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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 24, 2018 9:00am-11:00am PST

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>> multiple deputies might have waited outside as the shooter claimed victims inside. we go live to park visible land, florida. >> dac expires a week from monday and congress is as divided as ever about coming up with a deal. congressmen on both sides of the aisle about that. >> the country prepares to say goodbye to rev. billy graham. we will follow his procession to the final resting place in charlotte, north carolina and
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back with the long legacy for the faithful. welcome to america's news headquarters from washington. speech is great to be with you this saturday. more sheriff's deputies under increased scrutiny in florida after new reports that multiple deputies waited outside marjorie stone zimmerman douglas high school is a shooter attack students and teachers inside. and park visible land, the president called one of these deputies a coward. do folks down there feel the same way? >> reporter: there is glowing disgust and outrage how law enforcement failed to respond to the shooting. the fbi admitting it failed to properly investigate a tip about
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a caller that he is capable of shooting up a school was fired after it was discovered he stayed outside during the shooting was his boss, brown county sheriff said that deputy should have gone inside to kill the shooter and there are more emerging details, three sheriff's deputies on scene that day stayed outside. the sheriff acknowledging two deputies placed on restriction as an investigation into their actions that day, we don't know why those deputies stayed outside. shedding light on this the police department, ems and fire services in parkland, that police chief is sitting details on what went wrong today of the shooting. >> it is a communication
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failure. was reviewing the tape, letting our guys know there was a delay in revealing so you can imagine in the sheriff's office. at first the guys hearing on the second floor, people on the second floor, people saying it was not the second floor. it adds confusion because they are trying to find him, inaccurate information. >> reporter: teachers and students have to return to class. teachers attended an orientation to ease them back into their job. here is what teachers had to say. >> a half day to acclimate will be helpful in the week after next week and get some semblance. >> talking about where were you?
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i am in the closet and the students that got killed and my colleagues got killed. >> reporter: this is alive look at the growing memorial, more than a week later, hundreds of people are pouring in by the hour bringing flowers and notes on this massive growing memorial site. leland: the healing begins as folks head back to school. the investigation is beginning. ebony has more. ebony: an oklahoma congressman has more insight, thank you for joining. obviously we heard the word failure from the fbi on the part of the county deputy. and we want our children to be
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protected. a end to that meeting. do you agree with the president, his calls to arm teachers in the classroom. >> i have five kids, my heart breaks, we want them to know the new which home. as far as arming teachers, we passed a law in oklahoma that allow that to happen but there has to be specific training. just because you have a concealed permit doesn't mean you have the experience to know when to shoot and what lies beyond your target. that takes a lot of experience and training. as long as they have the proper background, they are able to identify what is beyond the targets, i am okay with it. ebony: you are okay with teachers being armed. >> if they got the proper
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training. >> we heard from matt finn and other sources they were properly trained sheriff's deputies for this type of response. what is your reaction to the utter failure of that type of response, being ready and on hand? >> a lot of times in a situation like this, a lot of misinformation being sent out but that is where your training goes in and you have to trust your training. not every teacher should be armed, they should go through the proper training. as far as deputies we don't know the information. they dedicate their lives to this certain situation, put their lives on the line so others can coming home, what happened in this case? i don't know but we will play this out. we need to figure out what to do better and make sure this never
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happens again. neil: you sympathize with children brought to this country illegally and yourself as a child, your parents did but you go on to say it is important these if the - these daca participants are no longer children and should be treated as adults. some were brought to the country illegally as children and are still children, maybe in their teens but still children. >> we don't know the exact number of daca recipients but the average age is 23, 25 years old. at the age of 18 you become an adult in the united states and need to take responsibility for yourself. what have you done since you became an adult? under the age of 18, once you become 18 what have you done to make your self legal, contributing to the country to
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which you live or are you living in a world of violence? those are the individuals we don't want to be part of the united states and contribute to us then let us welcome them with open arms but it is not amnesty but give them a path to become citizens if they choose to. ebony: that is a political hot rod. there should be a sensible resolution to address this, the waiting room of daca. what do you think that reasonable solution looks like? the left and the right are so far apart but give your solution of a reasonable approach to this situation. >> the mccall bill gives us a direction.
