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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 26, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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duo whose second amendment rights were caught on camera. we all have their story tomorrow. must watch, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from washington. i'm shannon bream. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." it's becomingg clear that a long trail of official negligence led to the valentine's day school shooting in parkman florida. school officialsle failed, so to the fbi, but broward county sheriff shot israel has a distinguished record of exceptional ineptitude. under his leadership, broward deputies ignored repeated warnings and they were received at least 23 calls about him, one last november, a tipster specifically warned that he was "a school shooter in the making," o which of course turnd out to be sadly true.
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sheriff israel did nothing. under israel's leadership the department entered an agreement to drastically reduce student arrests. the goal was to eliminate the so-called school-to-prison pipeline, which at the time was a top priority of president obama and attorney general eric holder.. the effect was a disaster. cruz might have been arrested and convicted of a crime, were it not for that policy he would not have a been able to buy a gun. once the parkland shooting began, israel's deputies refused their most basic duties. deputy scott peterson's only job was to protect students at the school hid while cruzuz murdered 17 people. when three more broward deputies arrived, they too took shelter behind their cars, rather than try and enter the school and save the lives of children. scott israel is the man in charge of all of this, and of course he's responsible for it. he loudly disagrees, indeed, he relentlessly likes about himself to all media who are recorded. n two years ago, the local newspaper reported that israel used tax dollars to build a personal political machine and
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hee clearly had. the evidence was there, stone cold, i confronted with it, isrl said "what if i had done differently than don shula or abraham lincoln or martin luther king or gandhi"? byio the way, he said "blinds don't care for the opinions of sheep." a stable people don't talk like this, something is wrong with sheriff israel. he was refusing to respect any responsibility in the face of his well-documented failures. watch this exchange. >> do you think that if there broward sheriff's office had done things differently, the shooting may not have happened? >> listen, if if's and buts were candy and nuts, o.j. simpson would still be in the record books. >> i don't know what that means. there's 17 dead people and a whole long list of things your department could have done differently. >> tucker: remarkably, ind got weirderth and worse from there. watch. >> are you really not taking any responsibility for the multiple
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red flags that were brought tobo the attention of the broward sheriff's office about the shooter before the incident, whether it was people near him come close to him, calling -- >> jake, i can only take responsibility for what i knew about. i exercise my due diligence, i have given amazingge leadershipo this agency. >> amazing leadership? >>r: yes, jake. >> tucker: "amazingly to amazing leadership" we did, the facts -- he signed the letter calling for the suspension of israel as sheriff. speaker, thank you for coming o on. >> thank you for having me on. >> tucker: tell us what your letter says and why. first, it wasn't just a letter for me. it was a letter from me and 73 of my colleagues. basically representatives accountable for 13 pluspl millia people in the state of florida, and what we sent a letter to the governor saying, under the
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constitution, he is the right to remove any local government official, suspend them, and take them out of office and reset basically, your authority to do so as if they there are malfea, neglect of duty, which we believe sheriff israel scores high on all accounts. we asked them to suspend him and go down there and take over the investigation and find a i replacement. 74 have assigned it, the governor immediately to his credit called on fdl lark, state law enforcement, to go and seese investigation, take over. we'd like to see him suspended by the governor and ultimately the senate has the ability to reinstate him or be removed completely. i'm pretty sure talking to my colleagues, they'd remove him completely. >> tucker: my guess would become of the 74 signatories, most were republicans, which raises the question, why is this partisan issue? he had four deputies and they refused to help. that is not ah partisan questio. you don't need to be republican
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to be appalled. why do no democrat support his removal? >> i think we do have the support. it's very difficult for some of them because many of them are from that geographic area of broward county, significant portion of our democratic colleagues. for them, it was like, you're right,rd go forward, we encourae you. but signing the letter was something that was a step too far for them. they are completely supportive, whether it's the parents i've talked to of the victims, whether it's our t colleagues across the aisle, everyone has discussed is disgusted with his attitude and what he's doing today. >> tucker: my impression is thee deputies who sat outside, armed while 17 people were murdered, more than their legal rights, they were allowed to do that. most of us respect law enforcementnk because we think they will put our their lives on the line for us. they didn't. this seems to me something a legislator could address. if you are in charge of protecting the public, shouldn't you be obligated to protect the public?
