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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 23, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> our movie stars, our politicians are more protected than our children at school. >> the safety of our nation's schools and students our top national priority. >> if you harden the sites you would not have this problem. these guys who lack courage would never go into those stores. >> they had taken what i had written and briefed upon and wrote the question for me. >> it is an honor to be here with the us delegation. we are excited to attend the
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2018 winter olympic games, cheer for team usa. ♪ heather: that is what you get for the next hour. you are watching fox and friends first on friday morning. donald trump will set the stage to rally conservatives around his agenda following a series of powerful speech as from mike pence and other gop leaders highlighting school safety and immigrations was griff jenkins is live in maryland with what we
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can expect today. reechange the man of the hour is donald trump. he spoke for the last time as a sitting president and returns for the second time leading a new conservative revolution in the vein of ronald reagan and there are other speakers to like rick perry and ryan stinky and we will hear from laura ingram as well as kelly and conway but the person that brought the house down yesterday was mike pence talking about the economy and taxes, taking a shot at nancy pelosi. >> any leader who says $1000 in the hands of working families is crumbs is out of touch with the american people. >> undoubtedly the topic everyone is talking about his school safety and gun control
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and what can be done. we had a surprise visit from the floor for the nra talking about how to stop these. >> evil walks among us and god help us if we don't harden those schools and protect our kids. to stop a bad guy with a gun. it takes a good guy with a gun. >> we also have a rousing speech from sen. ted cruz a crowd favorite, i caught up with him in the hallway and asked his thoughts on the school shooting and here is what he said. >> the way you prevent mass shootings is not stripping away second amendment rights, the way to stop these mass murders is top violent criminals, target violent criminals and negative each down on them like a ton of
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bricks. >> reporter: security is sweeping the area. the president has got a moment where the entire country will be watching to see what can keep our children safe. daesch 7 thank you as always. donald trump at historic tax cuts should be the focus but gun control has become the headline. eric trump will be forced to defend himself despite his majors latest line of victories because bashing the administration is the only agenda democrats seem to have. >> this country is doing great on a relative basis, unemployment is lower than it has ever been before, jobs are coming to back, the markets are
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raging, so many great things, vets are being helped, the military is strong, isys is gone, so many things to celebrate and democrats will do what they can to take it down because they are afraid of successes. the first amendment should be protected until you say something they disagree with, then they attack me, they attack our kids, they attack our wives, they attack my father, they do anything they can to undermine our family because it is the only move they have. todd: teachers and staff returning to stone is of a man high school after the gunman killed 17 people. dedicated to supporting staff members, students will return next week. the broward county sheriff revealing the school's resource officer was armed and in uniform on campus but never stepped foot inside the school to confront the gunman, staying outside.
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>> what i saw was the deputy arrived at the west side of building 12, take up a position. and he never went in. todd: that officer was suspended. donald trump holding a roundtable with state and local officials on gun control, urging them to consider arming trained teachers, assuring officials this will eliminate rules from being soft targets for tragedies like the florida massacre. >> we have to harden our schools, not soften them up. a gun free zone to regular, somebody that wants to be a killer, is here i am. we have to get smart on gun free
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zones. todd: he suggested a bonus for trained and armed teachers, topic background checks, a stronger focus on mental health issues. >> i'm the biggest believer of the second amendment that there is. i spoke with the nra top people, they gave me tremendous support. they endorsed me at the earliest.that they could. >> 15 states allow teachers to carry guns in some capacity. overnight alabama, a killer dying of cancer claimed he was duly do damaged for lethal injection. but the.expired at midnight. they gave the green light for execution three hours after delaying it to consider his request was hamlin is convicted of killing a motel clerk in
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1987. an associate of sen. john mccain invoked the fifth amendment to avoid giving testimony on the anti-trump dossier believes they wanted to grill david kramer, stating official, about his trip to london in 2016 when he met with christopher steele at mccain's request which kramer gave copies of the memo thaws to mccain and turned them over to the fbi. donald trump putting the state of california unnoticed threatening to pool ice agents out unless the state starts cooperating but lawmakers in the sanctuary state standing their ground saying they neglect - won't be bullied. >> the war of words between the white house and golden state escalating with a threat to remove ice from california. the president saying the state is doing a quote back lousy job and crime deaths without federal
