is someone here in this group have come to know the lord, jesus christ, through billy graham and you'll see hands raise. i did a test of that a few -- maybe about a year ago and a hand still went up and sometimes two hands still go up to say i met jesus in the united states of america through the gospel being preached by dr. billy graham. >> pastor, how can we keep his message going every day? >> i think one way to keep his message going is that people need to understand that we are all sent here to live an important life for god. i mean, there's a creator on this earth and there's one that loves all of us, know matter what wno matter whatwe do, we cs around by following jesus christ. if you're hooked on ope opiatesf
2:37 am
you're struggling with different issues, you can always give your heart to jesus christ. that's the message that touched so many people. it recently in the show "the crown," that you can find it on netflix, when you watch "the crown," there's a whole section there on billy graham and his relationship with the queen. it's so beautiful to see his life. >> i think no matter who you are, whether you're a person of faith or not, he was a beautiful person and really was a very fascinating person to listen to speech. he could really give a message that was so powerful. thank you for coming on this morning. >> thank you. let's get a check of your forecast right now, switch gears for a couple minutes here. i don't know what temperature we reached in new york city yesterday but it was nice. >> it was crazy. >> what did you do yesterday? how did you do that? >> i worked my magic for one day. it's 48 degrees right now. 82 degrees in d.c., new york
2:38 am
central park, 78 degrees, philadelphia -- >> you owe steve duesy a dollar. >> we had a bit of a bet. none of us got it right, but i'm still buying coffee this morning. iit's 31 in chicago right now. you can see the cold front is stalled out. you can see the 24 hour temperature change, so things are changing quickly. you see the radar? my concern is more freezing rain and ice unfortunately along that line, the mississippi and the ohio river valley. across the plains we have light snow. this cold front is going to stall and that means the potential for more heavy rain across areas that have already been flooded. so ohio river valley, tennessee, mississippi river valley, all of these areas have the potential to get inches of rain within the next couple of days, through the weekend. so know what to do if there's a flash flood watch or warning in your area. behind it we have the snow. i mean, like 78 degrees here yesterday, right? are we pinching ourselves?
2:39 am
>> yes. it was amazing. >> did we enjoy it. rob, were you by the pool? >> i tried to swim across the hudson river. i didn't make it. >> just post an old photo. >> thank you, janice. 39 minutes after the hour. president trump offering a new plan to fulfill a key campaign promise. >> finally repeal and replace the disaster known and obama care. it's what it is, a disaster. >> what is in the proposal and will it lower costs or are we stuck with obamacare? we debate it, next. salt or no salt, where to find drink deals on national margarita day. >> yeah. okay. ♪ wastin wasting away again in margaritaville. ♪ searching for my ---
2:40 am
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welcome back. president trump unveiling a new
2:43 am
lower cost option for health insurance. but according to democrats, it's junk. so what's the problem if it's going to cost less? well, we're going to talk about it. here to debate is dr. tha nan heyworth and mus m usta fa de. is this another attack on the health care system? >> absolutely. the reason why it's junk is because there's not a lot of coverage in this health insurance policy. and so it's almost like buying auto insurance and your liability coverage is only $5,000. well, that's not going to do you a lot of good when you get into a wreck. it's the same thing with this insurance poll civil there's not a lot there. they're cheaper because there's not a lot of coverage. many of the people that are sicker are going to keep on their coverage that they have.
2:44 am
healthier people will choose the junk policies which will drive the cost for those that actually need the insurance and won't be able to afford it. this is a real problem. president trump is putting politics in front of american families' lives and this is unfair. this is totally destructive for the insurance march cessments h. he knows better than to not do this. >> nan, we're going to go over to you. they call this an attack on obamacare. we repealed the individual mandate, the administration has. i believe that will go into effect next year. sounds like he's trying to give an option to people that don't want to pay explosively high premiums for health care. he doesn't want to force them to. he can't get rid of the mandate until next year. he's giving them a cheap option now, right? >> it's an affordable option, rob. you know, i was privileged, i'm the only female physician to ever serve as a member of congress, and what i know from having been a doctor is that
2:45 am
obamacare unfortunately artificially inflates the cost of insurance. it's an attack on the american consumer and on the american patient. so what the trump administration, what the president's doing is actually creating the option to have insurance that meets our needs. most of us only need catastrophic insurance for the big expenses. so insurance policies that he provide the coverage we need at a cost we can afford make the greatest sense in the world. m usta fa said it when he said we won't be able to get people to pay for more expensive policies. well, that's because they don't need -- friends i have who don't have kids have pediatric dental coverage. men have maternity insurance. they don't need that. they shouldn't have to pay for that. >> over to you. it's a system where -- this is how we pay for obamacare, the individual mandate getting young, healthy people to pay for insurance is how the system
2:46 am
