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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  February 23, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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it was unclear what that meant. there was a lot of strange stuff this week. >> dana: we'll continue to follow your work. chris, thanks for being here. i'm dana perino. next, shepherd smith. >> shepard: its noon on the west coast, 3:00 at the white house. president trump has made lots of news today. the last hour, holding a news conference with australia's prime minister and speaking at a conference with conservative activists and firing up hills base ahead of the mid-terms. >> if they get in, they will repeal your tax cuts, they will put judges in that you wouldn't believe. they'll take away your second amendment. in america, we don't worship government. we worship god. we want our cities to be sanctuaries for law-abiding americans, not criminals. >> shepard: president trump hit north korea with what he's calling the toughest penalties ever in an effort to curb the
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dictator's nuclear program there. the president just warned if the sanctions on north korea don't work, the next phase, as he put it, will be unfortunate for the world. plus, word of another guilty plea in the special counsel's robert mueller investigation. rick gates now under fire. what did he tell prosecutors when he cut this deal? it's a very busy news day. let's get to it. breaking news begins this news hour on a friday. the big question, who or what is rick gates ready to give up? president trump's former deputy campaign manager has cut a deal with the special prosecutor or the special counsel, robert mueller. gates here leaving federal court just moments ago. he pleaded guilty to conspiring against the united states of america and guilty to lying to the feds. part of robert mueller's
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investigation into russian's meddling or election meddling and possible collusion with team trump. the president has said there was no collusion. president trump has not yet commented on the gates deal. the attention now turning to gates long-time associate and the co-defendant in this case, the former trump campaign manager, paul manafort. both men facing money laundering charges and conspiracy charges. yesterday, a federal grand jury slapped them with another round including tax evasion and bank fraud. this new indictment includes references to conspirators. people accused of helping manafort and gates. it doesn't name any of them. robert mueller's team has already gotten guilty pleas from the former trump national security adviser michael flynn and the former trump campaign adviser, george papadopoulos, each owned up to lying about their contacts with russians. each said to be cooperating with bob mueller's team. just this week, a russian-linked
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lawyer admitted that he too lied about his contacts with rick gates. the white house spokeswoman telling fox news the gates deal and the charges against manafort have no connection to president trump. we'll go live to the white house in just a moment. remember what this is all about. manafort worked for the leader of ukraine. that leader was a puppet of vladimir putin in russia. many millions of dollars went to manafort. the government says he didn't report it and didn't pay any taxes on it. now he's in trouble bigly. the question is, what about gates? what was his role? well, the government has spoken on this. first to the chief intelligence correspondent, catherine herridge live in washington. tell us about the charges and rick gates. >> well, i was inside the courtroom here in downtown washington, shep. the hearing wrapped up just about ten minutes ago. during the 45-minute session, rick gates pled guilty to two felonies. the first is conspiracy against
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the united states, this is a basket of charges including bank fraud, tax fraud, hiding income overseas as well as failing to register for lobbying work on behalf of this pro russian group in the ukraine. it's a violation of the foreign registration act. the second felony, making false statements and pertained to a does contribution in march of 2013 involving paul manafort a lobbiest not named in the court papers as well as other individuals and gates said today, that he was guilty of misrepresenting the meeting. he was not at the meeting. he didn't know it was discussed. he told the fbi it didn't not involve the ukraine. that was his direction from paul manafort when in fact the meeting had discussed that issue. the bottom line for gates, according to the judge's statements is that he's looking at somewhere between 57 and 71 months in prison.
