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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 1, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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own hit or miss be sure to tweet us >> and we big with a fox news alert. new reaction this hour from capitol hill. as the present considers candidates to replace the retiring justice kennedy. this is one week from tomorrow. certainly stirring up a lot of debate especially on abortion rights. some fear a more conservative choice would have rolled back the roe versus wade ruling. welcome to a brand-new hour of "americas news headquarters". i am eric shawn. >> i am arthel neville per the president talk about the decision during a interview with maria bartiromo earlier today on "sunday morning futures". the president says he will nominate a conservative but does not plan to add how his
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pick would vote on roe versus wade. he also believes his nominee will get much-needed support from democrats. >> are you going to ask your nominees beforehand how they might vote on roe versus wade? >> that's a big one. and they are saying don't do that, you don't do that, you shouldn't do that. i am putting conservative people on. >> we're live now near the president's golf course in bedminster. the president just tweeted a big week, focus will be on the selection of a new supreme court justice. first of all, how many candidates do know that the president is considering and reportedly interviewed some this weekend in new jersey. >> he started with a list of 25 candidates. he said he has narrowed it down now to about five of them. he says two women are included in that small pool. he says though it is possible
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he could interview more than just those five. take a listen. >> you have 25 pretty outstanding people. i like them all! i have five. but i have it down to about five. >> the president says the group of five includes two women, some democrats in the senate should not vote on a supreme court nominee until after the november elections. that is the precedent that republicans said when they did not want barack obama spec, merrick garland. >> the president is looking for someone who will overturn roe versus wade. but even equally important, he is looking for someone in the court who will make sure that they rule that the affordable care act protection of those with pre-existing conditions is unconstitutional. that will mean thousands if not millions of americans will lose health insurance because of this decision on who will fill the kennedy vacancy on the court. >> the president said he does not plan to ask candidates
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about their position on roe versus wade but some say the question itself is irrelevant because the initial list they started with of 25 candidates is a list of potential judges who have been vetted by the federalist society of conservative group, the group many say would not put someone up who was pro-choice. >> on the international front, north korea, they are already reneging on agreements made. the "washington post" front page says they're trying to conceal part of the nuclear facilities and they will not or may not disarm. what is the president saying about that? >> on "sunday morning futures", he said this point, he believes the agreement he has with kim jong-un, from singapore, he says it is strong and he still believes it. >> i will believe north korea has a tremendous future. i have got along really well
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with him. i made a deal with him, shook hands with him. i really believe he means it. now is it possible, i have been in deals, have you been in things where people did not work out?it is possible. >> as he said, there is the report in the "washington post" citing u.s. intelligence officials say north korea is working to conceal nuclear weapons and secret production facilities. there are various reports of that that suggest north korea is already taking steps and would likely not comply with what was agreed upon in singapore. >> they have not given us a specific list of what they intend to do. we are waiting on that. thank you, ellison barber. >> we have the director of the national security law for george mason university and a former clerk to neil gorsuch. how are you? >> i am good. >> let's start with the list for what to make of the list, the sourcing for the list and who are the front runners and is there anything about any of
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the people on the list, the candidates that would get them denied? >> i don't think so per the president has a very transparent process. more than any other president out there. during the campaign he said here are the people i will pick from. when he got the first chance neil gorsuch was picked from that list. now he has five more people as the end of last year. now he will pick off of that list. there are some pressing him to pick off of a different list or add people but i think you will pick the list he has. we know the kind of judge he is talking about. the kind of jurors he's talking about. judges who will obey the law, interpret the law in line with what is written. that is what he did with neil gorsuch and that is what he got. >> yes the senator collins in maine is one urging the president to go beyond his current list. but let's still talk about that. you know the list, you know the people on the list. now tell us how any of those candidates, any of them, as supreme court justice will get
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past the direction of the country. >> i think it's impossible to know right now any one person, as a matter fact the reason why is anytime a new justice joins the court, it changes the dynamic. it changes how people think about their roles. at the end of the day shouldn't be that way. it should really be about looking at the law in interpreting it. we the american people expect judges to do more than that. unfortunately court has taken on the role at times and they have taken on a bigger role in american life and it shouldn't have. as a result, it is hard to know exactly how many of these nominees and the process to go through in the senate might affect their overall changes in dynamic come october of this year. >> considering all of the nominees, they have been handpicked by a conservative group and also the heritage foundation. considering the sourcing and the vetting of the nominees, doesn't that sort of point to a particular direction in which
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either of them might lean? >> that's a great question. i'm a member of the society, i have been since law school. they are picking only quote - unquote republican judges it is simply not true. but what they do and what they believe it is the rule of law. and the idea that politicians make laws, not judges. it is not about outcomes or abortion. it is not about gay marriage. it is about simply how you interpret the law and how you look at the law.>> and republican candidates you would think of is more conservative but let me move on because i get your point. i wanted to ask you about justice neil gorsuch. because you are the former clerk to then judge, neil gorsuch could have his political and marlene is changed much from when he was a high-ranking judge? to now as a justice neil gorsuch?
