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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 27, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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duo whose second amendment rights were caught on camera. we all have their story tomorrow. must watch, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from washi >> the bad guy as to understand there is a big price today when you mess around with our students. >> i suggest we need less tweeting, more listening. >> we all find ourselves what we can do to have debited her speech is current and former government officials have until friday to hotel the health intelligence committee when they knew that trump does it was funded by the dnc. >> hope you have a big appetite because tuesday is national pancake day. ♪
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>> you are watching "fox and friends first" tuesday morning and appreciate you joining us. the president blasting the response the florida was shooting saying he would have run in himself to save children even without a gun. the statement as calls for the broward county sheriff to resign. kelly right is live with more on the scrutiny surrounding the first responders and every day we learn something a little more as to what didn't happen that could have. >> reporter: finding out what is going on, the president says the
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way the deputies performed was a disgraced, disgusting, that is how he describes the actions of sheriff's deputies who stayed outside the stuntman douglas school while inside a gunman was on the rampage killing 17 students and teachers inside. the present explained how he would have reacted to the shooting. >> you don't know you until you are tested but i really believe i would run even if i didn't have a weapon. most of the people in this room would have done that too. >> florida lawmakers approved an investigation of all agents. scott israel to resign. his office is accused of blocking paramedics entry to the building to treat victims because the shooter's location was unknown. >> what we have is a poorly run agency believes he has got every single person under investigation but doesn't want to hold himself accountable for
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all these people he has to investigate the wrongdoing but he has done none. >> scott peterson, the school labs armed deputy resigned after coming under criticism for failing to run into the building to stop the shooter in response. 's attorney issued this statement. mr. peterson wishes he could have prevented the untimely passing of the 17 victims on that day and his heart goes out to the victims in their time of need but the allegations that mr. peterson was a coward are patently untrue. the sheriff's office is one of several agencies taking heat for missing warning signs about the shooter's mental health as well. >> in terms of the fbi and things they missed. thank you very much. taking a look at those repeated failures kelly was talking about at the florida high school massacre sheriff is real is trying to blame the organization that was not at fault, that
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being the nra. >> you told this group of people you're standing up for them. you are not standing up for them. >> nra spokesperson dana lash firing back saying the sheriff is trying to shift blame to other people other than himself. >> this is where the failure took place, with this man and his leadership as broward county sheriff. he was allowed to go out and give a rally style speech in which he railed against special interests, naming the nra and setting the stage up to go after 5 million law-abiding innocent americans who didn't get the 45 tips his office received, they didn't have the murderer calling his office himself telling him he thought he was a threat and police needed to do something. family members were not calling the nra, they were calling his
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office so he has a lot of explaining to do. i asked the sheriff road whether he could have arrested the individual charged with a felony and he indicated he could have but glossed by it and wanted to focus and shift responsibility from his dereliction of duty. he owes a lot of innocent americans an apology. ebony: heather: fox news alert, us marshall shot while serving an arrest warrant leading to a tense standoff. that agent a full-time sheriff's deputy recovering, staying by his bulletproof vest. the task force was sent to the us county missouri home to arrest the man, appearing in court on domestic violence charges. the suspect was shot and killed after firing at those officers. a man and is intensifying for a gunman who shot and killed a man live on facebook.
