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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 6, 2018 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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the fuzzy guy named cordon bleu, the academy of cool, posing with rs flocktois farm to snap a selfy with him, not bad g he doesn't rn around and spit at them. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thanks for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues right now, have a great day, goodbye. >> hello, california, are we ready for a republican governor? we putinessman in the white house, let's put a businessman in the governor's mansion. jillian: a trump pump in california given the republican at have to become a governor, election results pouring in overnight. do if cessy to be here in august, to do our work. rob: we are staying in session,
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that message to the senate as mitch mcconnell, democrats are slamming this move as a way to hurt them in the midterms. jillian: the major makeover for miss america. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ you ain't seen nothing yet ♪ rob: that is when i have not heard in a while. looking south, maybe looking north. these camera shots, got to figure out what they are.
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there is midtown manhattan. good morning, you are watching "fox and friends first". ts pourifrom eig aties thisning but on cafornia with a gubernatorial seat up for grabs and both parties hope to flip crucial house seats in november. rob: griff jenkins breaking it all down for us. >> reporter: an exciting night, they call california the jungle because so many candidates, the top two advance regardless of party and nowhere is it more fierce than in the gubernatorial race where democrats hope to shape the battlefield but the gop would not be denied. gavin newsom cruised to e general election, putting donald trump front and center. >> voters will have a real choice between a governor who will stand up to donald trump e dier in his war on california.
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mark my words. i have never back down from a fight. >> reporter: republican john cox who the president endorsed the gop from being shut out. >> mr. newsom made it clear he wanted to run against me instead of another democrat. be careful, mr. newsom, be careful what you wish for. let's send them the very first message, and that is it wasn't donald trump who made california the highest taxed state in the country, it was gavin newsom and the democrats. >> reporter: democrat hopes of writing a blue wave to the majority are iquith some races too close to call, democrats need to pick up 23 seats nationwide to regain control. nowhere do democrats a better shot than in the 7 republican seats were clinton won in 2016 but democrats might get boxed out of republicans when the top
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spots. incumbent dana rohrbacher won with 30% between 2 favored democrats are in a dogfight with republican running net in that but wasn't just california, voters in 7 other states including alabama, iowa, mississippi, montana, new jersey, new mexico and south dakota among some other outcomes, incumbent democrat sen. bob mendez held on despite his recent trials in montana and john tester will face republican state auditor in a close hon. race. rob: republican gubernatorial candidate on the ballot in california. is it fair to say the pres.'s message is resonating with voters on thstoast? jillian: the campaign manager for donald trump's reelectio been so the american people see the impact this administraon
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is making despite what some in the media say? >> i don't say that, make him happy, not true. the largest data operation survey in thcountry and we see ica starting to see their personal economies areng better, naal ttinbeer, things in iran are happening and much of the media doesn't want outside a couple stations of the couple people how much they don't want to talk about the accomplishment, they are starting to get through. >> reporter: singapore's a cappella hotel making history, playing host to donald trump's june 12th summits with kim jong un. he is expected to stay at the hotel on a secluded island that once served as pirate hideout. surprise guest basketball hall a frie of kim jong un could even play a role in the talks, keep you posted.
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chinese tech giant cte could soon be back in business, reuters reported trump administration reached a preliminary agreement with the company lifting it's been un-american supplies, the us walked a 7-year bannon the country in april after it violated sanctions by doing business with iran and north korea, the cill pa $1 billion in fines. rob: doug peterson will address his team's canceled white house visit today, the white house calling the entire thing a political stunt over the national anthem protests after a small number of players intended to show up at the last minute. the nfl instituted a new forcing players to stand or stay in the locker room but that doesn't fly for the president. staying in the locker room staying for the playing of our national anthem is as disrespectful to our country is kneeling. the white house hosting an event honoring the flag instead of those philadelphia eagles. the white house sitting the
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record state, ivanka -- co been on his respect for the anthem. >> the pres. about be more clear on his position on the national anthem. he made a simple request, he thinks people should stand for the flag and before people said nobody took a knee, that is not what this incident was about, this was a decision the pres. made based on how this event was handled, not based on what happened last season and it is the nfl, not the white house or the president who came out with a new policy that governs what its players will do. that is the between the nfl and its far clubs and players and they came out with a policy that players on different teams don't like. >> acting ice director tho homan, defending the 0-tolerance policy at nation's borders.