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i don't like everything in it but i have not seen anything perfect coming across the board. the democrats with nancy pelosi in the lead, she is amnesty or nothing. that is a nonstarter for us. let's figure out how to make some legal resident plants and if they choose a path to citizenship, the president has been overly generous on his offer saying not 800,000 but 1.8 million and get a 12 year process to become citizens if they do what is required of them by staying true on the same path and contributing, not being criminal activity. neil: with this deadline looming, a lot to be done in a short time on immigration. thank you for joining us. >> back to the fallout from the park the land shooting the focus
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shifting to the nra in the political debate, following a fiery speech by the nra president in dc, major companies breaking their ties with the national rifle association including ending discounts throws nra members. how is this plank across the country with none other than tony in the house, glad to have you. it is not a short list of folks breaking ties with the nra. we put together a list that seems to continue to add delta, metlife, united airlines, budget rent a car among others. welcome to boycott bonanza. >> we should study that list. this is the list of companies that don't believe in freedom of thought, companies that don't believe in freedom of expression, list of companies that said to their employees if
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you disagree with us we would out you and shame you, a list of people who haven't thought through what they are saying and what they are saying is how dare you think differently, we punish you for it. neil: a man in washington who thinks his ideas and companies he wants to shame is more important than his own airtime on television. we never had that, glad to have you. this was interesting, our research team. the metlife does not only give discounts to nra members but also members of the teamsters, another politically active group. we emailed them and asked for comments, haven't heard back. what is good for the goose should be good for the gander. you have no comment? >> i don't think anyone would
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have known they were giving discounts which i didn't know what nra members got and i am an mra member. i don't work for the nra but to give discounts to good business practice, they are basing it on thought policing and that has to be selfless if if you have an enterprise rental car, you have got to cancel that. if you are on delta united you have a way to go. you have to make them hurt to understand they can't thought police america. leland: the left has been successful in boycott campaigns especially recently on twitter and harnessing the power of social media, the right not so much. is that because conservatives aren't as passionate or because they don't think their pocketbooks and politics should be related? >> normally it is not what we do and conservatives are wrong, they are 100% wrong, have to
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give up the ghost on the idea, this is beneath us, they have to go out and make their voices heard. when chick-fil-a was under pressure about gay marriage, you got yourself a sandwich, pretty delicious, simple to do and they like simple things, those days are over. if you think you can fight back by saying that is wrong, that is not enough, you have to go out and make your voice heard, send 10,000 people to company headquarters and say we won't stand for this. >> what role will conservative talk radio, everyone got together at cpac, what role will you play in this? you talked to other hosts about how to organize. >> this has been coming so quickly, talking about broward county sheriff's deputies, many of us are absolutely -- sheriff israel went to that event claiming he was there for the
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kids, he was there to be a politician and give politician answers. for me, 93.1 fm companies that still will gladly support nra members who express freedom of thought and their rights email me and i will do a free ad every single day for those people, i will support those people who support freedom of thought even if they don't give nra members a discount as long as they are not purposely going after anybody on either side for what they think rather than what they do, i am in favor of supporting that 100%. leland: let us know if you get any emails. we also try to get hold of delta airlines to get one of their executives to talk about this issue. if you are watching email me, we will have you, we hear you are
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not flying. safe travels regardless. see you soon. a lot more on this discussion coming up. fox news sunday tomorrow, chris wallace has an exclusive interview with florida governor rick scott who put out controversial proposals, chris wallace is going to talk about them, check your local listings, media buzz, howard kurtz and this panel, take a look at how the gun control debate is being covered and it is being covered by media. ebony: looking at live pictures of the un security council, they are set to vote on a temporary cease-fire in syria after several delays on the voter earlier this week in the draft resolution calls for a 30 day hold for fighting going on in syria, government forces all but
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disseminated a rebel held area near the capital city of damascus was the cease-fire would allow emergency aid and evacuation of wounded civilians. the vote for the cease-fire has been delayed multiple times. the situation on the ground in syria growing increasingly violent around the syrian city, the new wave of airstrikes has killed 22 people, 500 people so far have died, over all the latest round of violence, many of them women and children. leland: the most innocent among them being heard so much in syria, 24 people killed in a wave of violence in afghanistan, most of those soldiers, afghan he soldiers, three killed in a suicide bombing, taliban attack on a checkpoint in western afghanistan killed at least 18 afghan soldiers and a suicide
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attack killed three security officers as well. ebony: billy graham's body on the way to charlotte, north carolina. mourners will be able to pay their respects. brian has the latest. >> reporter: a formal arrival ceremony underway, a 31/2 hour procession beginning an hour ago, billy graham's body in a mountain chapel, to billy graham's library in charlotte. a live look at crowds of people honoring the great evangelist. at 3:00 today a formal arrival ceremony will welcome the hearse to the billy graham library. red zones serving as pallbearers accompanying the casket was monday and tuesday, graham will
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lie in repose at the library. america's pastor will lie in honor of the capitol rotunda in washington dc wednesday and thursday, the fourth private citizen in history to get such an honor. the evangelists preached files to 215 million people in 53 countries, graham became the pastor to presents and a frequent guest of ronald reagan and was close to richard nixon. he even helped george w. bush quit drinking. >> rev. graham's belief in the power of god's word gave hope to millions who listen to him with his very beautiful but very simple message, god loves you. leland: he wrote about how graham helped console americans after 9/11. billy reminded me and i saw where we can find strength and
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helped us start by offering three lessons, the mystery and reality of evil, our need for each other and hope for the present and future. is a christian graham says i have hope not just for this life but for heaven and the life to coming. america's pastor died at the age of 99, laid to rest in charlotte on friday. >> longtime friend of rev. graham, the life and legacy of america's pastor and presidential historian and author james hampton cook with a perspective on billy graham's impact on the white house. leland: followed after robert mueller issues new indictments in the russia probe and the 2016, pleading guilty. how do you fix america's broken structure, and pete ricketts about what tops his wish list
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visit your local xfinity store today. >> the third day of cpac bleachers a live look at the main stage where we expect to see mick mulvaney today. peter ducey has been all over it, the very latest look there. what is going on? >> reporter: a big focus has been the red tape the republican-controlled government has been trying to cut since donald trump's integration and epa chair scott pruitt stated the crown jewel of everything they tried to get is the paris
9:25 am
climate record. >> it was all about putting our economy at a disadvantage despite leading the world in co2 reduction anyway. the president showed tremendous fortitude to stand in the way and say i will put america first. >> reporter: donald trump's mostly unscripted hour and 15 minute remarks yesterday and organizers are happy the president at the range went from jokes about bald spots to reassurances about gun rights. >> don't know how we could have done better. he had a prepared speech which they had thought through and totally gave a nearly extemporaneous speech, off-the-cuff, from his heart. >> reporter: the cpac straw poll was going, we will find out where conservatives stand on
9:26 am
things like daca and the appetite for changes to things like the filibuster rule in the senate. messaging has been a big focus especially with the midterms coming up and the are in the sea chairwoman, because they know what they are up against. >> we have clean energy on the democrat side, they were going to win the white house, they are ready to coming at the midterms and take back the majority, we have to be just as energized. i expect presidential level turnout. >> reporter: presidential level turnout in 2018 but today the voting is all being done on ipads outside the main ballroom at cpac, trying to figure out what everybody thinks about the issues of the day. we expect to know that in a little while. ebony: looks like a lot going on
9:27 am
at cpac but continuing coverage of cpac, as soon as he wraps up on stage we will speak with pete rickett and ask about his push to get the convention in his own state. xi jinping leland: robert mueller bagging another trump associate guilty plea but is closer to getting collusion and they live look at the motorcade taking the body of rev. billy graham to his final resting place. he preached to presidents that skewed politics. is very lesson there? >> billy graham said to the american people the spirit of this nation will not be defeated but he admonished americans to in his words coming together to profess our need for god. high blood pressure and cholesterol. but they might not be enough to protect my heart. adding bayer aspirin can further reduce the risk of another heart attack.
