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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  February 23, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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jillian: you are not alone. south carolina lawmakers intriewfs ago bill to ban saggy pants across the state. those who break the law could face a fine and community service. i was walking home from work one day last week and i saw that how are you walking comfortably. rob: i do that without underwear on. isn't that weird? "fox & friends" starts right now. >> we have to harden our schools. not softball them up. a gun-free zone to a killer. that's like going in for the ice cream. >> this is going to get fixed like taxes got fixed. the lone police officer in charge of protecting majory stoneman douglas high chose to wait outside the building rather than to rush in to stop the shooter. >> devastated, sick to my stomach. there are no words. >> a shocking new report shows that ms-13 has already infiltrated 22 states murdering hundreds of americans. >> under the obama administration, ms-1 ms-13 took full advantage and even more
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violence than before. >> horrible politicians in california. if we ever pull our ice out in two months they would be begging for us to come back. >> we stand with the conservative movement. and come to think of it, we always stand for our flag and our national anthem as well. [chanting u.s.a. ♪ just like fire. ainsley: congratulations it is friday. you made it. steve: congratulations. ainsley: brian has the day off today. who is filling in just back from jerusalem. i want to hear about your trip. pete: i was there for four days. it was amazing. unlike brian i don't say get up and get dressed. i say stay in bed. steve: great to have you.
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a lot going on. the president is going to be making a big speech this morning. we are all very fascinated to find out what he is going to say. ainsley: glad you brought that up. his speech follows a number of powerful others vice president pence and over g.o.p. leaders highlighting school safety and immigration. steve: griff jenkins is live once again on this friday morning. he is across the potomac in national harbor, mearmd. griff, what can we expect today? >> listen, this is what they came for. the second time. the president trump will address this crowd and it will be interesting to see what sort of tone he strikes. he has to bring the fire and brimstone rhetoric but also strike a national consoling tone as look forward to gun control. let me tell you yesterday it was vice president pence who brought the house down talking about the economy and taxes. and he took a shot at one of this crowd's favorite targets nancy pelosi. take a listen. >> any leader who says that
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a thousand dollars in the pockets of working families is crumbs is out of touch with the american people. [cheers] >> but, you know, i have been talking to a lot of folks, i talked to students from hofstra walking around. what's everybody talking about? we're talking about gun control and what the president is going to say today and how he is going to secure the children of this nation. and, yesterday, wayne lapierre the head of the nra breaking his silence. here's what he had to say. >> evil walks among us. and god help us if we don't harden our schools and protect our kids. to stop a bad guy with a gun, it takes a good guy with a gun. [cheers and applause] >> now, just to put in perspective, two years ago, donald trump did not come to speak. last year he brought the
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house down. they were skeptical. today he comes back, leading what many here in the hallways are say something a new conservative revolution in the vein of ronald reagan. this is an important speech not just for this conservative base but across the country as people tune in. and as you see behind me they have the metal door locked. but i'm hoping to get in there as soon as i can. steve: get a pry bar, a crowbar. [laughter] >> i will try to get in. steve: griff, thank you very much. ainsley: thanks, griff. steve: the president, it will be interesting to see what the president does say about school safety because he and the nra are apparently on two different pages because the president has called for hardening our schools. he has also called to up the age where you can buy one of those gun us. ainsley: and the bump stock. steve: expand. the nra has been against raising the age and
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background checks. what will happen? maybe the president will lay his hand out. pete: it's been the most consequential year for conservatives in our lifetime. some things have gotten done. we ar.sometimes things are fload early on raising the long gun age 21. what do you do with background checks? what does hardening a school mean? a guy with a gun outside the front door or the teacher could say carry concealed in the classroom. ainsley: give them bottom newses if they do. my sister is a teacher in south carolina. my sister doesn't get paid, gosh they don't get paid enough. they really don't. you know, living paycheck to paycheck, that's what our teachers are doing. this gives them an opportunity, if they feel comfortable concealing and carrying, then they can get a bonus. pete: after training and background. all of those things. steve: one of the ideas being floated.
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president in the listening stage right now. he is taking it all in. yesterday at the security meeting at the white house, he suggested that our schools should be guarded like banks, which is absolutely true. ainsley: yeah. then the nra spokesperson or president, he said, wayne lapierre, he said we should, if we are going to guard our banks, we should at least guard our children. if we are going to give police officers, i mean, if you are going to give politicians police officers to guard them, shouldn't would he be guarding our schools? that brings us to this next topic. we are learning new information this morning the armed guard assigned school resource officer for that school down in florida just before the shooting, he was standing outside. and he did nothing except call for backup. steve: yeah, the sheriff and the superintendent after the shooting last week in parkland were asked hey, there was a guy on campus with a gun. where was they go well, we don't know exactly. so they reviewed the video and they discovered the deputy scott peterson, who had been with the school since, i think 2008, 2009.
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something like that. he went to the building, stood outside of it for four minutes. keep in mind the entire shooting was six minutes. while the gunman inside gunned people down. the sheriff yesterday said that deputy peterson should have went in, addressed the killer, and killed the killer. he has since -- yesterday he was suspended without pay. and then he decided he was going to resign and then he decided he was going to retire. pete: extremely unfortunate, deadly deficit of courage. i mean, that's what it comes down to. he probably never expected this moment to happen. is he outside with a gun. he hears shots fired. i'm going to call in for backup. what's going on in his head in that second minute and third minute and fourth minute as you are hearing gunshots. ultimately if you have an armed person they have to be prepared. the president railed against active shooter drills. why do we scare kids all day long. steve: don't call it that.
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pete: we have to harden and prepare. teachers and security be prepared for these moments only training prepares you to go towards the shots of gunfire. no human is used to that instinct, unfortunately in this case that did not happen. ainsley: no crazy person with a gun is going to go to a hard targeted area. they goal into a soft area a gun-free zone. president said defense is important but so is offense. listen. >> unless you're going to have offensive capability, you are wasting your time. you are wasting your time. i want to end the problem. i don't want to have it where this happens again. and unless we are going to have an offensive capability, it's going to happen again and again and again and it's going to be the same old story. we have to harden our schools. not soften them up. a gun-free zone to a killer or somebody that wants to be a killer, that's like going in for the ice cream. that's like here i am, take me. we have to get smart on gun-free zones. when they see this is a
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gun-free zone, that means nobody has a gun except them. nobody is going to be shooting bullets in the other direction. steve: that is such a good point. we need offensive capability, the president says. he makes a great point. keep in mind, if a bad guy with a gun knows nobody inside a school has a gun he is going to walk in there and that's a gun-free zone and that's just a terrible situation. the president is suggesting we need guns inside the school. is it teachers? is it wayne lapierre yesterday was at an event in oxen hill, maryland. he is the head of the nra. he suggested that schools should hire armed guards. and how do you ever put a price -- people go oh, that's going to be expensive. can you really put a price on school safety? pete: absolutely. ainsley: didn't this school do that? didn't they have an armed guard there? steve: they did. pete: president said in this same meeting you can't live in utopian world you think these things solve themselves. you don't want to turn your schools into prisons either. hardening a target the guy with a gun you don't see but
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in the back your mind you know it's not a gun-free zone and ultimately then you think twice about doing something. ainsley: meadow who lost her life her dad said the first school shooting should have been the last school shooting. we should have fixed this. rush limbaugh said yesterday he's confident the president will. >> this is going to get fixed like taxes got fixed. the military is in the process of being rebuilt. that's going to get fixed. we are going to fix things to do with obamacare. you may not like the way donald trump talks and speaks. you may not like the fact that donald trump tweets. and you may not like the way donald trump walks. and you may not like this or that about donald trump his behaviorisms and his marriage and so forth. if you ignore that and take a look at what donald trump, the president is, accomplishing and what he is doing, when he was on the campaign trail, he said we're going to make america great again and as often he says we are going to make america safe again. it was in context largely to
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do with illegal immigration, but they are going to fix this. steve: you know what? he could be right. we have sat on the couch for many school shootings sadly. but this time things just seem different. pete: that's right. you have a commander-in-chief standing up willing to speak blunt truth. in that meeting he was listening. he is also saying that's not a good idea. that's fantasy. that's a bad idea. let's have an honest conversation. you have to have capability, too. that strikes people where they live at. like wayne lapierre said a good guy with a gun is the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun. umphly we could have used a few more good guys this day. steve: elections year do the politicians have the strength to do something important? whatever that is, stay tuned. ainsley: we'll see. let's hand it over to jillian who has headlines for us. jillian: good morning to you guys and to you at home as well. a fox news alert, alabama forced to postpone the execution of a killer dying of cancer who claimed his
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veins were too damaged for lethal injection. medical staff not able to prepare doyle hammably for death warrant expired at midnight. giving the green light for the execution three hours after initially delaying it to consider his request. convicted of killing motel clerk in 1987. in florida, an inmate who raped and called college student yelling murderers while being put to death by lethal injection. crashing on a gurney. before falling silent. putting pressure on the rogue regime over nuclear program. announcement daughter and advisor ivanka trump lands in south korea. she is leading the american delegates at the olympics closing ceremony. the body of billy graham will lie in honor at the u.s. capitol next week.
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recognition only given to 33 americans. first civil i can't believe honored this way since rosa parks in 2005. graham will be bury you had in charlotte, north carolina. next to his wife in this simply wood casket built by louisiana state penitentiary back in 2006 at the request of his son. that's a look at your headlines, guys. send it back to you. ainsley: built by the inmates. pete: amazing man. ainsley: franklin graham is going to join us in the 8:00 hour to talk about his legacy. steve: thanks, jillian. ainsley: the savage street gang mostly illegal, now we know how much of a threat they are to you and your family. our next guest looks at the numbers. pete: she wants to be the next member of congress campaign strategy in a military area attack her veteran opponent as a crusty old marine. ainsley: probably not the smartest strategy. steve: sara, sara, sara.
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steve: shocking new numbers by the center for immigration studies reveal the rising threat of the ms-13 gangs in the united states. according to the report, 207 murders in those red 22 states on your tv screen have been tied to the brutal gang since 2012. the gang exploding during obama's -- president obama's
3:18 am
open border policies. if we can't keep our border secure, how are we suppose to keep america safe, people are wondering. joining us now is the director of policy studies at the center for immigration study jessica von. good morning to you. she joins us from burlington, vermont. >> good morning. steve: this gang bursts into the american consciousness during the obama years because of why? >> well, yes. the gang had been here before, but definitely had a rebound during the obama years because, first of all immigration enforcement declined in the interior of the country deliberately under the obama administration. they put restrictions on ice officers on who they could arrest. and also during this time there was this influx illegal arrivals from central america. mostly teenagers, but also some families with kids who benefited from the catch and release policies that the obama administration had in place.
