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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 5, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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latest dastardly scheme. good night. the winner of the academy award for best breaking news opening monologue, sean hannity, is standing by! hooray for hannity! >> sean: mark, thank you. good job filling in for tucker. welcome to "hannity." a huge breaking news breaking news lightweight four major stories. holly was glaring hypocrisy on guns, sexual assault, and much more on full display at the oscars. it is by this year's award show was the least watched ever. tonight we will be calling out these hollywood left his hypocrites and also brand-new, a major development, all roads in the russia investigation lead directly back to hillary clinton and we've got that match, john solomon reporting that the russian who helped start the investigation has deep ties to the clintons and according to solomon, this diplomat actually helped secure $25 million in
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funding for the clinton foundation. breaking right now, the special counsel robert mueller -- tonight we have our own list of corrupt officials and individuals you are going to want to take notes. robert mueller, you should be focusing in on this list. we will explain. tonight, breaking news report from the new yorker casting doubt on if russia was behind the dnc server hack. this comes as mueller is planning to indict russians for stealing democratic emails. all of that plus the house until committee chairman devin nunes is getting answers some obama officials about the clinton bought and paid for dossier. a lot of breaking news in our opening monologue. ♪ before we get to the latest on deep state gate, we have a lot to tell you about, the pinnacle of hollywood's self praise. the 90th academy awards took place last night. if you are like most americans, you probably didn't see it. in fact some of this year's
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award show was the least watched oscars in recorded history. tonight we will spare you all the painful details from the focal hour holier-than-thou parade of hollywood elitism and who or what and where did the jewelry come from and how hard their heels were and who did their makeup. we will spare you all that important information. instead we will focus on some of the most egregious examples of hypocrisy from last night's show. let's start with the sanctimonious so-called comedian caused jimmy kimmel, now democratic activist, dedicating much of his opening speech to women's rights. take a look. >> i hope you will listen too many brave and outspoken supporters of movements like #metoo and time's up and never again because what they are doing is important, things are changing for the better, they are making sure that this positive change, this is a night for positivity. >> sean: of course he was not the only person to extol the virtues of hollywood's newfound feminist movement.
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best actress twin or frances mcdormand used her acceptance speech to honor women across the industry with a special shout out to crowd favorite meryl streep. take a look at this. >> if i may be so honored to have all the female nominees in every category stand with me in this room tonight, the actors, meryl, if you do come everyone else will, come on! >> sean: that's right, follow meryl streep's lead and stand up for women. just like she did with harvey weinstein for years, she even called weinstein a god. all while his horrific misdeeds were well known all over town. watch this. >> i just want to think my agent and god, harvey weinstein. the punisher, old testament, i guess. >> sean: apparently most people knew what god was really
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like. her brave feminist leadership doesn't end there. during a 2003 oscars, watch meryl streep, she stood up enthusiastically cheering for a known child rapist, roman polanski, the guy who fled to europe after giving champagne and quaaludes to a 13-year-old girl and raping her repeatedly. he was 43 years old. watch this. >> roman polanski. [cheers and applause] >> sean: a standing ovation for a pedophile, child rapist. he was awarded for an oscar for best director. but hollywood's support for him didn't stop without award and that storing round of applause you heard, and 2009 after he was
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arrested in switzerland and connection to his rape case, over 100 celebrities assigned a contract to get him released. this is about as laughable and flawed as emma watson's grammatically incorrect times up to two and predictably come by the way, the next blatant double standard from last night's show involves the topic of gun control and of course, cheap shots at the nra. let's take a look. >> an oscar night, this is the dream we tell. a land where dreamers live and freedom dwells. immigrants get the benefit. we put up monuments for the feminists, tell the nra are in god's way into the people of parkland. >> sean: let's not forget that all these overpaid actors and
