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tv   Watters World  FOX News  March 24, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> and you get a lot of hotdogs. thank you doctor peterson. i love you america.ecececececec. [♪]ove you america.ecececececec. jesse: welcome to "watters world." i'm jesse watters. legal advice for president trump. i'm not a lawyer and i don't play one on tv. but i know special counsel robert mueller is a dangerous man. he's a former vietnam vet, former fbi director and he takes no prisoners. he's a patriot and he's a man on a mission. he stacked his team with courtroom killers and obama donors. the whole thing began with hillary. a hillary donor was the tipster who led the investigation.
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and hillary herself paid for the dossier that started the investigation campaign. james comey ushered it through the fisa courts. comey gets fired and his mentor becomes special counsel and is out for blood. don't fire mueller. it makes you look guilty. even though we have seen no evidence of anything. and number two, don't do this. >> would you like to testify in front of robert mueller? president trump: thank you. jesse: it's a perjury trap. and it sets a terrible residence for the executive branch. and you have a big mouth that will get you into trouble. you are shaking up your legal team and bringing in brawlers. i hope they tell you not to sit
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down and speak with mueller. remember the way hillary was interviewed during her criminal investigation? she wasn't under oath. the interview was not record. the lead investigator didn't show up. have the lead investigator exonerate you before the evidence and bleach and destroy evidence before the interview. claim you didn't intentionally break the law, and have your spouse secretly meet with the investigator's boss weeks before the interview on a tarmac. do not speak with special counsel robert mueller, but if you do, do it crooked hillary style. california out of control. governor jerry brown declared the entire state a sanctuary state meaning they will not cooperate with i.c.e. but the mayor of lossa of los as
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saying no. i'm going to start with luke. i like hartford, i went to school there. you can't believe it's safer not to cooperate with federal officials. >> the president trump lies along race lines. he creates a perception there is some crime wave driven by undocumented immigrants and it's not true. jesse: sanctuary cities are a little more dangerous according to a study. i have the study right here.
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university of irvine. >> we are sitting in the largest sanctuary city in the country which is at historic lows. jesse: your city hard -- hartford crime is going up. >> i would love to have a conversation with you and the president about what would make cities and communities like mine safer. jesse: that's a different discussion. there is fear because of the crime. let me get to you in california. you have taken a big stand against your governor. have you noticed any pushback from the state which is very, very liberal? >> at this point our city is absolutely behind us. the whole process that we have been able to go through, i feel like sometimes in my little city we sit back and we are look at
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sacramento and can't understand what the heck they are thinking. jesse: you said we are going to cooperate with i.c.e. and if someone is arrested and we'll run their i.d. and if they have a warrant out, we'll communicate with i.c.e., and if i.c.e. wants to pick them up and they have scene outstanding warrant or misdemeanor, they will pick them up. >> the mayor of hartford, it's an honor to meet you. but you and i are boivment s. navy veterans. and we both swore to defend the u.s. constitution of the united states. the sanctuary law directly conflicts with our obligation. from being on the council, i don't see how you can compel yourself not to follow the law. >> i think you are misreading the constitution.
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the constitution does not allow the federal government to commandeer local law enforcement to do their job. you said you are not responding to any real problem. there is no crime problem driven by undocumented immigrants in your community. that's what you said. police chiefs across the country said the approach we take is the right one. jesse: can i get in there for a second? according to the national sheriff's association, they are against sanctuary cities. so to say police are behind you is not true. >> the police chiefs association nationally and all the major police chiefs take a different view. jesse: the sheriffs are in charge of the county and deal with federal officials.
