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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 3, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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thanks to my pan panel, thankso all of you for watching. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you all here next week. we begin with a fox news alert. the president's attorney issues a new threat to special council robert mueller, saying any attempt to subpoena president trump will ignite a new battle in court. this comes on the heels of a memo from the president's legal many team, sent in january, claiming it is not possible for the president to obstruct justice because of his constitutional authority. hello, welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. i'm arrest they'll neville. >> eric: i'm eric shawn. the threat of a legal showdown is looming with robert muleers. it comes as the president's lawyers continue to negotiate a possible face-to-face better inw with the president and the legal
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team. rudy guliani says he wants to go on the record. >> the president wants to testify. a lot of people don't believe that. a lot of people think it's a position. it's the true position. he believes he's innocent. i believe he's innocent. he believes if he gets the chance to explain it, people will understand no collusion with the russians, no obstruction of justice, forget his broad powers. he didn't do it. >> eric: for more on the legal maneuvers an, allison barber is standing by. >> reporter: this letter was leaked to the new york times and fox news. we received a copy of the 20-page letter yesterday afternoon. in it, the president's attorneys argue that an in person interview between preside trump and robert mueller is not necessary because the special council has all of the information they need in order to answer the questions they say they want to ask president trump. they say the special council lacks the, quote, requisite need to personally interview the
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president and there is a high legal bar they need to meet in order to override presidential privileges. the attorneys argue that president trump's actions are not objecting instruction, writing, quote, it remains our position that the president's actions here by virtue of his position as the chief law enforcement officer could neither constitutionally or legalitily constitute -- legally constitute obstruction because that would amount to him obstructing himself and he could if he wished terminate the inquiry or exercise the power to pardon if he desires. adam schiff tweeted the president's legal arguments would render whole sections of the constitution mute and allow the president to obstruct an investigation into his own wrongdoing. nobody is above the law, not this president, not any president. the president's newest attorney, rudy guliani, claims that constitutionally speaking the president could end the russia probe if he wanted to. he says at the same time it wouldn't be a great idea because
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in his words, it could lead to impeachment. >> if he terminated an investigation of himself, it could lead to all sorts of problems. the president of the united states pardoning himself would be unthinkable and it would lead to probably an immediate impeachment. the house, senate would be under tremendous pressure. president trump has no need to do that. he didn't do anything wrong. >> reporter: this letter is dated january 29th, 2018. at that time, guliani was not part of the president's legal team. he says the legal argument in this letter in his opinion are strong. guliani says he has not officially ruled out a sit-down between the president and special council mueller but at this point he says he is leaning a lot more towards no. so far, four members of the trump campaign have been indicted and face charges. >> arthel: for more on this, let's bring in jamie weinstein, the host of the jay you my weinstein show -- jamie
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weinstein show podcast at the national review online online. jamie, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> arthel: we've seen mr. guliani all over the media as of late, in full force. what is your take on mr. guliani's media tour, we'll call it? what's behind it? >> i think it's in part because as he has said, that much of the remedy if there was criminality would be impeachment. so it's really a political process. what i think he's trying to do is kind of delegitmize the entire investigation. if something arises where there is an impeachment proceeding, they've muddied the field, saying donald trump has been treated unfairly. what i found interesting today is it's not even clear rudy guliani agrees with the entire memo which was not written when he was on the legal teal. it was written by paul dowd. george stephanopoulos asked him
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whether the president can end cases and that would not be obstruction of justice, a pothetical, what if the president murdered somebody and there was an investigation into that, the president could close that down and guliani said well, i wouldn't go that far, that was written by john dowd, you would have to ask him that. it's not clear that rudy guliani himself agrees with the contents of the entire two memos. >> arthel: he still has to -- he's the president's top lawyer. he has to state the president's case and he's doing so in very public form. so if it gets to the point where congress becomes involved, jamie, which would be to consider impeachment, how would that turn up the volume on the surrounding politics? >> well, i think you would see more attempts to delegitmize the investigation. look what's being said about robert mueller. when he was appointed newt gingrich said he's an honorable