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anywhere between 20 and $200,000 in fines. that will be settled at a later date. throughout the hearing, gates to me, i was about three rows from him, was very calm, sort of very relaxed up until the final three minutes. he waived a series of rights with a guilty plea and he had to make the final statement, like the nail of the coffin. at that point, his voice cracked when he spoke to the judge in the case, shep. >> shepard: catherine, normally when you plead, it means you're giving up something. you're cooperating. do we know about whether rick gates is cooperating with the mueller investigation? >> well, there was no indication from what i heard that he's already cooperating. but the special counsel in this case reserves the right to petition the court, if you will, send a recommendation to the court in the future for a reduction in his sentence based on the number of factors and one of those factors would be cooperating with a special
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counsel. there are a couple of elements that jumped out at me during the hearing and the special counsel prosecutor andrews wiseman made the point that rick gates was acting as an agent of paul manafort. paul manafort was the one in charge and rick gates was following his instructions when it came to the bank fraud, the tax fraud and also hiding this income overseas, shep. >> okay. paul manafort, according to the government's assertion, is working for the russians through the russian puppet in ukraine and rick gates is doing his dirty work, according to the reporting of the government. how does this -- >> that's one way to sum it up. >> how does this tie to a russia meddling investigation in the united states and a possible team trump collusion therein? >> one of the details that came out, a group of former european union politicians had been hired by gates and manafort to bolster
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the future and the objectives of this pro russia party in the ukraine and that these individuals had ties to russian officials. that was a new piece of information that i heard in the courtroom today. the thing when you read this -- it's like a superseding indictment. it's superseding information. when you look at the time line, it runs between 2008 and 2014. so that actually takes us earlier than the presidential election. the critical meeting on the false statement is in 2013. those during the representations by the special counsel prosecutor, andrews wiseman, he referenced a number of meetings in 2016. i was not able to work out whether they made specific references to russians and campaign officials, but he did reference 2016 and that would take us into the window of the presidential campaign, shep. >> shepard: and for big picture and just that, catherine, by way
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of explanation, the idea is you're looking for -- you're on your way toward an objective and you're peeling away all of the other pieces involved. trying to get everybody involved on the way to the top of the target. get everybody to cooperate and put up else in prison and move forward toward a target and we're not there yet. >> well, i've been covering these cases for 17 years. you start with a little fish and you work up to the target of your investigation. people who support the president and his objectives would argue that when you look at the superseding information statement today, it never takes you to 2016 and never takes you specifically into the trump campaign. what we don't know here is what rick gates will offer the special counsel in terms of cooperation in an effort to try to reduce the sentence he's looking at, which at this point is between five and six years, shep. >> shepard: what the will he give? what will he give to save his own hide? that's the operation. we'll know soon enough.
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thanks, catherine herridge. you're the best. we're getting reaction from the white house after president trump's former deputy campaign director rick gates pleaded guilty. john roberts is left out in the yard again. what have we heard, john? >> good afternoon, shep. we just completed press conference with the: president of australia, malcolm turnbull. the president made a lot of phone calls all day and he said this is the worst back when he first got into office. the two disagreed and confronted each other over an obama administration plan to take in some refugees that australia wanted to transfer to the united states. they started talking about the terrible shooting and marjory stoneman douglas high school last week. the president reiterating his strong belief that schools need to be not soft targets but hardened facilities at which
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some members of the staff, and he said as many as 20, 40% of staff in some places, should be trained to use a weapon and be prepared to use it if a shooter comes along. low pressure to what the the president said. >> we're going to be very strong on background checks. i've spoken with many of our people in congress, our senators, our congressmen and women. there's a movement on to get something done. we want to be very powerful on background checks. when we're dealing with the mentally ill as we were in this last case, he was a very sick person, and somebody that should have been nabbed. >> the president there talking about possible legislative remedies saying there's a mood in congress to get something done and reiterating that he believes that people inside those schools should be trained to use weapons and should have those weapons in case they're needed. something the president was not asked about in the main questioning, where each side takes two questions from their respective press corps, but some
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questions were shattered at the end was about rick gates and the guilty plea. the white house insisting this is in a completely different orbit than the russia investigation and any potential collusion between the trump campaign and russia. listen to what mercedes schlapp said earlier today. >> there's no evidence of collusion. at this point, while there's the journalists that want to focus on russia and this issue, we are going to be continuing to focus on the president's economic success. we're going to be talking about the priorities that matter to the american people. >> so that's mercedes schlapp. there's no collusion or evidence of that we got a statement from paul manafort before we went on the air saying not withstanding the rick gates pleads today, i continue to maintain any innocence and hope and i expect