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was gunned down while streaming this live on his facebook page in north carolina. the gunman shooting robinson four times after he told him he was reporting. police identify him as douglas fools and. robinson was known for outing drug dealers on facebook live moments before death, reporting a stolen cell phone. the search continues. after a month-long delay, white house communications director hicks will finally testify on the hill today meeting with russian probe investigators coming in, republicans demanding answers on what officials knew about the antitrust dossier connections to the dnc and the clinton campaign. >> reporter: at long last today is the day, supposed to appear before the intel committee but
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the interview was postponed, figuring out the scope of the testimony, the committee asking about any contact trump campaign members had with the russians and the initial white house statement drafted on air force one about the june 2016 trump tower meeting between russians and trump campaign officials, the goal is to find out what role the president had to special counsel robert mueller. >> we hope she will be fully cooperative. of the stucco we don't know what we can expect expect she will fully cooperate. >> devon nunez coming out swinging saying high-ranking government officials will be, quote, hauled into congress to answer the salacious dossier. he sent a questionnaire to those officials asking when they first knew about it and when they first new he got to carter page, and respond by friday, those high-ranking officials could be
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getting some peace. >> the bulk of the entire investigation, a flip the democrats have used over and over and always back to carter page but it wasn't until a couple weeks ago they distanced themselves from the dossier which their information they paid for. >> reporter: the investigation has entered phase 2 with the focus shifting to the state department. >> thank you very much. as todd was mentioning nothing is off the table, set to be grilled behind closed doors, trey gowdy said they expect to get some answers. >> i don't think congress ought to be limiting the scope. it has to be relevant, can't ask about something that happened in high school. democrats like to go 25 years to ask questions which we investigate what russia did, with whom did they do it, what
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was the government response and classified information. if she was part of the campaign we ought to be able to ask about adam schiff's allegations of collusion. i don't think we should be limited to anything but the scopeing document and what is relevant to that. >> the supreme court tapping out the daca dispute refusing to decide if donald trump's plan to end the obama era program is legal. back to the lower courts to decide. >> we tried to get it moved quickly. we want to help daca. but the supreme court just ruled it has to go through normal channels. >> the trump administration's deadline for a 6-month grace period go expiring in that
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window to renew. foxbusiness alert the dow jumping 400 points, from losses earlier this month lose the s&p index surging, gaining half of its correction losses. those major averages down 3% from all-time highs. netflix reaching $300 for the first time ever. thousands are expected at billy graham's public viewing, america's pastor lies in repose in his childhood home in charlotte. george w. bush paid his respects yesterday. >> if there is such a thing as a humble shepherd of the lord, billy graham is that person. i am unbelievably blessed to
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have met him. heather: tomorrow his body moves to the capitol rotunda and on friday he will be married alongside his wife ruth alongside the grand library in charlotte. 10 minutes after the top of the hour. terror by truck, ice is following on followers to ramp up attacks in a new threat, the new warning police went you to hear. growing list of companies who cut ties with the nra facing back lash with our next guest says these companies pander to a small percentage of people, making a huge mistake. >> on your face right now single get down! heather: k-9 unit splitting forces to bring down not one between 2 criminals. ♪ bad to the bone ♪ bad to the bone ♪ bad ♪ black
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heather: taking on delta, lt.
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governor of georgia vowing to block tax breaks after the airline's decision to cut ties with the nra has more than a dozen companies announce the end of their business partnership with the gun rights organization. dining is the ceo of the silent partner marketing firm, thank you for joining us. let's begin with you and your company. you are a gun owner for law enforcement, you have spoken about owning guns. what do they about this due to >> i can't speak for everybody but it is a fundamental american right and everyone is on the same page about that and as we see more company stepping up and saying we are going to boycott the nra it raises the question about their political perspectives and americans are sick of being forced at political ideologies of companies having knee-jerk reactions and things we should be looking at comments and
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solutions. the 20 in terms of the number of people involved in the nra when police do something like this it is not just those numbers. >> a mistake to think these companies joined with the nra to target the 5 million estimated members of the nra. by some estimates as many as 100 million gun owners in america. they forget they were not just targeting those 5 million members of the nra but 500 million people estimated across the us to be supporters of the second amendment. heather: having some back lash if you look at social media which originally was what sparked this there are people that are searching out the nra and companies not doing this like fedex. >> the number of searches are at a record high for people searching for nra membership. people who are represented by the nra, not the companies, to
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try to reach a target demographic and made the mistake of underestimating the scope and buying power of people standing up saying fight back. heather: running the gamut to airlines, united, delta, some issues that delta is having to deal with in terms of tax breaks in georgia. >> the same group of people fighting against these companies saying we are going to boycott you a less you are out of the nra are the same people who turn on a dime and attack companies like united airlines and american last year the second there was backlash over customer complaints. these are not the most loyal demographics. when you cater to the demands of a few, the loudest and most vocal and social media you run the risk of alienating a tremendous number of people. jillian: that is not good business and someone who knows good business is warren buffett and he says that the ridiculous,
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boycotting gunners because the democratic supported. >> for the man to say this is a bad move, the buying power americans have, donald trump has taught people how to stand up and that is what we are seeing. the idea that i would alienate half of my audience isn't a good move. a lot of companies need to take heed in that and the implications of going after a large percentage of americans saying we don't want your business. >> the loudest voice in the room is not significant. thank you for joining us this morning. 18 minutes after the top of the hour. fire in the sky, terrifying moment a plane packed with people burst into flames moments
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after takeoff lose the video you have to see. toy bay the heart sparking outrage when she attacked mike pence as christian faith. >> wanting to talk to jesus, it is another thing when jesus talks to you. that is called mental illness. >> you won't believe what she just said about conservatives. carly shimkus here with reaction pouring in online. ♪ you know what's awesome? gig-speed internet.