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man, they trust him. now a reversal from newt gingrich and a others, that he's a partisan hack and this is run by democrats trying to president trump. they're trying to delegitmize the investigation. the midterms will play a key role in this. who runs the house of representatives could determine if this goes to an impeachment. if the republicans are in control, perhaps donald trump has nothing to worry about. >> arthel: does that mean the court of public opinion comprised of voters becomes even more crucial to the president's legal team? >> i think so. i think that's part of why you see rudy guliani going on television as much as he has been. i think they see this as a political battle and you've got to keep in mind, donald trump's political mentor was roy cohn, a guy who engaged in a lot of
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legal fights himself, was donald trump's lawyer. this is what roy cohn would advise, going out and attacking the prosecutors. what roy cone did -- roy cohn did himself. this is all to be expected. >> arthel: who do you think leaked the letter, written by trump's legal team in january as we keep reporting and why now? >> well, if you're asking my opinion, i do not think it was leaked by robert mueller and his team. they have been very controlling information that comes out, not leaking. every time we learn about indictments, no one had any idea these were going to be indictments to begin with when they dropped. they have kept everything close to the vest. i think it's very possible that someone on trump's team leaked it and wanted to bring the arguments out and have rudy guliani talk about them today. that's my opinion. i don't have anything to prove that. but i think it's very unlikely this was leaked by robert mueller. they have seemed to not leak very much or at all during this
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investigation, so i don't see why they would leak this memo now. >> arthel: you don't know who leaked it so you can't say if it was someone on the trump team for sure. so meanwhile, though, could the full court press on the court of public opinion backfire on the president's legal team? >> who knows? i think what happens in november is crucial to the president. if you have democrats in control of the house of representatives, it's more likely there's a lower bar for impeachment. if the republicans are in control i don't think they will impeach over the facts we know right now. perhaps if something new comes out, maybe that would change their minds. depending on who controls the house of representatives seems more likely the bar will be determined whether impeachment is on the table. >> arthel: it will be interesting to see if the democrats use this some how in their campaigning for the midterms. jamie weinstein, we have to leave it there. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> eric: and we have a fox news alert. police say a suspect has been
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arrested following an incident near the annual marathon in downtown san diego. officials say there is no current threat and the marathon has now resumed. there was a heavy police response following reports of a shooting not far from city san diego. no additional details immediately available. we are monitoring the situation. the all-clear has been sounded for can san diego. >> arthel: president trump preparing for his historic meeting with kim jong un as the latest rounds of trade talks between the us and china end with a new warning from beijing. the latest on these developments coming up next. plus, the president also facing backlash from canada, mexico and the e.u. over tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, sparking fears of a possible trade war with key u.s. allies. >> we've got 20 countries
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>> arthel: welcome back. the june 12th summit between president trump and ki kim jongn is back on the agenda. the president made the announcement after receiving a letter from kim on friday, hand-delivered by north korea's vice chairman and former spy chief. and while mr. trump struck an optimistic tone, defense secretary james mattis warned the u.s. will not let downts guard. >> we must remain vigilant and we will continue to implement all u.n. security council resolutions on north korea. north korea will receive relief only when it demonstrates a verifyable and irreversible steps to denuclearization. >> arthel: molly is live at the washington bureau with more. >> reporter: it's back on, but don't expect it to be smooth-sailing. according to defense secretary jim mattis, he was in singapore
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prepping for the june 12th meeting between president trump and kim jong un. here's more from trump administration officials on the upcoming nuclear weapons summit. >> we can anticipate at best a bumpy road to the negotiations. as defense ministers, we must maintain a strong, collaborative defensive stance so we enable our diplomats to negotiate from a calm position of strength in this critical time. >> the key point is that we're sitting down and the second key point is that the president has been bolder on this in korea and by the way on world trade than any other recent president. >> reporter: president trump met with north korean official kim yong chol at the white house on friday. at that time the meeting in singapore was canceled. they spoke for over an hour in the oval office and the north korean emissary presented a
1:16 pm
letter to president trump from kim jong un. after that oval office discussion, president trump announced the singapore meeting was back on. lifting sanctions on north korea, however, may take some time. >> i'm glad they're talking. i'm glad they're meeting. but don't let the pressure up until we get verifyable results. anything other than that will weaken our position and strengthen them and we know what the history of that regime is. >> reporter: there have been published reports that north korea wants the u.s. to pay for a fancy hotel room for kim jong un in singapore. not so, says state department spokeswoman heather nawart. she says the u.s. is not paying for the north korean delegation and we're not asking others to do so. >> arthel: thank you thank you y >> eric: mr. wacthel is the u.n.
