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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 26, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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♪ ♪ jillian: it is monday february 21st, disturbing new details of multiple armed officers not acting to stop the florida massacre, public demanding the local sheriff step down this as president trump sits down with governors across the country with school safety a top priority. >> flight on fire caught on camera, the moment carry-on bag burst into flames in a pack of people. jillian: "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ jillian: good morning on this
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monday, 5:00 o'clock here on the east coast. a live look outside. heaks here in midtown manhattan. >> it's not like a friday where we dance a bunch of idiots. jillian: we? >> you're right. just me. jillian: i'm jillian mele. >> i'm todd pirro in for rob schmitt. students head back to class at stoneman douglas high school as staff preparing for return today. jillian: calls for sheriff to resign are growing as the investigation into law enforcement's response to the shooting intensifies, griff jenkins live in washington, d.c. with what's next. good morning, griff. >> good morning, jillian and todd, classes won't start till wednesday but students began to return yesterday to gather backpacks and belongs.
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here in washington the nation's governor are gathering for their winter meeting. president trump will be hosting them this morning at the white house with school safety as top national priority. >> we will be talking about parkland and the horrible event that took place last week. i want to thank governor rick scott of florida, stand up, you're doing a great job. [applause] >> i think we will make that first in our list because we have to end our country of what's happening with respect to that subject. >> florida's governor has been leading the calls for more to be done from violence prevention plan and law enforcement's response holding everyone accountable to fbi to broward sheriff's department. >> the local sheriff's department has to be
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transparent. whoever didn't do their job, they have to be held accountable. there's no one i talked to that's not disgusted that the local sheriff's deputy that was there did not go in and kill that individual. >> one of those voices calling for broward sheriff scott israel to resign is student survivor kyle. >> he absolutely needs to resign after what happened here. he fail today act on so many different levels and he himself is responsible for massive failure, this could have been easily stopped by the fbi and sheriff's department had they acted. >> sheriff israel has no plans to resign and congress returns to washington with nothing specifically on the docket but we expect them to consider many options for gun control options to background checks, we will see if anything gets done this week. >> seems legislative priorities have changed from what they were
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about ten days ago, griff jenkins live from us in washington, d.c., griff, thanks. jillian: white house blasts release of democratic memo calling it a total bust for failing to report fisa abuses. >> lawmakers on the left insists it clear it is obama administration of any wrongdoing. kelly wright live for us in washington, d.c. as well with reaction to both memos, kelly, good morning. kelly: todd and jillian, good morning to you both. this is the memo that i'm looking at, ten pages long. a case of dueling memos you should say in washington, ten-page democrat document is partially redacted. it disputes republican claims the fbi and justice department abused their powers to conduct surveillance of trump campaign aide carter page. devin nunes the chairman of house intelligence committee responded to the democrats. >> you have a political party in this country actually saying, don't worry american public, it's okay, we do this all of the time, we will dig up dirt on
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opponent, get it from russians, get it from the brits and we will take it to the fbi and open up an investigation to another campaign. >> the democrats counter republican allegation that is the fbi and justice department fail today tell the fisa court that clinton campaign and dnc funded the dossier written by former british spy christopher steele, president trump and the white house say that democrats' memo is a bust. >> they were not really able to rebut the points made in the nunes memo so i think the president is right, the memo is a bust, it doesn't undercut the serious questions raised by the nunes memo about the fbi and the department's justice' conduct the year before last in fisa warrant and the investigation altogether. kelly: democrats say not so fast saying that the memo vindicates the fbi. >> i'm not is surprised that the president doesn't like and i'm not surprised that the white house try today bury memo
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response as long as they could but it's important for the public to see the facts that the fbi acted appropriately in seeking a warrant in carter page. they're not part of some deep state as the president would like the public to believe. kelly: schiff adds this, will continue to investigate russian interference in 2016 campaign. by the way all members of congress return to today so we will see what takes place in the coming weeks, todd, jillian. jillian: yes, we will, today supreme court will hear arguments on labor case potentially crippling public employee unions, the justices will decide whether state government workers who choose not to join a union must still pay shared union dues to cover labor contracts, the discussion could also deliver a blow to democrats who rely on these unions for more than $100 million in contributions, the court deadlocks 4-4 on the same issue two years ago in a case brought up by group of california teachers oppose today
