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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 27, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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strong is beautiful. new pantene. foam conditioner. tucker carlson coming up next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." rahm emanuel may be a democrat in one of the most democratic cities in the world, but that doesn't mean he is popular there. this city of chicago is falling apart in a lot of ways, it is deeply in debt, over 50 billion in debt. there were 650 murders there last year, most of the schools are genuinely terrible. you would not send your own kidn there under any circumstances. not surprisingly, polls of chicago voters from last year showed rahm emanuel's approval rating at about 25%. with numbers like that, there is no chance he will be reelected next year. but like a lot of unpopular democrats, rahm emanuel has a
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plan to keep himself in power. he can't win over existing voters, and he hasn't been able he can create new ones.n' chicago is rolling out a new government i.d. card called city key. a few months ago, he said it was supposed to bring illegal immigrants "out of the shadows." it is designed to thwart federal law enforcement. the cards don't store personal information, i.c.e. can't usese them to enforce federal law, and that is intentional. chicago has announced that these cards, which were designed for illegal aliens, can be used for voter registration, in other words, noncitizen illegals will be able to vote in the city of chicago, including in federal elections that affect you. now, that's illegal. congress passed a law against it, it's explicitly illegal.l. yet the city is encouraging it.l when a reporter asked this alderman about this, he did not care. "there is nothing stopping someone from getting a fake i.d. now and going to try to vote, he said. that is true, of course, but there is a significant difference between ignoring voter fraud, which is wrong, and abetting it, which is
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horrifying. authorities in chicago want ineligible voters to vote. why would they want that? as the "chicago tribune" pointed out, it's pretty simple. rahm emanuel wants to get reelected. if it takes illegals to do so, fine, whatever it takes. we contacted the mayor's office for comment, and it did not bother to respond. the justice department for somec reason doesn't seem to be doing anything about any of this. it is not just happening in the city of chicago. in the state of california,ny illegal immigrants get driver's licenses, hundreds and hundreds and thousands of them, and they can use those to register to vote and some do. in the state of maryland, some towns are trying to legalize voting for illegal immigrants. how long until that is a democratic party platform? how long until some federal judge in hawaii declares thatty preventing illegal aliens from voting is racist and demands they get the vote immediately nationwide? it's coming, of course it is. the left wants power, and this will give it to them. chicago alderman sponsored the bill creating the ids and he joins us.
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mr. alderman, thank you for coming on. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: so do you support noncitizens voting? >> i think there's a misunderstanding about what the city key is.s. it's a library card, access to the mass transit, a municipal i.d. that gives people who are exiting homelessness the opportunity to present an i.d. where a driver's license or state i.d. might be too d expensive. it also is available to our undocumented neighbors. but let me be also clear. in order for someone to register to vote, they would have to sign an affidavit and present a birth certificate, a passport, a social security card, and potentially, you'd still need a second form of i.d. and if you fraudulently -- if you defraud the chicago board of elections, the illinois statell board of elections, and you are undocumented, you are subject to deportation. so this is not a municipal i.d. >> tucker: i just want to get this on the record. you are factually inaccurate. i just want to hear you say it.