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>> the children cry, it doesn't mean we ignore the law. the greatest country on earth. the right way and wrong way. >> hartman as response stemming from backlash separating parents and children caught illegally crossing the border as officials plan to towards with the military bases in texas suitable to house the 11,000 unaccompanied migrant children currently in the us. >> the ousted deputy director of the fbi wants to trade his testimony for immunity. an attorney for andrew mccabe asking for possible prosecution ahead of the congressional hearing on the handling of the clinton email investigation. fired over allegations he leaked to the media and lied about that and we are learning fbi agent peter stzrok played a larger role in the clinton probe than
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originally thought. and capitol hill, stzrok was demoted over anti-trump texts. >> donald trump raising mitch mcconnell for keeping the senate in washington tweeting mitch mcconnell announced he canceled the recess, and something done other than acceptance of high crime and high taxes, you need border security. >> lauren blanchard has more on the senate majoritleader decision to skip recess. >> necessary for us to be here in august and to do our work. >> reporter: the point of skipping recess according to mcconnell is to force congress to tackle spending bills and pass the pres.'s nominees. others say to keep democrats for reelection from campaigning in
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august. >> democratic incumbents, he is mistaken. >> the swing majority in the senate, senate democratic minority leader chuck schumer trying to turn the table. >> eveayevery week we are here we are focusing on healthcare. >> others say it is necessary because congress needs to pass spending bills before the end of the fiscal year. >> one of the most important functions congress has is funding the government. if we can't get that done we shouldn't go on vacation. >> it is more cooperative. >> the white house plotting the decision. >> there is a lot to do with including important nominations and appropriations bills we hope they can get taken care of. >> reporter: the wonder if the house will be staying in town. no plans to do so yet. sen. schumer asking if it means
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the pres. will be traveling to florida and new jersey. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. rob: the pres. keeping a promise to take care of the nation as heroes. jillian: overhauling treatment options for veterans. dan caldwell joined us earlier to react. >> this bill will give veterans more healthcare choice, one of the biggest promises means keeping it by signg this bi today. rob: this is $5 billion to expand private care choices and consolidate 7 existing care options. >> decision day, tomorrow is the deadline for republicans to force a vote on a series of immigration bills with just three votes, will they pull it off? it is time for congress to step
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>> the head of house democratic ca takes aim at tom homan, hosted by the center of immigration studies because according to joe crowley they are anti-immigrant hate group,
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demonizing immigrants. >> the director of policy studies -- >> these are false and malicious smears that people are levying at my organization and others, on behalf of enforcement, and everybody in this country, preserves integrity of the legal immigration system and raising money of allegations but they are completely false, a serious debate we have on this issue. that is what we invited tom homan to talk about. things that congress needs to fix, that make it harder to enforce immigration laws, make
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it dangerous for ice officers, we had a gat dcussion despite accusations. >> crowley did ask tom homan to speak and joe crowley center tweet blasting tom homan, public service, to legitimize a group for anti-semitic views. he must cancel his planned address for immigration study. what are those views you are spreading? think it is important to have more immigration enforcement, border security, strong legal immigraonystem at a lev that works for americans, reductions in legal immigration, we wanted immigration policy that serves the national interest, not the special interests driving immigration, law and policy for
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so long that benefit only narrow interest groups and people out for personal gain this. rob: we have pending immigration vote, republicans in blue states, and republicans tried to get the vote in and they are close to the magic number, just three off to get this happen. what do you expect, a deal from this group to look like if this goes through? >> we are hearing, pretty likely to get the magic number to force o, queen of the hill proposal which is set up to bring a series of votes on different legislation only one of which would accomplish what
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is needed to bring the immigration system is in balance, we need asylum reform, sanctuary policies, e-verify, moderate chain migration and that is the goodlatte bill but this is rigged ter pass an amnesty for dreamers without et msures or improvements in border security, another bill, by representatives heard and then am provides token border security, not the wall or anything else needed. in addition to big amnesty. adership prd bill the we have no idea what is in it, probably would not accomplish what needs to be accomplished and this is a crazy thing going into the election season. voters put donald trump in office to address these
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immigration problems, to have these stunts that could result in inadequate legislatn. rob: think you. >> there have been two successful discharge position efforts. we will be watching, thank you, jessica. >> the death of a well-known sh designer contributes pouring advocate spared. what is insiderteaking suicide note to her 13-year-old daughter. rob: miss america making a change to the annual competition. shimkus with reaction online is the organization says no longer. ♪ that she wore the first time
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america getting a major makeover. rob: announcing the annual competition scrapping it swimsuit round and will no longer judge contestants based on their looks. shannon: correlation kiss with reaction online. curious what people are saying. >> the iconic pageant getting a facelift doing away with swimsuits and evening ground portions. they will take place in a live interactive session with judges. as for ballgown's they can wear outfits that best represent their style. some people are pleased with this new phase of the pageant