1:17 pm
bureau chief for fox news and worked together over at the u.n. did you ever think we would get this far. you and i spent so many years at the united nations, the first time th the issue of north korea was allowed to get to the security council was in 2006. now we're on the verge of a historic summit. >> it's more than a decade we were following north korea affairs. in 2006, things looked pretty grim. heavy sanctions were wanted. china blocked any attempt to do something. the united states held the pen as it were as they say in u.n.-speak, in drafting one resolution after another, trying to hold the north korean regime accountable for what it was doing. these were tough times. >> eric: what do you think changed? was it the president's actions? his words? he was so blunt at the u.n. in september when he directly
1:18 pm
addressed who he called rocket man in front of the stunned audience that basically gasped, international diplomats that never heard this type of talk before. >> there are a lot of factors. there's a word zeitgist, the spirit of the time. the north koreans were able to develop their nuclear program to such a degree that it started to actually concern the chinese to a level that they thought you know what, we can't play this game anymore of cat and mouse with the united states using our proxy, north korea anymore, we have to figure something out with our southern neighbor because they're out of control. at the same time, you have an economic pressure that's come to bear of course with these very stringent resolutions, sanctions, resolutions on the economy of north korea, pulling the chinese together. that puts pressure on. you also had the level of diplomacy happening between the north koreans and the chinese that had also started to get a little out of shape in which you
1:19 pm
had differences of opinion. so all these different factors come into play. but mostly it is this heavy duty campaign of pressure, maximum pressure on north korea. it's an economy o north korea that's hurting and it's a weapons, powerful nuclear country that we're dealing with. >> eric: the image it word is denuclearization -- the magic word is denuclearization p. that means different things for the u.s. and north korea. do you see kim jong un gibbing p his nuclear arsenal? what poe ten do you see the north koreans agreeing to when they've played cat and mouse for so many decades over this issue. >> the nuclear arsenal that kim jong un has right now is his life insurance. if he feels that in the negotiating process or the outcome of the negotiating process will leave him vulnerable, i don't see it happening, i don't see him
1:20 pm
giving up his one way to maintain survival. he's seen the calamities of anybody who has given up nuclear capabilities or moved in that direction and let themselves up to the own population that he has of pressed, tha -- on opres. if he puts himself in a vulnerable position, the nuclear deal is off. >> eric: do you see a phasing in of dismantling some of it, if not potentially all. >> we could see -- we may not get as far as we want to get in terms of getting all those weapons out of there and cleaning the whole place and then deciding to go solar in north korea and forget any sort of nuclear program and enrichment. what could end up happening, we could see happening a north korea that freezes its efforts to nuclearize these ballistic missiles that it's tested so we don't have to face the prospect of icbms raining down on us and
1:21 pm
blowing up our cities. >> eric: you see a potential compromise where they may keep some ofhe nuclear program, but as you point out, not in the ballistic missiles that threaten the united states. >> we could have a move toward having nuclear energy as an option for them, stopping the program, freezing this program. in terms of giving it all up and saying hey, we're open to whatever you want to do, united states, with us and i don't have any insurance policy, i just don't see it. >> eric: also a question, that would not address the japanese and south korean concerns over the short range missiles. >> that is absolutely right. japan has been terrified. fishermen at sea are fishing for squid. they could at any given moment have a rocket come flying over their heads and crash into them. it's a crazy situation. you can't go on with that type of prospect. >> eric: a crazy situation, that it is. always good to see you. we'll be looking forward to what happens on june 12th with this
1:22 pm
historic summit and we'll have more commentary from you about that. thank you. >> arthel: we'll pick it up here. china now sending a warning to president trump. yeah, saying any trade deals reached with the u.s. will be off if washington imposes tariffs on beijing. the tough talk coming aft the white house said it is moving forward with the plan to implement steep tariffs on chinese technology. meanwhile, there is talk of retaliation from the european union, canada and mexico over tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. white house director of trade peter navarro defended the president's position earlier today on sunday morning futures. >> we have 15 countries flooding our markets with aluminum, driving that industry to near distinction and all we're doing here, all we're doing here, all the president is doing is defending this country's national security sovereignty and economic security from the flood of imports.
