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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  February 24, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> after weeks of controversy, the democratic fisa memo finally seeing the light of day. the document countering republican claims that the fbi abused his powers to spy on the term campaign. i am - -, you are watching the "fox report". the white house agreeing to release a redacted version of thedemocratic memo. the dummy document drafted by adam schiff servers as a rebuttal and argues the fbi surveillance of the term campaign was justified. adam schiff released a statement reading, our
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extensive review of the initial fisa application and three subsequent renewals failed to uncover any evidence of illegal, unethical or unprofessional behavior by law enforcement. instead revealed both the fbi and doj made extensive showings to justify all four requests. it is unfortunate that the weekend release of the democratic memo by the white house was delayed beyond what was necessary and to the advantage of those seeking to mislead the american public. still devin nunes is standing by his original memo. the congressman was speaking at cpac as the news broke of the second memo's release. >> we wanted it out. we wanted out because we think it is clear evidence that the democrats are not only trying to cover this up, but they are also colluding with parts of the government to help cover this up. what you are not going to see is anything that actually rejects what was in our memo. >> president trump also
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reacting to the members really tweeting just a short time ago. the democrat memo response on government surveillance abuses is a total political and legal bust. just confirms the terrible things that were done. so illegal. chief intelligence correspondent, - - 20 is from washington now. catherine, you have been pouring over this document throughout the day. you did a fabulous time breaking it down earlier today. what are the main highlights? >> the main highlights in the democrats memo is that there was no spying on the term campaign they say. when they got the surveillance warrant for the term campaign, carter page, from the foreign intelligence court, there were multiple streams of intelligence.they were not solely reliant on the dossier. they make the argument in the democrat memo that after they had the initial warrant for surveillance, they were able to obtain additional intelligence that justified at least three
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more renewals for the carter page warrant. that is in this section here. you can see the findings were heavily redirected so those are likely sources, methods and other security information. they also make the argument that the national security court was told that it was a politically driven or politically motivated document and they fell to the fbi and justice department were in keeping with their standards of shielding sources and methods. they didn't deviate from that in this case. >> the take away is the democratic memo, 10 pages. republican memo, four pages. does this release undercut that initial republican memo?>> the two central findings that was released at the very beginning of this month, one is that the fisa court. the national security court was never told directly that this research and the trump dossier that was compiled by a former
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british spy, christopher steele, was being paid for, driven by the dnc and the clinton campaign. the reason that's important is that the national security court is what's called an export tight court. only one site is represented. there's a special burden on the government to present evidence to the court that is very broad. so the court has really all the information it needs. even information that may undercut some of the intelligence in the application so that they can make a full and - - decision on whether the warrant is justified. the other central findings for the republican staff memo is that former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe, in december 2017, testified before the house intelligence committee in a closed session and told the committee that if it hadn't been for the trump dossier, they would never had sought a surveillance warrant for an american citizen, carter page. this is a very big headline.
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when you look at the democrats memo, if you go into the footnotes, they specifically cite the december 2017 testimony by andrew mccabe but they don't pull anything from that testimony to refute the findings of the republicans. they pull sections that relate to the circumstances and the intelligence. and that the british spy had a track record for credibility with the fbi. they don't refute that directly and i think that is significant. >> it's interesting what's in each of these documents and what being left out of each of them as well. catherine, what's the bottom line? >> i think with the democrats memo, they want people to read it and really look at the trees and not the forest. get into the details but not
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look at the big picture. most americans are not used for reading stories about the fisa court and i can tell you from more than 15 years of experience dealing with these issues. there is no higher standard within the judicial system than the granting of a surveillance warrant for an american citizen inside this country for the fbi and other agencies. there is no higher standard. in this particular case, it would have been to the benefit of the court to err on the side a full disclosure and not less disclosure.the other point i would make is this conflict between the democrats and republicans on the house intelligence committee. you may be asking is there a third party which can help us understand to what extent the national security court really relied on this dossier? i think it's important to note on the senate side, the republican chairman chuck grassley along with senator lindsey graham have made a criminal referral to the justice department over christopher that referral which has now been declassified, you can see very clearly that the dossier was the bulk of the application. for the surveillance warrant. it was really the top line item. so as a final thought, when you go back to 2017, really with
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democrats on the committee, it was all about the dossier. yet here we are a year later and have a 10 page memo. when you read it they make the argument that it was never about the dossier. it was about other intelligence. i think there's a lot of daylight between those two positions. i'm sure in the coming days, they will hopefully explain how there is that disconnect for that gap. >> they say you look through rose colored glasses but sometimes things are shaded blue or red, you have to know what you are looking at. thank you so much for breaking that down for us throughout the day. we appreciate your analysis. we also heard from president trump a short time ago. the white house also releasing an official statement earlier on the democrats memo saying this in part. while the democrats memorandum attempt to undercut the president politically. the president supported its release in the interest of
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transparency. this politically driven document fails to answer serious concerns raised by the majority's memorandum about the use of partisan opposition research from one candidate. loaded with uncorroborated allegations as the basis to ask a court to approve surveillance of a former associate of another candidate at the height of a presidential campaign. let's bring in jeff mason, white house correspondent from reuters to give us some insight. you've been watching this unfold throughout the day. we can look at the democratic memo. we've had time to ruminate on this. just your thoughts are looking at all of this and the statements coming down from the white house as well. >> i think my first thought is it seems pretty clear that both memos were politically motivated. this entire thing we are watching is one of the better examples of political view to in washington i can imagine. it's clear both sides have a different view of what happene . it sort of gives a challenge to an observer and to readers.
