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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 19, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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jobs and about 500,000 jobs in central america are affected. >> tucker: we are rooting for you. this is senseless and thank you for fighting back. good to see you. that's it for us tonight. we will be back tomorrow night. we hope you'll join us then. here sean. >> sean: great show and welcome to "hannity." breaking news and investigative reporting you will not get from the fake news media. tonight we are following several breaking news stories. the deep state is now facing their day of reckoning. president trump is calling on disgraced now former fbi director andrew mccabe after he got fired for lying to the fbi under oath and sources are saying he could face criminal charges for his actions and we are going to explain why him getting canned is a good first step towards draining the swamp and the deep state in this country. also there tonight, his old boss, national embarrassment james comey, also part of the deep state. he's continuing to put himself in legal jeopardy by tweeting and openly taunting
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president trump. mr. comey, like we have been saying, you may want to start listening. do have the right to remain silent. but if you want to keep running your mouth, we do have many questions that the american people want and deserve answers to. breaking right now, the media is going absolutely ballistic over president trump for calling out robert mueller for what he is leading which is a witch hunt. media is now claiming the president is going to fire mueller, more fake news. we have the evidence tonight. if we that and so much more in tonight's breaking news, and it's a big breaking news night, opening monologue. ♪ >> sean: tonight we start with proof the deep state of israel in america and that you, the american people, see what is really going on. pay attention to this poll. according to a brand-new monument poll, 74% of you, the american people, save this group of unelected bureaucrats are secretly trying to manipulate
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policy, and it's deeper than that. we are going to have a ton of examples that prove that you are, in fact, right. we will start with a protectable fake news attack from liberals and the destroy-trump media. they are trying to claim that president trump fired former fbi director andrew mccabe. okay. number one, they are not only idiots, but guess what, they actually may even believe their own lives. president trump did not fire former deputy director of the fbi andrew mccabe. the fbi fired andrew mccabe based on their investigation and of course information from the inspector general's report that we know will be forthcoming. all you have to do is look at the attorney general jeff sessions' statement, which apparently the liberal media that is so overpaid in ways he did not do. sessions explains that after a very extensive investigation that the doj inspector general provided its report to the fbi's office of professional responsibility and then "the
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fbi's opr then reviewed the report, and underlying documents, and issued a disciplinary proposal recommending the dismissal of andrew mccabe." both the oig, the fbi opr, the report concluded that he had an unauthorized disclosure to the liberal news media and that, pay attention, he lacked candor, including candor under oath on multiple occasions. that's called lying to the fbi. the fbi and the doj inspector general determined mccabe lied on multiple occasions, that in and of itself can be a crime. mccabe can only blame himself, and by the way, what cannot be understated is how significant this move is. for the fbi and the doj to recommend that he be fired, it means that he did radically wrong at the fbi. in fact, sources are telling us tonight, again, that mccabe in the future could be facing multiple charges. it's that serious. i know the media is not telling
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you that. mccabe deserves to be shown the door and we are also learning tonight that just like james comey, mccabe had memos of his interactions with president trump and the memos, they just reeked of desperation. remember susan rice, james comey, they all kept memos. in reiss' case, two weeks after meeting with obama, comey, others, she emails herself just minutes after donald trump becomes the president. obama says do everything by the book. president obama says do everything by the book. the only reason rice was doing that, that was a cya. president trump reacted to all of this news about mccabe blasting the corrupt media's coverage. he wrote on twitter the fake news is beside themselves that mccabe was caught, called out and fired. how many hundreds of thousands of dollars were given to mccabe's wife in a campaign by crooked hillary friend terry