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ebony: paul man is a zoo but afford it with new charges after rick gates pleaded guilty. what is going on here? >> reporter: this plea deal gives rick gates a chance to reduce his jail time and special counsel robert mueller and insider. a former trump campaign official and close associate of paul manafort but does not steer the 2016 us election at this point blues gates pled guilty to two counts, conspiracy and lying to authorities had also agreed that he quotemack shall cooperate with this office and law enforcement authorities identified by this office in any and all matters to which this
9:33 am
office deems the cooperation relevant. he agreed to start working as a witness for the government the day after he and mana zoo but fort, 32 count, filing false income tax reforms, failing to report overseas bank accounts and more. he maintained his innocence in a statement and went on to say this of his business partner gates quotemack i hoped he would have the strength to continue the battle to prove our innocence. for reasons yet to surface he chose to do otherwise. this did not alter my commitment to defend myself against the untrue piled of charges contained in indictments against me. gates joins two other trump associates in pleading guilty in the mueller probe. michael flynn and george papadopoulos, foreign policy advisor to trump during the 2016 campaign. ebony: thank you for that
9:34 am
update. we are going to bring in former ag bob driscoll. we hear molly laying out more pieces of this puzzle but we know there are pieces that remain outstanding please help us construct what we spoke in the break about what you think mueller is going here. >> the question is whether there is involvement in the trump campaign. what mueller has established is the russians are trying to monkey with the election, for both sides of one son, established the russians trying to reach out to carter page and other folks and established manafort and gates were in the russian backed ukrainian government and have money laundering and other problems. given that scheme were they
9:35 am
vulnerable to russian influence with the trump campaign. no evidence of that yet and it looks more like manafort is at the center more than trump. looks like he is the one leading the charge, he came late to this game in terms of trump. leland: a comment headlines mueller is playing chess, not checkers bringing up a lot of questions, one of which is how does this play and set up donald from talking to robert mueller? >> if i am trump's lawyer it doesn't affect one thing or another. if you are confident trump was unaware of anything that went on you to your best and go off script. any lawyer who practices in this
9:36 am
area would get hives trying to represent him. >> the fact these are unrelated to the campaign makes it politically more difficult for the president to pardon these people. >> i don't see how that works at all because it would seem like he is countenancing this behavior whereas right now, if these guys didn't, too bad for them, nothing to do with my campaign. you can look in another direction and say he was more involved. ebony: co-defendants that practice typically know, when someone entered a guilty plea cooperation follows quickly. what could that mean for paul manafort, the hot rod target. do you think in that statement he gave he is prepared to fall
9:37 am
on the floor and be the martyr? >> he will never fall on your talk sword until you do it. he is saying he will fight it but his business partner is saying didn't do the registrations for the intent to know those -- what he is alleging. >> whatever he defendant has is the person testifying against me is a liar or chief ellen. >> and irony that these crimes were unrelated to the campaign. they are being looked into because of the campaign and if manafort simply followed the law and paid his taxes there wouldn't be a very there.
9:38 am
>> it does not limit foreign lobbying in the us, undermined a little bit and would have known to be on the payroll of somebody else as opposed to independent spokesmen but no limit what you can do. it is a registration matter. he knew how to use pdf. it was a paper trail. leland: some engineer somewhere going that was really easy. thank you, great to see you. ebony: live look at the motorcade arriving in charlotte, this is rev. billy graham here. we will be returning to that in charlotte, arrived in his
9:39 am
hometown of charlotte, north carolina. leaders in the evangelical world are remembering rev. ellie graham and coming up a rare sight in las vegas, this wintry weather mix doesn't count as snow today. ♪ ♪ how i wish there was more than 24 hours in the day
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leland: it happened in vegas that didn't stick in vegas, a rare snowstorm, the snowfall didn't make it to the airport therefore it does not count as an official snow day but residents and tourists hit the jackpot and shared a number of photos and videos on social media. too much it didn't rain, that is
9:44 am
what you need in las vegas. ebony: donald trump threatening to pull federal immigration agents out of california, the latest in his ongoing war with the golden state over illegal immigration and sanctuary city policies. will car has the latest. >> we want our cities to be sanctuaries for law-abiding citizens not criminals. >> reporter: donald from lambasted cities and states that he believed protect the interests of illegal immigrants over united states citizens. >> the laws are against us. they are against safety. >> reporter: comments on the heels of the president openly questioning if he could pool ice agents out of california, the blue state that fights the administration at nearly every turn, one donald trump believes is not doing enough to crack down on the viciously violent ms
9:45 am
13 gang. >> if we pooled ice out and said let's california figure it out for themselves, in two months they would be begging us to coming back and you know what? i am thinking about doing it. >> reporter: it is unclear how that would be implemented. it is the largest in the country and packed with federal agents. >> sending the messages not just to california but also congress. i feel certain they will get it worked out. >> reporter: that met with defiance from leaders of california including los angeles mayor eric garcetti. >> we are too busy working to protect people on the streets of los angeles to worry about empty threats. >> reporter: sen. dianne feinstein firing back onto the president's obsession with california is growing more outrageous by the day, the attacks not only mean-spirited but patently false.