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you are saying that in order to register to vote in the state of illinois, you need to produce evidence of citizenship.. is that your claim? >> yes, it is. i also think it's important to recognize that what you are suggesting is that the city of chicago, the illinois state board of elections, the chicago board of elections, andle undocumented neighbors are all coordinating with one another. >> tucker: i'm not suggesting -- slow down. i'm not suggesting a conspiracy. i want to get back to my original question, do youu support noncitizens voting? i think it'll be interesting to hear your view. i'm not suggesting a conspiracy. i'm merely saying that when you let illegal aliens use this card, which was designed in part for them, and don't be disingenuous and pretend otherwise, that would be a lie, as you know. the mayor bragged about it. when you let them use this card to register to vote, when in fact you are not required to show proof of citizenship to register in illinois, you're wrong.g. you have to say that you're a citizen, you don't have to prove it.u you are abetting voter fraud and
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you know that. >> it's simply not true. i know the rules to be a voter registrar, there are laws in place, and frankly, i just don't feel like it makes sense to turn communities into the other. we like to celebrate our neighbors.ce we like to say -- >> tucker: it's not a question of celebrating your neighbors. you can celebrate someone, appreciate them, take them to dinner, while stillra understanding that only citizens are allowed to vote. t so let me ask my question for a third time. do you think noncitizens should be allowed to vote in our elections? >> the federal law, state law says that only citizens can vote. i'm not going to sit here and demonize undocumented people. >> tucker: it's not a game. what do you think? there is a federal law passed in 1996, the u.s. code, that says that noncitizens cannot vote in federal elections. they were allowed to vote -- >> i believe in federal law.ou >> tucker: you don't believe in federal law because this city card, the i.d. that you madeau possible, is explicitly designed to prevent federal immigration authorities from enforcing
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federal law. obviously you don't believe in some federal laws. i just want to know what you think. if you could make the law, would you allow, as a theoretical matter, noncitizens to vote? >> i mean, no, of course not. we have laws on the books to make sure that citizens can vote. i just don't believe in demonizing undocumented neighbors. i don't believe in turning people into the other. that is not how i run my office, this is not why i ran for office. i'm a son of immigrants. and when i hear this kind of rhetoric -- >> tucker: that's irrelevant. you were born in this country. you're a citizen. y the question is not do you like all people here, that is a separate category. the question is, is there a meaningful difference between a citizen and noncitizen? you are trying to erase that difference. >> of course theree is. there is. >> tucker: so what would be the difference? what do you think should be the differences?s? what should citizens get that noncitizens don't? >> there are lots of noncitizens, by the way, who pay taxes. there are lots of noncitizens,
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undocumented neighbors, who serve in the army. who die for both of us. >> tucker: you are trying to bypass my question. this is not a referendum as to whether they are nice people. >> some have given their lives. >> tucker: that is true. i'm asking you a much deeper question, and you may not get this in your political life often, but it has to do with citizenship, which is the foundation of the country. what is the distinction between citizens and noncitizens? what do citizens get that noncitizens don't? why is that a meaningful distinction? >> citizens have access to a social security card, and some have access to the social safety net. s and those distinctions have always been in place, which is why people work so hard to come here to become a part of our american fabric. it's why my parents came here. i just don't believe that these dog whistles -- i'm not suggesting you are making them -- what i am saying that people around the country -- >> tucker: what do you mean by dog whistles?? what does that mean? >> what i mean by dog whistle is that there seems to be a a national rhetoric to pit poor
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white people against poor black and brown people. >> tucker: you actually don't have that in your city. wait. i know you have a history of race baiting, so i'm not surprised you did that. i just want to ask you, let's be real, this is chicago. chicago is not a city where anybody is trying to win a lotot of poor white voters. african-american voters are dissatisfied with the mayor. and everyone i know who covers chicago politics says, this is an effort to basically ignore them in favor of a new class of voters, some of them noncitizens. so it's not about whites on any level. >> that's not true. there is no grand conspiracy between chicago elected officials, the mayor's office, the board of elections, and people in this city, to say, let's defraud the electoral process. the russians are doing that. >> tucker: what is the city -- this is the actual foreign interference in our elections, the idea that foreigners could be voting. you are doing a lot for illegal aliens in your city. what are you doing to prevent
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them from voting in elections? >> let's be clear. there is one, evidence that the russian foreign influence meddled in our election. >> tucker: foreigners are voting in our elections. what are you doing about it, ifr you care about foreignns interference? >> i want to know why the commission was disbanded because they were looking for all the information -- >> tucker: what are you doing? you just gave an i.d. card to people here illegally in violation of our laws and you are letting them use that card to register to what are you doing to prevent them from voting? >> my family will have that i.d. card and we will use it to check out books at the library, just like someone else will. i will use it to get on a train. this is municipal i.d. >> tucker: i'm talking about voting, which is different. mr. alderman, we're out of time. anthony is also a chicago alderman and he joins us now. thank you for coming on. so this seems -- what is the city doing to make certain that people who are not allowed to vote under federal law, who are
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not citizens, are not voting? this seems to make it easier for them to vote, despite with theg? last guest just said. >> yeah, very so. first of all, thanks for having me on the show, the funny thing about the way this i.d. is set up is that it's enticing illegal immigrants to obtain the i.d.s it's doing it such that they are telling peoplele that when you obtained this i.d., and the information you give us, we are going to discard and after that, which means anybody that is illegal, come and get this i.d. the hard thing for us to swallow, the illinois state board of election is actually stating that you can use this i.d. as a form to register to vote and the onus is solely on the applicant to attest that they are a citizen or not a citizen. we are operating government on the hopes that people are going to follow those rules, and they are here illegally anyway, so our hopes are that they are going to check that box. it scares a lot of us. it's not what we are looking for.