2:25 am
others aren't convinced loy on says 2018 is the year political correctness killed the miss america pageant and the boy scouts. aisha says one day in the near future our daughters are going to say women walked across the stage in a bikini to have people post scores about their body on tv, for real i can see why they took it out. and a lot of contestants don like it. it is a good step forward to miss america. i can see why they can't take out the swimsuit part about ballgown's. >> on both sides. >> changing its name. >> pancakes are not the only thing they are slipping, they are changing their name, flipping the p2 a b. they will be called iharbor and we will learn what that stands
2:26 am
for on june 11th. guesses are pouring it on social media. 100% international house of barbecs going to be barbecued pancakes, gross. and other twitter users as burritos. i called it for years. jonathan says it is breakfast. i think it stands for breakfast too. i want it to stand for be >> it could be bacon. it puts a lot of bacon at ihop. patty: i think it will be breakfast. pancakes on the bacon. rob: let's talk about this 5-year-old kid. >> reporter: she stole the show at her preschool graduation by getting the party started with adorable dance moves. ♪
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>> at the end, says that all. 5-year-old our brief christina toby, he says they learned that a young age that she likes the spotlight. let's all go into today channeling our inner are bree. it is 27 minutes after the hour. we just learned anti-trump lever peter stzrok had a much larger role in the clinton russia probe than originally thought and andrew mccabe in the unity. agenda napolitano weighing in a new allegations from the fbi coming up. rob: a major backtrack, april ryan claiming donald trump was heckled and who at his own light house -- white house event, the cnn commentator was forced to change her tune and even her own words. any well instantly.
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jillian: fox news alert, israel is ramping up security against hamas backed palestinian protesters, security officials threateninto kill those kites over the border, flames from those kites torched farms and forests no one has been hurt pretensions of escalated for months with israeli officers forced to gun down protesters trying to breach the border. disgraced army deserter bowe bergdahl will get no prison time. commanding general at fort bragg approving the sentence held down by military judge demoting him from sergeant to private and finding him $10,000, he plans to appeal his dishonorable discharge, he pled guilty to abandoning his posts in afghanistan in 2009, he was a telegram prisoner for 5 years
2:32 am
before pres. obama traded 5 gitmo terrorists for his release. rob: heartbreaking note left behind by kate spade before she was found dead in her apartment apparently killing herself. the note addressing the fashion icon's 13-year-old daughter saying, quote, i will always love you, this is not your fault. family members say she struggled with depression for years despite her big success. david spade paying tribute saying she so sharp and ick on her feet she could make me laugh so hard i still can't believe it. it is a rough world, try to hang on. kate spade was 55 years old. >> results pouring in from eight state primaries but all lies on california. gavin newsom and donald trump picked john cox advancing to the general election in the incumbent sen. dianne feinstein
2:33 am
advancing, a big field of democratic challengers, the runner-up still undecided. bob menendez holds on despite his recent corruption trial, democrats need to put 23 seats to regain control. gavin newsom -- go ahead. rob: rescuers searching for survivors after a volcano in guatemala erupts for the second time in two days, rock and ash raintalent villages in guatemala, the death toll stands at 75 people. fears of yet another explosion forcing 3000 to evacuate and brand-new video showing when the volcano first erupted. something to see, love and ash rushing down the mountain at 400 mph wiping out entire homes and everything else in its path. he river of love and destroying hundreds more homes on hawaii's
2:34 am
big island, among them the mayor's vacation home. this photo showing hardened lava completely surrounding a neighborhood, toxic fall can it lays blankg the coe, illing the entire bay. the most active fisher shows no sign of stopping shooting lava 200 feet in the air as this continues. jillian: hurricane season here and donald trump and the first lady will discuss the nation's preparedness. the season began on june 1, 2017, was one of the worst hurricane seasons on record back to back storms, maria, hosea, irma and harvey leaving behind a path of destruction. donald trump traveling to texas to visit victims of hurricane harvey. rob: we have that it'll blip a few days ago, something in the
2:35 am
gulf, nothing else during down there. >> something in the pacific, but the good newss it will not affect land. they have their hurricane season in the atlantic we are under way, nothing on the horizon yet last 24 hours we see some actithe gulf of mexico, scattered thunderstorms over parts of the central us where we could see potential for more stronger storms later this afternoon, large hail, damaging winds, across the northern plains and central plains, severe threat through this evening, violin damaging winds, isolated tornado but not at a big severe weather outbreak, the heat continues in the central part of the us, the southern part, the southeast, but we're still into a trough pattern meaning temperatures
2:36 am
cooler than average. >> 35 after the hour, illegal immigrant crackdown, massive ice rate busting more than 100 illegal immigrants working on a lawn and garden business. rob: a firefighter going viral cradling a little girl after a car accident. that hero says this is why he does the job, he joins us live next. ♪ you always get the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed?m let's get someone to say it with a really low voice. carl? lowest price guaranteed. what about the world's lowest limbo stick? how low can you go? nice one, carl. hey i've got an idea. just say, badda book. badda boom. badda book. badda boom. nice. always the lowest price, guaranteed. book now at
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from the moment you met you wantecomfort and protectionthats is the #1 choice of hospitals to wrap your baby in blanket-like softness so all they feel is love pampers swaddlers rob: former pres. bill clinton getting on the too do over after an uncomfortable interview regarding the monica lewinsky scandal where he felt he diknow.
