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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 27, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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be friends with. >> tucker: that's for sure. used to be a free country. thanks a lot for joining us tonight. we are out of time sadly. had a great time, though. good night from washington. sean hannity, right now.>> hann hannity. two major stories we're following tonight. first, the attorney general jeff sessions is now saying the department of justice will investigate the abuses against the trump campaign. this comes after adam shiv's counter memo confirms that the f.b.i. lied to the fisa court judg judge, about the clinton bought and paid for dossier filled with propaganda in order to get the warrant against carter page, also breaking right now, more damning evidence of the massive beaurocratic failure of the broward county sheriff's department surrounding that horrific florida school shooting. now in addition to the dozens of missed warning signs, and four
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deputies not entering the school. fox news tonight is reporting that there were delays even all allowing e mts to go inside the school. sources are telling fox that the broward county sheriff's office denied requests by the emts to enter the crime scene. also breaking this hour, our own sarah carter reporting that under sarah scott israel's leadership there have been at least 40 investigations into department misconduct. tonight we are asking, when will broward county sheriff, scott israel, take responsibility? when will he release the cam footage so that you, the american people, can see how the deputies acted during the shooting? we have so much breaking news in our opening monologue. all right, major developments tonight in the fisa abuse scandal. we'll start there. we are getting one step closer to holding top level obama, f.b.i., doj, deep state officia officials accountable for what is a severe constitutional abuse. they've completely shredded the
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fourth amendment rights of the american people, and people could and should end up behind bars. the attorney general jeff sessions thankfully is saying tonight the department of justice will be investigating these fisa abuses. let's watch. >> we believe the department of justice must adhere to the high standards in the fisa court. yes, it will be investigated. and i think that's just the appropriate thing. the inspector general will take that as one of the matters he will deal with >> hannity: finally, we've been unpealing this story for over a year while, of course, the liberal media they've been lying to you, obsessing over so-called thrum of-russia conclusion, which is nothing more than to this point a conspiracy theory they've created out of thin air. there is no evidence. by the way, as for the extensive unprecedented obama-era fisa abuses, we have a mountain of incon trow vertable and corroborated facts in evidence.
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adam shiv's counter memo on fisa abuses has confirmed everything that we've been reporting on, and everything that is also in the two republican memos on the scandal. that's why the mainstream media has been ignoring what is insid. that's why the mainstream media has been ignoring what is inside the schiff memo. here's everything that the schiff memo corroborates from the nunez and graham memos, this completely unverified clinton bought and paid for dossier that used russian government sources made up, in fact, a large part of that fisa application to surveil trump campaign associate carter page. adam schiff actually writes that a section of the fisa application references parts of the phoney dossier about carter page meeting with russians in moscow in june of 2016. page, by the way, is tee into aing these lies and that they've never been proven true. i think mueller would have arrested him by now or at least
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charged him. remember, the grassly and graham memo said the russian dossier made up the bulk of this fisa application. now, schiff didn't say that, but, yeah, he admits the dossier was used, and the schiff memo also corroborates that, in fact, the f.b.i. and the doj lied, and purposely and maliciously misled a fisa judge about clinton and the dnc paying over $12 million for the russian dossier of unverified lies and propaganda. can you believe this is happening in our country? now schiff's memo actually quotes port of the fisa application about the dossier having political motivations. but here's the thing. the application never bothered to mention that it was hillary or the dnc that paid for that dossier. the f.b.i. knew this, but they purposely hid it from the fisa judge. not rank and file f.b.i. the higher echelon that we talk about. they used it to get a warrant to spy on the trump campaign.