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>> let me say, tucker, i'm an outside counsel for sheriff's office, part of my job as an attorney. i can tell you the sheriff's a friend of mine, i know tons of law enforcement officers. not one single officer that i know in that situation wouldn't have gone scrambling into that hallwayg come of the stairways, whatever it took to save thoseir children. what we have here is a poorly run agency, whether it was the officer on site or the three that came in the car or the officers that went out to his house, as you said, 23 times, and never did anything, even though he was a threat, whether it was the deal that he entered into with the superintendent, that said we will have a "no" arrest policies that he can bring guns at knives and bullets to school, all of these things - in a funny thing is, this is by his own words. what sheriff israel said, each one of those situations, the officers outside, the school resource officer inside, the people insideer who denied first responders the ability to help the kids.
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the agreement and thus bullets going to school, he's got every person under investigation but he doesn'tho want to hold himsef accountable for all these people that he has to investigate for the wrongdoing but he's done none. the height of arrogance, as you said. the only amazing thing about him is arrogance. >> tucker: something is wrong. that's not normal. in the military, there's a penalty for cowardice. the point is, you're not allowed to be a coward. you are in the the same would go, wouldn't you say, for sheriff's deputy? shouldn't there be a penalty for rating a a coward? >> their shed. we should look at taking away their pensions. if you don't act the way you should in a situation where there are 14 children's lives at stake in three adults, absolutely. have your pension taken away. >> tucker: good, thank you for that. i appreciate you coming out tonight. >> thank you.. i appreciate it. thank you, tucker. >> tucker: as you just heard, emt has her telling fox that police officers prevented them from entering stoneman douglas high school to tell him i provie care to kids who wereoo dying
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dying. fox's matt finn has exclusive information on that tonight. >> three high-ranking florida officials are expressing their frustration because they say ems was delayed getting inside stoneman douglas high school on the date of the shooting in the critical moment when victims lay inside it need of immediate care. one source tells fox news, some ems teams requested to go inside but were denied by the commanding agency, the broward county sheriff's office. that source alleges scanner recordings will reveal that. the broward county sheriff's office to least a statement in response to somebody's allegations saying in part, there are multiple investigations being conducted in addition to the stoneman douglas shooting. investigators will not be rushed or asked to jump to conclusions. a reporter from our miami offense affiliate reports that he sees in first responder said they would have risked their lives to go inside and they were frustrated the entire time. however, the fire chief who was on scene that day said it is a
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procedure that ems can't go inside until law enforcement clears them to enter. the fire chief said law enforcement couldrc not initialy confirm if the suspect fled or was deceased, making it too dangerous to let ems inside. that's the fire chief telling fox news in part that decisions can be made in a vacuum. it isit possible that those that are upset aboutt not being allowed inside simply do notot have all of the information, that our law enforcement partners had in making their decision. the florida department of law enforcement isn't just a baby all all of the actions by the broward county sheriff which will hopefully shed light on the timeline of that day. >> i know a lot more then you will do now. so i'm going to say is yes, i believe there needs to be a full investigation. i don't think some people wereti honest. we are going to investigate this in florida and the right thing will be done. >> tucker, a rules committee and the florida senate voted down a proposal on a statewide ban on
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assault weapons. tucker? >> tucker: thanks a lot. sheriff scott israel would neved blame his own repeated failures for the shooting at stoneman douglas high school. instead he needed a pipe and organization that not involved, the nra. during cnn's "1984" town hall, he played the gunman against dana loesch. >> you just told this group of people that you were standing up for them. you are not standing up for them until you say i want less weapons. dana loesch joins us tonight. i was watching that, and i was like him he doesn't sound much the gas sheriff, he sounds like someone who is running for a politician, demagogue bray doesn't sound like something a law enforcement official website in a town hall. that?o you make of >> i completely agree with you, tucker. i'mm so glad you are talking about this. this is ultimately, the failure,
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where the failure took place. it was with this man and his leadership as broward county sheriff. i'll have everybody know, tucker, before the sheriff took that stage, him and i sitting up there for the town hall, he was allowed to go out and give a rally style speech in which he railed against special interests and was naming the nra and really setting the stage up toaw go after 5 million law million law-abiding innocent americans who didn't get all of the 45 -- is what buzzfeed reported -- that his office received. they didn't have the murderer office calling his office saying that he was a threat. family members weren't calling the nra purporting this, they were calling his office. he is a lot of explaining to do. were more quickly think i'm a talker. i asked the sheriff onstage whether or not hee could have arrested this murder based on a florida state statute that treated anyone sending electronic or written threats of bodily injury or harm or death to other individuals as his
