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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 26, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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original videos. you can let us know what you think. we are back here next sunday. we'll see you then with the latest >> we are going to have a lot of meetings tomorrow, a lot of important meetings where we talk about parkland, horrible event that took place. >> significant law enforcement presence on top of hardening schools, metal detectors and bullet proof glass, better fencing. >> you're going back to see people that are traumatized for the rest of their lives. >> the democratic memo was to undercut the nunes memo and failed to do that. >> there's kevin. [cheers and applause]
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♪ ♪ heather: good morning to you, the lights are coming on in new york city, monday morning, i'm vacfrom vacation and we are ready to go. thank you so much for watching "fox & friends first". teachers and staff, though, tough day for them. they are returning to school at stoneman douglas high school today. governor rick scott is now calling in the meantime for an investigation into law enforcement's response amid heightened calls for the sheriff to resign. griff jenkins is live for us in washington, d.c. with what is coming up next. good morning, griff. >> good morning, welcome back. students don't class back until later this week but returned to
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stoneman douglas as teachers and staff prepare to get back to business as usual as the nation's governors gather in washington for their winter meeting, president trump will be joining today with the safety of our children at the top of the list. >> we will be talking about parkland and horrible event that took place last week, i want to thank governor rick scott of florida, rick, please stand up, you're doing a great job. [applause] >> i think that we will make that first in our list because we have to end the country of what's happening with respect to that subject. >> all eyes will be on governor scott who led the way for more to be done to secure the schools, governor scoot, calling for violence prevention plan and holding everyone accountable from the fbi to broward county
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sheriff's department. >> the fbi, what happened, the local sheriff's department, they have been to be transparent, whoever didn't do their job has to be held accountable. i talked to law enforcement around the state, there's no one i talked to that's not disgusted that the local sheriff's deputy that was there did not go in and kill the individual. >> despite calls to step aside, sheriff israel said that he will not resign. >> did you know it wednesday night? >> it was spoken about during that earlier that day. >> are you really not taking any responsibility for the multiple red flags. >> jake, i could only take responsibility for what i knew about. i commerce as my due diligence, i have given amazing leadership to the agent. of course, i won't resign. >> finally congress returns today and they will begin considering a rage of options from bump stocks to background
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checks and everything else in between. it's going to be a busy week and certainly expect lawmakers to try to get active, heather. >> so tough for the students this week, griff jenkins live for us this morning. right now crews are still looking for people who may have survived prapt trapped urn the rubble. 2-story building lester, 100 miles north of london completely leveled, another four people are being treated at hospital, police say there's no reason to believe that this is terror related as they continue to investigate the cause. turning now to extreme weather, major flooding slams part of the midwest, this is the ohio river in cincinnati, rising 60 feet. highest level in two decades. at least five people are dead
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after tornadoes and terrains, in washington one man is dead and several injured after getting caught in avalanche, snore burying that group while shredding, rescue workers had to dig them out. avalanche blocking roadway. they all have access we were told to food and shelter. and as united airline flight attempts to slam with blown tire, that was pretty tough, ne nework and no injuries were reported. that's a good thing. and the white house is blasting the release of that democratic rebuttal memo calling it a total bust for failing to disprove key
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details about alleged fisa abuses. but lawmakers on the left insist that it clear it is obama administration of any wrongdoing, kelly wright live in washed with reaction to both memos, so kelly, now we have both memos and as expected different reaction. >> absolutely, depends on what side you're on, i'm looking at the memo, it's called correcting the memo, the russia investigation. ten-page democrat document, the memo, partially redacted. disputes republican claims that the department and fbi and devin nunes responded to the democrats. >> you have a political party in this country actually saying, don't worry american public, twoa this all of the time, we will dig up dirt all of the