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another key point that the schiff memo confirms. the fisa application did mention a yahoo news article about michael isikoff that he wrote about carter page. schiff however lied about the fact that the judge was never made aware that the source for the yahoo article was christopher steele. now the republican memo actually dedays how this is a major problem because that means the information was never verified by two independent sources since steele was the only source. so those points that the schiff memo actually confirms. here are the key fact that the schiff memo flat out lies about. the congressman claims that the trump campaign was never spied on. that is a lie 100% false and here's why. when the federal government granted a fisa warrant, that gives them access to every one of carter page's old emails, old text messages, and they know every phone call he made which could date back to when he was with the trump campaign. now schiff claims former deputy f.b.i. director andrew mccabe
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that he never testified that without the dossier there never would have been a fisa warrant application. but the schiff memo never offers any proof, which likely means it doesn't exist, and my sources confirm that, in fact, mccabe said that. and schiff does admit that steele was fired by the f.b.i. for these media leaks. but what schiff doesn't say is that steele lied to the f.b.i. about his media contacts. the schiff memo tries to play up christopher steele's credibility by saying, well, he's worked with the f.b.i. in the past. yeah, they just fired him. here's the problem, schiff never mentioned that steele was using russian government sources, and that the information was never verified independently by the f.b.i. or the doj or by anybody. so it should never have been used for any fisa warrant application at all. finally schiff omits this critical piece of evidence, according to our reporting, the dossier put the fisa application over the top. in other words, we've been telling you the first time they
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tried, it failed. the fisa application was denied. then the dossier, well, they added that to get the help that was needed so they could "get it approved". and they lied to the judge. what it means is we have three congressional memos that prove a key fact. the f.b.i. lied to a fisa judge about the clinton and dnc financing the dossier, which was filled with uncorroborated russian lies, and they did it to spy on the trump campaign. the attorney general, jeff sessions, glad he's moving. he needs to move quickly. everybody involved needs to be held accountable. we need to resource the rule of law. all right. also breaking tonight, we have more news about broward county and the sheriff's department missing countless warning signs about the florida school shooter, and utterly failing to properly respond to this deadly rampage. now this is one huge, massive, giant, beaurocratic failure after another in this case. and broward county sheriff, scott israel is flat out
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refusing to take any responsibility. instead he's blaming pretty much everybody else. according to reports, this is almost uncon sheenable, four of sheriff israel's deputies did not enter the building while the shooting was happening. one deputy, a school resource officer on the scene, scott peterson, was armed with a gun and bullet proof vest. he took up a position outside the building while the shooting was taking place. one student described peterson as standing still after he heard shot after shot being fired. peterson's defending his actions and ended up resigning. what we're now learning is that the first member of law enforcement to enter the school, they were actually from the coral springs police department. those officers rushed right in. broward county deputies took up a defensive posture and position outside. also new tonight, fox news reporting that broward county sheriff's department also prevented the emts from entering the school. and there were questions about, well, would it be proper
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protocol? students and teachers were shot and dying and bleeding. sources are telling our own laura ingraham that broward county sheriff deputies were told not to go into the school unless their body cameras were turned on, even though those deputies apparently didn't have them. sarah carter breaking news tonight, reporting undersheriff scott israel's leadership, apparently there have been 40 investigations into that department of misconduct. we did reach out to the sheriff's office for comment on sarah's story. we haven't heard back. this is all one, huge, massive, giant blunder after another while students and teachers were being slaughtered inside the school. sadly, that's just part of the story. the f.b.i. was alerted not once but twice about nicholas cruz and his sinster intentions including weeks before the massacre. one identified woman told authorities she feared cruz would, get into a school and shoot the place up unquote.
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the broward county sheriff's office received 18 specific warning calls about cruz since 2008. and law enforce many, imagine this, visited this kid's home a whopping 39 times in a seven-year period. we also know cruz raised all kinds of red flags at school. he wasn't allowed to wear a backpack because of security concerns, and he was ultimately expelled because of his behavior. and of course he posted all these disturbing images on social media. warning signs missed at every single level here. now people did the right thing. they saw something, they said something, they alerted authorities. these authorities dropped the ball on a level i can't even comprehend. they didn't do their jobs. they failed this community in florida. and these officials need to be owning up to their mistakes so it never happens again, and we can fix the problems in the system. prevent a future massacre. but that's not the case. you've heard people like broward county sheriff, scott israel,
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refusing to own up to his failures. he won't answer key questions. he pats himself on the back, and as a general overall lack of sympathy. watch this. >> when did you find out deputy peterson had not gone into the building? how soon after the shooting did you know that? >> not for days. >> how many days? >> i'm not sure. >> you didn't look at the video? one week after the shooting, you hadn't looked at the video yet? >> i looked at the video as soon as our investigators -- it wasn't my job to look at the video. it was the investigators job to look at the video. >> the families were at the scene in town hall, and you could have disclosed to them. >> i couldn't disclose it then because there was no corroboration. i could only take responsibility for what i knew about. i exercised my due diligence. i've given amazing leadership to this agency. >> amazing leadership or will you resign? >> of course i won't resign.