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>> neil gorsuch is exactly who he has been since the time i first met him when he was 37 years old. he is the same person, he had a tenure record on the bench. he has been on the supreme court a little over a year. his rulings have come out the way everyone said they word. they are not conservative or liberal.they stay in line with the law. as a result that is a kind of judge the president said he was looking for. he got neil gorsuch and i think that is what he will have with the next nomination. >> was the big what if you are telling us right now that it doesn't matter if they are more leaning or conservator or not. it kind of doesn't matter. why then, is the president very much focused on a list of candidates who are conservative? why does it matter then? why not broaden the scope? >> it is important point. the reason why is our very different views about how judges do their job. some believe judges job is to interpret the law, not in line with text but also with their on personal leaning and that of course is not our constitutional structure but is away some folks think of this as a living constitution. it has survived for 200 years,
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is in line with the way it was understood and there is definitely a disagreement in this country about how to look at the law. but that is not about politics it is about judicial philosophy. at the end of the day the president has been very clear about that. >> okay want to quickly get a yes or no. as you all know, president obama nominee, merrick garland, he lasted a record 293 days. then of course, your boss was confirmed by were nominated and confirmed by the senate. will this take a long time? the next pick by president trump or will it get passed very quickly by the midterms? >> i think the republicans will try to get there as fast as possible. i think democrats will try to stall. at the end of the day for high qualified nominee, a good judge and a good lawyer you should get there in time for the session. >> thank you. >> thanks so much. >> a big day in mexico today. folks are choosing a new
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president. an historic election that something would reshape the country. and with the anti-trump populace, the likely winner of the election, the outcome could certainly further strained us/mexican relations. william longeness is live in mexico city. what is the latest that we have? >> they are expecting 90 percent turnout. the polls close at 6 pm. they have run out of ballots in some locations but you're right, the thing candidates, given what he said, but in this election it is really directed at mexico's ruling elite who most believe is for an economic model has failed the country which is rich in label and natural resources. >> the only candidate who was truly successful is positioning himself as an agent of change, -- >> he is known as -- but
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obrador built houses for the poor, he marched for environmental protections. and he drove an old nissan, he claims not on a credit card or bank account. he says he's going to sell the presidential plane, to the palace into a park. he lives in a tiny townhouse. voters also selecting an entire congress. i'm told that some want to give a mandate and others want to check and balance. all of the seats in congress, 630 are up for a vote as well. >> meanwhile, what about the other candidates in the race? >> well, they are not pulling so well. analysts say that ricardo anaya, and josc antonio, they split the undecided vote. the point is right now that obrador, this is his campaign to lose. will have results tonight by 11:00. hopefully a winning
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candidate tomorrow morning. >> okay we will see who wins. thank you. >> we have a fox news alert. the president is on the move. in fact, we will get pictures in a moment there. at the airport where the president is now getting on board air force one as he is leaving the weekend there. we are told it was a working weekend although with family. having spent at their new jersey, he has a golf resort there but the president has already tweeted as eric just told us that he is a big week ahead of us. tomorrow is a big day. a week from tomorrow is a big day july 9 being the day that the president plans to indeed, announce his nominee for the new supreme court justice. we'll keep an eye on the presidents movements and let you know when he gets back to washington. now, did he play golf this weekend? i did not get those reports. if he did it is hot. and i don't know what out there! look at this. a potentially deadly heat wave stretching across the nation. millions are seeing extreme
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heat from san antonio to chicago and up through the northeast. look at this, 101 in new york city. outside of our studio right now it is mid 90s. it is for 12 pm. we give bryan llenas how many gallons of water and sent him outside! seriously though, how are people dealing with the weather? >> it is brutal, it is new york city could all take enough gallons to make a kiddy pool out here. it is not hot, frankly. when you have three days of 90 degrees or more, is officially a heat wave. tomorrow will mark officially, a heat wave in new york city pay temperatures today, 98 degrees. i tell you, other temperatures around the country, 96 houston, 94 new orleans, 97 arkansas. that is when you factor in the humidity paid the real feel feel like 100 here in new york. 107 in new jersey. 101 in chicago.