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you know what's not awesome? when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. heather: the fight over money close one of christianity's holy sites, the church of the holy sepulcher in jerusalem is shut
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down in a tax standoff with the city because they closed the church sunday, the municipality to collect property tax from church owned property on which there are no houses of worship. faith under fire this time over the mural on city hall building, including a bible verse, shall you find refuge, the freedom from religion foundation demanding the city removed it was the artist who created it said it is to inspire teamwork, not division, vowing the mural will remain. fedex refusing to bend to backlash despite companies cutting ties with the nra. carly shimkus is here with the online phrase. >> reporter: mounting pressure from gun-control advocates will
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not drop discounted rates to nra members was the company released a statement that while its decision and policy on gun control differs from the nra it will not deny service or disseminate against any legal entity regardless of policy positions or political views, this is the hashtag boycott fedex usps for our weekly shipments, other people applauding the decision. dispersants we plant stand their ground, don't get pushed around by the left because you support the law of the land was another twitter user so seriously i didn't use fedex that much but now i respect them, have to start. jillian: more companies joining their bandwagon. >> we will see how it affects
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their bottom line. heather: this was unbelievable to me, conservatives have a penchant. >> listens what she had to say on yesterday's show. >> pension for nazis, charlottesville, good guys on both sides, maureen le pen. heather: owes this rhetoric helpful? us on social media saying absolutely not, twitter user saying they are doing a good job making communication between conservatives and liberals impossible. that is how that played out. let's move on to jennifer lawrence, she did this interview and talked about leaving middle school, see she is self educated. >> a self-made millionaire but she revealed some interesting information about her education.
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>> i dropped out of middle school. i don't technically have a ged or a diploma. i'm self educated. >> she said she was going to take time off to work with a political organization, try to the best not qualified to do that but she seems like a pretty smart cookie despite not even having a high school degree. >> surprising, she has been very successful. thank you so much. the time is 26 after the top of the hour, legal rights for illegals, new york democrat sparking outrage with a new plan, do illegal immigrants deserve the same rights as us citizens or is this just an example of the left pushing their political agenda? we will debate it. incredible video of heroes in action, firefighters forming a
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line as a frantic mother hands her children down the ladder. ♪
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heather: fox news alert, kill them all, a brand-new threat from isis. a chilling propaganda photo showing blood spatter on a truck urging jihadists to lowdown more innocent people. the terror group known to carry out truck attacks including last year absolutely halloween rampage that happened in new york city. overnight russia calling for a truce in a region in syria to let civilians leave the area targeted by the moscow backed government. the state department has called
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for an immediate legal to the operation by the asad regime which killed 500 people this last week. russia is alarmed by an american thread of military action in the region claiming it would be against the law. at home donald from promising to turn grief into action in the wake of the florida school shooting, the commander-in-chief pushing for change at a meeting with governors as the gun control debate continues to heat up across the country. the president has a bipartisan meeting with lawmakers. >> they are invited. we will see if they show up. if we learned anything yesterday donald trump does not intend to allow the act on gun control, and revealed he met with the nra, strengthening background checks.
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>> lunch with wayne lapierre, i want to tell you they went to do something. we will do strong background checks, got to do background checks was if we see a sicko i don't want them having a gun. >> accusing some in the room of being too afraid of bucking them and arming teachers, democratic, advising the president. >> pistol packed, i listen to law enforcement who said they don't have to train teachers, law enforcement agencies. a little less tweeting, let's take that on the table and move forward. >> the governor at the center of all of it, rick scott of florida waiting for congress to take
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action. >> $500 million, i have tweet 2 weeks left in session, i'm not waiting for the federal government, $500 million, significant law enforcement in every public school in our state. >> reporter: gop members of the house and senate scheduled to meet at the white house, members of both parties by wednesday to meet with him and legislation stand come out leaders say it is up to the senate to back up a background check bill, senate leaders say a better route is to separate it on their own. we will find out what happens. donald trump won't accept in action this time. heather: she was shot 3 times in the florida school rampage and as she makes her recovery, and
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thankful for the miracle. >> i would like to say i am grateful to be here. it would not be possible without officers and first responders and amazing doctors and the love everyone has sent. i gave out all the letters and gifts everyone has given, just the love passed around, i wouldn't be here without it. heather: she could be ready to go back to school as soon as next week. that would be so tough. new york democrats pushing to give illegal immigrants legal rights with a new amendment stating equal rights should extend to every person to ensure an inclusive society with respect to everyone in new york in all their diverse city.
