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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 3, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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fraud charges. police say she sold $8000 in food and childcare benefits. an update to that story. that wraps up "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us. "fox and friends first" continues right now. >> tuesday, july 3, fourth of july plot targeting the military in downtown cleveland, investigation years in the making and details about the suspect's past. >> narrowing the field of candidates for the next supreme court justice. how the white house is getting ready for the blockbuster announcement. >> miracle rescue after 10 days stranded, 12 young boys at a soccer coach found in a flooded cave in thailand and why the country is stuck there for months. "fox and friends" continues
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right now. ♪ ♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ ain't no mountain low enough ♪ age no mountain high enough ♪ heather: haven't heard this one in a while. takes you back. rob: before we were born. jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first" this morning. rob: donald trump ramping up a search for the next supreme court justice. >> potential nominees from his short list and interviews on the way. griff jenkins live in washington dc with a closer look at. >> the president wasting no time narrowing the list, the first
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four potential nominees he met with, brett cavanaugh, all four appeals court judges, two clerked for retiring justice kennedy, ranging in age 46-53. if barrett were the nominee and confirm she would be the only conservative woman on the court. the first indian american dissent and with the president after his nominee to an appeals court in 2017, they are not the only candidates they plan to meet with this week. >> i will be meeting with a few more and will make a decision on the united states supreme court, a new justice over the next few days. >> searching for a nominee that will overturn roe v wade. the two pro-choice republican senators could be deal breakers with a razor thin majority.
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she made her opposition on the abortion issue, the president isn't focusing on any one stands. >> is not going to talk to judges about specific cases. he is looking for individuals with the right temperament and uphold the constitution. >> this could come down to three process over democrats, and on such a tight timeline the president cannot afford a mistake. heather: appreciate it. all the judges on the list of supreme court contenders are more than qualified for the job but the judicial crisis network says par has something the others don't. >> he was the first article 3 federal judge in history of south asian dissent and he met
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with the president this way before, one of the contenders for neil gorsuch's spot, when he was a district court judge which was unusual and interesting to see what he would bring to the supreme court as someone with experience in the trial court, most of these judges had appellate experience and including the supreme court, interesting to have seen the process all the way through and he would bring that experience. >> reporter: the president will announce his nominee on monday. >> the man who stabbed 9 people including 6 kids at a birthday party is charged with murder. he could face the death penalty after a 3-year-old girl died of her injury. the attack was likely revenge after tenor was asked to leave a complex the day before. >> understand what you have been charged with? >> no, sir.
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i don't understand. >> 1500 people honoring the victims, 7 people remain hospitalized. urgent rescue mission underway to save a youth soccer team and its coach trapped in a flooded cage. they were found alive in thailand after being missing for over a week. rescuers trying to figure out how to bring the trapped boys, the cave is dangerous and they are weekend hungry and it could be months before they go home to their families. draining the massive cave, crews are considering teaching the kids how to dive to get them out. us military and navy personnel since to assist. rob: cities around the country ramping up security after terror plot is foiled in cleveland, they wanted to attack an
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independence day parade and give toys to military children. todd pyro has more on this bizarre story. >> demetrius pitts has pledged allegiance to al qaeda during a meeting with an undercover fbi agents returning to our independence day, their holiday is coming up. >> talked about taking targets like st. john's cathedral off the map, remote control cars packed with explosives and shrapnel to children of our military. this defendant by his own words and deeds wanted to attack our nation and its ideas. >> reporter: law enforcement says pitts, next conference are. assault, for the july 4th attack involving a van with explosives but the plot was foiled after a
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month-long investigation. authorities were notified in 2017 when he allegedly made statements supporting al qaeda and advocating violence against our military, pitts wrote facebook post with disturbing messages including we as muslims need to start training like this every day. we need to know how to shoot guns, throw grenades, hand-to-hand combat. have a bomb blowup in the fourth of july parade and as for his hatred of the military he said he wanted to, quote, chop off heads and hands. >> law enforcement cannot sit back and wait for mr. pitts to commit a violent act, the joint terrorism task force, working every day to deter and prevent terrorist attacks. >> reporter: pitts talked about traveling to philadelphia and planning undetectable or to 1995 oklahoma city bombing. cities throughout the country
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will be for security for the fourth including in new york city but the nypd says there is no credible threat. >> angela merkel keeping her job after a last-minute deal to close a migrant crisis in europe after a 5 hour debate, the german chancellor agreed to build border camps. migrants will be screened and turned away if they have asylum elsewhere. tightening border security with austria throughout the eu, germany's democrat party needs to approve the plan. >> ice agents in oregon back to work today after dealing with 2 weeks of protests. what a mess this was. operation coming to a halt after protesters and anti-fa tying the door shut, tripping officials
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inside. most protesters of cleared out but some remain in the area. shannon: donald trump will be speaking at the service dinner as part of a military tribute. rob: governor jim justice announced a return to the republican party a trump rally last year. welcoming the president at an airport and donald trump last visited west virginia in april for a round of discussion on tax reform. 9 minutes after the hour. mike pompeo heading to north korea, the denuclearization timeline amid reports the rogue regime is trying to deceive the united states. dr. rebecca grant is next calling out the reports she says. jillian: lebron james bidding farewell to cleveland, wait until you see devon nunez's spot for this tweet.