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paying dues. >> she's one of the top democrats in the senate, dane feinstein can't get support from own state, fail to go receive endorsement from the state democratic party as she seeks fifth term in office. delegates favoring state senate leader kevin de leon, the party snub shows thirst for new leadership. >> the democratic party after the loss of hillary clinton, i think, voters are saying overwhelmingly that we are tired of old institutions, we are tired of the old way of doing democratic policies. we are looking for a new way and a new direction. >> neither received 60% to receive endorsement. democrats confident in the midterms with poll numbers showing lead over republicans, as former white house communications director anthony scaramucci points out, the left made the same mistake in 2016. the biggest difference this time the trump administration has
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made major legislative achievements to back up republicans' campaign claims. >> it's not republican talking points, it's actually evidence, if you look at seats that are up and you analyze increase in disposable income in those areas of the country where the seats are up -- >> the house seats or both? >> i would say both. in the senate it's a little bit different and we will see what happens to senator corker, for example, i still think they maintain lead in the senate but they really do keep the house and they keep the house by a reasonable margin and this will be the shocker because if you go to 2010 or you go to the george bush in 2006, the republican president or the democratic first-term president, to use president obama's words got
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shalacked. jillian: ivanka trump at olympics, first daughter greeting and sitting near south korean president moon and his wife. ivanka charming the crowd taking in the game during four-day trip which included a briefing with president moon and the u.s. missing out on final medal podium finishing fourth in overall standings. >> it was a tough one for us. survivors will come together in ground zero today to mark the 25th anniversary of the world trade center bombing, the 1993 blast killed six people and injured more than a thousand more after extremists put explosive in underground parking garage. a mass will be held near world trade center site by reading of victim's name in 9/11 memorial plaza and a moment of silence at the time the bomb went off. jillian: thousands of mourners to pay respect in viewing of billy graham. >> live there with how america's pastor is being remembered,
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carley, good morning. >> good morning, todd, jillian, i want to set the scene for you here this morning in charlotte. behind me you see giant tent and cargo pallets, right now they are setting up for a funeral that's set to take place for reverend billy graham later this week. just beyond is the library, that's what two days of visitation of closed-casket and based on what we have seen down here last week, we are expecting long lines, thousands of people from across the world to show up over the next two days to pay respects. now, of course, reverend billy graham from just outside of charlotte, this man, one of the most influential people to ever come out of north korea, people i have -- north carolina, people i have talk today said this man changed and influenced their lives, president george w. bush is expected to show later today with former first lady barbara
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bush, they are expected to come out and pay respects to reverend billy graham as well. the cask eat will be moving to washington, d.c. where it will be at u.s. capitol before returning to private funeral which as i said taking place right back here behind me. now, that is an invitation only event, more than 2,000 guests confirmed, one of them president donald trump. you may know that reverend billy graham was considered to be the pastor of the presidents, he's actually met and had a relationship with every president dating all the way back to president truman in world war ii. so really a big event expected today, like i said, we are expecting thousands of people from not only across the country but around the world, billy graham having a global reach, impacted so many lives in his 99 years, todd jillian. jillian, carley, thank you, i'm sure it'll be packed. >> showdown in california teaching a tipping point, city
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officials warn illegals that the feds are coming. is that really how to solve the problem? the mayor who ditched sanctuary status says not letting ice do its job is outright dangerous. jillian: outrage questioning why the president's daughter was at the closing ceremonies, how some are asking the exact same question. >> this wasn't for us, this was for the 17 victims, we played for them. so passionate, so emotional, this is all for them. >> they have been called victims, survivors and heros, now you can call the students at stoneman douglas high school champs. more on that when "fox & friends first" on monday morning returns.