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smart averted, whether he could have arrested that individual, charged with a felony, and he did indicate that he could but then he glossed by it and wanted to refocus and shift responsibility away from his dereliction of duty. i think he has a lot of innocent americans an apology. >> tucker: he's not a congressman. he is the power to put people in jail, to take their lives away from he's a law enforcement official. this behavior seems reckless and dishonest and weird, comparing yourself to mlk and gandhi? i mean, is something wrong with him? >> you mentioned that "game of thrones" quote, he mentioned that yesterday in a radio interview with a south florida station, and he was attacking all of those, including the congressman you hadn. on, the lawmaker they just had on, who was calling for his resignation. i agree with you. i don't -- i wish that this would have come out on the
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stage. i wish this truthwn would have been known at that particular time. it seemed as though he was more interested in turning this into a campaign stop. i will say that this really explains why the coral springs police chief came out against the broward county sheriffey the way that they did. they said in a statement that the truth is going to come out because coral springs police reacted, they were there first munson. they seemed to be calling the broward sheriff out on what i can only assume to be showboating with what they were suggesting in their letter. there had to be a lot of drama behind the scenes for other law enforcement officers who really -- these are the guys who sacrifice, they ran in, they heard the sound of gunfire, and screaming, tucker, and they ran it ended with a code to save innocence. that is why we love our law enforcement, because of what they do for us and it's no wonder that they came out against this broward county sheriff. >> tucker: is also transparent. i'm not blaming the shooting on the hehe did not commit the shootin, but a series of missteps by his agency allowed it to happen.
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he's culpable in some way and yet he's diverting all the attention to others. it's the most basic and recognizable kind of covering, white is not the price point that out? >> i wish they would. what we are talking about a systemic failure. tucker, you had the 45 reports into the sheriff's office, two fbi reports, even bigger than that, we've had decades of the political class ignoring the mental health crisis in the united states. politicians who have refused to report dangerous people who have been a adjudicative, unfit, ano by this as we at the nra have been pushing for targeted action and offering solutions on this and we will continue to do so. >> tucker: if you run a city with tens of thousands of mentally ill people living on the sidewalk and you are lecturing us about guns, maybe it's time to make up a little bit. thank you, tina, i appreciate i it. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: in the days since the florida schoolma massacre, o
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one seems to be asking the essential and obvious question, which is why would a 19-year-old murder strangers? if you really wanted to make america better, you'd be desperate forst an answer to tht question. go ahead and ask an elected democrat that question. we've tried and theyy want to engage. we start with the obvious, does the collapse of the family play a role?e? good question. silence. single numbers are one of the democratic party's most essential constituents, they can't admit that the disaster of fathers is bad. technology is everywhere. they want to respond to that. all of those explanations might make democratic donors uncomfortable. that's the answer. they attacked the nra because it's politicallyus convenient. the nra opposes them in elections, therefore it's their fault. it's hard to think of a more cynical strategy, and yet it's working. using the propaganda arm and the american media, the democratic party succeeded in pulling republican leaders into making pointless concessions on gun control, including the
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president. banning pump stocks will solve the problem? does anyone think that? not one person really thinks that. that has been a compromise. have you seen democrats compromise in any way at all? if you see any single democrat concede that the rise in school massacres may be related to something other than guns in the nra? nope. the point is not to make schools safer, the point is to win power. that ought to be clear. as to why this is happening in the first place, jordan peterson joins us later in the show with his views on it. fascinating. the mayor of oakland, california,ol collaborating with illegal immigrants to undermine america's own laws. that story n next. ♪ starting with advanced manufacturing that brings big ideas to life. and cutting-edge transportation development to connect those ideas to the world. along with urban redevelopment projects worthy of the world's top talent. all across new york state, we're building the new new york.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: at this point you can properly recite the official story about daca by heart. they are dreamers, the best america has to offer, future scientist enemy humanitarians. if anything, you ought to be deported in their place. meet a 21-year-old dacamani recipient, recently arrested for making terroristic threats against high school students. she posted on facebook that she would goo to east high school in rochester, new york, and "shoot all y'all." sadly we imagine those are aroused get her to her excellent chances of winning a nobel prize but we'll keep you posted. meanwhile, in oakland, the mayors enough an open insurrection against the federal government, not exaggerating. warning locals that based on several of her sources, she believes i.c.e., the federal immigration administration come about to launch immigration raids in the city of oakland. the press release advised
9:21 pm
illegal residents to prepare not panic, and advising that business owners are the schools were not allowed to assist i.c.e. i an illegal immigrant who works j in new york city joins us tonight, cesar vargas. thank you for coming on paid >> thank you so much for having me. >> tucker: how can a state actively work against federal law. isn't that kind of how we had a civil war? >> what's the problem? to be have a problem that a local city is protecting its residents, a local city is pushing against the overbearing power of the federal government? the mayor is not saying let's protect the rapists, simply saying we will present our residents, our hardworking -- >> tucker: hold on. i'm not attacking any of these so-called daca recipients, people here illegally. i don't know them. maybe some are bad people come away they are all great people. the point is they are here illegally in violation of federal law. california's estate.
