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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 16, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> my instinct kicked in and i need to get to work so i jumped on top of the bridge, we had four injured and one not breathing, we had another one with a major laceration to his head. >> looks like the russians were behind it, something that should never happen. we are taking it seriously. >> something russia will have to make the determination whether or not they want to be a good actor or a bad actor. we are going to be tough on russia until they change their behavior. >> really, in a civilized
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society would do something like that. ♪ ♪ heather: is friday. you made it through the week. live shot from new york city, 4:00 on the east coast and you are watching "fox and friends first". let's get to our top story, awful incident yesterday, federal investigators on the scene of a deadly campus bridge collapse, four killed when a 950 ton pedestrian bridge crashed into 8 lanes of traffic just days after it was installed.
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breaking developments this morning. >> reporter: it is a somber morning in miami. there were celebrations a few days ago i students, construction workers and community members applaud the efforts being made to keep people safe along this highway. as you can see, the pedestrian bridge that collapsed is now a total disaster. take a look at the video we have brought in to show you what happened. it cost four people their lives. many were seriously injured. search and rescue teams worked through the night using listening devices and dogs looking for signs of life. the design and construction team is under scrutiny. 950 tons of concrete and metal came crashing down on those motorists just before 2:00 pm. witnesses heard a loud bang.
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the walkway fell over 100 feet which instantly pancake several vehicles. >> i was in disbelief what i was witnessing. my instinct kicked in that i needed to get to work so i jumped on top of the bridge where we had four workers severely injured and one not breathing, started cpr on him. another has a major laceration to his head, completely unconscious. >> the main stand of the bridge was conducted by the side of the highway and engineers called a first of its kind construction method known as accelerated bridge construction. it was designed to connect pedestrians from florida international university with the city of sweetwater, the national transportation safety board is here with local and state agencies working to figure out why this happened and what happened. marco rubio two did it so that
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the cables were being tightened when this happens was we are waiting to see what information we can find on that. the companies involved in this project have had some big questions put to them in the past. the construction management was accused in a lawsuit earlier this month of negligence on another job. we are expected to have a press conference in the 5:00 hour for the ntsb and local police, we will bring you the latest once we get it. >> a lot of questions why that happened and hopefully more information about the people who lost their lives. >> several us service members are feared dead after a helicopter crashes in western iraq. officials say 7 people were on board the hh 60 black hawk when it crashed near the syrian border. investigation is underway but there is no indication of hostile fire. the chopper was not on a combat
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mission. two naval aviators killed in a deadly crash off the coast of florida have been identified. lieutenant commander james johnson and caleb king died wednesday after eject into the water when their super hornet crashed and caught fire. king leaves behind a wife and 16-month-old daughter and is remembered as a patriot. >> random acts of kindness. i can't believe he is gone. heather: we will talk more about why this happened later. in a few hours crews hope to resume searching for missing worker after a massive chemical plant explodes in texas. first responders evacuating over fears of another blast and toxic
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fumes. investigators believe an employee sparked the explosion by dragging a foot along the factory floor while chemicals were being mixed. two workers hospitalized. donald trump hitting russell with fresh sanctions for meddling in the 2016 election and targeting the us power grid and the gop doubling down on calls for a second special counsel into the russia probe. griff jenkins joins us in washington dc to break it down. >> reporter: we have been hearing calls for a second special counsel. a group of republican senators is asking the department of justice to take action. the senate judiciary members chuck grassley, lindsey graham, john cornyn, we believe a special counsel is needed to work on the council, and any are