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time, get it from russians and open up an investigation to another campaign. kelly: democrats say not so fast written by former british spy christopher steele, president trump and the white house say that the democrats' memo is a bust. >> they were not really able to rebut the points made in the nunes memo. i think the president is right, it is a bust. it doesn't undercut conduct year before last in fisa warrant and investigation altogether. kelly: democrats says the memo vindicate it is fbi. >> not surprised that the president doesn't like it, i'm not surprised frankly that the white house try today bury the memo response as long as they could but it's important for the public to see the facts that the fbi acted appropriately in
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seeking a warrant in carter page, they're not part of deep state as the president would like public to believe. kelly: continue to investigate russian interference in 2016 campaign and, of course, members of congress come back today, heather. heather: as griff jenkins was saying earlier, it's going to be a busy week. thank you so much, kelly. as kelly was talking about, democrats insist they do have evidence to clear the obama administration of the fisa abuses alleged by dehave you been nunes but republican congressman john rat can have -- ratcliff says there's questions that need to be answered. >> the fisa court must be told. they must be told clearly exexpressly, unequivocally and in this case were not told about hillary clinton and the dnc, about steele hating trump and desperate keeping him from
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becoming president. the other point that's worth emphasizing that adam schiff goes at length the fact that republicans criticized fbi agent peter peter: -- peter strzok. unless you believe peter strzok asked to go to counterintelligent agent or bruce ohr asked to be demoted not once but twice in a two-week period. heather: today the supreme court will hear arguments on a landmark labor case potentially crippling public employee unions, now the justices will decide whether state government workers who choose not the join a union still have to pay a share of union dues to cover the costs of negotiating labor
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contracts, that decision could also deliver a blow to democrats who we lie on the unioning for more than $100 million in contribution. court deadlock for four on the same issue in a case brought by california teachers to obtain dues. the white house giving north korea ultimatum in order to hold peace talks and they say they will only meet with the rogue nation if the discussions lead to regime ending its nuclear program. the north korean delegation reportedly telling the south korean president that they are on board to hold talks with the u.s. this just days after president trump approved new sanctions targeting north korea's shipping and trading companies. in the meantime ivanka trump all smiles, the first daughter greeting and sitting south korean president moon and his wife. ivanka charming the crowd and taking in the games during her four-day trip which included a
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diplomatic briefing with president moon. the u.s. missing out on the final pedal podium finishing fourth in overall standing. here is something good. 17 years but kevin finally has another win at atlanta motor speedway with quick trip 500. >> kevin harvick puts on a clinic and wins the post of honor. >> more than a hundred laps, he won the same track in 2001 filling in for dale earhart, three-finger salute victory lap. the nascar partnership by the way raises awareness which gives out scholarship to support military families. a win all the way around. long rain delay to get the race in. 11 minutes after the top of the
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hour and president trump calling for an end to chain migration. >> but we want people based on merit not based on the fact that they are thrown into a bin and many of those people are not the people you want in the country, believe me. heather: turns out americans overwhelming agree, so why isn't the system changing? our next guest and expert on immigration studies has a pretty good idea. and up in flames the terrifying moment that carry-on bag explodes into a fire ball on the plane and all caught on camera, and olympian calling for political unity, the outrage that is boiling over on both sides. helped put a roof over the heads
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of hundreds of families, he's most proud of the one he's kept over his own. brand vo: get paid twice as fast with quickbooks smart invoicing. quickbooks. backing you.
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>> we want people that come in through merit. we need merit. we need people to come into our country because we have so many companies moving because to have regulations and because of what we did with the massive tax cut. we are going to need people to take care of the company, so -- but we want people based on merit, not based on the fact that they are thrown into a bin and many of those people are not the people you want in the country, believe me. heather: well, president trump calling for a merit-base system on immigration that would judge applicants unskilled rather than family connections and in a new harvard harris polls finds that most americans agree. is it time for congress to act and reform our immigration system? here now to weigh in is the executive director of the center for immigration study mark, thank you so much for joining us this morning, appreciate it. >> glad to be here. heather: you saw the poll that we put up. the majority of americans believe that it should be based on merit and skills, what do you think, does that surprise you?