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they are saying something completely different. >> it's different state by state so that's not an accurate thing to say. jesse: do you nominate your own this chief? >> i do. jesse: he probably agrees with you. >> he does. he had that view long before i became mayor. what police chiefs across the country have said it under mines our police if they have to become the tip of the spear. jesse: how does it under mine them? >> it mike's them less likely to report crime. jesse: we had a sheriff on from suffolk county from long island that said that statement that you just said on the air about people not coming forward is false. let's hear we had to say. >> if you are an illegal alien
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and call to snitch on an ms-13 gang member, do they deport you for snitching? >> that's a false narrative going not united states for years. law enforcement, especially here in suffolk county does not do that to victims of crime. we get a lot of cooperation from the immigrant community. they commit crimes against themselves and neighbors. we have i.c.e. officers who work in our correction today facilities and we communicate and share intelligence with i.c.e. which is what we should be doing. jesse: are you saying this sheriff is not telling the truth. >> here is why he's wrong. the fact they don't deport somebody for sharing information doesn't mean people aren't less willing to share information. jesse: he says they are willing. >> what we are seeing and what many community around the country are seeing is immigrants community are less willing to share information, built
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relationships, and it -- build relationships and it turts our police department to do their jobs. jesse: do you feel the same way in los alamitos? >> no, we should be cooperating and contributing to help out federal agents. there are small cities and big cities. but the reality goes back to the constitution. who do you think should enforce the immigration laws. the state of california, we need to remember who voted for us and put us in office. in my city i hear people very frustrated, the voting residents of the city and legal immigrants. i'm getting an outpouring from legal immigrants, a lot of them that waited their turn, and they don't understand why we want to safe harbor anybody like this. jesse: a lot of the victims of
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crimes by illegal aliens happen to be hispanic americans or other law abiding legal immigrants. >> here is the basic lie with what president trump said and what you say on your show. if we actually wants to talk about public safety, let's talk about opioid treatment. and let's talk about common sense gun laws. jesse: let's stay on the topic. there was an i.c.e. raid over a four-year span and in new england, they picked up almost 400 illegal aliens. they rio fenlded at a 30% rate. -- they re-offended at an almost 30% rate. >> what i.c.e. is doing is
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targeting families with no criminal history. they are hard working, tax paying members of our community. jesse: that's what they are doing? they are going into homes and breaking up mothers and daughters? is that what you are saying? >> that's what i am saying. week after week we have cases where i.c.e. is targeting for deportation individuals with no criminal record and individuals who have been contributing members of tour community. jesse: i want the bad whom -- ie bad ombres out. i will give you the last word. are you considered a brave man or is this a suicide mission in california.
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>> i think i'm increasing my property value and bringing sanity. i hope all the mayors stand up for people that voted for you. back to the mayor. how are you hearing this if you are not cooperating with them? >> because they are actively deporting residents in our community. every sanctuary city i know of including my own cooperates when we are working to take violent criminals off the street. but we are not going to let our police force be commandeered to deport families who are not posing a threat. jesse: i have a list of crimes, child rape, assault, drug trafficking. but we disagree. i think you are misguide, but you are a patriot because i love hartford, ban i love
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connecticut. up next, the white house will join us. stay tuned.
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president trump: we are going to build a wall, and whose going to pay for the wall? jesse: it looks like mexico won't be paying for the wall and neither will we. the president on the got money for border security and only 92 miles are allows to be built and the bored is 2,000 milessing long. serving now is counselor to the president, kellyanne conway. what happened to the wall funding. >> it has begun. he made -- jesse, this is a town that not so long ago was mock the very idea of the wall, now they are giving billions of dollars worth funding towards it. this president made it clear
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that he'll not sign another bill like this. he said don't bother sending me one. the 2,000 pages is filled with stuff the president said is a waste and he doesn't want in there. but he's not going to leave our troops underfunded like they have been. it's historic funding for the military. the disappointment is shared. but everybody wants to put the perfect before the good. you have got to start somewhere. the president made it clear, there is a lot he doesn't like and a great deal he does like. that military funding is the first pay raise for your troops in a long time. there is also $6 billion for opioid abuse. you can focus on the negative side by said don't do this
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again. jesse: how is he going to change the dynamics so this doesn't happen again. he said don't send it because i'll veto it. they pretended egg they cared about with immigration was daca, the dreamers. where are they now? the president came to the table web said i will do 1.8 million and they disappeared. they scattered like cockroaches when you throw a light on. where are they to help these people they pretend they are trying to help. the president said in the past maybe they wanted this to be a political bludgeon. the president has remained consistent. he said the centerpiece of his immigration policy is the wall because we have to prevent people from coming into our
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country illegally and we have to keep the poison out. jesse: the narcotics are flowing in. maybe he gets wilbur ross and maybe betsy and maybe himself, they can pony up some of their own cash to you build the wall. >> i would expect to hear that on a different station. that's silly. jesse: you have to understand the disappointment after running on building the wall and failing to get necessary funding. i am not necessarily blaming the president. i am just thinking neither party wants it. >> why is it equal blame when the president executes the congressional funding. jesse: we had higher expectations. >> so does the president. he made very clear and that he
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expects that to continue. he said the construction actually starts this monday. they will start take even more concrete steps towards the wall monday. jesse: reinforcing some of the wall. >> secretary skier step nielsen said she wishes the congress would have listened to the men and women on the front lines who are trying to secure our homeland. and they are telling us they need more reinforcement and resources. jesse: let's move on to john bolton. that did not go over well with some of the doves on the left in the mainstream media. here is a sampling of their reaction. >> this may be the worst thing he has done. he brings in the godfather of
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stupid wars, john bolton. >> the risks of a shooting war with iran and north korea are greater than they were this morning. it increases the risks many americans and clear -- and koreans. >> he's saying he's mad web's getting rid of everything. jesse: john bolton is a great diplomat who has had decades of experience in international relations. >> he has a very impressive resume. as does larry kudlow. they don't need another service in washington but they want to serve this country.