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republican counterparts deck out military status is not included under these protections. what are these politicians standing for? marine corps veteran and liberal political commentator wendy, thank you for joining us this morning. let me start with you. as a military veteran what do you think of this? explain how this does not include military veterans? >> it changes our state constitution which has an equal protection clause, equal protection is taken out of the state constitution and is replaced with a list that groups of have equality of rights. that long list which is identity politics wish list, military veterans, active service members, that is striking. the proponents of this, military benefits. this was introduced a while
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back. it is very telling. heather: how do you answer that? >> the way it stood at the time, the language doesn't speak to undocumented immigrants and that is what they are trying to address. this is not to change the language to make it so we are saying everyone has the same rights, this is about humanity. all individuals in regard to race, color or creed are treated with the same dignity and humanity as other people. the earlier point, the military protection can be added even though that is the oversight on our part and we have no problems adding that language. heather: was about including people who broke the law to get you to begin with? >> we are trying to split hairs because there are individuals who are american citizens who break the law but we treat them with humanity and rights. no matter who you are as long as you are a human being you should be treated with dignity and that
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is the only issue. >> no one is saying illegal immigrants - they have free speech rights, they exercise free speech rights all that came. the same free-speech rights are military put on their next on the line to protect. we shouldn't have equal rights to us citizens, there's not a special set of rights for citizens, there's no such thing as citizenship. he raises the line between noncitizen and citizen just as an example of the race the line between legal immigrants and illegal immigrant. >> i do not agree with that. when we treat undocumented immigrants as if they are less, that is what the issue is, myself and the group of others marching on capitol hill today for the rights of immigrants. heather: how do you speak to and answer individuals who came to this country the legal way, those who followed what they were supposed to do to begin
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with? why do it? >> we speak to them the way we speak to all immigrants, the issue of dignity, humanity and if we are trying to bifurcate this and say we should treat some subset of immigrants differently that is where the issue rises. >> we are one third of the way to legislative session in new york, we have done nothing for the actual citizens, we passed a bill in new york to allow immigrants to have full college and a portion of that says there is a fund of money for room and board that only the chosen immigrants can get. not only do we provide equal protection but a higher plan than actual citizens of the united states and new york state in this case. heather: we will be watching to see what new york does, thank you for joining us to debate it. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. he won't make his players stand for the national anthem but he will stand up to jerry jones was how the top targets in america's
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team where it hurts. fire in the sky. the terrifying moments a plane was packed with people burst into flames just moments after takeoff. the video you have to see. national pancake day, how you can store flap of flapjacks for free. ♪ ♪ when i try to show ♪
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heather: this plane that was packed with people lighting up the sky of utah after its engine explodes. the southwest jet engine burst into flames moments after takeoff, the plane so large that people on the ground could see what was happening. 100 people on board headed to los angeles heard a loud explosion before the sparks started flying. >> my family is all going down
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right here. heather: the plane turning around making an emergency landing, southwest calling it a performance issue. is other airline scare to tell you about. it happened on the ground, didn't get off the ground after a panicked passenger opened the emergency exit and slid down the inflatable slide. police at newark airport in new jersey said he claimed he was on the wrong flight but that turned out to be false. plane was delayed for 5 hours but eventually made it to tampa, florida. i would not be a happy passenger if i was on that flight. deadly dog food. an urgent warning for pet owners, what we need to know about keeping our furry friends
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safe. >> reporter: two recalls, one is a true pet brand recalling crunchy beef delight treat after salmonella was found in the samples but northwest natural recalling frozen chicken and salmon after listeria was found in a sample. thankfully no dogs have gotten sick from eating this but if you have this food make sure you take it back before you got it, they will give you a refund. heather: from dog food to people who, free pancakes today. >> reporter: national pancake day. i is about hop from 7 am 6:55 pm you can get a short stack of buttermilk pancakes. they turned it into a day of giving, if you want to donate money they are collecting money for hospitals and charities. they raised $30 million on this national pancake day, donate some money for a good cause.