3:19 am
and they were resettled in places all over the country, which happened to be those very same places where ms-13 has seen a resurgence. and the gang knew about the lenient policies and was deliberately taking advantage of them to build its ranks here. and they have been on a horrific crime spree ever since. steve: no kidding. we have got some facts. 207 murders have been tied to ms-13 since 2012. 500 ms-13 members charged for major crimes since 2012 as well. and i understand that since january of 2016, there have been 17 people killed by ms-13. but here's the thing. it's hard to deport a lot of these people, jessica, because they are in sanctuary areas. >> that is a problem. we found that about half of the cases we looked at took place in sanctuary jurisdictions. these places are a magnet for illegal settlement and especially for transnational criminal organizations
3:20 am
because they know that police are forced to look the other way at their immigration status. they can't work with ice. so it's -- that's a great deal for them. it gives them sanctuary. steve: you got to like the proposal by lee zeldin a congressman from the great state of new york. he has introduced protecting our communities from gang violence it would revoke the citizenship of people who acquired citizenship and were involved in a gang like ms-13. does this bill have a chance to make it to the president's desk? >> i think it might. because the house is going to hopefully be moving on some good immigration legislation. the goodlatte bill securing america's future act. and i think it's important to include this provision to denaturalize gang members. we don't want them being citizens. steve: right. >> if they benefit from amnesty or marrying an american citizen. it's a good tool for immigration to have. steve: sure. >> and there may be a way to do that. steve: let's see what
3:21 am
happens. jessica vaughan, thank you for joining us from vermont. >> thank you, steve. steve: terror tunnels built underground designed kill innocent israelis in gaza. our very own pete hegseth went inside. there he is. that report next. n be a big dea. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. otezla may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. tell your doctor if these occur. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss.
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3:25 am
they are active with iran and down there. you got the south. muslim brotherhood terroristterrorist. we went inside those terror tunnels. take a look. >> here we are just roughly 700 meters from the gaza border inside a tunnel. >> it's a terror tunnel to. build this kind of structure and to bailed military force. pete: money they could be using for their people and schools and hospitals and otherwise are going into something like. >> this the only purpose is to do massive killing inside israel. pete: so every day it's part of your job to final more terror tunnels. >> we have technology but in the end you need to discover this is what you need to discover, 15 or 20 meters. in january we found -- pete: you are finding them now as hamas continues to
3:26 am
dig under the gaza strip. i want to get a sense what it's like to fight in a tunnel like this. because in the infantry you are usually outside in different conflicts. you are under ground but this is a whole another level. >> it's psychological challenge to fight inside tunnels like this. pete: i'm cramping up and sore all righsore already. we have been in here two minutes. imagine the difficulty of fighting in a tunnel like this. the radical islamist enemy that's willing to spend months and months and months and months under ground picking away at the soil, putting in steel, putting in lights, pumping in air just so that they can kill innocent civilians. >> they use the civilian population as a shield for military targets. this is another crime. this is one crime. the second crime is all the time shoot and want to kill a civilian population. we do the best to save our
3:27 am
life and their life. to achieve the military goals of the war. pete: ultimately, when it comes down to it, what's the difference between the way, you know, the israeli defense forces fight and radical islamist enemies that you face? >> in the end, we come here, protect our civilians, would he protect our way of life. pete: we are in the town of sterot. civilian. farm. massive population controlled by a terror organization seeking to reign terror on this group. that's your job to make sure they don't do that. >> exactly. that's our job. that's our challenge. that's why we are here. >> we are the only system that can protect them, okay. and no other system can do what we do. >> our main mission is to
3:28 am
intraseptember rockets that are launched on a damely basis thwarts israel. it could you happen right now it could happen tomorrow it happened just yesterday. pete: you were the person in charge of looking at the screen and making the determination of whether to shoot. how long does that take to make that decision? >> it takes a second or two seconds. pete: a second or two? what's the feelings that you have? >> i think in the first second i didn't believe it it was real. pete: this is not training. this is not practice. this is the protection of your people. >> yeah. pete: at the very moment. what does it mean for you to look at a city like that and your responsibility to protect them. >> lives of half a million people, if you don't react
3:29 am
quickly enough in seconds, then you might hear in the news that a house was hit. an army base was hit. you have a soldier killed. a mother that just, i don't know, lost her child. steve: she is one of the last lines of defense. pete: three seconds to make a decision whether to shoot down a missile aim at civilians in israel. this happens every day. we take it for granted. the trip was amazing. i also got to go to israel and see the temple mount. two muslims detained on top of the mount for walking up there and grabbing up an olive branch. the epicenter of religion, judaism, christianity and islam. it was an amazing trip. steve: great report. pete: thank you. a little girl almost snatched off the street but a hero stepped in just in time, incredible story about a mother's instinct is next. ainsley: president called her insecure. now oprah is firing back. >> i don't like giving
3:30 am
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or lung, breathing, or liver problems. a chance to live longer. because who wouldn't want...that? ask your doctor about opdivo. thank you to all involved in opdivo clinical trials. his or her'his orhere's the this so racist and homophobic. viewpoints couldn't be presented in public. victim groups replaced actual visms. here is the big secret to conservative success in 2016 and beyond. the ear wrath political correctness is over. [cheers and applause] political correctness is dying a slow, painful, bloody agonizing death and all i can say is hell yeah. ainsley: let's bring in diamond and silk social
3:34 am
media stars and trump supporters. good morning to you, ladies. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning. your story is you both grew up in households of democrats and you now are republicans. we saw you on the campaign trail supporting this president and this administration. so, how did you decide to become a republican and when did you know that you needed to run from that p.c. culture. >> when i saw it when we first saw the p.c. culture up under the obama administration, we didn't like it. we saw how people were sugar coating things. too much sugar make you sick. >> that's right. >> it was time to tell the naked nasty low downs the written truth. maybe the truth may make you feel queazy or uneasy. that was going to set everyone free. that was part of the reason why we voted republican this time because we got tired of that right there. >> we found that political correctness is scripted. it's rehearsed. it's the same old same old. there is no solution to it. steve: ladies, do you agree with ben shapiro at cpac
3:35 am
yesterday who said the ear wrath partly cloudy political correctness is over? >> i do agree with that. >> that's right. >> absolutely. >> yes. >> listen, you can flush it down or go give it back to the obama administration and let them collude on that. >> that's right. >> the deal is that we have to start being truthful in this country and just tell it like it is. >> um-huh. >> so we can solve problems. >> yes. >> we can fix things and move our country forward so, yes, i agree with it. >> call it how we see it. pete: diamond and silk oprah responded, one of the most famous women in the world responded to arguably one of the most famous man. here is what was talked about. he said watch the very insecure that's the key word oprah winfrey who at one point i knew very well. the questions were biased and slanted. the facts incorrect. hope oprah returns so she can be exposed and defeated just like all the others. oprah was asked about that.
3:36 am
>> i woke up and i just thought. [laughter] yeah. and i don't like giving negativity power, so i just thought what? pete: all right, guys, arms up emogi give negativity no power. what do you say to that that. >> oprah is getting back what she dished out. >> that's right. >> oprah she knows donald trump. and for her to take and do a round table on 60 minutes, she didn't do this up under the obama administration. when obama sent blts of dollars to iran, why didn't she have a round table on that? it's time for oprah to mind her own business on her own network. >> that's right. >> that's what she needs to do and keep our president's name out of her mouth if she don't have anything good to say about him. >> we also understand, oprah, about the law of attraction. what you dish out is what you get back. she said a whole platform full of negativity and that's why she got it back
3:37 am
so please, she needs to be positive about our president, not negative. ainsley: do you think she should run. >> no, she should go run for president of hollywood and fix hollywood. have a round table for all of those perverts that she supported in hollywood. >> that's right. >> but leave this president alone. steve: it does sound like one of the other things she told ellen during that taping that apparently when oprah first reviewed the "60 minutes" round table before it ran she said hey, wait a minute, i remember something else. she said that it appeared they only put the democratic point of view in the 60 minutes producers so they asked -- she asked them to include the other side so that it would be a little more balanced. it's just a little more of that. meanwhile, ladies, tell us about your chitchat tour. >> okay. so we kicked the chitchat tour off in jacksonville, florida. we had a wonderful time just chitchatting. even talking about, you know, guns and security in
3:38 am
our schools and how we can make things better. we're headed on to dallas, texas on march the 8th. for the second city tour. and it's going to be fabulous. it's going to be great. we're having a good time doing the grassroots work. >> yes. >> talking to people. >> that's right. >> can you get your tickets at diamond and pete: we sent rachel campos duffy behind the scenes of the tour and we got a quick clip of it. watch. >> we saw donald trump who was an entrepreneur, a businessman, that's what we need. that kind of thing just motivated us to now let's negotiate. no, maybe we can do this here. maybe we can take this here and capitalize a little bit on this. there is nothing wrong with capitalism. i'm not for globalism or socialism. i love capitalism. i love for people come up, take an opportunity and run with it. pete: going to be fascinating. the full package running on sunday for "fox & friends weekend." check it out.
3:39 am
ainsley: rachel will be anchoring this weekend? pete: absolutely. steve: if you would like to know where they are heading in the chitchat tour go to diamond and >> thank you for having us. ainsley: so entertaining. i love those ladies. pete: entertaining but they get to the heart of the issue in a nonpolitically correct way. steve: 21 minutes before the top of the hour and jillian joins us now studio f. >> good friday morning to you guys. let's begin with the story we have been following. a routine couple of them remembering beloved assistant football coach killed protecting students in the florida school shooting. the stone man douglas eagles wearing their jerseys honoring aaron figh feis as he lay to rest. feis laid on top of students protecting them from the bullets. a woman saved a little girl within seconds of being kidnapped when her motherly instincts kick. in 12-year-old amy martinez
3:40 am
says she was walking to school in california when all of a sudden a stranger grabbed her from behind. >> i was thinking that she might be crazy and what if she takes me away and i won't see my mom or my dad again. >> witnessing the horrific scene, a good samaritan yelled that she was amy's mom and called the police. claudia hernandez diaz is behind bars on suspicion of kidnapping. missouri governor blasting a prosecutor hours after a grand jury charged him with invasion of privacy. in a facebook post, the governor writes in part, quote: the people of missouri deserve better than reckless liberal prosecutor who uses her office to score political points. greatens is accused of taking nude photos of a woman he was having affair with without her consent. sara jacobs was asked about working with the military divinge her opponent is a vet. exchange made on the campaign trail and later
3:41 am
spelled out in cosmopolitan magazine quoting jacobs as saying it's true, i'm not a crusty old marine. jacobs apologized on facebook but said the remarks were not aimed at her opponent. steve: what? how could they not be aimed at the opponent? jillian: i'm just the messenger? pete: happening to be running against a marine who is a little bit older and i'm going to use that comment. not a good idea. sara sara she could say it is a joke. she needs to hang out with that teacher who doesn't like the marines. that one in california. pete: she just won one vote. this is san diego, california, full of marines. ainsley: not a smart comment. coming up next pastor robert jeffress mourning the loss of friend. connection runs to so deep billy brought his mom to christ. pastor jeffress is going to bring us inside the life and legacy of referenced billy graham.
