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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 27, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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a mom handing kids over the balcony to those firefighters, then climbs over to escape, the roof collapsing shortly after. it was miraculous no one was injured. great heroes there is a good ending blues that wraps up the 4:00 am hour of "fox and friends first," see you tomorrow, goodbye. >> the way they performed was disgusting. you don't know until you are tested but i believe i would run in even if i didn't have a weapon. most people would have done that too. jillian: donald trump blasting broward county sheriff's deputies for their lack of action in the florida high school massacre as calls mount for the man in charge to step down. todd: one remains unwavering despite back lash. refusing to mix business and politics.
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jillian: keeping a promise. >> we are going to build the wall. we would build a great wall along the southern border. build that wall. build that wall. jillian: donald trump going where no president has gone before. when will he set his sights on what he calls a big beautiful border wall for the first time ever? "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ whatever it takes ♪ whatever it takes ♪ because breaking the chains ♪ whatever it takes jillian: good tuesday morning. a live look at midtown
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manhattan. good morning to you. welcome back. todd: it is not that cold. jillian: good tuesday morning. >> the president blasting the response to the florida shooting stating he thinks he would have gone in to save those kids even without a gun. jillian: as calls mount for broward county sheriff to resign. here is scrutiny surrounding them. >> reporter: the president says the way the deputies performed was a disgrace, disgusting, that is how donald trump described the actions of deputies who stayed outside the school while inside a gunman was on a rampage. the president explained how he
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would have reacted to the shooting. >> you don't know until you are tested but i really believe i would run in even if i didn't have a weapon and most people in this room would have done that too. remarriage >> reporter: lawmakers responded to the shooting, broward county sheriff scott is real to resign. israel's office is accused of blocking paramedics entry to the building to treat victims because the shooter's location was unknown. >> he has every single person under investigation but held himself accountable for all these people he has to investigate for wrongdoing but he has done. >> reporter: the scott peterson, the school deputy resigned after coming under criticism for failing to run into the building to stop the shooter. his attorney should the statement, quote, mr. peterson wishes he could have prevented the untimely passing of 17 victims that day and his heart
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goes out to the families of the victims in their time of need but allegations mr. peterson was a coward are patently untrue. i should have the sheriff's office is one of several agencies taking heat, throughout the shooter after mental health problems. rob: we will see if there are any lawsuits. jillian: sheriff is real blasting everyone but himself including the nra. rob: a columnist says it is time for the media to press the sheriff on what he knew and when he knew it. >> a flippant analogy on national television, not even accurate because it is in record books. i hope next time israel goes in front of a report or host, that they ask did you know during that cnn town hall last week
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that three of your deputies did not go in and if so why didn't you share that? why did you grandstand during that town hall and go after dana lash knowing this? seems to be a guy seeking higher office but i don't doubt that will happen. jillian: rick scott directing the department of law enforcement to investigate sheriff's relapse handling of the massacre. >> us marshall shot and served an arrest warrant leading to a police standoff, a sheriff's deputy recovering saved by his bulletproof vest. the missouri home of a man who failed to appear in court on domestic violence charges. the suspect was shot and killed after firing at officers.