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>> no, it's pretty common sense, other than husbands, wives an little kids, immigration shouldn't be based on who you know but what you know. the nfl when it does draft doesn't pick people because they have a son that plays in the nfl, we will let you in too, they play people that are best at what they do. hundreds of millions of people who want to move here and we should be choosey in who we take. i actually kind of disagree with the president about how many people we take. he seems to think we need lots of people, you know, lots of new immigration. i don't think so but whatever we take, we should be taking people based on what they know not who they know. heather: as i was going through the polls and let's bring up the other one that i will get your response as well, the number of people that support the comprehensive immigration reform, 76% support that. 24% oppose it. why aren't we hearing more about that in the media because if you listen to some of the mainstream media you would think it's the
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exact opposite? >> well, i think one of the reasons, for instance, that you're talking about the president's proposal to join some amnesty for some people with some of the significant immigration changes, a lot of people support it, a lot of polling shows that, but i don't think it's all that important to people really one way or the other where as the people fighting it, the people who want to keep our immigration system the way it is, really have intent interests so they pay lobbyists and they pressure people and when you have -- it's not really a balance, you have most of the public saying, you know what, i think we should fix things the way the president is saying compared to highly-motivated-paid lobbyists. >> they don't feel as passion atly -- passionately about it. >> right. heather: the president want change to that as well. >> visa lottery, we get 50,000
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green cards at people to people at random, dumbest immigration programs imaginable. again, everybody thinks it's dumb and should go away but there's intense political interest by a handful of people in keeping it going and so far they've been the ones who have been winning the debate. heather: yeah, this one other thing that i found interesting, this was the question that was posed specifically, it said, should the immigration policy be based on person's ability to contribute to america and when you polled hispanic respondents, 83% agreed with that statement. >> yeah, again, no surprise, it's common sense. of course, when you're in a seller's market, if you will. we are not selling green cards for the most part but way more people want them than we are going to be giving them out so you should be using, you should be picky and choosey to who you give it to and doesn't matter what ethnic group you belong to,
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it's a common sense view. heather: mark, thank you so much for joining us and taking us through all the polls this morning, thanks. >> thank you. heather: have a great week. the time now is 19 minutes after the top of the hour and armed robber meets his match, this incredible video of a mother and father, have you seen it, using their own gun to fight him off. the mother and her daughter. >> i say impeach 45. i will fight every day until he is impeached. [cheers and applause] >> impeach 45. heather: and maxine watter still singing the same tune to impeach the president but is anyone even listening? well, social media is and people are very fired up, carley shimkus with that reaction when we come right back you know what's awesome? gig-speed internet.
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heather: she boycotted president trump's trump state of union and maxine watters is back at it again. >> i don't think what the republicans say,i say impeach 45. [cheers and applause] >> impeach 45. impeach 45. impeach 45. heather: yeah, in case you didn't understand the first fifth or sixth time, carley shimkus siriusxm 115 with how social media is responding to outburst. >> that's right, speaking at annual convention in san diego, congressman watters delivered fiery speech calling for president trump's impeachment. take a listen. >> democrats are going to retire
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the spineless unpatriotic, intimidated republican and send them home to live a shameful existence for the rest of their lives. i say it is time to get ready for impeachment. carley: while her remarks did receive around of a please from audience, conservatives on social media are far less convinced. take a look at sarcastic tweet from mike, i don't think he hasn't broken any laws or anything, but he has hurt my feelings and that's enough. stop with the hate and actually work to solve real-world issues, school safety, immigration, a balanced budget would be a good start. now congressman watter is resting impeachment claims on special counsel robert mueller's russian investigation saying she cannot wait for him to connect the dots. heather: interesting, but let's take a look at something completely different. talking about working together even if you disagree about things. carley: that's right, message of unity by team usa bob who
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tweeted this with ivanka trump, we don't have to agree on everything to get along, be civil with each other and enjoy company, it's for america, pleasure to meet you both. take a look at the picture here. ana an social media says, you don't have to be nasty but you also don't have to have a photo opt that makes it looks like you're buying into it. that's also complicit. social media reactions to been mixed because michelle fired back saying i wish the judgmental haters would leave you alone, they just won't let you savor the olympics. representing team usa with dignity and class and patriotism. leaving with a silver medal. heather: good for her. there's a big backlash with him as well.