3:42 am
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british police investigating a suspicious package sent to prince harry and fiance markel. calling it a racist hate crime. suggests it contain a letter alondon with while white pow derby later deemed not suspicious. sounds suspicious to me. actor chevy chase reportedly involved in a road rage incident. don't provoke them. >> life imitating art a 22-year-old man says he kicked the 74-year-old in self-defense when chase attempted to punch him following an incident on a
3:46 am
bridge in upstate new york. here's the catch. the guy said he never heard of the snl alum and had to look him up. he probably hasn't watched many moves eithe movies either . chase says he was unprovoked attack and he was only trying to have a friendly little chat. ainsley, back to you. >> man will never know peace until his heart has been changed so that's why when you preach the gospel and declare the gospel and witness for christ, you are doing more for world peace than all the conferences of the united nations put together. ainsley: that was at first baptist dallas, texas, it was announced yesterday that america's pastor reverend billy graham who passed away on wednesday will lie in honor at the u.s. capitol rotunda beginning next week wednesday through thursday. here with more on his incredible impact pass for robert jeffress. thanks for being with us. >> thanks, ainsley. ainsley: he was a member of
3:47 am
your church before you were the preacher there. >> yes. ainsley: 54 years. yet he was never a resident of the state of texas. why was that? >> he wanted to be a part of the church that was conservative, believed the bible it was interesting. my mom was there, she trusted in christ at that crusade. they announced he would preach at first baptist dallas the next sunday. he joifned the church that day. my mom said if it's good enough for billy graham, it's good enough for me. i'm the pastor of first baptist dallas because of billy graham. ainsley: you are not alone. millions got saved because of him. >> absolutely. ainsley: what does that mean for people that don't feel like they have had salvation experience u what does that mean. >> it doesn't matter whether you are baptist, catholic, just, hindu, muslim. the fact is we are awful sinners, we need a savior.
3:48 am
simple message billy preached throughout his ministry and millions of people all races all nationalities responded to that message. ainsley: it's not about religion. we have too much religion already. this is about having a relationship with christ. and his message was so simple. is that why it resonated? >> absolutely. it was a simple message and it was built on the bible. you know, when he started ministering in the late 40's and 50's. many main line demonstrations were preaching pop psychology and philosophy and current events. but billy always said the bible says, the bible says. and that's why he had such authority. ainsley: you can't argue with that you have a special story you wanted to share with us. >> when i was 19, i started having doubts of whether the bible was really the word of god. i remember going to a conference where billy spoke at the university of illinois. and he told about a similar experience when he was a teenager and how one night on a florida golf clu golf coure was walking around and he threw himself on the ground and said i don't understand the bike. i'm not even sure i believe
3:49 am
it but with your help i will believe it and preach it the best i could. i heard that as a 19-year-old and with tears streaming down my face i said god, i'm making that same commitment tonight. later on a few hours later i accidently ran into billy graham. i told him of the commitment i made that night. he affirmed it he signed the note in my bible and it's something i treasure for the rest of my life because billy graham transformed my life in ministry through his faithfulness. ainsley: when i read your story, i thought he is just like us. you know, everyone has doubts at some point in their life. and he is relatable. >> yes, he is. ainsley: we look at him as this big celebrity. he is all of that but he also is a human being and he had doubts about his faith. >> i heard diane sawyer ask him one time what is it going to be like in heaven and have those rewards. he surprised her he said i don't think i have that many rewards in heaven because i got them on earth. it's going to be people you never heard of, plumbers,
3:50 am
doctors, missionaries who served christ faithfully. that's the only thing i disagree with billy graham about. i think he is having unending rewards because of his faithfulness. ainsley: his crowns are stacking up face author sure. isis plot to shoot down a passenger plane hackers. how they did it thousands of miles away with only a keyboard. energy secretary rick perry set to appear at cpac today. before that he is going to join us live. stick around. see what he is doing to keep your family safe.
3:51 am
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pete: welcome back. last july australian police halted an isis plot to take
3:54 am
down a civilian airliner but not without some help. >> we revealed today that israel's intelligence services prevented the shooting down of australian airliner. i can tell you this is one of many many such actions that we did preventing terrorism around the world. steve: apparently credit belongs to unit 2800 the israeli defense forces secretive and high tech cyber spy unit is that true equivalent of our nsa and you probably have never heard of them. ainsley: thankfully they were watching closely. who are those elite cyber heroes. joining us is the cyberguy kurt knuteson. >> these are the great people who actually, interesting, in the country of israel, state of israel, you also have this mandatory military service. so when you graduate high school. you need to sign up and
3:55 am
enlist in the idf. ainsley: men and women. if you are really really lucky, have yo you have been wad in your high school and might have been encoding after school. interest groups. they are watching. get a letter of interest. we would like to welcome to you this secret group called unit 8200. same group back on july 15th. we just learned from netanyahu that a jet in australia, in sydney was on its way. the aircraft was about to depart for abu daby. 18 to 21-year-olds, about 5,000 of them. end up contacting australian security forces and thwart two isis suspects who were about to board the aircraft when what looked like a meat minutesser instead was a
3:56 am
detonation device. ainsley: how could they see what those guys were carrying on. >> that's it. this group of hackers are extraordinary about prying open anything when it comes to intelligence or technology. imagine a group of part-time pee that are scrappy, young, and thrown all kinds of missions without any real giant tools except their intelligence and a lot of technology. and they can turn that into a can opener and listen to other devices throughout the world. they utilize and this is speculation because they have never confirmed this, but a lot of reports say that they fly around on gulf stream jets with hackers in these jets with a bunch of listening equipment as well as they utilize embassies. but they are thought a desert in secret base in israel. ainsley: are they watching our planes too? >> you would hope. pete: more collaboration between u.s. and israeli intelligence these days. >> as you know. steve: all those people on that airplane have their
3:57 am
lives to thank. >> we learned also there is about 14 other events that they have thwarted. steve: hats off to them. kurt, thank you very much. pete: well done. steve: more "fox & friends" coming up after a brief time-out. manatees in novelty ts? surprising. what's "come at me bro?" it's something you say to a friend. what's not surprising? how much money matt saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. a farmer's what's in this kiester. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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4:00 am
in two months they would be begging for us to come back. >> a democratic candidate for congress under fire for allegedly calling her opponent a crusty old marine. sara jacobs of california
4:01 am
said the remarks were not aimed at her opponent. >> the ear wrath political correctness is over. and all i can say is hell yeah. >> i do agree with that. >> that's right. >> too much sugar makes you sick. we have to start being truthful in this country and just tell it like it is. ♪ ♪ ♪ coming out around the world ♪ are you ready for a brand new beat ainsley: girls just want to have fun. best movie, best movie when i was a kid. pete: that's what this is from? ainsley: we memorized the entire script. this is one the songs in it. steve: i love martha and the vandella. >vandellas. ainsley: leg warmers it's a great movie. did you ever see it sara jessica parker. steve: i don't think i have. anyway, thank you for joining us, brian is off today. pete is in his spot.
4:02 am
we have a busy day. the president is going to be speaking at cpac about three hours from right now. ainsley: the ambien has worn off. he is back from israel. let's talk about cpac. steve: president's speech follow a series of powerful voices from mike pence and other republican leaders including wayne lapierre from the nra. they were all talking about safety in america. pete: griff jenkins "fox news live" national harbor, maryland, with what we can expect from there today. griff, good morning. >> you good morning, guys. i tell you it was last year when i was in these halls when the president trump spoke to this crowd. the first sitting president since ronald reagan to address them. they came in skeptical and they came out just absolutely ecstatic what they have seen. now they get to hear after a year of accomplishments, their leader of a conservative movement, president trump speaking again that's at 10:05 today.
4:03 am
it was vice president pence yesterday who brought the house down and talked about an issue we haven't heard much about in recent days. that is something near and dear to this crowd, immigration. here is what the vice president said. >> president trump promised to enforce our laws, secure our borders. and today illegal crossings at our southern border have been cut nearly in half and make no mistake about it, we're going to build that wall. [chanting build that wall] >> so build that wall. they were fired up about that. this is the fire and brimstone crowd. this is the core of the base for conservatives. and they wanted to hear it. and the thing that they are really talking about in the halls as i walk up and down here all day yesterday is gun control. wayne lapierre the head of the nra breaking his silence yesterday to this crowd yesterday morning. here's what he had to say >> evil walks among us, and
4:04 am
god help us if we don't harden our schools and protect our kids. >> to stop a bad guy with a gun, it takes a good guy with a gun. [applause] >> it will be fascinating to see what president trump says because he is sort of speaking to the entire nation today as they look for solution to solve this senseless violence. but also, he is going to have to bring some pretty strong rhetoric. that's what this crowd wants. there is going to be a lot of good speakers today energy secretary rick perry as well as interior secretary ryan zinke and our own lawyer ingraham as well as kellyanne conway. going to be exciting day, guys, this crowd is already falling. in they are fired up and ready to go. steve: see the president live right here on the channel. griff, thank you very much. you will see rick perry the secretary of energy. he will be on this show about 15 minutes from right now. pete: as the vice president pointed out from the podium yesterday at cpac. he said this is the
4:05 am
conservative president we have been waiting for. he went through the entire litany what's been done in the first year. if you are a conservative and love this country, you couldn't help but stand on your feet and give an ovation to what has been done over the last year. a lot of execution on things that have been promised for a long time. ainsley: yesterday he sat down with law enforcement to continue that listening session about how we can make our schools safer. the message it seems over the last few weeks has been safety whether or not that's on the border or whether or not that's in our schools. steve: sure, and of course the president has mentioned maybe we should increase the age where can you buy one of those long guns to 21. expand background checks. those are two things the nra does not like. the president also has kind of floated this idea, you know, schools are gun-free zones. and so, maybe if the bad guys didn't know whether or not random teacher in a school might be -- have a conceal carry permit, maybe that would note onl not only bea deterrent but line of defense. interesting article today in the "new york times" talks about how a lot of educators have come out and said the
4:06 am
last thing we want to do is turn our teachers into guards. but, apparently there are dozens of schools scattered across the united states where they actually have teachers who are armed. ainsley: we interviewed that sheriff and he said i'm offering free training to any teacher. and he has hundreds of teachers have signed up for it mentioned possibly giving them bonuses if they get their conceal carry license. pete: pardon my skepticism that the "new york times" may have talked to a certain particular set of teachers. i would know a lot of teachers love the ability to responsibly carry concealed. it's not just about defense. part of hardening is giving a good guy to ability to go on offense. listen to what the president said. >> unless you're going to have offensive capability. you're wasting your time. you're wasting your time. i want to end the problem. i don't want to have it where this happens again. unless we are going to have offensive capability, it's going to happen again and again and again. and it's going to be the same old story.