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heather: rob: mike pompeo heading to north korea back again to hammer out a timeline for denuclearization. the trump administration saying the president wants all nukes out of the country and one year. are we closer to peace or more problems? here is national security analyst rebecca grant. thank you for coming on. a quick quote from an nbc news article that surprised a lot of people. unequivocal evidence they are trying to deceive the united states. basically saying cia sources told them they are enriching uranium while we are negotiating
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a deal. >> i don't think we have any evidence. this and satellite photos on the internet are a little bit of fluff. the trump administration has far better intelligence sources, spectacular satellites, military forces in the region, allies in beijing. mike pompeo is heading to the region. what we have to do is sit tight and see what pompeo brings back from his visit to north korea. rob: close to a dozen cia sources and other intelligence agency sources. is there a chance there is a deception here, the white house is trying to figure it out, or that happens before the singapore summit or they stopped since then? >> it is north korea. there is always a chance they are a problem, they are known
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cheaters. kim jong un said he would denuclearize. uncomfortable though it is we are waiting to see if people implement what he said he would do and we don't know yet. i am curious too but we will not share with fresh intelligence nor should we be. we have to wait, no missile test going on in the north is seriously negotiating and that is a major major step forward. rob: there haven't been any missiles flying over japan, they are not yet there for the icbm intercontinental ballistic missile, can't get the reentry figured out yet and without that the threat is tempered. >> right, kim jong un did not complete the tests, he is a dozen tests short of the realistic trajectory and we have that from the joint chiefs of staff so the fact there are no missiles makes this whole effort worthwhile and we see continued steady progress in the
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inter-korean negotiations, they talked about maritime issues, family matters, the fact that that is going on is important. rob: back here to this -- in mexico, a new president elected in mexico. he might be considered a socialist. he is popular there, tried to run three times and finally got it. he wants to go softer on drugs in mexico which is pouring drugs out already and wants to go soft on migration in the united states, a right for people to come to the united states if he wants to. is he proving the border policy by giving this kind of rhetoric? >> he is proving mexico is an important issue and donald trump is right about that and a lot
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during the campaign, things about the universal right, the big question he has been elected to eradicate poverty but also deal with incredible violence and corruption in mexico, 130 candidates or campaign officials were assassinated during the election cycle. what will he do with mexico's military, will he pool that out of drug enforcement and will he enforce immigration coming up through latin america? >> he says they have a right to come here is what i heard. he doesn't do that does that enforce trump's standard that we need a wall? >> a wall is a pretty good idea at this point but down the road trump and the president will have to work together and there's a good chance they will come we have to get them through this campaign rhetoric and see if he will be the radical he says he is or if he is reasonable dealing with the us. rob: gun versus gator, a teenage girl is chased up a tree by a hissing alligator. >> my daughter is stuck in a
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tree with gaiters surrounding her. >> the deputy who saved her life. college students proud to be american. their answers may or may not shock you. >> definitely not. >> i'm not proud of america. >> not the america we have right now under donald trump. >> the interviews you won't see anywhere else. ♪ you got to fight for your right ♪ [ engine revving ] take me to her! ♪ coming, flo! why aren't we taking roads?! flo. [ horn honking ] -oh. you made it. do you have change for a dollar? -this was the emergency? [ engine revving ] yes, i was busy! -24-hour roadside assistance. from america's number-one motorcycle insurer. -you know, i think you're my best friend.
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you don't have to say i'm your best friend. that's okay.
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you don't have to say i'm your best friend. the martinez brothers have a nose for trouble. little did they know their dad had washed that jock strap using gain flings. that boys, is the sweet smell of defeat.