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mcauliffe who also was under investigation? how many lies, how many leaks and comey knew it all and much more! president is 100% right. if the media had their way, mccabe, an accused liar and potential lawbreaker, would still have the number two job at the fbi. most fbi people i know don't want him to have that job. the media does not care about the facts like mccabe's wife, jill. she got over $700,000, an obscene amount of campaign money from clinton bff terry mcauliffe and another democratic group for a failed virginia state senate run. mccabe eventually ended up recusing himself from the clinton email investigation because of all of this, but only one week before the election in 2016. then there's the fact according to "the wall street journal" mccabe waited a month to notify congress that thousands of emails were found on anthony weiner's laptop. mccabe, he is totally shady
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deep state actors and mccabe got caught red-handed and it looks like mccabe is still going to end up getting some of his pension, despite of reports to the contrary. the left in this country, they are rushing to offer democrats, rushing to offer mccabe all sorts of various jobs. the reason for mccabe being fired is so obvious that even leading trump-hater himself, soon to be msnbc conspiracy theorist, congressman adam schiff is kind of admitting that we are right. take a look. >> on andrew mccabe, does the fact that the inspector general did say, did find that he lacked candor and some of his responses and that his firing was recommended by career fbi official, does that give you pause and does it suggest that in fact his firing was or may be justified? >> his firing may be justified. there's no way for us to know at this point, but even though it may have been justified, it can also be tainted. >> sean: my bet is he knows it's justified. every once in a while he kind of
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malfunctions and slips out of his destroy-trump default setting and actually tells the truth. this was one of those square inches and still make instances. of the deep state, weren't so accepting of reality. he supposed to work for you, the american people. he's caught up in several of the scandals, but he's out there tweeting as arrogantly as james comey. the full extent of your banality, moral turpitude and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place, talking about donald trump, as a disgraced demagogue and the cost bit of history. you may scapegoat and a mccabe, but you will not destroy america. america will triumph over you. really? this coming from brendan? once voted for the communist party, the candidate from the communist party running for president? mr. president, i look forward to learning about what you knew and when you knew it on a variety of issues and i have a funny
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feeling we will be hearing a lot more about you in the future. you were supposed to, mr. brennan, served the american people, not her selfish deep state agenda. and as for andrew mccabe, after being fired he issued a statement that is creating what is nothing short for a legal nightmare, for his bff, his body james comey. he writes in part "the oig investigation is focused on information i chose to share with the reporter through my public affairs officer and a legal counselor as deputy director. i was one of only a few people who had the authority to do that. it was not a secret. it took place over several days and others, including the director. that would be comey -- were aware of this reaction. it was a type of exchange with the media that the deputy director oversees several times per week. in fact, it was the same type of work that i continue to do under director was to for at his request. mccabe is actually admitting
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that comey knew he was engaging in a media leak, which is the reason why he got fired, or part of the reason on top of lying under oath. it sounds like mccabe either slipped up or is throwing his best friend, james comey, under the bus because back in 2017 and may, comey gave a very different answer about leaks to congress while james comey was under oath. if so who is james comey or mccabe saying this? let's take a look at the videotape. >> director comey, have you ever been an anonymous source in news reports about matters relating to the trump investigation or the clinton investigation? >> never. >> question two, relatively related. have you ever authorized someone else at the fbi to be an anonymous source in news reports about the trump investigation or
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the clinton investigation? >> no. >> sean: no. okay, with evidence like that coming out you would think that comey wanted to keep his big mouth shut, but that's not what he's doing. instead you got comey out there on twitter, he's taunting the president ahead of his big liberal media book tour blitz. tweeting out "mr. president, the american people will hear my story very soon as they can judge for themselves who is honorable and who is not." james, like we've been saying, mr. comey, you have the right to remain silent. i don't know who your attorney is. since you are interested in auditioning to become the next liberal media darling by going on the view and going on with colbert and sitting down with quentin sycophant george stephanopoulos, we have some questions for you. mr. comey, you are more than welcome to come on the show, share what you claim is your inspiring story. i will give you the entire hour right here on this set.
