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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 1, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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trump as mike pompeo continues talks with north korean officials, the letter expected to be hand delivered to the president from kim jong un. rob: exercising executive authority donald trump pardoning conservative film maker dinesh d'sousa. could martha stewart be next? jillian: a band of brothers with photos of babies of a fallen soldier who died before his daughter was born. it will bring tears to your eyes. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ rob: you know what that is?
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that is a concert. preparation for concert, kind of like the start of summer. jillian: it is unofficially the start of summer. rob: the next 8 or 10 weeks we are going to be having music here. we will get to that. thanks for watching "fox and friends first" friday morning. jillian: thanks for starting the day with us. today donald trump will read a top-secret letter from the desk of dictator kim jong un. rob: after days of high stakes talks with mike pompeo. jillian: allison barber live with what it means for possible nuclear summit. >> he is said to visit the white house and had the letter to donald trump from kim jong un.
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the most senior official to visit in 18 years. top north korean military leader, from kim jong un from kim jong-il. one of kim jong un's closest, a former intelligence chief sanctions by the us because of the 2014 hack of sony pictures. mike pompeo spent the last week today's meeting with kim in new york, delegations in singapore and the north-south border working on things related to the summit. donald trump sent a letter canceling the june 12th summit which is officially not back on but pompeo says there's progress. >> we made real progress in the last 72 hours towards setting conditions was the conditions
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are putting donald trump and kim jong un somewhere where real progress could be made. it does no good in a place where we don't think there's real opportunity. >> donald trump says hopefully the summit happens on june 12th. he wants it to be meaningful. the pres. said they might need a second or third meeting or none. the us wants to see complete and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula but it is unclear if north korea would agree to that. north korea invited a handful of foreign journalists to the destruction and dismantling of the key nuclear test site. international nuclear weapons inspectors were not invited. the middlebury institute for international studies says they have new satellite images taken before the destruction of the site showing north korea removing some material. rob: a manhunt expanding for a cop killer, new photos of stephen wiggins the day before daniel baker.
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police offering a $46,000 reward. they say the weather is complicating the search with rain wipe away footprints and keeping docs from catching a sense. he still baker's gun and they want the public to stay alert. >> anyone capable of murdering one of our brothers, servants in the community, sgt. daniel baker losing his life in this situation, we want people to know an immediate threat. heather: $20,000 so far. isis phonetic now admits to encouraging locals to attack britain's prince george. a chilling courtroom confession pleading guilty to terrorism charges in london. prosecutors wanting to inject poison into supermarket ice cream and encourage attacks on new york city halloween parade,
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facing possible life sentence in prison. heather: a possible trade war on the horizon as allies for it to retaliate against tariffs on steel and 10% on aluminum from the eu, canada and mexico going into effect overnight. imposing their own fees on american goods like clothing and produce. one congressman says the us needs to stand firm. >> when we go after china which is the elephant in the room and the one that is the most egregious offender of trade policies against american interests we will send a message to china we are not messing around anymore. it is time to put american interests on the same playing field as others who have taken advantage of us for years. heather: this will be a hot topic at the g7 summit in canada. donald trump is expected to attend. federal prosecutors interviewing
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james comey while waiting the fate of his former right-hand man. the washington post reports charges being considered against andrew mccabe who was fired after being accused of lying to investigators about media leaks and hillary clinton email probe. of charged and convicted mccabe could face 5 years in prison. rob: millions of americans under threat of flash flooding is heavy rain turns even more deadly. jillian: search and rescue crews looking for two people after they were swept away in their car. one person killed overnight. rob: the rushing water is so strong it washed away a huge chunk of this road. jillian: janice dean is live with the threat. >> we have our summer concert series starting on "fox and friends" this morning so please join us.