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carley: i like the message of unity. heather: absolutely. it's the olympics. appreciate it, carley. 26 minutes after the top of the hour and president trump claims that the democrats fisa memo only proves that he was spied on. >> the memo was a nothing, that was nothing but a confirmation and a lot of bad things happened on the other side. heather: so what happens next? does the memo prove that the president is right or does it give democrats a win, our political panel up next to debate. and what you smoke in vegas stays in vegas. airports adding bins for flyers to stash -- trash their stash
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heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first" 4:30 on the east coast, doctor recipient accused of threatening to shoot students
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at new york high school will appear in federal court today. abigael hernández posted the threat in school facebook page writing, quote, i'm coming tomorrow morning and i am going to shoot all of you. the 21-year-old attended east high for three years before switch to go different school in the district, upon her arrests police found shotgun in home but it's unclear who it actually belongs to, hernández is being held on 15,000-dollar bond. teachers are returning to stoneman douglas high school today, prepare to go welcome students back after 17 people killed in the mass shooting. the school held voluntary organization yesterday to explain how the school year will continue and many as understandable became emotional as they stepped foot back on campus, classes set to resume on wednesday. florida gun show sees record number of attendees despite gun control debate in the state.
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nearly 7,000 people flocking to the florida state fair for gun show in tampa on saturday alone manager for the shows says that 95% of vendors are required to run background checks but lawmakers in florida are continue to go push a fix on the so-called gun show loophole. and there are no signs of terrorism after some frightening moments on commercial plane. [inaudible conversations] heather: what if that happened to you? look at that, carry-on catching fire in overhead ben in chinese aircraft just moments before takeoff, passengers on the shanghai bound flight move today another plane after smoke filled the cabin, officials say that the fire was likely sparked by lithium battery and that's why, no injuries reported.
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memo madness sweeping capitol hill after release of democrats' rebuttal to fisa memo. >> the memo was a nothing that was nothing but a confirmation and a lot of bad things that had on the other side and that document verifies the nunes memo. that's why they didn't push hard to have it. they didn't push it hard because they understood this was going to happen. heather: democrats still stand behind it saying that it clear it is obama administration of any wrongdoing, so what is next, here to debate gop strategists and democratic strategists, both contributors to the hill, thank you so much for coming early. not surprised that there's different takes on the memo, i will start with you, what do you think? >> the democrat memo ought to be
1:34 am
read like a story time because it reads like a fairy tail, i haven't read something this political that provides a retroactive like this since we read hillary clinton's what happened book which should have been also a piece of fiction, i think there are problems here, i think the memo does not clear the obama administration in the way democrats would like for you to believe that it does, look, what we know here is that the fbi was fully aware and told the fisa court that this former british spy christopher steele was a person of questionable reputation. he has had sources questioned in the past. the fbi was aware of this yet they put this document forth to the fisa court. you have payment that is were being made to this person by the fbi that was put forth to the court and the fbi even admitted here, the democrats' own memo admitted that christopher steele
1:35 am
had huge bias against president trump. heather: the dnc paid for the dossier. >> okay, first of all, the investigation that both sides acknowledge began because of carter page, the individual who was in the trump orbit but had relationships with the kremlin which is why the fbi began investigating him in july. when we start talking about how the investigation began, it's important to acknowledge that this all began because of carter page and both the democratic memo and republicans acknowledged that the dossier in and of itself wasn't the reason that the investigation began. it's really important not just because of devin nunes but the conversation for both sides not to mislead the american public. heather: do you think that both sides, this is what i'm wondering about, are both sides leaving out information in order to sway the opinion to their side or the other and who do we believe and how do we know who
1:36 am
to believe? >> the memo process started because republicans cherry-picked information. i will admit the democratic memo doesn't give complete story. neither side does. now no one know what is to believe anymore. >> we do know what to believe on the regard, president trump has been open, he has told every member of the west wing to cooperate with robert mueller, the special counsel in this matter, he's told them to testify, he's told them to -- >> that's just not true, though. >> it is true. >> steve bannon did not give information because the white house told him. jared kushner when he met -- don, jr. >> president trump made clear message that every staff member in west wing, i have personally spoken with them, he has told them give the special counsel what they want. >> why aren't they doing it? >> compare today democrat memo where so much is left out, i think it's really disappointing. my advice to democrats is go back to the table when you're serious about solving the
1:37 am
national security potential problem of russia meddling in our elections, when you're serious about solving that come back to the table. heather: michael, answer all of that. >> the idea that the president is serious about the russia investigation whether there's been actual interference, he just now acknowledged that there was russian interference, he still hasn't imposed the sanctions, he's done more to attack president obama than he does to say anything negative about putin. it's laughable. heather: no proof of collusion, nothing even saying collusion at this point. >> the investigation is not over, so we don't know all of the information but here is what we know, president trump said that he hire it is best people, so those people are what paul manafort, rich gates, mike flynn, papadopoulos, those are your best people? come on. >> each had very limited time period -- >> you and i know that's not true. >> some are internist at the company that they interned in. >> paul manafort was the chair of the campaign.