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i will give you three hours on my nationally syndicated radio show. i'm on 575 stations. come on! four solid hours. you want to get the truth out, you want to be our guest and answer a few questions? , come on, you are welcome. for example, what did you know about andrew mccabe's leaks and andrew mccabe's lying under oath. why did you tell president trump that clinton, that bought and paid for dossier was bought and paid for why did you say that an unverified meeting at trump tower, but three months earlier in october of 2016 you were using that same dossier to get a warrant to spy on carter page and that was the bulk of the fisa application? mr. comey, come on the show and tell us why the fbi also never corroborated or verified the dossier. and did you know it used current and former russian government sources? it's supposed to be a big deal. did the fbi make any attempt,
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did you make any attempt, to look at christopher steeles russian sources and interview them yourself? did anyone at the fbi ask him about his sources? did you pay christopher steeles? is there reports that you did pay them? what about fusion gps? did you ever ask glenn simpson or anyone at the company if they ever tried to verify the dossier, because the answer is no, they didn't. by the way, then there's the fire support. mr. comey, personally you were aware of course that the fisa judges, did you not know that they were lied to? did you not know they were never told that hillary clinton had bought and paid for the unverified russian propaganda dossier? were you at all aware that the bulk of the fisa application being made up of those russian lies? or how about andrew mccabe saying without the dossier it would not have even been a fisa application? did you know that as well? you are right. with andrew, you were his boss. were you also aware that clinton paid her money through her
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campaign for these russian lies and clinton's campaign, the dnc, they funneled over $12 million through a law firm, did you know that too? why did they funneled that money? and then there's the clinton email investigation, mr. comey. sit down and explain why any investigator -- while rewriting and exoneration months before interviewing not only hillary clinton, but 17 other key witnesses? if that's what you did in the hillary clinton email investigation. take a look, mr. comey at the sight of your screen. you're probably familiar with 18 usc 1793. that makes it illegal, in other words, against the law, to mishandle classify, top-secret program information. did hillary clinton mishandle all that information by keeping that unsecure server in the bathroom of a mom-and-pop shop, pop shop closet? was she trying to circumvent
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congressional oversight? you originally said it was likely that hostile foreign actors hacked into hillary's server. did russia hack into that server? to china, did iran committed north korea? to date gain access to america's top secrets in hillary's emails? or what about the fact that hillary clinton, she deleted 33,000 subpoenaed emails? mr. comey, is that a crime? is that obstructing justice? we would like for you to explain a couple of these reports. take a look at these headlines. october 2016. fbi source, majority of staff on clinton kays wanted her prosecuted. exclusive, fbi agents say comey, that would be you, stood in the way of the clinton email investigation. mr. comey, can you please explain those headlines? can we talk to the agents that work for you? that worked on that case? what about what former fbi assistant director is saying to the american people about all of
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this? you may want to pay attention. >> i think we have ample facts revealed to us during this last year and a half that high ranking people throughout the government, not just the fbi, high-ranking people, had a flat to not have hillary clinton, you know, indicted so that she could remain a flawed candidate that she was, which in my view was stupidity. and they also had -- even this guy talked about this. they had a backup plan to basically frame donald trump. that's what's been going on. this whole thing, in my view is just total phony. how would you feel if someone out there in america, someone who just had a phony scheme about you and one on for months and months and months? >> sean: mr. comey, mr. deep state, here's an open invitation for you to come on the show. come tell your story, come sell your book and answer some real
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questions. and mr. comey, if you care about the truth, it's fine. go running to your liberal friends for a little safe space to talk, but answer real questions here. also tonight, members of the fake news media, they have lost their minds yet again over all things donald trump and in this case for donald trump daring to call out the extreme and abusive bias, the mass of conflicts of interest that surround robert mueller's special counsel. we've been telling you this for a long time. the media just can't stand the fact that the president is defending himself and telling the truth, no collusion, and exposing their agenda and their lies. the president over the weekend tweeted out this. as the house intelligence committee has concluded, no collusion between russia and the crum campaign as many are now finding out. however, there was tremendous leaking, lying, corruption at the highest levels of the fbi, the justice department and the state department.
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#draintheswamp . if congress for over 14 months and so far nothing, no evidence of trump-russia collusion. mueller, if you've got it, come on the show until america. by the way, if you have more proof that this is not a witch hunt, okay, i don't believe you. ask eos is reporting tonight that robert mueller is more interested in what happened after the election and before the election. this collusion, supposedly, was the whole reason for the entire investigation. by the way, how can rod rosenstein -- this guy is so conflicted, he should have recused himself, because on the one hand he signs off on one of the foregoing fisa warrants using clinton's were ophthalmic russian dossier, and that he also appoints mueller. i say conflict of interest. it's why the president waited "the mueller probe should never have been started and that there was no collusion and no crime. it is based on fraudulent activities and on fake, phony
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dossiers paid for by cricket hillary in the dnc and improperly used in a fisa court for surveillance of my campaign. witch hunt!" people say that we can act like you are not guilty. okay, saying i didn't do it means you are acting like you are not guilty. then the president added, why does the mueller team have 13 democrats, some big cricket hillary supporters, zero republicans, another democrat recently added does anyone think this is fair? and yet, there is no collusion. the president's right to be fed up with all of this. look at what it has done to this country in the last year. look at the side of your screen. mueller's merry band of democratic donors have given over 50 grand to democrats, including obama, clinton and the dnc. none of those people donated to the crum campaign. so if the president is innocent, i say he has every right to be upset, every right to speak out.