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merited. without enhanced measures of independence. the decision largely driven by the inspector general, and prohibited from interviewing witnesses outside of the justice department coming is the top democrat, adam shifts signals some confidence and special counsel mueller. >> we can't rely on bob mueller because his job is different from ours. and who should be prosecuted or go to jail. it is not his job to tell the country what happened. that is what congress is supposed to do. no substitute for congress doing its job. >> the administration is letting information and information sources, meddling and targeting the us power grid. sarah sanders says it is time
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for russia to change their ways. >> you can see from the actions we have taken up until this point, we will be tough on russia until they change their behavior. >> reporter: it will be up to sessions and rosenstein to make that decision in days and weeks ahead. heather: have a great weekend. the us, france and germany joining forces with the uk calling out russia for attacking a former spy in britain, the former spy to the hospital. moscow, expelling british diplomats in retaliation for teresa may. russia denies it was behind the attacks. >> secretary of state rex
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tillotson, multiple reports claimed national security advisor hr mcmaster exists. >> there will always be changed but it was a false story, very exaggerated. there will always be change. and different ideas. >> sarah sanders tweeting a good working relationship. no doubt rumors will continue. the fbi investigation into hillary clinton's emails will be made public soon. doj inspector general michael moore reviewing both organization actions during the probe into her use of a private email server as secretary of state as jeff sessions is
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considering hiring andrew mccabe over the unreleased findings. and he will lose his pension. losing benefits, and found guilty, us attorney joe d jennifer, not only does he serve to be fired but charged. >> system of equal justice has been rent asunder by the conduct of james comey of the best-known dirty cop, andrew mccabe and others including senior obama administration justice department officials, this is a moment in history, the reputation of the fbi and in fe
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enforcement. and it all stems from their animus to donald trump. >> if he makes it through the day without being fired, and $1.9 million in pension benefits. march madness has officially arrived, pulling off the first upset, and miami 64-62. and jean schmidt, 98-year-old 9 and cancer solidity thanking god after the win saying she knew the team could pull it off. another second round, buffalo
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blowing out, 89-68. 11 minutes after the hour, nypd officer joseph waverly jones, protecting the city. and why p the lieut. calling out the parole board who made the decision. after a dog dies in an overhead bin the airline sends the dog to japan. kurt the cyber guys here to break down what airlines have the best pet policies. >> people can't hide and it. >> reporter: nancy pelosi suggested cutting the grass to keep it illegals out, now she says the border wall is too big. been jimmy's longest.
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heather: the man convicted of murdering two police officers in cold blood will soon be a free man thanks to the parole board that agreed to let him walk for good behavior. herman bell admitted to being one of three black liberation army members who leeward nypd officers joseph and waverley to their death in 1971. a former nypd lieut. joins me with the back lash this is igniting. thank you for joining us. people don't understand how this can happen because not only did he kill these two officers but killed another one. >> it is an atrocity. this is a calculated attack on law enforcement. it is an attack on us as a
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society. this is someone who killed two officers in new york and a sgt. in san francisco. attack on law enforcement is an attack on our free society. looking at what he represented he represented the black liberation army. they didn't care if you were black or white, the focus was blue. the protectors of our society, the police department, that is the black liberation army focused on and targeted and as a result killed three more. heather: they actually leeward these officers to the scene for the purpose of killing them just because they were officers. they actually shot 22 times while he begged for his life. >> he is that i have children, i am married, but they just didn't care.
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this was a repulsive act committed by repulsive individual. mr. bell just came to terms with this in 2012. prior to that he never took responsibility for this horrific act. in 2012 he took responsibility for this and the parole board is awarding him parole. heather: talking about this, this is what his widow had to say and the police union president. >> it is disgraceful. this parole board needs to be fired. >> we have been betrayed. letting a cop killer out of prison is a betrayal to police officers. i believe herman bell hasn't changed. what he said and did in the 70s is not left him. he is an assassin. heather: we want to hear more from her but you heard the police union president say the parole board should be held accountable.