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we are hearing them in the background. let's look at the weather. here is the new york city area revealing the potential of showers in our neighborhood for the summer concert series which i will try my best to keep it away the concert but just have anticipation for some showers which we have a lot of storm reports across the ohio river valley of northern rockies, plenty of hail, damaging wind plants and isolated tornadoes. that will be at the risk again across the central us. and know what to do there is a tornado watch or warning. hot across the south, it will remain unstable across the eastern third of the country meeting potential for heavy rain in the forecast so keep that in mind if you have summertime barbecues happening and average across the rockies watching for threat for severe storms in today's the first official day of hurricane season.
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we will be watching it, we are ahead subtropical storm alberto. nothing on the horizon yet which is good news. we will keep you up-to-date. happy friday, hope you join me later, we will see you. >> jobs, jobs and more jobs. first day of june kicking off with the jobs report, it is supposed to be booming. bureau of labor statistics will report 190,000 jobs added in the us in may. as to the employment rate, expected to stay at 3.9%, the lowest it has been in 17 years. >> the nba finals getting off to a good start, golden state warriors pushing the cleveland cavaliers into overtime. >> curry off the glass. the rebound goes to the cavs, jr smith breaks it out, throws it to the hilt. >> we missed a good one last
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night. stephanie. the warriors pulling ahead in overtime holding off lebron james 124-114. game 2 coming up sunday. >> can any other teams make it in the next year? anyone else? any other teams make it next year? four years in a row? crazy. 9 minutes after the hour. bashar al-assad threatening an attack if american troops do not leave syria focusing on negotiations with north korea. how do we make sure we stand our ground for the rest of the world. our next guest says it is clear america isn't going anywhere. >> 1-year two weeks and a day is robert mueller started his russia probe. just how much of your hard-earned money has he spent on the investigation? them a number might shock you. >> let me just say do something about your dad's immigration practices. >> samantha be launching a
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and other parts of south america. like these mountains, each amazing on their own. but together? magical. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters packed with goodness. heather: the united states has lost its cards, that message from bashar al-assad as he threatens american troops still in syria and the new interview, saying the americans should leave, somehow they are going to leave. if not we will resort to liberating those areas by force, people will not accept foreigners in this region anymore. >> as we negotiate denuclearization with north korea are we missing other threats from around the world? here to weigh in his deputy assistant for outreach secretary of defense james mattis, amber smith. what do you make of that threat?
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>> i think it is an absolute joke. aside has never gone head to head with the us military and i don't think it is something he ever wants to take on. him saying he thinks he has an army that is able to fight the united states military is an absolute joke. he has never seen the full force for strength of the us military. he had only seen a few here and there when we had to take action after chemical weapons on his own people. is ill-advised for him to speak that way. rob: he assumes he has russia at his back but there are a lot of different factors in this war. you have isis and kurdish rebels bashar al-assad is dealing with. after the united states helped to eviscerate isis he wants to throw is out of the country. we have done a lot of favors. >> lots of moving parts and
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pieces inside syria. you have israel, iran forces, hezbollah, russia, the syrian defense forces, many moving parts and pieces and bashar al-assad is looking to take a step up with russia by his side, and it is not going to happen. secretary mattis said he doesn't seem the united states leaving syria until diplomatic efforts are won and we are not there yet. jillian: the pentagon released a statement saying, quote, any interested party and syria should understand attacking us forces or coalition partners will be a bad policy. we are there. nothing has changed. you mentioned bashar al-assad never felt the force of the united states. do you think he should?
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>> i don't think the us for policy purposes is interested in getting any more involved in syria than they are. we have to thousand troops working with syrian defense forces to fight isis. that is our primary role in syria, to destroy isis and then a fantastic job the past couple years of doing that is i don't think the us is looking for anymore involvement as the situation stands right now. things could always change. rob: we have been talking about north korea. have we been focusing too much on the situation in north korea and how does this play out? >> it is a big deal in terms of negotiations going on in north korea. it is being saturated inside the
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media. that doesn't mean other things inside the us government are not functioning at 100%. he still has people across the government focusing on their jobs every day which include working on solving global crises around the world. it is more behind-the-scenes, focusing on north korea right now in the media and everything else -- uma: confidence, the main focus for a lot of the country is on north korea but in washington dc things are getting done as they should be. >> still getting to give credit where credit is due, potential north korean summit in singapore is a big deal which is why it is getting the media attention it has. rob: a busy topic, thank you, appreciate it. 17 minutes after the hour, boycotting the police, a bazaar social experiment at a california church. >> we can no longer tolerate the trauma inflicted in our
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community by police. rob: congregation urging churchgoers never to call the police in any circumstance. jillian: soldiering on, a band of brothers taking beautiful touching photos with the baby of a fallen soldier, a show of support that will bring tears to your eyes. ♪ the first survivor of alzheimer's disease is out there. and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight.