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actresses are pushing increased government restrictions on your right to bear arms and they are protected by heavily armed personnel. in a lot of cases 24/7. this includes last night's academy awards, which was safeguarded by over 500 l.a.p.d. officers, the allied pd bomb squad, and other federal officials. while hollywood rejects an increase of armed security presence at our schools, they are the ones who enjoy the protection of hundreds of professional trained members of law enforcement. they have guns and carry them and had them last night. while hollywood makes fun of americans the ones that want to protect themselves and arm their families, and protect them as well, they are the ones that utilize the services of armed security. don't our kids in school deserve about 1/100th of the security that we have at the oscars? half the stars probably wouldn't even show up if there was no protection. now if hollywood is wondering why the ratings for the biggest award show where in a free fall,
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perhaps they might want to do a little soul-searching and self reflection back reflecting, introspection. americans don't want to be lectured from hypocrites about women's rights, from a group of people who actively supported monsters like harvey weinstein and roman polanski. americans don't want to hear about responsible gun ownership from a group of people who have never been responsible for their own personal security, and americans are sure as hell don't want to hear about global warming from a group of people who jet set around the world on their private jets and want us to stop driving suvs and dodge caravans for our kids. now may be at next year's show, the leftist and hollywood will the politics of the door. also this summer, this is a massive development, all roads n a rush or investigation relating back to one person, hillary clinton. john solomon, who will join us tonight, is reporting that the australian diplomat who helped trigger the start of the russia
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investigation has deep connections to bill and hillary clinton. according to "the new york times," well, the owner is the person from a former trump campaign associate, that george papadopoulos got drunk without that london nightclub and started talking about russia having dirt on hillary clinton. two months later, he told australian officials about the conversation who then told american intelligence. focal way hearsay as my friend gregg jarrett says. solomon is reporting tonight that alexander downer, he helped secure $25 million for funding for the clinton foundation starting back in 2006. bipartisan lawmakers are telling solomon tonight that downer's ties to the clintons were never previously disclosed to congress. shocking. solomon is also reporting that downer met with bill clinton in '06 and with hillary clinton when she was secretary of state in '09. we reached out to hillary clinton for comment. shocking, she never got back to us. her spokesperson replied to
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solomon and said that hillary was unaware of possible contacts between her campaign and downer. and a statement that they gave to "the hill," australian's foreign ministry declined to answer questions about whether speech will downer had contacts with clinton around the time we start of the russia investigation. a big report. if you start connecting the dots and you begin to see clinton has her hands in everything here. all the evidence that was used for storage and further the russia investigation all came from cronies and associates, whether people that were being paid by the clintons, or knew the clintons. on top of alexander downer, we have clinton paying over $12 million to fund this dossier that we now know was full of russian and russian government lies. the fbi takes the unverified dossier, going against their own protocols, they lied to a fisa charger but who paid for it, they hide that important fact, to get the warrant to just buy a
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trump campaign associate carter page, who sitting right next to me now. there's also a former state department official, jonathan weiner, who admitted in a "washington post" op-ed to meeting with christopher steele, and said that he was being fed even more anti-trump information by longtime clinton allies, like said richard blumenthal and cody shearer. as we learn more and more information about this massive developing scandal, one thing is clear. hillary clinton is at the center of everything. also breaking now, two stories about special counsel mueller's investigative group. ask he reporting that a special counsel, robert mueller, is beginning to subpoena all communications as it relates to an unidentified witness and let meetings and we have had our contracts with key trump associates going back on the way to november, 2015. these communications include emails, text messages, even handwritten notes. there are several other reports that mueller is also now investigating the uae trying to
