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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  February 26, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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daily briefing" twitter and instagram. we're waiting for the white house briefing set to start at 3:00. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in washington where president trump and congress are considering how to prevent the next mass shooting. nearly two weeks after a killer shot up a school in floor. the president warning that if congress doesn't take action, he will make at least one move himself. the white house briefing is expected to start any moment. and the "wall street journal" are discussing how the president can testify before robert mueller. and north korea sending word they're willing to talk with washington. the white house says let's see how serious the north koreans are and whether the dictator kim
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jong-un would actually disarm his nukes. and remembering the reverend billy graham as people today line up to pass his casket and honor a man that revolutionized america. let's get to it. the white house briefing set to begin at any moment live on fox news channel. we're expecting one topic to be gun safety. today the president said if the congress will not take action, he will. specifically on bump stocks, which essentially turns semiautomatic weapons into fully automatic ones. >> i don't care if congress does it or not. i'm writing it out myself. you put it into the machine gun category, which is what it is. it's essentially a machine gun. it's very hard to get them. >> bump stocks let shooters fire off hundreds of rounds per minute. the gunman in last year's massacre in las vegas used them when he murdered 58 people from his hotel room.
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the deadliest shooting in u.s. history. after a gunman killed 17 at a high school in south florida this month, president trump said he ordered the justice department to work toward a ban. there's been no records that the suspect in parkland, florida used bump stocks. the president speaking with most of our nation's governors. he says he supporting arming teachers that get special training to use guns. washington state's democratic governor pushed back in a big way. here's their exchange. >> i know that you have suggested arming our teachers. >> no, no. not your teachers. arming a small portion that are gun adept and that know how to handle it. i do feel, governor, it's very important that gun-free zones -- you have a gun-free zone, it's an invitation for these sick people to go there. i think there has to be some fort of major retaliation if they're able to enter a school.
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if that happens, you won't have problems anymore. you're never going to have a problem. it would just be a very small group of people that are very gun adept. >> whatever percentage it is speaking as a grandfather, speaking as a governor of the state of washington, i have listened to the people that would be affected by that. i have listened to the biology teachers and they don't want to do that at any percentage. i've listened to the first grade teachers that don't want to be pistol-packing first grade teachers. i've listened to law enforcement officers that don't want to train teachers. this is a circumstance where we need to listen that educators should educate and they should not be hoisted upon this responsibility of packing heat in first grade classes. now, i understand you have suggested this. we suggest things and sometimes we listen to people about it. maybe they don't look so good a little later. i suggest we need a little less tweeting and more listening and let's take that off the table and move forward.
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>> thank you very much. we have a number of states right now that do that. with that in mind, i'll call on greg abbott. >> shepard: besides bump stocks and arming teachers, president trump has pushed for the background check for gun buyers and raising minimum age to buy semiautomatic weapons from 18 to 21 years old. the nra is against raising the age requirement it reports and against banning bump stocks, but the president says he met with the nra leaders this weekend and as he put it, they are on our side. we have team fox coverage, mike emanuel on capitol hill. first, the chief white house correspondent john roberts who is in the briefing room as we wait for that. hello, john. >> sarah huckabee sanders fresh off the air will be briefing us in a few minutes. the president as you saw today when he spoke with most of the nation's governors, getting a measure of support for his plans
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to arm certain qualified members of faculty and staff at schools and getting some resistance. you play governor ensley of washington state. the president add odds over that issue with florida governor rick scott, a republican, who is a supporter of the president. scott believes says that teachers should teach and educators should educate and the job of protecting schools should be left up to law enforcement. listen here. >> we're going to spend $500 million. i have two weeks in my legislative session. i'm not waiting for the federal government. we're going to invest $500 million and have a significant law enforcement presence at every public school in our state. >> now the president didn't mention again today his support for raising the minimum age for buying a rifle from 18 to 21. this is something that he tweeted about last week. but then on friday when he was at cpac, heavily sponsored by the nra, the president not mentioning it and not mentioning