2:40 am
>> looked like i was a guy to apologize and not had no intention to and i was mad at me. i e to my family, to monica lewinsky and her family, the american people. i have had toive with the consequences. rob: in a fox news it exclusive, gennifer flowers says bill clinton needs to face harsher eqnces. >> i'm advocating bill be prosecuted for his sex crimes, why shouldn't he be prosecuted for rape as bill cosby has and harvey weinstein, why don't they arrest hillary is a co-conspirator? she has been the person who let him go and the enabler. >> clinton says he still believes in the me too movement and it should be supported. >> april ryan backtracking after falsely claiming donald trump was ridiculed at a white house event instead of hosting philadelphia eagles, deleting
2:41 am
this tweet saying breaking, reporters on south lawn confirmed donald trump was heckled and booed when he came out celebrating america. the political analyst walking the report back in another twee at proho took a knee in the crowd and not at donald trump. >> tennessee fire capt. going viral cuddling a baby girl moments after she was involved in a car accident. jillian: chris involving a wreck involving a pregnant lover and her 3 small children. picking up a little girl to make sure she was okay after she had been crying, holding her until she fell asleep. rob: the firefighter joins us live with more on that. it is an incredible picture, you look exhausted. the baby falls asleep in your arms, tell us about that moment.
2:42 am
>> we had just cleared a residential house fire and got back to the station and the crew was cleaning up the truck and i stepped into the shower when the tones went off again and normally when our dispatcher turns out a car accident it turns out the dispatcher involvedoned there was a pregnant mother mall children in the backseat, that gives us a sense of urgency to get going and when we got on the scene it was a 2-car incident, my crew attended to the mother and i started checking on the children in the backseat. jillian: why did you stath this cicular >> the other children are old enough to speak to me and verify they are okay. the baby was screaming hysterically so i asked permission from the mother to get the baby out of the car seat and as soon as i got her out she laid her head on my shoulder and
2:43 am
started crying. rob: you say this is why do the job, i can't imagine the satisfaction that comes from this work where you are constantly immersed in helping people. what was it like having that little girl snoozing in your arms after crying so hysterically? >> it was amazing, the job can get rough at times especially when you wake up multiple times in the middle of the night. having moments to take a deep breath and said and relax and know you are taking care of somebody's gratifying. jillian: have you spoken to the family since? >> i'm surprised by the response, something that has been extremely overwhelming and at this point it is out of everybody's hands and it is divine intervention showing love completely by me
2:44 am
rob: what a great picture, all the first responders, appreciation, thank you for coming on this morning. jillian: anti-trump fbi will truth come oue microscope. friends take the hot seat? judge andrew napolitano is here to weigh in. rob: todd pyro in new york. jillian: talking with voters ahead of the va mission act. >> was that a dog that was barking? >> that was the judge. >> don't know why the judge is laughing, we haven't even started. take a look at this. red white and blue waffle, blueberry, strawberry, how are some does that work? rob: you need some liquid
2:45 am
chocolate. >> reporter:ou were just up here at west point. if you have never been to west point you need to make a trip here. it is an unbelievable place, we are here talking about the va mission act, the bill that is a very complic bil simple takeaways it allows access for veterans to get better privatization, it it were private health care for them, we are talking about what does it mean for them? many veterans here, heavy veterinary a at west point. doesn't go far enough and what has donald trump and the military and veterans,bviously a big day june 6th. the important cannot b underscored enough, d-day, we are here in west point. a fun and informative next three hours, stay with us, "fox and friends first" returns after this. rob: you keep eating like that you will need better healthcare
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rob: andrew became seeking in the unity in exchange for testimony. jillian: peter stzrok had a larger role in the russia and clinton probe that originally thought. rob: judge andrew napolitano. judge napolitano: the fbi management is an onion. and the more offensive it is.