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influence the trump white house. so robert mueller needs to explain what the heck any of this has to do with trump-russia collusion. trump-uae collusion? is at the next step? this is beyond his mandate because the entire investigation was supposed to be about trump-russia collusion. since that evidence doesn't exist, well, he's now conducting his witch hunt and he's shaking people down hoping that he'll be able to charge them with something, anything, even if it has nothing to do with russia. since mueller is so interested in me subpoenas and getting information out of people, we decided to put together a few questions we'd like answered on behalf of the american people. you. let's start with mueller himself. he should turn over all emails, text messages, handwritten notes from when he was the fbi director about why he didn't listen to an fbi informant, the guy that discovered vladimir putin had a group of people in this country, an organization, all trying to get a foothold in america's uranium
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market. if mueller wants to conduct a real investigation, i think he should subpoena all communications from the key players involved. in a scandal, by the way, where we had real collusion. take a look at the side of your screen. all of those people there are people that mueller needs to be issuing subpoenas too. you have officials from the fbi like comey and andrew mccabe, formerly wow former attorney general loretta lynch,r strzok and lisa page, key clinton allies, and members of mueller's own team like andrew weissmann and jeannie ray. all of these people either have ties to the real russia scandal over our unmanageable he corrupt. so it's time that we start getting some answers. in addition to this new information, we now know another massive bombshell that is breaking tonight headed in and an article from "the new yorker" about former british by christopher steele, a major revelation. in the dossier, his russian sources told him that the hack
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of the dnc, the emails, the servers, "involved agents within the democratic party structure itself." oh, not russia. as well as russian cyber operator is based in the u.s. and fake a sponsored russian cyber actors. this information is key because according to reports, the special counsel mueller is likely going to indict russians for hacking democratic emails, a few key points, though. mueller can entitle the russians he wants but they are never going to be extradited to face any charges here. so what is it mueller really doing, nothing short of a cheap political statement on his part to advance his narrative. of course he has all the people that donated to clinton, obama, and the dnc on his team. there is one way he'll never get to take any of these or talk to them. if these reports are true, i do mueller want to go down the road of hacking and if he actually cares about truth, they may be
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mueller should talk to the one person on earth that would know, and that would be wikileaks founder julian assange. now he is the one person in the world that would know where the emails came from before he put it up on wikileaks. unlike mueller, i actually took the time, i went to the ecuadorian embassy in london. i talked to julian assange. he's the one i posted the emails, and he flat out denied that the emails ever came from russia or any state. here's what he told me. >> sean: did russia give you this information or anybody associated with russia? >> our source is not a state party. so the answer for our interactions is no. >> sean: you did not get this information about the dnc, john podesta's emails, can you tell the american people 1000% you do not get it from russia or anybody associated with russia? >> we could say, we have said
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repeatedly, over the last two months, that our source is not the russian government, and it is not a state party. >> sean: i've interviewed assange five times. he has repeatedly and consistently said it was not from russia, nor any state. now if mueller's intention is to get to the truth, then wouldn't he have to at least ask, sit down, try and ascertain from assange where to get this information from? i don't care if you like assange or don't like him, wikileaks has never been proven wrong in 11 years. he is a much better track record, by the way, then anyone in the destroyed trump media, like "the washington post" in "the new york times" and abc, nbc, cbs, fake news cnn or the conspiracy network msnbc. since assange published the emails, wouldn't he know exactly where they came from? wouldn't he probably have some type of forensic proof about
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where they came from? here is another part to this dnc hacking story. the fbi never was actually able to look at the dnc servers. this is an important point. they had to rely on a private company that was hired by the dnc because the dnc would never let the fbi look at the servers. take a look at it with the former james comey hold congress last year. >> were you given access to do the forensics on the servers? >> we were not. we were -- a highly respected private company got access and shared with us. >> is that typically the way the fbi would prefer to do the forensics? or would your forensics unit rather field of servers under the forensics themselves? >> we'd always prefer to have access hands on ourselves if that's possible. >> do you know why you were denied access to those servers? >> i don't know for sure.