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begging for us to come back and you know what, i'm thinking about doing. jillian: let california learn, president trump putting the sanctuary state on notice, threat tong pull ice agents. >> now one of the state's mayors is warning illegal immigrants of raids, saying it is her duty and moral obligations to give the families warning. jillian: does this cross the line? let's ask the mayor of miami-dade county carlos jim -- jiménez, in your county you're doing the exact opposite of what's going on across the country over there. do you think at some point if it were to happen pulling ice agents would be the answer? >> no, i don't think so. i think that the federal government needs to continue to do its job throughout the country, so i would hope that he wouldn't do that, they have a job to do and -- and they need to be everywhere. >> tell us a little bit more about your response to ice in your district? >> well, look, ice -- ice does
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their job and our local police does their job, but when -- when ice requests us to help them because there's a dangerous situation, our police department will do that but normally our police officers are not immigration officers just like ice agents aren't, you know, aren't there to give traffic tickets, so they have their job and we have our job and we allow them to do their job and they allows us to do ours. jillian: let's listen to the oakland mayor on the ice raid warning which we were talking about briefly a second ago. i want to listen to that and get your take on it afterwards. >> okay. >> my priority is to keep the community safe. it is not my wish to panic people, but to ensure that they're prepared with information. i feel confident that my sharing this information because i did not receive it through official channels is legal and frankly it's my ethical obligation.
2:18 am
jillian: do you agree that in doing this that's helping keep the community safe? >> no, i don't. what i understand from our police department is a lot of time it is raids are on known gang members, drug dealers, et cetera, so by giving them a heads up it actually may make it less safe, especially less safe for the ice agents that are actually conducting the raid and so i would -- i would disagree with the mayor of oakland, again, you know, the federal government has a job to do, ice agents are doing the job that the federal government has them doing and they should be allowed to do their job. if you actually give a heads up, it actually can make the situation dangerous. >> along those lines, mayor, does seem like the mayor there is impugning ice by saying allowing ice to do its job is unsafe when, fact, ice's job is to keep the homeland safe, do you agree?
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>> yeah, it is. like here, listen, we -- we honored detainer requests, we know that three out of four of the -- the folks that we have, the illegal undocumented immigrants that we have in our jails are repeat offenders and so we honor those requests, we cooperate with ice although we are not immigration officers, we cooperate with them in order to keep our streets safe and also to keep, you know, our officers safe, we are -- law enforcement agencies should cooperate with each other, they shouldn't be adversaries. jillian: mayor giménez thanks for joining us. >> appreciate it, sir. >> my pleasure. >> increasing the minimum age of certain gun purchases, arming school teachers and hardening security, president trump making school safety and gun control a top priority and he's not alone newly-elected baseball hall of famer who has his back.
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you know what's not awesome? gig-speed internet. when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> welcome back, thanks for starting your monday was, baseball hall of famer jumping into gun debate, telling atlanta journal constitution that he supports increasing minimum age to buy firearms as well as limit on certain purchases. former atlanta brave star says, quote, i'm against civilians having automatic and semiautomatic weapons.
2:24 am
jillian: a major victory for the florida high school that faced the ultimate tragedy, stoneman douglas varsity team winning hockey league tier 1 state title against jesuit. >> we played for them, so emotional. it's all for them. jillian: they will now move onto hockey national championship tournament at the end of march, huge congrats to them. yeah, good luck. will, spring break vacation may break the bank. >> tracee carrasco from sister network with the price you need to know about. i don't know how the family does it. tracee: it's really expensive. universal hollywood and florida both raising prices online or at the gate, could go up 3 to $5 for one-day ticket.