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110 in new orleans, 104 dallas. extensive heat advisories are in place up and down the midwest and here in the northeast. we talked about chicago down to memphis. in the midwest plenty of people are having fun in the sun. it was brutal yesterday in chicago. we are talking a heat index of 112 degrees. that is what it felt like yesterday with humidity.a record 49 million people will be traveling this week and of course, there will be some fun in the sun. >> it is hot outside. being in the house, it is still hot. >> i take my shirt off so i knew it would be hot out here. it has been amazing since i took my shirt off! >> i am planning on getting burned today. >> the heat index of 110 in new orleans, i do not know how you
1:15 pm
all do it down there. >> my mom is there. i spoke to her this morning. she said i'm going to church and then i'm going home and i will stay there inside. a smart lady! >> exactly, she is. >> for certain stretch of time, it is considered a heat wave. talk about the health risks. brian! who is byron? >> frankly, it is surprising to me but heat kills a lot of people. it is actually the one whether the kills most people. 600 people a year die from heat related illnesses according to the cdc. we are talking but really things like heatstroke, heat exhaustion, heat cramps, sunburn, heat rash. the best thing really to do is drink plenty of fluid, stay hydrated, try not to drink alcohol or caffeine. wear loose clothing, avoid dark colors in the best thing also is to make sure you check up on the elderly neighbors and also young people. and folks that don't have an air conditioning. a lot of people in new york city stay in one room because they don't have the central air. it is best to stay inside if you really don't have that much to do and stay hydrated.
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>> checks on the pets also! brian, i owe you lunch for calling you byron. my apologies! well heat last until 4 july? let's turn now to our accuweather meteorologist and he will tell us. in fact we will do that later and keep you posted on how it will go. >> the heat is not going down for a while. meanwhile, new concerns north korea may be pulling back in their promise to do nuclear as i speed with the trumpet ministration says. we will have the latest from washington on this and if kim jong-un can really be trusted to follow through. plus the anti-i.c.e. movement heating up as a growing number of democrats and even agents are joining the call to abolish and replace the immigration customs enforcement agency. how will i.c.e. , issue and proposals, how will this play out in the midterms?
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surfs up. earn a $50 gift card when you stay just twice this summer. or, badda book. badda boom. book now at >> he deftly speaks to perhaps
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the messaging and how we do things. i think that you know, i do think that there are a lot of districts in america that are like that. democrats are big party. i'm not trying to impose an ideology on all several hundred members of congress.
