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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 26, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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very hard working in new york i want to see the control room. yeah tom and robert. happy 100. shannon bream i will bring you your champagne. >> congratulations to you laura. we're right behind you. shannon bream coming up, -- >> shannon: the west united and led by president donald trump confronting russia what democrats proclaiming to be tough act against president vladimir putin regime. we have several breaking stories. jennifer griffin reporting from the pentagon on suspicious packages some containing explosives found in u.s. military bases tonight. we've been tracking the surging markets. their best day since 2008. tariffs worried all out trade war. white house correspondent kevin
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with the latest on the russia shake down where things are heating up tonight. >> good evening. you're right things are heating up. this is happening. keep this in mind. the u.s. said we would love to work with the russians. that's been the policy for quite some time. but that's if and when know cooperate. but they are destabilizing activity. white house officials tell us today they have to have consequences. not just here in the u.s. but all over the globe today at issue with that nerve agent attack. you know the one on a former russian spy and his daughter. it guarded headlines all over the globe and in fact, the unified reaction today by the world body has really been quite extraordinary. more than hundred russian diplomat it's expelled from the u.s. and u.k. today you may have heard this, i asked the white house if this attack on a key ally rose to the level of an attack say by proxy on the u.s.
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>> you mentioned that it was brazen and reckless. does that attack on the soil of valued ally rise to the level of an act of war? >> we've been joined at the hip with u.k. on this matter with u.k. on this matter. we stand firmly with our ally. it's brazen and reckless. >> as they say, the russians are telling us that pay back is on the way. you may have heard this also today. kremlin spokesman telling us in a statement, this is something we expected. he said this, we deeply regret the decisions. we stated that russia has never had any relation to this case. we will be guided. here's the key by the principle reciprocity as before. now the white house insist that may not be the only response to
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the nerve agent attack apparentattackapparently perpete russian government. you may have heard this book. he is telling us that the president really have to up the pressure on russia. >> this is a great move. it's the right move to kick out russian diplomats. it will not be enough to get vladimir putin's attention. president trump has to do much more. he needs to toughen economic sanctions, really hit putin's money oligarch's money. he needs to start putting more forces in europe close to russia border >> very interesting conversation. there with joe rosenberg. incoming national security advisor john bolton maybe making sweeping changes at the nsc. he is going to begin at the top.
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the idea is to stop the leak. they have been dogged by rumors being the leak factor inside the trump administration. the thought is, cleaning house maybe the only way to ensure more message discipline. the president directed mr. bolton to do his part to clean things up at the nsc. >> shannon: kevin corke from the white house. multiple military bases hit by suspicious packages. aftersafter vehicle packed with propane tank exploded in northern california. jennifer griffin had latest from the pentagon. >> senior u.s. defense official confirms multiple packages that contained explosive materials were sent to military installations in the d.c. area today. at about 8:30 this morning a package addressed to the
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national defense university arrived fort mcnair. that package contained a fuse but an army explosive unit neutralized it. another suspicious package was sent to dahlgren naval center. the story is developing as we speak. the packages are being examined at the fbi's lab in the quanco, virginia. 51-year-old former bay area resident drove a flaming minivan loaded with propane tanks through the main gate at travis air force base. law enforcement officials described the incident as possible terrorism. authorities extracted a video from the attacker cell phone and
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are analyzing it to try and see if it help point to a motive. investigators found five propane tanks, three phone and several lighters. the fbi is investigating the state of suspicious packages sent to u.s. military installations just a week a serial bomber in austin, texas blew himself us. >> shannon: thank you very much. stock market surging after worst week in years. u.s. and china are open to negotiating trade policies. producing fears of trade war. leland vittert is looking into what's happening with the tariffs. >> we talk about this political addage before. it's the economy stupid. friday we saw the financial cost of a political decision today the financial gain of softening hard line of a trade war with
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china. this is front page of "wall street journal." u.s.-china quietly seek trade solutions. that story only cited people familiar with the situation. it was clearly a planned leak to calm fears laying out how the trump administration might not be as tough with the chinese as the president advertised. it worked. the dow had its single largest point gain since 2008. although it is far from the largest percentage gain, traders dumped stock on friday started buying them back. >> stock market, we were over playing this trade war thing. this is donald trump being donald trump. it looks like his aggressive nature bringing this to brink of trade war.