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my business colleague would fight the charges. he chose to do otherwise. i will still fight the trumped up charges in the indictments contained against me. the question is if gates pleads guilty and cooperates with mueller, does he provide testimony against manafort that puts pressure on manafort to talk about what happened during the trump campaign? as catherine herridge was mentioning, if you're a prosecutor, you start with the little fish and work your way up to get to the bigger fish. we'll see where this goes. >> shepard: the president got a question on jared kushner's, his son-in-law, the middle east peace broker's security clearance. >> he did. this was to be the day when people had their security clearances pending since june 1 were to lose those interim clearances. the president said any decision about whether jared kushner would maintain his interim clearance while his full clearance process is underway would be under the purview of john kelly. >> we inherited a system that is
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broken. it's a system that many people have just -- it's taken months and months and months to get many people that do not have a complex financial, you know, complicated -- they don't have it and it's taken months. it's a broken system. it shouldn't take this long. you know how many people are on that list. people with not a problem in the world. so that's up to general kelly. he respects jared a lot. general kelly will make that call. i won't make that call. i let the general who is right here make that call. but jared's doing some very important things for our country. he gets paid zero. ivanka gets paid zero. she gave up a very good and very strong solid big business in order to come to washington because she wanted to help. >> i'll make one of those famous dollar bets that i've been known to make that jared kushner keeps his interim security clearance until he gets his full one
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regardless of what may happen to some 0 the other people here. >> shepard: so risky your bets. >> i go out on a limb. >> shepard: we have more in just a minute. look what is happening on wall street. another end of week up we go on wall and broad. i can't show you. we'll be back. smile dad. i take medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol. but they might not be enough to protect my heart. adding bayer aspirin can further reduce the risk of another heart attack. because my second chance matters. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i had a very minor fender bender tonight! in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane. but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled.
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to the feds, the pressure is on paul manafort. jeffery cramer is here, a former federal prosecutor. managing director at berkeley research group. good to see you. >> good afternoon. >> shepard: what is at stake here? you know rick gates -- you don't cop a plea if you don't have something to give. they don't give that out. where are we? >> that's right. you can plead guilty and just basically throw yourself at the mercy of a judge as far as sentencing. clearly there's a door left open here for the prosecution to come back and give at least a concession, if you will, based upon cooperation. so there's a flurry of activity the last 24 hours. the most recent indictments put pressure on gates. >> shepard: and i'm reading reports. looks like you made money overseas. you don't have to pay taxes on monday on that. whoa! if you make money and you're an american, you have to report it.
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if you put it in off-shore accounts and you pretend you're getting a loan and you weren't and you have a conspirator, which is what was alleged here, you go to prison bigly. unless they have something big to give, that's what the government will do. but you have to figure gates isn't the last one. manafort isn't the last one, right? >> the case against manafort was a rock solid case. the same thing against mr. gates. if you look at the most recent paper that mueller's team dropped with tax charges, they brought the tax charges in and another scheme that they uncovered with respect to bank fraud, now you went from maybe a ten years to closer to 15 for mr. manafort and similarly for mr. gates. larger number of years. a lot coming at these two gentlemen right now. doesn't stop with mr. manafort. >> shepard: with mr. manafort, he's not your target and we have to reason to believe he would be. this is an investigation into
12:19 pm
russian meddling and possible team trump collusion. it would behoove him to fall on the mercy of the court to fight this or to turn. he's saying he's going to fight it. you've seen the detail. it would take quite a defense attorney on this matter, would it not? >> i don't care who the defense lawyer is. the facts are the facts. i saw the statement that mr. manafort put out. take it with a grain of salt. doesn't matter once you go to trial. the facts speak for themselves. you have overseas documents, you have corporate records, banking records, property records here in the u.s. and now chances are you'll have someone on the inside, mr. gates, who will walk a jury through this. this is an extremely difficult cause to defend. the documents really speak for themselves here. now mr. manafort is looking at upwards of 15 years right now. if he can't offer anything to mr. mueller's team, then he's oh may end up pleading guilty.
12:20 pm
>> shepard: but why would we be where we are? if he couldn't offer up anything, why would this be a fork in this road? why would we be here? >> you're right. clearly mr. mueller there's mr. manafort knows something. we don't know anything. put that aside. clearly mr. mueller thinks that he can aid him in the other part of the investigation. the most recent indictment really adds insult to injury. the first indictment was a strong case. when you add tax charges and these bank frauds to it, it really is almost an insur mountable mountain. >> it's a crazy thing to look at. we keep reminding ourselves. for those that say oh, they're piling on trump. they're his enemies they're not. they're all republicans. the ones leading the investigation, all republicans. everything here is a republican. they're peeling away the onion.