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mueller's swamp and his deep state, they are abusively biased. they've been shown to be corrupt, shown to have an agenda and according to a report, andrew weissman, by the way described as "the new york times" as mueller spitball, attended hillary clinton's election night party and legal work for the clinton foundation. that's was on mueller's team. as for the media, they went absolutely nuts, speculating that trump was going to fire mueller. that's not what the president said. he said it never should have started. he never insinuated in any way he was going to fire mueller, but that's not what you're lying news media reported this weeken weekend. >> president trump, sharpening his attacks, really taking in directly for the first time as special counsel robert mueller, calling him out by name. of course all of that raises a lot of questions about whether the president was trying to underline his credibility, moved to have him fired. >> big players in this investigation covering this
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attacking personally, the way he acted over the weekend is a step towards firing mueller. >> do you think the president is laying the groundwork to fire mueller? >> we see in a series of tweets right now, the statement from the trompe l'oeil or suggesting the entire investigation should be shut down. what would happen if the president made that move? >> sean: joining us now, fox news contributor sara carter, also an investigative reporter. gregg jarrett, judicial watch president tom fit. here we have mccabe fired for lying under oath repeatedly. isn't that what general flynn just got charged with? >> multiple times, under oath according to the attorney general. that means three different crimes with which he should be indicted and prosecuted. one is false statements, the other is perjury and finally obstruction of justice. he could start with making a false statement, by that reasoning, shouldn't mccabe? >> sean: make sense, right?
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>> mccabe is obviously lawyered up at this point and he's going to need a good defense lawyer because it's not just those three, but he also signed off on the dossier, in violation of the law, because the dossier wasn't verified by the fbi. mccabe and comey both knew it. >> sean: look at these new text messages between the fbi love birds what's fascinating about this, if got them -- strzok was also working on the exoneration with comey before the investigation, but this is really scary, the exchange that we talk about on friday night as they talk about rudolph contreras. he is a fisa court judge. >> he's a fisa court judge and from looking at these text messages, he's actually good friends with peter struck strz. they are discussing in these text messages how best to talk with him, how best to meet up with them so it doesn't raise any red flags, so that he
6:22 pm
doesn't have to recuse himself. remember peter strzok was the head of the counterintelligence. he investigated into russia and many other matters, so a lot of his warrants to the fisa court would go directly to them, possibly even to judge contrarians. i think with even more telling is that the doj withheld this from congress, withheld this from the american people. it was redacted. it wasn't until the house oversight committee told congressional members sent over their investigators that had to keep going back and forth that were able to dig us out. they were able to make those connections and then ask for that to be redacted or semiredacted. and then that's when the evidence came forward. this is something that really needs to be investigated. you cannot have a charge friends with somebody in the fbi, somebody who was involved in flynn's case, december 1st 2017 is one flynn went before judge contreras and pled guilty and
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then seven days later he's recused and there's no explanation. >> sean: let me bring in tom here. as you look at all of this year and you look at the media's reaction and how they can spin the president -- we now know comey is in trouble, strzok is in trouble, page is in trouble. mccabe is an obvious trouble. i would bet loretta lynch is in trouble. brennan and others in here as well. we have deep state actors that clearly did not want donald trump to get elected or to succeed, and they have been undermining him in ways that i don't think any american could ever have imagined. >> the anti-trump media and their allies in congress are trying to prop up a mueller operation that is collapsing. you have mccabe and comey, and you can't say one without the other because working closely together, comey was -- mccabe was comey's protege.