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it again today but revealing that he did have lunch with the leadership of the nra and said this is one issue that the nra may have to swallow. listen here. >> don't worry about the nra. they're on our side. half of you are so afraid of the nra. there's nothing to be afraid of. if they're not with you, we have to fight them. that's okay. they're doing what they think is right. i will tell you, they are doing what they think is right. but sometimes we have to be very tough and we have to fight them. >> sometimes we're going to have to be very tough and fight them. language the nra doesn't want to hear. but the white house needs the nra and the nra needs the white house. they have to work something out. >> shepard: the briefing to begin shortly. russia will with one of the topics today. our corporate cousins are reporting that the president's team is considering ways that he
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might testify. how would you put it in. >> that's something that we've been reporting the last couple months, shep. frankly, it just keeps going back and forth. most recently we reported the president's legal team is building an argument for the president not to sit down with robert mueller. that was likely more of a negotiating tactic to narrow down the parameters. there's a split over whether or not it would be a good idea. ivanka trump in an interview with nbc news in pyeongchang suggested again there's no there there to the mueller investigation. so probably sitting down with him likely wouldn't hurt. listen here. >> consistently we've said there was no collusion, there was no collusion. we believe that mueller will do his work and reach that same conclusion. >> you've been interviewed by the special counsel yet? >> i have not. >> she's not been interviewed by the special counsel saying
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there's no there there. those brought in to talk about this say any attorney would be crazy to allow their client to sit down with somebody that owns a grand jury let alone two grand juries as robert mueller does. sources familiar with the investigation say those outside sources, those outside analysts don't have the level of detail about the case that the president's legal team does and they're going to get it to a point where they feel their client -- this is the president -- would be very low risk of legal jeopardy. if they can't get it down to those narrow parameters, they likely won't do it. shep? >> shepard: john, there was a ruling on the dreamers from the supreme court. a blow to the president's plan, i suppose. >> a little bit. this was the daca -- the plan for the white house to rescind democrat protections. it was shot down by a federal judge in san francisco. that was appealed to the ninth
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circuit court. at the same time, the white house appealed to the supreme court. the supreme court said we're going to let the ninth circuit do this and probably going to come to the supreme court. the president not happy about that. he wanted to get this adjudicated quickly. when he talked with the governors going off on the ninth circuit, it's about the worst you can get. listen here. >> i mean, it's really sad when every single case filed against us is in the ninth circus, we lose, and we lose and we do final in the supreme court. what does that tell you about our court system? it's a very sad thing. so daca is going back and we'll see what happens from there. >> all of this likely renders that march 5 deadline is moot. if the federal court is prohibiting the white house from removing protections for daca recipients, the deadline should come and go. there's no particular appetite on capitol hill to fix daca
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anyways. >> before we go, one more news item right now that is washington related. i understand the president and the mexican president had a bit of a testy phone call. now president pena nieto is not coming to washington. >> yes, this phone call happened and it was a conversation about the wall that caused a rift between the two. don't forget the two met during the campaign. i got to go because sarah is here. welcome back. >> i'm happy to tag in. you can take questions. that would be supported by the group. good afternoon. due to all the events today at the white house, we'll keep this fairly quick. i flew back in this morning. bear with me. great to be back with everybody after travelling with the u.s. presidential delegation to the winter olympics led by ivanka trump. the entire country is proud of
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their athletes. on a personal note, it was a real privilege to meet many of our athletes and their families and they're just as impressive off the field as they are on. in addition, the winter games were very important from a diplomatic. on friday, the united states announced the largest set of new north korea sanctions. companies and countries around the world should know that the trump administration is 100% committed to the permanent denuclearization of the korean peninsula. we're watching who joins us in enforcing the united states and united nations sanctions. we will continue to lead a campaign of maximum pressure. we believe there's a brighter path available. they have expressed a desire to hold talks. but let us be completely clear, denuclearization must be the result of any dialogue with north korea. until then, the united states and the world must continue to make it known that north korea's
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nuclear and missile programs are a dead end. here at the white house today, the president was pleased to welcome america's governors. the governors participated in break-out sessions on pressing issues facing our states. perhaps most importantly the president led a session on safe schools and safe communities. it was a productive dialogue with our state leaders and came on the heels of other listening sessions the president hosted with survivors, students, teachers, family members and local officials. the president is committed to ensuring the safety of our schools and communities and he wants to hear ideas from americans of all backgrounds and beliefs. he believes we must make our schools a harder target for attackers and we must protect the rights of law-abiding americans while keeping guns out of the hands of those that pose a danger to himself and society. we must create a culture that cherishes life and human dignity condemning violence rather than glorifying it. the president will not rest until these goals are achieved.
