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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 17, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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week. >> a fox news alert. sources close to fbi judge andrew mccabe confirming to fox news that he kept memos on his meetings with president trump. this as he bows not to remain silent after being fired by attorney general jeff sessions for his role in alleged leaks about the fbi is probe of hillary clinton. good afternoon to you hello and welcome to another power inside "americas news headquarters". >> good to be with you! i am kelly wright. mckay denies allegations against him calling his termination a ploy to discredit the fbi and undermine special
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counsel robert mueller's investigation into russia election meddling. the president praising the move jeff sessions but some lawmakers are siding with mccabe calling his firing vindictive and political. >> it did not just happen. it has been on the table a while. the president has expressed himself and it appears the department of justice and attorney general was responded to the president. >> we have news coverage, ellison barber is live from the white house. >> we been with garrett tenney live from our washington bureau with the very latest. hello! >> andrew mccabe is firing back at the trump administration over the dismissal. he claims it was done at the one of the president in an effort to discredit the former fbi deputy director in the robert mueller investigation. in a statement last night mccabe said here's a reality. i am being singled out and
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treated this way because of the role that i played, the actions he took and the events that i witnessed in the aftermath of the firing of james comey. the release of this report was accelerated only after my testimony to the house intelligence committee revealed that i would corroborate accounts of his discussions with the president. fox news has learned that light former fbi director james comey, andrew mccabe maintain personal memos detailing his interactions with the president which will be a part of the special councils investigation. this afternoon, james comey responded to the attacks on his former deputy tweeting mr. president, the american people will hear my story very soon and they can judge for themselves who was honorable and who is not. we are also waiting to hear from the full story what led to the firing pin left by attorney general jeff sessions said an investigation by the doj inspector general determined mccabe left-hander -- and
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mccabe leaked information to a report about the investigation into the clinton foundation. that full report from the ig is inspected to be released in the next couple of weeks. in the meantime, mccabe has already hired an attorney to fight for his pension which he was set to begin receiving at midnight tonight before he was fired. if that does not work today wisconsin democratic congressman, -- publicly offered him a job so you can reach the length of service required to receive it. >> thank you garrett tenney. >> and the president welcoming this firing and urging rod byzantine to and the probe. the fire, a great day for america. he goes on to say that the hard-working men and women of the fbi, a great different democracy, sanctimonious james comey made mccabe look like a
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choir boy. he knew all about the lies and corruption going on at the highest levels of the fbi. ellison barber picks up the story from their joining us live men from the white house. >> president trump personal lawyer said that he praised rosenstein -- he says in part quote - bringing into the alleged russian collision investigation by james comey based upon a fraudulent and corrupt dossier just on the merits and recent revelations. he says that he is speaking in his own personal capacity, not on behalf of the president. the firing is controversial. some democrats say it is part of an effort by the white house to discredit the special counsel, they russia investigation. in a statement chuck schumer criticized the comments writing quote - mr. downs comments are yet another indication that the first instinct of the president and his legal team is not to
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cooperate with special counsel robert mueller but to undermine him at every turn. the president and the administration and legal team must not take any steps to curtail interfere with or and the special counsel investigation or there will be severe consequences from both democrats and republicans. mccabe is not the only one to lose his job this week. the president fired secretary of state rex tillerson and plans to replace him with cia director mike pompeo. deputy cia director hospital was sent to replace pompeo as cia director. rand paul says he will oppose both pompeo and paschal nomination despite speculation that more changes to be on the way. they say there are no immediate plans were no type of personal changes. this week there was also a new addition and new hire announced by the white house host larry kudlow is to come on at the presidents top economic advisor
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replacing gary cohen resigned a little over with no in part with disagreements over the president with steel and aluminum tariffs. >> thank you. >> where the special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation go from here? we have our chief congressional correspondent with us. they say that they should follow in the footsteps of attorney general jeff sessions who as we all know just fired former deputy director andrew mccabe and they want to end the russian collision investigation once and for all. james comey based on the fraudulent trumped dossier. where does the mueller probe now go from here? >> the whole probe itself is the faceted. because you have mueller and his independent look at the collision and trump allegations. you'll have congress that have
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been looking at this for quite some time. the house side of the investigation said that there was no evidence of collusion between donald trump and russia. there's a lot of bickering on intelligence panel so a lot of people discredited that report. unfortunately. on the senate side that is the more respected probe into the russian collision theory. i was just speaking to the intelligence committee chairman over there who told me that he really hopes it will wrap up pretty soon. i think one big part of this that we need to keep our eye out for is what the senate comes up with. their republican a lot of respect and there will be, people will see it as perhaps more respectable and more reliable report on what actually happened. there is that. and secondly, you have this inspector general report coming out from the justice department, it still has not been produced yet but it will perhaps provide more credence to the presidents theory that all of this is very political. that is coming in the coming
