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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 23, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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of -- have a terrific weekend. we'll be back on monday at 8:00 p.m. good night from washington. ♪ ♪ >> welcome to the special edition of hanni >> sean: welcome to this special edition of "hannity," the trump agenda. trump delivered a rousing speech. tonight we have the highlights and reaction to all of this. we'll check in with judge jeanine pirro but we start with the plan to protect american schools and students following the tragedy in florida. let's take a look. >> it's time to make our schools a much harder target for attackers. we don't want them in our schools. we don't want them. when we declare our schools to
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be gun-free zones, it just puts our students in far more danger. far more danger. well-trained, gun-adept teachers and coaches and people that work in those buildings, people that were in the marines for 20 years and retired. people in the army, the navy, the air force, the coast guard, people that are adept -- adept with weaponry and with guns, they teach. i mean, i don't want to have 100 guards standing with rifles all over the school. you do a conceal carry permit.
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[ cheers and applause ] and this would be a major deterrent because these people are inherently cowards. if they thought, like if this guy thought that other people would be shooting bullets back at him, he wouldn't have gone to that school. he wouldn't have gone there. it's a gun-free zone. it says this is a gun-free zone. please check your guns way far away. and what happens is they feel safe. nobody is going to come at them. this way you may have -- and remember if you use this school as an example this is a very big school with tremendous floor area and a lot of ache rectangle. a big, big school, a good school. you would have to have 150 real
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guards. you had one guard. he didn't turn out to be too good, i'll tell you that. he turned out to be not good. he was not a credit to law enforcement, that i can tell you. that i can tell you. but as i've been talking about this idea and i feel it's a great idea but some people that are good people are opposed to it. but i'm not talking about teachers. cnn went on and said donald trump wants all teachers -- fake news, folks, fake news. i don't want a person that's never handled a gun that wouldn't know what a gun looked like to be armed. but out of your teaching population, out of your teaching population you have 10%, 20%, a very gun-adept people. military people, law enforcement people, they teach. they teach.
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and something i thought of this morning, you know what else and i thought of it since i found and watched peterson, the deputy who didn't go into the school because he didn't want to go into the school, okay? he was tested under fire and that wasn't a good result. but you know what i thought of as soon as i saw that, these teachers, and i've seen them at a lot of schools where they had problems, these teachers love their students and the students love their teachers in many cases. these teachers love their students and these teachers are talented with weaponry and with guns. and that's -- they feel safe. and i'd rather have somebody that loves their students and wants to protect their students than somebody standing outside that doesn't know anybody and doesn't know the students and
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frankly for whatever reason decided not to go in even though he heard shots inside. the teachers and coaches and the other people in the building, the dean, the assistant dean, the principal, they can -- they love their people -- they want to protect these kids. and i think we're better with that and this may be 10% or 20% of the population of the teachers, et cetera. it's not all of them but you would have a lot. and you would tell people that they're inside. and the beauty is it's concealed. nobody would ever see it unless they needed it. it's concealed. so this crazy man who walked in wouldn't know who it is that has it. it's good. it's not bad. it's good. and a teacher would have shot the he will. l o -- hell out of him before he knew what happened. >> sean: and president trump defended our constitutional
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rights to keep and bear arms. here's what he said. >> don't be complacent. because if they get in, nay will repeal your tax cuts. they will put judges in that you wouldn't believe. they'll take away your second amendment which we will never allow to happen. they'll take away your second amendment. remember that. they will take away -- thank you -- they will take away those massive tax cuts and they'll take away your second amendment. if you only had a choice of one which would you rather have, second amendment or tax cuts? second amendment? tax cuts? second amendment? i'm going to leave it at the second amendment. i don't want to get into that battle. we're going to say you want the second amendment the most. we're going to get them all. there's knob that loves the
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second amendment more than i do. and i'm friends of the nra. they're great people. they backed up. they're patriots. but we really have to strengthen up background checks. we have to do that. and we have to do for the mentally ill, we have to -- we don't want people that are mentally ill to have any form of weaponry. we have to be very strong on that. so we're going to do that and i really believe that congress is going to get it through this time. and they have a different leader. they have somebody that wants to get it through. not somebody who is all talk and no action. this is somebody that wants to get it through. we also need to create a culture in our country that cherishes life and human dignity. a kutch that condemns violence and never glorifies violence. we need to force the real human
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connections and turn classmates and colleagues into friends and neighbors that want to fight for us. we're not just having a conversation about school safety. you've had conversations in all fairness -- i'm pretty new on this job. here a little more than a year. i've been watching this stuff go on for 20 years. the president gets up, everybody's enthusiastic for the first couple days and then it fades and nothing ever gets done. let get it done and let's get it done right. we really owe it to our country. i've been watching for a long time. i've seen a lot of words but very little action. and you know if you think about it, most of it is just common sense. it's not do you love guns or hate guns? it's common sense. it's all common sense. and some of the strongest