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agents. >> if we pool ice out and said let california fair for themselves in tweet 2 months they would be begging us to the gnu which - to come back and i'm thinking about doing it. >> california officials are not battling illegal immigration. the latest criticism of the state's refusal to comply with the statute requiring local in formation sharing. los angeles police chief said gang activity is declining adding the department succeeded by working with the community to listen ms 13's influence in the department is succeeding by arresting violent criminals and by deporting resident plants. the justice department blame century city policies in california and elsewhere for crime and gang violence,
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threatening to deny millions of dollars of federal grant money to communities that refuse to comply. todd: it bears watching. ivanka in south korea where she will be with the us delegation at the limbic ceremony. the first daughter will attend the banquet before attending olympic events this weekend. >> we are excited to attend the 2018 winter olympic games. we are here files for team usa, strong and enduring with the people of the republic of korea so thank you for the kind welcome. todd: north korea sending a former spy master to lead a delegation at the closing ceremonies, a 2010 attack on a south korean navy ship that killed 40 sailors lose the white house says ivanka does not plan to meet with north korean
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leaders. a new proposal to strip immigrants gang members of citizenship as new numbers show how savage and violent ms 13 is. immigration experts say that is common sense. cnn accused of scripting townhall questions for shooting survivors. >> originally i thought it was going to be more my own question and then it turned out to be scripted. todd:\boiling over on social media. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ todd: birthday surprise a military daughter will never forget. that story will make your morning when fox and friends first on friday returns. ♪ no, please, please, oh! ♪ (shrieks in terror)
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todd: the deadly threat the left doesn't want you to know about
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the shocking new report shows ms 13 has infiltrated 22 states murdering hundreds of americans in the process. it is not enough to catch lawmakers attention, what is key to the director of policy studies for the center of immigration studies, jessica von. thank you for being here. it is responsible for the left and the mainstream media which many say are one and the same to say this is something only fox news viewers care about. it is serious business. >> absolutely serious business. we found 500 ms 13 members arrested in the last few years and those are only the cases we can find through open sources. of those 500 some crimes, 200 were murdered and this is a problem that has reinfected communities across the country
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especially parts of the country where the unaccompanied minors and families from central america who were benefiting from the catch and release policies at the border have been resettled in the gang has taken advantage of these lenient policies and brought in new recruits, the crime spree has been horrific. todd: your report is an informative timeline from the george w. bush administration to the obama administration would walk us through that timeline to explain where the spike occurred. >> ms 13 originated when a group of thugs arrived illegally from central america in the 1980s and form the gang that was violent and successful in spread across the country. since most of the gang members of the time were here illegally the bush administration decided they were particularly vulnerable and used immigration
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enforcement to stifle their activity very successfully by the late 2000s. the obama administration d prioritized immigration enforcement and ice officers could not arrest gang members because they were here illegally. at the same time, miners and families from central america, catch and release policies take place, ms 13 took advantage of that and they have rebounded in communities like long island, east boston, washington dc metro area, los angeles and texas and they are more violent than ever before. day are brazen, fearless. immigration enforcement is a tool that will have to be deployed by the federal government. if we send these criminals back to their home country rather than having to put up with them
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here as we work with american citizens these are illegal aliens making up this gang. we should take advantage of that and use immigration enforcement and have local law enforcement agencies cooperating fully with federal immigration authorities to address this problem and read our communities of this violence. todd: representative leaves eldon has an idea, to strip immigrants gang members of citizenship. will that bill work? >> absolutely. this would be a really great tool for the government. if we were to have some amnesty or gang member marries a us citizen or sponsored by a family member they are on a path to citizenship and if we can determine they were gang members at the time they applied for citizenship or other benefits that would be a ground to strip
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them of citizenship. they think if they become a citizen they are immune from deportation. the government needs this tool in case gang members slip through the cracks as many did under the obama administration. this would be very helpful. todd: your report is nothing if not informative but also director of policy studies center for immigration studies, thanks for being here. 19 minutes after the hour, arming teachers to keep kids safe. >> staff members address the threat not to run away. todd: tweet 2 school districts in ohio take matters into their own hands. a hero honored. a police officer and father of 2 guns down in cold blood. the community he died protecting responding in a big way.