1:23 pm
>> arthel: garrett tinny is in washington with more. >> reporter: the international backlash continues today after the u.s. announced new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from some of our closest allies, the e.u., mexico and canada are now threatening to enact reciprocal tariffs in retaliation. on meet the press, canada's prime minister argued the tariffs by the u.s. will hurt jobs in both countries and said he's insulted that president trump would take this action under the guise of national security. >> the idea that the canadian steel that's in military vehicles in the united states, the canadian aluminum that makes your fighter jets is somehow now a threat, the idea that we are somehow a national security threat to the united states is quite frankly insulting and unacceptable. >> reporter: canada along with the e.u. and mexico are going to the world trade oranization to challenge the u.s.'s use of a
1:24 pm
national security exception to enact the tariffs. the white house is defending theictions and argues it was completely within its right to do this. the national securit>> the natie is not about canada or china or turkey. the national security issue is a flood of imports from 20 countries that are putting our aluminum and steel businesses out of business and so the national security issue is basically us looking ou outward, defending ourselves against the flood of imports so the industries can thrive. >> reporter: on fox news sunday, larry kudlow conceded it is possible the new tariffs could actually hurt the u.s. economy. the white house argues, though, that if there are any negative impacts, they would only be testimony prairie and in the long -- temporary and in the long run better trade deals will be a bigger boost to the economy. garrett teny, fox news. >> eric: hamas firing rockets
1:25 pm
again from gaza towards israel and the israeli air force is striking back. the exchange of fire breaking days of calm, we'll have a a live report and u.n. ambassador from israel is here to weigh in on hisal to demand hamas be classified as a terrorist organization. first, here's a preview of what to expect tonight with steve hilton on the next revolution. >> we have a special show for you this sunday night, focusing on california with chaos at the border, taxes rising, people leaving the state, we're asking is jerry brown killing california, our next revolution special this sunday at 9:00 eastern. don't miss it. wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase.
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1:30 pm
israel, shattering a cease fire reached just days ago. conner powell is live in jerusalem with the latest. >> reporter: from the very beginning when the cease fire was agreed to earlier in the week, it appeared to be a very fragile cease fire. it is showing signs right now that it is fraying over the last 24 hours. the israeli government launched a series of air strikes on hamas targets in gaza in response to the renewal of rockets being launched from gaza into southern israel. last week more than 100 rockets were fired by militants into israel and several agricultural fields have been damaged by kites rigged with devices and launched across the israeli security fight. tensions for the last three months have been escalating as palestinians violently protested against the israeli blockade against gaza. israeli troops responded,
1:31 pm
shooting and killing some 115 palestinians. some were violent militants, attacking the security fence, others were unarmed protesters, journalists and a 21-year-old female medic that was treating wounded palestinians. the cease fire will be tested again we think on tuesday when we expect there will be more protests along the israeli security fence. this is the day on tuesday that palestinians are marking the 51 year anniversary of the arab defeat during the six-day war when israel took control of jerusalem. so this is a day that we're expecting a large crowd along the fence again. the question is will we see the type of violence that we've seen many, many times for the last two and-a-half months. that's the big question. we don't know that yet. >> arthel: conner powell, thank you very much for the update. >> eric: at the united nations there's a bitter divide over the violent protests that resulted in more than 100 palestinian deaths at the border with
1:32 pm
israel. the u.s. see tot vetoed a secury council calling it one sided. the u.s. fails to win backing for the motion condemning hamas. nikki haley at wednesday's security council meeting called out those nations voting against the resolution. >> it is outray jus outrageous e security council to fail to defend rocket attacks against israeli civilians while the human rights council approves sending a team to defend actions taken in self-defense. i urge members of the security council to exercise at least as much scrutiny of the actions of the hamas terrorist group as it does to israel's legitimate right of self-defense. >> eric: we're joined by ambassador danny danon, former israeli deputy defense minister. welcome. >> thank you.