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who appointed this parole board? >> the governor, governor cuomo appoints the people on this parole board. the vicarious liability shouldered by the government, needs to step up and put the proper people in place and goes back to the liberal agenda of the governor as we speak. governor cuomo is consistently putting these liberal people, we look at the law enforcement component, there needs to be a level of retribution in play. the question the parole board bad did this person repent for whatever sins he committed or the vicious acts he committed in the 70s? that is irrelevant. the truth of the matter is this is someone that should have been served with life without parole. new york state was a death penalty state years ago. we have since left that and a lot of people who had these
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death penalty sentences vacated and given life without parole, this is a staunch example of someone that should have life without parole. patty: the really unfathomable. appreciate it. 20 minutes after the top of the hour, new surveillance video showing a disgraced florida deputy running from the parkland high school shooting scene. parents are furious. >> not only an embarrassment to every police officer that puts a uniform on but a coward and a liar. heather: why that deputy is facing more backlash from his fellow officers. the media claim donald trump's pick to lead the cia, one outfit is making a huge retraction. carly shimkus here with the reaction on social media. wh
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heather: first she slammed tax reforms that put money in the pockets of americans calling from crumbs but now nancy pelosi marking the southern border wall meant to protect the us. >> how high it is, really. in a civilized society we do something like that? has of noxious as it is. that is a community the border runs through. heather: going on to call illegal immigrants our inspiration and pride. the state of california in the meantime taking sanctuary status of the level. elizabeth matteo an advisor on college access and financial aid. the attorney who was born in mexico and came to the us when
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she was 14 said she was excited to represent illegals who are, quote, underrepresented in government. california is the first state to do this. thoughts and prayers pouring in after the deadly bridge collapse at florida international university in miami. carly shimkus is here with reaction online. >> another tragedy outpouring of reaction from capitol hill with sarah huckabee sanders announcing federal resources will be provided. >> are brave first responders are working feverishly to save lives, will continue to monitor the situation and whatever support is needed to the local officials. we 20 mike pence addressing the tragedy saying saddened by the news of the bridge collapse at florida international university, prayers are with
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loved ones. in contact with elected officials and the ntsb sending a team to investigate. the president and i will continue to monitor the balance closely. marco rubio, who taught at the school as an adjunct professor tweet did that we will pray for the victims and the entire panther community. heather: this liberal organization calling to a lemonade the junior rotc program. >> it is called code pink, they went to end the junior rotc program because 24 was part of the program but three of the victims were honored for their bravery because they were part of the program as well. people remembering them saying this is not a good idea. tara on twitter says those kids were heroes at parkland, what tomorrow's real leaders look like and michelle questioning that paul saying do you realize this is the reason some kids
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stay in school? a lot of backlash from this initiative. heather: one of those students was holding the door open and shot multiple times while he allowed other students, this claim against donald trump's cia director. >> pro publica retracted part of an article claiming donald or perhaps pick to head the cia oversaw the waterboarding of an al qaeda suspect. the editor in chief of that online publication said in a statement we hold government officials responsible for their missteps and must equally be accountable to her and our readers. we can only apologize, correct the record and make certain we do better in the future. mary on twitter says this goes beyond error, this is journalistic malpractice.
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a lot of backlash because of that mistake. heather: all the other sources that repeated that claimant people on twitter who repeated it down the line. the time is half past the top of the hour and a deadly navy jet crashed off the coast of the florida keys the latest in a string of military training accidents. and iraq war veteran says it is more proof obama era cutbacks, why donald trump's america first budget will change everything. the illegal immigrant who killed kate steinle, is now playing the victim card. and colin kaepernick trying to make a come back.
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heather: we are back with a fox
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news alert, federal investigators on the scene of the deadly campus bridge collapse. four people killed and we 9 injured when this 950 ton pedestrian bridge crashed down in miami just days after it was installed, witnesses grambling to action to pool victims to safety. >> my instinct kicked in that i needed to get to work. i jumped out of my vehicle, jumped onto the bridge where we had four workers severely injured and one not breathing, we started cpr on him. another one has a major laceration to his head. heather: they are using listening devices and dogs looking for any signs of life. the bridge was designed to connect students from florida international university to sweetwater. grews used an accelerated construction method known as abc that was supposed to reduce risk and minimize traffic disruptions. marco rubio tweeting the cables
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were being tightened when it collapsed. officials giving an update at the top of the hour and we will bring you that live. overnight, the stocking strangler executed in georgia given a lethal injection for the 1977 murders of three elderly women which he raped and strangled them with their own stockings, given a lethal injection in alabama, a thumbs up before the execution began. surveillance video just-released showing of former deputy never entering the building, you can see scott peterson arriving in a golf cart as the first 911 call comes in, talking on his radio is 17 students gunned down in cold blood. he take that position for 25
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minutes. the gunfire lasted six minutes. the father of one of the victims is outraged at the sheriff's department response. >> my daughter was killed on the third floor. he had ample enough time to save everybody on the third floor. not only is he an embarrassment to every police officer that put the uniform on, he is a coward and a liar. heather: peterson coming under fire for not telling deputies shots were being fired from inside the building, delaying their response time. peterson has since resigned. never before seen surveillance video from the exact moment omar mateen started spraying bullets in the pulse like you expected to be released today. that feel being shown during day 2 of his wife's trial. nor salmon seen crying, charged
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with aiding and abetting omar mateen and lying to the fbi, pleaded not guilty. the most serious charges in the hazing death investigation at penn state have been dropped. former fraternity members will not face aggravated assault charges for the death of timothy gaza between 5 students are charged with involuntary manslaughter. the 19-year-old died after falling down a flight of stairs. louisiana grand jury has indicted one fraternity member for negligent homicide and three for hazing. maxwell cooper died in september after drinking six times the legal alcohol limit. an investigation into what went wrong after two naval aviators were killed in a training exercise. one of their engines had gone out midflight. is this more proof of the need to update military equipment? thank you for joining us this
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morning, appreciate it. the first thing that comes to mind, military members are always training. >> absolutely. when you look at military service it is a noble profession, there is increased risk to acknowledge the sacrifice servicemembers, we need to look at our equipment and budgeting and priorities and that is something the president is trying to upgrade. heather: in terms of navy flight mishaps, from 2017 there between 9, 2018, four, then you were talking about the budget, look at those numbers for 2018 and what he requested for 2019 which included a 2.4% pay raise for our troops as well.