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advocates about what i'm saying are the strongest advocates -- i know them very well, the political people, the strongest advocates for the second amendment. but this is common sense in addition to securing our schools we are also implementing a strategy to secure our streets. we want our kids to be safe everywhere they go. whether they're in a classroom walking home from school or just outside playing with their friends. every child deserves to grow up in a safe community surrounded by a loving family and to have a future filled with opportunity and with hope. >> sean: the president is also making major foreign policy news announcing sweeping new sanctions against the rogue regime north korea saying they are the largest ever against pyongyang and meant to cut off money and supplies for the dictator, kim jong-un and is using of course that money to
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advance his nuclear program. here is the president announcing those sanctions earlier. >> i want to say because people have asked. north korea we imposed today the heaviest sanctions ever imposed on a country before. and frankly, hopefully something positive can happen. we will see. but that just was announced. i want to let you know. we have imposed the heaviest sanctions ever imposed. >> sean: and the president listed his many accomplishments and these are the things that the liberal main stream destroy trump never covers because it doesn't fit their narrative. take a look. >> in the last year with your help we put more great conservative ideas into use. than, perhaps, ever before. in american history. we've confirmed a record number -- so important -- of circuit court judges and we're
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going to be putting in a lot more. and they will interpret the law as written. and we've confirmed an incredible new supreme court justice, a great man, neil gorsuch. we've passed massive -- biggest in history -- tax cuts and reforms. it was called the tax act -- tax cut act and jobs. we had to add jobs into it. because we're picking up a tremendous number of jobs. 2.7 million jobs. 2.7. remember this. not only did we get the tax cuts, which everybody said we wouldn't get -- and by the way, repealed in that tax cut, the individual mandate which is a tremendous help.
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this is where you're forced to pay in order not to have health care. is that great? you pay for the privilege of not having health care. so you're subsidying other people. that's gone. people came up to me with tears, i'm forced to pay not to have health care. very unfair. and we're having tremendous plans coming out, health care plans at a fraction of the cost that are much better than obamacare. and except the one senator who came into a room at 3:00 in the morning, we would have had health care too. we would have had health care, too. think of that. but i think we may be better off the way we're doing it, piece by piece by piece. obamacare is just being wiped out. the individual mandate essentially wipes it out. we may be better off. and people are getting great health care plans and we're not finished yet. but remember, one person walked
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into a room when he was supposed to go this way and instead he was going this way and he walked in and he went this way and everyone said what happened? what was that all about? boy oh, boy, who was that? i don't know. i don't know. i don't know. i don't want to be controversial. i won't use his name, okay? what a mess. but -- it's all happening anyway. it's all happening anyway. and we've -- at the same time -- eliminated a record number of job-killing regulations and people are going back to work. no president has ever cut so many regulations in their entire term. okay? as we've cut in less than a year. we've ended the war on american energy. we were in war. and we've ended the war on beautiful, clean coal. remember this.
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virtually as soon as i got into office we approved the keystone xl pipeline and the dakota access pipelines which would never have been approved. we knocked out the paris climate accord. would have been a disaster. would have been a disaster for our country. when you look at what's happening to our country, it's incredible. and the fundamentals are so strong. the stock market i just have seen with all the ups and downs since election day is up 37%. 37%. it was up 100, up 200, up 1,000. i said, good. that's better. we have seven years to go, folks. we have a long time to go. just in finishing, our country is starting to do very well.
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our economy is blazing. jobs are at a record level. jobs are so good. 2.7 million jobs created since the election. unemployment claims have reached a 45-year low. african-american unemployment has reached the lowest level in our history. hispanic unemployment has reached the lowest level in our history. women -- women unemployment is
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at the lowest level in 18 years. wages are rising for the first time in many, many years. small business confidence is at a record high. and thanks to our massive tax cut, millions of americans are getting to keep a great percentage of their money instead of paying it to a government that throws it out the window. so i just leave you with this, we have to fight nancy pelosi. they want to give your money away. they want to give your money away. they've want to end your tax cuts. they've want to do things you wouldn't even believe, including taking your second amendment
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rights away. they will do that. they will do that. so we have to get out there and we have to fight in '18 like never before just like the way you fought with us. just the way you fought with us. you fought so hard and you were so tough and you were so smart. you were so smart. and you know what? i know for a fact you did the right thing because we're looking at the numbers. and the numbers, even they have to give credit for the kind of numbers that we're producing. nobody has ever seen anything like it. >> sean: when we come back, the president telling the cpac crowd he is going to build a wall and crack down on violent gangs like ms-13. as the special edition of "hannity" cpac 2018 continues.
