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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  March 18, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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katherine, chris, my studio audience. i'm greg gutfeld. president trump launching a flurry of new attacks against robert mueller, calling into question reports that the special counsel obtained memos written by fired deputy fbi director andrew mccabe, detailing his interactions with the president. this is "the fox report." president trump going after robert mueller, arguing the investigation into alleged collusion with russia should never have started in the first place, calling it a partisan witch hunt. the president writes, why does the mueller team have 13 hardened democrats, big, crooked hillary supporters and no republicans and he added does anyone think this is fair and yet there is no collusion. critics say the president is
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testing the waters on firing mueller. dick di durbin says that would e going too far. >> if the president reaches out and stops this investigation, that is a constitutional crisis in this country. that's been said by democrats and republicans alike and what it means is, it would be incumbent on congress on a bipartisan basis to use the tools in its disposal. there are two bills before the senate judiciary committee which has been absent without leave on this issue, two bills before the committee, bipartisan bills to protect the special counsel. we ought to pass those bills now. this coming after the firing of former deputy fbi director andrew mccabe, days before he was set to retire with full pension. this comes ahead of an internal report about his role into the agency's investigation into hillary clinton. we have the latest reaction from washington. we begin with allison barber at the white house. >> reporter: hi, rick. a source close to former deputy
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fbi director andrew mccabe that confirms mccabe kept mel memos detailing his interactions with president trump. president trump pushing back on that today on twitter, claiming that mccabe didn't actually spend much time with him and never took notes. mccabe's lawyer is responding on twitter as well, saying, quote, we will not be responding to each childish defamatory, disgusting and false tweet by the president. the whole truth will come out in due course but the tweets confirm that he has corrupted the entire process that led to mr. mccabe's termination and has rendered it illegitimate. there is a report that mccabe turned his memos over to the special counsel and the special counsel interviewed him as well. president trump has long criticized the investigations into collusion between russia and the trump campaign. he attacked the special counsel on twitter today as well as yesterday.
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yesterday he tweeted that the mueller probe never should have started because, quote, there was no collusion and there was no crime. >> i would hope that it would prompt all democrats and republicans in the house to pass an independent counsel law and reinstate bob mueller. this would undoubtedly result in a constitutional crisis and i think democrats, republicans need to speak out about this right now. >> a trump nominated rod rosenstein is who picked bob mueller. so give him the time, the resources, the independence to do his job and when you are innocent, if the allegations of collusion with the russians -- and there is no evidence of that and you're innocent of that, act like it. >> reporter: president trump spent most of the morning and afternoon at trump national golf club in sterling, virginia. the white house would not say what he was doing. there were no official events on his schedule.
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democrats condemned the decision to fire andrew mccabe. some offered him a job. some republicans expressed doubts. >> i don't like the way it happened. he should have been allowed to finish through the weekend. that said, there's an inspector general report that's due and work that's being done and a after he had retired, if that report would have indicated wrong-doing or something that was actionable, there was something that could have been done after the fact. 48 hours t to go before retirement, i would have done it differently. >> trey gowdy said he is withholding judgment but is pushing back against mccabe's claim that the firing is an attempt to discredit the mueller investigation. >> andrew mccabe undercut his credibility all by himself. i find it richly ironic that he is la manhuntin lamenting that e attacking the fbi when he does the same thing. we have more on this from washington. >> reporter: there are two main concerns we're hearing from lawmakers over the firing of
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andrew mccabe. as you heard marco rubio say, one of them is the timing of it. andrew mccabe stepped down in january amid heightened scrutiny. since then he's been using up vacation days so he could retire today on his 50th birthday, making him eligible for a lifetime pension. instead, the attorney general, jeff sessions, waited until 24 hours before the pension was set to kick in to fire the fbi's former deputy director and given that president trump has repeatedly attacked mccabe on twitter and suggested he should be fired, lawmakers are also concerned that politics were involved in this decision. >> it just seemed mean spirited to come down on a guy within 48 hours of his scheduled retirement, he had 21 years of exceptional service in the fbi, so it was clearly rushed and i think there are questions about that and whether the administration was putting pressure on the justice department to take this action.