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>> this weekend, president trump treasury secretary tried to temper his boss's tough talk on fox news sunday. >> the president said they want to cut the trade deficit hundred billion over the next year. we want to eliminate forced technology. we're having productive conversations with them. i'm cautiously hopeful we reach an agreement. we are proceeding with these tariffs. >> let's put the market volatility in perspective for you. between interest rate hike and threats by the president. well off from their all time highs. verse election day, the industries are way up. dow up 32%, s&p 500 24%, nasdaq up 39%. now traders say there's too much emotion mixed with investors fear of missing out on the next rally. >> i see lot of stuff that's worrisome. this market is not trading on
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fundamentals. how can you have a thousand point swing. >> stock traders are little bit like lawyers. ask for and you will get five opinion about what will happen tomorrow in the market. the best indicator are the futures. tomorrow's open, right now they are about up about hundred. for dow futures, we would have to have another day like today to gain back what what was lost just last week. the market open in 10 hours and about 20 minutes. shanno >> shannon: thank you very much. maybe things are moving over with china. russia now vowing to retaliate after u.s. and european allies expelled dozens of russian diplomats. the move comes in response to the poisoning of former russian
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spy on british soil. top democrat on the house foreign affairs committee throws both praise and criticism at the administration. saying, the strong response to the attack on the u.k. makes even more bizarre. the administration's weak sponsor to the russia's attack here in the united states. talk about it with retired four star general chairman of the institute for the study of war and fox news senior strategic analyst. what do you make of this praise for the trump administration. this cannot be permitted this act on british soil. they believe it trace back to the russians. >> well, i don't think we're letting putin mess with u.s. politics. we've sanctioned them for that. to the case at hand here in terms of throwing out the diplomats. we have a history of having done this with the soviet union in the past. it has never ever, changed aggressive behavior. 20 plus countries coming
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together. use of wmd on attorney -- foreign soil trying to kill british citizens. what i'm hoping is, it thickens the spine of these weak european leader who have not been willing to stand up to russia in the past. i also think putin, what's happening to him, 18 years in power, six more he just results of the election. he wants to be in power indefinitely. what normally happens with these dictators longer they stay in power, the more aggressive they get, the more ambitious they get. the more violent they get and paranoid they get. i believe all that's happening to putin. i also think what's helping to him, he's coming to the relatio- realization we do have a different president than in the past. what the president done against
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the syrian in the chemical attack, lethal aid to the ukrainians, sanctioning the russians and now this. there's a pattern there that president is moving not just dealing with a competitor like russia but willing to confront russia. he would like the russians to cooperate with us. we're in the going to get that. >> shannon: i point to tweet russian embassy here in the u.s.a. saying u.s. administration ordered closure of the russian concentrate late in seattle. what u.s. consulate would you close in general. twitter poll saying which one should we close down. we will retaliate. does it go beyond them kicking out some of our diplomats. >> it's pretty much the same thing that happens every time. reciprocation will be like number in diplomats and spies. we have spies in russia under cover and also a consulate or
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two, they'll shut down or some other facility that may not be a consulate. it will not deter putin from the path he's on. listen, he's made a move into the middle east. he's trying to be the most influential nation in the middle east. this aggression is obvious. he's aligned himself with the iranians. it's only going to be when we're actually willing to put force in front of him and see some of that. more troops into europe and standing up for the ukrainians. finally financially, going after putin and the cronies around him. that starts to get at him. also, impact him economically. particularly with liquid natural gas. europeans depend on russia. you start hitting him in the pocketbook. he's one commodity economy.