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heather: welcome back. the so-called witchhunt russia probe coughing taxpayers $17 million, the doj says the robert mueller investigation spent $10 million in just 6 months. the biggest expenses, past paychecks, rent and travel. mueller was appointed one year ago but there is still 0 evidence of russian collusion
2:22 am
with the trump campaign. rob: the hillary clinton campaign accused of wasting taxpayer dollars and secret service started flights, the government accountability office says the agency pressuring them to pay more than standard rates to join candidate on their flights, the report led to $4 million in additional spending on several campaigns for both parties. jillian: the end of an era. film is out, digital is in. are you impressed? rob: tracy carrasco with the details on canon closing its shutters on film cameras. >> reporter: we saw this coming but canon has discontinued its last film camera. production stopped in 2010 but they were still selling what they had left in stock but now they say no more. they still sell two film cameras, if you are looking for a film camera you can still find
2:23 am
one. jillian: i'm sure photographers are upset about that. mueller bathrooms on planes. >> reporter: first steve, now bathrooms. american airlines rolling out a new 24 inch wide bathroom on its new boeing jet they are launching. it is the boeing 737 max. a single aisle airplane, 156 economy seats and two tiny little bathrooms. they are starting these flights la guardia to miami. a lot of people have been complaining, can't imagine why. rob: they wonder why people hate going to the airport. jillian: a process every time. it is 23 minutes after the hour. are your private conversations private?
2:24 am
a brand-new report warning spies can track your cell phone and eavesdrop on you. kurt the cyber guy with tips on how to keep your information safe. rob: exercising executive authority donald trump partnering conservative filmmaker and activist dinesh d'sousa. that may not be all. martha stewart could be next. jillian: a life look at where the summer concert series kicks off today, thompson square getting ready to racket in all morning long ♪ ♪ we are going to do this for a while ♪ i think you know i like you a lot ♪ just have to miss your shot ♪ you are going to kiss me tonight ♪ then at your next meeting, set your seat height to its maximum level. bravo, tall meeting man. start winning today. book now at she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. . but once a week
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camping with my daughters was more than just a weekend. it was our time to unplug and be together. with my bladder leakage, i'm not doing that anymore. when i went hiking with the other product, it just didn't fit right and i was always readjusting it. so, now our camping trips are their camping trips. but with the new sizes of depend fit-flex, it feels like it was made for me. i'm ready to get back our time together. introducing more sizes for better comfort. new depend fit-flex underwear is guaranteed to be your best fit. get a free sample at rob: after pardoning conservative filmmaker dinesh d'sousa donald trump consumed grant clemency to others. jillian: critics accusing the
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president of abusing his power. jackie ibanez with who could be pardoned next. >> reporter: fresh off the heels of his fifth pardoned donald trump is considering adding to that tally one tv personality, martha stewart who like to federal investigators in 2004. he is considering commuting the sentence of former illinois governor rod blagojevich who was impeached over corruption charges but backlash is brewing, the pres. defending his pardon of conservative filmmaker dinesh d'sousa saying i already felt he was unfairly treated, what should have been a quick minor find like everybody else, what they did to him was horrible. he pled guilty for campaign finance law violations the claims he was targeted by the obama administration. >> my case showed in miniature the way obama and hillary have gangsterisand, a new term in
2:29 am
american politics and trump is well aware of it and the product of it. >> reporter: critics accused donald trump of abusing his power to impact the russia probe. sen. mark warner, the pres.'s ad hoc use of pardon powers concerning enough but the possibility he may be sending a message to witnesses in a criminal investigation into his campaign is extremely dangerous. the white house says the pardon is justified. >> the pres. thinks it is appropriate he received a pardon after community service, paying a fine and doing other things and many believe he is the subject of selective prosecution from the previous administration. jillian: dinesh d'sousa will join "fox and friends" for an exclusive interview at 6:30 a.m.