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>> are you proud to be an american? the question campus for masked
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college students and their answers may or may not surprise you. >> definitely not. >> no, i'm not proud of america. >> no, not the america we have right now under donald trump. >> why are so many millennial's ashamed of their country? here to share insights, campus reform's cavett phillips, thanks for coming on. we are not surprised to see this. >> it is not surprising to see people not proud to be an american. college campuses versus idea of privilege, white privilege, male privilege, teaching real privilege, american privilege, being here is an immeasurable blessing, students don't understand, a lot of them feel pressured to say they are not proud to be an american, whether they are or are not, they associate patriotism was supportive donald trump and many college students feel the need to be as far away from
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patriotism and donald trump as possible. jillian: how many were in this is what was the breakdown? there are some who said yes. >> there were students, we had 25 to 30 students we talked to, a third of them said they were proud to be an american which was encouraging. the majority of students said they felt debited a lot stems from the classroom. lack of american exceptionalism being taught. american exceptionalism, many of them were unaware what the phrase meant. and concern for the future because a lot of students will be unwilling to defend the ideals that make america great, free speech and the first amendment and freedom of religion are all things a lot of students don't appreciate. >> what about america would you see yourself not proud of? >> the answer is pretty obvious.
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>> border issues. >> we are not proud when obama did it 12 years ago? >> i think it is different now. >> i would reverse everything trump has done. >> a nice little socialist country in europe. >> reverse everything trump has done just to be anti-trump. i didn't hear any specifics or the video elaborated further. >> what exactly is it, give us some specifics there was not much, the general idea of hating everything trump has done. when young ladies in reverse everything, that would crash the economy, i don't keep up with how the economy is doing. this is another thing we see on college campuses, they have outlawed patriotic -- being too offensive and the long-term
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impact, the largest voting bloc in america the worst perception of what the country is about. >> they always say europe, indoctrinated by leftist campuses in the idea that it is better across the pond, in italy it is beautiful and you talk to young people and they have two college degrees and can't find a decent job. >> i was in greece last month. the economy is great, we wish we had that kind of opportunity -- people don't realize. >> of the people who said yes i'm proud to be an american why did they say? >> they appreciated the opportunity, and why you, opportunity, a chance to do what we want to do, something uniquely american and proud to be an american for freedom.
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>> a lot of them are kids and they don't know what they don't know. they haven't had life experiences. thank you very much. >> 25 after the hour donald trump hitting back at the left after-tax against ice and how the new president of mexico just became one of the agency's biggest allies. >> looking for someone who will overturn roe versus wade. >> roe v wade is doomed, it is gone. jillian: getting ready to derail donald trump's nominee but should roe versus wade be the make or break case for the next justice? coming your way.
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>> donald trump defending ice as democrats ramp up call to abolish the agency. >> a helping hand from mexico to stop illegals from crossing the border. more on that. >> the rhetoric heating up in the political battle over immigration. ice is at the center with democratic protesters calling for the agency to be disbanded or restarted. dozens of protesters in los angeles blocking entrances to the city's ice detention center and 18 were arrested. donald trump defend the agency claiming call to abolish ice may backfire think will make these people will be voting for republicans in november and in many cases joining the republican party, this comes as federal district court for the
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district of columbia ruling asylum-seekers cannot be indefinitely detained if they have chosen critical evidence that fleeing persecution in their home nations, atty. gen. jeff sessions, they are abusing the system to win entry into the us. this case covers 1000 asylum-seekers in 5 ice field offices and mexico's new president-elect tweeting about his call with donald trump saying the half-hour conversation was productive and he proposed products to generate jobs in mexico that may reduce migration and improve security on the border. it says, quote, there was respectful treatment and our representatives will talk. >> every migrant's right to come to the united states, we will see how they do with immigration into the us.