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>> reporter: the attorney general said the basis for his attorney to fire mccabe came from internal investigations that the fbi and doj did which determined mccabe lied to investigators who were reviewing the probe of hillary clinton's e-mail server. a number of republicans argued mccabe isn't above the rules and he is paying the price for his actions. >> it was the appropriate decision, given the reports of his having leaked internal information to the media and then giving false information about that misleading information to those investigating the matter. >> reporter: andrew mccabe denied the allegations against him and he argues he's being singled out aroun and the i.g.'s report was rushed at the president's urging to ensure he would not receive his pension. the i.g. report will answer a lot of these questions and is expected to be released in the next couple weeks. >> garrett, thanks very much. president trump reacting to the revelation that mccabe wrote memos detailing their
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conversations of. he says, quote, spent very little time with andrew mccabe but he never took notes when he was with me. i don't believe he made memos except to help his own agenda, probably at a later date. same with lying james comey. can we call them fake memos? let's bring in ted williams, criminal defense attorney, former homicide detective. thanks for being with us. >> hi, rick. >> you believe that mccabe's firing was justified? >> well, when you look at it, what we have here, rick, is a mess. on one side we have the president of the united states who has a hate for mccabe and we have an attorney general who he recused himself from the special prosecutor and he's not someone that is very much loved by the president and so quite naturally he's trying to please the president. but on the other hand, you have mccabe. he's the deputy director, acting director at one time of the fbi
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and he's committed offenses, offenses that not only did the i.g. find that he had committed, but that the office of professional responsibility said that he should be fired for. so i think when you look at the overall scenario situation here, mccabe does not have clean hands in this. and so, therefore, if you've got two people going down the street at 80 miles an hour and one gets stopped and he says hey, look, i was speeding but what about the other guy, you still have to look at yourself and have you to look at mccabe. mccabe did a lot of things wrong here. and he was terminated. >> some people are crying foul, ted, because they waited until just days before he was set to retire, and to begin collecting his pension. >> that may be very insensitive. look, i have represented fbi employees who have been fired for less than what mccabe was
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supposed to have done here. and when you look at the politicalization of this, let me say this right now. i am not a fan of james comey. i think president barack obama should have fired comey a long time ago because incomey tipped the scales of the election possibly to president trump when he came out within days of an investigation concerning hillary clinton and i can tell you, having been a federal agent myself, the one word we learned is no comment. comey should himself have been fired, i believe. >> you represented former fbi agents who you say were fired for lesser offenses. does mccabe have an option here? can he appeal this some how? >> absolutely. he can appeal this. let me just say, i've represented former employees of the fbi. but for appealing it, he has
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appeal rights. he will probably be able to go to the system protection board and he would also maybe be able to go to the court if he he believe he was wrongfully and illegally discharged. >> among those who claim they smell a rat here is senator dick durbin. we're going to listen to him and then get your reaction, ted. >> let's wait w until we see the reports, see how they stack up against the facts as we know them and the statements being made by mr. mccabe. make no mistake, it was in december that president trump announced we have 90 days to get mccabe before he retires. he put out basically a hit on him and said do this before he qualifies for retirement. just hours before he would have qualified and left the fbi, this action was taken. it's highly suspicious. >> is that a fair criticism? >> when you look at the time period here, it could be a fair chris civil. but -- criticism. but i can tell you that i've
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known individuals fired in the dead of night. so i don't know if you can say that it's completely fair, but it is not unfair. i think that the president of the united states did have his thumb on the scale. i think sessions, the attorney general, wanted to please the president and he moved to fire him at that last moment. >> we also, ted, heard from senator marco rubio this morning who said mccabe could be called as a witness in the senate intelligence committee investigation. listen to the senator now. >> our probe differen is differm the special counsel. our probe is about election security, about the methods, about breakdowns in our intelligence system as they happened in terms of identifying russian interference. we're not a criminal justice probe. we're not prosecutors. we are looking at what happened, how russia did it, and what we can do in the future to prevent that sort of interference in our election. and so that's what we're focused on. and to the extent he has something to contribute towards
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that we should talk to him again. >> how significant would this be, ted? >> i think it would be absolutely significant. we know, rick, the russians are meddling in our election. i'm happy to see that senator rubio is trying to separate here the politicalization of all of this and try to make a determination of how russia interfered and if mccabe had information, quite naturally i think it could be invaluable. >> we have clearly not heard the last of this. ted williams, we appreciate your time tonight. >> my pleasure. with another extension deadline on the horizon, a top republican revealing which way president trump could be leaning on the controversial iran nuclear deal. plus, new reports suggesting who is really pulling the strings when it comes to setting up a historic meeting between president trump and kim jong un as questions linger over what north korea hopes to gain from the encounter. at thi.>> at this point we t offered anything.