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>> was there one requester multiple requests? >> multiple requests at different levels. >> sean: and the dnc gets to say no to the fbi and the fbi never actually analyzed the servers, and they just had to rely on whatever the dnc, whoever they hired, in this case crowd strike, to tell them what is in there? sorry. this sounds a lot like the fbi never verifying the dossier. they just go along with whatever christopher steele told them. now don't you think if you are going to carry out a thorough investigation, you'd at least want to look at the server? well, if hillary had it, it would have been acid washed. finally, breaking news from the house until committee chair devin nunes and his effort to get answers from key obama administration officials about the phony dossier. here is what nunes said earlier tonight with martha maccallum. >> thankfully, we had received most of the people have responded, getting the information back promptly and on
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time. there are a few people who have asked for an additional week, which we have granted that time. there are a few people go, that are not responding. they seem to have went dark. however, if they do not respond shortly, they will be getting subpoenaed to appear before congress to be treated with a deposition. >> sean: finding out about these obama officials knew about the dossier, when they knew it is key. we've been following these developments closely and we will continue. joining us now with reaction, fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. former trump campaign associate become a guy who was spied on for a year based on hillary's dossier, no dossier -- no dossier, no application to spy on you, and through you, the entire trump campaign. great to be in the middle of it? >> completely out of control. >> sean: you on the list of people that mueller is asking for the emails, texts, et cetera. you know who the individual is there talking about? is it a guy that's been melting
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down on tv tonight? >> that's my understanding. after everything i have been through, these are -- this is a small drop in the bucket. i've kind of become pretty numb to it a long time ago. >> sean: gregg, what's your take on the list? was fascinating about all this to me as i have my list of people that need to answer questions. >> one of the first things he would do, as a special counsel, would be to begin subpoenaing all the documents, texts, emails, and other communication communications. here we are ten months later and bob mueller is just kind of getting around to doing that right about now. >> sean: a little late. >> as for this guy, a peripheral figure. in 2015 before he got fired from the trump campaign, had been hauling off all day long and incredibly erratic erratic sort of meltdown way and making all kinds of baseless accusations that he had no access to. for example he set of carter
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page, he said he colluded with the russians. carter has never even met sam nunn berger, talk to him. >> sean: lovejoy little bit about him. he was on fake new cnn earlier tonight but i think my name came up a little bit. always good to be talked about. free airtime, free promotion. >> sam, i have to ask you something else. it's an awkward question but you are sitting very close to me. we talked earlier about what people in the white house were saying about you, talking about whether you are drinking or on drugs or whatever had happened today. talking to you, i have smelled alcohol on your breath. >> i have not had a drink. because you haven't had a drink? >> no. >> because it is the talk out there, again, i know it's awkward. have you had a drink today? >> my answer is no. >> sean: let's go after the guy that appears to be having a national meltdown and say, oh, i smell blues on your breath.
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not me, i didn't have one drink. >> there's been a lot of people who have been quite intoxicated for over a year and a half now. nothing new here. >> sean: how are you going to respond to the mueller? >> you know, i've been cooperative with anyone that wants to talk to me. i think the more the truth gets out there, the better. >> sean: is there anything you are hearing nunberger says that registers in your mind is true? >> i was called by dozens of reporters and they were asking me for a reaction. i said, ask him where the facts are. everything should be based on facts. unfortunately it's been pretty seldom focused on that to thus far. >> sean: and you talk about investigative creed, now we are looking into the emirates, now we are looking into sam nunberg and what they know about him and i am just -- where is the trump-russia collusion? even last week in "the view,"
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mr. tv himself adam schiff said there is nothing. he couldn't name any evidence. >> he's finally backtracking. he was the driving force on every television show he could get in front of a camera on. he said trump-russia collusion, we will prove it. there's all kinds of compelling evidence, he said. now he doesn't have a shred of evidence. three congressional committees have investigated for a year and a half, not a scintilla of evidence of trump-russian collusion. bob mueller has been at it for ten months, no evidence of collusion. you know, it's about time that he wrap this hoax up. >> sean: how many people are you going to sue? >> you know, my main focus right now is on the defamation front end so that is moving along. it similar to the fisa court. they are completely overloaded overloaded -- >> sean: while the list belong? >> well, i have some -- >> sean: a lot of media
10:23 pm
people? >> i have some very heavy hitters that i'm up against. i want $1 from the u.s. government if they own up to the mistakes they made. to be when they finally apologized to conservative groups. thank you, both. john solomon and sara carter with her breaking news, two stories, straight ahead. now through april 2. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. the more you know the the commute is worth, for all the work you pour into this place, you sure get a lot more out of it. you and that john deere tractor... so versatile, you can keep dreaming up projects all the way home. it's a longer drive. but just like a john deere, it's worth it.