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which pieces of evidence are true. clearly the white house position as you just articulated is that despite the fact the president allowed this memo to come out, they don't see it as credible. they believe this memo did not get into or more specifically emphasize the fact that democrats were involved in funding that dossier. the memo does acknowledge and says the fbi acknowledged in its application for that surveillance - - permission for surveillance that the average was politically charged or had come from a political source. >> as you raise that issue, this is devin nunes. the head of the intelligence house committee. take a listen. >> one of the things in the memo is that in a footnote before the fisa court, they put in a very, loaded complicated answer for something that was buried at the end.
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of the application. about that this was politically motivated. wouldn't it have been easier to say, hey mr. judge, we want to let you know that the hillary clinton campaign and the democratic party paid a lawyer who hired a firm who hired a foreign agent to go to russia and get her on mr. trump. >> you kind of touched on that but there is one other issue. regarding the testimony of andrew mccabe. remember it was mentioned in the republican memo. this testimony that this dossier was important, that it was essential before the fisa court and the democrats argued that's not how he said it. that his testimony was mischaracterized. yet when the democratic memo comes out, it's not clarified. we don't see the transcript. the democrats don't clear that up in this specific memo. your thoughts on that. >> i think that is a question
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that's open i'm sure that we asked in the coming days. however, i think they do address the fact that carter page, the evidence that was presented for getting a surveillance visa - - surveillance permission for carter page was not only tied to that dossier. the epi i was looking at carter page months before and had interviewed him once before. so that is certainly a part of the response of the democrats that their laying out in this memo as far as the justification that was used when seeking that warrant. >> congressman adam schiff, he argued the republican memo omitted and distorted key facts. meant to mislead the public. this democratic memo was meant to be the rebuttal and was meant to show what was left out. was the democratic memo, its release, will it be seen as a success? did they get their point across? >> i think that depends
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entirely on which side you're on. we've already seen what the response is from the white house and others on capitol hill. will they view this memo as a nothing burger. the democrats will say this was a deliberate and point by point rebuttal to what came out in the republican memo and they will see it as a success. i think the longer-term answer to that good question will depend on how people react more broadly in the coming days. >> thank you jeff. we will bring you back later on in the hour. talking about the midterm election that's getting closer. and president trump's attempt to rally conservatives at cpac. also coming up, we will speak with judge jeanine.
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was getting ready for a big guest tonight. president trump expected to call in and talk with janine about the state of the economy, the ongoing gun debate and much more than that. don't miss justice with judge jeanine, a special guest, president trump tonight at 9:00. meanwhile, former trunk campaign manager paul manafort hit with new charges in robert mueller's russia probe. this just hours after his former deputy chairman, rick gates pleaded guilty to conspiracy and to find to the fbi. molly heneberg is in washington to break this down. >>reporter: rick gates, one of metaphors versus business associate has been flipped by the government and will go from being a defendant along with paul manafort to a witness for special counsel robert mueller. gates pled guilty to two counts and agree to cooperate with robert mueller to reduce his jail time and financial fines. gates said in a letter quote, despite my initial desire to vigorously defend myself, i
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have had a change of heart. the reality of how long this legal process will likely take, the cost and the circus -like atmosphere of any anticipated trial or too much. i will better serve my family moving forward by exiting this process. gates agreed to start working as a witness for the government the day after he and paul manafort faced a new 32 count indictment. filed on thursday by special counsel robert mueller. this indictment has charges of filing false income tax returns, bank fraud, failing to report overseas bank accounts and more. one day after after the plea deal, another series of charges against paul manafort relating to his alleged funding for lobbying efforts on the behalf of ukraine. paul manafort maintained his innocence yesterday in a statement. and went on to say this of his business partner rick gates, i had hoped and expected my business colleague would have had the strength to continue the battle to prove our innocence.