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>> rick: we could be one step closer to a historic meeting between president trump and north korea's kim jong un. a senior north korean diplomat heading to finland today for talks with the u.s. and south korea. president trump agreed to meet with kim by this may. north korea has yet to comment on the matter. the big question, what does north korea hope to gain from the meeting? as preparations play out, south korea's foreign minister insisted they made it clear there would be no reward for dialogue. >> it's a matter of discussing and pressing for action. once you see the actions, then you move forward further. >> rick: for more on this, here is jillian turner in washington. >> reporter: president trump and kim jong un may have been
3:17 pm
trading jabs and threats over the past year. now they're communicating with one another and paving a path towards nuclear negotiations through south korea. for weeks, south korea's leaders have been urging the trump and kim administrations for a meeting, urging them to get together as soon as possible. south korea's foreign minister is urging both sides to be patient. >> we believe the north korean leader is taking stock. we give them the benefit of the doubt and the time he would need to come out with some public message. >> reporter: while there's lots of speculation surrounding the timing, location and participants in the potential meeting, the administration is remaining tight-lipped. >> again, i can't get into the details of the preparations and the progress being made. but i can tell you that we're continuing to move forward in hopes of having the meeting take place. >> reporter: one thing that's for certain, secretary of state tillerson won't have a role in any future negotiations but his presumed predecessor, mike
3:18 pm
pompeo will. reports are emerging that the cia has been carrying out back channel talks and is taking the lead in setting up this initial trump/kim meeting. now that director pompeo is slated to move over to the state department it's likely he'll bring some of his advisors with him and the intelligence committee will continue to have a say in whatever meetings and negotiations come next. whoever ends up managing the negotiations will have to know that north korea remains our most urgent security threat. >> rick: jillian turner reporting, thank you. two senior officials tell fox news that mike pompeo will meet rex tillerson and senior staff tomorrow. he will then go to meet with stop senate leaders later in the day, including with bob corker. as you know, president trump fired rex tillerson last tuesday and nominated pompeo who is currently the cia director to replace him.
3:19 pm
meanwhile, bob corker saying he believes president trump will do away with the iran nuclear deal, making good on a promise not to extend waivers on economic sanctions during the next deadline in may. >> right now it doesn't feel like it's going to be extended. i think the president likely will move away from it unless my european counterparts really come together on a framework and it doesn't feel to me that they are. now as we get within two weeks of the may 12th date, that could change. >> do you think the president is going to pull out of the iran deal may 12th. >> i do, i do. >> rick: the president takes issue with iran's destabilizing activities including the test firing of ballistic missiles and supporting rebels in yemen as well as hezbollah in syria and lebanon. disturbing new revelations about the florida school shooter showing that more warning signs were missed. the documents raising further
3:20 pm
questions are next. plus, more victims identified in that deadly bridge collapse in miami as the investigation continues into what caused this tragedy and if red flags were missed. what we're learning is straight ahead. >> although we expected we perhaps may find more, thankfully we did not. so this tragedy ends with a total of six. hi, kids! i'm carl and i'm a broker. do you offer $4.95 online equity trades?