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weeks and it will look at hillary clinton's email investigation and how the fbi handled that. then we have the james comey book and you saw that andrew mccabe will come out with his own memo that he took. all kinds of information will spill out here. robert mueller's probe i think will continue at the pace that it is going right now. but all of the stuff swirling around could impact that and it could impact what congress thinks of the mueller probe, what congress does and what the public thinks of it. >> i am not sure what the public, i don't know if they know what to think! it is also confusing! how about the partisan bickering in the lower chamber how has that made this investigation? >> it is interesting because there was back-and-forth between ranking member adam schiff and intelligence committee chairman devin nunes who recused himself from the row but he is still the intelligence committee chairman. they're going back and forth
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saying -- the deep state and what the obama administration is doing on the unmasking front ahead of doldrums inauguration. then you have the democrats who say that the republicans are interfering with the probe and then when the republicans came out and said that there was no evidence of collusion, democrats said that they did not feel the investigation was thorough and complete. on the senate side there has been less of the bipartisan victory. there has been a real measured approach to talking to the press.i think which is really important. but also there has been far fewer leaks from the senate side. which i think has helped give the investigation more respect. and they are not done. although they said that they would like to wrap up soon, the chairman so we are not finished yet. we went to ask him last week. i think that you will see people will give more credence to whatever they produce here in terms of what level of interference russia had on the election but i think more importantly, the topic julie is
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whether donald trump or if there is evidence that he was really involved here and working with the russians on behalf of his own campaign and against hillary clinton. that is what everyone is looking for. where's the evidence? i've spoken to some members of the intelligence committee that told me they really have not come up with anything that is connected directly to trump. we will see but i think it will be a very important part of this. >> and the mueller probe, he previously said he sees no reason to fire robert mueller or even curtail the investigation. what do you think? will mccabe's firing further put pressure on robert mueller to wrap this up? >> interestingly the firing has given ammunition to both sides. you have the republicans saying for the evidence that there is undue political influence in the fbi has interfered and influence in the investigation into donald trump. on the democratic side i think it is firing here they think is evidence that the presidents office is trying to stop the
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mueller probe. another everyone just needs to keep this in mind there's a lot of politics involved. but we need to look at is what is the hard evidence and what is this ig report show? what does the senate committee come up with? i think that will give the public a true measure, really, of what is going on with the russian influence and whether or not the president was involved at all. everything else is clouded in politics. i think it's hard for the public to know what is going on. >> great to see you. thank you. >> there are new developments now in the investigation into the deadly bridge collapse in miami. a newly released voicemail reveals an engineer warned of fracking in the concrete span. but the voicemail he left was not heard until yesterday. one day after the bridge collapsed killing six people. rescue workers continue to search through the debris.
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>> currently, we are working on the removal of tumor vehicles. we are trying to accomplish those simultaneously. we are going to try and move those vehicles out of the way and proceed throughout the day. we are hopeful that within the next 12 hours or so we will have completed the mission but no guarantees. >> they have a very difficult task there. steve is live in miami with more. >> the big diggers and bulldozers have been going at it all day today. behind me there trying to pull two more cars out. they got to out in the early morning hours and they are working on two is a very lengthy process with about 2 million pounds of concrete all around. they're trying to do in a sensitive way as possible. when a body is discovered there was a moment of silence.there is also a chaplain. then they put up tarps for privacy. they are focused on a crack noted here there was a
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voicemail sent from one of the engineers to department of transportation state worker on tuesday, two days before this. the state worker was out of the office and did not receive the voice monitor friday after the bridge collapsed. this is what the voicemail had to say. >> i'm calling to share with you some information about the fiu pedestrian bridge and some cracking that has been observed on the north end of the span. the span that we moved this weekend. we have taken a look at it and obviously some repairs will have to be done but from a safety perspective we do not see that there is any issue there. >> so there was a crack but ntsb officials are saying it is still too early to know whether or not bachrach is what brought down the bridge. the anguish here continues after 48 hours for some family members. still not all of the victims have been identified. there was an area where the victims are being brought to
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for identification. it is a tremendously difficult scene for those families as the cars and remains of the victims rolled in on the flatbed trucks. back to you. >> thank you steve. >> president trump wants cia director mike pompeo to be his next secretary of state. some observers are calling pompeo the trump whisper. but not everybody is on board. >> somebody needs to be advocating. i think that he doesn't necessarily fit the role of someone i would say to be chief diplomat. s and bad at t. rowe price we've helped our investors stay confident for over 80 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid... the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve.