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finally, i'm pleased to announce the first state visit of the president and first lady. the president and the first lady will welcome french president macron. they will talk about economic and global issues and deepen the friendship between the two countries. with that, i'll take your questions, john. >> sarah, does the president believe that sheriff israel of broward county should step down and also the broward county deputy who resigned, scott peterson, has come out with a statement saying he believed that he was acting appropriately. he thought the gun fire was coming from outside the school and he was taking steps to be in a position to respond. can you respond? >> sure. the president feels in terms of his employment that that should be left up to local officials to make that determination. but he has been very clear in his public comments on how he feels about the situation
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specifically. that's a decision that should be left up to local officials. >> and sheriff israel, should he step down? >> again, those are decisions that should be left up to the local communities and the local officials, not the president. >> sarah, did the president want the age lifted to 21? is that still his position? will lawmakers be coming to the white house? did the president mean to say that he will be asking for a law to be crafted on bump stocks if it doesn't follow-through the accepted directives that he's asked the atf to craft? >> a lot of questions there. on bump stocks, the president did sign an executive memo directing that atf and the department of justice to work on bump stocks so we don't have to wait for a legislative fix. if we don't find one, we would
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support a legislative solution to complete that. on whether or not he's going to be meeting with lawmakers, the president is planning a meeting for wednesday with bipartisan members of congress. more details on that later in the week, to discuss different pieces of legislation and what they can do moving forward. in terms of i think the last question you had was the age limit. something still being discussed but a final determination and legislative piece has not been determined on that front yet. >> is that why he didn't mention it today but did in the past, reconsidering how it should be implemented? >> in terms of the concept, there's still support for that. how it would be implemented and what that might look like is still very much part of the discussion. >> under general kelly's new policy on security clearances, can you describe how many people today lost their access to classified information today?
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>> as we said many times before, we're not going to discuss individual clearances that goes to a broader number or an individual number. so i'm not going to get into that today. just as i haven't in the past. >> were there any administration fi officials that lost their access? >> it's our policy not to discuss that. >> does the president believe background checks should apply to gun show sales and internet sales? >> the president believes we should look at strengthening background checks and we're looking at ways to do that. we haven't made a time determination what the that will like like. i think that will be a large part of the conversation that takes place later this week when he visits with lawmakers. >> one more question on guns. the house bill which he expressed support for in the past has a provision that the nra calls constitutional carry. it would allow people with a carry in one state and even in
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another state even if they don't allow concealed carry. >> i know he's supported it in the past. i haven't talked about it recently. dave? >> the president has been getting a lot of push-back during the governor's meetings about his proposal to allow a adults to carry guns. governor ensley, for example. has the white house heard from my school board, any states that is actively pursuing this, where they don't already have that authority? >> we definitely heard from individual teachers and school personnel that support it. we're not advocating for the arming of every teacher in the school. there's teacher and other school personnel that have experienced other training and the desire to be part of this. we're still listening and making and determining the best steps forward. we think that hardening our schools and protecting our students with trained personnel is a viable path and one that
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we're looking at. a final determination on what that would look like hasn't been made and will involve state, local and federal officials all weighing in, which is a lot of what you've seen the last couple weeks. we've had a number of different stakeholders involved. you've had some voices from the very most conservative to the most liberal side and we're looking to bring all of those groups together and determine the best path forward to do the very most that we can to make sure that we're doing everything under the administration's purview to protect american kids. >> what did the president think of ivanka's answer on nbc when she said she wasn't sold on the idea either? she wasn't sure in it would work. >> look, this is something, like i said, that is part of the discussion. that's what we're doing right now. that's what we did last week. that's what we did with the president this morning. we're going to continue with lawmakers from both sides of the
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aisle to make that determination. >> you mentioned north korea in your opens remarks. are there any consequences for russian and sanctions? who from the administration would take point on that? >> the president would be the lead in taking point on anything that would move forward in terms of whether or not there's any consequence. i'm not going to weigh-in ahead of time. we certainly have never broadcast what we might do. something that the president does take seriously. jordan? >> thanks. is there a concern whether concealed carry reciprocity in a package -- >> i just answered this. but i -- >> it wasn't clear to me. >> the president has been supportive in the past. i haven't spoken about it recently.