4:07 am
we have to harden our schools. not soften them up. a gun-free zone to a killer or somebody who wants to be a killer, that's like going in for the ice cream. that's like here i am. take me. we have to get smart on gun-free zones. when they see this is a gun-free zone, that means nobody has a gun except them. nobody is going to be shooting bullets in the other directions. steve: here's the problem. the president may say we need an offensive capability. here's the problem down in parkland, florida. and that is it was announced yesterday by the sheriff down there that apparently a school resource officer with a gun was on campus and they wondered where was he? why didn't he respond? as it turns out he was standing outside the building. the shooting inside the building lasted six minutes. he stood outside for four minutes apparently waiting for backup. deputy scott peterson who has been with the school for about 10 years yesterday he was first of all suspended. and then he resigned and
4:08 am
then he retired. pete: deficit of courage definitely. and clearly he didn't have the training to be prepared to respond either. so if you are going to arm teachers responsibly, then you would also give them guidelines about how and when to respond. ainsley: do you think he was too scared. pete: hear shots of gunfire if you are average person carrying a gun, not trained, your instincts tell to you hunker down. they don't tell to you charge toward th hell fire bullet. you know how to respond in that moment. i'm sure he is sitting there regretting his actions that day. if more people armed the chance goes up that someone takes that courageous act. steve: earlier in the program we told you about a new report that is out that apparently ms-13 is now in 22 states and responsible for something like 207 deaths. ainsley: murders, yeah. steve: exploded during the obama years because of their lax immigration policy and allowing those undocumented minors to come, in turning many of them into daca
4:09 am
recipients. the president has tweeted about this separately in the last half hour. ainsley: ms-13 gang members he says are being removed by our great ice and border patrol agents by the thousands. these killers come back in from el salvador and mexico like water. el salvador just takes our money and mexico must help more with this problem. we need the wall. pete: though this point jessica vaughn the director of policy studies at the center for immigration studies which has looked deeply into this topic of ms-13. this is what she had to say on it. >> there was this influx of illegal arrivals from central miracle. mostly teenagers buy also some families with kids who benefited from the catch and release policies that the obama administration had in place. and they were resettled in places all over the country. which happened to be those very same places where ms-13 has seen a resurgence. and the gang knew about the lenient policies and was
4:10 am
deliberately taking advantage of them to build its ranks here and they have been on a horrific crime spree ever since. ainsley: according to the report half the crimes occurring in sanctuary cities where nothing can be done about it. pete: that's what the president is pointing out. you have a afternoon and release problem. then you have a border problem. and then you have a sanctuary city problem. and it's why the president yesterday also float you had the idea hey, if you want to have a sanctuary city, we can pull out our ice agents, too and see how that works out. steve: in california. pete: talking common sense to a world where there are no borders, there is no enforcement and wonder why gangs flourish. the president when he talks about it is delivering simple common sense. steve: 207 dead people responsible for ms-13 that's jaw-dropping. ainsley: hand it over to jillian who has headlines for us. hello. jillian: we are following breaking news right now. starting with this fox news alert. alabama forced to postpone the execution of a killer dying of cancer who claimed his veins were too damaged
4:11 am
for lethal injection. medical staff not able to prepare doyle lee ham before his death warrant expired at midnight. giving the green light for the execution three hours after initially delaying it to consider his request. he is convicted of killing a motel clerk in 1987. in florida, an inmate who raped and killed a college student yelling murderers while being put to death by lethal injection. he crashed before falling silent. largest sanctions package yet against north korea. according to reuters he will discuss the plan during his cpac speech putting pressure on the rogue regime over anywhere nuclear missile program. we are awaiting the announcement as the president's daughter and advisor ivanka trump lands overnight in south korea. she is leading the american delegates at the olympics closing ceremony. fcc announcing it will officially repeal net neutrality in april. changes won't come without a fight. in a desperate last minute attempt to save it, 22
4:12 am
states along with washington, d.c. are suing the fcc claiming there cannot be changes made to existing policies. in december the trump administration overturned the obama ruling in which the government forced internet providers to treat all data the same. the repeal will put that control back in those companies. an incredible biblical discovery in israel. archaeologists say they may have found the prophet isaiah's signature. take a look. the artifact was found during excavation near the southern wall of jerusalem's temple mount. it's 2007 years old. experts say in ancient times the steel stamp was used to sign off on documents or items. pretty cool. pete: i was just there at that location two days ago. they are still discovering things that prove that jews were there on jerusalem on the temple mount. yawnel going dispute but they are finding more and more that proves the bible for both jews and christians. steve: putting it all together. ainsley: i can't wait to go one day. pete: i will take you.
4:13 am
ainsley: 12 minutes after the top of the hour. house republicans want to know what did the obama administration know about the anti-trump dossier and when did they know it despite this denial? >> director brennan, do you know who commissioned this steele dossier? >> i don't. ainsley: congressman mark meadows and jim jordan join us live on that next. pete: and these two were looking for love online, the only problem they were also looking to plan an islamic terrorist attack as well. ainsley: they look so happy. pete: a lot of love in that photo ♪ ♪ - [narrator] imagine a shirt that actually makes
4:14 am
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♪ ♪ pete: house republicans launching phase ii of their investigation into the anti-trump dossier. they want to know what members of the obama administration knew and when they knew it. here to discuss republican mark meadows of north carolina and jim jordan of ohio. gentlemen, thank you for joining us this morning. i really appreciate it congressman. >> great to be with you. pete: absolutely. congressman meadows, let me start with you. in a letter obtained by fox news, committee chairman devin up in necessary, republican from california, posed a series of questions
4:18 am
about the dossier. what do you anticipate they're trying to find out about who knew what and when? >> i think those 10 questions are key. is who in the government knew what and did they know that the democratic party and hillary clinton had actually paid for it? it was interesting in the tease that you had with brennan, here you have an intelligence officer saying that he didn't know where the dossier's origination came from. well, if he can't find that he would have a hard time find terrorists. so, you know, it doesn't pass a smell test. we have got to find out who in the government knew what when. pete: your reference is to director john brennan who testified in may of 2017 that the trump dossier was virtually unknown to him. congressman jordan have you been all over this issue as well. is it conceivable in light of the case that was built on behalf of the dossier that the former cia director would almost know nothing about it? >> well, you would find that hard to believe. but that's what devin is going to figure out. that's why he sent it to
4:19 am
almost 2 dozen members of the government. key people. can you probably guess who they are. state department people. fbi people. two dozen people. if they don't give the answers is he going to subpoena them. that's what we have to do to get to the bottom of this. one of the things last week, pete, that was really important. senator cotton's questioning of director wray, he asked him about russian oligarch. and he said was christopher steele being paid by this russian oligarch during this time when he was putting together this dossier which was taken to the fisa court? and director wray's response was i can't talk about that here. we can talk about that in a classified setting. so we don't know if the answer to that question is yes. but if it is, think about this fact. the clinton campaign part of the dossier. the democratic national committee paid for the dossier. and if a russian oligarch was paying the author of the dossier at the same time, that is unbelievable. now, we don't know, but that question i think sure raised suspicion and concern just like this letter that devin sent with his 10 questions that we got to get the
4:20 am
answer to. pete: absolutely. congressman meadows from the conservative perspective, very briefly, we only have 20 seconds here. on the gun debate, what aspect does the freedom caucus want to see of anything considered? >> i think what you found even as recently as last night, what we do know is that the government was notified of a health concern. the government was notified of the fbi. even last night we saw a government school resource officer. more government doesn't solve the problem. pete: sounds exactly baseline what the freedom caucus stands for. gentlemen, thank you very much for joining us this morning. >> thank you, pete. pete: you got it she was running an illegal day care and she ditched the kids to hit the gym. and get a tan. but that's not even the worst part. you see that? gym tan prison. and digital world after kirk cammeron just studied how to balance all of it he is here lye with what he found out next. system plus, standard...
4:21 am
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4:24 am
ainsley: time for news by the numbers. 12 years, that's at least how long these isis love birds who look so happy will spend time behind bars, the mohammeds was sentenced to life and then his girlfriend was sentenced to a dozen years for planning an attack in the u.k. after meeting online. next, 11 million, that's about how many illegal immigrants were living in the u.s. in 2016 according to a new report by the center for migration studies. it's the lowest number since 2003. the change attributed to a drop in the number of mexicans entering the country. last, four years, that's how long the kids of a fallen officer will attend college for free. otterbein university in ohio announcing a full ride
4:25 am
scholarships to westerville police officer eric joering, his four daughters. he was shot and killed in the line of duty earlier this month. that's amazing. pete: god bless them and good on the university. pete: new documentary from kirk cammeron sitting next to me. how to better prepare kids for digital world obsessed with social media. listen. >> there is constant reinforcement, pings, tings, new friends. >> we are concerned about the mass media, social media. >> it's as new to us as it is our kid. >> there are so many choices. >> call fatty, you are so dumb. the words they start giving you is the words you believe. steve: it's a great documentary. here with more on it it's called connect is actor, producer, and father of six, kirk cammeron. good morning to you. >> great to see you guys. steve: have you six kids, you wonder what they are doing online. that was the quest, isn't
4:26 am
it. >> it is. i think that's the universal concern of all parents whose kids use a phone or an ipad is what is this doing to their brain? what is this doing to their ability to relate to their friends, their family, their ideas from the whole world from this little device. and my wife and i wanted to get in front of this whole thing and not do damage control but actually learn from experts how this effecting our kids and what can we do to help prepare them to be champions with their eyes wide open good things with technology not being harmed by it. pete: one approach you don't get any technology at all and the other is where do you try to find that reality in something digital? that's the whole point. >> that's what connect is all about. i wouldn't throw my car keys to my 10-year-old and say have a great time although i want them to drive eventually. i sit them next to me and say let's drive down the street around the block until you same with technology. my wife and i say let's learn how to use this account. how to do. this open internet connection can lead to
4:27 am
pornography, exposure to predators online. to incredible addiction to that kind of technology. and i think we as parents need to stay connected in rich, fully engaged relationships with our kids. big message of connect. giving parents real help. connecting our kids and preparing them and keeping them safe. ainsley: what made you want to do this project? >> i started hearing stories and even the reports from the founding facebook president saying god only knows what this is doing to our kids' brains. they don't wants their own kids on their platforms. i saw the top of my kids' heads too much as they're looking at this not talking to each other, texting people at the same table. and i thought, you know what? surely this is something we need to pay real close attention to. steve: there are programs where parents can monitor your child's online presence. but at what age does a parent turn it off? it's like okay, you are on your own now? >> i think every parent has got to make that call for their own kid.