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>> rick: there were calls to have the accused florida school gunman, nikolas cruz, committed into a mental health program against his will. documents show that school officials and a sheriff's deputy recommended this option back in 2016 and a state law would have allowed it. but some how, that recommendation fell through the
3:24 pm
cracks. if cruz were committed, getting a gun would have likely been far more difficult. he's charged in the deaths of 17 students and staff on valentine's day last month in parkland. to another tragedy in florida. police in miami releasing the names of the victims killed in the bridge collapse and their loved ones are speaking out saying this never should have happened. phil keithing is live in miami. investigators have not said what caused this yet but i saw a report that an engineer saw cracks in that bridge before the accident. >> reporter: yeah, rick, cracks in the brand-new concrete was known by fig bridge design, the designer of the pe pedestrian bridge, florida international university as well as the florida department of transportation but it found out one day late. most of the rubble has been swept off the street. investigators are confident there are no more bodies in the piles of concrete rubble, that the death toll will stay at six. heavy equipment operators were
3:25 pm
able to free the last of the five vehicles which had drivers and passengers still in them last night. eight cars and trucks in total were crushed under the still under construction pedestrian bridge which had just been put into place last saturday. the youngest of the victims, 21-year-old alexa durand of florida international university freshman, who was studying political science, her family emotionally destroyed and angry. >> when i see things like this and i think of the inquestion ie that put this together, we can't bring alexa back, we can't bring the others back. >> reporter: at the time of the collapse on thursday afternoon, there were several workers on the bridge, tightenin tightenin, part of the stress test. they chose to do that while keeping the busy street open. an engineer with the bridge design firm told the state two days beforehand in a voice mail that cracks had been discovered in the concrete but that voice
3:26 pm
mail wasn't played and listened to until friday. friday night, ntsb investigators on the scene said cracks in the concrete alone do not necessarily mean the bridge is unsafe and could collapse but everything right now is still under investigation. meanwhile, miami-dade police have an ongoing homicide investigation with six fatalities. >> it is heart-wrenching, it's hard to hold back your tears when you listen to them and you listen to every individual story. we finally got the last victim out. >> reporter: no word on when this busy intersection, very busy road, eight lanes of traffic in southwest miami-dade county reopens to the public. it will not be open tomorrow. fiu students do return here to the campus tomorrow, their first day back after spring break at 1:47 p.m., the time this pedestrian bridge collapse happened on thursday, they will take a moment of silence. there will be a vigil on
3:27 pm
wednesday and tomorrow in orlando the first of what is expected to be many lawsuits will be filed by one of the survivors who was injured. >> rick: not surprising. phil, thanks very much. it's election day in russia and the country's headed to another six years under president putin. what it means for moscow's relationship with the west which appear toss be growing more tense by the day. >> we should all remember, this is a formality, this election. it's more like a rubber stamp coronation. it's not about a democratic election. it was my very first car accident. i called usaa and the first thing they asked was 'are you ok?' they always thank you for your service, which is nice because as a spouse you serve too. we're the hayles and we're usaa members for life. you're smart,eat you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer.
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>> rick: vladimir putin extending his power in russia for another six years. he celebrated at a victory rally in red square. he appeared to win the presidential election in dramatic fashion with 74% of the vote, despite reports of ballot box stuffing and forced voting. amy kellogg is live in moscow with more on this. amy. >> reporter: they're still counting and now they say it's up to 76%, which was significantly more, rick, than his team had hoped for and significantly more than the 63% he got in 2012. now, his campaign manager said tonight that the spy scandal, the poisoning in london, actually gave his numbers a bump and he did comment on that scandal for the first time
3:32 pm
tonight since a man and his daughter were poisoned. he was asked about it at his campaign headquarters this evening when he was giving his victory remarks. >> in towards the tragedy -- in regards to the tragedy you mentioned, i found out about it in the media and the first thing that comes to mind is if this were a military substance, people would have died there and then. >> reporter: people reported real pressure to vote, pressure from bosses and teachers that left them fearing repercussions if they didn't, according to election observers. it's likely without the irregularitieses putin would have won handily. when he finishes his term he will have been in power for nearly a quarter of a century. here's a look back at some memorable moments. from the get-go, he established his reputation on toughness, vowing to wipe terrorists out, even in the outhouse.