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>> a manhunt intensifying, shot and killed a man live on facebook. and shooting robinson, after telling him he was recording with police identify the suspect, robinson was known in the community for outing drug dealers on facebook live. >> after a month-long delay, on capitol hill today. >> and connections to the dnc and clinton campaign. >> todd pyro joins us with the latest. >> reporter: today is the day he was supposed to appear before the house until committee in january and postponed until the
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white house and committee could figure out the scope of her testimony. and any contact trump campaign members had with the russians which is the initial white house statement drafted on air force one about the june 2016 meeting between russians and trump campaign officials, their goal is what role the president had which is of great interest to special counsel robert mueller. >> that shall be fully cooperative but i don't know what we can expect and hope she will fully cooperate. >> reporter: devon nunez saying high-ranking government officials would be, quote, halt into congress to answer publicly for salacious and unverified antitrust dossier. he said a questionnaire about the dossier to those officials when they first knew about it and when they first knew it was used to spy on carter page. if they don't respond by friday
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they could get subpoenas. >> the bulk of the entire investigation democrats have used over and over again, back to carter page. a couple weeks ago they distanced themselves from the dossier which was the information they paid for. >> reporter: the investigation led by nunez entered phase 2 with the focus to the state department, who knows how many phases there are. jillian: the supreme court, the nation's top court refusing to decide if donald trump haps plan to seal the program next month is legal, kicking the case back to the lower courts to decide. >> we tried to get it moved quickly because we want to help daca but everyone in this room wants to help daca but the supreme court ruled it has to go through the normal channels so it is going back in. >> reporter: the trumpet
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ministration's march 5th deadline for a 6-month grace period before anyone with status expiring in that window to renew. rob: 20 states suing the trump administration to spiegel obama zipper care, the decision to repeal the fine for those without health insurance invalidates the mandate and all of obama zipper care itself, the supreme court upheld the mandate because it was a tax but paxton claims without a penalty it can no longer be called a tax. with the remaining legitimate basis for the law it is time americans are freed from the stranglehold of obama zipper care once and for all. >> the tao jumping 400 points client gets way back from losses earlier this month. rob: the s&p regaining more than half of its correction losses but both major averages are 3%
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from all-time highs. jillian: netflix reaching $300 for the first time ever. just about 10 minutes after the hour. sheriff israel under fire refusing to apologize, face of law enforcement in the florida shooting massacre points the blame at everyone but himself, what does matt gates think about it? he joined us next. >> the feds couldn't unlock the terrorist's iphone but now they can break into any iphone including yours, a major breakthrough. >> democratic contender targeting young voters with a joint in hand. "fox and friends first" coming
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right back. black black the broward county
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sheriff scott is real passing the buck on his office at handling of the tragic school shooting. rob: calling for governor rick scott to suspend israel? would this be the right move? a florida congressman, matt gates, thanks for getting up early with us. what do you think the governor should do here? species we support the call of richard corcoran and so many others who are tired of sheriff's relapse antics, he is more beholden to political correctness than the people he was sworn to serve. more interested in having a gun-control pep rally than ascertaining the opportunities to limit loss of life with better law enforcement and to acknowledge the brave work of the police with the coral springs police department some
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of whom blew past broward county sheriff to save the lives of students so certainly we would commend their efforts. jillian: thank you for joining us in the midst of that. atty. gen. pam bondi was being interviewed and one thing she said surprised me. that there is going to be a call for a fool investigation into the sheriff's office when the shooting happened but also made mention of the fact that people may not have been truthful. she could not get into it, didn't specify who but when you hear something like that what did you think? >> i'm glad i live in the state of florida where we are able to get to the truth with broad public records laws which we will see videos and evidence of how people respond and what protocols were in place and i'm hopeful we can get some sense of comfort to those who lost loved ones by having a thorough investigation and going forward we have folks at schools with