1:21 pm
but i do think that once again, it is not about selling an ideology or a label or a color. it is about selling our values. >> that is new york city democratic congressional nominee cortez. explaining what this might mean for the democratic party going forward. and the focus is on the controversial immigration policies for this as a fire immigration debate is burning brightly on capitol hill. a growing number of democrats are calling for the abolition and replacement of the immigration customs enforcement agency, i.c.e. hide lighting is potential divide in the party. what will the impact be in the election? we have -- with us. from axios. the president really slamming the proposals to try and scrap i.c.e. how do you see that playing
1:22 pm
out? >> we see the successful use of abolish i.c.e. movement to win over a very blue district. we've also seen top democrats who are very nervous about this. they are afraid that this could hurt their chances in the midterms coming up. by saying that we need to do with i.c.e. completely, they are moving beyond the strong stance against the trump administration controversial dealings with family immigrants and moving towards a national security issue which is very important for voters. >> the present tweeted and said if you abolish i.c.e., he's afraid you won't walk out the door because he claims ms-13 criminals will be pouring over the border.and certainly, i.c.e. is the enforcement agency. some democrats and other critics say the trumpet ministration is using as a weapon. i mean, even, some calling it a quote - terrorist organization. how much traction do you think
1:23 pm
that perception will have? >> absolute.the thing about the # abolish i.c.e. is that people mean different things by you.we are hearing some some democrats it is just a slogan that they are using that they are saying they want substantial changes and some are scarcely calling for it to be completely abolished. of course it becomes an easy target for conservatives that already sang democrats want open borders, they don't want to secure the country, it is deftly going to be something conservatives pick up and use against democrats. >> democrats will say that is wrong. they certainly don't want open borders. they funded what, $40 billion in border security. hundred and $10 million to local police. so that claim does not hold water in terms of the open borders. but you dew point out there is a schism among those progressives and the older status quo. >> absolutely. it just highlights so clearly.
1:24 pm
there are progressives who do want to see i.c.e. abolished. who are so infuriated at the way the trump administration has used the agency. they see it as a connection to the family separation policy, and if you think about abolish i.c.e. it is same like build the wall that the present you successfully for something dramatic and makes clear with the immigration stance is. but when it comes to abolish i.c.e. it's unclear exactly what democrats are shooting for. that is what scares many top democrats. that they don't really want to do away with all immigration law enforcement. and they don't want that to be what people say they want. >> there is an issue, some democrats have called for nancy pelosi to stepped up to let me read you what it said in the new york times. house democrats have not been approaching an backup plan. this is set off a fresh squabbling publicly and privately avoid new generation will get a chance to lead and who should be the face of the leadership. this is hardly a useful distraction during a high-stakes election year but
1:25 pm
it is a situation through which ms. pelosi has only herself to blame and pointing out that she has said -- god bless you, you can be older and fine but there is this division of young -- coming up. we are seeing a new young generation of democrats coming forward and in general, they tend to be more progressive than before. there are people like cortez who want to sue democratic party take a stronger stance where they can. and so we will see whether this plays out. we also seen moderates do well in swing states and that is something the democratic party is having to balance. they need to appease their base and their calling for them to take a strong stance against the trump administration. they also have to ring swing voters in the midterms. >> of course that is always the case. stef kight of axios, thank you for your analysis. >> thank you. >> violence in the streets of
1:26 pm
iran as protesters clash with police. will tell you what is behind the outcry. and white top u.s. officials are saying about the growing unrest. we are live next. plus, new concerns north korea is not honoring its end of the bargain to scrap their nuclear program. why the trump administration is saying it is too soon to tell. zuccolis. through ancestry, through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian. he was 34% eastern european. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. he looks a little bit like me, yes. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at wi'm really grateful that usaaq. was able to take care of my family while i was overseas serving.