3:33 pm
hhe seemed to take to the wheel, naturally, didn't 345e matter wt means, putin appeared comfortable in the driver's seat. the softer side came out too. he made a splash with his rendition of "blueberry hill." >> reporter: he never let anyone forget who's the boss. this photo of him with his back lab and the german chancellor who was afraid of dogs speaks a thousand words. rick, the election tonight happened on the fourth anniversary of crimea signing a treaty to rejoin russia. that is a pivotal moment in history, a pivotal moment in putin's personal history here, that some people are suggesting that he doesn't even have to do one more thing for the rest of his life to prove himself after that. rick. >> rick: thank you, amy, live in moscow. for more on this, let's bring in
3:34 pm
miles stanish, white house columnist for the hill. thank you for being here. first of all, we're hearing 76% of the t vote. how seriously do we take this landslide win? is he really that popular? >> i don't think we take the 76% number at face value. there are reported irregularitieses in the election, as your correspondent and you have mentioned, about ballot box stuffing. those issues are separate from the fact that vladimir putin is legitimately popular in russia. one of the complications for those of us in the west is that part of the reason for his popularity are the very same things that make him unpopular here, the sense that he can stand up to the west, as many russian voters see it. >> rick: six for years, the knowledge he has six more years, does that make putin himself more dangerous? >> it could. he has put a big stamp on russian affairs and the greater world but he will clearly regard
3:35 pm
this as a sign of approval for his policies. he will continue i presume to pursue pretty confrontational policies and just another point, quickly, rick, this term will apparently be his last. so that sets up the question of succession. we don't know exactly how that's going to work out. >> rick: what was it that sparked -- that spins to spark his popularity in russia. >> well, i think there are two factors there. one is the economy. there was after the collapse of the soviet union a pretty disastrous economy through the 1990s for russia. vladimir putin was perceived to improve upon that, even though there was a recent recession. overall, standards of living have improved. the other thing is this idea that he has returned pride to russia in its capacity to stand up to the west. obviously, i'm not advocating for that. i'm saying that's why he has such popularity with the voters
3:36 pm
there. >> rick: we've also heard that putin went to great lengths to prevent his most worthy opponent from running. so does that call this victory into question in any way? >> it does. i mean, his opponent was the most serious critic of putin based on distance. he was barred from running for what most consider spurious charges. he would have provided the most serious platform for dissent and opposition. if you're clearing the field of your most credible opponents, that's a pretty sinister sign. >> rick: speaking of cinder, the whole world heard about this alleged poisoning by russia of this russian double agent and his daughter in the u.k. and putin himself responded to that charge tonight. before we get to that. i want to hear from senator marco rubio and then let's talk to you about what putin himself said. here's the senator. >> if we truly have an alliance
3:37 pm
with the u.k. that involves germany and france, all the members of nato, all of these nations should come together with a collective response. vladimir putin is a cost/benefit analyzer. he's going to weigh the cost and the benefits of the action he took and if the benefits outweigh the costs he will do it again. he could do it here in the united states. >> th >> rick: putin said it's absurd to claim russia will do something like that. >> mr. putin's denials will be taken with several pinches of salt. he would have motive and technical capacity to make this kind of attack. i think senator rubio's point is well taken. vladimir putin is clearly someone who calculates and to a fine extent what he can gain and lose from certain scenarios. one of the things that we'll be watching with interest is whether the u.k. does pursue very aggressive sanctions as a
3:38 pm
consequence of this and whether it is joined in that effort by the trump administration and other allies. >> rick: why would, if putin was responsible for this, why would they be so sloppy? why would they use a poison that russia was known to possess? why would they allow this to be discovered? >> the explanation seems to be that perhaps they would want that to be known as a sign to other dissenters -- the gentleman in the u.k. was a former double agent. the idea is while there are public denials, the kremlin doesn't really have a problem with the widespread suspicion that they're responsible because they would see it as a deterrent to other people to deviate against -- against deviateing from the kremlin. >> rick: there are other alleged putin plots including one targeting the u.s. infrastructure. we heard earlier today from daniel hoffman, let's listen to that.