1:33 pm
>> eric: you are calling for hamas to be classified as a terrorist organization. why? >> hamas is a terrorist organization. it's recognized by the u.s., by the e.u., by many other nations but not by the u.n. it's the same way you recognize al-qaida and isis, you should apply sanctions on hamas leaders, on their bank accounts. i think it would be beneficial for the stability in our region. all the pictures we are seeing, all the casualties, it's all because of hamas. they are sending innocent people to the fence. they're very cynical. we saw what happened in the last few days when they sent rockets and missiles into israel. >> eric: what's the reaction of your fellow diplomats. there's an isis, al-qaida committee at the u.n. that is in progress and it operates and sanctions individuals and groups but there isn't anything dealing with hamas. >> it will not be easy. i'm aware of that.
1:34 pm
look what happened on friday. they cast a resolution from kuwait and they were not able to mention the word hamas. i said why, can't you spell hamas? can'why can't you put in the resolution the word hamas. i think it will take more to convince other countries. the u.s. is standing with us. we want to thank nikki haley. she said we should name hamas. >> eric: why this an effort among your colleagues to basically protect hamas? >> i can't explain it. i asked my colleagues from france, from sweden, who are influential, why you couldn't insist on putting hamas in the resolution. they couldn't answer this question. i think it's coming from the arab countries, they want to condemn israel. they mentioned israel five times in the resolution but they cannot name hamas. we will continue to bring it up to the security council. if hif you want to help the palestinians in gaza, you must
1:35 pm
condemn hamas. >> eric: the palestinian observer at the u.n. is pushing back against israel onhis. here's what he said. >> we deeply regret the council's continued paralysis on our issue due to the recurrent negative and biased position of one permanent member of the security council. we deplore the use of the veto to continue shielding israel from censor and accountability for its crimes against our people. >> eric: they are criticizing the u.s. what do you say to the critics who say israel has had a dispro portion net response -- disproportionate response to the violence. we saw a medic that was killed, other people killed during the riots and they're blaming the jewish state for this. >> shame on them. shame on mr. monsoo for this. we defend our border. i think hamas paying people,
1:36 pm
sending them to the fence, using them as human shields, they should be condemned. we don't want to see any casualties. when you have 40,000 people, rioters coming to the fence, they will not stop at the fence. they will continue into communities. they will set them on fire. we are protecting our people. we will continue to that. our message to hamas is clear, if the children in israel are not able to sleep at night, they will feel the might of the i.d.f. >> eric: you reject the criticism that israel overreacted. >> absolutely. if you look at any other democracy, if you had 40,000 people coming to the border of the u.s. in the morning, imagine the outcome. same would be for france, sweden. we are doing the best to minimize the number of casualties. hamas wants to see more and more casualties. >> eric: they've been flying kites and balloons over the fence with the gasoline to burn up thousands of acres of the fields.
1:37 pm
let me read you a quote from the jewish voice. the kites, go to the beach and fly a kite at the beach. this is kite terrorism. the ministry of agriculnd ministry of finance will provide financial support for farmers in the gaza belt who have suffered material damage from flammable kites and helium balloons that have been sent over with the aim of setting fields on fire. there are new measures to combat kites including specialized drones to neutralize them. they've shelled out $300,000 worth of damage. did you ever expect to see kites flying over the border, dropping gasoline bombs? >> the history of hamas, they focus on destruction and hate. we think how to build, how to support palestinians. they put a lot of energy and they're very creative, finding ways to burn fields in israel, finding ways to dig tunnels. why don't they put that energy into the palestinians in gaza who are suffering every day.