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confident kim jong-un is committed to denuclearization. he made comments during exclusive interview with maria bartiromo on "sunday morning futures". this comes amid the reports of north korea is still trying to expand its nuclear capabilities and even says the "washington post", moving to conceal his nuclear program. the presidents national security advisor, john bolton, says the u.s. does not have a complete picture of pyongyang arsenal but he claims the
1:31 pm
administration is on top of it. >> it does not profit the possibility of eliminating north korea's nuclear weapons to talk on a day-to-day basis they are doing this, they are not doing this, they are doing the other thing. there is nobody involved in this discussion with north korea in the administration who is overburdened by nacvetc.>> gillian turner now has more from washington. >> intelligence insiders ringing alarm bells this weekend amid new concerns about north korea. specifically, the kim jong-un own commitment to the president at their singapore summit last month to study new evidence that the regime has been working to conceal key aspects of their nuclear program, until officials say this undermines their agreement to surrender their nuclear stockpile. but the national security advisor insists no one in the administration is nacve when it
1:32 pm
comes to kim's intentions. >> they are using the full range of capabilities to understand what north korea is doing. we've seen how the north koreans have behaved before. the president has been very clear he will not make the mistakes of prior administrations. we will pursue this and see what happens progressive say that they are covering up one uranian enrichment facility. this comes on the heels of the summit after which the president tweeted there is no longer in nuclear threat from north korea. the president is holding firm. course i really believe north korea has a tremendous future. i have got along really well with the chairman. we have great chemistry. >> do you believe him? >> i made a deal with him and i shook hands with him. i really believe he means it. >> other officials have a more cautious line. the secretary of defense, mike pompeo telling the senate intelligence committee the threat has been reduced rather than eliminate. >> thank you. >> for more on this now we go
1:33 pm
to captain bob wells a retired u.s. navy captain and former national security advisor. to the vice president dyck cheney. always good to see you. >> great to see you. >> are you surprised that north korea is being dishonest? >> i'm not surprised. i think is very important that the intelligence community is allowed to continue to do their job. this is a very important process. it has been established in singapore. that is the key thing. a good process is been established. an agreement has been established. it is really just a framework. i think the national security advisor bolton speaks to the challenges ahead looking at the episodic reports that we would calm and suggested north korea is not being honest but in fact, the intelligence community is doing exactly what they need to do. they need to keep the north koreans honest and informed policy. that is a key factor going forward. >> how do president trump and his defense and foreign policy
1:34 pm
-- if they are playing hide and seek with nukes? >> i think the hide and seek part of it is to the point of what mr. bolton stated. we really need to understand where nuclear capability is throughout north korea. we have some understanding based on what the intelligence community provides. also, arms control experts. do not forget international allies as well. we really good lines of discussion with the republic of korea, japan and even china. looking at where the north korean capability is not just for delivery vehicles but also proliferation possibility is one of the big things in terms of discussion and it should be on the agenda when the secretary of state, mike pompeo returns north korea. last week the secretary of defense, james mattis said discussions in china and japan and also korea, discussions about korea continue. we begun a process that will be a really hard process. it will be a long-term process.
1:35 pm
but at least we have it and we will be able to fill in additional information and then get to a timetable and finally get to the verification part of the agreement that was established in singapore. >> how does this reflect the on that much-anticipated and hyped summit between president trump and kim jong-un that took place, 19 days ago.and does this cast a reflection on the trump presidency on the world stage? >> i think taking a chance is important that the summit even happened, gives the opportunity for the united states and also north korea to really have a reset in relations. it has been a long time. i think the recently they have had discussions in the political science and history areas by experts that talk about some of the legacy relationships that have been there for over 70 years and i think this administration is trying a fresh start.
1:36 pm