3:39 pm
>> vladimir putin has been aggressive, invaded georgia and ukraine, mounted cyber operations, meddled in our election. i don't expect him to do much more but to continue to be aggressive against the west. >> rick: how big a threat is putin to the west? >> he's a big threat. he is someone who considers a lot of his political fortune to rest upon a confrontational approach to the west. we see that in ukraine. we see that in syria. we see it in the allegations of election meddling, not just in the united states but also in nations in western europe. i don't see why from his perspective he changes that approach and he's a very serious adversary for the united states on for the west more generally. >> rick: miles stanish, we appreciate your insight tonight. >> thanks. >> rick: china's president was reappointed this weekend with no
3:40 pm
limit on the amount of time he can serve. this comes after china's ruling communist party scrapped term limits for the president and vice president. he says it brings the presidency in line with other positions. critics say it will likely increase political repression and lead to in-fighting among party fractions. we're learning new details about president trump's plan to combat the nationwide opioid epidemic ahead of his trip to new hampshire tomorrow to unveil his strategy. white house staff confirms it will include possible death penalties for drug traffickers. president trump called for this ultimate price to be paid before but it's not been official policy. the president's plan will also address factors fueling the opioid crisis including over-prescription, i'll illicit drug supplies. opioid overdoses have spiked
3:41 pm
nationwide over the past few years to crisis levels, about 64,000 americans died of overdoses in 2016, the majority from heroin and fentanyl. facebook under fire after reports a data analysis company collected users' information without their permission. what they allegedly used it for and how it's connected to the trump campaign. plus, police in austin, texas december prest for answers, -- desperate for answers, offering a sizable reward to get information on a string of package bombs that left two dead. >> if you know anything, give us a call, reach out to us. these are hazardous explosive materials that pose a danger to this community.
3:42 pm
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3:46 pm
stabilized. no matter how careful you are, the materials used in these devices represent an ongoing hazard and a danger to children and families that may be near the bomb maker. >> rick: two people have been killed in the bombings and two others injured. facebook users demanding answers after reports surfaced saying a data analysis firm, cambridge analytica allegedly tapped the profiles of users without their permission while working with the trump campaign. will karr joins us more to explain. how did this happen? >> well, rick, that's a question a lot of people are asking tonight. this really boils down to the personal data that you have on facebook. the new york times and the guardian are reporting that a voting profile company harvested private information from more than 50 million facebook profiles. according to the report, the company could take that information and build psychological profiles so voters
3:47 pm
could be targeted on social media. the company released a statement which says no data was used by cambridge as part of the service services it provided to the donald trump p campaign. according to the new york times, the company deleted the information when it learned of the problem. facebook posted a statement saying they received reports that contrary to the certifications we were given, not all data was deleted. we are working to learn of the accuracy of these claims. if true, it's a an unacceptable violation of trust and the commitments they made. >> rick: it sounds sketchy. is it illegal? >> many of the details in the story so so entr intricate, it l take a while to delve into this. the attorney general of massachusetts launched an investigation and lawmakers say they're keeping a close eye out
3:48 pm
on the situation. >> rick: i think another part about -- >> i think another part is the companies think they're above the rules that apply to everybody else. so we'll learn more about this in the days to come. i'm disturbed by that. >> we need to find out what we can about the misappropriation of the privacy, the private information of tens of millions of americans. that mis misaprobeapproac inforn manipulate american voters. >> facebook said they launched internal and external reviews. >> chris: will, thank you. >> rick: the first day of spring is this week. for millions of people it might feel like winter with another big storm in the forecast. we'll tell you who's in its path. a quick programming note, tonight on the fox news channel you can catch "the wise guys," a round table discussion on many
3:49 pm
issues, moderated by bill bennett, including bob bennett, colonel oliver north and maria bartiromo. here is a sneak peek. >> maria: the fbi as an institution has not been attacked. the president attacked the leadership of the fbi, many times this president has come out and said the broad institution of the fbi is doing a very good job and actually trying to keep us safe. but the leadership, i mean, there's a reason that ten people within the fbi and the department of justice have been reassigned or fired. it's ok thae ignores me while i drive. it's fine. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. and i don't share it with mom! right, mom? righttt. safe driving bonus checks. only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it. i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late.