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we all want to know you know, the new, new thing. with xfinity's retail stores, you can now see the latest. want to test drive the latest devices? be our guest. want to save on mobile? just ask. want to demo the latest innovations and technology? do it here. come see how we're making things simple, easy, and awesome. plus come in today and ask about xfinity mobile, a new kind of network designed to save you money. visit your local xfinity store today. president trump's former campaign adviser paul manafort is now accused of making secret payments to european politicians to lobby on behalf of ukraine. it follows a guilty plea by rick gates. in federal court he admitted to
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conspiring against the u.s. government and lying to federal authorities. he is cooperating with the special council investigation into russia meddling in the 2016 presidential election. le net febre has died. she had notable roles on the mary tyler moore show and the 1980 sitcom one day at a time. and appeared in the tv comedy "coach." she was 97. >> sean: the president spent a lot of time addressing the cpac crowd about daca and highlighting brutality of ms-13 and said he was going to build a wall on the southern border. let take a look. >> we're working to get violent
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offenders off our streets and get them behind bars quickly for a long time or get them the hell out of our country. in 2017 we brought cases against more violent offenders than any administration in a quarter of a century, more than any administration, and we're just gearing up. we have tough people. when you deal with ms-13 the only thing they understand is toughness. they don't want anything. all they understand is toughness. if that i.c.e. agent or border patrol agent is tougher than them, they respect them. we got the toughest guys you've ever seen. we got tough. and they shouldn't be in country. they were let in for years. they shouldn't be. and we're getting them out. our administration prosecuted more people for federal firearm
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charges than has been done in more than a decade. and again, we're just gearing up. we convicted 1,200 gang members and nearly 500 human traffickers. you know what? human trafficking, who would think we would have this in this age? and with our foreign partners, we've helped charge or arrest more than 4,000 members of the savage gang that we talked about, ms-13. they don't like guns. they are not painful enough. these are animals. they cut people into little pieces and they want them to suffer and we take them into our country because our immigration laws are so bad. and when we catch them it's called catch and release. we have to, by law, catch them and release them.
10:26 pm
catch and release. and i can't get the democrats and nobody has been able to for years to approve common sense measures that when we catch these animal killers we can lock them up and throw away the keys. in 2017 our brave i.c.e. officers arrested more than 100,000 criminal aliens who have committed tens of thousands of crimes. and believe me, these are great people. they cannot -- the laws are just against us. they're against -- they're against safety. they don't make sense. and you meet with democrats and they're always fighting for the criminal. they're not fighting for law-abiding citizens. they're always fighting for the criminal. it doesn't make sense.
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here are just some of the criminal charges for the aliens arrested by i.c.e. 11,000 charges or convictions for sex crimes. 48,000 for assault. 13,000 for burglary and 1800 for killing people. we're cracking down on sanctuary cities, can you believe this? where they protect -- that's another one. because we want our cities to be sanctuaries for law-abiding americans, not for criminals. and by the way, the senate democrats and the house democrats have totally abandoned daca. they've -- they don't even talk to me about it.
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they've totally abandoned it. we get the reputation like daca is not republican. let me tell you it is republican because we want to do something about daca and get it -- the democrats are being totally unresponsive. they don't want to do anything about daca. i'm telling you and it's very possible that daca won't happen and it's not because of the republicans. it's because of the democrats and, frankly, you better elect more republicans, folks, or it will never happen. the democrats voted in favor of sanctuary cities, in other words they voted to protect criminal aliens instead of voting to protect american citizens. to secure our country we are calling on congress to build a great border wall to stop dangerous drugs and criminals from pouring into our country.
10:29 pm
and now they're willing to give us the wall. but they don't want to give us any of the laws to keep these people out. so we're going to get the wall. but they don't want to give us all of the other -- chain migration, lottery. think of a lottery. you have a country. they put names in. you think they're giving us their good people? not too many of you people are going to be in a lottery. we pick out people and they turn out to be horrendous and we don't understand why. they are not giving us their best people, folks. i mean, use your head. they're giving us -- it's a lottery. i don't want people coming into this country with a lottery. i want people coming into this country based on merit. based on merit.