9:22 pm
the state of california of california is not allowed to actively subvert federal law. it is not acting in concert with the other 49 states. that is an act of insurrection. am i missing something? >> the constitution does provide basic rights. it allows the states to create more rights for the residence. >> tucker: no, i know you say you are a lawyer but -- >> i'm not saying we will detain you coming to port you, if you are working hard, you can stay here. i caner still operate. >> tucker: now you are getting into what we want to be true. i'm just saying what is true. here is what is true as of now. the constitution has been interpreted by the supreme court foror more than 200 years to say that states cannot act against federal law. that is one of the oldest precepts in american law. if you say you are a lawyer, i'm sure you know that. the point i'm making is this. these people here illegally, congress can change that, they can legalize them. right now,t. their presence is n
9:23 pm
violation of federal law.e the mayor of an american cities is saying that you may not participate with a lot federal law enforcement. you have to oppose federal law. that is not workable. that is an act of insurrection against the federal government. do you care? >> just because it is federal law doesn't mean it is right, doesn't mean it's constitutional. the supreme court has ruled, and federal courts have ruled that the president does not have the authority to use racialist termination to target immigrants. it is unconstitutionalr for the president to target sanctuary cities -- >> tucker: i'm sorry, i can't let you -- >> targeting immigrants. >> tucker: i don't want to check your bar license -- the federal government has a right to enforce federal law. federal immigration law has not been overturned by the supreme court. don't make up facts on the show. those laws are enforced. the federal government, by
9:24 pm
definition, has a right to enforce them. the states do not have a right to subvert them. there is no argument about that. what you are seeing is something that cannot stand. the federal government, and previous decades, has sent federal troops into states when they do stuff like this. do you understand the fire that they are playing with? it's cool because you think illegals should stay here? >> i just think that throughout the judiciary, we have shown that the states and cities are the laboratory of democracy, the states have such power to do much more than the federal government has done. what we are seeing here, a city saying we will push back against the overbearing government. we've done that. >> tucker: you're getting your bumper stickers confused. the colonials -- okay. [laughs] i'm sorry. i'm not allowing you to teach american history on my show because it -- >> that's why we had a colonial war. a revolutionary war because we pushed against a tyrant, while
9:25 pm
that violated the rights of us -- >> tucker: i wish heou didn't say since you are not a citizen. you don't get to say "we." >> i'm an american. ii think values make you an american. >> tucker: i don't know who told you that that -- no. you become an american when you become a that is the definition. i'm not attacking you as a person. i'm sure you're great. i'm sure you're smart. we are different in that i am an american that you are not. >> we are both americans, though. >> tucker: that is not true. oakland has all these other l problems and i'm not staying up late at night worried whether illegal aliens get arrested in oakland. i'm not. what i'm worried about are the people who run oakland who care more about people they are legally then about the thousands of homeless that live on the streets. the hundreds of homeless children. the u.n. went to oakland and says this cruelty. yet they are spending time and money on behalf of people who aren't allowed to be here. do you see a weird priority and that? >> i don't see a weirdness that
9:26 pm
the city of oakland is protecting all of its residents regardless of immigration status. we are seeing now, if you want to talk about homeless people, talk about the trump tax reform that is benefiting the wealthy and the 1% and giving more tax breaks, that tax breaks should help homeless people. >> tucker: i'm sorry. that is silly. i don't think you should become a citizen. no offense. i will be happy to have dinner with you. >> let's go to dinner at a nice mexican restaurant. >> tucker: thank you for joiningest. us. the democrats answer to the i nunes memo is out. what is and it is confusing but we'll explain it next. ♪ too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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's people in the democrats have released their own memo on the fbi, russia, and the trump campaign. released two weeks after it was blocked by theby administration. it says it contained some classified information. what does it affect actually say? in case you haven't read it, ed henry joins us tonight. >> adam schiff made bold predictions about how his memo was going to blow the republican memo out of the water. it hasn't panned out. republican devin nunes revealed in his memo were released february 2nd the obama fbi and justice department relied on the unverified dossier without revealing its connections to the democratic party to conduct surveillance of a trump advisor. on february 2nd, adam schiff complained that "vultures" was not being told because the