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10:28 pm
the start of the russia investigation, ambassador downer's information that he had overheard a conversation with george papadopoulos in the london bar, he reported two months later, that became the genesis of this whole investigation. one of the things we didn't know the last few years we were talking about it, a $25 million donor to the clinton foundation, arranged foreign aid in the matter 25 million from the australian taxpayers. a noble project, project to -- but it's another connection of a friendly clintons horse who's at the front end of this investigation, and we are learning about it so late in the process.g it frustrates congress. we talked to jim jordan today in the first thing he said is why do we keep finding out the stuff after the fact? what can the fbi tell the stuff up front? is a question a lot of people in congressjo will be asking. >> sean: the prior connection to the clinton foundation wast. never disclosed. again, everything always goes back to the clintons. who they know, and sidney blumenthal, everything that is
10:29 pm
providing all of this, feeding this information, including hillary paying for the dossier. they areto all clinton cronies. >> the public information we have, there's only four sources of information that the fbi used to predicate or start its investigation. ambassador downer, we know he has a friendly relationship with the clintons. christopher steele, we know he was paid by the clintons. christopher steele talked to the reporter, and the story was used, the last one is sidney blumenthal and his friend cody shearer routing information to the state department to get to the fbi. all four propellers of the initialma investigation of the russia collusion, alleged russia collusion that hasn't been proven, all start with someone close to the clintons. that is the picture that now concerns congress. >> sean: sara, you have an interesting piece out. the case for or against a special prosecutor to investigate the investigators. now we do know that the inspectorw general, horwitz, we expect a report that they had been working on a pretty long time to be coming out perhaps maybe even this week, next week,
10:30 pm
or at least very shortly. but the inspector general has no prosecutorial powers. we know certain facts here. know that in the fisa warrant, there was never -- they knew that in fact hillary had bought and paid for it. they didn't tell in the original application to the judge that in fact that was the case. it was a special footnote, "may have political orientation." that has nothing to the judge. they purposely withheld that information and every subsequent renewal of that application, eeree times, again, they don't tell the judge, and everybody knew that the basis for it was the dossier or to court the former deputy fbi director mccabe, no dossier, note fisa warrant application even. >> correct. look, the inspector general, the department of justice has been advocating that the inspector general -- they put him o in charge, michael horowitz, this investigation, and to fisa abuse.
10:31 pm
but everyone, there is a growing chorus now within the republican lawmakers that are saying we really need to step outside of the doj and the fbi and call a special counsel to investigate this. why? the inspector general just doesn't have the resources to conduct such a massive investigation. this is what is going to need. and you can't have the fox guarding the hen house. he basically can't have the doj investigating itself played in mrs. two main arguments. now the doj would say, no, look. this is his purview, he needs to be able to do his job. his job is to investigate the fbi, and investigate the people within the doj that they believe broke the law. you brought up a good point. he can refer for prosecution but they can't prosecute himself. he is not a prosecutor. he can put the report together and refer to prosecution. i think -- >> sean: we already know the laws, we know that they
10:32 pm
purposely -- they didn't verify the facts, and they misled fisa judges. that's a fact. that's a violation of law. >> and that's why people are calling for a special prosecutor, because they want to see this investigated. i can tell you a number of senators i've spoken with, a number of congressional lawmakers actually believe that the law has been broken. in fact one of them told me tonight, a senator told me, if i am wrong, let's have a special prosecutor make that decision. somebody outside of the scope. >> sean: how about bruce and nelly ohr? strzok and page? susan rice? >> sally yates? >> sean: james comey? sid vicious blumenthal? bill and hillary? obama? mccabe, lynch, i have a long list. john? >> there is a column in "the hill" by jonathan turley, i encourage everyone to read it. it said we just prosecuted michael flynn for false statements. what what if this report about g
10:33 pm
is true? what we prosecute him and treat him the same way? >> sean: is that equal justice under the law, john? >> that's the big question. can the justice department effectually do it when he was such a big part. >> sean: if i deleted subpoenaed emails, i wonder if i'd go to jail, if i acid washed my hard drive and beat up my blackberry and iphone, i want a will happen, sara. >> you'd probably be prosecuted and you would go to jail. that's a fact. that is the reason why these investigations are so important. they are not just a washington centric investigation. this is about the american people. thishi is about our fourth amendment rights when we think of fisa abuse, carter page, it's not just carter page. it's every single one of us. about the tools of our intelligence community being weaponized against us. >> sean: carter page is going to be rich. that is my prediction. carter page is going to be a rich man after all this. b >> may be. >> sean: good investigative work, both of you. we keep on peeling the onion. we are getting there.