1:38 pm
it's cynical. it's pitiful. i hope one day palestinians will be strong enough to say enough for the hamas regime. >> eric: they voted them in. they use a lot of concrete not for the roads but to build tunnels. it is continuing. ambassador danny danon of israel, thank you very much. >> arthel: a church sparking controversy after telling members to stop calling the police. where this is happening and what's behind this call.
1:39 pm
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>> eric: there's flew cree action to a small but growing moveme, liberal houses of worship calling for divesting from local police. the first congressional church of oakland california, one church leader is vowing to never call the police again. there's a rally that was held month, with members holding photographs of african americans who were shot and killed by law enforcement. >> we feel that we can no longer tolerate the trauma inflicted on our communities by policing systems. our love for one another and our faith call us to end our participation in systems that pit the safety of some of us against the safety of others of us. >> eric: what is this about and what is the reaction? vincent hill joins us, the host
1:44 pm
of the beyond the badge podcast. we heard church members saying they would not call police. what do you think about this movement? >> i think it sends a bad ssage. there is enough division in the country. for the church to spend more division, at the end of the day the police's job is to combat crime. a lot of people say there is race going on. police have no choice but to show up when police are called. take starbucks, for instance. they were called on two black males. the police don't have an option to say we're not coming because they're black because we don't want to be accused of being racist. the police are doing their job. the mass media is making police look like the bad guys. >> eric: there are sensitivities. you've had the shootings of african americans and others that have caused such divisions and concern and you do have police brutality and police misconduct. that's what the church members would say. how would you address them if they say we're not going to be involved with the police, we're not going to have the police
1:45 pm
come to the church if something happens at the church, we'll go to the police station and file a report but we won't call 911. >> let me respond to the ootings of black males. in 2017, 457 white people were killed by police. the mass media is not reporting on that. take a guy like dillon taylor who was killed three days after michael brown, unarmed white male, you never heard about it. that's why. when we talk about let's not call the police, if i'm a criminal in the city of oakland that's ranked number 10 as one of the most dangerous cities, 700 robberies, almost 100 murders, that's an open ticket for me to do more because the church is saying don't trust the police, now i'll make you more of a victim. >> eric: this is spreading, it's going to a church in san diego and iowa city, iowa. as it grows, what is your message to the consistent he grow ga gas station -- congregations and pastors who would sign onto this?
1:46 pm
>> my message would be to talk to your police officials, learn policing. a lot of people see any type of use of force as excessive use of force. learn what use of force is and also we need to teach the communities compliance because officers just don't show up and start using force. there's a use of force continuum. when we start preaching compliance to these communities, we can start to come together. >> eric: what do you mean by compliance? >> compliance to commands. a lot of these video that's we see on facebook or instagram or whatever, it doesn't just start with police showing up, getting out, using force. there's verbal commands. that's the first step to the use of force continuum, verbal commands. once you go outside of that, police have to escalate their force based on the actions of the individual. >> eric: can this ever be resolved? can there be trust he reimposed by some members of the community such as churches with law enforcement who by and large are out there trying to do a good job. >> i think it can.
1:47 pm
the main focus of the church is to unite. my dad's a pastor. the main focus of a church is to unite. i think we have to come together, talk, see what each side wants and see each side's issues and that way we can move past this. >> eric: vincent hill, the podcast, beyond the badge is out there. thank you. >> arthel: it is national cancer survivor's day, a time to pause and reflect on the millions of americans who serve as an inspiration to all of us. next we'll speak with one woman who met the deadly disease head-on and is now working to help others beat the odds. ( ♪ ) it's the details that make the difference. only botox® cosmetic is fda approved to temporarily make frown lines, crow's feet and forehead lines look better. it's a quick 10 minute treatment given by a doctor to reduce those lines. ask your doctor about botox® cosmetic by name.