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>> do you think if the broward sheriff's office had done things differently, this shooting might not have happened? >> listen, if it's been blessed with candy and nuts, o.j. simpson would still be in the record books. >> obviously, the sheriff is in denial, out of touch with reality. which is why people are calling on him to now resign. instead of doing everything we just showed, you sheriff israel should be apologizing to the victim's families and correcting the issues that didn't stop this mass shooting. and his deputies going into that building. sheriff israel doesn't appear to be interested in doing any of this. last week he said that he might not even release the footage showing deputy scott peterson failing to enter the building. listen to what he says. >> we're not going to disclose the video at this time, and we may never disclose the video, depending on the prosecution and the criminal case.
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but what i saw was a deputy arrive at the west side of building 12, take up a position, and he never went in. >> unbelievable. whatever footage the sheriff has should be released to the public. the american people, all of you, and the people of florida and these families deserve to see it if they want to see it. sheriff israel needs to stop trying to save his job, focus on protecting this community that he's supposed to be serving. joining us now with reaction to her article and breaking news, fox news contributor sarah carter, civil rights and criminal defense attorney, david shown is with us. sarah, i'm looking at your article, and i'm blown away. at least 66 cases of criminal misconduct being investigated into sheriff israel's department? what is going on down there? >> yeah, that's right. and 66, 40 of which were all under sheriff israel, which is
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so significant. what's going on over there is that somebody needs to look at the leadership quality sheriff israel is bringing to broward county here, to the sheriff's department. there are a number of people concerned. i mean, these cases, this is not just slight misconduct, these are criminal misconduct cases that range from kidnapping. i was stunned. from kidnapping to drug trafficking, these are sheriff's deputies. even in some cases killings. so there is something going on in broward county sheriff's department's office, and sheriff israel is the leader, and it appears that someone needs to be asking some very serious questions about what's going on there. >> all right, david, i know law enforcement. my mother worked in a prison. my dad was a family court probation guy. when my uncle billy gave me a christmas present, i'm about that tall, it was an nypd hat, it was a badge, and i never felt more proud in my life. i had other family members in
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the f.b.i. i love, respect law enforcement. we saw it on 9/11. everyone coming down, and they're going up. that's the people that i know. >> i never heard of one, never mind four. cops are trained. this is why they become officers because they've put themselves in harm's way. they're ready to do that. i've never in my entire life ever heard of an officer that has acted this way. for all the other police officers, f.b.i. guys, we are not talking about them. they do their job every day. how did this happen here and it's all in one county under one sheriff? i don't understand. >> yea, it's a failure on a number of levels and we don't want to rush to judgment. as you have said and say night after night as a law enforcement guy, these police officers, deputies and firefighters are our heroes. and there are many fine ones that serve in the broward sheriff's office.