10:34 pm
renee combat, dr. sebastian gorka, geraldo rivera, on the outrageous illegal immigration situation and the mayor out in oakland, california, literally risking lives. we'll explain sb 25 continues. -- we'll explain as sb 25 continues.
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>> sean: geraldo rivera is at the white house today with ivanka trump and jared kushner. that is the self he prayed by the way, a state sulfate. you tell us all about it in a minute. firstri we are learning more information about the illegal immigrants that the mayor of oakland, california, is trying to protect from following the law and federal immigration authorities. according to the "l.a. times," citing i.c.e. come of the 232 people thatac were arrested in e latest illegal immigration crackdown in california, 180 were either convicted criminals, had been issued a final order of removal, or had previously been removed from the united states. " 115 had prior felony
10:39 pm
convictions, child sex crimes, assault, past convictions for significant or multiple misdemeanors. close here now, sebastian gorkad geraldo rivera. you know, the law of the land is the law of the land. if you want to change the law, change the law. but when you are aiding and abetting, especially people we are'r looking for, criminal alis that have committed crimes in this country, you are putting i.c.e. members at work, border patrol -- the communities in jeopardy because most of them are known criminals. there is no excuse for what this woman, this oakland mayor, is doing by putting people's lives in jeopardy. >> you know, i know that i have been out of sync with the majority of our viewers in the 17 years i've been here. i apologize o ahead of time. >> sean: wyatt are you apologizing for
10:40 pm
being yourself? will never apologize. >> i come as a student of history, recalled learning about the compromise of 1850, the fugitive slave act, where people in the free states officials in every states, were required by law to help in the recapture of escaped slaves to return them to their slave owners in the south. the people of oakland and san franciscotu and los angeles see this move against these undocumented immigrants in that light. >> sean: they are going after known criminals. look at the numbers. we just put them up on the screen. come on.ok gave the sample of the 232. and i grant you that there were real criminals among -- >> sean: that is who is being targeted. >> this is not me. this is the mayor of oakland saying that that is a community where the crime has dropped three straight years, of law-abiding immigrants who deserve to live freely -- >> sean: dr. gorka, we are not
10:41 pm
talking about the otherwise law-abiding -- still people that respect the law and sovereignty as it relates to immigration -- that is not who we are talking about, though. >> and we are not talking about slaves beingki recaptured. the analogy is specious and salacious. these are criminals. a cover if you came here illegally, you are not undocumented. you are criminal. and secondly, more than 100 people who actually are convicted felons, not suspected of crimes, convicted of violent felonies in america, why are we creating sanctuary cities for criminals? it's insane! are we a nation of -- >> sean: isn't that the decision whether or not to create it a century city? is in it for the city to decide or that state? >> when the founding fathers created the federal system, they said the president -- >> isn't that your whole
10:42 pm