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i'll have to follow up. john? >> north korea -- welcome back. >> thank you. >> want to get a sense of whether there's any preconditions for talks that would occur between u.s. and north korean officials? >> as we said in the past, any conversation that we have would match the comments that we've been making in public. anything that would be discussed would have to be solely on the focus of them agreeing to denuclearize the peninsula. that's the primary factor in whether or not we would have a conversation. >> the president has led the delegation for the opening ceremonie ceremonies. ivanka trump was in the closing ceremonies. high level administrations were in south korea. there were some more korean officials that were present. was it a missed opportunity for both sides to talk to one another during the olympics? >> i don't think so.
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i think the message that the united states wanted to deliver is one of maximum pressure. we continue to do that. i think you certainly saw that in all of the remarks, both publicly and those that were private between the u.s. officials and president moon and his administration and also through the actions of the treasury department with the largest sanctions ever that you've seen on friday. blake? >> thank you. i want to get back to the 21 age limit for gun ownership. the president was pretty forthright about this in the onset and now you said it's something being discussed. you said he had lunch with the nra over the weekend. did they get ahold of him? >> i don't think it's a down grade. it's an implementation and what
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the process would look like what specific pieces of legislation would look like. we have not seen them yet. it's premature for us to weigh-in. the president is supportive of the concept. trey? >> two quick questions. you just returned from the region. have the north koreans been successful in driving a wedge between the south koreans and the united states? >> i don't think so. our alliance is as strong as ever. you saw that with the president's visit and over the last several days, a great sense of cooperation. i would say that that alliance is very much strong. there's no daylight between us and the south koreans, particularly on what needs to happen moving forward. >> is the president concern about the continuing violence despite the fact that there's been a cease fire brokered for syria? >> syria is terrorizing hundreds of thousands of civilians with air strikes, artillery, rockets and a looming ground attack.
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the regime's use of chlorine gas as a weapon only intensifies this. the united states calls for an immediate end to offensive operations and humanitarian aid. >> i want to ask about the luncheon that the president revealed with the nra. wasn't that on the president's public schedule given that he's an open supporter of the nra and he talks about it. >> it was on sunday. the president wasn't trying to keep it under wraps or he wouldn't announced it. it was a productive conversation. everybody is in agreement that things need to be done and we have to have changes to take place to do what we can to protect america's kids. members of the nra want to be part of that discussion. as we said, the president is taking information from a number of stakeholders and to try to pretend that he's being
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influenced by any one group is ridiculous considering the number of individuals that he's met with that come from the far left to the far right. and a lot of those in between. we're going to continue those conversations and meet with bipartisan lawmakers on wednesday later this week. >> the reason i ask, yesterday morning the nra's spokes woman says these are things that he's discussing what it comes to the age limit. seems like there's a softening of the stance between what we heard last week and what we're hearing now today. at this point, is the president firmly committed to that, if you can see it in a legislative form? >> again, we haven't seen the legislation in form yet. so we're not going to speak to potential legislation that doesn't exist, that may have a lot of different nuance language. in concept the president supports it. in terms of legislation, we would need to see what the that looks like.