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for reasons yet to surface he chose to do otherwise. [indiscernible] still, nothing in this plea deal or new indictments regarding mueller's main task as special counsel to determine whether the trunk campaign knowingly coordinated with the russian government to influence the 2016 election. >> does the president tweet to much? we have a survey on what cpac attendees think including their thoughts on his overall job performance, not. next. ultra strength heartburn relief chews. with more acid-fighting power than tums chewy bites. mmmmm...amazing. i have heartburn. ultra strength from alka seltzer. enjoy the relief.
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political action conference is in the books. before attendees left, they took a washington times poll on the state of the gop. the results show 93 percent of attendees say they approve of the job president trump is doing. 79 percent say the gop majorities in congress should do more to support president
4:19 pm
trump. when it came to tweeting, 35% of attendees want him to tweak more. while 40% want him to tweak less. peter doocy was in maryland for today's finale and has this to report. >>reporter: a big part of cpac has been figuring out effective messaging ahead of the midterms. talking to conservative senate hopefuls from key swing states like ohio, arizona and michigan are emerging themes for 2018. it appears to be a big brace of president trump. >> i live in cleveland. where trunk didn't do too well. he for a rock out a window and chances are you'll hit a democrat. donald trump would win ohio by a bigger margin than he took the last time. >> we as republicans have to give our electorate candidates that inspire them to go to the polls.>> i swore not to support the constitution
4:20 pm
against all enemies foreign and mustard the that means we make sure we hold democrats accountable. >> - - spent time spotlighting the redtape the government has been trying to cut and touting the positive impact they think getting government out of the way is having on the economy. especially environmental regulations like the paris climate accord. so says the epa chief scott bruen. >> it was all about putting our economy at a disadvantage despite the fact we were leading in co2 production anyway. the president showed enormous covers to say i am putting america first. >>reporter: conservative heading home to turn what we learned here into midterm success and a lot of people will be paying attention. thernc chair - - told me in the midterms, she's expecting presidential level turnout . >>molly: disturbing new details
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on the mass shooting in parkland, florida. some of the revelations barking a war of words between the broward county sheriff department and the internet. the white house issuing the toughest ever sanctions against north korea. what president trump is saying about a potential next step. if these new penalties don't convince the regime to abandon its goal to develop a nuclear weapon that can target anywhere in the u.s. i'd be freaking out. we are the tv doctors of america. together with cigna reminding you to go, know, and take control of your health. schedule your annual check-up today.
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florida as they honor the young victims of last week's school shooting. teachers and faculty return to school yesterday. the first time back since the massacre that killed 17 and wounded as many others. some students say they are wary of coming back. >> no b,18 should be able to have a gun that can kill multiple people within seconds. >> the plan to be back on wednesday? >> i'm not sure. i don't think so. not until our schools are safe. >>molly: - - is reporting from parkland.>>reporter: tonight there are still people showing up by the dozens. by the hundreds to leave behind balloons and flowers and notes at the memorial at stoneman douglas high school behind me. it's expanding to the size of several city blocks. all day and week there have been excruciating details emerging about how law enforcement did not properly respond to the shooting that day beginning with the fbi admitting it did not properly investigate a tip in which a caller said that nikolas cruz is capable of shooting up a school. then we learned the school resource officer on campus was
4:26 pm
here the day of the shooting and did not go inside the school. he was fired. today, the sun sentinel newspaper reporting that the sheriff's deputies were also here outside the school and they did not go inside as well. the broward county sheriff saying two of those deputies are on restriction as they are being investigated. all of this has sparked a political firestorm. let's begin with the latest. just a few hours ago, state representative bill hager tweeting out that he wants the governor to fire the broward county sheriff. he tweeted as a result of the media reports coming out showing the gross incompetence of the broward sheriff, i am calling on governor scott to remove sheriff israel from his post. we must also modernize our law enforcement agencies to ensure such a catastrophic breakdown of communication never occurs again. also the chairman of the freedom caucus, north carolina
4:27 pm