2:25 am
if you buy a two-day ticket it will go up as much as $10, so that is for the theme park in hollywood, california and then in orlando, florida it will go up as much as $5, so that's just to get in. that doesn't include anything that you buy inside. jillian: okay, so i guess now we can drink our girl scout cookies? tracee: girl scout season, dunkin donuts with flavoring, thin mints, coconut caramel like samoas and peanut butter classic like dossie doe. lasts longer than girl scout cookie and add to whatever drink you want. >> so many young producers, they don't have kids, you know. jillian: i know. >> anybody here working the fox channel we will buy them now.
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[laughter] >> please. jillian: tracee, thank you. >> that was very creepy. i'm sorry. jillian: 25 minutes after the hour, i'm coming tomorrow morning and i am going to shoot all of you, the daca recipient accused of sending threat to high school. >> tebow time-out, the freak accident that caused a speed bump, former nfl star's attempt at becoming star in baseball as well. ♪ ♪
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it's 6 am. 40 million americans are waking up to a gillette shave. and at our factory in boston, more than a thousand workers are starting their day building on over a hundred years of heritage, craftsmanship and innovation. today we're bringing you america's number one shave at lower prices every day. putting money back in the pockets of millions of americans. as one of those workers, i'm proud to bring you gillette quality for less, because nobody can beat the men and women of gillette. gillette - the best a man can get. jillian: good monday morning and welcome back, a daca recipient accused of threatening new york students in high school will appear in court today, abigae lexer hernández posted writing, quote, i'm coming tomorrow morning and shoot all of ya, the 21-year-old attended east high before change to go different school in the district, upon her arrests police found shotgun in
2:30 am
home but it's not clear who it belongs to, hinders is being held on a 15,000-dollar bond. plans to host mexican president put on hold, trump and enrique peña nieto spoke almost an hour on tuesday and the call went south when the president refused to say that méxico will not pay for border wall. peña nieto was to visit next month but right now both sides say now is not the time. >> we will have very important meetings where we will talk about parkland and the hobble event that took place last week. i think we will make that first in our list because we have to end our country of what's happening with respect to that subject. >> president trump plans to put
2:31 am
forward a bill very soon, possibly involving background checks and increasing the minimum age to buy assault weapons. top democrat on house intel committee about christopher steele dossier, congressman says it was part of evidence to get critically-approved surveillance against carter page. >> if search warrants applications and criminal wiretap applications could only rely on things that were proven and verified, you would have very few of them, part of the reason to get the application is seeking proof when you have probable cause. >> as you might expect the white house blasting the democratic rebuttal saying i fails to disprove alleged fisa abuses. jillian: united airlines flight attempts to land with blown tire, take a look at the response. damage was done during takeoff from new york to to new jersey,
2:32 am
the aircraft safely landing, emergency vehicles on standby at portland international airport as precaution, no injuries were reported. and there are no signs of terrorism after some very frightening moments on a commercial plane. [inaudible conversations] >> look at that, a carry-on catching fire. passengers on shanghai-bound flight moved to another plane after smoke filled cabin, lightly sparked by lithium battery, no injuries or major damage was reported, todd. >> jillian to extreme weather, one man dead and several others injured caught in avalanche in washington. the group burying group while sleighing. from snow to major flooding
2:33 am
slamming parts of midwest, ohio and louisville and cincinnati and five people dead after tornadoes and rain and swamping roads and homes. senior meteorologist janice dean, janice, unfortunately more rain on the way. >> we are getting into the season, transition from winter to spring where we see potential for flooding and the systems that stalled out. we have received 4 to 6 even 8-inches across areas, mississippi, tennessee, ohio river valley and unfortunately over the next couple of days more rain in the forecast. we will get a bit of a break today as the system moves offshore but over the next 24 to 48 hours that's when we see our next storm move through, so there's our future radar monday into tuesday and tuesday oh into wednesday you see the moisture creeping in the same areas that have received 4 to 8-inches and a lot of the areas where we have flood warnings, rivers are at their limit, they can't take anymore water and unfortunately we are going to see more rain in
2:34 am
the forecast. quick look at forecast today, looking good across the central u.s., you see where the boundary is, 60-degrees in kansas city, 39 in minneapolis, here in new york 55 and sunshine, we will take it. our next system moves into the west and that's going to bring the potential for heavy rain in their forecast as well as mountain snow and as we look ahead over the next five to seven days, look at that, more rain in the forecast across the south and deep south and more snow across the west, look at places across california where they could see feet of snow which is good news for them, they had the drought situation but bad news because it could potentially bring flooding, we will certainly keep you up to date. jillian: >> colorful map that you have there, janice. >> that's the problem with california, they get it but when they get it it causes too much problem. jillian: 34 minutes after the top of the hour, armed robber meets his match. the incredible video of mother and daughter using their own gun to fight him off.