4:28 am
different for each kid in your family. so, for us, we would give freedom and responsibility as our kids were able to handle it because i want them to. i lo technology. i want them to be able to use it for good. so how is a parent going to notoriety time? by being in relationship with them. don't look it up on siri. she doesn't know. you know because you are their parent. ainsley: only on two nights next week tuesday and thursday, 7:00 p.m. your local time. connect now do your kids know that you were like the heart throb? you were on my wall, a big poster on my wall. i'm like oh my word i'm interviewing kirk cammeron. i wrote you letters when i was a kid, kirk. >> i feel guilty i didn't write you back. i'm sorry. steve: you didn't connect. >> i didn't connect. ainsley: what do your kids. you were like on teen beat and tiger beat. >> whenever they see those posters they hang their head in shame. just like dad, these are blackmail photos. please don't let my friends
4:29 am
see those. pete: wrote you back but responsible parent intercepted those letters. steve: looking forward to the movie. in the theaters by the way go to connect get tickets and go to your local theater and have a nice event with some popcorn. >> bring your kids. it will start a conversation with them about this subject. ainsley: those make me so sad the little boy saying all the names that people called him. >> it's a whole new world. we are pioneer parents. pete: such an important topic that parents don't know how to grapple with. energy secretary rick perry set to appear at cpac today. before he does that is he going to join us live coming up next. steve: she wants to be the next member of congress. her campaign strategy attack her veteran opponent as a crusty old marine. how is that working? not well. ♪ in the middle, baby ♪ why don't you just meet me in the middle ♪ i'm losing my mind
4:30 am
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4:33 am
♪ how do you like me now ♪ how do you like me now. steve: at 10:00 this morning, the president of the united states is going to be talking to a packed house over in national harbor maryland which is just across the potomac from washington, d.c. one of the other speakers is rick perry former governor of the great state of texas and currently the secretary of the u.s. department of energy. mr. secretary, good morning to you. ainsley: good morning. >> good morning to you all. steve: great to have you. we will play a sound bite for you because having lived down in texas your whole life, you are very concerned with immigration. here's the president yesterday talking about if california is going to be a sanctuary state, maybe the federal government should pull the ice guys out. listen to this. >> frankly, it's a disgrace. the sanctuary city situation, the protection of these horrible criminals,
4:34 am
you know because you are working on it the protection of these horrible criminals in california in and other places. if we ever pulled our ice out. let california alone, let them figure it out for themselves, in two months they would be begging for us to come back. they would be begging. and you know what? i'm thinking about doing it. steve: governor, what do you think? >> well, i think that this whole issue of immigration has always been incredibly difficult one. if it wasn't, it would have been done a long time ago. the president is a first rate negotiator. is he clearly sending some messages not just to california, but also to congress. so, i feel quite certain they will get it all worked out and get this country safe and get an immigration plan in place that indeed does what i think most americans want to do, make sure we know who everybody is that's coming into this country. a clear line to become
4:35 am
american citizen. and the rule of law. and holding the day. pete: governor, he also tweeted this morning that the wall is a big part of that i know you have been supportive of that also. part of the reason you are at cpac and what you are talking about these days and emphasizeelm if a emphasizing department of energy. emergency response. describe that new initiative. >> well, clearly, cyber is the new frontier if you will from the standpoint of cyber warfare, attacking particularly the electrical systems, the grids. we saw ukraine attacked both in 2015 and 2016 by the russians. and we saw ransom ware shut down an entire hospital this last year in this country. so cyber warfare is very serious. people's lives are in jeopardy the department of agency is the sector specific agency to protect those electrical grids from
4:36 am
the cyber type of attacks. we work with other agencies as well. both the dod and others. dealing with cyber issues. so, we look at this as one of our most important jobs to protect american citizens, protect wherever they might be. and innovating, rather than regulating is the real difference between this administration and the previous administration. we believe that we'll come up with innovation rather than just government regulating and putting another law on the books. you're going to see some really, i think, leading edge innovation. we have the biggest super computing capability in the world in the united states, five of the fastest super computers belong to the department of energy. so, you will see our data analysis being a great deal of this as well as we move towards the scale model and doe is right in the middle of all of that. ainsley: will you explain what this means in layman's terms?
4:37 am
are repreventing hacking or preventing nuclear plants from being attacked and what is a super computer? >> anxiously, all of the above. when we talk about protecting the american citizens from a cyber attack, we're talking about viruses that can be put into systems that can lay there literally for years undetected that previously and we have the ability now with our computers that in a super computer being one that has the ability to move at such massive rates of data through there and extraordinary speeds. to be able to analyze just massive amounts of data. we are moving into mississippis what we call machine learning. on the edge of artificial intelligence. i mean, it is moving at incredibly fast pace. the department of energy is keeping up with that. we have got 17 national labs that are the vast majority of them have some role in
4:38 am
this cyber security business. steve: well, that's great. i'm glad you are being vigilant. meanwhile you are there at national harbor at cpac. you're going to actually turn around and go up to the stage in a little while and give a speech. what are you going to tell folks? >> well, i'm on the stage with brian zinke. we're going to talk about energy independence and the total change in the world energy wise. 15 years ago the united states was dependent on a lot of countries that didn't necessarily -- weren't necessarily our best friends. let's put it that way. today the united states produces more oil and gas than any other nation in the world. our ability to geopolitically affect the world with energy is one of the things we are going to talk about. the federal lands and opening up those federal lands of which ryan zinke and the department of interior have oversight will be part of that conversation. we're also going to talk about some interesting things that we do that people might not think our agencies would be involved with. for instance, the department det of energy stands up an
4:39 am
office of veterans healthcare. y'all know my interest in veterans back through the years. and we're going to be able to use our national labs, looking at some very nontraditional ways to address veterans' health in a program called mvp which is million veteran program doing d.n.a. tests on a million veterans and being able to give them some advice on what you need to look out for in the future because we have looked at your d.n.a. and ways to deal with post-traumatic stress and brain injury. ainsley: that is great. pete: i have learned a little about it i would be interested in learning more. what was the liability once on energy is now a massive point of leverage. and this administration has made that a big focus. it's great to see. >> yeah. and i talked about cyber security and innovation vs. regulation. this is really down that path if you will. because innovation is what is completely changed out energy scenario in this
4:40 am
country. the previous administration just wanted to regulate it. steve: all right. day two of cpac in maryland about to commence out there in national harbor. governor, thank you very much for joining us live. ainsley: thank you so much. >> you are welcome. good to be with you all. god speed. ainsley: that's so fascinating if they can determine if you are prone to ptsd or what you are prone just lie booin just by lot your d.n.a. steve: 20 minutes before the top of the hour on this very busy friday. jillian has some headlines. jillian: good morning to you guys. following a story with this. a man intentionally smashes his car full of gas cans into a connecticut hospital emergency room and lights himself on fire. streaming the whole thing on facebook live referring to himself as jesus and calling out the president. police say he has been on their radar since he was just 14 years old. his motive is still unknown. right now he is in critical condition. no one else was seriously
4:41 am
hurt. the owner of illegal day care center facing 35 years behind bars pleading guilty for ditching seven kids so she could go work out and tan. police arresting january neither land last year after finding the unattended children drugged with medicine at the day care in oregon. she left the children who were all under 5 years old home alone for two hours. a heroic police officer quick on his feet catching this child falling from a three story balcony. just watch this video again moment caught on surveillance camera in egypt. these three officers were guarding a bank across the street when they noticed the 5-year-old dangling and struggling to hang on. the impact knocking the officer off his feet but thankfully he and the child walked away unharmed. hail mary full of net. head master delivering the best. swoosh ago basketball all the way from from the three-point line, watch.
4:42 am
[cheers] as you can see, the student going absolutely wild over farther edwin's impressive shot at saint benedict's preparatory school in new jersey. that's pretty cool. love when you see videos like that. steve: that is awesome. ainsley: he is the priest, the head master and great basketball player: 42 minutes after the top of the hour. she wants to be the next member of congress. campaign strategy, attack her veteran opponent as a crusty old marine. how is that working for her? pete: i don't know if that was in the original strategy document. sometimes you change course. top dad joins his little girl in ballet class. father and daughter joining us live coming up. maybe they will show us the moves. ainsley: brian wanted to know if his pants were spandex ♪ shut up and dance with me ♪
4:43 am
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♪ steve: all right. 14 minutes before the top of the hour. some quick headlines. look at this video shocking bar brawl caught on camera. nearly two dozen people hurling their fists, glasses, stools, anything they could throw as well as get their hands on. unclear what sparked the rage inside the irish pub. the english pub that left one man hospitalized. at least one person was arrested. look at those chairs. tired of see people wearing their pants like that. steve: if you don't like pants like that you are not alone. south carolina lawmakers introducing a bill to ban saggy pants across the state. those who break the law could face a fine and community service. all right. meanwhile, 13 minutes before the top of the hour. let's talk politics go out to california.
4:47 am
darrell issa is retiring from congress. there are a number of people who would love to have his seat. pete: that's right. i was reading my weekly edition of cosmopolitan i'm a subscriber. [buzzer] pete: sorry. came across comment against one of the opponents who wants that see that seat. steve: sara jacobs. pete: quoted in this article during a speech she gave referring to her opponent as. this we have a full screen of what she said. she said quote, it's true, she says, sara jacobs, i'm not a crusty old marine and the article writes the group was mostly silent and it was awkward when she said that here you have a candidate implies sithly criticizing other candidates who are marines who are ho are veterans. ainsley: they say you are running in a district where there are a lot of marines living here and military living here at san diego. she said it's true, i'm not a crusty old marine. the guy she is running against doug appleton, he has served our country.