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it's oil and gas. we reduce that he'll have problems. >> shannon: him and oligarchs will translate into a different response. russia maneuvering in the middle east is coming at a cost for the kremlin. one that may have major consequences for president vladimir putin and his regime. amy kellogg reports. >> with isis largely defeated as a force there, it's job done. officially russia has called out. but it hasn't. >> we're not fighting to get out ever. >> russia has key mediterranean military bases in syria. >> while we keep the bases we're going to have military presence in syria, absolutely. israel said it's okay too. israeli officials have said that
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they welcome the russian presence, russia as a friend and them being in syria is good. as long as that helps israel control the iranians. >> shannon: russian industry in syria angered the nation. moscow can these days but russia may now be in too deep. >> it is a exactly for moscow now to balance the amount of resources it has and amount of resources it wants to commit to the region. if it doesn't do this particular job on this one, it may risk the fate of ussr who was outstretching itself. >> shannon: putin has contained russian military law. because of widespread use of mercenary.
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>> that's why he want to use not regular troops for whom he's responsible. >> shannon: alexandra gold said russia would have pity for killed in action. >> if you're mercenary, you choose this life. >> shannon: according to many relationship between russian ministry of defense and mercenary soured after it was exposed. putin's relationship with syrian president bashar al-assad was complicated. >> we think putin is a hostage to bashar al-assad. >> shannon: experts say putin should have laid out the term of his support for at a assad remain it is too late. finally with isis having faded
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to a large extent as a common enemy, the u.s. and russia are increasingly likely to clash on the syrian battleground. >> shannon: just ahead, former president obama has a vision for our next generation leaders. they should be just like him. it took almost 50 years to get it made. we discuss soon to be released movie about the kennedy's darkest chapter. i've got a story about marvel heroes with parts of gold. and believable. stay tuned.
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>> shannon: hillary clinton giving gop plenty of ammunition to target vulnerable democrats. national republican sen nail committee unleashing online ads to clinton's deplorable comments and recent remarks which she called trump supporters backwards. mccaskill said those comments have not been helpful. >> those of us in states that trump won, we would really appreciate if she would be more careful and show respect to every american voter and not just the one who voted for her.
8:22 pm
>> shannon: editor and author of the half-time report. good to see you tonight sir. not surprising that senator mccaskill is in a tough race. this stuff does not help her. can hillary clinton just go away. >> what is he doing it for? i don't understand. she's rich. she and her husband have had fully exploits every nickels worth of value in their public careers. they and their great grandchildren should be set. >> shannon: do you think it's more personal thing. she wants to fight back why she lost and how it happened? >> in the larger sense, the problem for the clintons is, that history is getting them. they're getting ground up. her husband is now basically has been unperson by democrats. once upon he was the great explainer and he was going to help the democrats in red state.
8:23 pm
they can't be seen with him in public anymore giving the new way we are looking at his conduct in the 1990s and before. her legacy is ruined, she lost twice. she lost to barack obama in 2008 and she lost to donald trump in 2016. it's not going to come together for her. i understand the pain that the end of a long and storied public life that you don't want your political epithets to be. she was one who blew it. that's life. >> shannon: someone at the democrats are happy to have out there campaigning for them in most cases. depend on the district is former president barack obama. here's what he said about how the world can be fixed. >> if i could do that effectively, then i would create hundred or a thousand or a million young barack obamas or
8:24 pm
michelle obamas or the next group of people who could take that baton in that relay race that is human progress. >> shannon: it's human progress. >> well now. i'm going foggier him the -- i'm going to give him benefit of the doubt. in context it's not perfect. he's had some i, me mine, problems. much like the current occupant of the oval office. it takes lot of ego to want to run for president. to want to run and put yourself through that it takes a lot. i think in this case, what he's trying to say is, he and his wife have graphic version of their growing up where they shunned big money to be in public service and they shunned opportunity so they could do these thing. i think he's talking about that version. >> shannon: i want to ask about you new fox news poll. tightening on the generic ballot
8:25 pm
when we asked about democrats and republicans. about 15-point spread back in october. it's now down to 5%. >> it's good news for republicans. it's in keeping what else we've seen from other good public pollsters. no one is good as ours. what we've seen from other good public pollsters the republicans brought the tax cuts after their success with tax cuts, the republicans got it back into a more reasonable playing field. if the election were held today, i doubtful about ability hold the house. their action have consequences. >> shannon: they do. it translates into hard data. you're good at translating hard data. good to see you. tensions remain high in sacramento tonight with family and activist calling for criminal charges against two police officers in the shooting death of unarmed black man.