2:50 am
it is unheard of for the number 2 person. this is not the way of writing a public letter. you quietly go and negotiate and i'm not going to give it to you unless you give me in the unity. he can't testify openlbecause he is under criminal investigation. it is a waste of everybody's time but they give him immunity , giving immunity, and can't imagine it happening. >> the investigation asking for in unity asking for a lot. >> depending on what he privately tells senate investigators, the senate may
2:51 am
actually find immunity tempting. rob: on other people. judge napolitano: our colleague oliver north was granted immunity and was prosecuted and convicted and the conviction was overturned because they used his own words even though they are immunized. it is a complex area of the law. congress doesn't like to get involved, courts don't like when it happens but congress has the power to do it. congress says if you testify truthfully, none of your words jillian: do you see this n the playing t? judge napolitano: i don't think there's an appetite in congress to grant this guy immunity. he is so disliked by republicans i don't see it happening. the republican congress -- rob: on comey, stzrok, page? judge napolitano: on somebody
2:52 am
they dislike more. that would be jim comey or below the radar screen, loretta lynch, meeting with clinton on the tarmac, the removal of herself from the clinton investigation even though she did a lot to push it off the front burner, becoming more apparent to us. jillian: you are heading to the hill today. judge napolitano: so many things in my legal career, intensifying before the house homeland security committee on the constitutionality of a piece of legislation that would transfer from congress to the pres. the power to make more. this is perhaps the most important piece of legislation congress will vote on. i will argue they should vote against it, james mattis, made it clear, we gave congress the power to declare war, not the president. really want wars fart with broad national consensus and congress
2:53 am
establishes these consensuses, not the president. rob: it works for a long time, for 17 years. judge napolitano: we fight wars now without a declaration. got to go to capitol ll. rob: oh my gosh. look at my age. got two minutes. to eat the whole thing. judge napolitano: thank you. jillian: have a wonderful birthday. we want a piece of that. rob: 53 after the hour. firefighters picking up the most epic birthday party ever. the call of . above and beyond jillian: this woman sound asleep on the side of the road. how she reacts when a police officer tries to wake her up. ♪
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♪ ♪ made in the u.s.a. snowe ♪ yeah, yeah ♪ rob: all beautiful mor washington, d.c.sun up so hard o sleep in anymore. jillian: isn't it a beautiful morning, rob? rob: i guess it is if you want to betic. an illegal immigrant gets sentenced to death for murdering a border agent. sand volumsandoval robbed an agn texas. he was a marine corps veteran believing hingted a wife and chirp. his father was shot in that attack but survived. sand value's accomplice has yet to go to trial. jiian: isiarrying out he largest workplace immigration busts in years.
2:59 am
nearly two armed agents arresting 14 illegals lawn and garden. convicted of ide t and tax evasion. continues to target sanctuary cities and uphold zero tolerance policy at the border. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. as always start with the good. boys in blue making sure autistic teen. calling his friend an arkansas police sergeant after only three people came to his birthday party. several officers showing up and surprising bradley on his big day. rob: that's awesome. next the bad, suv. driving barack wards on busy highway on a rush hour. think the driver was having car trouble had no choice to back up. i think he didn't want to sit in traffic. shocking dash cam video showing a woman passed out drunk in the middle of the road. a car swerving to avoid hitting her.
3:00 am
a police officer in texas helping her to her feet. investigators believe she got her car stuck in a ditch. decided to lay down. rob: she is lucky to be alive. jillian: yes, she is. rob: "fox & friends" begins right now. >> just breaking the fired fbi director andrew mccabe reportedly is asking the u.s. senate in exchange for testimony, he want immunity. >> we are learning that peter strzok played a larger role in the clinton probe than originally thought. >> the bureau of labor statistics job openings outnumber those employed. >> jobs number look good. they are starting to get through. >> as a result of obstruction i have cancelled the august recess. we have a lot of important work to do. >> the writer for rolling stone may have gone beyond the pail writing i wish i didn't suspect that the poorly exexplained absence of melania tru


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