4:48 am
steve: a major. ains she said later that's not who i was talking about. i wasn't talking about him. it just looks suspicious. this is her response on facebook. an article came out this morning that took something i said out of context. i want to make it clear this had nothing to do with colonel applegate. he was never mentioned and i have nothing but respect for his military service. steve: of course that's what you would say after you would say something like that earlier. there was apparently one other political strategist from another campaign who heard that and goes, quote: that is a devastating error. pete: the article describes sara jacobs as a bit emogi loving top model candidate next generation. if you are going to be the next generation candidate it's important to remember the previous generations and what they did for you especially if they were a colonel in the military. ainsley: running for office you have to be very careful of everything you say. clearly is that how she really feels about the men and women who serve our country? steve: yes. ainsley: it doesn't look good for her. steve: still to come he was
4:49 am
america's pastor. billy graham was also a father. his son franklin joins us live in the next hour. pete: very cool. and a cop dad joins its little girl in ballet class and the heart warming moment has gone viral. father and daughter are with us live. there they are in a few manipulates. ainsley: so cute. steve: but first on this day in 1945, associated press photographer snapped this famous photo of five marines and a navy korman raising the flag during the battle for iwo jet streamma. jijina.the spice girls were topg the chart with their hit song, remember this? wanna be ♪ make it last forever ♪ friendships never end ♪ if you want to be my lover ♪ you have got to give ♪ taking is too easy ♪ but that's the way it is
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4:53 am
ainsley: daughter at a dance class has gone viral. we have them here to talk about it. officer cody brown of the castle rocks police department in colorado. and his 9-year-old daughter tessa have here to join us. thank you both for being with us. >> you're welcome, thanks for having us. ainsley: you are welcome. officer brown, tell us how this happened. how did you end up joining your daughter in dance class and dancing with her? >> well, she advised me that she had a bring your dad to dance day on tuesday and i normally have a patrol shift on tuesday. and i advised her i would try to make it it's kind of hard with my schedule and being a patrol officer but i
4:54 am
would try to make it and show up to dance with her for her special day. ainsley: that is so sweet. tessa, what was your reaction when he walked into the classroom and then started dancing with you? >> well, i was very excited and happy that he was able to support me and i knew that he cared. ainsley: that is so sweet. what are all your friends saying about your dad. your dad is that second position; is that right? a plie, maybe. >> yes, second position plie. ainsley: what did your friends say. >> they haven't necessarily watched it yet so they don't have anything much to say. ainsley: they will today. are you excited about going to school and hearing their reaction? >> yes. ainsley: how does your dad compare to other dads? >> well, you know, he is able to rise bo anybody's job and he is able to save other's lives as much as he can to show others that he is willing. ainsley: that is so sweet. i know you are proud of him. we are proud of you, officer brown for saving lives and obviously being a great dad.
4:55 am
what did the guys on the force say about you doing this? >> oh, they had a good laugh. they come in -- coming into work they all try to do their own version of plie to show they were better than i was. so they all had a good laugh, nonetheless, they were pretty happy that i went and did it. ainsley: what about the other dads in the class? we only saw the. we sought teacher and the two of you. were there other dads in the classroom doing this, too. >> yeah. i think there was one other father that showed up that day as well. and i'm not going to say i was better than him because i was trying to survive myself. but we definitely tried our best to do everything we could. ainsley: that's all we ask for. i'm glad you didn't care what anyone else thought except your daughter's opinion and obviously it meant a lot to her. what's your message to your daughter? what is she like? what do you want her to know. >> my daughter is my life. all my kids are my world. i'm a father first and foremost. and if my kids don't realize that their father, any father lost them, it's going to be a pretty rough life to
4:56 am
grow up and accomplish anything they can think that they want to have any goal or dreams to obtain in their life. and so being a police officer, being a police officer is also something really special that my kids understand of serving my community and doing the best i can that they also give me that leeway to show up when i can and support them when every time i can. ainsley: tessa, what's your message for your dad? what's he like? >> well, i know that my dad sometimes can't come to our activities, including with my brother and my sister's activities that they do, and i know that he usually takes a lot of time and able to do that. and so i'm very grateful and blessed that he is able to be with me and that he is able to be such a great father. ainsley: all right. so were you embarrassed or were you happy about this? >> i was very happy. ainsley: okay. you are so sweet. god bless you both. thank you for being on with us. >> thank you. >> thank you. ainsley: clearly a special family. still ahead on "fox & friends" geraldo rivera,
4:57 am
reverend franklin graham and mike huckabee. ♪ . . . . .
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advil liqui-gels and advil liqui-gels minis. what pain? ♪ >> i like to get things done and to get this done we have to harden our schools, not soften them up. unless we have offensive capability, it is going to happen again and again and will be the same old story. >> the government was notified of a health concern. the government was notified by the fbi. more government doesn't solve the problem. steve: shocking new numbers, reveal rising threat of ms-13 gang. >> protection of these horrible criminals this california is disgrace. if we pulled i.c.e. out, in two months they would be begging us to come back. >> he is sending messages not just to california but to congress. ainsley: america's pastor billy graham will lie in honor if the capitol rotunda. >> that was faith in christ of. the simple gospel message billy
5:01 am
preached and millions responded to that. >> we stand with the conservative movement. come to think of it, we always stand for our flag and our national anthem as well. [cheers and applause] usa. ♪ steve: welcome to the friday dance party edition, final hour, 8:00, "fox & friends" in new york city. you're watching studio f. pete in for brian. pete: d.j. steve at the dance party. ainsley: it is soundtrack for trolls. steve: president trump prepares to take the stage at cpac. he will be there exactly two
5:02 am
hours from now. pete: his series follows two other powerful speeches one from vice president pence and other leaders and highlighting school safety and immigration. ainsley: griff jenkins is live with what we can expect to today. hi, griff. reporter: hi, ainsley. we expect the walls to rattle and chandeliers come tumbling down, with the reception that vice president pence got yesterday we will hear double when president trump makes his second appearance as sitting president. vice president pence said 2017 was most consequential year in history for the conservative moment. he rattled off a list of president trump promises made, promises kept. that would include tax reform. one of the things he hasn't accomplished just yet is immigration. secretary perry speaking about how he thinks the president will handle progress making on
5:03 am
immigration. >> the president is a first-rate negotiator. i would suggest to you that that's what's going on. he is clearly sending some messages not just to california but also to congress. i feel they quite certain they will get it out, this country safe and immigration plan in place. reporter: another issue we'll certainly hear about is gun control and safety of the nation's children. wayne laperriere breaking his silence, head of nra yesterday addressing this crowd. here is what he has to say. >> evil walks among us and god help us if we don't harden our schools and protect our kids. to stop a bad guy with a gun it takes a good guy with a gun. [applause] reporter: we shall see what the
5:04 am
president has to say. he has to strike a tone for the nation in terms of how to secure our kids as well as firing this crowd up. it may be one that goes down in history for president trump. we'll find out in less than two hours, guys. steve: will indeed. griff, thank you very much. geraldo rivera is on location at our nation's capitol. he is in the bureau. >> hi ainsley. steve: you were at cpac in tonight. pete is in. interesting to see what the president does say at cpac he has been on this listening, had the listening meetings over last couple days. it does sound like the president and the nra are at loggerheads on a couple things. nra does not want to raise the limit agewise to buy one of the longs guns. they do not want more background checks. they are on the same page recordings however, geraldo, we'll play the sound bite, hardening the schools. listen to this.
5:05 am
>> unless you're going to have offensive capability you're wasting your time, you're wasting your time. i want to end the problem. i don't want to have it where this happens again. unless we have offensive capability, it is going to happen and again and again and it will be the same old story. we have to harden our schools, not soften them up. steve: geraldo, should people in schools, whether it is teachers or paid security guards have guns? >> first, steve, let me, i don't want to brush over the fact that i spent a couple of hours with the president last saturday night. he friday had visited the victims of the parkland massacre, the survivors of the that massacre. he was deeply touched when he spoke. he could not believe severity and savagery of those wound. i really do believe the president is keen on doing something dramatic and revolutionary. i do believe he will advocate for this juvenile assault weapons ban, raising the aiming that a young person can buy one
5:06 am
of these deadly machines from 18 to 20 up with. i do think that he is going to do that. he will stick to his guns. he is at loggerheads on that particular issue. i'm fascinated to see how that crowd will react to him when he says that. now in terms of hardening of the schools, i had a vice principal in my high school, many years ago, obviously, who in the summertime was a nothing state trooper. obviously trained and licensed to carry a firearm. he was also our assistant football coach. he's the guy in the school that i would extremely comfortable being armed. i believe that he is the kind of person that the president of the united states is talking about when he says we need some offensive capability in the school. we had some in parkland. bitter irony is, but the broward deputy stayed outside and chickened out and let down the kids inside. so you had all grown-ups to
5:07 am
protect the kids in parkland letting those kids down. the fbi not following clues on shouted from the rooftops that this kid was potential danger. a deputy outside, armed deputy, instead of going if as they are trained to do ever since columbine stayed outside and hid behind a concrete barrier. ainsley: that deputy, scot peterson, he resigned. he had to resign because the boss and the deputy superintendent was why you were outside four for minutes calling for backup, when you can hear the guy inside killing 17 individuals and you never ran inside? what is your reaction. when you count his overtime he was making more than $100,000, not running in when kids lives were in danger? >> pete can tell you about what happens with cowardice in face of the enemy in combat. these cops are trained for that exactly that moment. that is why he was there. ainsley: he thought he was, he
5:08 am
thought he was doing a good job. he said he was doing what he was trained to do. >> baloney. he was cowering when he should have bp saving children. pete: he was totally unprepared. we had representative mark meadows on the show earlier. what you're proposing geraldo, frankly more government solutions. we raised the handgun age to 21. if we raise the long gun age, to 21, don't 18, 19, 20-year-olds have right to self-defense. >> no. pete: they don't have? >> they don't have the right to buy beer. he have this to right to fight and die formed their country geraldo but don't have a right to defend themselves male or female, citizens, 19, 20, years old. >> why do we have the rule about drinking? we expect the father of five. pete: let's add more rules. >> children grow up. they go through these teenage years and they are evolving. they have boyfriend problem, a girlfriend problem. they have been bullied, this or that. there are issues we don't want
5:09 am
them drinking. they will go drive. they will get in trouble. if you can't buy beer how is it that you can buy an ar-15? five of the last six massacres have been committed with this killing weapon. pete: not enshrined in our constitution, geraldo, second amendment says we have the right to defend ourself. in a free country there are absolute rights. you can say what you want with the first amendment. why technocrat, a government employee decide when i get right to defend myself. 19-year-old girl on dangerous streets, why shouldn't she carry a weapon if necessary. >> major, i love you, you have a situation here, 39 times cops called to his house. the administrators in the school don't want hill in the building with a backpack. this kid, hold it, this kid can go to a gun store, put down his $1000, wonder where he to the it, get an ar-15. here is troubled kid, visited by the authorities. everyone thinks that he is pariah, next school shooter he
5:10 am
can buy an ar-15, that keeps your kid safe? my goodness, president of the united states has evolved on this issue. you will see, this, he will do more for controlling this problem than president obama ever did. ainsley: geraldo, my only concern is that more of a mental illness problem? i grew up in a family where my dad and my brother, they love, and many south carolinians, love when hunting season opens up, go out there as father-son team. my dad taught my brother how to hunt. if he couldn't do that until 21 years old. >> steve: couldn't buy the gun. ainsley: but still use the gun? steve: yeah. >> ainsley there is reason to own an ar-15 unless you -- pete: sure there is. >> if you're in a sports club. pete: i own one, i would use it to defend myself. >> i got no problems with you owning it. pete: who gets to decide i'm acceptable and guy next to me isn't acceptable? who sides whether someone is mentally ill or not?