9:46 am
late last month ice rated 70 businesses in northern california, the latest example of a stepped up federal push to enforce immigration laws. donald trump in california clashed over a variety of other issues including the border wall, tax reform, offshore drilling and marijuana. in los angeles, will car, fox news. leland: governor ricketts of nebraska leaving the stage at cpac heading to our camera. we will talk to him in a minute about his thoughts on infrastructure projects. more charges for parents who imprisoned 13 children in their california home. remembering billy graham, back in his hometown of charlotte, how he impacted communities and our country as a whole. speech is great loss to the world.
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>> religion without a personal encounter with jesus christ will not save the soul and will not bring the peace your soul longs for. >> motorcade carrying rev. billy graham's body has arrived in charlotte, his body will lie in repose for several days at his childhood home before coming funds to dc for two days of public viewing in the capital. joining us to discuss his life and legacy, dr. james dobson. you knew the man well. was the man we saw on television any difference in your friend? >> certainly not that i saw. he was who he was, loved by people around the world. i was a generation behind him. everybody who knew him felt he was a friend. leland: so many considered him friends including pres.s, an
9:52 am
intersection between religion and politics. this is what rev. graham had to say in 1981 but i don't want to see religious bigotry in any form. it would disturb me if there was a wedding between religious fundamentalists and the political right, the hard right has no interest in religion except to manipulate it. than in 2011 in a goodbye interview he said i also would have steered clear in politics, grateful for the opportunities god gave me to minister to people in high places, people in power, spiritual and personal needs like everyone else and often have no one to talk to but looking back i know i sometimes crossed the line and i wouldn't do that now. is there a lesson from rev. graham to today's political pastors? >> he was not a political man in any sense of the word and he got criticized for that. there were times i wish he had
9:53 am
been more pro-life or pro-marriage, other things many christians believe but he knew what his message was and he was not going to be deterred from it. if you ever heard him interviewed he talked about jesus christ and went straight to the cross. that is who he was and that would not get changed by politics. leland: was that apolitical but a universal message he had? did that make him more powerful as a preacher as trying to bring people to god? >> i don't know how you can get more powerful, there has never been a man quite like him around the world. he has preached 2 more people than jesus or many of the other ministers so he had a powerful message. there was something about him. there was an ordination there. there was an anointing on him
9:54 am
early on. i saw him on television in the 1950s and already everybody saw it, felt it, came out, he was quite a man. >> he will be buried so close to where he grew up. i was struck by an interview his son gave him that he asked his father what he wanted on his tombstone. he will be remembered as he lived, simply. billy graham, preacher. give me your sense what he was like as a friend. remember him for something we didn't see. >> what you ask in the beginning is really true, he was who you think he was. what you saw, the interesting thing, he was not a powerful
9:55 am
personality sometimes until he stepped into the pulpit. when he got the bible in his hand and began speaking the power came on him. that is why i say he was ordained. there was a god blessing on that man and he has been like nobody i have ever seen or heard. neil: remembered in a way no one has been remembered in modern times, universally good, universally loved with universal sincerity. i want to talk to you about that trip in the not too distant future with us embassy in other times to remember rev. graham. we will continue coverage into next week. >> appreciate it. >> we couldn't tell. appreciate you being here.
9:56 am
ebony: the report suggest we 3 other deputies failed to confront the florida high school shooter. the latest on the top of the hour. donald trump at the white house renewing his push to prevent other mass shootings. allison barber standing by with details. >> reporter: donald trump covered a lot of ground at cpac talking about proposals to end mass shootings in the future, more when we coming back.
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>> hour two of america's news headquarters in washington. great to be with you at home. i'm leland vittert. >> president trump at the white house this weekend retweeting agenda to fight mass shootings at school, a look ahead of deadline for daca and immigration reform. we are live at the white house. >> plus new details about armed sheriff deputies who stood outside of florida high school. >> in the meantime about the current president, president trump this morning retweeting his call for, quote,
10:01 am
comprehensive background checks with an emphasis on mental health raising the age you can buy an assault weapon to 21 and ending the sale of gun stocks. for more ellison barber where the president is spending a weekend but anything but dreary. >> he addressed c pac about an hour yesterday, one thing he mentioned or announced were new sanctions against north korea. >> north korea we imposed today the heaviest sanctions ever imposed on a country before and frankly hopefully something positive can happen. we will see, hopefully something positive could happen and we will let you know, the heaviest sanctions ever imposed. >> target one individual and 27 shipping and trade companies and 28 ships, u.s. officials say
10:02 am
groups are violating sanctions already in place by taking things to and from north korea. a number of them are accused at exporting coal in north korea and engaging in transfers of refined petroleum products. north korea's economy is dependent on oil and coal, trump used c pac to talk about shooting in parkland, florida and controversial idea of arming some teachers. >> people that are adept of weaponry and guns, they teach, i don't want to have a hundred guards standing with rifles all over the school, you do a concealed carry permit. [cheers and applause] >> and this would be a major deterrence because these people are inherently cowards. >> the president previously said he supports raising the minimum
10:03 am
purchase age for rifle from 18 to 21. the nra says they do not support. yesterday, leland when he was speaking to c pac, president trump did not mention in speech but he did talk about strengthening background checks and also mental health, leland. leland: ellison barber at the white house. ebony. >> in the wake of horrific parkland school shooting sheriff are under scrutiny for report that is they stayed outside of the school as the gunman attacked, students and teachers inside. matt from parkland, matt, what's the latest? >> ebony, agonizing details emerge -- emerging details. we would like to show you the memorial outside of the school, getting larger by the hour and
10:04 am
spread several city blocks as hundreds of people bring in flowers and notes and for all those mourning, very painful details emerging of how law enforcement could have perhaps saved some lives last week. first, the fbi admitting they failed to investigate detailed tip in which a caller said nikolas cruz is capable of shooting up a school, the resource officer was fired afters he was outside of the school and did not go inside. his boss, broward county sheriff admitting he should have gone inside to stop the killer and now new details of possibly three deputy who is were on the scene during shooting did not go inside. the sheriff also admitting that he has two deputies right now who are on restriction as their actions that day are being investigated to be clear and fair, we are not sure why those deputies reportedly did not go inside.