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>> arthel: as we mark national cancer survivor's day, president trump is putting the spotlight on the vast number of americans fighting the deadly disease. the president says in a statement, quote, to provide even greater hope for these americans and their families, i recently signed into law the federal right to try legislation. this new law gives those facing a terminal illness expanded options for care and treatment that could save their lives. my next guest is a cancer survivor herself and she has accepted the nomination to be a 2018 woman of the year candidate
1:52 pm
for the leukemia and lymphoma society and she is joining me now over the phone from los angeles. her name is katlyn lindsey. are you there? >> i am. hello, thank you so much for having me on. >> arthel: i want to let everybody k you're my dear friend as well. i'm very proud of you. you are one of 20 candidates which is why you started your fund raising campaign. tell us about your campaign, your goal and what is it that you're hoping to achieve as a nominee? >> it's a competition to support cancer research and to help everyone who has been touched or will be touched by cancer, any cancer, and it's 20 candidates, a national campaign. ties to me because i had breast cancer. it was diagnosed about three years ago. and i underwent a mastectomy and went back to my life. march 8th of this year i found out the breast cancer came back and this is right before my
1:53 pm
campaign kicked off. research is so important. my case is so rare, due to my age. bubut there's breakthroughs in immunotherapy and we're improving quality of life for patients and for caregivers. i think they have invested over $1.2 billion i think in research. >> arthel: how much have you raised, katlyn, so far? >> my goal for the end of the week is to have $100,000 and i'm very, very close to that. >> arthel: you're very close to that. where are you right now? last i read you were at $90,000. >> it's a blind competition. we can't publicly say how much i've raised. i'm very close to that number. >> arthel: we'll leave it there. if you want to donate, katlyn's website is mwo,
1:54 pm
look for her name, katlyn lindsey. and her picture. to donate. katlyn, is there a deadline to donate? >> it would be end of this week. so friday. >> arthel: friday. okay. we'll definitely go towards that goal for sure and we're going to surpass it. i want to back up, katlyn. you started telling your story but i want to slow it down and remind everybody your story, the back story is that in march of 2015 at 32 years old you were diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. you had a mastectomy followed by eight reconstructive surgeries and multiple procedures. then you were given the all-clear. then three years later, march of this year, 2018, you found out that your breast cancer had come back. what happened next? >> all my doctors were in shock because a after a mastectomy it isn't likely that cancer will return on the mastectomy side
1:55 pm
but for me it did and they admittedly acknowledged that more research needs to be done especially on cases like mine. so the first time i didn't undergo radiation. this time i'm currently undergoing 25 rounds of radiation to make sure that they got all the cells. so i'm in the process of that treatment right now and i'm taking it day by day, but one of the interesting things with this is that what i learned was what originally was discovered through blood cancer research, since blood cancer is easy to study, is now being tested for clinical trials for other cancer as well. so that's why this isn't just for me with breast cancer or for leukemia or lymphoma. it affects every type of cancer and every person. >> arthel: i've known you for maybe 20 years now. you know i'm so proud of you, what you're doing is remarkable and it speaks volumes about you, the way you were raised, and
1:56 pm
your forttitude and compassion and you as a person. keep up the good work and keep fighting the good fight and we're on your side. you know that, right? >> thank you so much. i do. i love you. >> eric: just wonderful. god bless. we'll be right back. get your groove on with one a day 50+.
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2:00 pm
discuss spys in the trump campaign, the fbi, the cia, mueller, comey, and the effort to impeach our president. don't miss it. >> eric: that does it for us. >> arthel: i've had a couple meals with the president and i will say, before he was president, not a fan of vegetables. i've tried to point this out that maybe he should add that to his diet. >> that's cnn, folks. pla diet. greg: that is cnn, folks. [cheering and [ cheering and applause ] >> greg: i ampp outraged out, tweets here, c-words there, even the flying non flying nun got i. i'm not kidding. the flying nun i is throwing the c-word around on twitter like a nasty little


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