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however, we have to consider a fundamental lack of leadership. we have a lawsuit going right now, a federal civil rights case going against sheriff israel and other deputies there for a cold blooded killing of an african-american manager main mcbean in 2013. department of justice has an open investigation in their civil rights division about it. we allege in that case, as the complaint shows that ultimately the sheriff ratified the policy that happened. it's a matter of not acknowledging mistakes. ben franklin said once a man who is good at making mistakes is seldom good at anything else. i'm making excuses, rather, seldom good of anything else >> hannity: there is also one the sting in rebuke is the truth. this is stinging so there is a lot of truth of failure >> it's a fundamental lack of leadership when deputies commit perjury under no consequences. when an innocent man is killed and the answer is we wouldn't have changed anything or do anything different in the
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future. that's a fundamental lack of leadership. >> hannity: how do you not -- look, i don't want to judge scott peterson. i don't. i don't get it though. i really don't understand it. i know the media is fix ating that donald trump said he'd go in, because they hate the president and this is hue soup flew us and ignorant the media is. but i know cops, they're friends of mine. i was jut at dinner with a cop, and this is not how they react >> you're right. they live for this kind of moment. tragedy, and they recognize the tragedy, but they're there to serve. the ultimate tragedy for this case, of course, is to the families. no one can give them an explanation that would be satisfactory. pointing the finger doesn't help. however, there must be some accountability going forward so that something like this doesn't happen again. what we're seeing, unfortunately, from sheriff israel is the opposite of what we've all learned, means leadership. that is passing the buck >> he thinks he did a great job. he doesn't take responsibility for what his officers do.
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>> he has said he provides amazing leadership there. this is a fundamental lack of leadership to continue making excuses and point the finger >> hannity: let me go back to sarah on our other breaking news story. the comments of jeff sessions today. we do know the inspector general coming out with a report. i assume it's going to deal with fisa abuse. but him saying it sounded to me, and maybe i'm wrong, that this goes even deeper than that. >> it certainly does. i think at this point with all the evidence on its face we've seen the schiff memo, we've seen nunez memo. we've seen the criminal referral from senator grassly's office regarding christopher steele. there is so much insurmountable evidence within those memos that the inspector general is required now to look at this. remember this is a single case. they're going to be looking at carter page, but they're going to expand on that case to make sure that the foreign intelligence surveillance court wasn't being abused over and over again. they need to look at that. >> hannity: but we already know
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it was abused, don't we? >> we do. we know >> hannity: they didn't tell the judge that hillary paid for it. they didn't tell that it was unverified. they didn't tell the judge that the same source for michael isikoff, right? >> that's right. but we have one case there, sean. what we need to look at, and i think the inspector general is going to do this is how many other cases out there that we don't know about. cases that aren't public. that is what they're going to be looking at. they're going to be talking to people at the foreign intelligence surveillance court. they're going to possibly be talking to the judges. they're going to be looking at the documents, documents that we weren't prifby too because they're classified. look how difficult it was to get to the bottom of just carter page. so i think this is what the attorney general wants to do. he wants to expand this investigation. take a hard look at this to ensure this does not happen again in the future >> hannity: sarah, great investigative work on both issues. david shone, we appreciate your involvement and contribution. our top two stories, more
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reaction, is he bastian, dan, and gerlado next, stay with us.
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>> hannity: joining us on two top store others, former deputy assistant to the president fox news national security strategist, sebastian, and nra contributor, dan bon geno, and geraldo, you're outmanned, so i'll start with you because of that reason? >> outgunned? (laughing) >> hannity: no, but the thing is, you agree with me, secure the perimeter, a full security assessment, every school armed, retired, concealed carry, police, retired military. here's the problem. when you go around the military and you've been out with them, they love you. police in new york love you.
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you have always fought for the people that defend our freedoms and protect our communities. i've never heard of a cop, ever, n not being so prepared that they want. this is -- if that moment comes, they want to save people's lives >> i think we have a tendency though, sean, with all due respect, and i love cops and i love gis, we sometimes idealize them. scott peterson was by all accounts a donut cop, what a call a dunking donut cop. a cop that goes and sits and has a belly and doesn't do much. then when push comes to shofb, one thing i found out in all of my war-time assignments, 222 assignments in iraq and afghanistan, is that courage and cowardess is decided in the blink of an eye. you never know how you're going to respond. the president said he would charge in. he doesn't really know. you only know when >> hannity: well, he did have an incident that we know about. >> right. well, what i'm saying is you
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either chicken out or you charge in and you're a hero. medal of honor winners didn't ponder that. we all have our own thing >> hannity: but they're trained and mentally they prepare for those moments. that's what they train so hard for >> that's what the investigation will reveal. did this chief of the department, of the broward sheriff, israel, did he have a protocol that insisted to his officers, as most departments have since columbine, 1999, a school active shooter in the school, you run to action, you don't wait for the back-up, you don't wait for swat team, you don't secure the perimeter. you go in and try to save the children. if you don't take out the shooter, maybe you'll stop the bleeding of one of the critically injured children involved. if he didn't give him that protocol, then israel has to go >> hannity: bernie ker rig is a good friend of mine. he ran a different department. all right. dan bongeno, you worked in the secret service. you've been in the nypd.