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i am a son of an immigrant, as well. >> tucker: there are a million immigrants. it is not a question of who was an immigrant, the question is who is a citizen. who has a right to vote and who doesn't? it's not about race, either, obviously.y. the question is, what would prevent an illegal alien, a noncitizen with this card, from voting in an election ineg chicago? >> absolutely nothing, tucker. absolutely nothing. here's the crazy thing about chicago, as we have committeemen that go out and they have register to vote forms. and that is going to be in a gym with maybe 200 people in there and in a more comfortable setting, where checking that box that you attest you are a citizen could be a lot easier. all that paperwork is sent in and you receive a voter card in the mail. this card is set up, if you look at it, it looks like a driver's license, a whole bunch of bar codes and numbers. if all of the information is thrown out on this, what doess that come back to? you are documented --
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>> tucker: exactly. the last guest, your fellow alderman, told us that in order to get registered to vote in chicago, you had to produce a birth certificate. that is not true. is it? >> it's absolutely not true. >> tucker: that's a lie? iha just want to be totally cle. that's a lie that he just told. >> we pulled it off the computer, we pulled up a sheet, as well. you can actually fill it out online, mail it in, you check a box and sign your name to it. that is pretty much it. >> tucker: i appreciate it. in fact, i want to bring our previous guest -- i want to confirm, because -- is he willing to come back? you just heard that. you claimed at the beginning of the segment that you had to shoe proof of citizenship, a birth certificate, to register to vote, but that is not true. i just want to be clear, do you want to stick with that false claim? >> i read the rules and the law.w. i'm not sure where the alderman is getting this information
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from. clearly, there's a difference of opinion and a difference of facts. >> tucker: are you saying that every person who registers to vote in your state has shown proof of citizenship of the united states? is that your claim? >> people who register to vote have to show two forms of i.d.,t one can be a passport, which requires you to be a citizen. a birth certificate, which shows where you are born. a driver's license, social security card, and now you can show this as one of the two.>> >> tucker: oh, so you don't have to show proof of citizenship because of course, this card has none of the data on it, a social security card can be bought down the street. that is the whole point! >> tucker, a point of clarification as well. after this i.d. was created, the illinois state board of elections has come out and said that they will accept the city key as a form of i.d. toti register to vote. you can go in there and -- we are crossing our fingers that you don't check -- >> tucker: this is voter this is the end of citizenship. unfortunately, also the end of the segment.
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thank you both, gentlemen. that was interesting. we have an update on the gun-control rally that cnn held last week. after the event, high school student called colton hobb claimed that cnn tried to give him a scripted question to ask on camera. colton came on this show last week on thursday to tell his story. cnn denied the account. now colton and his parents sent us their email correspondence with cnn, which seemed to confirm his claim that his question had been altered by a cnn producer. on friday, we asked cnn to verify and comment on those emails. because that was our journalistic duty, so we did it. a short time before air, cnn provided us a different set of emails. we asked the hobbs about those, they said they were being slandered by cnn and that is where it stood, two sidesd telling contradictory stories, without access, we can only guess which one was telling the truth and guessing is not enough. tonight we have more, we have an update.dada the hobb family concedes thatde they did remove a line from out of their emails in a way that might make some think it its meaning had changed. colton's father said it was accidental.