10:05 am
coral springs police, some of the officers were on the scene and he's shedding light on what could have gone wrong that day. >> the issue is more of a communication failure. who was reviewing the tape, letting other guys know and you can imagine and hearing he was on second floor, it's not true because we had people on second floor and people were saying, no, he's not on the second floor, so it adds confusion because the officers in the school trying to find him were given inaccurate information. >> somehow teachers and students here have to find the strength to return to classes this week. yesterday teachers attended an orientation to ease them back to their job. here is what some of the teachers had to say. >> i think three days to
10:06 am
acclimate will be helpful and the next week working into things and get back to some sense of normalcy. >> where were you, i was in the closet, i was here there and there and sad because the students that got killed and my colleague that is also got killed. >> so imagine teachers and students who are looking forward to the end of the school year now have to be reoriented into the school after the horrible occurrence. as we know national debate whether teachers and faculty should be warned, rick scott introduced proposal in which it would make much more difficult for young adults to obtain weapons. ebony, leland. >> thank you for that update, certainly disturbing reporting there. leland: so much debate, debate now focusing also on gun control in a larger sense. for that let's bring in texas
10:07 am
congressman henry, the great at a time of texas. good to see you, sir, thank you. >> thank you. >> you -- >> pleasure. >> you have have an a-rating from the nra, has that become contradiction in terms of. >> no, being from the state of texas we do understand second amendment and i do believe in the second amendment, but, you know -- leland: congressman, i don't want to be in the position of forcing somebody to answer for their entire party, but you listen today a lot of democrats these days, it sunt seem like they believe in the santity amendment. >> you said you weren't going to force me to talk about my party. democrat, republican, whatever the party position should be, i think everybody member should be representing their district and how they feel about certain things. i represent my district in texas and i certainly believe that the second amendment is something that i should follow but every -- every democrat or every
10:08 am
republican should have their own personal believes. i don't want to speak for the party in this case. >> okay. we will get it a different way if we can, do you worry that your party is making this such a litmus test that somehow gun control is now become a bell weather issue for democrats in a hill to die on, top-level cause, is that going to hurt the party especially in places like your district, are you going to have to answer to your constituents for what democrats are saying about gun control? >> well, i mean, first of all, the people of my district understand what my positions are so they'll judge me on my positions or my stands, but again, any time a party starts putting litmus tests, i think that could be difficult for other members that might be representing districts, and this is why every member should be running and taking their own positions and i sometimes we are
10:09 am
going to disagree with the party, for example, i disagree with my party on guns, i his agreed with them on trade and other issues but, again, we have to do what we have to do representing a particular district. leland: are you going to become a republican? >> no, no, no. i'm a democrat, will die as a democrat. again, we have to represent our district, texas, you know, second amendment is important to us. leland: you have an a rating from the nra, you have taken money from the nra, here is the head of the nra talking about democrats. >> as millions of americans search for meaningful solutions, what do we find? chris murphy, nancy pelosi and more cheered on by the national media to blame the nra and call for even more government control. leland: isn't it time for the democratic party to move closer
10:10 am
to the center? >> well, there's a lot of us already in the center and i wish that democrats and republicans move closer to the center in a lot of issues because otherwise we are going to continue having divided -- divided government in washington and things are not going to be done and i think the american people are just frustrated by both parties in many ways. leland: well, i think that's something that both parties and both sides of the aisle can agree on. congressman, appreciate you being with us. good to see you. >> thank you so much. have a good day. leland: safe travels back to washington. ebony. >> thank you, leland, the final day at c pac convention right outside of washington and we have already seen hour and 15 minute off the cuff speech by president trump and in it was a very stern defense of individual freedom and second amendment. nebraska congressman, thanks for being with us.
10:11 am
>> my pleasure, thanks for having me on. >> so going back to really the national response which understandably is move -- moving forward along lines, let me tell you what former former of state condaleza rice, i know that you're a strong supporter of the amendment, it's a constitution right but is it time to revisit what it means in current climate? >> well, first of all, i want to say that thoughts and prayers are with the families, as a parent i can only imagine the devastation with the loss of young people, you know, this is something that has been with us for a while and when it comes to how do we prevent tragedies, taking away second amendment
10:12 am
rights is really not the answer. look, the people who commit the crimes are very disturbed, obviously there was more information about this particular incident but when we look at, for example, how background checks are conducted and how we flag information and prevent -- >> i want to stop you because you're making -- i think you're making a very important point, opening background checks or other safeguards if you will to prevent what happened in newtown and columbine and parkland florida, going back to my question what former u.s. secretary of state rice said is a reckoning, if you will, a national dialogue about second amendment rights in the modern world, is it time for a revisit, if you will, to what the second amendment means today? >> no, the second amendment doesn't need to be changed or our understanding needs to be
10:13 am
changed. what we have to do before trying to address the issues and prevent these kinds of tragedies, we have to look at the laws in place right now that are not working. we know, for example, there were failures of law enforcement, here, we know that when it comes for background check, the president called for that. that's what we are really trying to do prevent more tragedies like this in the future and not restrict rights that are in our constitution. >> respectfully, governor, you did a pretty good job about talking about the dialogue that would be certainly warranted but now i want to pivot to infrastructure. certainly your state has really led the way around this issue and you're looking forward to working with president trump very soon on infrastructure. tell me what you think nebraska has done under your leadership that you would like to see the president replicate at national level? >> well, we a couple of years passed the transportation
10:14 am
innovation act, be able to finish expressway system and invest $450 million in roads and bridges and so forth. part of that program was actually a county program that helps to help infrastructure and required to do innovative thing, be able to get the ramp money. if you replace a bridge with a culvert that will be less expensive to build and will last longer, that's going to rank higher in getting grant dollars and i believe and this is what president trump plans to accomplish, reward states for being innovative and put money into the program to be able to share cost, obviously we are doing that already in nebraska, so i think nearing what we are doing in financial level would be a great way for infrastructure in the country. >> governor, i know that you pretty much ran from c pac panel to our camera to join us with the latest information, so we want to thank you for your time and thank you for making the
10:15 am
effort, thank you, governor. >> great, thank you very much for having me on, have a great day. >> you too, leland. leland: coupling up special counsel robert mueller with a guilty plea but does it get him closer to the white house? president trump call it is tougher sanctions ever but will they change north korea's behavior, all this and we will introduce you with u.s. athletes who had a huge upset win, good curling boy heartburn. no one burns on my watch! try alka seltzer ultra strength heartburn relief chews. with more acid-fighting power than tums chewy bites. mmmmm...amazing. i have heartburn. ultra strength from alka seltzer. enjoy the relief.