5:11 am
what happens to due process? >> you answer your own question, pete, here you are, a prudent, reasonable veteran of the united states armed forces and, i don't, i don't, even though i know that ar-15 is not used for hunting, never used for hunting. this high velocity with high capacity magazines, give me a break! you're not going to hunt duck with an ar-15. what you will do, pretend to be rambo. your whole personality changes when you hold that weapon. you know this is your trophy weapon. you imagine the black helicopters, how are you going to fight off the bad guys. every videogame has a ar-15 clutched. same weapon as m-16 with slight modifications. the kid was dreaming his nightmarish revenge. ainsley: worst school shooting was with a handgun. not a ar-15. >> i covered virginia tech. i understand that. ainsley: that is slippery slope.
5:12 am
>> the last six massacres was ar-15. it changes your personality. steve: look at the things the president proposed over the last week, whether or not they would have kept what happened last week from happening. last week he talked about how he would like the department of justice to look into getting rid or banning gun stocks. bump stocks. would have done anything in this instance? no. >> in las vegas it would have. steve: but not in this one. you look at background checks. would that have made a difference, give the fact the government fell down in many places? probably not. when it comes to the purchase of the gun, particular long gun, age 21. would that have stopped it? >> he was 18 1/2 when he bought the gun. steve: so change it to 21. >> my god, when i spoke to the president, he recounted to me, our faces were like this, he
5:13 am
recounted to me his reaction to seeing the survivors. they weren't, the victim of an ar-15 doesn't get, not like in the movies where someone wear as sling and little red stain. these kids had arms blown off. these kids were maimed. pete: why he came back with common-sense approach. >> it is historic approach. my point is, here is a republican, conservative president who is going to do more for controlling this problem than any liberal democrat ever did. with the background checks. with the no-fly zone, no-fly list you don't get a gun. steve: okay. >> if you have a protection order you don't get a gun license. troubled 18-year-old from parkland high school you don't get a gun. steve: yesterday we heard from wayne laperriere the guy who runs the. [ra. we'll hear from the president 90 minutes from now. interesting to hear what he says. ainsley: thank you, geraldo.
5:14 am
we have franklin graham talking about his dad's legacy coming up car of your choice."
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5:18 am
220,000 just last week. ainsley: is this another sign of positive momentum for the trump economy? pete: here to weigh in, host of ""making money with charles payne" on the fox business network, what do they really mean? >> i'm glad you asked that question. we throw up numbers the audience is okay. better numbers to explain this, yesterday a company called bloomin' onion. we know it as outbreak steakhouse. it was up 8% one day. how about this one, dineequities? doesn't ring a bell? does ihop ring a bell? ihop is in every single state. applebee's in 47 states. when people get a little extra money and confidence, they take the family out. that stock is up 25% the past five days. this morning one of the biggest winners on the stock exchange, bj's restaurant. you know why? you know what the ceo said?
5:19 am
stronger traffic. people are now, all these sentiment numbers we've seen since the election because those sentiment numbers reads went through the roof, whether small businesses or consumers, wall street they call that soft data. it is an opinion, right? it's a survey. this is hard data. we're seeing manifestation of all the excitement and anticipation of things getting better come to reality. consumers are thrilled. steve: if jobless claims dropped to a near 45-yee low or are they finding jobs or dropping out or retiring? >> no. there is near record amount of job openings right now. people are saying, take this job, because i can get a better one. the only problem we've got in this country, something of a skills gap we must find a way to work on to stay repreeminent in the world. people are starting to make the move. starting to quit. better jobs for higher pay. we will see continuous, strong wage gains from here on out. watch these numbers, every time
5:20 am
the employment number comes out, watch the wage gains. they come up and pick up big time. ainsley: are we seeing people go towards technical schools versus a college? because they still do make a lot of money in the technical industry? >> we should. the amount of welding jobs out there, the construction industry, the only thing holding back the housing market, is lack of carpenters, people with those schools. what happened during the great recession, older carpenters or welders a lot of them quit their jobs. we didn't see older person bringing someone, a nephew or friend, train them, entrepreneurship, apprenticeship went away. we have a skills gap gulf. but the opportunities, we're on cusp of something major in this country. steve: you sound like mike rowe. >> i like mike rowe a lot. steve: thank you, charles. ainsley: he was a pastor but he was also a father. billy graham's son is here live
5:21 am
tora honor his dad's legacy. ♪ the tears are in your eyes, mvo: how hard is it just to take some time out of your day to give him a ride to school and show him you support him. ♪ and don't be ashamed to cry, ♪ let me see you through, ♪ 'cause i've seen the dark side too. ♪ ♪ when the night falls on you, ♪ you don't know what to do, mvo: when disaster strikes to one, we all get together and support each other. that's the nature of humanity. ♪ i'll stand by you, ♪ won't let nobody hurt you. ♪ i'll stand by you, ♪ so if you're mad, get mad,
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♪ ainsley: this morning we continue to remember the spirit of america's pastor, reverend billy graham. >> i don't know what your religious background or racial background or cultural background, it makes no difference. you come and stand quietly here say as it were, i give my life to christ tonight. god is a god of love, he loves you. one thing to take from this great park when you leave here today this, god loves you. steve: billy graham preached to millions of people around the world. his message of god's love will continue for years to come. pete: we are honored to continue to remember his legacy today with billy graham's son, the
5:25 am
reverend franklin gram. reverend, thank you so much for being with us this morning. we're with you and your family at this time. the nation mourns along with you. each of us have in some way a story about the reverend. i heard him speak at a crusade in minneapolis in 1990s as a teenager. it affected me. affected so many. what do you as a legacy want to terri forward from your father? >> first of all my father was faithful preaching the gospel, it was not only a message of god's love, but god's warning. there is judgment. all of us have a life to live. but after that the judgment. we have to stand before god. my father wanted people to know how they could have their sins forgiven. by putting their faith and trust in god's son jesus christ who came to this earth to take our sins. he died for our sins, hung on a cross and shed his blood for our
5:26 am
sins, was buried. god raised his son to life. jesus is to the dead. my father is not dead. he is more alive than ever. he is in the presence of almighty god. this can be each and everyone's hope if they put their faith and trust in jesus christ. they is can have assurance of sins forgiven and being in heaven with god for eternity. as a family we're sad, but at same time we rejoice. we know where our father is. we'll join him one day. ainsley: how do you have the strength this morning to come on national television to talk about him without getting choked up? you're so strong? >> i loved my father and i know where he is. and i know that he is in the presence of god. so, like i said, i'm sad and there is a hole in my heart because i miss him but at the same time, he is with god. he preached about heaven. he talked about heaven. he wrote a book on heaven.
5:27 am
guess what? he is in heaven. so i'm excited for him. steve: yeah. franklin for young people who are unfamiliar with the story of billy graham, the other day when the news broke during our show, we tried to tell as much about his humble start but he really started on the radio. he was on somebody's show out in los angeles. there was just something about that show, people said, we got to put him on all the time. william randolph hearst would run columns about the billy graham crusades. what was his message in the early days, and why was it so potent he became the biggest preacher of all time? >> his message was the same when he started preaching in the '40s as it was when he finished preaching in the '90s. his same message, that god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, who so every believeeth in him should not
5:28 am
perish but have every lasting life. that is message my father preached. it's a message of god. god gave it to my father. billy graham was a country boy from mechanic henneberg county in charlotte, north carolina. negative saw himself as celebrity. he always saw himself as a farm boy. for some reason god touched him. something god did, steve, that is just, it is just god. and my father would, if he were sitting here right now he would tell you the same thing. was god. ainsley: you know what i loved about your parents? i watch ad dvd, you know the one i'm talk about, infomercial 10 years ago, talked about your mom's life when she died. i bought it, i went through it. i watch it occasionally because she is the woman i strive to be. what about your parents relationship? in this day and age, so many broken marriages, some things wrong in the home? can you tell us what your parents did to keep that glue together? >> well, first of all, in our home, we had devotions every
5:29 am
morning and every evening as a family. and my mother and father read scriptures and studied the scriptures together. my mother memorized scripture. every day, up until the week she died she was still memorizing scrip tough. i think it is the bible my mother and father made that the center of their life. they loved god. they loved the lord jesus christ. they wanted to study the bible. they wanted the home to be a christian home. i don't ever remember my mother and father arguing. i'm sure they did when they back and closed the doors but in front of us children, they were always united, working together. and if my mother said something, my father backed her. if my father said something, mother backed him. and they were, they were united in front of us children. i just appreciate the godly example that my mother and father set in the home.
5:30 am
steve: reverend graham, we were showing a montage of the dozen presidents that your father met with and prayed with as well. >> yeah. steve: that had to have been an awesome responsibility but almost a burden perhaps, to think you know, hey, the leader of the free world is asking me for advice? >> well, my father tried to keep his advice spiritual and many times they would ask him questions about politics or would ask him questions about something they were facing at that particular time but he always tried to keep his comments based on the word of god, what god had to say. so as a result of that he prayed with them. he counseled them from the word of god and he was friend with all of them, even up to our current president, president trump. they have known each other and they had been friend. pete: reverend, your father had an awesome responsibility as steve said, dozen president, counselor to them, for that
5:31 am
reason his body will lie in honor in two days next week in the rotunda of the u.s. capitol building. the reverend is the first private citizen to receive that privilege since rosa parks in 2005. he is in heaven, that is where he would want to be, but what does that mean to your family to have such a legacy? >> first of all it's a great honor that the nation would want to on nor a man of god. so as a family we're humbled and just grateful that the nation is doing this for my father. but my father lived a life that was consistent. he never changed. he was always faithful to the message that god gave him to preach. that was god so loved world. so that is what my father preached. but he warned people, again, remember there sis a judgment. god is going to judge sin. and yes, god is a god of love but he is a just god. and he will judge sin. only way we can be forgiven is under the blood of christ.
5:32 am
steve: reverend franklin graham, remembering his father. ainsley: in death he has found life. rest in peace. thank you so much. >> thank you. ainsley: god bless you. >> thank you. steve: we are going to take a quick timeout. mike huckabee is coming up.
5:33 am
5:34 am
5:35 am
ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. moments ago teachers and staff returning to marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida. pete: it comes a little more than a week after a gunman opened fire there killing 17 people. steve: today the school is dedicated to the needs of school employees. there will be support services available on campus. the plan at this point is to perhaps, joined like have the children come back to school next tuesday. meanwhile let's bring in mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas, fox news contributor. former presidential candidate as well. governor, good morning to you.