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the capability, the weaponry and response to care for those who trust law enforcement when they send their loved ones into a classroom. rob: is it the optics and public confidence in the department? because people are not going to trust that the police will do anything to protect them. that is what it feels like. >> sheriff's relapse flippant comments have not been helpful but more troubling, the policies he allowed to exist in the school system where even when people were committing crimes, he was suppressing data, not making arrests or engaging in law enforcement creating a safer environment in schools. as we investigate their won't just be a focus on responsiveness to this event but the policies, whether they created a safe or less safe environment in the education
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setting. jillian: the democratic memo, did it discredit anything or prove anything? >> it proves many claims republicans made about the dossier being used, in this world there's an easy way for the american people to engage in an analysis. republicans have no tolerance for political documents being used in the intelligence process to spy on american citizens without full disclosure. these are secret votes making decisions about our rights was we are going to look for some reforms to ensure this type of thing never happens again. democrats have a higher tolerance level for the use of political dirt to form the basis of a pfizer warrant and that should not happen and republican or democrat administration. heather: feels like the investigation is wrapping up. we don't know what is going to be but feels like there's not as much there as promised and this could be a dad, saying the
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president and his campaign colluded with the russians to steal this election. if it turns out to be not much of anything what impact will that have on the democratic party and the media in general after hyping this for the last year? that has to be a big credibility impact. >> time and again donald trump proves to be right, donald trump will ultimately be vindicated when there's a determination there was no collusion with russia and we have yet to see the first piece of evidence there was any collusion so your question is the fair one but what will this do with democrats credibility with the american people, my suspicion is there's a lot of skepticism about claims democrats make about this president in the midterm elections if it is proven they have been focused on issues that don't impact quality of life for the american people and also there was no there there, no collusion, democrats have to shift around and make some
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obstruction of justice argument, no evidence there either and hopefully able to be liberated from this distraction so we can get 2 important issues that impact whether americans are able to live free and more prosperous lives, that was the promise we made in the last campaign and the president doing a good job to fulfill it. jillian: it is 19 after the hour. terabyte for a complete isis calling on followers to ramp up attacks in a sick new threat, the new warning. rob: a dozen companies cutting ties with the nra but one caving to pressure and getting praised on social media. >> thousands expected at billy graham's viewing today, live there next. oh, manatees. aka "the sea cow""
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>> bill clinton and thousands of others suspected at rev. billy graham's viewing today. jillian: the graham public library where people will pay respect to america's pastor. good morning. >> reporter: we have just learned 5600 people made the trip to the library grounds to pay their final respects to the late rev. billy graham. it was a somber and peaceful mood yesterday morning and throughout the day from 8:00 to 10:00 and that would be the same yesterday though we expect the pause in visitors when president
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clinton arrives. he will make his way through in graham's childhood home. we saw george w. bush here with first lady laura. we have learned barack obama will not be here but we expect donald trump here on friday. a lot of people making their way to charlotte. rev. graham's casket will be flown where he will lie in honor in the capitol rotunda for 22 days and then back to charlotte. jillian: thank you very much. foxbusiness alert. one big business refusing to cut ties with the nra. rob: the company that is keeping its discount program in place. >> reporter: fedex says it will give discounts to nra members
2:25 am
despite a growing boycott on social media. this is what fedex said, quote, it has never said or changed rates for millions of customers around the world in response to their politics, belief or positions on issues. fedex that it does not necessarily agree with the nra but will continue to give those discounts, this as many companies said they would not be giving nra discounts anymore. delta, united, metlife, a bunch of others. jillian: we need to plan our last - our next lunch at his restaurant. >> reporter: the new restaurant magnolia table is open in waco, texas. it is going to be breakfast and lunch. a bunch of other things they are offering, buttermilk biscuits, avocado and other breakfast
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items. it is open monday through saturday 7:00 am 5 to 3:00 :00 pm in waco, texas. jillian: coming on over here, we have dunkin' donuts onset, girl scout cookie flavors you told us about. >> would this is limited-edition. you can add the flavorings to your coffee, coconut caramel and classic peanut butter cookie, donuts because you can't have coffee without donuts. rob: we need people to try this. does it actually taste like anything? >> it is not overly minty. >> you know what? not exactly. rob: that is the only one i wanted. this is exactly like you.