works. is it fair for young people to pay for thousands of dollars of insurance that they most likely don't need. >> all insurance works that way. if only the people that were sick that had a particular condition were the ones that were able to buy a health insurance policy, then insurance policies wouldn't work. the whole idea is that you cover a larger group of people, people that are sick, people that are healthy, give them the same type of coverage so that costs overall are spread out. if you only cover the people that have an illness, naturally the insurance will become unaffordable. and long-term, people will let go of their coverage and we'll have what we had before where 40 million americans aren't insured and they end up in the emergency room as the only care that they can afford. which ends up being the cost of the taxpayers. we have to have some common sense. the president is looking to get rid of obamacare because he made a political promise that he shouldn't have made in the first place. >> a quick response from you? >> the president made a promise
2:47 am
to the american people that he would remove the burdens that have been artificially placed on them by obamacare, by the affordable care act. we need competition among insurers. we need a variety of insurance products that will cover the needs that we have and be able -- and americans would be able to afford them, which they can't now. to have the government artificially impose price increases on the american public, premium increases, makes no sense. >> you both make very fascinating arguments this morning. thank you for coming on today. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thanks, rob. he was the most famous preacher in america. politicians, celebrities, even athletes remembering america's pastor, reverend billy graham. the tributes are pouring in. first, let's check in with the dues, sees what' deuce, seep in about 12 minutes. we'll be talking to kellyanne conway about the
2:48 am
extraordinary listening session in the state dining room of the white house, how yesterday ran over an hour with the president and some victims of gun violence and their families as well. that's coming up. also, we're going to talk to the chairman of cpac and things kick off in the nation's capital today, just across the po potom. and billy graham at the age of 999 died. we'll be talking about the legacy of reverend graham. we have a busy three hours, kicking off in about thre 13 mi. we'll be back. from the moment you met you wanted to surround them in
2:49 am
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emotions running high at the
2:52 am
white house where gun control and school safety took center stage, president trump promising to take action. >> instead of focusing on solutions, the left found something to criticize the president about, it was his notes. we have the reaction. i watched the whole thing. i was focused on what they were saying. i can't believe they focused on this. >> reporter: good morning. the president met with students, teachers, and parents all affected by gun violence yesterday. while people on both sides of the political aisle consider the afternoon beneficial, he is now getting criticized for the notes that he brought to that listening session. a now viral picture shows that he wrote the question, what would you most want me to know about your experience, at the top of the note card you see there. at the bottom he wrote the phrase "i hear you." that last point sparking a flood of criticism as people accused him of being insincere and needing a reminder sound similar
2:53 am
sympathetic. some are fighting back. one person wrote, it's ridiculous how much this man is criticized. jason writes, so making sure he takes time to make people feel empowered is a problem? social media, such asses a ce. this is the kind of stuff and i think everybody should block out. >> it's going to happen anyway. let's talk about the death of billy graham, 99 years old. >> presidents, politicians, athletes, all honored him yesterday. joel osteen tweeted billy graham has always been a hero in our town. next to my own father, reverend graham was the most humble and gracious man i ever knew. victoria and i will miss him dearly. ben and candy carson tweeted one of the greatest privileges of
2:54 am
his life was to speak at one of his rallies and to personally experience his charisma. thank you for sharei sharing hie with us for 99 years. tim tebow said god proved his love on the cross, when christ died it was him saying i love you. he met with so many presidents, president bush, we have a photo of them together there. he was often asked to run for president himself. he always answered the same way, saying i just want to preach, and preach he did. >> heck of a life he had. 99 years. carlie, thanks. 54 minutes after the hour. rosie o'donnell known for trying to pick a fight with the president, they don't like each other, her latest hobby, no rosy picture. stay tuned. a t-rex on the loose in philly. how police responded when concerned neighbors sounded the alarm. look out. ♪ i ran so far away.
2:55 am
♪ i just ran, i ran both night and day. i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." . .
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2:59 am
it might be three months before they see that temperature again. it was february and 82. they will always talk about it. jillian: i know. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first up the good. guess what, it's national margarita day. 7.95 for a glass hooters. buffalo wild wings two 3 buck$5.on the border $2. rob: creating anti-trump drawings on her phone. selling for 100 bucks each online and all sold out. jillian: finally the ugly. dinel sorrow caught crossing the street in philadelphia. a concerned neighbor sounded the alarm, it turned out to be a parent in costume just walking their kid to school. rob: what is alarming about that? who called the cops? clearly it's a costume. "fox & friends" starts right
3:00 am
now. bye. >> pissed. because my daughter i'm not going to see again. >> school safety, it's not about gun laws right now. >> thank you for leading the country. you are a great leader. >> this solution is not going to be a singular thing. it's going to be multifaceted. >> we are fighting hard for you. we will not stop because the world is watching. >> breaking overnight, an attacker blows himself after throwing grenade in montenegro. >> it appears ice is following through on message to the golden state that is better hold on tight after declaring sanctuary state status. >> i'm not running a popularity contest. we are enforcing the


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