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>> rick: fox weather alert now. we're watching the potential for severe storms across the
3:53 pm
southeast including a tornado threat. this as a nor'easter, this one number four, on the way to the northeast, putting a cap we hope on a roughened to winter. let's talk about what we can expect with meteorologist adam klots. is new york going to get socked? >> we'll be in the bull's-eye region. it's on the other side of the country. first we have to deal with severe weather folks in the southeast are seeing, associated with very warm temperatures. you're seeing numbers in the 8s along the gulf coast, from dallas all the way to portions of south georgia, all included in this. that's going to be running all the way to early tomorrow morning. that severe weather could continue to fire up. i'm concerned about heavy, strong thunderstorms, potentially a couple isolated tornado as well. this is that system currently. the next big system the east coast is talking about, possibly becoming that nor'easter, that continues to spin out over the mountains. this one is several days away.
3:54 pm
there's time for it to move alittle bit, time for it to perhaps maybe even miss parts of the states. but this is what we'll pay close attention to. here's the future radar. i'll put it in motion for you. this is the area i'm talking about as it moves across the country. it will bring at times heavy rain. by early tuesday morning, we're beginning to see it run off to the mid-atlantic, areas seeing heavy rain, perhaps a little bit of snow. it spins off the coast, moves up the coast over the course of tuesday, into early wednesday. you notice on the backside of this there are some areas where we're talking about snowfall. but this is still far enough out that there's a lot of indecision on how much snowfall this could bring. we like to look at several different models and the models not making up their mind. philadelphia, somewhere between 4 to 7 inches but you're looking at other spots, maybe as little as an inch in new york city, as little as an inch in boston. these numbers will be changing a lot the next couple days. this is one we're not going to know until later on monday, early tuesday. >> rick: we know you'll keep an
3:55 pm
eye on it. do you remember where you were 15 years ago tonight? the launch of the iraq war was hours away. i talked to a group of marines. this weekend, some of those marines reunited and their story is next. no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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3:58 pm
>> 15 years ago tonight i set the northern kuwaiti order preparing to roll into iraq and into war, and better with the wolfpack. u.s. marines, we had just abandon massive tents in a makeshift desert camp. five companies with marines, approximately thousand men were in and lav 25 with the captain led by the battalion commander,
3:59 pm
now a three star general. general clarity and hundred marines reunited this weekend. a chance to reconnect and reflect, sharing stories and celebrated their brotherhood with family and friends. guess included general joe dunford who commanded the fifth regimen. also almos army veterans held ce for 22 days near the start of the work were rescued and delivered to safety by members of the third lar. this was the bravest and most unselfish group of service members i ever joined in battle. during sandstorms, heat, limited supplies, surviving attacks they pushed to end the dictatorship of saddam hussein. it was an honor to tell their stories and showing them for their reunion. thank you for your service and
4:00 pm
sacrifice. that's her fox report the sunday. thanks for spending part of your evening with me. i hope you have a safe and productive week. fox news sunday starts now. >> chris: chris wallace, president trumps lawyer calls for shutting down the special counselor show pro. as the attorney general buyers former deputy fbi director, andrew mccabe. >> we think it is well documented that he has had very troubling behavior. by most accounts, bad actor. >> jeff sessions moves against mccabe as he faces the pressure from republicans to appoint a special special counsel. this was corrupt in my view. >> robert mueller continues his investigation order in the trump


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