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>> shannon: shooting of unarmed black man in sacramento is putting democratic leaders in tough spot. >> good evening. 22-year-old stephon clark's funeral is this thursday. reverend al sharpton is planning to attend. black lives matter is planning hold more priest this week. the group was instrumental last week. the kings have sinced worn pregame t-shirt with stephon clark's name on the back. and the phrase accountability we are one on the front.
8:31 pm
deputies with video alerted two sacramento police officers on the ground that the suspect was carrying a tire iron. when the officers located stephon clark, they apparently mistook a cell phone for a gun and fired 20 shots. clark had made his way back into his grandparents backyard when he was killed. now the california naacp and others are demanding criminal charges against the officers involved. the naacp is also asking the department of justice civil rights to division to investigate the shooting. civil rights attorney benjamin crump is representing the clark family. >> we will not let stephon's death be nonexistent. nor will we let his life be nonbenefit. we will hold him up, we will hold this family up. we will stand up for stephon. we will speak up for stephon.
8:32 pm
we will fight for stephon until we get justice for stephon. >> the police officers involved have not been named in the california police officers bill of rights means officer personal records including promotions and annual reviews are confidential. the sacramento bee is calling on the democratic lawmakers to change the law and allow for more transparency. in ferguson, missouri after the shooting of michael brown that type of transparency led to then democratic governor jay nixon and others to call for a rigorous prosecution of officer darren wilson. even before the investigation was complete. officer wilson was exonerated by court of law and eric holder justice department. wilson lost his job and still lives in isolation. >> shannon: thank you very much.
8:33 pm
no fake news here. "washington post" reporter happieding a black entertainment television event. starring former first lady michelle obama. he made the mistake of reporting on mrs. obama's comment. bet told participants it was intimate afa affair with the for first lady. new york democratic governor andrew cuomo making fun of rhythm of jews. he said contaminates like him -- catholics like him are not with rhythm like some of the jewish brothers and sisters. he does die-in with gun control activist. he is facing political life o -- night of his life. >> people of new york are sick
8:34 pm
of being bullied. >> he's accusing the governor being old boy's club. hollywood is getting praise from conservatives for the movie "chappaquiddick." we'll examine the film that's signing the new light on the line beyonds of the senate. we will pay tribute to the french police officer who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty last week. dear foremothers, your society was led by a woman, who governed thousands... commanded armies... yielded to no one. when i found you in my dna, i learned where my strength comes from. my name is courtney mckinney, and this is my ancestrydna story. now with 5 times more detail than other dna tests. order your kit at
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>> shannon: hollywood getting rare praise from conservatives for efforts to tell up told story of "chappaquiddick." the story argue that the kennedy family sought to silence until now. on july 18, 1969 late senator ted kennedy was involved in a car accident that killed 28-year-old passenger mary joe chappaquiddick. it happened when kennedy drove his oldsmobile off a wooden brian -- bridge. accounts what happened that night conflict, it seems kennedy alerted his friends about the accident but failed to tell police until the next morning. far too late to say chappaquiddick who's family members spoken out. >> he told them what they wanted
8:39 pm
to hear. >> shannon: kennedy completedded guilt -- pleaded guilty to leave the scene of accident. kennedy passed away without clarifying many unanswered question. his loyalist remain silent. for most part, hollywood steered clear of the story >> there was a hollywood hyped family. hollywood played along with them. >> shannon: until now. >> it's a fair movie. it's balanced >> shannon: mark charty is the except producer of "chappaquiddick." >> it takes ted to task to this. >> the country has deep connection to the kennedy name. >> shannon: there was another major moment in american history. >> it's one more step for man. >> jfk's greatest achievements in ted's biggest failing. what happened that week and probably helped get cover for the story.