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>> i asked if there was any cream and you said you don't need it. >> ice coffee too, any of their drinks. arthel: it is national pancake day. >> national sugar high. jillian: we will be right back, enjoy your coffee. ♪ (nadia white) the moment a fish is pulled out from the water, it's a race against time. and keeping it in the right conditions is the best way to get that fish to your plate safely. (dane chauvel) sometimes the product arrives, and the cold chain has been interrupted, and we need to be able to identify where in the cold chain that occurred. (tom villa) we took our world class network, and we developed devices to track environmental conditions. this device allows people to understand what's happening with the location,
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at bp, everyone on an offshore rig depends on one another. that's why entire teams train together in simulators, to know exactly what to do before they have to do it. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. mary mcdonald from promising to turn grace into action in the wake of the florida school shooting pushing for change at a meeting with governors as the gun control debate heats up on capitol hill. rob: griff jenkins has the latest. >> reporter: the white house says the president will hold a bipartisan meeting with members tomorrow to discuss several pieces of legislation on gun control, pool safety and if we
2:31 am
learned anything donald trump does not intend to allow this motion to take action. he surprised many in the meeting when he revealed he met with the nra and they are ready to work with him on background checks. >> had lunch with wayne lapierre, chris cox, they want to do something, very strong background checks, very strong background checks. if you see a sicko i don't want him having a gun. >> reporter: the president said he's willing to take on the nra if necessary accusing some of being too afraid. the idea of arming teachers, the democratic governor advised the president to do less tweeting. >> i listened to first grade teachers who don't want to be pistol packing the first grade teachers, listening to law enforcement who said they don't want to train teachers as law enforcement agencies which takes we 6 months so we need less
2:32 am
tweeting, more listening and take that off the table and move forward. >> reporter: governor rick scott isn't waiting around on congress to take action. >> $500 million, two weeks left in session, i'm not waiting for the federal government, $500 million, we have significant law enforcement presence in every public school in our state. >> reporter: what action will we see? yet to be seen. house leaders say picking up the background check they packed last december, senate leaders say we will see what comes today and tomorrow and in coming days. >> it is developing days after the fact unlike times before. fox news alert, brand-new threat from isis, chilling propaganda poster shows blood calling for jihadists, to inspire people to
2:33 am
carry out truck attacks including last year's deadly halloween rampage in new york city. overnight, russia calling a 5 hour truce to let civilians leave the area being targeted by the moscow backed government, calling for a end to the operations by the assad regime, killed 500 since last week, russia is seriously alarmed by an american threat of military action in the region claiming it would be against the law. jillian: immigration rights groups and the judge after he ordered the arrest of an illegal immigrant. pedro hernandez had the witness removed from his court in october because his legal status turning him over to federal agents. it is called an overreach and the retired judge said it was his duty to report it. donald trump is about to keep
2:34 am
one of his campaign promises come to life. >> do not worry, we are going to build the wall. don't even think about it. jillian: the president will travel to san diego for a firsthand look at prototypes of his border wall, first trip to california since taking office, the president is expected to attend the republican national committee fundraiser in los angeles. >>'s office for united states bracing for more storms as many areas recover from strong tornadoes and drenching rain call, 70 rivers across the homeland at or above home stage - flood stage with more rain coming in. jillian: a glimmer of hope after a twister when a family finds their pets under debris. >> they just rescued that dog from the rubble thank goodness.