12:21 pm
so good to talk to you. have a great weekend. >> you too. >> shepard: coming up, we'll speak with chris wallace on this news day. the politics of gun control, the russian investigation and the latest guilty plea coming up. so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. ein the 2018 lexus es,y system plus, standard... and the es hybrid. take advantage of special president's day offers now through the 28th, on the 2018 es 350. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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you know what's not awesome? gig-speed internet. when only certain people can get it. let's fix that.
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12:25 pm
raising the age to buy a gun. the president has talked about bump stocks. he's talked about other things. is this different from other times, chris? >> yes and we'll have to wait and see. yes because you have a republican president and you have a republican governor in florida. both of them very strong supporters of and supported by the nra, talking about some things that the nra doesn't especially like. having said that and this is where i say we'll have to wait and see, in the case of the president, he will have to propose these to congress. it's not at all certain that congress will go with these. remember, back in a somewhat different circumstance, but an equally horrible situation in 2012 with sandy hook and new town, you know, the slaughter of the 20 first graders then and you had barack obama with a huge
12:26 pm
campaign, he put vice president biden in charge of it. the country was outraged. >> shepard: couldn't beat the nra. >> wringing our hands and went nowhere. so this yes, yes, he does have clout with gun supporters that a barack obama didn't have and some credibility with them, but let's wait to see what happens when it gets to congress. >> shepard: i thought it was interesting around the edges, chris. wayne lapierre, the spokesperson for the nra, said we need to harden our schools. i never heard the president use that word. i searched for it. and then after wayne lapierre said it, the president said it five or six times. we need to harden the school. he is co opting their language. >> yeah, there's some things he's in line with the nra. having guns in schools. i remember after new town.
12:27 pm
i remember it being outlandish or out there, seems that way, when he said the way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to stop a good guy with a gun in a school. the idea after sandy hook is that you would have people in schools with guns seemed dramatic, pretty extreme. but that seems to be something that people are kind of agreeing on. obviously very controversial, the idea of arming teachers. the idea of armed people, whether it's the teachers, security, whatever, inside schools seals to be -- that's part of the solution here almost certainly. >> shepard: chris, there's so many people that are so against that. you actually think that they may end up arming, as the president put it, 20 to 40% of the able and trained inside the schools seriously? >> no. what i said is maybe teachers, may be other security people, full time security people. in terms of the teachers that is already happening in some parts
12:28 pm
of the country. out west, in ohio, particularly in rural communities where people are saying, look, it's going to take 10, 20, 30 minutes to get police here if there's a police shooting. we need protection way before that. the average incident takes three to five minutes. i saw some pieces last night, one on special report, one on the cbs evening news, where they talked to teachers that have taken it upon themselves, they have to go through training but get guns and carry them in schooling to protect the students if need be. >> shepard: we'll see what happens. report on it. this rick gates plea that just went down, that's another one. i mean, this is at this moment, at least, separate and apart from as far as you can tell from this indictment, anything trump, but it's layer in this investigation. >> i think the first part -- the point you make is something that we have to emphasize. all of the charges against gates, including ones he pleaded guilty to, all of the charges
12:29 pm
against paul manafort, none of them have anything to do with the collusion, the russia, with the trump campaign. it's all separate financial crimes. now, you know, you certainly have to at least have a suspicion that the hope of the special counsel, now that they have pressed gates and he's flipped, that he is going to implicate manafort. may have nothing to do with the president and the campaign. but on these financial charges that they were involved, that have been brought against them, then the question is, one will manafort flip himself and if so, does he have anything to say that would implicate the president or anybody around him. we don't know that yet. >> shepard: nope. wisdom from wallace in washington. wow! lots of ws. oh, come on. hey, i'm going to watch, chris, this weekend. >> are you going to tell me what's on my show? >> shepard: i'm going to be in oxford watching the rebels win another baseball game. while i'm there, i'll take time
12:30 pm
for the "fox news sunday" on the fox. chris will have the latest on the high school massacre and the gun control debate with rick scott. also, delaney tarr, a senior at marjory stoneman husband and amy pollack whose daughter was killed in that horrible shoot. that's this sunday. check your local listings. and i mentioned the florida governor, rick scott, who will be chris' guest this weekend. he says teachers should not be armed. even after a massacre in his state. that's the wrong idea, says the governor. we're learning about another missed warning sign. the dramatic 911 call after a violent outburst long before that shooting. that's ahead. the bottom of the hour headlines, top of the news and look at the dow! up more than 1.1% on the day. it's safe to look at your 401(k).