2:35 am
>> i say impeach 45. i will fight every day until he is impeached. [cheers and applause] >> maxine watter singing the same-ole tune but democrats moved on or hold hope on russia probe? big question we will debate it next. jillian: no longer in the white house but still has plenty to say, ridiculous, michelle obama just banked for her new memoir. ♪ ♪
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>> heart stopping moment when a
2:39 am
car flies off the street slamming into a baby's bedroom destroying crib moments after his mother took him out. family security camera capturing it all. the driver told police he was going 45 miles per hour but witnesses say he was street racing. >> i can visualize it in my head if he was in there. i'm always changing his diaper in there and so is she, i thank the lord that he wasn't in there. >> miraculously nobody was seriously hurt but the crash has forced the family out of their home over fears it will collapse. wow. some more insane video as the mother and daughter fight for lives getting into a shootout with armed robber inside their oklahoma liquor store, check this out, 30-year-old ashley lee pulling a gun from mind the counter and opening fire on the man as he attacks the mother. 53-year-old tina struggling with the suspect as her heroic daughter fires another bullet sending him running. the suspect took himself to a hospital, he's in critical
2:40 am
condition, you will meet the brave women in a couple of hours at 7:20 right here live on "fox & friends". jillian: video is incredible. congressman maxine watter ramping up attacks on president trump saying it's time for impeachment. >> i said he needs to be impeached, they said don't use that word, the republicans will only use it against us, democrats, i don't care what the republicans say, i say impeach 45. jillian: but will this message go well for democrats in midterms, here to debate philip, and sarah, democratic strategists and senior lobbyists for the progressive change committee. thank you both for being here this morning. appreciate it. sarah, what do you think, do you think watters is helping or hurting the democrats in
2:41 am
election? >> american voters want russian interference from the 2016 election to be fully investigated and they want that investigation to to go by the administration, we want to see our candidates on the record about trump's impeachable offenses like obstruction of justice, but the way for democrats to win in 2018 is to -- so to recruit and support inspiring economic populist candidates that campaign on real kitchen table issues like helping students go to college and graduate debt free, expanding social security and passing medicare for all. that's how we are really going get people to turn out for democrats in 2018. jillian: do you think she in particular is helping or hurting? >> well, i think calling out trump's impeachable offenses is something we need every democrat on the record talking about, you know, obstruction of justice, his interference with the clause because of trump hotel, these are real issues but cannot be the only miami of democrats
2:42 am
heading into 2018, we also have to go offense with bold inspiring platform. jillian: philip, i want to get your take, do you think he's helping or hurting at this point in. >> if you're a republican this is the greatest gift that you can expect because what this impeachment talks is shows trump voters what it would like under a democrat majority, if you're paul ryan or donald trump you have to hope that maxine watters doesn't stop talking about impeachment, in cases where republicans won it could end up hurting democrats. jillian: i want to get your take because a lot of people said in 2016 that there was no clear message, people were wondering what was the message of the democratic party now you're going into midterms and you to wonder what is the message right now because you hear maxine
2:43 am