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isn't this what every cop trains for? i've never heard of one, never mind four. then you heard the comments of israel, what do ow think? >> well, i waited for a while to jump in on this debate because i'm pretty confident florida uses what they call the alert system for school security and responses to school shooting incidents. and, sean, that system, i believe involves multiple deputies going in. but here's the distinction. i wasn't sure if it was the deputy waiting for someone else. but once the reports started to come out that multiple deputies responded and still didn't go in, i just want to be clear on this, there is no response to school violence i know of out there that requires them not to go in, set up a perimeter and wait. everybody post columbine is pretty much taught to respond maximum to the problem right away. >> hannity: but that doesn't explain away the 39 times they're at this kid's house or the baker act in florida that would allow them to
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institutionalize this kid. there's never been a case, see something, say something. we had every single sign, symptom and evidence that this was the guy. doctor? >> look, i've said it before and i'll say it again, sean, political correctness can get people killed. if these reports are true, that they weren't allowed to enter the building because their body cameras didn't work, i've got a reminder for the sheriff of broward county, florida statute on shirr i have's powers, section 5, chapter 30 says the sheriff is responsible for the negligence of his deputies. it's not just columbine. after the pulse nightclub, after san bernardino, all police departments around the globe are reassessing their protocols. you don't wait for the hostage negotiator. you don't secure the perimeter. when whether you've got a half plated vest in your car or not, whether you've got a long gun doesn't matter. you enter the building to
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neutralize the threat. that's the new reality. if this sheriff said don't go in there because we need to do your body cam switched on, he must be forced out of office or recalled. >> i believe to use the expression negligence, doctor, gives too much credit. >> probably. >> this wasn't negligence. this was a person making a choice. i hear gunshots going off inside, gunshots, fire, gunshots, fire, and you sit there or you hide behind a concrete barricade. that's not negligence. there is a much -- i think the president had it right. that was a disgusting response to an emerge ent situation. this is a no-brainer. you go in. you go to the action. you go. you die going over the berm. try to save a child, put a tornquette on a kid, get that arm, do something, do something, do anything other than protecting yourself. >> hannity: dan bongeno? >> yeah, well, listen, sean,
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this is more of a reason to allow teachers to arm themselves if they're willing to. >> hannity: but that's the point. they had the armed guard. that was scott peterson. >> that's right. that's exactly right >> but what i'm saying is if the teacher is there on the scene immediately, the cop had to respond from across the campus. it was a large campus. the teachers are right there. sometimes when you need law enforcement in seconds they're minutes away. unless this guy's an olympic sprinter. i'm not absolving him. >> he did not go in the building. he did not go in the building >> the shooter did go in the building and the teacher was already there. the shooter was in the building. >> israel didn't teach these cops to close on the action, he should be fired. >> geraldo, the teachers are there are there. >> there is an issue with this question of arming teachers, especially if they're vets. you don't have to be a tier 1 operator or classified marksman. if there's one person in the
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building who simply laying down fire in the direction of the perpetrator -- >> i think it's a terrible idea. it's a terrible idea >> it's much, much harder to kill people. in san bernardino, one person had been armed, if one person had been armed in san bernardino, we might not have had 14 people killed. >> the whole point, dr. gorka, you need guards on every florida. you need the perimeter secure, a security assessment. if we do that for every school and we have the manpower and they're on the floor, they're in the building, that's where they should be. >> right. totally ah agreed. let's neutralize that threat >> hannity: all right, thank you all for being with us. appreciate it. when we come back, you don't want to miss jesse waters and jesse tarlaugh, more news as hannity continues. hings can be . that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable
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>> hannity: all right, he's only been out of office a little over a year. president obama seems to have completely, ute areally forgotten details of his blunder
6:36 pm
filled time out of the office. m it on friday, obama actually congratulated himself and his own administration and their lack of scandals. really? really? listen to this. >> one of the things i'm proud of in my administration was the fact that, and i think these things are connected, we didn't have a scandal which embarrassed us. but there wasn't anything illegal during the years, i know that seems like a low bar, but. that's no small thing. >> he's obviously in a state of denial. let's remind everybody what it was really like. start 2013, ap scandal. his justice department obtaining two months of phone records from
6:37 pm
the ap, something the ap called a massive, unprecedented intrusion. 2014, the administration ridiculed over excessive weight times at v.a. hospitals that led to the death of dozens of veterans. the months long scandal surrounding the prisoner swap, bo bergdaal, and then ben gauzy, that scandal where four americans died. but what difference does it make, right, hillary? >> and what about the fast and furious scandal, they put guns in the hands of violent mexican gangs and of course, people died. we actually interviewed family members. also, the time the ir s, oh, yeah, they apologized recently they were targeting conservatives and tea party groups. and of course, the disastrous obama carrollout, and the money for silindra, and we're still dealing with the ongoing uranium
6:38 pm
one scandal, and we could go on to help spark president obama's memory, the co-host of the five, and jesse waters and fox news contributor, it's actually her world tonight. >> oh, my god, i won already? >> yeah, you do it on the inside. how many times do we have to go over this? >> you know how slow the ladies are. >> . >> let's start with this one thing. 2009, we have an f.b.i. informant inside of putt in's network in america. he's reporting back robert mueller is the director at the time. hillary clinton's secretary of state, obama's our president. what are they doing? involved in bribery, extortion, kickbacks and money laundering. 20% of america's uranium ends up in the hands of vladimir putt inand russia. >> there are a lot of people who dispute that uranium one. >> hannity: there is no disputing they signed off on the
6:39 pm
deal. they ignored the informant of putt inworking with his operatives in america, and they ah loed it to happen. 20% of our uranium is controlled by that group >> there are a number of people checking services that dispute that. >> hannity: give me one instance of what i said was wrong. >> that vladimir putt inhas 20% of our uranium. >> control of through his uranium one company, russian owned and operated. >> we talked about this before, and you said, oh, we transferred control of it to our you're reason allies. >> hannity: i never said that. >> yes, we talked about it on the show. >> hannity: i said the uranium went to canada, europe, and asia. >> the uranium one deal that everyone said hillary clinton signed off on. >> hannity: hillary clinton's state department", that's correct. >> if he signed off on that, he'd be impeached. the biggest scandals from obama we're finding out about now. the fisa abuse and unmasking. a lot of the obama scandals,
6:40 pm
people are dying. the v.a. they died, fast and furious they died. he pulled out of iraq and let icis take over a third of that country. the death toll is mounting. we know it's a scandal because we have the cover-ups. hillary smashing blackberries, bleaching her server. lois learner pleading the fifth. what are we covering up? >> we all know taking the fifth amendment does not mean you're guilty. >> what about smashing a blackberry with a hammer? or bleaching your hard drive? >> i've never smashed a phone. but we all admitted the private server was a mistake >> hannity: mistake or crime? >> i believe mistake. you believe crime >> hannity: isn't it a felony to miss handle and detroy top secret special access programming information. >> that's certainly what i've heard on your show. >> if it wasn't a clinton, that person would have been locked up. >> and how much has this cost us? half a billion, the failed web site was a billion. the caps of the uranium, they're
6:41 pm