philosophy? states rights? >> immigration is nothing to do with the state. the d national border isn't arod california. >> we are not going to assist you in this immoral -- the controlon is at of the executive. nothing has changed. mayors don't control immigration. >> the mayor points to the case of a mom who has been in the country 26 years, who has four citizen children, totallys, law-abiding -- >> she broke the law. she's a criminal. my parents were refugees. >> when you go out there, you take the dishwasher -- >> sean: geraldo -- >> they don't catch the ms-13 -- >> there's a reason there's a statue of justice in every courtroom in america is blindfolded. it doesn't look at who you are, whether your name is wanita orta
10:43 pm
sebastien. if you broke the law, you're a criminal. if a your name is clinton, you don't get a pass. >> your intentionally confusing people by calling thison immigrants criminals when the only crime they have committed is theiry unlawful presence in this country. >> correct. breaking the law. >> they are not the thieves that -- >> 200 have them have. >> 100 of the 230. but the hundreds of others who may be -- this mayor is noted in any legal jeopardy. >> i could tell you right now, i have spoken to the highest level -- geraldo -- >> i've spoken to the highest level of the white house and they are looking into legal action against the mayor. >> sean: aiding and abetting lawbreaking. she's an accomplice to lawbreaking, geraldo. >> she announced it at a press conference. >> sean: she's tipping off
10:44 pm
those people. >> i get that it offends people but is not illegal. >> it is. >> sean: of course it's illegal! she used official information and tipped them off. >> sean: now you sound like bill clinton. come on. i got the information from here here -- >> is an enormously popular moved by this mayor and here community. in crazy california, but it is the six largesta economy in the -- >> geraldo, it doesn't matter where you get the information from. it's a crime. >> sean: one of these criminal aliens that would have otherwise been deported, would somebody have let them -- they absolutelh assisted in staying and breaking thehe law? no, no, not "if, then" because then they keep doing it again and again.
10:45 pm
it's called recidivism. >> what happens and a handful of cases. >> sean: told me about today. why would ivanka and jared meet with you? what were they doing? >> two weeks ago i was at mar-a-lago at the invitation of the president and i was with every other member of the family, with whom i was very close during their celebrity -- ivanka and i did "celebrity apprentice" together, and she said, come on down and have some tea. we had some tea -- >> sean: tea? >> i had coffee, she had bought her. was the premise. netanyahu was downstairs. i was upstairs with ivanka -- >> sean: i got to give you an a+. this is such a better selfie than what i'm used to. >> jared was on his way out, he stopped by tuesday say high. >> sean: and you areas talking about all the people who are terrible. >> absolutely. and she is so noble and she is so efficient and so effective and she wants the best for the country. she wants the best for her dad.
10:46 pm
and i am 100% behind her. i think that -- the kids are settled, they have a nice home. >> sean: it is a blood, brutal, dirty, outrageous business. >> i wish them >> sean: thank you, dr. gorka. tomi lahren's fired up about the hollywood hypocrites at the oscars lecturing you last night. straight ahead. ♪ touch is how we communicate with those we love, but does psoriasis ever get in the way? embrace the chance of 100% clear skin with taltz. for people with moderate to severe psoriasis, up to 90% had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. with taltz, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin. don't use if you're allergic to taltz.