2:35 am
jillian: at 20 to reaching 120 mph. meteorologist dennis steam, you feel for that family. >> in the spring season the class of those air masses and potential for more severe weather tomorrow. in terms of flooding, a quiet pattern, in southern california some rainfall and mountain snow but across the mississippi and ohio valley watching closely because the next 12 hours to 24 hours and other system moving into the same area that brought flooding rainfall over the weekend and another one behind it, not only the threat of flooding rainfall, but a potential for severe storms. and rivers and streams, not reduced situation. a flash flood watch or warning in the area. there is your severe threat,
2:36 am
large hail, damaging winds, eastern parts of texas towards mississippi and louisiana and arkansas, there is your forecast, that system moving into california, southern california, more rain over those areas, the ohio river valley, that will be the concern as we get to springtime, flooding concern and severe weather will be ongoing. jillian: stay tuned to your forecast, 36 minutes after the hour, lt. governor hitting delta on notice for cutting ties with the nra, taking a toll on the airline's bottom line. >> social media love the idea, the praise pouring in online for that. jillian: up in smoke, democrat smoking pot, the campaign ad. ♪ to
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rob: lieutenant governor of georgia vowing to block tax breaks that would benefit delta airlines after it cut ties with the nra. jillian: correlation is here with the reaction online. >> georgia lawmaker throwing delta airlines a curveball after the atlanta based company cut ties with the nra. the lieutenant governor tweeting i will kill any tax legislation the benefits delta unless the company changes its legislation and reinstates its relationship with the nra. corporations cannot attack conservatives and expect us not to fight back. a republican running for governor is threatening
2:41 am
exactly, now i don't want to fly delta again, the companies severing ties with the nra, this is not a gun problem but other people are criticizing him for getting involved in how a company does business. >> jim carrey has become dark and strange as he gets older. speech is also an artist, he shared a painting of a teenage girl, bloodied, lying on an
2:42 am
american flag. his reaction to the school shooting in florida, with the caption oh say can you see. art is subjective, some calling it powerful. others don't like it. this twitter user says how does this help? somebody on facebook says it was cruel for families of children to see this please go back to canada. how many of your guards carry guns? reaction to this mixed. jillian: some things people shouldn't tweet may be. >> reporter: white house communications director for president obama worked with hillary clinton under fire for writing a tweet some consider racist. you guys, just got into an unmarked gypsy cab at san francisco airport with a russian driver. if i disappear it is a tan lincoln continental. she was trying to be funny but some accusing her of racism. mike says this is xena phobic and you should feel bad. keith says imagine her fake
2:43 am
outrage if someone said this about a muslim. she did delete the tweet after this back lash occurred but some people try to be funny, don't think about it but say something like this you know how sensitive people are. >> we are not surprised to see a tweet like that. it was a speech by former president obama you were not supposed to hear but the secret is out. the private event at mit, posted online by reason magazine, you can hear the former president taking a swipe at donald trump. >> we do have a scandal. you didn't hear about a lot of problems. >> media and guests were told not to post anything about the speech online. it is not clear why that rule
2:44 am
was put in place. >> hillary clinton has come up with a lot of excuses for what happens in 2016. >> netflix, new york times, 1000 russian agents, the democratic party, pulling. >> she is adding facebook to the list responding to a new report the social media site charged her campaign more than the trump campaign for ads tweeting we should all care how social media platforms play a part in the democratic process. unless it is addressed it will happen again. clinton will speak at yale during graduation week, graduated from yale law school in 1973. >> a carry-on bag bursting into flames on a plane packed with people. electronics putting millions of passengers in danger, the growing threat of fires on board. jillian: let's see what is
2:45 am
coming up on "fox and friends". >> reporter: start your party at 9:01. shut off your fingers. 11 minutes we will get growing. texas governor greg abbott talks about a softer approach for republicans and guns in schools working, texas, utah, not so out there as the president's idea, we got some backlash yesterday. agenda napolitano walking up the stairs and around the wall to talk about a supreme court decision not to extradite the daca case, next stop will be the ninth district, where it will get upheld and go to the supreme court. what does that mean for immigration reform? in tweet 2 weeks of major announcements going to san diego to get eight prototypes of the wall. 3 hours to fill, every minute will be great including 6 pillow
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with his reaction. >> raises the question about the political perspectives and americans are sick and tired of being forced to political ideologies, the company trying to reach the target demographic and underestimated the scope and
2:50 am