looking at relationships and organizations that work. we have seen the trump administration do this with regard to nato and -- quick speaking of relationships i want to get the same before they cut me off. two weeks from tomorrow, the next big summit in finland. you have got this one between president trump and the russian president, vladimir putin. are there any lessons learned of the north korea summit that president trump should heed in his meeting with mr. putin? >> i think it is realpolitik. these are geopolitical moments. looking at the honest discussion with regard to american national interests, russian and national interest. i think mr. trump understands where the united states is coming from with regard to our national interest. he also realizes that having a good relationship with russia is critically important. looking at the russian geopolitical interests, what the influence is in the middle east in particular in syria and
1:37 pm
where the interests converge. also russia is a party is look at the border with north korea. the previous party talks there is also a prominent member of the un security council. there is quite a bit of play with the geopolitical, national security with united states and particularly the personal diplomacy of president, mr. putin. >> thank you sorry to cut you off earlier. i was trying to get that last point. thank you, sir. >> thank you very much. >> the anti-regime street protests continuing in iran. violence leaving at least 11 people injured. most police officers. gunfire was wringing out as protesters and police battle. residents are facing a water crisis. now shortages already add to already issues. -- an opposition rally held by the national council of
1:38 pm
resistance of iran. they held that this weekend just outside of paris. andaman hall was at the gathering. he has more now live from paris. >> hi, eric. we've been speaking to remaining officials. iranian opposition officials here for the last few days. these protests are growing and the water shortages, pollution in the water sources but also the correction in the country by the general dissatisfaction of living conditions and also the heavy handedness of the regime trying to crack down. the protests announce some of the largest that we've seen since the beginning of the year. some of the largest since 2009. they began in tehran and have been spreading across the country. if you say the unrest is only compounded the unease in the country than this is towards economic crisis. in paris on the sidelines of remaining opposition, this weekend it was attended by numerous politicians that support regime change in the country. rudy giuliani accused iran of sowing chaos and he calls for
1:39 pm
change. >> you can trace all of the unrest in the region to iran. if iran, if the regime of god in us that you had a peaceful regime, democratic regime, dedicated to rule of law, many of the problems would be solved. >> the crisis in iran has been fueled by president trump decision to pull out of the area nuclear deal and restore sanctions. international firms amid billion-dollar deals with iran are not pulling out while the u.s. is demanding that its allies stop buying iranian oil. >> i believe the next step is for our allies, the european allies. france, germany, britain, to put more economic and political pressure on iran. i think that is the best course of action. >> there is pressure on all sides driven by the president pulling out of the nuclear deal. but we've been here before we
1:40 pm
have seen them crackdown on protests, we have seen them weather the storm spear whether or not this is a sign of something bigger, whether or not changes really come we don't know p but there heading toward an economic crisis but they may not be able to see it through. >> we been here before, the revolution in 2009. this is been going on for six months. perhaps it will lead to something bigger. benjamin hall tonight in paris, thank you. >> back at home, horror unfolding in idaho. a stabbing at an apartment complex sending nine people to the hospital. including six children. this happening overnight in boise where police say they've never seen anything like this. and the suspect may have been targeting a three year old birthday party. jeff paul is following developments from los angeles.
1:41 pm
>> the boise police chief visibly shaken and appeared almost teary-eyed as he just update us a few moments ago. he says he and his officers will never be able to get out of their minds, what they saw when they responded. small children injured by a stabbing. the youngest is three and celebrating her birthday during the attack. >> this was an attack against those who are most vulnerable. our children. it is unconscionable. it is pure evil in my mind. >> the suspect is a 30-year-old timothy kenner who they say has an extensive violent history. the settlement at the apartment complex allowed him to stay but then asked him to leave on friday due to his bad behavior. investigators say he left but then returned the following evening seeking vengeance. they say he first attacked six young kids ages three through 12. and then turned on the adults that were trying to save the children. the victims, all refugees from syria ethiopia or iran. police say they likely have injuries that will impact them the rest of their lives. >> is heartbreaking to know that people and children who fled horrors of war and
1:42 pm
conflict to find safety in america, in the boise community had to experiences violence all over again. >> city leaders reaffirm that boise is a welcoming city and the incident is not a reflection of the community. >> thank you. unbelievable. eric? >> meanwhile sweltering heat baking a large part of the nation today. more than 100 million americans under a heat warning or advisory this sunday afternoon. how long are the high temperatures and humidity sticking around? we will have a live report coming up. plus, our next guest says that retirement of supreme court justice kennedy represents what he calls the holy grail for evangelicals.