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these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> a plane crash into the house killing 10 people.five of the victims were on board the plane. the cause of the crash is not immediately known. however officials do say witnesses saw the plane hit a tree and electric post before slamming into a house. president trump picking mike pompeo to replace rex tillerson. but he could face opposition on capitol hill. >> the question i ask every ambassador that comes with the committee and everyone i get to
1:19 pm
vote on, ask a simple question. the real is the primary function of the state department is diplomacy, not war? so someone that's advocating for regime change doesn't really sound like something you'd want to have as your chief diplomat. >> robert is a former assistant secretary of state to colin powell and former navy intelligence officer. robert, thank you for joining us today to add your perspective to this. the situation with mike pompeo. let's start with the fact that your former naval officer. mike pompeo is a former military officer serving the army. graduating first of his class at west point, harvard law and then going on to serve as military veteran. what you say about this new position that he has been asked to do as secretary of state replacing rex tillerson? >> i think he is perfectly suited. creswell he is the presidents trust, secondly as you indicated he was number one in his class at west point. former army, he knows chain of command. which is what you know as an
1:20 pm
army captain. he also knows international law, he is a lawyer was in the private sector and public sector, ran cia. i think he is the perfect choice. if you think about it for a minute, the presidents trust in him actually will help him to mobilize the state department. i saw the ascenders comment but bottom line is diplomacy is what you do at the state department. i think if the president has trust in pompeo, the result will be that people will realize that there were counts. the two models for doing this really that have worked well in the last 30 years or 40 years. one is colin powell's model. great is all about the people and the mission. in this instance unlike rex tillerson i think secretary pompeo will understand that you give your opinions behind closed doors. he then saluted smartly and go and execute the presidents policy. colin powell knew that and one of the great things about the way he led the state department is he brought the foreign service together with the civil service together with the
1:21 pm
political and he helped them all pulled in one direction which was the presidents direction. he cared about people. walk the hallways, he understood the state department is a group of people that are being tasked with the mission of this diplomacy. i think knows that lapeer crest colin powell was a general general. he got along well with his troops and exacted respect by earning it by being a servant leader. does mike pompeo have that kind of discipline to be a servant leader? and will he serve at the behalf of president trump and will he be able, let colin powell, to say the president if he is wrong on an issue is colin powell once said, that president george w. bush about iraq. if you fix it, break it. i mean if you break it, fix it. >> look, like anyone else, the president trust people because he believes he is getting from that person honest advice. that will help him guide national policy. colin powell give that to
1:22 pm
george bush. george schultz gave that to ronald reagan. i believe mike pompeo will give that easily to mr. trump. >> i have limited time with you. looking at the meeting that the president is going to have with kim jong-un, what do you anticipate mike pompeo as advice to the president will be? and his expertise in helping only with north korea but also with russia? >> i think an understanding of history will be critical. i think mike pompeo has understanding. this is a regime, the north korean regime that signed the nonproliferation treaty in 1985 under pressure from ronald reagan but basically violated every year after that. i think it will be a very tough negotiation. i think having mike pompeo he said the president, and ace lawyer, ace military officer, an individual who is experienced being a congressman. he knows international as well as domestic politics. i think you couldn't do better than that. what it will mean is taking ahead of time, preparing for
1:23 pm
exactly what one, the endgame has to be known before you go in and i think, i think it has great promise. folks are skeptical and so am i but i think there is real promise. >> no rand paul is skeptical as well. thank you for weighing in on this matter. we will continue to follow developments of the career now moving forward from the cia to potentially the state department. of course he has to be confirmed by the senate.we will see what happens. thank you. >> yes, sir. >> a word between washington and those in the elitist party. the deputy director mccabe slamming the administration of being fired just two days from retirement. plus the sheriffs department under internal review over handling of an illegal immigrant suspected in a deadly hit and run. >> -- the first right he is in