buying power of people who say we will fight back. jillian: companies cutting ties will, quote, neither scare or distract one single nra member from our mission. rob: every iphone can be unlocked by the government according to a brand-new forbes report claiming a source that works with the federal government discovered a way to get around apple security features and access to software inside. the contractor has not commented on the claims and apple has not responded to this report either. jillian: passengers terrify the carry-on bag catches fire in the overhead bin playing the plane with smoke. rob: that is not cool. investigators placed the blame on a lithium battery in the luggage. how safe are these smart suitcases and all the things we
2:51 am
bring on planes now. >> reporter: nice to see you. we are talking about china southern airlines, people boarding the plane and someone spots the flame coming out. if the laws and rules of regulation of flying and bringing lithium ion batteries on board remain how it is, people are allowed to bring this stuff on but many people don't bring the right batteries on or bad things happen to those batteries because they are hazardous. up in the air on this flight imagine if you were off the ground and this happened or that battery were in the cargo hold, you would have a very different outcome. every flight you get on right now is going to be hundreds and hundreds of lithium-ion battery personal devices from smart phones to tablets, it has become the standard. what you want to look for, the stuff you won't keep safe when you get on board, never carry
2:52 am
these in a checked bag and also when you do carry them in the cabin don't buy the cheap and tested batteries like on amazon that have no name so you have no idea, those are often the culprit of some bad events of any damage that happens to these which is one of the days they can catch on fire. leave it in the original packaging and political tape overexposed terminals, a ziploc bag and that is the best and safest way to carry this and keep an eye on recalls of technology like this that can have trouble because sometimes manufacturing defect will say we screwed up in the manufacturing process and we will give you a new one and if this happens to you you lose your phone in the seat of the aircraft. now delta airlines is among the
2:53 am
first to say don't adjust your seat, call a crew member for assistance and they will help you get that phone, realize damaged phones can spark a fire. by the way, speaking of fire on board, crew plants are trained in lithium-ion batteries. what you want to do the second that happens is crew member identifies the fire, grab an extinguisher, open the overhead bin enough to get the fire out inserting a fire extinguisher and doused that thing with water. water is your best friend after you control the flame, wait 10 or 15 minutes and the device gets removed to a laboratory waste bin, submerged in water and have a passenger disconnect the power source. if it is not on fire it is safe to do that. does are going to be regular in the future. you will see this more and more.
2:54 am
>> i don't travel as much as you do but i did purchase a smart suitcase. i take the battery out of it and leave it at home. last time was three different workers asked if the battery was in the back. before that no one thought to ask me. what are people supposed to do? >> hats off to american airlines, they were the first just after the holidays to restrict these, we were enticed because it was a great idea, it will charge your devices on the go, something you would love to have. these have lithium allied batteries that are subject to being damaged or simply stored in the cargo hold of the plane without the airline knowing about it so remove those batteries, some airlines don't
2:55 am
allow them at all. a dark day for a 1-time hollywood beauty. >> when i hired you, to turn it into a $5 hooker. this is pathetic. >> why heather locklear was hauled off on handcuffs from her own home. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> good morning and welcome back. it's time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first up the good. first responders go above and beyond. welcome a little boy to school first day back since beating leukemia. outside boston. the 9-year-old got to sit on a police motorcycle. how cool? rob: next the bad heather lock ler facing charges. arrested at california home after her brother called 911. he reportedly saw sister and boyfriend getting physical. during the arrest she allegedly became combative and attacked the three responding deputies. less than an hour later her boyfriend got a dui. there you go. >> finally the ugly. legalizing marijuana crystal clear. this political ad shows benjamin wolf sitting in front of a painting of the american flag holding a joint.
3:00 am
he calls marijuana, quote, a wonderful recreational substance. there you have it. rob: makes me laugh. jillian: thanks for joining us today. rob: that's right. "fox & friends" start right now. we will see you later. ♪ >> i think everybody in this room wants to help with daca. but the supreme court just ruled that it has to go through the normal channels. >> democrats say president barack obama was well within his rights to establish daca. doesn't this president has the power to stop daca? >> one source tells fox news some e.m.s. teams requested to go inside on the day of the shooting but were denied by the commanding agency, the broward county sheriff's office. >> fears fading on wall street the strong start to the week. the dow ending the dow up by nearly 400 points. very nice rally. >> 50% of all democratic voters said they favored socialism over capitalism. capitalism is good because freedom is. socialism is bad because socialism is tyranny. >> if there is such a thing as a humble


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