congressman mark meadows tweeting out, the broward county sheriff in front of a nationwide audience on cnn lectured the nra and millions of law-abiding gun owners when all along it was his department that did nothing after 39 calls. multiple threats and failed to engage the shooter. astounding. we need answers. democratic representative ted deutch released a video slamming the nra. >> to require background checks on every sale and transfer. to keep guns out of the hands of suspected terrorists. to outlaw bump stocks that enable automatic rates of five. to require that no one under the age of 21 can buy a gun and to once again be an assault weapons from our streets. >>reporter: at the center of all of this, the ongoing finger-pointing at the nra. the broward county sheriff himself waiting in to the fiery twitter controversy tweeting to the nra, you are not standing up for students. the nra responded, yesterday
4:28 pm
the twitter account said, directly to the sheriff, no sheriff israel, you did not protect these children and that is your job. you are the largest fully sheriff's office in the united states yet your office failed this community. at this point things have progressed with political collision and it seems like all sides want answers. >>molly: certainly a lot of those kids want answers as well. thank you very much. reaction pouring and after the release of the democratic fisa memo. how the white house is responding to the democrats claim. where talking to judge jeanine next. plus president trump going into full campaign mode at cpac. how he is hoping to rally conservative support ahead of the midterms. >> we need more republicans to vote. we want to get our agenda because now what we have to do in order to get a vote to fix our military, we have to give them $100 billion and stuff
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after weeks of negotiations. white house releasing a statement saying, as the majority's memorandum stated, the fisa judge was never informed that hillary clinton and the dnc funded the dossier. that was the basis for the department of justice's vice application. the memo fails to address the fact that deputy fbi director told the committee that had it not been for the dossier, no surveillance order would have been sought. as the president has long stated, neither he nor his campaign ever colluded with the foreign power and nothing in today's memo counters that fact. we are less than 90 minutes away from a very big justice with judge jeanine chat with president trump. judge, thank you for joining me here tonight.i am delighted to have a chance to chat with us for your big interview tonight. what will you talk to the president about? >> we are going to talk to the
4:34 pm
president about what he talked about at cpac. about background checks. about the economy. about the military. about all the things that have happened in the year and two months since he's been president. we would probably even talk about this memo that is in response to the nunes memo which is so ridiculous. it truly is an indication of thevindication of the republica because it makes it clear the fbi relied on a dossier that was created by a political party, the dnc. a presidential candidate to go after surveillance of an american citizen on the trunk campaign. i mean this is so incredibly wrong. if the fisa court doesn't do anything about it. the most secretive court in the united states. if they don't do something about the fact the department of justice and the fbi went in there with a political document to spy on americans, in america.
4:35 pm
>>molly: you mentioned you will ask the president about what he talked about at cpac. at a chance to watch them speaking at the conference from in the studio and he really seemed to be in his element. throwing out the script a little really seems to be enjoying himself. then there was a time about whether or not he was conservative enough. then we see the straw poll results that 79 percent was the gop members supported the president more. what you have to say about that? >> i think it's more an issue for what the congress will have to say and that is to understand the american people connect with president trump. that when he went off script yesterday at cpac, the audience was on their feet. they understand the man.they get his message. they know it's genuine. they know it's from the heart. i think that congress needs to get behind as president in a
4:36 pm
way they haven't done. by doing so, they are getting behind the american people. we are thrilled to have the president on justice tonight. we also have katherine harris to talk about the memo along with john solomon. and the secretary of the environmental protection agency, scott pruitt. we've got a great show lined up this evening. my open is on sheriff israel in broward county whether or not he should go. guess what my opinion is? >>molly: so much sadness and heartbreak there. i can only imagine how fury might build. thank you so much for joining us here tonight. you are one of the best in the business. this will be a great night on your show. we look forward to it very much. tonight, judge jeanine and the president right here. 9:00 p.m.. to not miss it. let's take a listen of some of what president trump said when he was firing up that crowd at cpac as we mentioned moments
4:37 pm
ago. >> right now we have a big race coming in 2018. just to get out, get that enthusiasm. keep it going. the world really is complacent. people get complacent. it's a natural instinct. just won and you are happy and complacent. don't be complacent. because if they get in, they will repeal his tax cuts. they will put judges and you wouldn't believe. they will take away your second amendment which we will never allow to happen. [applause] >>molly: you hear the cheers when he talked about the second amendment. let's bring back jeff mason. we are delighted you stuck with us to give us reaction listening to the president. he must have said complacent four times there. it seemedto be a real theme. the vice president spoke the day before and he warned the other side is motivated and mobilized . elections certainly are about who shows up at the polls.