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turning sites to the obama administration demanding 10 current and former officials testify publicly about their role in the launch of the trump pressure probe. among those, 7 former state department officials, nunez ready to subpoena if necessary. >> many in the obama state department were involved in the opening of the investigation and many in the state department were meeting with christopher steele, christopher steele was hired by the democrats to dig up dirt on donald trump. >> nunez claims fisa documents were improperly obtained. >> $9.7 billion in cash wasn't enough to sweeten the nuclear deal. pres. obama granted citizenship to 2500 iranians, a senior cleric and member of parliament telling a local newspaper citizenship status was offered in the deal as a favor to
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government officials linked to president romani enraging iran which is the number one state sponsor of terrorism. rob: switching gears, it is july 3rd, the day before the fourth of july. jillian: let's go to janice dean for a check of the forecast. >> reporter: is a cool drink in your forecast? take a look at the red, that is what we look at in meteorology, 95 in dc but with the heat index it will feel way past 100 °, that is where the danger comes in so heat advisory in place and part of the northeast and the mid-atlantic into the ohio river valley. not a lot of rain in the forecast map, we could see potential for showers and
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thunderstorms across the northern plains and parts of the midwest. large hail damaging winds, isolated tornado or two. there is your forecast, showers across the gulf, the mid-mississippi river valley, ohio valley and part of the rockies and hurricane bobbio will be a major hurricane moving away from land in the pacific and there is your fourth of july forecast looking like potential for showers and thunderstorms across the midwest, the ohio valley, 84 and cloudy skies in new york city so we bump those temperatures of a hot button ruling of roe versus wade as the rallying cry. >> the president looking for someone who will overturn roe versus wade.
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>> you are going to see 20 states pass laws banning abortion out right. roe v wade is doomed, it is gone because donald trump won the election. >> the president said he would not ask the candidates about the high court's ruling, i democrats getting ahead of themselves on the issue? here to debate it is democratic strategists and radio talkshow host, i democrats getting ahead of themselves? >> we are past the moment in which pulling the fire alarm should have been done long time ago. at the end of the day the president doesn't have to ask the nominees. they would not be on his list if they were not in the same posture he was on every issue. this would be the next 40 or 50 years, we are talking generations of people who will be impacted by whoever the president nominates. >> do you agree? is this bigger than donald
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trump? >> he makes a great point this is about having a strict constitutionalist, that is all the pres. is asking for and that is what americans want, someone who doesn't believe the constitution is something we can manipulate. anyone who doesn't agree with that -- with the nominee. here's what it comes down to on roe versus wade, this is a cash cow for the democrat party, taxpayers fund abortions of the of $1.5 million every single day and a lot of the money from planned parenthood and 7 the coffers of the democrat elite, not the democrat rank-and-file or the rust belt and midwest to identify is democrat but those who are going to vote for him but the people who make a lot of
2:37 am
cash money for their campaign because we fund abortion with taxpayer money. >> you throw out these talking points to try to scare everyone in the united states of america. if you have read the polls the majority of the american people care about what the next nominee has to say. and every other issue. >> what did i say that was untrue? what about the $1.5 million of taxpayer money most of which ends up in democrat covers? >> your position is democrats are the only people who think abortions are one way or another. in south carolina rape, incest and the life of the mother are very important, not just the abortion issue. >> isn't this all hypothetical? are we doing any good in putting
2:38 am
so much focus on what is it with this one person isn't going to be appointed by justin opinion on one issue? >> i agree with you. it should be about immigration, redistricting, affirmative-action. >> this really isn't about our political win of the moment. on the counter, it is about the constitution and someone who believes in the original construction of the constitution. that should matter to all americans regardless of for medical issues. >> we have to go. i can talk to you about this all day but thank you for your time, we will be right back. right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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federal to cleveland, the nba player was opened with open arms. rob: how republican devon nunez is taking a jab at the democrats welcome message to lebron. >> reporter: celebrities and nba all-stars welcome lebron james to la, devon nunez had a very different message for king james, he responded to the california democratic party's welcome message saying prepare for the highest taxes you ever had in your career. you should have held out. the weather tax refers to california's high tax rate and high cost of living because of the year-round good weather. folks on social media not responding to the interesting tweet. when twitter user says is he wrong?
2:43 am
he is in for tax shock. donna tweets well said. another twitter user rights not worried about lebron being able to pay his bills, nunez looking out for the rich. no trouble paying that weather tax considering $154 million on track. rob: the real estate prices in california, the price of a house. >> with all the investments. rob: you could live on $154 million. let's talk about to maladaption. >> fox bringing back last man standing beneke character won't be part of the upcoming season and that is tim allen's tv daughter. take a look. >> i need $2000 from a trip to cancun. >> i have a crisp $2000 bill right here. >> really? >> know.
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>> she has not signed on to season 7, neither has tim allen's tv grandson. a lot of folks reacting to this news on twitter, patrick says the daughter was one of the reasons i watched, loved her character. another twitter user rights too bad they are losing key cast members, curious to see how it works out. k on twitter says this. as long as tim is on it i could get used to the other replacements, can't wait to watch the new season starting this fall. jillian: police car pulled karaoke expanding all over the country. >> one of the coolest things you will see all day. two boston police officers are welling folks with their patriotic rendition of carpool karaoke. take a listen to this.