2:30 am
eastern time. rob: north and south korea will resume peace talks in seoul. they say kim jong un s right-hand man heads to washington to deliver handwritten letter to donald trump. kim jong chol has been in talks with mike pompeo. >> we made progress towards sitting conditions, the conditions are putting donald trump and kim jong un and cloister where there could be real progress. we don't think there's real opportunity -- rob: donald trump is hopeful that in 12 summit in singapore will still happen. jillian: thousands of people told to evacuate hawaii in the next 24 hours or face being arrested. the expanding lava threatening to trap them. carving out new escape routes to withhold hard lava, no end incite, tensions running high. that man arrested for assaulting
2:31 am
a neighbor he thought was a leader. a teenager shot and killed a home invader after being threatened with a hatchet. a relative of the boy who has a history of making threats was shot in the chest after entering a mississippi home. the tenets mother says her son is shaken up but will be okay. >> tried to hurt my son. he defended himself. it could have been the other way around. could have been my son. jillian: no charges have been filed that the grand jury will hear a case in august. rob: a mother of four back on her feet after miraculously surviving a nosedive plane crash. the plane plummeting 1200 feet in march. she has undergone 6 surgeries, still lives in a full-time rehab facility. an amazing survival story. the crash still under
2:32 am
investigation. jillian: are your private conversations really private? fence raising the red flag about surveillance to track the location of cell phone users and spy on their calls. rob: does this put our national security at risk? private is this other guy. let me ask you this question first of all. signaling system 7, you know what that is. >> of course not. that is the technology, 1975 you would know this technology, that is how all the technology is protecting ourselves own towers and systems around the country and around the world. jillian: why don't they updated? >> that is the question? why haven't they updated this. a lot of wireless companies have after reports of come out, this is a problem. the fcc took a look at it, you had congress taking a look at it in 2014, you had germans using
2:33 am
it to rob banks. you have four countries identified as big users of this for intelligence, to survey around the world. america is the biggest target of this problem. they got to do something about it. here is the problem. the technology at the foot of how cell phones talk to the network. if you and i were roving and our phone goes from site to site, this technology makes it work. the problem is it lets in hackers or anybody who wants to get there. when you're looking at on the internet, everything on the phone, you may as well be posting everything you text privately on your phone on twitter. everything is vulnerable, nothing is private you are using your cell phone, bottom line. your voice calls are out there, the data you are using, your
2:34 am
location, they can track your location for hours and days and months and know exactly where you are at any given time of day. jillian: can we do anything? >> just barely. pressure your local congressman and senators to do something, that is the only way anything will happen and you can use secure apps, that is one of them, and apple, the same for calls that will protect, that will keep your call inside an encrypted envelope. and silent circle signal apps and location tracking, the only answer, the only way to track
2:35 am
it. thousands of intrusions happening around the world in cell phone towers by all kinds of nefarious sources. >> got to live like nothing is private. and these tips are here. >> thank you. this photo of you in cages, another image, illegal immigrant children in comfortable beds because that is the reality. how much money americans are coughing up to make sure kids are taken care of. >> one mother to another do something about your dad's immigration practices, you feckless --
2:36 am
>> file and vicious, hollywood democrats have a different opinion. carly shimkus live with reaction, and outrageous remarks. ♪ take gas-x. your tossing and turning isn't restlessness, it's gas! gas-x relieves pressure, bloating and discomfort... fast! so we can all sleep easier tonight.