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i'm disappointed that peter didn't make it. we were on the same travel schedule. you should give him a hard time for that. >> i want to follow up on trey. but before that, what is it about the president's judgment that three people linked to his campaign have turned out to be criminals? >> that took place long before he was the president. because those are active investigations, i'm not going before that. >> they were linked with his campaign. >> but actions under review and under investigation took place prior to him being part of the president's campaign. >> and last time when sean spicer was at the podium issued a statement that if syria used chemical weapons, they would pay a heavy price. should the assad regime be on notice and has the president
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talked to president putin about that situation? >> i think the president put assad on notice some time ago and we're continuing to echo that message when i say we call for an immediate end to these operations. we mean it. in terms of any specific action as we said before, i'm not going to broadcast what we may or may not do. but i think they should absolutely take it very seriously. i'm not aware of any conversations with. putin. >> what is the timeline that you need to see something happen? >> as the president said, he's not going to lay out a specific calendar. he thinks that's a mistake when putting pressure and negotiation. i'm not going to do that today. >> two things i'd like to follow up on. first, the question about the background checks. did the -- the president has talked about making background checks stronger, but, you know, that would suggest that he thinks that an effective
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background check is a useful tool. so can you say for sure whether he would support what had been talked about as universal background checks in 2013 and the idea of expanding the existing background checks to cover private gun shows and on the internet? is that something that he's open to? >> i'm not aware that that is the position that he's in right now. i know he supports the cornyn legislation and that would be something that the administration could get behind. in terms of other specific pieces of legislation, the stop gun violence act would be another piece of legislation that the president would specifically support. any legislation beyond that, we have to review that -- >> i'm looking at -- >> i haven't asked him. >> one other thing. the first lady today in her remarks, brief remarks, about -- to the governors talked -- mentioned the young students from stoneman douglas who had
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been advocating the past couple weeks, praised them and said their voices need to be heard. given that the large majority of those students have been expressing views that run counter to the policies of this administration or the things that this administration would support, for example, an assault weapon ban, does the president agree with the first lady that these are important voices that need to be heard? >> absolutely. that's the reason he had a number of them here at the white house last week and why we're going to continue to have those conversations. that's one piece of the conversation. it is certainly one that is very important and should be listened to. that's why that was the very first meeting that the president held on school safety, hearing from a number of those students. we want to continue that dialogue as well as continue the conversations with state, local and federal officials. that's why the president had the governors here today and that's why he's going to have meetings with lawmakers from congress
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from both sides of the aisle later this one. one last question. jim? >> when the president said that he would have run into the school, was he suggesting that he could have saved the day? >> i think he was stating that as a leader, he would have stepped in and hopefully been able to help as a number of the individuals that were in the school, the coach and other adults and even a lot of the students stepped up and helped protect other students. the point he was making is that he would have wanted to play a role in that. >> is he trained in firing a weapon? is he trained in using a handgun or firearm -- >> i don't think that was the point he was making. he was saying he would be a leader and would want to take a courageous action. a lot of the individuals that helped protect others that day weren't carrying firearms, which i think shows that you can be helpful in that process without it. >> a lot are worried that if you
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have people in the schools with weapons this could turn into a situation like the wild west. what would you say to parents out there that are worried about faculty members, coaches, administrators packing heat in school? >> that's why we're having this conversation. there's a lot of parents -- we heard from one of them whose daughter was tragically murdered last week. one of the parents that advocated for personnel having gun. there's a lot of people on both sides. that's why we're continuing to have the discussions and why we opened most of them up, so you guys can see where a number of these people are and see that there are a lot of voices on both sides. we're doing everything we can to bring those groups together to unify the country and do everything we can to make sure we're taking the biggest and the strongest steps forward. one more question. >> china has moved to eliminate