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that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> let me answer the question. we have to have more than 38 states. that is number one. number 2 we need better protocol. todd: dana bash attacked while seeing speaking at the cnn - the crowd filled with families and survivors of the massacre were so chaotic they were rushing the stage. >> at one decker jake tapper said do you have an escort? you need to get out of here right now. if i do not have a 3-person detail with me i would not have
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gotten out of there. >> people were screaming burn her and even chanting shame when she walked out with heartbroken teens remembering their beloved assistant football coach killed for protecting students in the fordyce school shooting, they were wearing their jerseys honoring aaron feiss as he was laid to rest. people paying respect to the heroic coach credited with saving countless lives. he laid on top of students protecting them from the gunmen's bullets. every time we read that i get choked up because he is such a hero who saved so many people. donald trump defending his support for arming schoolteachers in the wake of the shooting in florida. >> a nationwide debate raging on over whether teachers and staff should be armed spent we today
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that ohio school districts that stand by their decision to arm their faculty. 2 school district in dayton, ohio have a confidential team of teachers and staff trained to fire back on a active shooter. >> to address the threat not to run away. it is hidden in biometric or numeric, the armed response team. each member will have a license to carry and monthly rigorous training. >> members have access to these as well. >> reporter: many students seem to support the idea of their teachers being armed. >> people inside the school who know what they are doing, that is amazing. i don't think there is any room for complaint. >> reporter: both districts face opposition. >> what teachers teach, let law
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enforcement take care of the laws. >> reporter: the city police chief is not against armed teachers but worries it could interfere with his first responders. >> having insurance who is the good guy or bad guy. >> reporter: shelby county sheriff says he developed the plan while watching sandy hook unfold. >> we cannot depend on state or federal government to figure out why people hurt one another. >> reporter: armed security guard, intense training and he considers them certified. >> in a situation with an active killer. >> reporter: they are trying to stay a step ahead on social media with a third-party agency to monitor the media posts that might contain red flag keywords.
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todd: 26 minutes after the hour. can control and school safety taking center stage at sea pack. >> movie stars, politicians are all more protected than our children at school. does that make any sense? >> donald trump expected to rally the crowd today. what can we expect from the big speech? charlie kirk is there with a preview. the democrat running for congress who called her opponent a crusty old marine, her words, not ours. carly shimkus with how she is walking back that comment. "fox and friends first" returns. you know what they say about the early bird...
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announce the largest package of sanctions against north korea. senior officials at the white house telling reuters he will make the announcement during this morning at speech at the cpac conference, to keep pressure on the rogue nation for its nuclear and ballistic missile tests. the iran nuclear deal falling apart. the middle eastern nation says it is considering backing out, including the us because of lack of economic benefit. the obama era deal which donald trump called disastrous lifted sanctions against iran in exchange for restrictions on the country's nuclear program. suite 2 nurses and an aide facing charges of murder and neglect in the death of a world war ii rollback veteran. a camera captures james dempsey struggling to breathe at a nursing home in 2014. the nurse is accused of laughing and ignoring his pleas for help. he was found unconscious an hour
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later. dempsey's family sued the facility. warrants have been issued for the arrest of all 3 women. questions flooding it on social media after the first national bank of omaha in a 20 year partnership with the nra, posting on twitter feedback caused us to review our relationship with the nra. as a result first national bank of omaha will not renew its contract with the national rifle association to issue the nra visa card. it is a $40 cashback bonus. it is unclear when the contract expires. probe and reform activists slam the nra. wayne lapierre is turning the focus to kids arguing at cpac, schools are not the current safety priority. >> a bizarre fact that in this country our jewelry stores all over this country are more
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important than our children. our banks, our airports, our nba games, our nfl games, our office buildings, our movie stars, our politicians, they are all more protected than our children at school. does that make any sense to anybody? their solution is to make you, all of you less free. they want to sweep right under the carpet the failure of school security, the failure of family, the failure of america's mental health system and even the unbelievable failure of the fbi. todd: donald trump tweets his support. our next guest took the
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todd: stage last night. the director of turning decker usa joins us with what he was supposed to hear. late last night and early morning this morning. what i find fascinating is a couple years ago donald trump wasn't invited to this event. now the big speech, what do you expect to hear? >> reporter: what i expect is to recap his accomplishments which i have been going to cpac for years. there are these commentators saying we need deregulation, move the embassy to jerusalem, we need tax cuts, better judges. now there is stuff actually accomplished and even last year the president spoke at cpac, a preview of the year 2 nugget which -- promises made, promises kept. a wonderful venue for him.