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>> more trouble for paul manafort, new charges being filed friday against the former trump campaign chairman coming just hours after his former colleague rick gates pleaded guilty. molly joins us with the latest, molly. >> yes, one of closest associates has been flipped by the government and will go from being defendant along with manafort to a witness for the special counsel robert mueller gates pled guilty to two counts, conspiracy and lie to go authorities and agreed to cooperate with mueller, possibly to reduce his jail time and financial fine. gates sent in a letter to family
10:20 am
and friends, quote, despite my initial desire to vigorously defend myself, i have had a change of heart, the reality of how long this legal process will likely take, the costs and the circus-like atmosphere of anticipated trial are too much. i will better serve my family moving forward by exiting this process. gates agreed to start working as witness for the government the day he and manafort faced a new round of charges filed on thursday by special counsel mueller. a 32-pound indictment listing failing -- filing false income tax returns, bank fraud, fail to go report overseas bank accounts and more. manafort maintained his innocence yesterday in a statement and went onto say this, business partner gates, quote, i had hoped and expected my business colleague would have had the strength to continue the battle to prove our innocence, for reasons yet to surface he chose to do otherwise. this does not attar my commitment to defend myself
10:21 am
against the untrue piled up charges contained in the indictments against me. still, nothing in the plead deal or the new indictment regarding mueller's name as special counsel to determine whether the trump campaign knowingly coordinated with the russian government to influence the 2016 election. ebony. >> thank you, for that update, molly. joining us now for very fair and balanced panel payton, democratic strategists, and elizabeth democratic strategists, rather, elizabeth gore, two very separate things there. ladies, thank you for joining. there's been another plea guilty this time on the part of gates. let me start with you brie, how difficult does this makes it for paul manafort but certainly a very closely connect today him, how difficult is it now for paul manafort to move forward with a
10:22 am
presumption of innocence? >> right, i definitely think it won't look good for him, we all knew that manafort was shady years ago, this was widely reported among ukrainian and other foreign news organizations and the united states media started to pick up with shady connections several years ago before the donald trump, you know, campaign decided to make him campaign manager. what's very clear is that there's a core lack, very big lack of judgment in getting him involved at all. >> let's talk about the president's judgment on bringing manafort on board but also judgment to at some point separate himself and the campaign from paul manafort. what do you think that will play in terms of the president's involvement here at some point as we point out he recruited paul manafort. he was part to have team but certainly when it looked like there was going to be an issue around the russian involvement, we saw the president separate himself, will that help him? >> listen, i think that the bottom line is that this shows
10:23 am
part of a pattern. paul manafort is just one piece of a larger problem that the president has. he's surrounded himself with people who have been charged with tax evasion, money laundering, conspiracy, lying to the fbi, lying to investigators. >> but that's paul manafort, that's not necessarily president trump. >> well, the investigation so far has resulted in 100 criminal charges against 19 people. >> none of which have named donald j. trump so far, right? >> absolutely. but we have to recognize that these represent the inner circle of the trump campaign and white house. >> brie, how about that, is that a fair point that birds of the feather always flock together? this is certainly a matter of law and will make more than that, right? >> absolutely, i think we can talk about hillary clinton and all of her colleagues and all the other things all day long. we can talk about that for days and days and also let's be honest here, we were promised that the trump administration
10:24 am
from mueller and from the media and everyone that trump and affiliates colluded with russians officials to steal an electoral victory away from hillary clinton and we were told that mueller's probe and his investigation would prove that, a year later, knock, knock, where is the smoking gun? >> agree. i heard that talking point, if you will, respectfully from some of your colleagues, but we do see more and more guilty pleas, more indictments and more arrests, could the argument be made that while you're absolutely right nothing has been charged against the president at this time, mueller is closer to some target? >> yeah, something that hasn't really been widely reported that often is that it's likely we are going to see a motion for guilty plea reversal for general flynn because the prosecutorial misconduct in the department of justice and how they handled the investigation. just like week, a judge ordered that the department investigation reveal all their evidence on behavioral to michael flynn, you know, kind of
10:25 am
raising questions about they handled it thus far and did they withhold favorable evidence to flynn and his attorneys, how are they handling this, are they deemed fair, are they acting in a way that's questionable. >> let me ask this final question to you elizabeth. brie does bring a good point, you look at the nunes memo which have targeted the doj as well as the fbi and their fairness to president trump, where do they stand, the doj and fbi around rehabbing their credibility, so even if an indictment comes down more so whether it's jared kushner or even the president, just a public have reason to be suspicious of the validity of said investigation? >> absolutely not. robert mueller is -- has impeccable credentials, he is a decorative war hero with a very strong reputation and he is looking for the truth, he's not out after donald trump, he's out after the truth and apparently that's making the white house very nervous.