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we don't know, we can't prove or disprove that. for the sake of honesty and for the closure, to which we are committed, we have to tell your there is no evidence as of right now that cnn tried to give colton hobb a scripted question. we want to do that. the republican congressman is reintroducing a democratic bill from 2013 verbatim, word for suddenly democrats are not eager to pass it. why is that? we will tell you next. ♪ re next. ♪ [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything so we know how to cover almost anything. even a "red-hot mascot." [mascot] hey-oooo! whoop, whoop! [crowd 1] hey, you're on fire! [mascot] you bet i am! [crowd 2] dude, you're on fire! [mascot] oh, yeah! [crowd 3] no, you're on fire! look behind you. [mascot] i'm cool. i'm cool. [burke] that's one way to fire up the crowd. but we covered it.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: republican congressman matt gaetz of
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florida has introduced a bill in congress that would increasee oversight of the fisa courts, the courts that allow the government to spy on you by making judges subject a presidential appointment at senate confirmation, bringing democracy and transparency torm the process. democratic congressman adam schiff of california may find that bill familiar. to his credit, he introduced the exact same bill verbatim, word for word five years ago. apparently this time he is not eager to back his own law. why is that? did his principles change or did his short-term political calculations? we invited congressman matt gaetz to join us as well as former hillary clinton campaign advisor richard goodstein. to you, congressman, this is a word for word the same bill. tell me if i'm wrong. the person who wrote the bill is refusing to support it or seems like that. why is that? >> it seems odd that when barack obama was president, democrats wanted to give that president more power to work with assented to get members of the fisa court that aren't part of the d.c. swamp, but that come
9:20 pm
from all over america, and have the opportunity to represent the values that americans hold dear regarding their liberties. i did not change one comma in adam schiff's bill, because i think democrats and republicans will be in power in the future. if there are bipartisan ideas, they would have more transparency, more oversight, and protect our liberties. i think we ought to work together rather than work separately. >> tucker: did he send you a thankful text? >> i asked for him to cosponsor it and i have not heard back. >> tucker: how strange is that? richard, would you mind calling him? i want to be clear: good for adam schiff, whom i rarely complement, for introducing this bill in the first place five years ago. it seems like a common sense reform. why wouldn't he support it now? >> can i remind you why he introduced the bill? this was in light of the edward snowden leaks that were thanks to wikileaks, who were vilified by republicans back then and donald trump said, "i love wikileaks" on the campaign trail. my point is that things get twisted in odd ways. you'll have to ask adam schiff
9:21 pm
what his problem is. >> tucker: hold on. he wasn't just vilified by republicans, also by democrats. to be fair, i don't know why republicans didn't support it then. they should support it and so should everyone. honestly, how could adam schiff, who poses as a man of principle, doesn't support his own bill? that doesn't make sense, does it? t >> i think the rules of the senate have changed about confirming judges. you'd have to ask him. i am not here -- >> tucker: you'd have to be. >> back then, he had ron wyden and other liberal democrats who were supporting the principal, the interests of protecting individual freedoms. i think there was somethingf behind it. s >> why does it have to be partisan? >> tucker: i agree. all of this gets to the core question, these dueling memos, republican and democrat, nunes and schiff, get to the question of the fisa warrant.nd what did the doj say in order to spy on carter page? why can't we see that? why can't we decide forn ourselves? >> we should, tucker. i'm glad that the white house has joined the call to see more
9:22 pm
of what was in this fisa application and i think that we will be able to see things that adam schiff wrote that areha verifiably untrue. i think that will bolster the claims that we are making on the republican side that there needs to be reform and there needs to be accountability for people at the fbi who withheld the political origins of this dossier from the court. that is the real problem here. there is no dispute that cash as the dnc was convertible into a government-sponsored warrant to spy on american citizens. whether you are a republican orc democrat, that should concern you because it could happen to any of us. that is why we need reform and frankly, it'd be nice if we didn't all go to our separate corners politically, if we found some ideas that republicans or democrats had offered that would provide the transparency and oversight to give the american people confidence. >> tucker: i agree. who knows, but i really, sincerely hope, that if the roles were reversed, and the rni had paid for a document, that some republican administration had used to spy on a rival political campaign, that i would be principled enough to say that
9:23 pm
is an abuse of power because it is. i'm sure you agree as a civil libertarian, you just said you were. we should be worried about that. why shouldn't we see the fisa application? >> i am a civil libertarian. i'm more so an american citizen who cares for the integrity of the united states and what the fbi was concerned with -- for good reason -- is that carter page was a foreign agent. maybe they didn't know what the trump people knew. i will say this, the russians approached one campaign, and one campaign only. the trump campaign, not the clinton campaign. >> tucker: i know, he's in the pocket of putin. it's really simple. why can't we see the fisa application? this is our government. they spied on an american citizen. perhaps they had good reason, perhaps they didn't. why can't we know? >> you have to ask the fisa -- >> tucker: why would i support that? why don't democrats say let's end this nonsense?at >> fisa is secret by design. the fact of the matter is, what schiff said and is unrebutted, is that the dossier hads
9:24 pm
relatively little role in getting that warrant. >> tucker: let's find out. >> there was a reference -- >> tucker: how do we know? is there any support in congress, if the russians want to control the political process, they are doing it now, paralyzing everything with this debate, which we could end instantly by making it public. is there support? >> as long as we are able to redact sources and methods, where i think we should be able to find agreement, i don't think the democrats will want to do that because the dossier was the lead piece of evidence, it is what every lawyer you know -- >> tucker: we could just know! why not end the poison? >> i agree with the congressman that they should be put out. there is no disputing that the whole investigation preceded the dossier been concluded. papadopoulos was the tip of that spear. >> tucker: we don't know that. let's find out and then we could do a show on it. no russia until the congress releases it.