1:38 am
heather: we are also getting away from the whole point which was the dnc, hillary clinton's campaign paid for this dossier and that was not -- >> doesn't make it any less true. they did tell them that there was a political purpose to the information that was brought forth. they didn't say it was from the campaign but they absolutely acknowledged that it came from a political service but that doesn't make it any less true. heather: pretty bad. >> what makes it less true what the fbi acknowledged they knew christopher had problem with facts. heather: great debate as always and we will be right back, stay with us
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heather: welcome back, american airlines apparently making some changes to safety video after some customers complained about it celebratory ending. >> because great is what we are going for. [cheers and applause] heather: well, american airlines
1:42 am
say that is the ending was awkward for passengers experiencing flight delays, they have since fixed the video to quote, dial down the cheerishing at the end. the effect will be next month. i'm not sure how people feel about flight delays, they'll still be upset. historic church believed to be on the side of jesus' tomb closes for several hours. leaders in jerusalem fighting israeli proposal to tax properties, the plan would not tax the church itself but would impact its other buildings and the tax revenue could add up to tens of millions of dollars. and now time for fox business alert for you, speaking of a lot of money dozen companies cutting ties with the nra, the latest delta, united and a hearing aid supplier, tracee carrasco from sister ned work fox business,
1:43 am
good morning, tracee. tracee: good morning, heather, a lot of companies adding to the list of companies pulling names from benefits that are given to nra members, the latest as you said a hearing aid company, airlines delta, united over the weekend and some moving companies, north american van lines, car buying service, true car, all of these adding to their names to the list as this growing debate continues over gun control. heather: interesting. so las vegas, if you're traveling to las vegas or from las vegas and you have pot you have a place to put it. >> yes, so this is the left over legally purchased marijuana when you are leaving las vegas, there's some specially placed bins, you see it on the screen outside of mccarren international airport, in high-trafficked area, no punt intended, so you can dispose of your marijuana safely and
1:44 am
legally before you get on the plane. of course, when you try to board the plane with marijuana you will have problems there. they set up 13 of the bins, they have more plans in the future to put more of these around the airport. heather: what happens to all the pot? tracee: they have someone come and collect it regularly and dispose of it, get rid of it, they do have someone monitoring the bins to make sure that people aren't trying to break in. heather: so someone, we will find out who the someone is. thank you so much, appreciate it, tracee. >> thank you. heather: time now 15 minutes until the top of the hour and the liberal media are torn over who they like covering more in south korea, ivanka trump or kim jong un's sister, so what does the pr tug of war reveal about the left? our next guest national security analyst on why ivanka was the perfect counterpunch. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ heather: time square where the lights never go out and from new york city, good morning to you, it's about a quarter till the top of the hour wherever you're taking up. president trump wants drug dealers to pay the ultimate price. the death penalty, now source telling apxio that the president has had several conversations about how he believes that high-volume drug dealers are as bad as serial killers and deserve to die for their crimes, he admits, though, that it would be impossible to get a law
1:49 am
passed, trump pointing to singapore and the philippines where offenders can face deaths and that's contributing to source. ice detaining several illegals across northern california including this man in napa home according to witnesses, the fed mostly taking undocumented immigrants who were already facing deportation orders, the sweep coming just one day after oakland payor urged them to seek immigration resources immediately. mainstream media fawned over north korean dictator kim jong un's sister, we told you about that, now ivanka trump in closing ceremonies, they are even going so far comparing to two. ivanka trump ready for pr battle with kim jong un's sister at
1:50 am
winter olympics closing ceremony. why can't the media get it right on one of the most pressing issues of our time? here to weigh in international relations expert rebecca grant. thank you so much for joining us, appreciate it. >> good morning, heather. heather: we are talking about kim jong un's sister and comparing her to ivanka trump, what is your take on that? >> ridiculous. first of all, good job, ivanka, kim jong un's sister is a rooky in come parson to ivanka trump. ivanka has spent a year meeting with the likes of angela merkel. so no comparison, good job, ivanka. heather: specifically important that she met with president moon of south korea because he could be heading to the north. >> yes, ivanka met with president moon, the perfect