10:26 am
>> all right, ladies, certainly very different viewpoints on certainly what's coming out of doj and the fbi and ultimately we will continue to be an issue. thank you both. coming up, later, we will remember reverend billy graham and how he supported commanders in chief. up next tightening sanctions at the same time president's daughter visits the south korean peninsula. >> olympic sport head, korean diplomacy all mixed up at these games. we will give you a close-up look.
10:27 am
10:28 am
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10:31 am
>> winter olympics to a close next week. now, team usa scored a major win last night in the curling event, they defeated sweden to win gold for the first time in olympic history for the sport. cheering on team usa is president trump's daughter ivanka, more on her visit and the diplomatic side of the olympics greg joins us from seoul, greg. >> hi, ebony, winter olympics are just about wrapping up but, yes, ivanka trump was out and about. she's leading the u.s. delegation to the closing ceremony of these games on sunday. on saturday she was cheering on team usa at various events. she was also talking about north korea and a dinner and a meeting with south korean president moon on friday. she detailed, for example, new sanctions that president trump has announced against the
10:32 am
regime. we were also at the olympic site on saturday, we got an up-close view of the mixed agenda that the yanks are dealing with at these games, take a look at what we saw and what we heard. >> the usa delegation to winter olympic games are here today taking in some events with the dmz only 40 miles away, the nuclear regime of kim jong un not far from minds either. >> the president said that he's committed that the north does not merry icbm. >> have you seen military drills >> other than that, probably pretty likely that we go back to where we were before the olympic games. >> now, that addition of sanders
10:33 am
of possibly joint new commerce could rile the north koreans and leaving their delegation, a hardline general blacklisted to ties to the regime's missile and nuclear programs. we addressed the official whether ivanka might be sitting near him at the closing ceremony, that, of course, might trigger another replay of vice president pence's near miss with kim jong un's sister. the word we are getting, ebony, no meetings, we will see, back to you. >> certainly a lot of very interesting might there greg palkok. >> with that we bring in north korean expert bruce with a little bit more on this, will ivanka trump say hello. >> well, the white house said that pence was going to have a meeting with north korean
10:34 am
delegation even someone -- kim's sister and then north korea at the last minute turned it down. the u.s. once again tried dialogue with the north and the north turned it down. leland: what do you make of this, north korea loves to talk about south korea, they invited the south korean and at the same time turn back against the americans? >> well, over the years they've really sort of picked one country at a time, whether it's japan, united states and south korea and try to have dialogue with them and they tried to pick the low-hanging fruits of benefits and when it doesn't pan out it will regroup and go to other country. >> they are successful in the short term in playing everybody off of each other? >> over time when it comes to deliver whether the six-party talks or the framework of the negotiations, then they are hesitant to follow through. leland: the president saying yesterday, we impose today the heaviest sanctions ever imposed on a country before and then
10:35 am
followed it up with this. >> we will have to see if the sanctions don't work, we will have to go to phase two and phase two will be a rough thing, maybe very unfortunate for the world. leland: are these really the toughest sanctions ever or is there more wiggle room that the white house has? >> the list was extensive, so it's a welcome step, it's another step in the international pressure on north korea. yet the u.s. is still pulling its punches particularly against chinese banks and businesses that are aiding the north korean missile and nuclear programs. leland: why do you think they are pulling their punches, you are hearing from the administration that we are being so tough, yet sending a different message? >> it's puzzling. you know, it's not maximum pressure if you're holding back on the chinese facilitators,
10:36 am
particularly the banks, 12 chinese banks to the white house saying that they thought there was evidence there to identify them as money laundering concern or impose fines and there was no action yet. leland: the north koreans and the chinese both know about the banks, conceivably the russians know about them as well, what do they make about the united states not applying maximum pressure? >> it's a puzzle, really, you -- leland: that's weakness, doesn't it? >> right, these are entities that are violating u.s. laws which are designed to protect the u.s. financial system. leland: real quickly, we are hearing now about the stop and search operation of north korean ships on the high seas that are potentially violating sanctions, you start talking about that, if they don't stop to be search they run the block aid or you have a war on your hands. >> right, u.s. officials have said that they've had great compliance with other countries who, you know, will accept an inspection but we don't have
10:37 am
authority because china blocks the authority that we would get through a un resolution, so we don't have an authority to do search and seizure against the country that owns it and that's why we need additional responsibilities or authorities. leland: the authority can just come from the president of the united states, order the united states navy to stop a ship in the seas, not much else needs to be said, right? >> then you have piracy in high seas in a legal sense. you had in the past where you had really slow boat chase where the u.s. warship following a north korean freighter for hundreds or thousands of miles until it turned around back to north korea. leland: all right, we will wait and watch. thanks, chris, ebony. never heard the term before. >> still ahead the legacy of reverend graham in the white house, how the evangelical impacted the leaders of the free world. and from beloved tech to
10:38 am
idolized hero, how the four-legged fellow saved his owners life. . loved every step of fatherhood... and made old cars good as new. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer, so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions, suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worse depression, unusual changes in mood or behavior, swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects: dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain, swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. ask your doctor about lyrica.