10:30 pm
i want people and we all want to be admitting people who have skills, who can support themselves financially, who can contribute to our economy, who will love our people and who will share our values, who will love our country. we have to have great people come -- i want people to come into our country. and i want people that are going to help us. and i don't want people who are going to come in and be accepting all of the gifts of our country for the next 50 years and contribute nothing. i don't want. that and you don't want that. i want people that are going to help and people that are going to go to work for chrysler who is now moving from mexico into michigan. and so many others and apple, by the way.
10:31 pm
and fox con up in wisconsin are going to need 25,000 workers. i want people who can come in and get to work and work hard even if that means a learning period, that's fine but i want people that are going to come in and work. and i want people that love us and look at security and they want you to be safe and they want to be safe. i want great people coming to this country. i don't want people coming in the way they do now. because i want people that contribute. so this is called -- this is called the snake and think of it in terms of immigration, and you may love it or you may say isn't that terrible? and if you say isn't that terrible, who cares? because the way they treat me that's peanuts compared to the way they treat me. immigration, on her way to work
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and you've bitten me, heavens why? you know your bite is poisonous and now i'm going to die. oh, shut up, silly woman. said the reptile with a grin. you knew damn well i was a snake before you took me in. >> sean: when we come back the president captivated the cpac 2018 crowd. we'll play you some of the special moments as "hannity" continues. my name is jeff sheldon,
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>> sean: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." president trump fired up the cpac crowd. here are some of the best moments. let's take a look. >> i'm thrilled to be back at
10:39 pm
cpac with our wonderful friends and proud supporters and proud conservatives. remember when i first started running. because i wasn't a politician, fortunately. i started running and people said are we sure he is a conservative? remember this. someone got on television and said this is the first time i can remember, trump made campaign promises. he may be the only person who fulfilled more promises than he made. i think that's true. i fulfill more promises. but we have a very crooked media. we had a crooked candidate too, by the way. but we have a very -- we have a very, very crooked media. [ chanting "lock her up" ]. >> i will say this, folks,
10:40 pm
everything that's turning out, now it's amazing that has come full circle. boy, have they committed a lot of atrocities when you look. we salute our great american flag. we put our hands on our hearts for the pledge of allegiance. and we all proudly stand for the national anthem. [ chanting "usa" ] above all else, we know that faith and family, not government and bureaucracy, are at the center of american life. we know that. because in america, we don't worship government.
10:41 pm
we worship god. under my administration and with your help don't forget -- you, many of you, were the forgotten people. you were the people that when the polls came out, they didn't know you existed. the democrats are trying to figure out who you are because they want to get you back. but you are people -- we had people who never voted but never saw anybody they wanted to vote for. they go to the election and they have trump/pence hats and all sorts of things. trump over here. make america great again hats, right? so -- so our country is starting to do well. we are going to make it greater, better, safer. than it ever was before. the reason is you. this has been a great movement. they try like hell.
10:42 pm
they cannot stand what we've done. but we're doing the right thing. we're even doing the right thing for them. they just don't know it yet. they just don't know it yet. even the media, the media will absolutely support me some time prior to the election all those horrible people back. there you know why? because if somebody else won, their ratings would go down and they'd all be out of business. nobody would watch. by the way, what a nice picture that is, look at that, i'd love to watch that guy speak all day. [ cheers and applause ] i try like hell to hide that bald spot, folks. it doesn't look bad.
10:43 pm
we're hanging in. we're hanging in there, right? together we are hanging in there. we believe that young americans should be taught to love their country and to respect its traditions. don't worry, you're getting the wall. i heard some -- you're getting the wall. [ chanting "build a wall" ] >> i had a couple of these characters in the back say, oh, he doesn't really want the wall. he just used that for campaigning. i said, can you believe it? you know, i say every time i hear that the wall gets ten feet higher. so ladies and gentlemen, thank you for everything. you have been incredible partners, incredible partners.
10:44 pm
and i will let you know in the absolute strongest of terms we're going to make america great again and i will never, ever, ever let you down. thank you very much. thank you. >> sean: when we come back, judge jeanine pirro joins us from cpac with reaction from the president's speech as a special edition of "hannity" continues. when you think of miami you think of,you know,rich,glamour but 5 miles away from the beach there's people who have never seen a beach.