1:51 am
touch underlined the tough new sanctions announced by president trump and she really gave a boost to south korea as well underlining the maximum pressure policy that president moon fully supports. heather: what about china and where did they play into this and what's going to happen next, china and russia? >> china and russia, that's the big question because we have the big news about north korea having enough willingness to talk and heather, this is something that obama couldn't get done in eight years and trump has gotten it done in one year, there's a long way to go but now north korea is willing to talk to the u.s. and willing to talk about the nuclear issue. it's huge, north korea's delegation also met with china on the sidelines, we need to play what role china and russia might take place in talks going forward. heather: i ask you that to bring
1:52 am
it full circle and go back to what the mainstream media is talking about and their comparison instead between ivanka trump and kim jong un's sister, it really is ridiculous. >> it is, it's time for the mainstream media to catch up to see that there's been a huge diplomatic breakthrough here. it's time to get the carrots out, let's see what north korea is going to want to participant in talks, let's see how far they will go. i'm looking for the visit for president moon up north and hopefully to see no more missile or no more nuclear tests out of north korea, we will see the u.s. and south korea resume military exercises but we have really important work and news ahead about the upcoming talks with north korea. we will see progress on the peninsula this year thanks to trump. heather: i wanted to ask you that, what's that thanks to, because this would be very significant if it actually does happen and do you believe that north korea is being honest when
1:53 am
they say that they'll agree to these talks as america has put forward only if you agree to denuclearize? >> yes, the maximum pressure policy works an north korea sent delegation of eight heavy-hitters, the delegation understands, they got the memo about military pressure and they are ready to talk. maybe they are the ones that helped persuade kim and maybe kim's sister piled onto that. what we have seen that the most senior officials in north korea want to get those talks started. heather: all right, well, whatever it takes, it would be great news, thank you so much, rebecca grant, appreciate it. >> thank you. heather: time now is about 8 minutes until the top of the hour. an armed robber meets his match. the incredible video of mother and daughter using their own gun to fight him off. and saving old glory, incredible photo of firefighters braving rising flood waters to rescue the stars and stripes.
1:54 am
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american flag waving there on the avenue of the americas in new york city right outside of studios at fox news. thanks once again for joining us on "fox & friends first". have you seen this video? it is insane. this is a mother and a daughter fighting for their lives getting into the shoot-out with armed robber inside oklahoma liquor store. 30-year-old ashley lee pulling out a gun from behind the counter opening fire on a man as he attacks her mother. right there, 53-year-old tina ring is struggling with the suspect as her heroic daughter fires another bullet, finally sending him running. a police say that the suspect took himself to a hospital and you will meet the brave women in the video in just a couple of hours. you will be on "fox & friends" live at 7:20, tune in for that. michigan police officer finds
1:59 am
himself knee-deep in dangerous driving conditions, look at that pothole, literally the cop got out of his car and then jump intoed the the massive pothole just to see how deep it actually went for a little perspective, that officer stands 6'5, that's a deep pothole. and then incredible picture, there's still love and respect for american flag, not one but two fire departments coming together rescuing old glory from rising waters of the ohio river. a firefighters from clarksville and jeffersonville, indiana taking the boat, retrieving the flag making sure it didn't get flag. parts of southern indiana and kentucky have been drenched with rain over the weekend causing major floods and major flood warning. well, that wraps up the 4:00 a.m. hour of "fox & friends first", nice to be back with you after a week off. "fox & friends first" continues right now, i will see you tomorrow, bye bye. ♪
2:00 am
jillian: it is monday february 21st, disturbing new details of multiple armed officers not acting to stop the florida massacre, public demanding the local sheriff step down this as president trump sits down with governors across the country with school safety a top priority. >> flight on fire caught on camera, the moment carry-on bag burst into flames in a pack of people. jillian: "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪


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