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it's ok that everyone ignores it's fine. drive. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. and i don't share it with mom! right, mom? righttt. safe driving bonus checks. only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it. >> washington reminded us in fairwell address, morality are pillars of our society. the scription also says we acknowledge divine health and the selection of our leadership each four years, we recognize, oh, lord that in sovereignty permitted ronald reagan to lead us for eight years. >> that was billy graham speaking at bush's inauguration
10:43 am
back in '89. impacted millions of americans including commanders in chief. here to share memory presidential historian jane kirk, thank you for joining us, we know that certainly bill graham met with every single president since truman but you said he had the most impact on bill clinton and both president bushes, tell us why. >> i looked at president clinton's memoirs and he went to crusade in little rock and what stood out to him that graham took a stance and said we are not going to segregate the audience by race and that spoke to bill clinton on a face level -- faith level and political level. >> billy graham probably one of the favorite sons of north carolina. when it came to the bush's, you
10:44 am
spoke earlier in the program about vice president pence mentioning in c pac and tell us what the president said about that? >> i don't think bush would have become president if it weren't for graham. >> that's huge. >> billy graham and answered their questions and george w. bush said i think i was drunk and the two of them took a walk and reverend graham helped plant a seed, really became the person he was meant to be and that's why, you know, he credits reverend graham for being a pivotal moment in his life personally. >> something unique about billy graham to me, ability to have
10:45 am
impact on presidents across the political spectrum and that's something you don't really see nowadays in society. you talked or spoke to people and their impact and how he connected with them, why do you think he was able to have such a broad connection with the vastly different sometimes presidents? >> well, it he kept message simple and personal. it was to not necessarily tell the president what to do about political issues but just to be there as a support with prayer and helping the president, making all these really difficult decisions to know that someone loves them and was carrying about them personally and i think that that's one reason why billy graham, you know, has the legacy that he has. >> and you add an occasion to have a personal memory of the reverend billy graham. tell us quickly about that. >> i was in the white house staff, i was evacuated from the complex from 9/11. three days later i found myself
10:46 am
in the national cathedral, emotional service and i was trying to leave my row at tend of the service, billy graham was in the aisle and i couldn't get out of my row and i wanted to touch to him and what struck me the rabbi and cardinal were talking to him, private home to him and he with them and in a moment of national tragedy, there was so much respect coming from other faiths in that moment with reverend graham. >> you talked about being connectivity point of such incredible impact. jane, thank you for reflecting on reverend billy graham for us. leland. leland: coming up charges for the california parents just got worse.
10:47 am
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♪ ♪ >> classic hollywood film the band wagon, family says she passed away of natural causes at home in california thursday. she got her start at 3-year-old playing houses nationwide as baby linette and started in several broadway shows, she won three emmy's for her work in 1950's, 70's, 80's and 90's spent playing tv moms and classic tv shows, one day at a time and coach. she won actor achievement award in 1987. 97 year's old. ♪ >> we are learning now about new
10:52 am
charges against the california couple accused of torturing their 13 children. just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, it does. anita with that from los angeles. >> hi, there leland. the couple did appear in court looking unemotional while facing new charges, they sat quietly and nodded heads when judge asked about future court dates. the two sat on the same row although not right next to each other in court. the, -- turpin's pleaded guilty, yesterday da filed what they call an amended complaint. >> we have amended the complaint to add three new charges on both defendants of child abuse and one new count against only defendant louis turpin of felony assault and further investigation in this case has led us to amend the complaint
10:53 am
that's not uncommon in cases as the investigation continues. >> now, you might remember the 13 children were rescued from their home in paris, california in january, they were allegedly imprisoned for years in filthy conditions. authorities say they were beaten, shackled, barely given anything to eat and had very little access to bathrooms and showers. now reports indicate six of the younger children are being cared for in two different foster homes and the 7 older siblings at nearby medical center where they are now learning things like how to use an ipad, brush their teeth and play the get or, music therapy has apparently been healing for them. next court date is set for march 23rd with possible preliminary hearing on may 14th, the couple is now facing a total of 41 felony charges. leland, back to you. leland: wow, all right, anita in los angeles, anita, thank you. all right, as we move on i want to tell you about the original
10:54 am
documentary scandalist, walks us through monumental decision to impeach bill clinton. something america hadn't seen in over 130 years. >> the thing that really broke it for me was the fact that he lied to grand jury. >> emotions aside the nation's representative had to delve into the facts and finding of the report and decide if william jefferson clinton should be the first u.s. president to be impeached since andrew johnson in 1860. leland: fox news tomorrow night, 7:00 eastern for presentation of last week's episode, you can catch up followed by the brand-new episode that we just previewed 8:00 p.m. eastern. >> and after the break, best friend to the rescue, why this dog's owner calls him a hero.
10:55 am
smile dad.
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i take medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol. but they might not be enough to protect my heart. adding bayer aspirin can further reduce the risk of another heart attack. because my second chance matters. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. and sometimes, i don't eat the way i should. so, i drink boost. boost high protein nutritional drink has 15 grams of protein to help maintain muscle and 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d. boost high protein be up for it live partly cloudy skie pic. now. you scenicky haile scenic nic. they are taking up a possible cease fire resolution for the fighting in syria. all eyes are to russia right now in terms of what they will do on this cease fire. but we have seen so many of these cease fires come and go in syria. no reason to think that this one
10:59 am
would be any different. back to the u.n., as news warrants. he's an angel. he's my four-legged angel that we had at my house. to see him right now, smart dog. >> he's much more than man's best friend. he's also a hero. german shepherd rex took three bullets to the leg and neck while protecting his teenage owner from burglars. the boy's mother says it's a miracle that rex survived. the vet who treated him says that rex is doing well. now, if that's not a hero moment, i don't know what is. >> leland: you know that animals have an incredible instinct for fear. rex knew what was happening. he heard the gunshots and he ran to the gunshots to protect his owner. we're learning just how rare it
11:00 am
is for folks to run to the gunfire. good job, rex. milk bones and other treats coming your way. the news continues from new york. it's time to make our schools a much harder target. when we declare our schools to be gun-free zones, it just puts our students in far more danger. we really do have to strengthen up, really strengthen up background checks. we don't want people that are mentally ill to be having any form of weaponry. welcome to the journal. that was president trump friday at the conservative political action congress, calling for steps to bolster school security and curb gun violence


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