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term limits. what is the white house's reaction? >> china needs to make decisions what is best for their country. but the president has talked about term limits in a number of capacities during the campaign and something that he supports here in the united states. but that's a decision that would be up to china. thanks so much, guys. hope you have a great day. maybe we'll do tomorrow after i get a night's rest. >> shepard: she's had a long trip at the closing ceremonies for the olympics. the last question regarding china, all of these things are important but that last question is something that we might talk about for a long time to come. president xi has taken steps to create an environment where he could rule in perpetuity. we're not there yet, but it appears that that is where the chinese are going and there's great concerns that changes with china as its increasing its
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power and making moves around the world, that china is a bigger and bigger issue as the days go by. within china, policies which have had term limits removing those now are going to be big news at some point and repeatedly. john roberts is or senior white house correspondent. john, gun control issues seemed to dominate the press conference. >> yes, as they have the last couple weeks. the president still promoting his idea of arming and train certain members of faculty and staff despite he's getting push back from the governor of washington, the governor of florida also saying that he is against the idea of having educators acting as the first line of defense. they think that should be law enforcement's job and the georgia -- florida governor wants to use $500 million to do
12:33 pm
that. he wants law enforcement in every school across the state of florida to do that across the country would be extraordinarily expensive. many school districts can't afford a school resource office as it is. but to have full time law enforcement at schools across the country, that's a financial burden that many states, local school districts and whatever cannot bear. so that is why some school districts have adopted this practice of having certain teachers, certain faculty members trained and armed to stand as the first line of defense. very controversial. the other issue brought up today, why hasn't the president a we pointed this out before the briefing, continued to talk about raising the minimum age for buying a rifle? he tweeted he supports raising the minimum age on the federal
12:34 pm
level. so you have to take the patch work into account. he didn't mention it at cpac, which is sponsored by the nra. he didn't mention it today with the governors either. sarah huckabee sanders saying that he still supports the concept of that and wants to see what shape any legislation would take. he addressed the governors in his opening remarks where he said that anybody in this room would have gone in as opposed to sitting outside like the deputy sheriffs in the area are alleged to have done. he said even i would have gone into that building. the president asked about that, where he saw himself as somebody that would save the day. sarah huckabee sanders merely stating the point that he would have wanted to help as he believed anybody else that was in that room that he was speaking to would have wanted to help in similar circumstances. shep? >> shepard: before we go, hard to imagine that syria gets as few headlines as it does. but the situation in syria is bad and getting worse.
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we know that the syrian government has used gas on its own people. a huge problem that the president seemed to draw a line in the sand. sarah sanders was asked about it today. >> the president did draw a line in the sand about ten months ago. he launched that cruise missile attack from the air base from which syria was dispatching the chemical weapons. now the white house says they condemn the violence there. they think the hostilities should end add -- and assad should watch out. last year when they took that action, when president xi jinping was in mar-a-largo, now they're on a longer fuse now. isis has been defeated. so now they're working toward this political solution in syria. i don't want to say they're giving assad more rope because
12:36 pm
they may not be doing that, but certainly the situation coast not seem to be on its hair trigger as it was a year ago. >> shepard: john roberts at the white house, great to see you. happy monday. turn to peter nicholas who is a white house reporter for the "wall street journal." again, the journal and fox news channel share common ownership. the syria issue, it has bigger headlines around the world. anybody that watched "60 minutes" and has seen this video after an air strike and seeing children taking their last gasp and being put into the back of a minivan is just a horror of uncommon dimension. i can't put words to how horrible it is and was. >> you do wonder what the president's position on this is. he was clear a year ago as he pointed out when assad launched that chemical attack, the u.s. wouldn't put up with hit.
12:37 pm