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>> hollywood liberals standing by samantha be. >> one mother to another do something about your dad's immigration practices, you feckless -- >> kathy griffin supporting samantha be saying please do not be hard on samantha be for apologizing while i was hoping she wouldn't, i know firsthand what it is like to be put
2:40 am
through the trump wood chipper. what she's going through right now is crazy, all for a bleeped word, comics held to higher standards than the pres.. jillian: sellafield saying i like samantha be a lot but she is wrong to call ivanka a expletive expletive are powerful, beautiful, nurturing and honest. suspending sponsorship with the show. rage growing, many believe it goes beyond politics. rob: radios and fox news contributor tammy bruce says the actions of samantha be and those backing her reveal the kind of people they really are. >> because of their rage the curtain is pulled back, they don't care about hiding nature of who they are. he mentioned sally field, sally field, the flying nun, defend the use of the c word and at the same time what she is saying is what they are trying to do is normalize the debasement of women in the name of attacking a
2:41 am
woman with whom they disagree because they think she is conservative but the irony is ivanka is not a conservative. it is a meltdown but when you are willing to reduce and have no principles, when you refused to stand up for what is right because someone is a political opponent this transcends politics and parties, this is about loathing and hate, they see the pres. is successful and should all be happy that he is, the nature he has been able to accomplish. jillian: social media selling office democrats back samantha be. rob: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 with reaction online. >> reporter: some are backing be, calls for her show to be canceled are pouring in. done, so done, no more support
2:42 am
with my money. there are some great celebrities out there but time for them to speak up. debbie tweets meaningless apologies carry no weight, look up civility in the dictionary and start behaving like ladies and gentlemen or at least human with some sense of morality and katie says they can stand by her all day long but that doesn't change the fact that she needs to be fired. one of the most notable things, some people in hollywood are not just backing her up but applauding her. she is a hero for saying this. jillian: a tough week and everyone has feelings, all people. rob: great time to be comedians. don't call the cops. jillian: a church in oakland, california urging members to never call the police again. listen to first congressional church leader. >> we can no longer tolerate the trauma inflicted on communities
2:43 am
by police. jillian: reaction is pouring in, richard -- until you need them, let us know how this works for you. i hope they never call the police because that is a scary thing to say. >> photos going around social media are beautiful and heartbreaking. >> chris harris was killed in afghanistan last year, a few months after finding out his wife was pregnant. those who served alongside him on it his memory by taking part in a special photo shoot, holding a beautiful baby girl. chris's widow says i want to capture as much of chris's spirit as i could, he was devoted to the army and his country, his friends were extremely devoted to him. listen to them celebrating his gender reveal after he died.
2:44 am
>> a boy, girl, zebra, unicorn, we will find out. are you ready? 3, 2, one. jillian: look at that. so many on social media talking about this, one person ines to graham, made she always feel the love of her father through these great men. fine men somewhere the soldiers smiling wide. you can always count on your squad mates and another corridor says beautiful child, wonderful soldier, sweet mom, bless them all, what a beautiful baby girl and she will have these pictures for the rest of her life to look back on. and strength of that mother, honoring chris and the baby looks so much like that.
2:45 am
>> these kids started a lemonade stand for charity but haven't closed up shop because they didn't have a permit. what their mother is doing to make sure the traumatic experience doesn't happen to anybody else. the family joined us live next. rob: pete exit live with the summer concert series kickoff. >> it is wrestling a little bit. i have faith that will clear up and be a beautiful morning because thompson square right behind me performing all morning long on "fox and friends," they are happy to be here, you are happy to be hosting. who is happier than all of us? dinesh d'sousa. he was pardoned by the president of the united states. he will be on "fox and friends" this morning, we will get them to the concert too. sean spicer and bill bennett, one of my favorite radio host of all-time, big show on "fox and friends". come out to the music, i know you guys will. thank you.