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>> sean: after a tumultuous year that's literally dozens of major sex abuse scandals erupted hollywood, last night the academy awards featured more than a few cringeworthy moments, featuring this joke about oscar's manhood. well. >> oscar is the most beloved and
10:51 pm
respected man in hollywood. there is a very good reason why. just look at him. he keeps his hands where you can see them. never says a rude word. and most importantly, no penis at all. he is literally a statue of limitations. and that is the kind of man we t need more of in this town. here are so clueless hollywood is about women. we made a i movie called "what women want" and it started mel gibson. kind of all you need to know. >> sean: the perfect man. a cold statue. by the way, the casting couch culture of weinstein and kevin spacey in roman polanski, we can go on and on. here with reaction to last night's show, fox news contributor, she lives out there, i have no ideaa why, tomi lahren. you know, am watching all this for the little but until "homeland" came on at 9:00 eastern, which i never missed, and i'm sitting there thinking one can tolerate
10:52 pm
i knew from the opening 4 minutes it would be a disaster ratingswise, the lowest ever. >> it's really perfect what they did last night because, as you know, an actor is paid a ridiculous amount of money to pretend to be something they are not at all of these individuals in this room, they do that day in and day out, they pretend to be socialistic warriors and humanitarians but really they are just overpaid hypocrites they are not funny. i think that is the biggest crime here is that they are not funny. they try so hard to be funny, and they are still not funny. >> sean: okay. how does the crowd that a number of years ago, literally gives the loudest applause to a guy that drugged a 13-year-old girl and repeatedly raped her? out ofed that guy get the bigget applause ever at how are we supposed to believe what were theyha are saying when they apply to that guy. i have no faith in any of them. i think they are all phonies. >> there is nothing more phony
10:53 pm
than the #metoo at times of movement when it comes to hollywood. it should be #weallknew. it should be #weallknewandsaidnothinguntilit wasattrinitytospeakup. even those that were in the room, even on those that are friends of people, like weinstein, they all knew or had a pretty good idea and they said nothing. they allowed it to continue and how they dress in a certain color, they were a pin, they t make jokes about it and suddenly they think they are doing the country good. they think they are doing women goad, they think they are starting some kind of a movement. all the carts. >> sean: did you notice when you pull up on the red carpet in your beautiful escalade with your arm guards, what did you see? armed cops, armed s.w.a.t. team come armed -- if we are going to secure the perimeter of the oscars, can we do that in america's schools, tomi? >> i think what is so great about the second amendment is o protect those of us who can't afford the luxury of armed security detail surrounding us. i thought maybe that they would
10:54 pm
do something about their gun-control message, maybe they would have armed security guards. maybe that would given' them a little bit of legitimacy. of course, it's hollywood. >> sean: that's where you live, you two to live there. i don't know why. when we come back, a major announcement and more straight ahead. ♪ the closer you get to home, the more you know the commute is worth it. you and that john deere tractor... you can keep dreaming up projects all the way home. it's a longer drive. but just like a john deere, it's worth it. and i'm the founder of ugmonk. before shipstation it was crazy. it's great when you see a hundred orders come in, a hundred orders come in, but then you realize i've got a hundred orders i have to ship out. shipstation streamlined that wh the order data, the weights of , everything is seamlessly
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>> ♪ >> the s 'sat >> sean: speech on saturday, president trump joked about china's leader moving to end term limits, saying, "maybe we'll have to give that a try someday." the destroyed trunk media weren't so entertained. that is our video of the day. >> what republicans ignore the fact that this man is talking about being president for life, if they think that donald trump is joking, the mayor fools. i don't think they are fools. speak of the people in the room clapping and laughing. at this point, who would clap and laugh? i mean, i would be stone-faced. >> you have to hope that it was
10:59 pm
nervous laughter. >> the message that donald trump isla sending out is that, yep, f he can seize power by being an autocratic, fantastic. >> sean: for joe and mika. time for the hannity hotline. hit me with your best shot. >> sean: that is amazing. if i had your address, i would send you a hannity football. maybe you can call back. have anything to say? good, bad, ugly, doesn't matter. 877-225-8587. before we go, remember the -- "let there be light," it is nowl
11:00 pm
available on demand, on dvd and you can get it at walmart,, and everywhere. remember, we will always be fair and balanced, never the destroy trump media. let not your heart be troubled. hello. there she is. she doesn't even need an introduction. >> sean: i am good. >> laura: did you watch one minute of the oscars? >> sean: i did because i was waiting for "homeland," which is great this year. >> laura: you never get that minute back you wasted watching it. >> sean: i did it for work reasons. i owe it to our audience to suffer so they don't have to. rush said i will watch the sunday programs for you and report back on monday. >> laura: all right. th