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comey according to the documents we uncovered blessed mccabe's involvement in the clinton email involvement despite his conflicts of interest. he only recused himself after it was probably reported he had a conflict and they were pretending he didn't have one, but then they secretly recused him. he secretly recused himself and on top of that now we have mccabe being accused of lying. the number two official at the fbi is a certified liar by the fbi and the department of justice and the attorney genera attorney general. any investigations he's been involved in. we know about the clinton and the russia one. who knows how many other investigations are tainted as a result of the lies. >> sean: look at comey and brennan and how arrogant these people are. >> comey is one of the most self-righteous, insufferably arrogant people i think i've ever seen in such a high position. >> sean: what about brennan mack >> brennan was the instigator. he was running all over
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washington, d.c., on capitol hill pushing the dossier together with his partner james clapper. that will come out. >> sean: thank you all for being with us. so much more to get to. sarah, thank you. tom, thank you all for joining us tonight. >> devon as is with us. good to see you again, thanks for being with us. let's first get your take on the firings of the deputy fbi director andrew mccabe in the statement of the attorney general. >> as you know we had the fbi under investigation by our committee for a long time. the fisa abuse and other matters, so it doesn't surprise me that mr. mccabe went. however, our investigation is still ongoing. mr. mccabe still owes us answers no matter where he's working and eventually he's going to have to come forward and provide those answers. >> sean: one of the things he's going to have to fight the answers, but i really see he even seem to in his statement implicate james comey. did you catch that as well, that
6:26 pm
he knew about the leaks in the media? >> that's why this is becoming so difficult. there are so many witnesses now who have testimony all over the map, which is why i think you continue to see this call for somehow doj and fbi are going to have to have somebody who can actually investigate them and put all of this out there. we are continuing to have problems in congress just getting the information that we need. the latest example of that, sean, was the text messages that emerged on friday night. we did not have those text messages and we had asked for those text messages back in october, november, december. it's very difficult for congress to get to the bottom of this and every day we find out something new. however, i think at this point there are so many crimes that have to be investigated, they need to get somebody over there was going to run a thorough investigation and maybe work with the ig you will not comport dominic report comes out. >> sean: do we know when we are finally getting this report?
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i keep hearing one former head of the fbi -- fbi officials say it is pure tmt. >> i have not seen it. i have not been briefed. that is really under the jurisdiction of the judiciary committee and the oversight committee. however, they do have a lot of cash at the ig does have a lot of information that my committee is very interested in when it comes to what we continue to look at and call it fisa abuse. >> sean: james castro has been a longtime friend of this program and he actually made the statement. former assistant fbi director, high-ranking people throughout the government had a plot to protect hillary clinton from being indicted. in your opinion based on what we know and 18 usc 793 which is you cannot miss handle classified information, similarly you cannot destroy. and of course you have subpoenaed emails that are deleted, acid wash, bleach bit busting up devices with hammers.
6:28 pm
you have any doubt in your mind that those are crimes? >> as you know, our committee continues to look at conspiracy. we are looking at obstruction, we are looking at misleading congress and also there's the statute in the civil rights code that involves i think abuse of power and using your position to go after someone personally. gregg jarrett, i've seen on your show, he's talked about this, this provision. so there's many crimes that have to be looked at, but i keep reminding people, congress cannot prosecute. all we can do is make a referral to the justice department and then the challenge is who we are going to refer it to, because as you know, we don't know who over the justice department is involved in this, would have to recuse themselves because of their involvement and their knowledge of what happened over the last few years. >> sean: now the public -- this poll that i referred to in the last segment about the deep
6:29 pm
state is very telling. i want to ask you about two issues involving james comey. the president pointed out a testimony that james comey was under oath, have you ever been an anonymous source, or known someone else to be an anonymous source. he said never, no. do we now know that's not true with the leak that we know he was involved in? >> you bring up a very valid point. somebody is lying. we don't know who, but those stories don't jive. i'm sure -- this is all out there now, they are going to start to cover up their tracks, this is why we have to have them back in to answer these questions. we still have a questionnaire that they have not responded to. that's unacceptable. we needed to know when exactly did they learn that the dossier was paid for by the democratic party and the hillary clinton
6:30 pm
campaign. >> sean: we do have evidence of what hillary clinton did as it relates to the email server. we do have evidence that in fact an exoneration was written before an investigation. we do have evidence that hillary fixed a primary and we do have evidence that she paid for if only dossier funneling money through a law firm and at that dossier that she paid for was then used it to get and obtain fisa warrant with great omissions and lies on four separate occasions to fisa judges. am i wrong on any of that? >> no. that's exactly right. what we are trying to determine here is who was involved at the fbi and the department of justice that made these decisions to move forward, not only to make a decision on what to do with the clinton campaign, but that's what mr. gaudi and mr. goodlett are investigating and the ig, mr. horowitz. we are also trying to look at who made this decision to open up this investigation and why was it done? because it doesn't appear to me like they have any credible evidence to open up a
6:31 pm
counterintelligence investigation. that's what we just can't have in this country, where you have political dirt that's paid for by one political party and used against another, especially using our foreign intelligence capabilities. it's just -- it just can't happen in this country. >> sean: it's illegal. the comments seem very arrogant from both james comey and brendan this weekend as it relates to the president. it seems personal and it seems abusively biased. what is your reaction to their comments? >> i saw those comments over the weekend and i was really quite surprised, because -- this is again not help the more we have to go in this country. the american people expect the intelligence agencies not to be political. and what you are seeing is the comments that are coming out from the highest levels of the intelligence agencies from the last administration are quite alarming. it's just way out of character.