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♪ god bless america ♪ my home sweet home ♪ >> those are officer stephen mcnulty and tim ferris they are calling cop pool karaoke. that video going viral online in time for 4 july. rob: sounds like they are in a booth. >> i have no answer to your questions. i think it sounds phenomenal. rob: a little too phenomenal. going back in time at the roots of american history for the proud american series joining us live in virginia next. jillian: let's see what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> if you ever go to colonial
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williamsburg, peanut soup, it was a peanut butter sandwich that was so delicious. coming up on "fox and friends," sarah huckabee sanders joining us from the white house talking about the pres.'s supreme court pics, talking to alan dershowitz, the harvard law professor and the story everyone was talking about yesterday. the hero golden retriever came to the rescue, saved his owner being bitten by a rattlesnake, he and his owner are doing fine and will be live from the desert southwest. >> i wonder what todd is going to say. we will be right back. this wi-fi is fast.
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simple, easy, awesome. in many cultures, young men would stay with their families until their 40's.
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rob: former naacp president who pretended to be black is released from jail overnight. >> are you african-american? >> i don't understand the question. rob: one of our favorite soundbites. she was let out of jail in washington state after pleading not guilty to fraud, accused of stealing $8000 in food stamps and child care benefits. >> white house twitter accounts demanding congress abolish ice,
2:51 am
massachusetts sen. elizabeth warren saying why are you supporting criminals, moving weapons, drugs and victims across the nation's borders which you must not know what ice really does. california sen. harris getting called out for, quote, supporting the animals of ms 13. >> the time of our founding fathers. >> the proud american correspondence, live in colonial williamsburg. >> how is everybody feeling at home? hope you're getting in the spirit of independence day by coming to colonial williamsburg. very first president twice, right back here, let's take a look. >> good day. nice to meet you. welcome to colonial williamsburg.
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can't wait to explore the revolutionary city. ♪ >> the most popular of the revolutionary war. in colonial williamsburg. >> we hear a click. and the leather. take aim. ♪ >> two here at the chief curator. so many treasures. >> can't wait to see the presidential fortress. ♪
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>> this art museum is a great selfy spot, this portrait of george washington is the same used for the dollar bill. >> there are 24 in williamsburg, can you name a few? >> leather workers and this is what i'm looking forward to. >> what are we making today? >> almost done, finish it up. >> fire it up. >> 100 ° today. >> nice and pretty. >> put it in the water to cool it off.
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>> very cool. >> what a magical day. a cherry on top what address -- >> miss dickinson's shop could to that service. >> this is game guare. >> thank you so much. >> the prince and a hat. ♪ >> i absolutely love it. we are going to be out here, and getting in the spirit for independence day. and using that hashtag proud american on all channels of
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social media, back to you. we have amazing music. take it away. taking it away. ♪ >> why did i went to do that? the dinner date. .
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jillian: googood morning. welcome back. first the good the bad and the ugly. wild bear take as dip in a hot tub and steals a man's margarita. the homeowner catching the bear on camera after climbing the fence. the bear later took a nap in his tree. rob: bears love at this quilla, did you know that? jillian: no. rob: a bear climb as tree to escape the jaws of an 11-foot alligator. her mother frantically calling 911 near a creek in florida. >> i'm at free creek. my daughter is stuck in a frickin' tree. surrounding her. we can't get her out. she's just 15. rob: lake county sheriff coming to the rescue actually had to shoot that alligator and help the girl get out of that tree safely. jillian: at love alligator stories lately. a motorcycle goes airborne and misses a woman by just inches by flying towards the woman after getting hit in a
3:00 am
car near brazil. standing near a store barely had time to react. incredibly she and the driver were not seriously hurt. rob: that could have been a lot worse. tomorrow is the fourth of july. jillian: we'll see you then. have a good day. >> i interviewed and met with four potential justices of our great supreme court. i will be meeting with two or three more and we will make a decision. rob: major terror plot foiled in cleveland. suspect wanted to military parade and give explosive toys to children. >> this man wanted to attack our nation and its ideals. >> house committee chairman devin nunes rolls out phase two of its probe of government surveillance abuse. >> we're not going to be threatened by the democrats. look, they are the ones that have all this blood on their hands. >> the full conversation between president trump and president-elect of


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