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1:47 pm
supreme court justice. perhaps by doing so, shaped balance of the court for decades to come. the descriptive course among those that watch the process closely for their next guest calls justice anthony kennedy is retirement a quote - holy grail for evangelicals who journey must now we have the pastor of the first baptist chalice church and a fox news contributor. pastor, good to see you. >> thanks eric. >> what you mean by the term and why to you is this court opening now? >> eric, most of the decisions that evangelicals have been upset with over the last 50 or 60 years, the removal of prayer, bible reading, 10 commandment displays from public areas. these all come from liberal supreme court that has made their rulings by creating imaginary rights for some americans while erasing the very real rights of other americans. for example this morning, we heard susan collins on another network talk about a woman's
1:48 pm
constitutional right to an abortion. where in the world is a constitution do you find that? that was created. it is an imaginary right. it comes at the very real expense of the real right to life. a 50 million children that have been murdered in the womb since roe versus wade. and eric, what we want is a supreme court justice will interpret the law by what the constitution actually says. instead of by what liberals wish the constitution said. and i believe president trump is going to give us a justice with that kind of conservative philosophy about the constitution. >> what would you say to others in the other camp that they were not imaginary rights for that roe versus wade is a law, a firm precedent.and that there are many in the country who believe in the right of women to choose and that are pro-choice. and they see this potential
1:49 pm
opening with tremendous alarm. >> remember, settled law is only settled in the mind of those that agree with the law. everyone else, everything is up for review. and you know, i would remind susan collins and others who talk about settled law, about 1857.the supreme court made the dred scott decision in which it said african-americans were nothing but property that could be bought and sold. i imagine senator collins is glad that law was overturned. in 1973, the supreme court said in roe versus wade that unborn children were nothing but biological blobs that had no rights whatsoever. i believe in the future. the supreme court will view roe versus wade as the decision, the dred scott decision of the 1800s. and i believe that is going to happen. whether it is with this justice or with another justice. >> susan collins saying among other things that shall use this as a test.
1:50 pm
pointing out that clarence thomas is the only justice who indeed has in fact, been affirmative in choosing to overturn roe versus wade. but it certainly does seem like a battle that is brewing, pastor, thank you for joining us. we are out of time. it is certainly the beginning of what will certainly be a long fight. pastor, good to see you.we will be right. alice is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking prescription ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole was significantly more effective at delaying disease progression versus letrozole. patients taking ibrance can develop low white blood cell counts, which may cause serious infections that can lead to death. before taking ibrance,
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dangerous heat wave is gripping the country. heat advisory is in effect across much of the us. we looking at the map. it is so hot out there. especially places like new orleans, my hometown and chicago. as the 4th of july approaches, our meteorologist paul williams is tracking the summer swelter. paul, how long is the heat going to hover? >> to be honest arthel, it is going from bad to worse too, are you kidding? we're looking at between 100 and 110 degrees for the ohio valley region. the north wiest and -- and the northeast. here is a problem. this will be over the ohio valley region. it will act like a lid on top of a drug already has heat in it in the first place. so it is very hot air is going to have a chance to swelter and grow.
1:55 pm
not only is it hot there but also hot throughout the south-central part of the country. temperatures in the triple digits. southwest triple digits in vegas, it will rival temperatures in phoenix and then july 4, more in the way of sweltering conditions in dc, the midwest all the way into the southwest with the desert heat staying dominant there. keep in mind, we are not expecting scattered showers or thunderstorms to help out even in the southeast. because even with the rain all it will do is create steam, causing the heat index to hover within the 100 and 105 range. just for the deep south alone. finally, in the desert southwest, all of the heat is not doing us any favors. in fact, we're looking at increasing wind from salt lake city, reno, vegas, denver and albuquerque. an isolated dry thunderstorm if we are lucky. >> barbecue ribs with a side of humidity. paul williams, thank you! [laughter]
1:56 pm
>> except for the humidity. it sounds really good. coming up later this evening on the "fox report", the president is talking about trade and calling europe just as bad as china. we have more from the presence interview with maria bartiromo on "sunday morning futures". that and just about two hours from now. stay with us! hello. the new united explorer card hooks me up. getting more for getting away. rewarded! going new places and tasting new flavors. rewarded! traveling lighter. rewarded! (haha) getting settled. rewarded! learn more at and get... rewarded! and get... and we got to know the friends of our friends.r the friends. and we found others just like us. and just like that we felt a little less alone. but then something happened. we had to deal with spam, fake news, and data misuse.
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1:59 pm
to safety after falling into a 50 foot hole behind house in alabama. volunteers cheered as a seven
2:00 pm
week old was rescued from 30 hours after the ordeal began. firefighters and rescuers got there and saved that little cute munchkin. >> she is okay, thank goodness. that does it for us. >> thank you for joining us. it. >> what you say? it. >> the new half the happy hour is let's get after it. greg: must have a practice that in the mirror for hours. [laughter] all right. the world is ending yet again in the latest x essential terror justice kennedy hanging up his robes


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