9:25 pm
love the people decide what they think. let's put it to bed. thank you both.ildg barbra streisand is out and about.ab she said the president caused the parkland shooting apparently via black magic. and she said it. stay tuned. ♪ if yor crohn's symptoms are holding you back, and your current treatment hasn't worked well enough, it may be time for a change.
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9:29 pm
"variety," barbra streisand says that the 2016 election was stolen with rigged voting machines. she also believes the george w. bush wins in 2000 and 2004 were a product of voting machines. a break forhey took president obama. she also blamed the president for the parkland shooting. she said he "brings out the violence in people" like a shaman. joe concha writes about media for "the hill" and he joins us tonight. the question is not -- no one is surprised by barbra streisandd saying this. the question is how it wasas covered. did the press cover this like i they cover, i don't know, sarah palin' kids? in breathless disbelief and shock and horror? or did they let it go? >> let it go in a big way, tucker.nd you mentioned how barbra streisand brought up how she knows for a fact that voting machines in wisconsin and michigan were compromised, votes were actually changed. she says she knows this byy
9:30 pm
speaking to senators in wisconsin and michigan. the writer of this "variety"sc piece -- i get it, it's a puff piece, you think you would follow up maybe with the three democratic senators in michigan and wisconsin or one of the republican ones there, doubtful that is who she spoke to. say, she is saying that this happened, did it? of course, they would say no because there is no evidence of that whatsoever. she's allowed to say things like that and get away with it. so far ass blaming president trump on the parkland shooting, do understand this. since columbine, in 1999, there have been 25 fatal mass shootings at elementary and high schools. these horrific events have happened under the clinton administration, the bush administration, the obama administration. how this suddenly is happening under the current administration just shows you why president trump, one of the reasons he won is because he had no hollywood support but that probably was a good thing because when they say things like this, obviously, they seem
9:31 pm
just a tad out of touch. >> tucker: what's interesting is that people as famous as barbra streisand used to be able to say whatever they wanted in the press and there was no feeling that you had to fact-check it because they are from celebrity land and who cares what they think. but now, there is this weird double standard where if an actor expresses any right of center view, he's hounded by politifact as if he's running for office and barbra streisand has this unlimited pass to say unsupported things like this. >> they also can get blacklisted from getting major roles, as well. >> tucker: good point. >> we play parallel universe almost every week, meaning let's pretend this was said during the previous administration under m the 44th president, president obama. let's say that johnny depp hades joked about assassinating the president or madonna threatenede to blow up the white house or kathy griffin held up a severed head that resembled president obama. the outrage would be overwhelming. you would need to add four more hours to 24/7 cable news just to
9:32 pm
cover it. when it happens here, while it does get some coverage, it is i almost laughed off, kind of muted, with many other celebrities who have said the president should die or in mickey rourke's case, i would w love to take a louisville slugger to this guy, it getss laughed off because of who the target is and not so much about what is being >> tucker: let me ask you a quick question. have you ever read a piece that said, barbra streisand is ave really nice person and kind to her assistant and decent to the people around her, and beloved by her friends and acquaintances. i haven't read that piece. have you ever read it? >> [laughs] maybe once or twice. in "variety," this was -- i'll wrap up quickly.. she cloned her dead dog and created two other dogs off of it. this is a woman that is worth $390 million. you have millions of pets that are up for adoption every year, hundreds of thousands that are euthanized, and here she isds going about it this way. maybe rescue a couple with the
9:33 pm
money that you have or commit to a charity. >> tucker: i can't get with you on that. it's morally complicated, i would probably clone my springer spaniel because i couldn't control myself. we disagree. great to see you, joe. >> the pleasure is all on the side of the table, trust me. >> tucker: is run by the richest man in human history. the company made billions of dollars. somehow they pay no federal income tax. are you paying federal income tax? they are not. why? that story next. ♪ no, please, please, oh! ♪ (shrieks in terror) (heavy breathing and snorting) no, no. the running of the bulldogs? surprising. what's not surprising?