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laughter... music... life. call now! for a limited time, you can get $500 off miracle-ear hearing aids! >> the suspect in a deadly hit and run in colorado now in federal custody. the 26-year-old illegal immigrant turning himself over
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to i.c.e. officials in denver. the agency reportedly not notified that he was being released on bail and now the city sheriff is investigating how that happened. will carr is live. >> the denver sheriff admits they made a big mistake by releasing the illegal immigrants. three sheriff's deputies have now been reassigned and he says simply they had a bad weekend. that sheriffs department released him from jail last weekend even though i.c.e. had a detainer on him. he is in united states on a temporary visa that expired three years ago. authorities say he killed a man and a suspected drunk driving crash. they charged with vehicular homicide after they booked him with in a march 10 the joe released him without notifying i.c.e. beforehand. >> that is what is shocking. to know that something that happens and we want to make sure we understand why it happens so we can take action to make sure it doesn't happen
1:30 pm
again. >> he allegedly hit john anderson, a truck driver who died after semi caught on fire. his friends say they want him to face justice in the united states. >> i don't think it is fair for him to go back over the border and get lost and never be seen again. or even worse, get behind the wheel in drunk and kill somebody else! >> he turned himself and to i.c.e. on friday will likely have a trial in the future. the sheriff has ordered an immediate investigation into how he was released in the first place. >> thank you. >> now to our tops through the day. shortly after his firing from fbi deputy director andrew mccabe strongly criticizing the trump administration saying a statement quote - this attack on my credibility as one part of a larger effort, not just to
1:31 pm
slander me personally but to take the fbi, law enforcement intelligence professionals more generally. it is part of the administrations ongoing more on the fbi and the special counsel investigation that continues to this day. amanda is the host of the hollywood conservative and michael starr hawkins is a strategist and both are joining is now. also a contributor. thank you for joining us michael and amanda. let's get to the point on the surface, what do you say about this bombshell on andrew mccabe? >> you know, i do not think that this is the results of the mueller probe. i think this is a result of lying to investigators. investigators that are his peers. and you know we don't really know if it was all right lying. lacking candor could be anything from lying via
1:32 pm
distortion, via exaggeration or via omission. but the point is that it lacks candor. it is basically not being forthright. but this is not the result of donald trump laying down the hammer and causing him to be fired. it is a result of people within mccabe's own agency or former agency recommending his termination. these are not the presidents henchmen recommending this. >> what do you say? we do not know all of the facts right now. we're just going by what the attorney general has given us as well as the fbi about andrew mccabe. what do you suspect is going on?some people are saying it is political. >> i think that this is an isolated incident i would be willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. what we have seen overwhelmingly, it is hard to look at this and say that this is not an attack on someone who is most likely going to be a
1:33 pm
witness in the mueller investigation. let's remember that andrew mccabe has documents that are going to either conflict with what james comey said or agree with him. those will be something that are viewed overwhelmingly in the investigation. >> and going to play some sound from center ben cardin. a lot of people are looking at the timing of this. it happened late friday night. the attorney general coming forward and saying because of andrew mccabe lacking candor, he saw it within his purview to go ahead and fire him. just a couple of days before his full retirement. bless us and to senator ben cardin for a moment. >> there is a proper way to do things and there is an inappropriate way. this is just not appropriate the way it came down. a day before his retirement. the report will speak for itself. mr. mccabe's conduct will speak for itself. but the manner in which the attorney general handled this firing is very much looks as
1:34 pm
vindictive and political act. it is not what we need at the department of justice at this time. chris amanda, as you know the president tweeted this is a good day for america. in the dismissal and termination of andrew mccabe. andrew mccabe saying, this is not indicative of my career at all. 21 years he served. tell me what you think about senator ben cardin in his statement as well as that of senator chuck schumer who basically agrees. >> once again we have people criticizing the man-- the manne in which this was done rather than the reason for which it was done. and for the president, him doing a victory lap does not negate the fact that this man misled investigators and was recommended by his own agency to be terminated. >> we don't actually know that because the report hasn't been released. all we're doing is guessing.