watters talking about impeachment and you hear nancy pelosi talking about crumbs and mowing the lawn down the border, show this going to stop so people can actually understand the clear message, sarah? >> that's exactly why democrats have to do anything we can to recruit and support economic populist people like randy from iowa who is challenging paul ryan and katie wilson in indiana, these people are running as economic populists in some of the reddest districts in our country and it's because people of all political affiliations resinate and respond with kitchen table issues that really impacts like retirement security, expanding social security, getting health care by passing medicare for all, but impeachment conversations have to continue because the president has really lean intoed some things that are very questionable and i think we will see even some very patriotic republican voters responding to this message and asking their own questions about why these things are being
2:44 am
investigated as they should be. jillian: philip, do you think this is about resistance at this point? >> well, i think the democrats definitely need to figure out what their message is going into the midterms here, a second ago we were talking about the clawz, that's not something that will be a big winner in wisconsin or indiana. people want to see how their lives are getting better, they want to see where the rubber meets the road on the policy issues, as far as impeachment, the question is what are they going to impeach the president over, is it going to be collusion with the russians, is it going to be obstruction of justice in the mueller investigation or is it going to be as many voters probably, you know, suspect, that democrats have a -- something personal against the president, and i don't think voters will reward democrats with majorities over the threat of pulling this country apart over a personal grudge. jillian: philip and sarah, thank you both for joining us this morning, for giving us your time, we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> switching gears completely,
2:45 am
tim tebow in freak accident, the nfl quarterback turned baseball player spraining his ankle after foot got caught in spring her head in florida. it happened to me. jillian: come on, take care of that people. he's expected to resume full workouts in a few days. tebow has been at mets big league camp and a lot of people say they have hopes to making to big leagues. >> the only time. the final round of honda classic, tiger woods driving shots right into the back of -- an egyptian goose. >> look out. [laughter] [applause] >> that could be a good story. >> check this out. julie: oh, man. the goose did not appear to be harmed. you guessed it, birdie, the hole, he finished the tournament
2:46 am
at even par in third place, there you have it. >> seems like he could be on the way back. united, delta, enterprise, more than a dozen companies cutting ties with the nra and social media is not impressed. jillian: that's been going on for days now and just getting larger and larger on social media. carley shimkus with the major backlash that they are now facing, good morning. before we get to that let's check in with steve doocy. >> no, go ahead, talk to carley. jillian: all right, we will be right back. >> good morning to you jillian, coming up on "fox & friends" we have the son of the president of the united states, eric trump, he was at c pac over the weekend where they give the president nearly a perfect score, what's that about? we will talk to him. also the attorney general pam bondi talking about how perhaps the sheriff down in broward county florida missed all the signs, a call for him to quit. also house majority whip steve scalise will talk about daca, where we go from here and reince
2:47 am
priebus, former, you know, the guy who ran the rnc and chief of staff for the trump white house, we will talk about all things politics and there's plenty. so we have a busy three hours going to kick off in 13 minutes right here in the channel y'all trust for channel news. they'll be back in about two minutes art. it can be sculpted in beautiful detail. or painted in luxurious strokes. and in rare cases... both.