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♪ burned me up and down, shno way to cool it. ♪ ♪ ♪ every time you kiss me it's like sunshine and whiskey ♪ applebee's handcrafted burgers. any burger just $7.99. now that's eatin good in the neighborhood. you're still here? we're voya! we stay with you to and through retirement. i get that voya is with me through retirement, i'm just surprised it means in my kitchen. so, that means no breakfast? voya. helping you to and through retirement. ♪ >> tucker: jeff bezos is the richest man in the world, the richest man who has ever liveduc in the world. amazon, his company, is one of the country's most valuable. but the company's tax payments are not keeping up with this great wealth. that is a profound here's one example. last year, amazon made $5.6 billion in profit, they
9:38 pm
netted that. but they used tax credits and other benefits to avoid paying any federal income tax. did you pay federal income tax last year? oh, one of the biggest companies in the world paid none. nevertheless, governments around the country, state and local, are racing to provide amazon with even more perks and tax breaks as it looks to choose the site of its second headquarters because masochism is very common among state governments. heather zumarraga is a financial analyst, a very smart one, and she joins us tonight. thank you for coming how does it work that one of the biggest companies in the world, an american company, pays no federal taxes? >> that's a good question. this is a nonpartisan issue. president trump has stated that amazon is a "no" tax monopoly. both democrats and republicans alike would say that we are in agreement with that statement, and that is not okay. although they do pay state andd local income taxes, they pay zero federal income --
9:39 pm
>> tucker: let me correct one thing there. actually, no. "the new york times" today lept to amazon's defense, in effectha by saying, that is not really true. they instinctively defended a company for paying no federal taxes. this is how upside down our world is. >> that's unusual. i would expect most democrats or liberal newspaper or source to not back a big corporation paying zero federal income tax. >> tucker: you would think that. yet, it's a very liberal corporation. >> here's a reason why they get away with it, from the sources various tax breaks, they say that executive stock options are allowing them to pay zero federal income now it's not illegal. these are tax loopholes, it's in our tax code, our current tax system. they are taking advantage of that. but it doesn't seem right or fair. a company that raked in $175 billion last year, this just isn't right.
9:40 pm
i'm sure you paid more in federal taxes. >> tucker: i did. also i haven't put tens of thousands of people out of work, like amazon has. they've hired a lot but they put many more out of work. they destroyed many more businesses than they have created. i get it, that is the nature of market capitalism. they feel no obligation to give back at all to the federalls treasury at all? >> what's worse is that they are able to grandfather in deferred taxes. deferred taxes, those that they have delayed in the past,nd which is perfectly legal, now they can have those taxed at the lower corporate tax rate, if i effective at 21% versus 35%, in the prior years. 2014-2015. that is ridiculous. we would all love to re-spend our taxes, and let me pay myy lower individual income rate now because individual rates are now taxed at a lowerno bracket, as are corporate rates. that is just ludicrous. it shouldn't be allowed. >> tucker: no, it shouldn't.