6:32 pm
you don't see former cia director is those types of comments like mr. brennan made over the weekend. i don't know why he did it. maybe you should retracted. but we will see. >> sean: it seems what james calls from sad, high-ranking people throughout the government had a plot to protect hillary from being indicted and i would add undermining donald trump. mr. chairman, thank you for being with us, we appreciate it. >> sean: joining us now with reaction, michelle malkin. michelle malkin, fox news national security strategist former deputy assistant to the president sebastian gorka. michelle, your reaction to all of this, and this is really just the tip of the iceberg. >> it is. the stench emanating from the top echelons of the fbi are beyond fetid. this is the malodorous mark of the deep states want and as desperate as the desperation media is, there is nothing they
6:33 pm
can do to cover it up. they will keep repeating the same tired false talking points about this being some sort of partisan witch hunt on the part of the trump administration, that pure psychological projection and you can't hide the fact that it was career fbi people and an obama appointee and michael horowitz. it got the ig within the justice department and the office of professional responsibility that signed off on this firing last friday. it has nothing to do, as you said, sean, with donald trump. and you are absolutely right. you've been saying it for a long time, that this was the tip of the iceberg. i have to say that as a matter of historical context this did not just come out of nowhere. i reported over the last eight years about how the obama administration and particularly people in the justice department thwarted at every turn inspector general's investigations.
6:34 pm
it happened in justice, the epa, interior, every single one of these civilian agencies. so you add the national security implications and dangers of the hijacking of our intelligence agencies. and a constitutional crisis. >> sean: is to undermined a duly elected president and to assist a felon lawbreaker and literally exonerate somebody who committed many laws. that is a constitutional crisis. let me go to sebastian gorka. rice, klapper, brennan. comey, page, strzok. loretta lynch. you have the obama administration, top down. >> absolutely. >> sean: deep state. >> let's remember, this individual, andrew mccabe, he's just a small part of a massive conspiracy and again, the opi, it sounds very anodyne, the office of professional responsibility, that the iad of the fbi. that's the internal affairs
6:35 pm
division and they said this guy cannot get his pension. that is a massive blow and it's just the beginning, but now comes the real test. now ha sessions has to clean. >> sean: special counsel. special counsel. if an amazing, thank you all. so much more to get to. we are way behind. ♪ at the lexus command performance sales event. current qualified lexus owners can get up to $1,000 cash on select 2018 is models for these terms. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. you won't find relief here. congestion and pressure? go to the pharmacy counter for powerful claritin-d. while the leading allergy spray relieves 6 symptoms... claritin-d relieves 8, including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d relieves more.
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♪ >> sean: here to weigh in on all of tonight's big developments, the host of cr tvs within tv and a host right here on the fox news channel, life, liberty and live in. thank me, how am i? let me bring this audience behind the scenes. you and i talk a lot, we are best friends. you called me this weekend and the both of us were apoplectic about not just mccabe, but how
6:40 pm
this is the beginning, the level of deep state corruption and how the media in this country lies to the american people. i will let you say it in your own eloquent way. >> if somebody worked at the justice department, i want you folks watching to understand a couple of things. the inspector general is an independent official, professional within the department of justice. this inspector general was appointed by barack obama. then you have the office of professional responsibility. in this case in the federal bureau of investigations. they investigate professional wrongdoing accusations. people in these offices are civil servants. they are experienced lawyers. what's happening here, sean, is when you look at it this way, the director of the fbi, comey and the deputy director mccabe, these were bad cops. they were bad cops. they were politicizing the fbi. they were obstructing certain investigations. they were pressing their foot on the gas pedal in other
6:41 pm