funneling it to his bowl ah. >> i get all this, and i was expecting all of this. and i wanted one of those carl rhodes where i could write my trump scandals. first of all, we don't know what's going to happen with the bob mueller investigation. so you could have a million things on that >> hannity: is there any evidence of trump-russia conclusion? do you know of any evidence you can tell our audience tonight? >> i know about the indictments. >> hannity: i'm asking any evidence of trump campaign, russia conclusion at all? >> we don't know. we haven't gotten the final rulings out of this. obama was in office for eight years. donald trump is in office for one year. >> hannity: respond to jesse's point. what about the fides ah scandal? when you don't tell the fisa court that hillary paid for the document >> they did know it was a politically motivated document. i'm pretty sure they knew who it was from >> they buried that in a
6:42 pm
footnote to disguise the fact that hillary and the dnc cooked up this scheme. that's a fraud and a felony >> i'd love a middle of the road memo on all of this, because we know the dem memo is just a response. >> middle of the road, other side of the road. there is the truth and there is the lie. we know they cooked up this phoney memo to take down trump, and they deceived the court and that's why we have all of this >> it's all because the carter page fisa warrant. the russians think carter's an idiot >> we know he was running around bragging about the fact that he had dirt on clinton. >> if pop depositlous is difficulty, why hasn't he been charged by mueller. >> i assume it's coming or he's cooperating. >> hannity: you know i was actively involved in the trump campaign and i wanted trump to win. i never heard of george p popdopplouse, because >> because he was just a coffee boy? >>. >> hannity: i heard of everybody in the campaign, never heard of him. >> he even his own fiancee played a pretty big role there.
6:43 pm
>> hannity: his own fiancee, our credible witness. >> you know who opened up the popdopplouse investigation, peter struck. >> hannity: he's the guy that said trump was loansome and horrible. >> so, a lot of people have said that. the majority of americans have said that. but that doesn't mean there was some sort of violation or that he acted upon it. >> he was so biased he got fired by mueller. >> i think it's right he was removed. but it doesn't mean there was some grand conspiracy against trump or america. >> hannity: what's the insurance policy mean? >> maybe it was about that vladimir putin calendar everybody was upset about. >> hannity: actually, sadly, it's jesse's world. you lived in it tonight. >> dude, i can never win. >> hannity: trump made a major announcement about his election. lara trump joins us in studio next.
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
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6:48 pm
>> hannity: it's only 13 months into his presency. president trump is gearing up to run for re-election. it was announced he will serve as campaign manager for the 2020 election. trump's daughter in law will serve as a senior advisor. how are you? how's the baby? >> he's so good, thank you. >> i saw the picture when he was sitting in the president's seat, very nice. and the hair. >> that's his signature due now, the hair, standing straight up. yeah, i mean, i saw some pictures of him. >> you've been doing this for a while. this is big news to me. >> thank you. first of all, i was so honored to play a role in the 2016
6:49 pm
campaign. i was out on the road all the time, eric, don, we all were doing our part. come january last year i was honored again to be a part of the campaign and every day work alongside the great people that we have there. we were thrilled today to present brad pascal for 2020. he's such a huge part of why the president is in office today, other than the fact that he was such a great candidate and the country loved him, the digital campaign, the digital portion of the campaign was so important, and brad was 100% behind that, and he's going to do a great job >> hannity: every night on this show, i talk about the media in this country how they've reported for well over a year, trump-russia conclusion, there is smoke, but there is no fire. there is nothing. they have nothing >> no. >> hannity: but we have found evidence that hillary clinton bought and paid for an unverified russian government
6:50 pm
dossier that then was used for fisa abuse, and they didn't tell the fisa judge that she bought and paid for it, and it was unverified. >> if you tried to write it into a movie script, people wouldn't even believe it. the world we live in today is so backwards sometimes. but i actually think it shows how desperate people were, a, to make sure that hillary clinton got into office, which still didn't work. she is still not our president, thank god we have donald trump there. and the fact that it keeps getting brought back up and the media won't let it go, are they keep bringing it back, shows they have nothing else. the president is doing such a great job. they can't report on that because why would they? >> hannity: they don't talk about it anymore. imagine if it was your father-in-law though, that he was the one that paid for the russian dossier? >> oh, my gosh. >> hannity: imagine that it was your father that was involved in giving 20% of america's uranium to the bad actor putin and the