5:36 am
joining us today from nashville. >> good morning, steve and ainsley and pete. great to be with you guys. steve: good to have you. the president has been listening ever since what happened last week happened down in parkland, and he has got a lot of ideas. we heard maybe he is going to suggest raising the age to buy that kind of a long gun, better background checks into mental health. maybe making sure that there is somebody with a gun inside of a school, whether it's a teacher or a paid security guard. where do we go from here? >> well i think the president's done a good job of trying to a simulate all the ideas that people are bringing together. but let's keep in mind, this shooting should have never happened. if the bib if -- fbi and local sheriff's department fulfilled their obligations and duties this kid would never have been able to purchase a weapon and certainly never been able to show up on the school ground to kill 17 people. add to the tragedy, a person with a gun, with a uniform at
5:37 am
the school at the time of shooting, he was taking cover behind a concrete post, instead of going in and stopping the shooting. people say what can we do? we can do the things that we are supposed to already be doing. we could have agencies that actually do the jobs that they're tasked to do. pete: governor your critics will say stance, then is to do nothing. what you're pointing out there were government layers an institutions there and they failed to meet their obligation, yet what we're talking about the national conversation are more layers of federal government control. what then is your solution for a left looking for an automatic silver bullet? >> i certainly don't subscribe to the idea of doing nothing. but the nothing is why we had the shooting. the nothing that was done about it fbi. in relationship to the facebook post for this kid, they couldn't identify him even though his name was clearly in the post. the nothing done by the sheriff's department, when they had over 30 different visits to the kid's home. the nothing done by the guard who took cover rather than to
5:38 am
take charge. those are not nothings. those are somethings. there is a great piece that is available on twitter, i, twitted a repeat by ari shulman. it's a long thread looking at this, we didn't have mass shootings untilled mid '60s. didn't proliferate until the late '80s. why? not a matter of presence of guns, we have as many guns per person now as we did then but here is something i think does matter. the fact that we give these shooters infamy. give them so much attention. we put their faces and their names widely on the screen, in every newspaper. there are some people whose lives are so insignificant they feel like this is the way they can finally have some level of infamy. i think we should simply never mention their names, don't put their faces up. just call them an animal. call them whatever you want to call testimony, let's not make them celebrities. i really believe that is something we could do
5:39 am
immediately. i know that is a hard ask of the media, but frankly, we shouldn't be giving these guys the celebrity of being able to say, i'm on every newspaper in america. ainsley: you're right. there are several things that will have to change. we don't like taking our shoes off at the airport, as a result of terrorism we have to do. something will have to be done here. let's move on to another topic. fox news alert, we just learned during the president's cpac speech today in hour and 20 minutes the president will announce the largest sanctions package, i think we lost the governor. let us tell you this. the president --
5:40 am
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♪ steve: welcome back to "fox & friends. what the heck just happened? ainsley: technical difficulty. >> we have no idea, in the control room everything went blank for some reason.
5:46 am
we're trying to figure it out. that is the explanation why we cut governor huckabee a little short. pete: that's right. we'll try to get him back. steve: ainsley was about to do a fox news alert. coming up we have a little bit of news when the president will be talking about at cpac. ainsley: he is speaking 10:00 this morning at cpac, announcing massive, he says quote sanctions against north korea. meantime, pete you just flew back from jerusalem. pete: that's right. ainsley: tell us about your trip. pete: i got back from a four-day tour of jerusalem, sponsored by the national council of young israel and my friend joe. i was tagging along with the israeli defense forces, idf. they he can more them, terror tunnels in gaza. take a look. here we are just roughly 700 meters from the gaza border inside of a tunnel. >> it is a tunnel. to build this kind of structure and to build military force.
5:47 am
pete: they could be using for people and hospitals. otherwise going into something like this. >> the only purpose is to do massive killing inside of israel. pete: so every day, it is part of your job, to find more terror tunnels? >> we have technology, but in the end you need to discover from one meter, this is what you need to discover, 15 or 20 meters. october to januarys we found just in the last three months, three tunnels. pete: you're finding them right now as hamas continues to dig under the gaza strip into the israeli population. i want to get a sense what it is like to fight in tunnel like this? in the infantry you're outside of different conflicts. you're underground. this is whole another level. >> psychological challenge to fight inside tunnels like this. pete: i'm cramming up, sore already, we've been here for two minutes. just imagine the difficulty of fighting in a tunnel like this. but idealogical dedication of, a
5:48 am
radical islamist enemy willing to spend months and months and months and months and months underground, picking away at the soil, putting in steel, putting in lights, pumping in air, just so they can kill innocent civilians. >> they all civilian population is shield for military targets. this is a crime. this is one crime. the second time they shoot and want to kill a civilian population of israel. we conscious we do the best to save our life and their life. to achieve the military goals of the war. pete: ultimately when it comes down to it what is the way the israeli defense forces fight and radical islamic enemies you face? >> in the end we come in, protect our systemmians, protect our way of life. pete: we're in the town of steirot, stone's throw away from the gaza strip, protected by an
5:49 am
iron dome battery. you have got civilian population. you have privately-owned farms, kibbutz's here. massive population controlled by a terror organization seeking to rain terror on this group. that is your job to make exact they don't do that. >> exactly. that is our challenge and why we're here. we are the only system that can protect them, okay? no other system can do what we do. our main mission to intercept rockets that are launched on daily basis towards israel. if it happens right now. it could happen in an hour. it could happen tomorrow. it happened just yesterday. pete: you were the person in charge of looking at the screen. >> yes. pete: and making the determination whether to shoot. how long does that take to make that decision? >> it takes something like a
5:50 am
second or two seconds. pete: a second or two? what is the feelings that you have? >> i think first second i didn't believe that it is real. it was -- pete: this is not training this is to the practice. this is the protection of your people. >> yes. pete: at the very moment. what does it mean for you to look at a city like that, realize your responsibility is to protect them? >> imagine having the responsibility for lives of almost half a million people and if you don't react quickly enough in seconds, then, you might hear on the news a house was hit, army base was hit, a soldier killed, a mother, i don't know, lost her child. pete: bravery on display every single day in the state of the israel. important to remember why they're our allies, they are our friend. they share common values. ainsley: these tunnels are built
5:51 am
underground. on israeli side small little holes. pete: hoe hope to pop up ambush innocent village and kill civilians. they have a things to monitor the ground but ultimately you have to stay vigilant. they destroyed three in last three months. steve: speaking of vigilant, the woman is last line of defense. they don't have a computer automatically shoots down incoming missile. there is something on the screen, 1000 one, 1000 two, do i push the button. pete: no snowflakeses allowed. am i shooting down a missile headed for civilian population. iron dome system we paid for it here in the america because the alliance between our two countries. honor to be always be there, reminder how sacred our relationship is with the state of israel. steve: pete. great to go there. pete: i look forward going again. thank you to the folks that took us there. are you looking for a new car? we have you covered. "consumer reports" released 2018
5:52 am
list of top picks. we have a exclusive list on our plaza next. ♪ hey, are you taking the tissue test?
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♪ steve: you might be in the market for a new car. if you are, you're in luck, because "consumer reports" just released their top picks of the year. we have some on the plaza. here with details is car reporter for "consumer reports," mike quincy. mike, i am a subscriber to "consumer reports," have been for about, many, many years. what do you look for in a good car because there are lots to choose from? >> what makes "consumer reports" different from all the others we buy our own test cars. not getting any freebies. not taking any advertising. we're totally independent which allows to us tell the truth about cars. we're talking about a top pick
5:56 am
in april issue of "consumer reports," we're looking at cars do really well in performance, reliability, good owner satisfaction and high levels of safety. steve: we have five to take a look at. dave, take a look at front. you love the toyota camry. >> some people talk about camry being kind of a bland, kind of vanilla, the redesigned camry did well in the consumer reports testing. four-cylinder go 32 miles per hour. this is hybrid model. it combines gas and electric. gets 47 miles per gallon. steve: that is great. how much does this cost you. >> mid 20s to mid 30s. excellent normal family sedan. steve: hybrid gas/electric. tell us about the volt. >> this is the all electric chevrolet bolt. general motors did a nice job. kind of unusual, instead of gas you're always plugging in electricity. ainsley: you know what making
5:57 am
this car great? sirius radio. we're on. can you hear this? that is your voice, mike. >> 250 miles per charge. takes 10 hour of 240-volt outlet. this is very impressive model. if you ever thought going all electric, honestly would be nuts not to consider the bolt. ainsley: it has heated seats. tell us about the bmw. jillian in this one. >> top pick for luxury compact suv. ainsley: i'm also listening in here. >> color of your jacket goes with this. >> it is fun to drive. comfortable. really excellent handling this is the top line 4.0. this is a great six-cylinder engine. super fun to drive. we love the car. if you're in the market for suv, who isn't these days? >> this is smaller size suv is so nice for some people. >> exactly. >> not too big. not too small. interior is so pretty.
5:58 am
>> bmw known for excellent seats. the controls are a little bit complicated at first. you get used to them. >> how much does this run? >> this one runs between about 40 and 60. this is the top line, 4.0. so we're looking at about 60 grand. it is so satisfying to drive. ainsley: how about the audi? >> audi a 4. what we love about this one, again like the bmw. excellent fifth and finnish. gorgeous insuperior. steve: look in here. >> four-cylinder engine. 27 miles overall in consumer reports testing. very comfortable of all the cars we have on the plaza. this is the number one road trip car. i love driving this car. steve: keep on trucking. there is the f-150. >> everyone is buying trucks these days. >> this blue leather. ainsley: it has a step. >> you open the door. look at that bang, look at that. >> you feel like you're on top of the world. >> we love about the f-1 top
5:59 am
pick for a pickup truck. very family friendly truck. lots of room. room for yourself. room for the family. awesome bed in back. everyone is driving trucks these days. so the f-150 is really the best. >> like you're on top of the road. look at difference. steve: my dad had a 150 back in the old days. >> ainsley, where do you want to take us. steve: we need a boat and go over to the lake. >> v-6 engine in the f-150 is great for towing. 19 miles per gallon overall. "consumer reports" fuel economy testing. best for non-diesel truck. steve: for more information go to "consumer reports".org. you have it right there. >> april issue on the newsstands. steve: thanks very much. >> what is your pick out of all of these? what is your favorite? >> i love the a-4. i'm a road trip guy. comfortable quiet good controls.
6:00 am
excellent car. steve: thank you very much. as we leave the show, dave turn around. that guy will leave the show. work on some. good luck, scott >> bill: good morning, everybody. a one hour from now, president trump delivers his speech at donald trump, that's the conservative political action conference. growing a national debate about gun rights after the florida schoolin


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