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rob: illegal immigrant and asylum seeking children are living quite well on tax dollars despite many democrats and liberals linking this obama era photo of children in cages trying to bring that photo to the trump administration, washington time american taxpayers paying $670 every day for each unaccompanied illegal child in the united states, $650 a day. your cash going toward housing and keeping them entertained with multicultural crayons and
2:50 am
amusement park trips. the trump administration launching a crackdown on illegal immigration, parents will have to be fingerprinted in order to claim their children in us custody. they are expected to root out criminals at the border. a similar proposal was flooded during the obama administration in 2016 but the idea was next. agents have nabbed 22,000 the company children at the southern border. >> from a lemonade to sour lemons these kids charity lemonade stands put out of business because an adult called to complain, denver police saying they had to close shop because they didn't have a permit. patrick duffy along with his sons, ben, william and jonathan and mom jennifer knowles. thank you for joining us. why don't we start with you? tell us what happens that day. >> we decided it was memorial day weekend, beautiful weather and did to have a lemonade stands. wanted to teach the kids
2:51 am
entrepreneurship and charity. they picked a charity they wanted to donate their profits to and we got out our register and made some lemonade and went across the street to sell some lemonade and it was going really well, got feedback from the community and two policeman showed up and shut us down. someone had complained about us because we didn't have a permit which is the line denver apparently, a lemonade stand was shut down. >> did you know you needed a permit? >> i had no idea. think of your childhood. i never needed a permit when i was a kid. probably most of us didn't, had no clue. thought we would have a lemonade stand in front of our house and raise money for charity. >> were you there when this happened? >> yes. i talked to the police officers, they couldn't have been nicer but they got a couple complaints from people in the area so they made the decision we all had to
2:52 am
go home and it was pretty hard on the kids. jillian: what were the complaint? >> basically we set up across the street from a local art fair and we were told by the police there were some vendors in the art fair that objected to us being there. >> what have the reaction been from the community? >> we had an amazing community, local businesses invited us to have limited stands in front of their businesses, created a virtual lemonade stand on the go fund me account and people from across the country are donating to charity, raising support for the boys, amazing community support. >> what do you plan to do now? you are up to how much money? >> around $2000, over 24 hours, amazing. we are working on sponsoring
2:53 am
children from across the world. we are truly -- jillian: what is your goal? >> we would like 10 kids across the country turning lemons into lemonade. jillian: what do you tell the boys about the experience? how do you make it a teachable moment for them? >> it is all about learning how society works. one of the lessons is we follow the law and next time we get a permit but more importantly we will try to change the law. forgives to hold a lemonade stand we are in touch with our local and state representatives and hope to get the law changed and tell you about that in the future. jillian: you have a beautiful family, thank you for waking up
2:54 am
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upper respiratory tract infection and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ♪ otezla. show more of you. ♪ ♪ ♪ baby, i got you i got you ♪ the breath i breathe and there ain't nothing else i need ♪ baby, i got you yeah, yeah, yeah. jillian: it may be raining but nothing is going to stop
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us from having our concert. rob: first one here today. jillian: get to thed good, the bad and the ugly. kindergartner students starting each other's day with a hug and handshake before class. jillian: a texas elementary teacher selecting a greeter every morning positivity between students. >> pretty cool. a driver lucky to be alive. an ax flies through his windshield. canadian man hit in the head. authorities have no idea where the ax came from. this is not the first time it's happened. he said 10 years ago a steel rod went through his driver's side window he survived that as well. jillian: the ugly. here is something you don't expect to run into gulf course. ran into a couple golf cart.
3:00 am
the moose went after the car twice before losing interest, jeesh. rob: that's not fun. summer concert series kicks off this morning, it's friday, it's raining but still fun. jillian: thompson square kicks off the morning. "fox & friends" begins now. >> kim jong un's right-hand man is expected to visit the white house today and hand deliver a letter to president trump. >> the meetings have been very positive. we will see what happens. it's a process. hopefully we have a meeting on the 1st. >> new report just came out, federal prosecutors have now interviewed james comey as they now weigh whether or not to charge his former deputy fbi director andrew mccabe with a crime for his obsessive lying. >> president trump dinesh dues. >> if he thinks there is injustice he will exercise his power. >> trans


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