9:31 pm
democratic memo was blocked. steele said that it was not based on that dossier, crafted by christopher steele. he said, the majority suggest that the fbi failed to alert the court as to mr. steele potential political motivations of the political motivations of those who hired him. but he said that is not accurate. except this new democratic meadow admits, contrary to the statement, the fbi and justice department did not reveal to the fisa court that the steele info was paid for by the dnc and hillary clinton campaign. it does not disprove the nunes claimed that former fbi director deputy andrew mccabe, that they could not have gotten the warrants to spy on him without it. they got a total of four warrants against page. nevertheless, he claims there
9:32 pm
was an opponent verification that led to the approval. a he also says that steele was a trusted source. republican jason chaffetz fired back that steele would not qualify to be in an austin powers movie, let alone the basis for such a serious thing as surveillance of an american citizen. tucker. >> tucker: ed henry, thanks a million. mollie hemingway is senior editor at "the federalist" and she has looked deeply into this. thank you for joining i guess the central question, and ed had a quick take on it, after the nunes memo, was thezz steele dossier, the buzzfeed document that is mostly unproven, why is that the basisu for these fisa court requests? >> a year ago, if you said you were worried that this buzzfeed dossier can mother russia salacious document might have been used to secure a wiretap, you might have sounded crazy. now we have multiple and just>> this latest one is a democratic memo that confirms in fact this dossier was used to secure a wiretap against ao trump campain affiliate. a big >> tucker: this b-17 memo, the
9:33 pm
one that was going to blow up the nunes memo, confirms that it was used to get the wiretap? they admit it was used, a narrow use, and then the bulk of their own memo shows that it was a huge portion, that the claim that carter page went to moscow to meet with secret russians, that was a key part of the application to secure this wiretap. >> tucker: does the new memo knocked on any of the claims from the nunes memo? >> the one thing that is to their benefit in their memo is that they say that the fisa application included it in application about carter page's history. they republicans did not put that in there. that is a solid thing to say. overall, there are many things that they confirm what fat original house or republican memo said it's worthth rememberg that it was not just the republican memo, it was the
9:34 pm
senate investigators who agreed with the nunes memo that there was fisa abuse. one of the interesting things about the new memo is that for a year, we've been told that the dossier was so important, so key, strategically leaked by key obama and tell people to legitimize it and say it was being taken seriously. after a year of having it be so much a part of our new cycle and adam schiff and other people were reading it into the record when they would have testimony and he ranks, now they are saying, it wasn't a big deal. this is a dramatic turn around, which suggests that they do not believe the dossier's worst standing beside or behind. in fact, we have been hearing that it'sat unverified and that the bulk of it is not confirmed. >> tucker: i might miss remembering this? is john mccain the one who brought that to the fbi? >> the dossier was already in the fbi's hands. what we learn from one of the people who created it, he gave senate testimony to the senate judiciary committee cannot there
9:35 pm
were two dossier operations to try to get it into the hands of james comey and other high-level fbi officials. that was our senator john mccain became key, getting it into the hands of the fbi bar could be weaponized as more of a media operation. >> tucker: when you take on the establishment, there are costs. >> there are a lot more that remains to be seen, much more investigation. >> tucker: thank you for guiding us through that. ihr appreciate it. texas wrapped up atap state high school wrestling tournament for the second year in a row, a transgender person took the title. high school sports, another venue for left-wing science experiments? whatever happenednt to girls a sports? mark steyn joins us to explain next. ♪ to severe crohn's disease. then i realized something was missing... me.