investigations. they are bad cops. so the institutions within the department of justice and fbi that deal with this have been raising red flags. the inspector general appointed by obama and the head of opr appointed by mueller when he was the fbi director. they looked at it. trump had nothing to do with it. they wouldn't care what trump had to say anyway. they go to the attorney general of the united states and say you need to fire the sky. by the way, the new fbi director, who is apparently in the witness protection program, he put the guy on suspension forever. the new fbi director, the ig, the opr, the attorney general of the united states would have done a horrific miscarriage of justice if he had not fired of mccabe. a bad cop who authorized authos and apparently lied about it. >> sean: under oath. >> under oath. first what's stunning. you have a media in this
6:42 pm
country, a democrat party and some republicans like lindsey graham, marco rubio, they are very concerned for this man, that he might lose his pension. he's not going to lose his pension. whatever money he put into his pension he gets. it's just that you and me and mr. and mrs. taxpayer don't have to contribute to his pension for the rest of his life. why are we supposed to be concerned about this? this man may have committed crimes. he should be in front of a federal grand jury. the problem is, we don't have a federal grand jury to investigate him or comey. comey is like the mob boss of the operation. all this was happening under him. strzok, page, him, all the rest of it. and all the rest of it. and comey is a known liquor. he confessed because he didn't want to commit perjury and now he's caught with his former deputy at a point here with a former deputy said yes everything i did comey new and as you pointed out, he testified he didn't. these are bad people who did bad things and we expect the head of
6:43 pm
the fbi and the deputy had to do the right thing, but they were bad cops. i want to go on, all this tweeting. james, we talked about. brennan. do the american people remember that this -- that his cia was spying on staff for the senate intelligence committee and he denied it and then he had to go back and apologize because under this jerk they were spying on the senate intelligence committee? two people remember samantha power? under this jerk they were unmasking americans left and right in historic numbers like never before. her excuse? people were unmasking americans with my name. she didn't know anything about it. remember eric holder? that jerk repeatedly lied about his knowledge when it came to fast and furious. the only attorney general in american history to be held in contempt. he targeted journalists. he refused to investigate abuses of the irs. he was involved in the pardon of marc rich. even the doj ig at some point
6:44 pm
testified senior officials under holder or blocking access to the documents. clapper, who can forget that jerk for lying in front of congress about what they were doing to the american people with their spine? what we have here, unmasking, spying, leaking, covering up leaks, lie about leaks. it would be nice if trey gowdy for once would go on television and say you know, i really do think something is wrong here and mr. mueller, you are investigating the wrong thing. he's on tv and he said we are not investigating mueller, a collaboration with the russians anymore, we are investigating russian interference with our election. that's his mandate. maybe mr. trey gowdy can explain something to us. why isn't mr. mueller dragging hillary clinton in front of the grand jury or the head of the dnc in front of the grand jury, or other people associated with the dossier in front of the grand jury? why isn't he dragging his friend james comey in front of the
6:45 pm
grand jury? he had to sign off on the fisa application. or mr. mckay. or rosenstein. margaretta lynch. because mr. mueller is not investigating interference in the russia -- the campaign. because if he was, he would do not only what i said, but he would be investigating comey and mccabe for interfering in our election. here's the big story. the obama administration didn't want to interfere with our election than the loathsome, loathsome vladimir putin. whether it's unmasking, whether it's susan rice refusing to allow the cyberspace folks to investigate, the obama administration did more to interfere with our election than the russians. that's the story. >> sean: you are one of the hardest interviews i've ever ha had. that is a superb analysis, good job as always. life, liberty and live in every sunday night and p.m., number one show on cable. you don't want to miss it.
6:46 pm
when we come back, peter schweitzer, a new book about government officials and corruption. remember he wrote the number one best seller "clinton clash of my cash." this book will be number one. his interview is next. ♪ i'm very proud of the fact that i served. i was a c130 mechanic in the corps, so i'm not happy unless my hands are dirty. between running a business and four kids, we're busy. auto insurance, homeowner's insurance, life insurance policies. knowing that usaa will always have my back... that's just one less thing you have to worry about. i couldn't imagine going anywhere else. they're like a friend of the family. we are the cochran family, and we'll be usaa members for life. save by bundling usaa home and auto insurance. get a quote today.