4:38 pm
when you look across the political spectrum, the fact that the president is wanting to be complacent. the vice president sending a similar message. are republicans concerned when they look to 2018? >> i think they are for sure. and they have reason to be. the first reason for that is purely historical. it is historically the case that the incumbent party, the party that controls the white house loses seats during the midterm election that's something they are facing. and of course, they are facing the fact that the democratic party is very energized. there are a lot of people on the democratic side or just furious about the election from 2016 and who are furious about what's going on now in terms of policy out of the trump white house. and have motivation and reason to go to the polls. what president trump and vice president mike pence is trying to do is make sure republicans have a reason to go too. that's why they are talking
4:39 pm
about what they view as their huge accomplishments. in particular tax reform that happened at the end of last year. but you are right, the president was in rare form at cpac. >>molly: this is a president that understands an audience. take a listen to the presidents firing up the crowd. >> we salute our great american flag. we put our hands on our hearts for the pledge of allegiance. [applause] and we all proudly stand for the national anthem. [applause] [usa chants] >>molly: he got them on their feet. is this someone that understands what conservatives want to hear? >> he certainly knows what his
4:40 pm
base wants to hear. i think the fact he brought that up, the standing to the national anthem and saluting the flag is of course a reference to his criticism of football players who have not done so. that is something that is really resonated with voters for president trump and it resonated at that cpac gathering. which some have said quite rightly, president trump is now the undisputed leader of the republican party. and conservatives and other from his base are very excited to see and listen to the things he has to say. >>molly: the midterm is right around the corner. jeff mason, white house correspondent for reuters. ivanka trump is in south korea for the winter olympics. as the games are nearing their end. the first daughter watched a speedskating competition after meeting with the south korean president last night. the trip comes as her father, president trump, issued new sanctions against north korea and warning about what might next come in financial pressure if that does not work. >> if the sanctions don't work,
4:41 pm
we will have to go phase 2. it may be a very rough thing. maybe very unfortunate for the world. >>molly: phase 2. - - picks up the story from seoul, south korea. >>reporter: the winter olympics are wrapping up here. but ivanka trump was out and about. she is leading the u.s. delegation to the closing ceremony of the games on sunday. saturday, she was cheering on team usa. she was also talking about north korea at an earlier meeting and dinner with south korean president moon. she detailed the new sanctions president trump has announced against the regime. we were also at the olympics on saturday and we got an up close view of the mixed agenda. take a look at what we saw and heard. >> the u.s. delegation to the winter olympic games are here in pyeongchang taking in some events.
4:42 pm
but with the dmz only 40 miles away, the nuclear and missile programs of the regime of kim jong-un not far from their minds either. >> the president has said he is committed in the north is not. [indiscernible] when he says that, people should listen to him. >> to see military drills resuming after the olympics? >> i will not get ahead of the decision but i would imagine we go back to where we were before the olympic games. >>reporter: that admission by sarah sanders of a possible restart of joint exercises could rival the north koreans. leaving their delegation to the closure. a general blacklisted for his ties to the regimes missile and nuclear programs. we pressed officials on whether ivanka could be sitting near the north koreans in a closing
4:43 pm
ceremony triggering a possible replay of vice president mike pence is near miss with kim jong-un's sister. the word from official, no commitment to any kind of meeting with the north koreans. but the diplomatic games continue. >>molly: thank you. saying goodbye to the reverend billy graham. as america's pastor receives an honor only three other private citizens have had before him. that is next. diabetes can be a daily struggle,
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don't we need that cable box to watch tv? nope. don't we need to run? nope. it just explodes in a high pitched 'yeahhh.' yeahhh! try directv now for $10 a month for 3 months. no satellite needed. >> ♪the body of reverend billy graham has back to his north carolina hometown for the final time. the 130 mile procession drying scores of mourners and
4:47 pm
well-wishers. a counselor to us presidents of both parties, billy graham will lie in honor at the nation's capital. a rare honor for a private citizen. - - has the latest in all of this. >> beginning a week of ceremonies. at the motorcade traveling with the body of reverend billy graham drove those 130 miles from the mountain chapel in asheville, north carolina to the billy graham library in his hometown of charlotte. crowds of well-wishers showed up to honor the evangelists along the way. his body arrived at the library this afternoon. he will lie in repose monday and tuesday. america's pastor will then lie in honor at the u.s. capitol rotunda. becoming just the fourth private citizen in history to receive such an honor. call the world's most prolific preacher, 77 million people saw billy graham preach in person over his 60 year career. 210 millionheard the evangelist radio or on preach on
4:48 pm
television or on the radio. >> our nation's motto is in god we trust. and this week our nation lost an incredible leader who devoted his life to helping us understand what those words really mean. >> known as the president pastor, billy graham met from harry chalmers to barack obama. he was a frequent guest of president ronald reagan. george w. bush wrote in an op-ed yesterday explain how billy graham helped him quit drinking and changed his life. he died on wednesday at the age of 99. he will be buried in charlotte. >>molly: he led an exceptional life. just seeing those pictures what a great impact he had on so many people. thank you for sharing. the ncaa under major screening after a shocking report about corruption and men's basketball. just how widespread the violations could be. coming up after "fox report", it's a brand-new watters world.