there were aides and staff that showed him pictures of the carnage on the ground in syria and images of children suffering from the chemical attack. we have not heard much. he's been distracted, a lot going on with this shooting at the florida high school. but he's going to be under pressure to say something about this soon. >> shepard: they keep talking about legislation within the gun issue. what is the reporting on legislation? is there a legislation in the works? >> there is some legislation under works. senator cornyn has a bill that would tighten up background checks. it's not clear that it's going anywhere because there's conservatives and some other republicans that want the attach legislation to that which would let people carry concealed weapons, which is something that the democrats won't go along with. seems like we're bogging down again. less than two weeks after the shooting at the parkland in
12:38 pm
florida, some of the same old gridlock is reemerging. >> for clarity, there's no concrete changes that are underway now? >> well, we do have the bump stocks. the president has signed the memoranda saying he wants to get rid of bump stocks that converge semiautomatic weapons. >> shepard: not to interrupt. sarah sanders put a fine point on it. i wanted to repeat what she said. that he signed a memo asking legislators to come up with a way. is that right? >> well, he did say that he was instructing the justice department -- >> shepard: right. that's it. apologies. >> no, that's okay. >> shepard: go ahead. so that would be the begin something. >> yeah. but then it's not clear though that -- i mean, there was legislation -- there was discussion of legislation after the las vegas mass shooting,
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which killed more than 50 people where the shooter used the bump stock that didn't go anywhere. so you can just see how much gridlock there is. bump stops though, something that the president can get done. >> shepard: thank you, peter. >> thank you. >> shepard: john bussey is here, associate editor at the journal again with which this network shares common ownership. important to get that out there. the gun issue has not gone away yet. but there have not been concrete changes yet. >> yes. that's a good point to make. there hasn't been. the bump stock issue, it feels ancillary to the real issues around guns. this is one device that can be used to make an assault rifle more deadly. it was used in the vegas shooting. with us not used in florida and not used in a lot of the other
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mass shootings in the united states. it seems also not ancillary for those interesting in more gun control. it's perhaps one step forward. may be an easy get on the part of the president. it's not something that the nra has said they're against. they want them regulated, not eliminated, somewhere in there, some legislation or some finding maybe gotten. but it's not going to get at the more politically divisive issues of how to control weapons in the united states or whether to have additional controls. >> shepard: is this matter of arming, i believe as the president said, teachers and administrators and others in the school to be armed, is that from your reporting a subject changer? it's not something that anybody has been pushing for. there's people within that school very vocally pushing for assault weapon bans, stricter
12:41 pm
gun control, for those mentally deficient to not have guns. but this idea of putting armed teachers in classroom, it's not as if somebody was saying that. >> yes. and that it's a divisive one. there's a concern among parents if there's just more guns in the schools. somebody well-trained may have been able to stop this person or maybe not. maybe they were down the hall and maybe they would have gotten their gun out of a locker. it's an additional danger point. in an election year, which we're now in, the election for the mid-terms is a little less than nine months out, you'll have a very hard time getting anything along that scope through congress and into the public domain. it's just going to be very hard to do. congress people are at the moment thinking of two things.
12:42 pm
one is -- they're thinking of their re-election, do they want to engage in the gun issue as deeply as it needs to be engaged with in an election your and second they're thinking, you know, the polls are showing there could be a shift in congress. do we want to wait to see what that shift entails? because that might include -- might sort of up our leverage on issues like daca and issues like gun control and other issues before congress. >> shepard: before we go, the elephant in the room, the russia investigation. another of the president's men rick gates, with action last week and it appears it's moving forward. >> and looks like the president's lawyers are trying to find a way to have him testify. we're reporting this. have him testify in some manner that keeps him engaged and shows transparency without exposing him to making a goof and being called out by the fbi. in either a lie or a misstatement. that's an incredibly difficult
12:43 pm
line for the lawyers to be walking. it's interesting to see whether or not they are able to get from mueller the parameters that they're going to need to script something for the president where it's not problematic for him sitting down with the special counsel in this investigation. >> shepard: we'll know soon enough. john bussey, nice to see you. >> pleasure. >> shepard: for the first time we're hearing from the normer deputy that stayed outside according to reports. he has a message for the people accusing him of being a coward. that's ahead. also, a live look on wall street. oh, what a day we're having on the corner of wall and broad. moments ago, it was up more than 400 points. yet again, it's safe to look at your 401(k) under most circumstances. the news continues in just a moment. the morning walk was so peaceful.