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>> sean: he's back. three years ago about this time of year "new york times" best-selling author, he launched the book number one "new york times" best seller "clinton catch." he's out with a new book entitled "secret empires, how the american political class has corruption. let me just told his audience because i read the book and you saw i had them highlighted today. we are not going to get to the whole thing today. i want to give a broader overview and do what we did last time. we will break it on one by one. you were the first guy to break
6:51 pm
uranium one. talk about profit through proxy. you talk about fighting, you talk about carrie. we talk about obama. talk about republicans. mitch mcconnell. >> that's exactly right. this is the new corruption and this is not the corruption of $90,000 in your freezer. this is a major amounts of mone money. >> sean: billions. >> billions of dollars in some occasions and involves foreign governments want to influence our readers and the way to get around disclosures, the way to get on the law is they don't get the money to the politicians. they don't really give it to their spouse. they give it to their kids or they give it to a sibling and that's a way that it avoids detection. the amounts of money are massive. for example, there are three major deals involving the chinese government and family members, close aides of the secretary of state john kerry and the vice president -- >> sean: his adopted son. >> joe biden's son. basically what happened is in 2013 joe biden flies to try not to talk to them about very
6:52 pm
sensitive issues, the south china sea, talk about trade issues, economic issues. hunter biden, his son is with them on air force two. it's fine, that's great. here's the problem, ten days after they come back, after joe biden takes a pretty soft position towards the chinese, hunter biden incorporated, what becomes a 15 billion with a b dollars -- >> sean: he takes it to china. he was being soft on china. ten days later his son got a what? >> $1.5 billion private equity deal. that's the first of three. >> sean: 1.5 billion with a b. >> that's right. that's the first of three deals. there's another deal. this is one that involves carrie's family, one of his aides and hunter biden. technology partners, and offshore fund. chinese government puts $38 million into that. her deal, rosemont realty. again involving these three same
6:53 pm
individuals. if a chinese government buys this real estate company, puts in $3 billion. >> sean: how many billions between these three are we talking about? >> you are talking about if you accumulate all of them, you're talking about multiple billions of dollars, at least a couple of billions of dollars, and here's the problem. none of this was disclosed. we have pictures of it, the documents, but it wasn't disclosed because federal law doesn't require the vice president of the united states -- >> sean: it's a doorway. obama made a big deal. five year lobbying band. my you know what. that's a lie. if his son can go on air force two and make a deal ten days later for a billion and a half dollars and this is the first of a number of deals, this is basically another way to buy influence. >> that's exactly right. that's why it's key. we got to change the law. there's got to be disclosure. right now joe biden gets a $1500 campaign contribution, he has to disclose it. his son gets a billion and a
6:54 pm
half dollars private equity deal from a foreign government, no disclosure. >> sean: we will bring you back once a week and dig into each one of the scandals one by one. this is a big headline for our audience. it includes mitch mcconnell. >> right. you've got mitch mcconnell, his wife. very closely tied commercially to the chinese government. chinese states building a corporation, largest military contractor in china. close commercial ties there. and mcconnell, senator mcconnell and elaine got a gift from her father for between five and $25 million. it is a result of that chinese government m little different in the little shady too. you have on the cover of the book, you have carrie, your crazy uncle joe. you've got mcconnell, obama and jared kushner. i read the jared kushner part and i'm thinking he's in troubl trouble. but it was a lot different -- this is in the same. why did you put him on the cover if he's not guilty of these same
6:55 pm
issues? >> we deep scrub everybody. republicans, democrats. we've always done that. >> sean: mcconnell should be nervous. >> i think it should be very nervous. in the case of jared kushner, there's no deal. we didn't find any foreign deals. what we did find is the chinese government has said they don't like president trump's policies on the military. they don't like his policies on trade and they explicitly said the way we are going to try to soften his position is by going to the kid. really it's a warning saying don't take the deal. >> sean: these others to correct deals. you're just saying in his case, you better learn from these guys, don't do it. >> it's going to be damaging to the family on the country. >> sean: this book, secret empires, best seller., bookstores everywhere. good to see you, more "hannity" after this.
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7:00 pm
this. also this week, we will be investigating who is robert mueller. we have information that probably will shock you. tune in, that's all this week. we will always be fair and balanced. let not your heart be troubled. we are not the destroy-trump media. laura ingraham is standing by. hello. >> laura: hey, hannity, you are fantastic. >> sean: eight abraham, go ahead. >> laura: i don't like to complement you very often but when i do it really means something. you look tanned, rested and so fresh this morning on "fox & friends." >> sean: [laughs] i spent all weekend in bed reading. that's why. >> laura: you are like bone. if you would like going through the topics. wait a second, hannity is like 8:30. >> sean: i love the show. they are all friends of mine but i mean it's ridiculous, you are right. i don't get paid extra for that. >> laura: that's too bad. this is what i want you to do. the next time that you