8:40 pm
>> shannon: nevertheless kennedy's presidential aspirations were dashed after chappaquiddick's death. they served 47 years in the upper house. some today some hollywood a-listers will not take the role. ultimately played by the australian jason clark. why would hollywood tackle it after all this time. let's bring in mike huckabee. what do you make of this getting made? lot of folks said, if you tried to make this 10 or 15 years ago, it wouldn't have happened. why now? >> i think a lot of it is, america now realizes that 50 years ago, there was an incredible tragedy in which someone got treated differently because of their last name, because of the wealth, the power, the influence and the fact the media wanted to coffer for the kennedy family. i don't know that would happen today. but there are still those moments in which people do get
8:41 pm
different treatments than somebody who doesn't have the last name or all of the wealth or the power or the media cover. it's really one of the reasons that a lot of americans are just frustrated with the institutions of power. they don't believe that they play the same way or people of power as they do for just an ordinary person. here's a simple question, what would have been the case had mary joe chappaquiddick driving the car and suffered for hour. she in a pocket of air they later realized in the autopsy. it was hours and it was ten hours later before ted kennedy ever told the police what happened. it's just a horrible tragedy. reverse the role and ask yourself do you think that they would have said to mary chappaquiddick we will give you a probate sentence.
8:42 pm
>> shannon: we talked to the producer. here's what he said how things would play out today >> had something like that happened, i don't think it would be off the front page or news cycle for more than five minutes. i think the pressure would have been different. >> shannon: why do you think it was different then? do you think the media was more provocative of public figures whether they were democrats or republicans. >> there was so many widespread stories about president kennedy's affairs. not years before he was president but while he was president in the white house. those kind of stories just got covered up. people didn't know about the fact that he had addison's disease. that would have been a huge news story if it were happening today. we're living in a different culture. 24 hour cable news is a part of it. >> shannon: conservative radio
8:43 pm
host, howie carr, he wrote a piece for the boston herald in his review where he talked about that lot of has changed. this is what he say about how the kennedys have been treated over the years. >> you might say that the myth what concocted around the kennedys from the time of world war ii on to almost the present time was the first example of fake news. it was just total mythology. >> shannon: he claims there were other producers who tried to tell the story and they never worked in hollywood again. that's his claim. >> i think he's right. i think the fact that lot of hollywood a-listers turned down this movie. there's still a bias. nobody wants to say something really negative about democratic icons. you don't have any problems getting actress want to play in roles that would be very derisive of richard nixon.
8:44 pm
>> shannon: i wonder who's going to play president trump? you know the movies are coming. governor, thank you for weighing in from florida. good to see you. >> thank you. >> shannon: now stormy is at the center of the fire storm. did her big interview backfire? more on that straight ahead. and when you switch to esurance, you can save time, worry, hassle, and yup, money. in fact, drivers who switched from geico to esurance saved hundreds. that's auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance. an allstate company. click or call.
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>> shannon: stormy daniels attorney michael avenatti filing defamation suit against michael cohen. he said this, this case just became much more problematic for the president and mr. cohen. this comes he is under fire for never did reveal during the "60 minutes" interview last night. >> you said to me that's a question that ms. daniels would have to answer. cut to last night, she's asked directly about this on "60 minutes," she says my attorney has instructed me not to answer. does she or doesn't she have this evidence? >> we're not going to get into the details. there's a reason for that. we're not going to play our hand now. the reason is, we have a case to win. >> shannon: i asked him the same question. tonight's panel al mottier, democratic strategist and derek hunter.
8:49 pm
welcome all. what do you make of the talk today that avenatti maybe in trouble himself for filing this lawsuit. and potentially there are recordings of president trump. that can violate california law. >> the beauty is the truth will come out. the court of law will determine whether or not he is right. i noted that today avenatti filed another suit for defamation. >> shannon: this is what robert barnes wrote. he chose to file a suit that disclosed confidential information publicly. by doing so, avenatti exposed his client to a $20 million judgment. >> i don't know how you get around the fact that they clearly are violating the nondisclosure agreement. but they are very routine.