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it will address the topic at hand which is gun-control and the second amendment, steps up when the chips are down, he will do a wonderful job addressing this audience and recapping a historically successful year. todd: besides gun-control and looking back, what will he do looking forward like infrastructure and welfare reform? >> definitely infrastructure, welfare reform and also the midterms, drawing a distinction of the different vision of the democrat party for this country. if they get the reins on power, cpac is the activist, movers and shakers, influencers. he will talk directly to this audience saying you have to do your job to keep the house and senate so we can keep the legislative agenda moving forward. it is in prison is important the president is coming. showing up at precinct at 5:00 am to get this president
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elected. it is amazing and historic that the president is taking time out of his busy schedule to come and give appreciation to the conservative community. todd: you watch anything, democrats are extremely energized - you have been there for a couple days now. is the conservative base energized enough? >> a ton of energy, we need to bolster the energy more. the idea of the democrat wave has disappeared. when you look at generic ballots republicans are leading 90 days ago, democrat leading by 17 points. the trend is moving in the right direction and that can be attributed to the success of the policy the president but passed particularly tax reform was this was supposed to be the
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apocalypse, what nancy pelosi inferred it, 58% of americans support the tax bill, it will only go up and up. the chips are down for a successful november for republicans but the base has to show up and there has to be energy. you might support policies but if you don't supported hillary clinton learned - todd: always back to the fact that people vote with their pocketbooks. bill clinton said it is the economy, you know what. charlie kirk, have a great day. stick to the script. of florida shooting survivor claims questions for the town hall debate on gun violence were rewritten. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 is here with reaction online. >> reporter: colton haab is a member of the junior rotc
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program and he decided not to go to the town hall debate after the network scripted his question was he wanted to talk about the possibility of arming teachers in classrooms but after some back and forth he decided not to go. >> they had taken what i had briefed on and talked about it wrote the question for you. and stick to the script. >> cnn is denying that claim saying there is absolutely no truth to this, sienna did not provide or script question for anyone in last night's town hall, nor have we ever. donald trump getting involved shortly after tucker carlson spoke to the student writing school shooting survivor's, cnn town hall after refusing scripted questions just like so
1:39 am
much of cnn, fake news. that is why their ratings are so bad. ms nbc may be worse. and went to shorten it, the network is denying the whole thing ever happened. >> the liberal media always likes to control things. oprah winfrey only the biggest woman in the world. the response to trump's insecure comment got a tepid response. >> donald trump was critical of her 60 minute panel saying just watch a very insecure oprah winfrey who at one.i knew very well interviewed a panel of people in 60 minutes, questions were biased and slanted, the fact incorrect, hope oprah runs so she can be exposed and defeated just like all of the others. yesterday oprah responded to
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that. >> i don't like giving negativity power. i just thought what? >> reporter: as for the presidential run, we know she is not going to be running for office. we don't want a carly shimkus segment on the. this doesn't feel right. democratic candidate calling a marina crusty old marine. >> at 29-year-old democrat running for congress. she is under fire after the magazine quoted her about saying this. i'm not a crusty old marine. after major backlash. jacob respond to that. it took something i said out of context, i want to make it clear this has nothing to do with col. applegate, he was never
1:41 am
mentioned, nothing but respect for his military service. the reporter that wrote that article is standing by what she said. you don't want to call the military service members crusty. todd: when we interview people, crusty old marines are the best people interviewed. what a sacrifice they made for the nation. have a great weekend, always a pleasure. a blooming romance to people sharing extremist views after meeting on a muslim dating site. they will spend life behind bars with the police officer putting himself directly in harm's way, catching a child from 3 stories up, the incredible video you have to see. say goodbye to easy pass in tollbooths, the technology that will change the way you drive
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when we return. ♪ shut up and drive black lab black black
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todd: a loving couple that met on an online dating website spent a decade behind bars. they were sentenced to life for planning an attack in the uk. mohammed was building explosives. both teams from sudan, exchanged graphic isis videos while dating. british police investigate a suspicious package sent to prince harry and his fiancée, the officers tested a white powdery substance where harry has an office. it has been confirmed as non-suspicious with uk media is a racist package was included.