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>> shepard: there has been an incident in washington. breaking news now on fox news channel. there's reports out of washington from the secret service that a vehicle has rammed into a security barrier at the white house. i want to show you the location. is this the best of maps? it's not. but this is the white house right here. this is pennsylvania avenue and 17th street northwest. pennsylvania avenue goes right in front of the white house. there's the white house. security barrier right here. someone drove a car we're told by the secret service into this location, into the barrier. the driver we're now told -- this is from the secret service. the secret service said the driver was a woman and she's been apprehended. i have a tweet that has come in on bat 3. the female driver of the vehicle was immediately apprehended. secret service uniformed division officers. that just happened in washington.
12:34 pm
we'll get video from the scene in just a moment. but again, to back up, somebody rammed a vehicle into the security barrier at pennsylvania avenue and 17th street northwest. this security barrier is always there now. has been for years. there are photos coming now of the scene. we just got those. we're processing them to bring them to your screen. we don't have a way to know yet whether this is one of those things that happens or whether this was intentional. so we can tell you what we know. this picture has come. the secret service says a vehicle crashed into the barricade there. you can see the stop sign and you cannot go past there. there was a time that you can -- anyone can drive pennsylvania avenue, walk pennsylvania avenue all the way in front of the white house. there was no security there. there is now. you can see, this is a permanent
12:35 pm
barrier. always up. there's times when they have those posts that come up out of the ground that prevent vehicular traffic from passing. those posts are sometimes up here. in this case, we know that this vehicle rammed into this barrier. we don't know how much damage the vehicle did. but we do know that the incident was significant enough that the secret service immediately apprehended the woman that was responsible. now, was there anybody else in this vehicle? not that i know of. and was this intention to get in? if the intention was to try to get in, that is not a very good way to do it. this particular position is supported by multiple secret service officials. there's -- here's some video coming in now. there's many between this location and the white house itself. getting from here to -- these
12:36 pm
are live pictures here. getting from here to the white house with all of the security, you know -- if your goal was to get there and you really wanted to do it, this would not be a way that you're going to likely be very successful. all of that said, was this some sort of misunderstanding? was the person -- the foot gets stuck on the pedal? entirely possible. the secret service treating this as if it were something and they took this woman into custody. john roberts is there. john what do we know for context here? >> well, that's an area where there's a lot of vehicles that go in and out every day. that's the entrance. east street and 17th just to the south of the eisenhower executive office building. you can see the large structure there on the left-hand side. that's the security checkpoints where people go in the they want to go into the -- that's not it.
12:37 pm
that's the secret service guard shack. this is east street where you come in and turn up 17th street. there's an area there that people go through to get screened. if you're drive into the complex, that's the area that you go to get into the white house parking area and the executive drive, which is just in between the executive office building and the white house. i mean, there's -- it would be difficult to conceive that somebody would accidentally drive into that area, if you did have some sort of medical problem or lost your faculties and you drove street and your foot got stuck. you could go into that area there. i don't have anything from the secret service yet as to what might have been going on with this person. we know it's a woman in a car and we have seen the car and she's been taken into custody.
12:38 pm
so shep, clearly something that we're getting information on very quickly. we'll get you some more just as soon as we can here. >> shepard: a lot to be said for observing body language. the body language of these that guard this place is telling, they seem at ease. no weapons. everybody is walking casually. treating this as something -- if it was something, you know, they fixed it. >> yeah, they -- when you go into these driveways or if you come down pennsylvania avenue to the part that is closed, they have thinks big metal bollards. i think this is the other end, looking back to the eisenhower executive office building. they have these big bollards -- >> shepard: i guess we lost the connection. we'll get it back. this is what we just learned.