8:50 pm
they happen all the time. it's very strange. other question that has bugged me since the beginning about this, who's financial situation changes so dramatically in such a period of time that you're willing to cash that check for $130,000 to not say anything to suddenly be willing to pay the $130,000 back so you can tell your story and even possibly further be exposed to $20 million judgment. is there something else going on here? is there other money we don't know about? it's very curious to me. >> shannon: i asked him last week, who is funding this. he said there's a crowd sourcing thing. it's go fund me. but you won't find it there. >> where are they. it's a bizarre thing. you got the money. you agreed to these terms. suddenly for no reason after
8:51 pm
denying it three times publicly, saying, you can have your money back. $130,000 to most people is a lot of money. she misthink there's -- must think there's a pot of gold. it was biggest let down since al capone valt. the lawyer was such a fixture on cable news he's given away all the secrets. from her for the first time of everything that see said. i'm not sure what value there is in that story. i think charlie right, there's got to be somebody writing a check and adding a zero the longer this drags out each time. i see no strategic advantage to this. i see no win. i don't see particularly good lawyering from a guy who is the one who violated nondisclosure agreement on behalf of his client. it puts him in jeopardy. >> shannon: it is going to take time for this all to -- it will last a length of president
8:52 pm
trump's presidency. i want to quickly make sure we get you all to weigh in. rick cornell has been nominated to be ambassadortor germany. he will be the first openly gay republican ambassador. democrats continue to block him and make it impossible for him to move forward. we have german politicians now complaining. we want a u.s. ambassador. >> not all democrats. senator chris coons and others saying we need to move forward. both parties are to blame for nominations not going through. it's mitch mccobble -- mcconnell blocking garrett garland. i worked in the senate at the time. if a colleague had nominee, they would vote for their colleagues nominee. >> shannon: i can't imagine that. >> i wish mitch mcconnell would
8:53 pm
lead. the rules are in place. one hour per senator who can speak up to two times. the senate can be open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. if the democrats want to play dragging the feet game, we're not going home anymore. it's nonstop every 30 hours we will vote or these things until you agree to change the rules to go from 30 hours to 8 just for this congress. they did it in 2014. they can do it again. mitch mcconnell wants to work three gays a week from 9:00 to 5:00. go make dinners and do whatever else he does. >> shannon: charlie, both sides to blame? >> to some degree. certainly i think democrats have sort of invented lot of this stuff especially with judicial nominations. i have a hard time listening to democrats complain about trump not being as active in the world as he should be while they're holding up nominations. >> shannon: we'll watch this. everybody got eye on this
8:54 pm
nomination. thank you gentlemen. we told you last week about the isis inspired terrorist who went on a killing three after taking hostages at a french supermarket. that police officer who traded places willingly made the ultimate sacrifice. he died over the weekend. well wishers are leaving notes and flowers for the colonel at france's national police headquarters. he is a true national hero. some of the biggest names in hollywood answering a call for a sick child. we'll warm your heart for the wonderful response i got from a single tweet that went viral over the weekend. e? you won't find relief here. go to the pharmacy counter for powerful claritin-d. while the leading allergy spray relieves 6 symptoms... claritin-d relieves 8, including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d relieves more.
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>> shannon: i want to see a big thank you to all of you on twitter and a number of hollywood stars who stepped up to grant the wish of a dying boy, emilio.
8:59 pm
i met emilio's uncle on a plane and he reached out to tell me how ill his nephew was. emilio's final wish was to get a greeting from one of them. i don't know hollywood folks but i thought it would give it a shot. i sent out a tweet and a prayer. jake tapper at cnn stepped up with the first avenger. the first set of video got to emilio and it spread like wildfire. a number of the actors behind these characters reached out in response to my tweet. you retweeted nearly 30,000 times. most have already sent videos to emilio. others are in the works. our prayers are with emilio and his family, and my heart is really full with all with all -- everyone who reached out.
9:00 pm
most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from washington. will be here tomorrow night with your latest news. for now, i am shannon bream. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." if there is one lesson of this weekend's "march for our lives," it's that ending violence in america is easy. so easy that even children know how to do it. all that stand between the broken chaotic country we liveet in and the peaceful uptopia of the future is a small groupas of evil people mostly republicans. as a parkland student noted there are sick f-ers out there who want to sell more guns and murder more children and get reelected. his school mate agreed. "if you take money from the nram


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