12:44 pm
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>> shepard: breaking news. a live look now of president george bush, the 43rd arriving in charlotte, north carolina at the graham library. billy graham, as you know, the man referred to as america's pastor died last week of age 99. franklin graham greeting the former president and they will go inside to view the casket. the bushes wanted to go tomorrow on the second day of viewing, but they said they had -- there's his wife, former first
12:47 pm
lady. they had a longstanding engagement that they couldn't be there so they came today. billy graham has had an enormous impact on president bush 43. he talked repeatedly and often on talks about his -- the effect that billy graham had on president bush 43. he said there's a long article and it is interesting to read. i want to read you a small part of it. "i was fortunate to witness billy's remarkable capacity to administer to everyone he method. when i was governor of texas, i said beside him at the crusade in san antonio. his powerful message of god moved people to tears. maybe his most important day was after the attacks of 9/11. the most meaningful came september 14. i asked billy to lead a service
12:48 pm
at washington national cathedral. it was no easy task." america was frightened, angry, uncertain as only billy graham could. he helps us feel god's arms wrapped around our mourning country. who will ever forget those dark days." president bush saying how helpful billy graham was for him. jonathan serrie is in charlotte for us this afternoon. jonathan? >> hi, shep. franklin graham escorting the former president, george w. bush and former first lady, laura bush into this house that you see here on the library property. this house is billy graham's boy hood home and built by his father on what then was a dairy farm in charlotte back when charlotte was a much more rural community. urban sprawl changed that and the grams moved the house and
12:49 pm
refurbishing it here on the property of the graham library. billy graham's casket is inside that house. the former president about to pay his respects at the casket. it's not just presidents and heads of state that have been coming out to pay their respects but every day people that have been coming out here all day and being welcomed by the graham family. in fact, for much of the day, roy graham was standing in the room with the casket and shaking the hands of each person who walked by his grandfather's casket. that's one of the things that people here, followers of billy graham and the graham family have said was part of his appeal. that he was able to not only deliver his message on the gospel in a clear and passionate fashion but he was able to keep the spot light on the gospel even though he had this big name, he tried to steer all of
12:50 pm
the attention away from him and keep it on message and was a very humble man. i'm told by family and friends that he was reluctant to put his name on his own library here. he wanted to keep the focus on god and jesus. supporters convinced him that more people would come to visit around learn about god if his name was on it. so he reluctantly agreed. that is part of the peel and billy graham as an evangelist. a preacher that will be sorely missed but whose crusade will live on. >> shepard: thanks, jonathan. the former president will walk by the president we're told today. there's not live coverage being allowed. after it's over, they will release video of it. as requested, we will air that. we've had a lot of blame about the florida shooting. ahead, one young survivor has some credit to share.
12:51 pm
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>> shepard: a 17-year-old student from florida's stoneman douglas high school speaking about her recovery. doctors performed suffer surgeries to treat her gun shots and save her life. her name is mattie wilford. she's out of the hospital. doctors say bullets hit her in the chest and the abdomen and she's very, very lucky. >> i'd just like to say that i'm so grateful to be here. it wouldn't be possible without the doctors and first responders and these amazing doctors and especially all the love that every one has sent. i definitely wouldn't be here
12:55 pm
without it? a young lady that survived and so thankful. rick scott has asked the state's department of law enforcement, the fdle to investigate the response to that shooting. some legislators have called for the sheriff to be removed from his job. the sheriff has said he won't resign. further, questions about the actions of the broward county sheriff's deputies that came in response. our phil keating is covering it all. hi, phil. >> hi, shep. more than 70 state lawmakers calling for the broward county sheriff elected two times to be suspended by the governor for incompetence and dereliction of duty. the sheriff elected two times as a democratic candidate says that's not happening and all of this criticism of him and his leadership happened is all political. dozens of gop lawmakers sent the
12:56 pm
letter wanting the investigation. it's been revealed that more than 20 times in the past few years sheriff deputies were called to deal with an erratic and gun-obsessed nikolas cruz, including one tip that he could shoot up a school but never arrested him or took it further. florida's republican attorney general applauds the probe. >> i know a lot more than you all do now, so all i'm going to say is yes, i believe there needs to be a full investigation. i don't think some people were honest. we're going to investigate this in florida and the right thing will be done. >> and the school resource officer, the broward county sheriff's deputy that was posted at this school was here on the day of the shooting valentine's day and has been nationally criticized for not marging inside the freshman building as the gun shots were happening. while pushing back today saying he's not a coward and that he thought the gun shots were
12:57 pm
coming from outside the school. that's why he didn't rush in. shep? >> shepard: thanks, phil. should news break out, we'll break in. breaking news changes everything hahn fox news channel. "your world" with neil cavuto is coming up after this.
12:58 pm
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but they might not be enough to protect my heart. adding bayer aspirin can further reduce the risk of another heart attack. because my second chance matters. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. >> there's no bigger fan than the second amendment than me and no bigger fan of the nra. these guying are great patriots, great people. they want to do something. they're going to do something. and they're going to do it i think quickly. i think they want to see it. >> neil: the president optimistic that the nra has nothing to be afraid of. they want to see progress on the issues that caused the horrific school shooting. they have different ideas. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world." a world of confusion when you divide the nra and conservative ranks and the role of how many guns shoul