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jillian: single-payer health system is gaining ground among democrats. center for american progress releasing a plan called medicare extra for all, it would provide government-run health insurance for everyone but people would still have the option to get coverage from their employer, the latest attempt said to be the democrats final step to universal coverage after all the disagreement surrounding
2:51 am
obamacare. >> former first lady michelle obama set to rake major paycheck for former memoir, book becoming joint agreement for publishing books for her and president obama, that deal believed to be more than $30 million, the memoir due out november 13th, one week after the midterm elections already on amazon top's ten best seller list thanks to preorders, michelle obama tweeting, i talk about my roots and how a girl from the south side found her voice, i hope my journey inspires readers to find the courage to become whoever they aspire to be. jillian: all right. well, delta and united, the list of companies cutting ties with nra. >> more than a dozen businesses ending relationship following the florida high school shooting. jillian: carley shimkus fox news headlines 24/7, siriusxm 115 here with social media reaction. carley: it certainly is. boycott the nra movement gains momentum on social media, major
2:52 am
corporations are caught between gun rights an gun control advocates. companies that at one time offered discounted rates to nra members like delta, united airlines, avis rent a car have pulled perks but gun right advocates are calling for boycott on their own. rick on twitter said no one joined the nra for discounts but it's good to know the companies that don't support the second amendment, consumers always have options. another twitter used their rights, some on social media are in support of what the companies are now doing, barbara says it's called capitalism, companies are free to choose who they do business with just as customers are free to choose where they spend their money. now, the nra did respond to this boycott, the nra movement saying the loss of a discount will neither scare nor distract one
2:53 am
single nra member. >> all right, somebody that came in 12th place. is that harsh? >> he is an olympian, he did make it that far. [laughter] carley: we are talking about gus, olympic skier and not please today see ivanka trump at the closing ceremony tweeting so proud of all of these people, everybody here has worked so hard to make it to the olympics and have the opportunity to walk in the closing ceremonies, well, everyone except ivanka honestly what is she doing here. a lot of people on social media are not happy with him for saying that, ivanka is, of course, the president's daughter and adviser, she's showing support for america, why wouldn't she, she doesn't have to be there, gus needs to focus on skiing and not politics. of course, when -- you get political you will get both praise and backlash, you have to be, you know, willing to receive both of those reactions.
2:54 am
jillian: absolutely. so here is the big question, do we see one leg or two? >> we have another obstacle illusion that's going viral on social media. we talked in the break and we see different things. let's take a look at this picture. a picture of teenage girl named marisol, posted outfit on social media but before she knew it she went viral because can't decide if they see one leg in this picture or two, now, i automatically saw one leg. vertical stripe in track pants but what do you guys? >> two, chicken legs. i really saw one leg. carley: the reaction, you're funny, a lot of the obstacle illusions go viral, i said this one is stupid, obviously it's one leg but i was proved wrong. no, you see two. i must be wrong. jillian: carley was like, what.
2:55 am
fired up about this. carley: tweet us, tell us what you think. jillian: thanks, carley. >> it is signature phrase. >> seven projects, wow. wow. wow. flippers in all, wow. [laughter] jillian: wow. it started out as joke but now thousands are planning on turning up, this is our tribute to actor owen wilson happening today. >> wow. bp is taking safety to new heights. s .
2:56 am
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rob: time for the good, the bad,and the ugly. first the good third graders raised money to surprise a 95-year-old world war ii vet who lost everything in a house fire. >> it's unbelievable, but that goes to show you there are people in america that are still americans. rob: those students raised more than $2,200. staff as well. giving him an army blanket and new american flag. jillian: up next the bad. not messing around, arresting him suspicion of dui after spotting him ride a horse down the freeway. 29-year-old had a blood alcohol level more than two times the legal limit for driving. rob: finally the ugly, thousands of people gathering today for an odd tribute to actor owen wilson. >> wow. seven projects. >> well. wow. wow.
3:00 am
wow. rob: 4,000 people expected to attend the melbourne, australia event to say wow like owen has in many of his movies. jillian: good job with that sound exactly like him. we got to go have a nice day. thanks for watching. todd: wow. >> dozens are calling to suspend sheriff scott israel. >> i have given amazing leadership. >> amazing? >> yes. >> i don't understand how can you sit there and say amazing leadership. >> democratic rebuttal to that republican memo. >> important for the public to see the facts. >> almost like have you people defending the dirty dossier with their own dirty dossier. >> democrats, i don't care what the republicans say, i say impeach 45. impeach 45. >> the sanctuary showdown in california reaching a tipping point. one of the state's mayor's is warning illegal immigrant sayi


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