1:35 pm
the president could wait until the ig report came out and then had mckay fired. but he didn't. he had sessions do it friday night when people were paying attention. extents of politicization. >> we don't know what's in it. >> may ask then, perhaps a some people said maybe we should let the dust settle. i think most of michael's point. let the dust settle and the chips fall where they are and then let's see where they are before the president and even his attorney, going forward to say that the assistant attorney general, rod rosenstein should actually stop the mueller investigation and ended now. >> michael is right. we do not know what is in the inspector general report. but there are people who do and the people who do, recommend his termination. let's not forget that michael was with an obama -- including
1:36 pm
james comey. >> so now are you saying you don't trust the ig report because he was an obama appointee? >> no. i'm saying people on the left have praised the inspector general now there's an don't trust it. >> no, we want to see justice, and investigation that is not interfered with. if there's nothing to hide and stop hiding. we do not know what the recommendation is. >> i'm sitting here listening to both of you talk about the situation and it really goes to the core of what perhaps the american people are talking about as well. as they look all of this. we are in the middle of march madness and a lot of things going on but a lot of people are concerned about what is happening with the government. we are talking with the fbi. the top law enforcement here in the united states. the most trusted type of organization that we have. the department of justice and now, you're seeing the second in command, incorporated
1:37 pm
terminated for perhaps, lying to his own people as well as the congress. might that lead to people having distrust of the institution throughout america? >> yes! i think that is actually the aim of the president and many allies. to discredit the fbi and the doj because of the investigation going on. knowing that these people will be testifying most likely against him, against paul manafort, against gates in the future. so if you are an attorney and you know this you discredit those people. >> amanda, going forward -- >> i would proffer a different notion. i think that they are very trusting. this is an organization has been respected for decades. i think that the firing actually helps the notion that they are starting to purge. and you can maybe start to restore that integrity and respect. >> and there are some that say
1:38 pm
that the rank and file members of the fbi, wanted something to be done with andrew mccabe in terms of dismissing him because of the allegations against him and they basically just he was discrediting the career not only himself but the entire organization. >> and athena the day we might find out that there was a reason andrew mccabe shouldn't have been fired. but i think my point is also is a process. so republicans not talk about let's ignore the process and go ahead and fire him 24 hours before he is supposed to be retired this is a guy that is an investigation for the boston bomber. it's not how you do it. you do not find things through twitter and press releases. >> again, wish us in the process by which it was done. >> and we never like to watch dad being done but sure -- thank you both very much as we continue to follow this breaking story.
1:39 pm
thank you both. >> thank you. >> russia and the uk in a diplomatic back-and-forth as russia retaliates and made accusations of a chemical attack. >> the credibility of this council will not divide if we fail to hold russia accountable. s and radar... ...contemporary cockpit... ...three hundred and sixty degree network of driver-assist technologies... ...and sporty performance... ...what's most impressive about the glc? all depends on your point of view. lease the glc300 for just $449 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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>> welcome back to "americas news headquarters". china's today approving xi jinping as president with no limit on the number of terms he can serve. he is widely considered the most powerful chinese leader since -- china's legislature also passed the plan to create eliminate or consolidate dozens of state agencies. the plan would give china's president sole responsibility for the countries $12 trillion economy. >> speaking of a never-ending
1:44 pm
presidency, russia retaliating against the uk. after brenda expelled russian diplomats for the nerve agent poisoning of an ex-russian spy and his daughter. he is invested to the un, nikki haley this week slamming moscow. listen. >> if we don't take immediate concrete measures to address this now, saulsberry will not be the last place that we see chemical weapons used. they can be used here in new york. for in cities or of any country that sits on this council. this is a defining moment. >> calls a prize-winning author and journalist judith miller joined me now in studio. you have a unique advantage to the story and wanted to share with us because you're one of the only journalist that actually got a chance to visit this plant. i would like to hear all about that. >> it was the plan that the russians built as to say the soviets built in 1986.
1:45 pm
and it was in uzbekistan because the soviets tended to put all of the most dangerous facilities and they are but not in a country. it is this place, it was called the chemical research institute and it was all the way in uzbekistan. about 400 miles but the amazing thing was i walked in the building looked like an ordinary building. it was a soviet testing lab for sure. how did i know? i saw row after row of animal test facilities including for example, doggy treadmills. treadmills for all different kinds of dogs. sizes, with muzzles, so that the gas can be administered through their nose or on the skin as they walked on a treadmill. it was -- >> i know how said there must've been free. >> really heartbreaking. and they were furious because the russians had done this in
1:46 pm
their country. >> with image of russia retaliating against britain -- what do you think because they have been accused of something have been accused of in the past. and what is the punishment? >> it doesn't seem that there is one. >> differently is one and that is that is this is the largest expulsion of diplomats since world war ii. the bricks have finally discovered that you cannot tolerate this. you cannot look the other way when someone like this is poison. cannot let foreign intelligence knockoff people and kill people with agents and nerve gas and biological weapons. in britain, if they have any sovereignty whatsoever. so good on them that they responded. >> how does the os respond? because now the european union will begin together to get a
1:47 pm
global initiative in order to put this pressure on russia. some are actually saying between the two nations, the united kingdom and russia have now reached cold war era level. >> is because of vladimir putin. they clearly -- >> what next? >> what's next depends largely on how we respond. if we signal to the russians that they can do it, they will. vladimir putin pushes himself someone pushes back. even president trump has gone out of his way, as finally forced to acknowledge they probably did this in the united states stand with brenda to make sure they don't do it here and they don't do it there. >> the grand foreign minister says and i'm porting this, overwhelmingly likely. that vladimir putin directly ordered the attack. will we ever know?