6:51 pm
hostile regime, russia? >> we'd be in a very different place right now. >> hannity: we would, wouldn't we? >> we would. and it's a shame to see not a lot has been done to make sure the right thing happens here. we see it time and time again with the president. they're so much against him, and you're right. had this happened, and he was behind it, i could only imagine, head's would be rolling. >> hannity: he is so not the typical politician. it's interesting, after a year and the comments i get from people in social media. it's interesting to me many people now realize he's not like every other president. he's not a politician. that means he's going to say and tweet stuff that people are -- i mean, the media, especially will feign outrage over. i think america's actually getting used to it. saying, oh, that's refreshing. >> yeah, it is refreshing. keep in mind, he's not a politician. i was a businessman who was elected to be our president and look at what he's done, sean, in
6:52 pm
a year in office. his first year in office he's accomplished so much. you see the economy where it is right now. >> you see 64% of his agenda is done faster than ronald regular an. >> it's incredible, yet no one talks about it. i still maintain the reason we hear russia, russia, russia all the time is because the ma mainstream media has nothing else to report about. >> hannity: they're upset he didn't give baron the umbrella. >> they would have to report on all the great things he's done, and they won't do it. so that's why you're here, sean >> hannity: this is a personal question. i know you, eric, and i know don and your families and i've met you guys. more than anybody, you seem to have embraced this. this is not, this is a blood sport the world of politics. how have you acclimated and taken on this role that so many people would never want to be a part of? >> well, listen, i grew up in
6:53 pm
north carolina in a middle class family, and i said it throughout the campaign, i would never have gotten out there and put myself on the line if i did not truly believe in donald trump as a great leader and the right man for the job. i'm so proud to be a part of this family and the support that i feel like we all give one another, it doesn't make it easy, but it makes it worth fighting for. i'm here to fight for this country, because i believe in what the president is doing >> hannity: after eight horrific years of obama, we need the change. great to see you. congratulations on the baby, and we hope you'll come back soon. appreciate you being with us. when we come back, tomi lairen goes to dc and asks people what they think about living in the swamp, and the hannity hotline straight ahead. with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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♪ >> sean: we have a quick update on the story we told you about last week. a stoneman douglas high school student he was supposed to appear on cnn's gun-control town
6:58 pm
hall, he said the network try to script his question. both he and his father said he had emails to prove it. tonight he told the ap he omitted some words from the email, he didn't do it on purpose, therefore what he told the news outlets last week wasn't accurate, our job is always to strive for the truth and we want to correct the record. we sent tomi lahren to d.c. to ask people what they think about this month, take a look. >> i'm from l.a. but i'm in d.c. the home of the swamp, what do you think about that? >> no comment. >> at the president got to drain it. >> as far as i know, he's the bottom of the swamp. >> it's great. love it. >> if you would take one person out of the swamp, who would it be? >> i worked for the government.
6:59 pm
>> if you could drain one person from the swamp, who would it be? >> nancy pelosi. >> do you think the president is draining the swamp? >> he's out to lunch and everything going on on the hill. >> i think it's time for a new generation. >> it's getting better. >> we have a great president, president trump. >> sean: time for the hannity hotline, hit me with your best shot. >> i kind of do say that a lot, too bad.
7:00 pm
this show will never be the swamp. we will never be the destroyed trump media, that's all the time we have left. let not your heart be troubled because the one and only laura ingraham, there she is. how are you? >> laura: i'm good, if you eliminate from the "hannity" hotline all the people who are half in the bag, how many people would you actually have? their way into the gym being. the gym beam. >> sean: when we did the laura ingraham hotline -- >> laura: they were totally sober. let's get the alcohol right. if you drink too much of it if you