9:41 pm
yet, the default, and even, the president said this. the default for people and businesses, it's allowed, therefore you got to do it. it is also allowed to scream obscenities at your elderly parents but it's wrong and you shouldn't do it. it's not illegal. there are a lot of things that aren't illegal but they are immoral. i so does any company ever say, this is our nation, america?es we have to give back a little bit. do they ever say that? >> they should. it gets worse because at the state and local level, they are now offering tax incentives for amazon to put their second headquarters in their town. that is a legitimate thing to want for your city, not at the expense of taxpayers. >> tucker: i agree. amazon, we reached out to them, they did not respond. one of the questions i wanted to ask, does that mean i still have to pay my federal taxes? do my viewers have to pay
9:42 pm
theres? >> unfortunately, the current tax code stance, we do. >> tucker: so we do but jeffuc bezos doesn't? thank you for straightening that out, heather. this is turning me into a crazy person. barack obama just claimed at mit that has administration never had a scandal, not one, thanks to the magic of what he said. brit hume joins us next to identify which planet the former president is living on. we'll be right back. ♪ how many kids? my two. his three. along with two dogs and jake, our new parrot. that is quite the family. quite a lot of colleges to pay for though. a lot of colleges. you get any financial advice? yeah, but i'm pretty sure it's the same plan they sold me before. well your situation's totally changed now. right, right. how 'bout a plan that works for 5 kids, 2 dogs and jake over here? that would be great. that would be great. that okay with you, jake? get a portfolio that works for you now and as your needs change from td ameritrade investment management.
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♪ >> tucker: president obama spoke at mit on friday and immediately began rewriting history. he made the claim that his administration was scandal free, thanks to the magical power of diversity. running guns to mexican cartels didn't happen. weaponizing the irs and the fbi against political opponents, fake news. while obama has been patting
9:47 pm
himself on the back, the partyon he shattered is searching for a champion in the next election. fox's juan williams just argued in an opionin peace that the three strongest challengers to trump would all be african-american women, oprah, michelle obama, senator kamala harris of california. is it true? brit hume joins us tonight. thank you for coming on. is it true? do you think diversity kept barack obama's two terms entirely scandal free? >> i don't think it was entirely scandal free. you just mentioned a couple of examples and there's another one, kind of a howler, his secretary of state so recklessly mishandled classified information that she was very nearly indicted and many legal experts think she should have been. i would rate that as a big scandal. i don't think diversity had anything to do with it one way or another. it certainly argues against the idea that it was scandal free. it wasn't. >> tucker: it's funny, though. the former president -- and to his credit, he hasn't been -- a
9:48 pm
this was an off the record comment that got reported. he hasn't been in the news really, and i think that iss exactly what a formerer president should be, not around. however, it seems a little early to be rewriting the history of administration that just ended. doesn't it? >> all presidents try to see their administrations in the most favorable possible light and he is looking back on hisab and i'm sure he's looking at the man in the white house and trying to create a contrast with him, because obama, whether you like him or not, did behave himself with a certain dignity and grace that some have found lacking in donald trump, clearly obama has found it lacking a donald trump, but i think he would like to contrast his performance in office with that of mr. trump. to say that his administration was scandal free is nonsense. >> tucker: it is. there was a piece by our colleague and friend juan williams, a lot of people have written this, said that the three main challengers to president trump, who announced he is running again three years from now, would be oprah,
9:49 pm
michelle obama, and kamala harris of california, all three black women. what struck me about this was the way it was framed and the wayth so many of these conversations are framed.ri they primarily turn on questions of race and gender. is that the future of american politics? identity politics? >> it certainly is the future of the democratic party. the present of the democratic party looks at things that way. being a woman and a minority would be an important credential for a nomination in the democratic party. it doesn't mean you will get the nomination, but it gives you a leg up. it gave hillary clinton a leg up and enabled her to fight off the rather significant challenge from a geriatric socialist in the person of bernie sanders. one might have thought that would be easy but such is the democratic party. it wasn't easy at all. looking ahead to 2020, whoever it is, is likely to have quite leftist credentials in order to touch the heart of the democratic party, which is far to the left of where it used to be.