1:48 pm
>> i'm not sure if we will ever know for sure. >> and what difference would it make? >> i think in operations this political and diplomatic sensitivity would have had to have had very high level approval. and vladimir putin is known as a micromanager. i don't think he's going to let something like this happen without knowing about the operation. >> russia will be holding a special election could have the presidential election on its own on sunday. vladimir putin is obviously going to win. i mean he has been -- in power for 18 years. this could take him into 2024. i mean, a shift in russia, if that doesn't happen will our relations with them ever change? >> it depends on whether president trump understand that they will not change your behavior, vladimir putin will not shift gears until we make it clear we will not tolerate this any longer.
1:49 pm
look at what they have done already. they are opposing necessary. their opposing us in afghanistan. they are not partners in any way, shape or form. they are aggressive and they must be countered. >> now that the trump administration is issuing sanctions for bad behavior, this is the sort of things they need to see. they need to be held accountable. on a number of issues. bad behavior could most recently including the russian interference in the 2016 election. >> above all! and nothing was done. vladimir putin thought he could get away with it that he was not going to pay a price. >> and he denies it! >> he still denies it. that is why whether or not you support president trump or not it is so important. we must get to the bottom of what happened, what the russians did, whether or not it had an impact in who here, if anyone, is collaborating with vladimir putin. >> great to see you as always. happy st. patrick's day. >> thank you very much!
1:50 pm
i am half irish-american i'm very happy to wear green! >> thank you. the navy commissioning his latest attack. and this nuclear sub, it has an eye-popping price tag. let's check this out. chicago celebrating in style with 40 pounds of green dye. >> i've been up since 5:30 am. >> do think it's worth it to come out and see the river? >> yes. natural cheese on one side, and sweetness on the other. sargento sweet balanced breaks, find it in our cheese section. fthere's flonase sensimist.f up around pets. it relieves all your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel.
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$2.6 billion nuclear submarine. the uss colorado commissions today in connecticut. officials said that the submarine is more complex than a shuttle in space. in fact it will carry 138 when it deploys. >> gather round. maine's americans are celebrating st. patrick's day. including my pets. the vice president and his family are visiting one of my
1:55 pm
favorite places, savannah georgia. taking part in the cities annual parade. we are joined with more on the holiday not from savannah but from new york city. >> hello! i wish i was in savannah. i bet it is warmer there! this is the 257th annual st. patrick's day parade in new york is the biggest in the world. some 2 million spectators and all day today. up until right now 5:00. at this point if you're not here most people and make themselves towards a irish pub. again, about 100 marching bands out here today to celebrate st. patrick's day. of course in honor of the patron saint. saint patrick brought ireland christianity. and just in chicago they, they do they always do! they painted the river green! three boats put in the vegetable diet inside of the
1:56 pm
river there in downtown chicago. a tradition started in 1962. it is not just in chicago. there is over 100 st. patrick's day parade in the united states and around the world including the great wall in china and of course a five day festival in dublin. even in rio and argentina. again, today some 13 million pints of guinness will be drank by the end of the day worldwide. >> thank you brian! happy st. patrick's day to you my friend! that does it for us. >> i will see you on "fox report" at 7 pm eastern.
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alert. in a war of words renting in washington. former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe saying that he will no longer remain silent after being fired by attorney general jeff sessions for his role in alleged leaks about the agencies investigation of the clinton foundation. welcome to bring our oath "america's news headquarters". >> hello everyone. attorney general firing mccabe just two days before he was due to retire from the fbi. that is tomorrow. he served for decades for mr. sessions and the


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