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defense secretary james mattis has gimp the white house his recommendations on transgendered troops. neither the white house nor the pentagon would provide details about the recommendations but the "washington post" reports he would recommend allowing trands
10:49 pm
gender troops to continue to serve in the military. in july president trump expressed a desire to reverse the obama era rule to let them serve openly. parts of michigan, indiana and ohio are under water from heavy rains and melting snow and ice. thousands have been forced from their homes. forecasters say the ohio river could reach levels not seen in more than 20 years. now back to "hannity." >> sean: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." joining us now to react to the president's speech at cpac, judge jeanine pirro is with us. she's at cpac 2018. you got to speak after the president tonight at the big dinner.
10:50 pm
you were there and saw the speech. the fact that gallup is saying that optimism has changed. he is at a magic number of approval, 50%. results matter to people and results matter more than noise that we have heard the last year. >> you know what is amazing is the energy in the room when the president spoke was very uplifting and optimistic and reflects the fact that probably in as long as i remember we have a president who fulfilled promises made during the campaign. he was firm, funny, personal and he was resolute. resolute in making sure that american confidence is up, that underemployment -- unemployment is down and that the american people under that they have the right to make a living. they have the right to be able to provide for their families and they have the right to secure in safe cities. he hit all the notes and hit it out of the park.
10:51 pm
>> sean: a smart writer in the new york post is talk about devin nunn establiez and the ine community and looking to see if there is an analysis. was that like the fisa precooked on the unverified dossier? you have the mbi, the nsa, the cia, were they using an unverified dossier in this capacity? >> i don't think there is any question that they were. i don't think there is any question they knew, that they paid for it, that hillary clinton and the dnc were involved in it. and they did everything they could to spread it among the media and to use in the a court, one of the highest -- one of the most private courts in the country in a fisa court. >> sean: here's my question, though. but if the intel community
10:52 pm
itself was using the unverified dossier for their isa? did they use it for fisa and for their own intelligence gathering? they're believing in their own lie? >> of course they're believing their own lie. if they didn't, they wouldn't be able to perpetuate the narrative they are perpetuating. we are at a point in american history where if we don't make that sharp turn we're headed for the tombs at this point. and that's why people elected donald trump because the narrative and the lies and the play book has been unbelievable. i'm sorry to say this. i gave 30 years of my life in government. i was a believer and i'm stunned at the lies and the criminality and the corruption and the conspiracy. >> sean: anevi never thought i d see this in my lifetime. two judge questions on the issue of not telling the fisa court
10:53 pm
judge just a footnote that says maybe it's political in nature and what do you make about the judge that also was the judge in the senator ted stevens case in alaska he is general flynn's judge and he wants all exkulpa tour evidence in the flynn case to be sent to him? that seems to be highly unusual. >> look, sean, i said from the get-go, the idea of a fisa court on this particular case -- and there is something called forum shopping when i was a judge, we have a wheel your name comes up when it comes up. nonsense. and the fact that you have ted stevens' judge who is the same one signing the 90-day extensions based on nothing other than that dossier, until you give me evidence i'm going to say it's based on a fake dossier then we have a problem in the judiciary.
10:54 pm
and i would have expected a fisa judge to say everybody cut it right here you are not to use the court for your political agenda. it's unheard of in american history. and the judges -- >> sean: and what about flynn? is this judge looking to maybe throw this plea deal out that flynn made? >> the idea that this judge will decide what is excull tour is a continuation of their narrative. i wouldn't trust him and what i would do to be honest with you -- generally i trust all judges but when you've got a conflict you have an obligation to recuse yourself. you have an obligation to say, look, i have a problem here, let me give it to another judge. when it smells or when there's smoke there's usually fire. >> sean: judge, we appreciate you being with us. and you don't want to miss judge
10:55 pm
jeanine tomorrow on the fox news channel. and she has a new street justice from cpac. we'll have more on this special edition of "hannity" coming up right after this break straight ahead. mom and dad got a new car... it's not theirs. it's mine. mine. mine. and it always will be, forever and forever. the new rx 350l with three rows for seven passengers. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. and i'm the founder of ugmonk. before shipstation it was crazy. it's great when you see
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>>all right, >> sean: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." thank you for being with us. that's all the time we have left this evening. the show will always be fair and balanced. we are not the destroy trump
11:00 pm
media. have a great weekend and we'll see you back here on monday. laura ingraham is coming up next. back here on monday. laura ingraham up next. stay tuned. >>good evening, from washington. i'm laura ingraham. the angle is coming up later in the show. you're not going to want to miss. but first, break revelations tonight. it's amazing, about the florida school shooting. as gun control advocates are targeting the nra, we're going to be finding out more about what actually happened on the ground during that