9:50 pm
all three of the womenen described, i'm not sure where oprah is on the issues, i haven't looked into it carefully because i doubt she will run. kamala harris has shown herself to be quite liberal, and certainly michelle obama would be seen in that light, as well. i think kamala harris, by the way, would be an interesting candidate. she has a tendency to make gaffes and say particularly amazing things. she said that sheriff joe arpaio should not have been pardoned because he committed a crime. madame, that is why he needed to be pardoned. she also said that it was wrong to say that the dreamers were unlawful. that is part of the definition of what the dreamers are. they came here and are here illegally. that is why we are trying to -- so many people are working hard to try to find a way to keep them they wouldn't be subject to deportation if they weren't unlawful.. such is kamala harris. i think michelle obama, tucker, would be an imposing candidate. >> tucker: interesting. can we be totally honest and say that terry mcauliffe, making noises about running the other day, a number of people who look
9:51 pm
like terry mcauliffe, saying they will run as a democrat, nobody like terry mcauliffe will get the nomination this time? >> i don't think so. i think terry mcauliffe wouldi probably be seen as too much of a creature of the democratic party as it once was under bill clinton and later under hillary clinton. i don't think that is the democratic party is right now. dianne feinstein, who is not a liberal on everything but a liberal on nearly everything, was just denied the endorsementa of the democratic party in california. and dan lipinski, a congressman from the southwest side of chicago, whose district includes the suburbs, was just given the heave-ho by the democraticic congressional campaign committee in his reelection bid in favor of a more liberal candidate. this is where that party is going, and if you will win it nomination in this party in 2020
9:52 pm
in my estimation, you have to be pretty far out there. if you are elizabeth warren, yoo might have the credentials, you might not have the right skin color. michelle obama might indeed fit the >> tucker: i think it's been an under covered story for at long time. i appreciate it, brit. good to see >> you bet. >> tucker: college students of course can't handle free speech or most other rights these days. a lot of them can't it seems like. what campuses are the worst on free expression? where can't you say what you think at all? we'll give you the top ten next. ♪ ♪ you tell your insurance company they made a mistake. the check they sent isn't enough to replace your totaled new car. the guy says they didn't make the mistake. you made the mistake. i beg your pardon? he says, you should have chosen full-car replacement. excuse me? let me be frank, he says: you picked the wrong insurance plan. 'no. i picked the wrong insurance company.' with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation.
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9:57 pm
professor, you will be threatened or fired. or try to bring new ideas to campus, you'll provoke a riot. we saw that at uc berkeley, where milo yiannopoulos visited. [protester noises] >> tucker: most campuses are pretty bad. but which ones are the worst?? ari cohen has been keeping track. thanks for coming on. what are the worst schools for his free-speech? >> it's a wide field. earn their place on the list, i can think, how can it get any crazier?et i end up kicking myself. let's start with uc berkeley, the college that really kicked it off at the beginning of last year, where a presentation by milo yiannopoulos was canceled after protesters took the streets and overwhelmed thehe police and committed property
9:58 pm
damage, violence, and ended up just causing an enormous amount of mayhem. >> tucker: yeah, they did. >> uc berkeley has kind of been on the mend since then. they paid an enormous amount of money for various free-speech events, although not without allegations that they firsty tried to stifle and censor that speech. they paid about $800,000 for ben shapiro, i believe. they currently are facing00 a lawsuit regarding a speech that was planned by ann coulter, where the department of justice recently filed a statement of interest. >> tucker: we followed that pretty carefully, harvard on the list, drexel on the list. why drexel? >> drexel, a professor tweeted, in his words, satirical and joking tweet, regarding white genocide. "all i want for christmas is white genocide," poking fun at the idea that white genocide is a thing that exists.
9:59 pm
somewhat predictably, the internet erupted in outrage with calls for his firing, and he was suspended and investigated by drexel and he had to keep himself off campus because drexel said that the environment was not safe for him. eventually said, i can't come back and teach here. this is not going to work. >> tucker: unbelievable. let me ask you a quick question. you study this stuff for a living. if you had kids about to go to college, would you want to send them to any college, if so, where would you want to send them? >> first thing i would do would be go to the website and look up our speech code ratings and see which schools are protectingg their students expressive rights, public or private. then go look and see what kind of controversies have happened on campus. i am pretty sure that i would want my children to feel free to associate with the people they want to associate with and not be told who they can and cannot
10:00 pm
be friends with. >> tucker: that's for sure. used to be a free country. thanks a lot for joining us tonight. we are out of time sadly. had a great time, though. good night from washington. sean hannity, right now. >> sean: thanks, tucker. welcome to "hannity." two major developing stories we are followingri tonight. first,t, the attorney general jf sessions is now saying the department of justice will investigate this a beer obama area fisa abuses against the t. this comes afterer democratic congressman adam schiff's counter memo said that they lied to the fisa judge about the russian lies and propaganda dossier in order to get the warranty surveilled trump associate carter also breaking right now, more damning evidence about the failure from the broward county sheriff's office. in the addition to the dozens of missed


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