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jesse, what did the media do when the president said the fire and fury when it came to north korea. the media had a panic attack. now he's saying i'm bringing them to the table under conditions of my making and they are attacking him for that. jesse: no matter what he does they will react the opposite way. he could denuclearize the north korean peninsula and they would say now we are going to war with china. >> the person saying it increases the number of the iranians and north koreans and iranians that will die. does that person support what president trump and ambassador bolton do not. the iranian deal that president
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obama and his team put together that's americans find offensive? >> obama is giving them billions of dollars of cash and they are not scared about that. >> we don't want a nuclear capable iran who is pointing that at israel and its sights. i don't believe the president is making his personnel decisions based on what the reaction will be from his detractors. he's making the states on folks who will support his agenda. i want to say general hr mcmaster is retiring after 34 years in the army and that deserves a great deal of respect. he was here when the america first under national strategy started. general mcmaster has been here when a lot of big things happened around the world
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including getting north korea to the table and stabilizing the middle east. and putting isis on retreat. jesse: we owe a great gratitude for his service. i want to ask you about james comey. mr. comey is going on a publicity tour for the book. this some tweet ripped off. we should appreciate fbi speak up. i wish more our leaders would. in the long one weasles and liars never hold the field so long as good people stand up. not a lot of schools or streets named for joe mccarthy. so he'll be taking this message to msnbc, and the view. i'm sure joy behar will be
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asking him tough questions about fisa abuse. >> we have seen what happened in the past when certain people have been under oath. they have had a very difficult time getting the story straight. but that tweet that you read in full is another reason why we shouldn't have 280 characters. he'll have his say. but so will the president. the president and others will respond. there are 25,000 men what women who work at the fbi in the rank and file. we respect them and their service. the president is talking about a couple of bad apples who should not have continued to be in charge of an investigation if they had true conflicts. but sanctimony is never in short supply in washington, d.c. but there will be a love affair and lovefest by those who buy
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into a certify loss if i. we'll see what happens. jesse: thank you so much. the pot pastor from the international church of cannabis. run, jump, or swim in to experience the power of tempur-pedic sleep. with our 90-day trial and being the highest ranked mattress in customer satisfaction by jd power, it's easy to love. find your exclusive retailer at
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with the custody of a child. >> you going to join me? quarter poirnld, man. jesse: as you know, marijuana is legal in denver, colorado. we had on the man who founded a cannabis church in the mile-high city. the police raid his church. he's claiming religious persecution and the denver judge
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just declared mistrial. joining me to clear things up, steve, you look like a deity sitting in the chapel. jesse: are you high now? >> i am not now but i plan to be later. fill me in on the legal battle. you have a pot church. you believe in cannabis as a god. and the denver police are cracking down? >> we don't believe cannabis is a god. we believe can business is an element to help someone elevate themselves. we call it elevationism. people have been using cannabis as a spiritual agent. cannabis for spiritual religious
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purposes is older than the united states of america. i'm an elevationist. the reason why we are sitting here talking today is because the city of denver had two undercover cops infiltrate a spiritual congregation. two out of 11 undercover cops were able to lie or sneak mare their way out. and because they were able to get into my ceremony that was open to the public. jesse: you were so baked you didn't see the cops in there. >> we were having our celebration. these are trained operatives. if you have a private wedding and you have 200 guests and
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3people sneak in, does that make it public? >> they declare a mistrial. and you are in legal limbo. are you still having elevationist ceremonies at the church? >> yes, we have nothing to hide here. jesse: what does a cannabis church service look like? >> we have a different speaker and different musical guest every week. we have had ceos, researchers, scientists. jesse: who is the musical guest, snoop? he's welcome to come here. this is no laughing matter. they are percent kiewght us but none of their own property where
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they allow people to smoke openly. it seems they have a problem with our religion. we may go after them with a civil lawsuit. jesse: good luck with everything in your legal battle and enjoy the rest of the weekend. thank you very much. up next, roseanne barr is back.