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♪ wild thing ♪ applebee's handcrafted burgers. any burger just $7.99. now that's eatin good in the neighborhood. ♪ >> tucker: the state wrestling
9:40 pm
championship in texas just wrapped up. for the second year in a row, the women's class six a 110-pound division was won by mac bags, although biologically female, transitioning to mail and is part of that transition, takes testosterone and steroids. he still commits as a girl because texas rules require kids -- if that's not confusing, mark's joint is here to explain it. it seems like -- i think it's worth being paranoid because they always are slippery slopes, despite claims to the contrary. why are girls for it's not over? boys have aol massive physical, biological advantage of and a lot of sports and if you allow boys to compete as girls, what happens to girls? >> there is no girls sports, then. you are right, just to go back to what he said, tucker, this may seem trivial and a slippery slope. it is urgent. i would say this is one of the
9:41 pm
biggest stories of our time. perhaps the biggest. bigger than the budget deficit or whatever. you used the word gender in the introduction. in my day, we used to talk abouu the sexes, when i was a schoolboy, it was a name, date of birth, place of birth, sex, and every a renter schoolboy would put sex, "yes, please," a standard joke. all the girls put sex, "female." somewhere along the way the word sex, the two sexes were abolished and replaced by the word gender. in the course of that we lost not just a great schoolboy joke, but in a sense, we lost that clear distinction. weac have replaced the two biological sexes with a multiplicity of genders. and the abolition of the sexes
9:42 pm
is, in fact, not a small thing. the point of this wrestling competition, texas has responded to these modish fancies by saying no, only biological girls can compete in girls this is a way of saying, whatever you do, whatever laws youer pass, to protect traditiol sex roles and girls's sports and brice's ports, we will write a gorge and horse through it, and it's done and over. it is one of the biggest stories of our time. >> tucker: i agree with that. it is why we do the story, not for. reasons, but the way that men and women get along as a basis of society.up i am fascinated that a small group of people to determine what the rest of us say out loud of a biology? we are required to lie about biology and we are punished if we don't. how did that happen? no one believes this. only about eight people to
9:43 pm
end -- how? >>er that is the other fascinatg thing. if you are a climate skeptics, then the left demonizes you and says you are antiscience. but we are actually abolishing biology and a lot of this. what i find interesting about this is, as you say, there is only -- you say there's only eight people who believe all this. however many people believe it, they are the people who matter in the united states and in canada and europe and every other society. for example, if i were toim miss gender this girl who is transitioning into a boy, there would be a twitter storm about how i misgendered him or her and that was disgraceful. celebrities get hounded into apologizing profusely for this. the fact is, this girl
9:44 pm
transitioning into a boy is on drugs that increase her strength and has just ruined the girls' state championship for all of the undrugged, on steroid it squirrel wrestlers. what i particularly resent about this, tucker, is the lost of seemly and is in our society. if someone wants to transition into a boy or transition into a girl, great. but maybe that means you have to give up their wrestling, that you can't have everything, you should take up the violin instead. not wreck a sport, wreck a statewide sport, for all of the other participants. >> tucker: deep and true. mark steyn, think, as always, for that. that was great. >> thanks a lot, tucker. >> tucker: violent crime is down, believe it or but rand paid shooters are getting more common and it's really hurting the country. in case you haven't noticed. the question is, why is it happening?g? professor jordan peterson has an idea and he joins us next.