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revealing what looks like widespread corruption in the ncaa. yahoo sports reporting that federal documents detail sweeping potential violations of dozens of high profile men's college basketball teams. some of the players, coaches, agents, joining me now with reaction to this report. jim gray. you are the perfect person to talk to about this tonight. it seems like whenever i read about this investigation, i think about these players. and how much money these
4:53 pm
schools are making off of them. everybody seems to be making cash but these players. just your thoughts on this investigation unfolding and how it's going. >> it's implicating and now it is exposing what everybody has known has gone on for a long the fbi is involved. spending 4000 hours on this. listening to these phone calls. wiretaps and so forth. so the horrible underbelly of college sports is naturally being exposed because the fbi has gotten involved. these are the biggest programs. duke, north carolina, texas, kentucky, usc, alabama, lsu. sean miller at arizona now won't coached tonight. this is just awful. for the ncaa to say they are outraged, and i know you will read the statement.they are complicit in this. they have allowed this to go on. so go ahead and read the
4:54 pm
statement and then we can talk about it. >>molly: the ncaa president had this to say. these allegations if true .2 systematic players that must be fixed and fixed now if you are college sports in america. simply put, people who engage in this behavior have no place in college sports.they are an affront to all of those who play by the rules. you bring up the question, so i will toss it back to you. how do you hold people responsible? how do you hold people accountable?>> i like mark emirate but for him to say what he just said is so full of baloney. that is so deceitful and disgusting. everybody knows this is going on. how can he be leading the ncaa and not know it's going on? look at the billions of dollars everybody is making off with this. the networks, coaches, shoe companies.the conferences. the institution, the universities.
4:55 pm
the only ones that can't touch it are these poor kids were creating it all. so now, they wiretap and find out some of these kids are getting some money. it's been going on forever. alonzo paul who played for ucla said it best last night. he no place for the lakers. everybody knows it's going on. everybody's getting paid. why don't they just make it legal? everybody's been saying that for a long time. he is exactly right. this whole thing is a charade and a sham. these kids need to be paid. >>molly: they work enormously hard. their bodies go through a tremendous amount. it's an enormous work ethic to do what they do. how do you change the system? >> first of all, many of these athletes that are in school, at least in basketball with this one and done in these top programs. they are not student athletes. they are athlete students. they are they are because they want to graduate to the next level. they want to be in the nba. or they want to be in the nfl.
4:56 pm
so why are we putting them under the guise that they are in school trying to get an education. the universities enable all of this. this goes on and they profiteer off of it. but the kids are the ones that are heard. if you look at how many basketball players are in the mba, 15 players on each team. you will also one in 1 million to become an nba player. it's a dream that is so far out there that it is really reached. if these kids want to go to school to be a basketball player and play in the nba. first of all it's a fallacy they will make it. second of all, for the universities toallow that to be the case but and put them in these pe classes. let them go to a place were they can hone their skills and become a professional basketball player. but college basketball and football needs of your reform. they've needed it for an awful
4:57 pm
long time. >>molly: you a very straightforward take on this. we appreciate your voice tonight. and that is how "fox report" this saturday, february 24, 2018, thank you for watching. watters world is next. watters world is next. joins judge jeanine. tonight. .. when used with diet and exercise. it should not be the first medicine to treat diabetes or for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. do not take trulicity if you have a personal or family history of medullary thyroid cancer, if you have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if you're allergic to trulicity.
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