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>> they stay in place, they are locked into place. there is a button on the side one push and bring it down. jesse: you won't be able to see that anymore on youtube. the social media site is banning
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instructional video. and reportedly burying conservative news feeds. kia, welcome to "watters world." >> thank you, it's your world. jesse: it is. it's my opinion the social media platforms are slowly but surely targeting conservatives. do you fear that? i fear like it could get worse. >> it's going to get worse. they keep enforcing more and more and more censorship. that's our first amendment. freedom of speech. the first protect all of the amendments. divide and conquer you take away anyone's ability to fight back. jesse: the mainstream media
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pushed out conservative voices on television and the papers, and the entertainment industry pushing conservatives out, first happens on twitter and facebook, just least instagram alone. you can still see bomb-making videos but no gun making video. >> or terrorist video. jesse: isis videos are oh quaib but loud abiding gun owners can't show you how to lock and load. >> i think it's dire so i'll keep talking about it. as long as i keep talking about it. we need to fight for our amendments and our rights as american citizens. i'm never going to stop. jesse: there is a guy named david hogg who is probably the leading face and voice of the
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parkland student revolt. >> you are pathetic [bleep] it makes me think [bleep] continue to sell more guns, murder more children. what type of person are you when you wants to see [bleep] than [bleep] what type of [bleep] person does that. jesse: this student has done from a balanced articulate young man when we heard him speak after the shooting, now he's dropping bombs. >> i think he's pushing a hard narrative it's politically driven. we know what his parents are involved with. >> his mother is involved with cnn and his dad used work for the fbi. i was at the shooting in '91. i wanted to begun up and not gun
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down. for someone who has gone through his horrible tragedy to want to take away guns. if someone wants to kill with you a gun, they will kill you with a gun. do you want to fight back or run into a corner and say i don't know what to do. are you going to fight back? jesse: let's go to roseanne barr. she has a new show out and she did an interview with jimmy kimmel and it's delicious. watch this. >> how about captain whacko we have running the country. the foreign policy. i know you were a liberal, socially liberal person in general. >> i am still the same. you all moved. you all went so far [bleep] out
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you lost everyone. seriously. a lot of your audience -- a lot of us, you know, no matter who we voted for. we don't want to see our president fail. you know? >> right. i know. yet we have seen it [bleep] it's over again. >> do you want pence to be president? >> no, i don't want him either. jesse: what has happened in this country where roseanne is the voice of reason? >> it's a scary day. but she made some good points. she is focused on don't want to support our president? what's the alternative? he's our president. he's trying on doing his best. the constant forcing down our throats the narrative of things hant that aren't true is textbook psych 101.
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if you are guilty, you will say you are, you are. these are all things that are proven on their side. jesse: kia jones. thank you so much. up next. diamond and silk on crazy joe biden threatening to knock trump out. next. [♪]
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>> when a guy honed up become our national leader saying i can grab a woman anywhere and she likes it, and they asked me would i like to debate this gentleman. i said no, if we were in high school i would take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him. jesse: joe biden itching to get back in the ring literally and figuratively. president trump said he's weak and yet he threatens me for the second time with physical assault. he doesn't know me, but he would go down fast and hard. crying all the way. don't threaten people, joe.
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here are video bloggers diamond and silk. joe bide be thinks he's joe frazier. do you think he has a shot? >> absolutely not. it's time for the american people to start looking at joe biden. he's acting like a schoolyard bully. bullying a sitting president. we are hearing he's thinking about running for president. perhaps he ought to run for that border if he don't know how to respect a sitting president. people who voted democrat. we are tired of them trying to intimidate to dominate. they like to bully people and call people names and talk about threatening people and fighting people for no reason at all. >> joe is upset because he didn't have the guts to run
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against president trump. jesse: i think if joe did run for the border he could get right back in because the border is not so secure. let's show a picture of joe the last time he got fresh. he sat on a biker chick's lap. let's go to the late night host. a lot of hate coming out of their mouths against the president and his family. >> melania trump calling a summit for cyberbullying is making people woozy. >> you will probably escape this nightmare president unscathed. some day you will go to the geatds of the nice white
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protestant heaven. [bleep] [bleep] jesse: the late-night comedians, they can go after trump. but they don't go after anybody on the left. have you seen bernie sanders? that's a huge target. >> they don't go after anybody on the left. talk about all of the inequality that goes on in hollywood. the abuse that goes on in hollywood. don't talk about this white house when their house is not in order. they need to be talking about their own selves. they shouldn't be talking about that at all. >> not to mention they are not even funny. jesse: let's listen to another hollywood type, jim carrey. i want to show you a portrait he
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painted of sarah huckabee sanders. she says this is the pore craft a so-called christian whose only purpose in life is to lie for the wicked monstrous. what happened to dumb and dumber. >> jim carrey is trying to revamp' his career. but where is the #timesup and #metoo movement to call him out. he's being derogatory against another woman. but you don't hear them talking about that. maybe jim carrey should get some crayons and revamp' his career as an artist. he's not doing good as an actor. he's going down in flames. jesse: maybe joe biden should step in and knock him out for mistreating women like that. the diamond and silk chit-chat
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and get two months free. jesse: president trump speaking at an event geared toward millennials had some surprising wisdom for his younger self. >> what advice would you give to the 25-year-old donald trump knowing what you know today? >> don't run for president. jesse: if i gave myself advice at 25, i would be here for hours. be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is up next.
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remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] judge jeanine: marchers take to the streets in cities across the country in support of gun control. live from our nation's capital, i'm jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us. and thanks for make "justice" the most of watched show on all of cable news last weekend. and we have another fakd show for you tonight. deputy white house press second scary on today's mars, and ann coulter, david bossie and joe concha and more. the


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