12:39 pm
no law enforcement injured. i know we have your connection back. no law enforcement injured at all. for a weird event, the aftermath and the rest is routine. >> yeah, shep. these things happen a lot. not usually with a vehicle, this looks like the other end of the white house complex. this is east street and 15th. it's east street and 17th, which is about a quarter mile down that road there. the incident happened coming back the other way. this is right behind the treasury department, down toward the capitol building. just getting my orientation here. they have these barricades that you see there with the big "stop" on them or they have the bollards which go up and down. they also have the big pots there between the vehicles. all of those will stop a vehicle cold. if somebody, particularly in a
12:40 pm
passenger vehicle tried to get in, they're not going to get past the bollards. you'll have to have a tank to get over something that could climb over it. we had those incidents early on in the trump administration where people were jumping the fans trying to get close to the president. that led to a revamping of the security system here and retraining for people charged with guarding the perimeter here of the white house. an incident like this, this is something that they have protection for. we don't know at this point -- i reached out to the secret service to find out what was doing on with this woman. we don't know why she tried to get in that area. but it's very clear, looked like she was trying to drive up that driveway on the southwest side of the white house, which enters the complex here for people coming in to either work here or you know, members of congress come in and drive to west executive drive to come into the white house. we don't know why she was trying
12:41 pm
to get in there or an accident or medical condition. we're trying to find that out. >> shepard: we have this photo. we had 17th a minute ago with the photo at the barricade. looks like a chevy minivan with an american flag on the back of the thing. you know, you have to wonder if something like weird didn't happen. this doesn't feel like or look like one of those situations where somebody is trying to get in there. the secret service is not saying that. they said they are going to take her into custody. they don't look like they just prevented something horrible. >> you don't have a particularly good angle but doesn't appear a lot of damage to the front end of the vehicle either. i don't know what rate of speed that they hit that barricade at. i don't know if it was somebody trying to get in or somebody trying to make a point or if it was an accident. we don't know just yet. >> that's true.
12:42 pm
we don't. john, we're going to wait to see what more -- we see the ambulances and stuff in there. this is kind of routine, isn't it? >> well, if something like this happens, yeah, they do have emergency services, on hot stands by all the time for some sort of call from the white house complex. obviously it's a large ems truck that's rolled in there hasn't actually gone through the barricade. they're lowering the barricade now. again, shep, the secret service are the keepers of the keys here. i'm trying to reach out to my contact there. haven't heard back. >> shepard: we're in contact with the secret service as well. we have the initial report. they confirmed they've taken a woman into custody. there was an incident at this entrance. beyond that, they seem -- honestly, john, they seem unphased. their communications are such at least at this moment, it appears this is one of those things. and they note that traffic patterns are affected in the
12:43 pm
area. washingtonians are custom to that. john, traffic on a friday afternoon. perish the thought. john is on the phone now. here's what's happening. john is working to see what else is going on. information people have been in touch with the secret service. the pictures are interesting. a car there, an incident. a woman taken into custody for questioning. no charges that we know about. everybody is fairly chill about it all. so they'll get to the bottom of it. when we find out -- nobody was hurt. no federal government employees hurt. president not in any danger. friday afternoon. what happened? hey, john. what you got? >> okay. this was intentional. she meant to do it. she didn't hit the barricade at a high rate of speed. this has nothing to do with the president, no attack on the white house. apparently she has some mental problems. those mental problems were manifest today when she banged into the barricade there outside
12:44 pm
the white house. they've been talking to this woman. no threat to the president. not an attack on the white house. she did hit the barricade intentionally. >> shepard: okay. that's the end of that. john roberts, news continues after this.