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is it the end of ez pass? i like ez pass. the car that can talk to tollbooths but i don't like talking to tollbooths but ez pass is fun. >> reporter: having to fumble for the ez pass. they are working on technology that would put the ez pass in the rearview mirror. the integrated tool module will come in all the vehicles because they will install it, you don't need the ez pass anymore. audi says this will work with all tools in the us, some in canada, some in mexico as well. todd: i didn't know the velcro would leave a stain on my windshield. the sandwich rolling out a
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nationwide royalty program. >> reporter: this will start in march at its 28,000 stores across the country. this is a rewards program. the more you eat at subway the more rewards you get. you will get 4 tokens for every dollar you spend. once you get 200 tokens you will get a $2 discount you can use on anything you want to. you can save up those tokens, those discounts and get a free 6 inch sandwich, catering platter or whatever you would like, starting in march. subway is one of the largest chains. todd: subway tokens. thank you very much. have a great weekend with an isis plot to shoot down a passenger plane stopped by hackers. kurt the cyber guy here to explain how they did it from thousands of miles away.
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todd: a plot to blow up at plane ordered by hackers but according to benjamin netanyahu, the cyber spy unit stop the bombing on board a flight from australia files to dubai. joining us to weigh in, kurt the cyber guy. explain what they did. >> a flight from sydney, australia files to dubai. what was going on july 15th was a group of hackers from israel picked up the phone, alerted australian security forces that 2 suspected terrorists are about to board one of your aircraft
1:52 am
and they will be detonating a device that resembles a meat minster. they started in their tracks was these are hackers age 18 to 21. this group is in the desert in israel. 5000 people are recruited inside of this only for those few years. in israel, military service is mandatory. what happens is they go in, get together, this hacker group, squads of people are assigned these tasks to solve this high-tech problem right now. it goes in and comes back. they are constantly listening, constantly looking around the world for threats and they play a big role in providing information to israel. todd: this is cool, it is also life-saving because we invented
1:53 am
the internet in the us. >> what we have in this country is less organized in terms of age group and advancement but it is the nsa. great partnerships with organizations like this in israel. australians were able to find out so quickly with this threat identified. todd: if we get the use - they can decrypt any machine and find out what is going on. todd: you want them to keep them in silicon valley. >> we are pretty good with secrets. todd: hope you are right.
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time, 53 after the hour. a hero honored, police officer and father of 2 gunned down. incredible gesture of kindness. ♪
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todd: a man known to police since the age of 14 smashes a car full of gas cans into a hospital emergency room and
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liked himself on fire, dreaming the incident on facebook live calling out the president, the illuminati and referring to himself as jesus christ. >> we do not know what this individual as motives are and we neglect - we will not speculate. >> a security guard was treated for smoke inhalation. a heroic police officer catching this child falling from a 3 story balcony, the critical moment caught on a surveillance camera in egypt, they noticed the 5-year-old dangling and struggling to hold on knocking the officer off his feet but thankfully he and the child walked away unharmed. a college honoring a fallen officer by giving the gift of education to children. audubon university in ohio announcing scholarships to eric
1:59 am
jarring's for daughters, killed earlier this month when responding to a 911 call. a high school sophomore gets a sweet surprise for her sweet 16, check this out. >> close your eyes. your eyes need to be closed. todd: who doesn't get chills seeing that you jonathan williams working with his daughter's rotc sergeant major to sneak into her classroom to give her the ultimate birthday present. williams is an operations instructor at the special warfare center in fort bragg. can't get enough "fox and friends first," continues right now, have a great weekend, everybody. movie stars, our politicians, they are all more protected than
2:00 am
our children at school. >> do we really love our money and our celebrities more than we love our children? neil: gun control in school safety, donald is expected to rally conservatives today, live ahead of his big speech. todd: teachers go back to the scene of the deadly school massacre and brand-new questions about what happened. could we have done more to stop this? >> a great honor to be here in south korea with the us delegation. we are excited to attend the olympic games. merrimack breaking overnight, is she the key to peace talks.


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