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is that enough? >> donald trump has been consistent about bringing his campaign promises as far as budgets, policy priorities and a significant increase looking to increase that equipment, the policy is clear and we can reduce this trend come november, up 38% and reduce those and eliminate them from happening. >> we have incidents like this, prayers to our military, thank you for your service and the political debate that goes on, democrats say our military doesn't need this funding. >> that is the wrong way to go. the president understands that, you can see the leadership he puts in, requesting this number
1:38 am
before congress. it will be up to congress to provide defense appropriations but a significant increase in the president will get five stars pushing for strong military funding. of the 20 when you hear donald trump out there talking to our military he is very pro-military. how does that make you feel? does it give you hope? >> i voted for him, he connects well with the military the way he acknowledges them, and constantly focusing a focal point, not to say pres. obama didn't but when it comes to results, budget and policy donald trump has been the man on the military, looking at policy priorities, five stars, hopefully reduce these incidents through increased equipment and the policy speaks for itself.
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heather: the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. he killed kate steinle and walked free, the illegal immigrant says he is the one who was wrong. and colin kaepernick back on his feet, the end the kneeling quarterback just spotted throwing a football. is he headed for your team? >> you're going to win so much you may get tired of winning and say please, please, too much winning. heather: more winning for donald trump and you, putting more money back in your pockets. ♪ oh, manatees. aka "the sea cow""
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heather: the 5-time deported illegal immigrants acquitted of murdering kate steinle is suing the federal government. robert gray from los angeles's bombs a lawsuit using tweets from donald trump to try to win his case. >> reporter: he claims federal charges against him are vindictive and not valid. 's attorneys are asking for documents that will show collusion between federal and
1:44 am
state governments and how the federal case against him dismissed. he is trying to use donald trump's tweets and public statements to get that outcome after he was acquitted in december of murdering kate steinle and found guilty of possessing a firearm. the president responded with a tweet calling it, quote, a disgraceful verdict. 's motion also cites evidence of vindictiveness and appearance on "fox and friends" the day after the acquittal by justice department spokeswoman sarah florez. >> we are looking at pursuing federal charges in this case into important to reach for everyone concerned about this that we will prosecute this to the fullest extent of the law. >> reporter: the justice department charged him with involuntary manslaughter and weapons charges, his defense attorney says he has been tried for weapons charges and wants to force federal officials to handover communications with local and state officials from the first trial. the illegal immigrant became a touchstone in the immigration
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debate in 2015 and extended border wall with mexico. he was charged with murdering steinle after his release from jail after a request by federal immigration authorities to detain him for deportation. >> who is paying for this representation. >> >> our wellness is on the decline. a new study finding americans shelled out $9400 of healthcare costs nearly double the amount spent in other countries. researchers blaming our drug prices and costly treatment. we have a shorter life expectancy and higher infant death mortality rate compared to other countries. it might stem from americans
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spending less on social programs. the taxpayer, 2 million americans off food stamps in the president's first year. according to a new report if this reflects a booming economy and falling unemployment, 42 million americans participated in the program last year which is 11% decrease when a record number of people used food stamps. donald trump junior and his wife calling it quits, vanessa filing for divorce, the reason for the split is unclear, they are asking for privacy saying, quote, we will have to disrespect for each other and our families, five beautiful children together and they remain our top priority. it is 10 minutes until the top of the hour and united airlines accused of killing a dog by putting it in an overhead bin
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and then they shipped the dogs all the way to japan. kurt the cyberguy is here with tips to keep your family and pets safe while traveling.