9:45 pm
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♪ >> tucker: compared to the read to me '80s and early '90s, crime is over all but rampage shootings are more popular. almost allll have our young men. the question, which for some reason very few people ask, but the key question is, what is driving this surge in extreme antisocial violence? one man who is thinking about it a lot as jordan peterson, a psychology professor at the university of toronto and he just spoke with us moments ago. >> tucker: thank you for joining us tonight. >> my pleasure. >> tucker: we wanted to ask you to question that we thinkan too few are asking, which is why is this happening? why are young men shooting up
9:50 pm
schools? >> because they are nihilistic and desperate. >> tucker: how did they get that way? >> well, i think life can make you that way unless you have a purpose and a destiny, let's say. there is no shortage of suffering and relevance in life and is easy for people to become embittered by that. if they don't see a way out, see a way forward, they get angry about it and turn against life itself. they make a display of their hatred for being by massacring the innocent. that is what is happening. >> tucker: if they do right side. it's exhilarating. we've had semiautomatic rifles for hundreds of years but we haven't had these shootings. attitudes areg. changing. >> it's also a psychological epidemic. these people keep track of each other in this competitive element to it. the fact that the media insists
9:51 pm
upon publicizing the names of these shooters is not helpful. part of what drives them is motivation for notoriety. because notoriety is better than being ignored. >> tucker: so what mistakes are we making as a society to produce an ever increasing number of young man like this? >> that is a good question. i think we underestimate the necessity for young people to have clear direction and a sense of purpose in their life. they need something to offset the tragedy and malevolence of life. we need to take these sorts of philosophical and even religious issues seriously. but we don't. >> tucker: do you think we are taking themg less seriously than we used to? >> yes, definitely. i think that we talked in the past, we spoke much more about responsibility and -- responsibility in particular, but also purpose, and maturity,
9:52 pm
and we value to those things highly. wend didn't confuse them with tierney and toxic masculinity forma example. >> tucker: why is it all boys? >> boys are more aggressive than girls. a there is a biological component to that that is quite strong. that is why the vast majority of people in prison are male. on average, there's not much difference in aggression between men and women. if you picked a random woman and random man of the population and you have had to bet on who is the most aggressive. if you bet it was the woman, you'd be right 40% of the time. but if you take the one and 100 most aggressive people, and those would be the people in prison, they are all men are virtually all of them. it is also why males attempt suicide less frequently but they committed successfully much more frequently, much more likely to use lethal means. they are the very powerful biological pun into the hatch. despite what the postmodern social construction constructio
9:53 pm
say. they have their had firmly buried in the sand. >> tucker: they are resistant to the evidence. given that we know that boys are the ones, a if there is a school shooting, who will be the ones committing it, overwhelmingly.el shouldn't we be thinking about how to raise our boys in a way that they are less likely to do this? >> yeah, we should be thinking about that. the book i published, 12 rules for life, a meditation on exactly that. i was lecturing online about the idea that responsibility is what gives life meaning and that meaning is the answer towed to the sort of nihilism and aggression and resentment that canme otherwise be produced. there is no doubt that life is difficult and that people get hurt and betrayed. that's an unassailable truth. you need something to offset that. most people find that in their destiny, their adoption of responsibility, and their
9:54 pm
willingness to make their own lives better and the lives of their families better and you contribute to the community and bear the burden of being noble. a networks. but we don't think that way anymore. >> tucker: you mentioned the toxic masculinity, not sure what that means but i heard the phrase a lot. what does it mean in our public conversationon when someone attributesme the shooting to toc masculinity? >> is an attempt to smear the idea of masculinity by confusing masculine confidence with tyrrany. it's part of the idea that our culture is patriarchal society. it's a very pathological way of looking at the world but a very common one. if thatt description is accepte, then it means that masculine energy, soer to speak, whether t is manifested by women or men, masculine energy does nothing but prop up tyranny of the
9:55 pm
patriarchy and should not be fostered. the only people who think that way are women who have relationships with men and are extraordinarily damaged or men who areite trying to shirk responsibility. the idea that masculinity in its essence is somehow toxic is an absolutely dreadful idea. >> tucker: on what i ask you that question. jordan peterson, thank you. chicago mayor rahm emanuel wants another term but he probably won't get it with his existing constituents. what is his plan for holding onto power? he's got one, we'll tell you what it is coming up. ♪ help me make smart choices? well, with your finances that is. we had nothing to do with that tie. voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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10:00 pm
illegal immigrants. we'll investigate that plan tomorrow. if you like there were jordan peterson segment tonight, tune in next month, the month of march, series on the state of men in this country. it's not good. we'll tell you why. good night from washington. sean is next. >> sean: great show. a son of breaking news tonight. liberal congressman adam schiff on the counter memo, the fisa abuses, a complete disgrace, complete fabrications, and it actually corroborates everything we have been telling you over a, year on this program. like that, the fbi and the doj, thickly lied about the fisa judge, the origins of the clinton bought and paid for dossier. full of russian government propaganda. they used that to get a warrant to spy on a member of the the p campaign. we will go through this memo point by point. we will separate fact from democratic friction. this is something


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