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heather: 15 minutes until the top of the hour, the supreme court debating if government employees should be forced to pay union fees. our next guest on how the landmark decision could impact millions of americans. heather locklear, once the queen of drama on the small screen, how her latest return to the camera prompting a good look. ♪ so you're looking for male customers, ages 25-54,
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heather: roger goodell and jerry jones's feud could reach new heights, the nfl commissioner will slap the dallas cowboys
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owner with a multimillion dollar fine for conduct, quote, detrimental to the league. the nfl looking for jones to replay legal cost after contesting a 5-year contract extension and clashed over ezekiel elliott avenue suspension from domestic violence allegations. a course dedicated strictly to removing donald trump from the white house, students will get one credit for it from impeachment removal or conviction. prof. john cleary will teach the criminal justice program, required reading, a book called the case for impeachment. let us know what you think about that. after day one of the liberations the supreme court is split with the government employees should be forced to pay union fees. >> the issue is my right to choice which with my first
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paycheck, i had to pay the fee. no one asked me but i wasn't given the opportunity to say yes which is the ability to say no. mary mack justice neil goresuch remained silent through the oral argument. at the city college of new york, thank you for joining us. let's take a look at some of the numbers, members of the media, 14.8 million workers are part of unions, 34.4% of the public sector workers are union members but 6.5% in the private sector are in unions which when you look at the numbers, 300 million people in this country, 15 million part of unions, why does
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this apply to people who are not part of the union? >> it impacts state and local government in 22 states, the biggest states on the coast, new jersey, illinois. that is a big change of government and labor relations. it will not have any impact on private sector employment. >> what do you expect the decision will be? neil gorsuch remained silent, that may be significant. >> the swing justice in this case, he is it. the court deadlocked 4-4, an identical case three years ago, the california teachers association, we know where the other eight justices are, deadlocked, tied. we would have a 5-4 decision striking down agency fees as
1:52 am
unconstitutional. heather: what do you believe will happen? >> likely, the right decision is for the court to do exactly that and declare these agency fees unconstitutional and that would bring those 22 states in line with the other states. of the 20 why are they unconstitutional? >> compelled speech case. these act as a way of forcing people who don't want to be union members to subsidize speech for which they disagree. heather: to pay something they don't want to be part of to begin with. in terms of other states you were talking about does it blowdown to a decision based on states rights versus the federal government? >> it only applies to state and local employment, not federal employees, it would make state and local governments look more like the federal government. heather: how did that begin?
1:53 am
seems like that would be a given. >> government labor relations are governed by state law rather than federal law, and the private sector but when it comes to states and government employees where they are, that is governed by state law. heather: how long does it take to make a decision? >> one of the most controversial cases on the supreme court's docket but we will not expect the decision until may or june. heather: we will have you back when they make home. the incredible video of a k-9 unit bringing not down one but two criminals.
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heather: thank you for joining us, the news keeps getting worse for the sky, dubbed the most
1:58 am
hated man in america, martin really is to pay back $25 million in his stock fraud case and facing 20 years in prison, his former ceo of the pharmaceutical company sparking nationwide back lash for jacking up prices on hiv drugs 5000%. that is why he is the most hated man in america. and domestic abuse charges after attacking her boyfriend, was arrested at her california home after her brother called 911 when he saw her sister and boyfriend getting physical during the arrest. she allegedly became physical and combative. less than an hour later her boyfriend was arrested for dui. this incredible body camera footage showing a florida deputy
1:59 am
and his partner splitting up to take down two suspects who crashed a truck into a telephone pole. >> handcuffing one to the ground. the driver who fled into the woods nearby. >> chasing him. heather: with the driver at the end of a long driveway. they make a pretty good team. incredible video, firefighters saving a woman and her three young children from an apartment fire while flames raged just feet away. so brave and amazing footage.
2:00 am
a mom handing kids over the balcony to those firefighters, then climbs over to escape, the roof collapsing shortly after. it was miraculous no one was injured. great heroes there is a good ending blues that wraps up the 4:00 am hour of "fox and friends first," see you tomorrow, goodbye. >> the way they performed was disgusting. you don't know until you are tested but i believe i would run in even if i didn't have a weapon. most people would have done that too. jillian: donald trump blasting broward county sheriff's deputies for their lack of action in the florida high school massacre as calls mount for the man in charge to step down. todd: one remains unwavering despite back lash. refusing to mix


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