12:45 pm
12:46 pm
12:47 pm
>> shepard: the republican governor of the state of florida, rick scott, is going against part of president trump's plan to prevent school massacres. his idea to arm trained teachers with guns inside the schools. governor scott laid out a plan aimed at protecting students there just a week after the deadliest high school shooting in u.s. history happened in his state. he suggested raising the minimum age to buy a gun from 18 to 21, banning the sale of guns to people that are mentally ill. he said giving guns to teachers, no. >> i disagree with arming teachers. my focus is on bringing in law
12:48 pm
enforcement. law enforcement do that. teachers focus on teaching. >> shepard: rick scott wants one guard per 1,000 students. this is after the one guard resigned from his post. scott peterson, the guard, never entered the school during the shooting. and phil keating is at the school. teachers going back today for the first time, right? >> right. it was not an easy morning or afternoon for these teachers and staff, returning to their classrooms and offices for the very first time since the panic on valentine's day, nine days ago. stoneman douglas high school, adults allowed in to retrieve
12:49 pm
personal belongings. a lot of hugs and tears amid plenty of anxiety. >> honestly, i wasn't ready to come back. but at the same time, i think it was time. i wasn't ready because i didn't know what to expect. and it's kind of hard. i'm glad i did. >> and another painful wave of disbelief. the sheriff revealed the high school resource officer armed with a gun, failed to barge into the freshman building as the suspect shot and killed 17 people. a sickened sheriff said this is what he should have done and was trained to do. >> went in, address the killer. killed the killer. >> that i was sheriff scott israel who was front and center since the shooting. and the "wall street journal" has obtained the transcript of
12:50 pm
the fbi from the phone call, the tipster that we reported on last friday that told the fbi that they thought cruz could shoot up a school, but the tip was never forwarded up the chain to the miami field office so it was never followed up. new details from that transcript according to the "wall street journal." the caller said they thought cruz was going to explode and he switched his social media postings from i'm going to kill myself to i'm going to kill people. shep? >> shepard: phil wheating on scene in parkland. an update now from the white house. reports of the vehicle rammed into the security barrier at the white house. ram might be an overstating it. john roberts was clear this person was not at a high rate of speed. there were no shots fired. this woman was mentally challenges in some way. john roberts said she had no designs on the president or the white house. it was just, you know, one of
12:51 pm
those sad incidents. no shots fired. that's the update. we'll be right back. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. but he's got work to do. with a sore back. so he took aleve this morning. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. tylenol can't do that. aleve. all day strong. all day long.
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>> defense secretary james mattis says trans-gender troops should serve in the military like everybody else as long as they can deploy overseas. that's what a senior defense official told fox news. that's different from what the president suggested last summer when he treated trans-gender people would not be welcome in the military in any capacity. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon with more. >> hi, shepard. defense secretary jim mattis submitted his recommendation to president trump friday saying trans-gender people can serve in the u.s. military if they can deploy overseas. i'm told mattis doesn't want to
12:55 pm
violate court orders. a formal white house announcement is expected next month. last summer, trump treated trans-gender are no longer welcome in the military surprising many here in the pentagon. mattis issued a new policy saying if any service men couldn't deploy in a year, he or she would be kicked out. >> we have come up with a policy if you're not deployable for more than a year or so, you'll have to go somewhere else. >> this is a shift from the pentagon allowing trans-gender troops to have sex reassignment surgery while on active duty due to its long recovery time, shep. >> shepard: and jen, you broke the news of a possible drug ring at the naval academy. >> shep, we learned the navy is investigating allegations that ten midshipmen were involved in the drug ring. three were accused of selling
12:56 pm
cocaine, lsd and a sedative to classmates. they were purchased on the dark web using bitcoin. the following statement has been issued. "the naval academy and the investigative service issued a command-assisted investigation in annapolis after a report of recreational drug use in the brigade." no formal charges have been brought. the investigation began three months against after the drug use was reported to authorities. there could be up to two dozen in the ring, shep. >> shepard: thanks, jennifer. have a good weekend. we'll look at the dow. we are having a great day. up 1.28%. equity markets trading higher.
12:57 pm
the bell -- we're not tracking it. there's three more minutes. here's what's going to happen. we're going to do a quick commercial break and neil cavuto will pop up with top of the hour headlines. have a fantastic weekend. see you monday. wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it. experand the nx hybrid... nx, with a class leading 31 mpg combined estimate. take advantage of special president's day offers now through the 28th, on the 2018 nx 300. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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>> neil: all right. does wall street look worried to you? i'm neil cavuto. welcome to "your world." a lot of negatives and a lot of concerns that were thrown at this market. not the least of which is another former top trump official that has pled guilty to lying, building a conspiracy we're told that could cause problems for the white house. you have the nra and the white house not quite on the same page when it comes to violence. you have this incident that happened a short time ago. a woman ramming her car on the white house grounds here. a collective shrug a