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heather: united facing fierce backlash after a dog was forced into an overhead bin and died. than this other family pet, just reunited with his family after being shipped hundreds of miles away to kansas but ended up in japan. how does united stack up with other us carriers and how do you keep your pets safe?
1:51 am
kurt the cyber guy is safe with answers. >> united not getting good news on any front. look at the department of transportation data for 2017, united had more deaths of pets on board then all you estimates to carriers coming by. it is a huge difference. you have to ask what are they doing that is causing this number to go up and i am sure we will hear in formation. if other carriers had taken more proactive steps, one thing was interesting, technology delta airlines started. a gps tracker that goes on live animal crates, with the temperature and location, humidity, air pressure, whether the pet has been dropped, its
1:52 am
current condition. heather: it would have helped in the latest incidents when the dog ended up in japan. >> attend-year-old german shepherd, not the kind of animal that would fit under any airline's policy unless it is a service animal so this is why people are bending the rules on service animals because we don't want things like this to happen. there's a lot of stuff you can do, avoid the connecting flights if you can, take a nonstop direct flight, use a carrier approved by the usda, the airline association and put giant stickers, a live animal on the crate, just be very proactive. near portola gate agent i'm traveling with my pet. would you mind telling me when it is loaded. when you board the plane of the
1:53 am
pilot doesn't seem too busy and turn to your left say i am traveling with my pet in the cargo hold, i want to thank you in advance for looking out for it. the such points make a difference. keep the documents with you, the health certificate our lines require and the airline policy printed out constantly and have other copies of this data inside the crate. of the 20 if you have a smaller dog, it has to be in a container and put it under the seat in front of you. i never heard anyone being forced to put it in the overhead bin. >> that makes 0 sense, it is absent all common sense. it is not anything any us carrier has ever been trained to do. american airlines uniquely created a been in the front of one of the aircraft they used between la, san francisco and
1:54 am
new york. it has a vent built into it. they were thinking ahead, made accommodations in advance. heather: we are glad the other dog is reunited with his family in kansas. have a good weekend. 6 minutes until the top of the hour. is colin kaepernick trying to make a come back? st. patrick's day tomorrow. if you have too much green beer and company is offering you and your car a free ride home.
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>> we are learning the obama administration gave half-million fugitives access to firearms. the doj was ordered to remove their names from the criminal background check database after the definition of fugitive was changed to just being someone who crossed state lines. jeff sessions announced the doj will aggressively pursue anyone who lies on a background check. rumors are swirling after colin kaepernick is seen doing drills in texas. the team says they were unaware of the workout. no nfl scouts attended the session held by his personal
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coach. he has not played since the 2016 season when he sparked the controversial nfl protests. a special shopping event, the warehouse chain holding a military hour on saturday, march 24th. 117 stores across the country will open one hour early providing snacks and product demos. they are encouraging visitors to mix and mingle with the local military community. aaa is bringing you the luck of the irish. the company announcing they will toe you and your car for free if you are too impaired to drive. even nonmembers can take advantage of the service but it is only available to 16 states. and your car will be towed 10 miles from where it is picked up. hopefully you will have a great weekend and that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," see you back here monday.
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"fox and friends first" continues now. goodbye. >> jumped on top of the bridge where we had four workers severely injured and one not breathing. we started cpr on him. another has a major laceration to his head. >> friday, march 16th, campus catastrophe, investigators coming through the rubble after a pedestrian bridge came crashing down, flattening cars. rescuers scrambling to rescue people trapped under that debris you, live on scene. >> slapping sanctions for meddling in the us election, the brand-new call for a second special counsel into robert mueller's russia probe. >> the killer of kate steinle walked 3 and this illegal immigrants as he was the one who was wrong.


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