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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 3, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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nation and all of its goodness, to the maximum extent. have a great day. we will see the day after. hannity is next with the judge. judge come are you there? >> i am here. >> judge jeanine: let's hope that they get out safely. amen. >> judge jeanine: welcome to hannity. i meant tonight for sean. get ready for one of the most contentious hearings ever peter strzok has officially been subpoenaed by the tertiary committee and will now be forced to testify in public next tuesday, july 10th. as most of you already know, peter is the corrupt anti-trump fbi investigator who played an important role and clearing hillary clinton of all charges back in 2016. and then subsequently became a key investigator and the the t,
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a rational witch hunt. he was ultimately removed from the mueller investigation after text messages revealed the extent of his anti-trump bias. this includes the trump to his girlfriend, lisa page. on july 31st, just days after hillary's investigation ended and trump's investigation started. his texts read "damn, this feels momentous." that was to ensure we didn't "f something up. "look at this exchange. days later on august 8th, 2016. lisa page writes trump, not ever going to become president. right? right? he responded no, no he is not.
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we will stop it. then on august 15th, he told page, there is no way he gets elected. i am afraid we can't take that risk. it is like an insurance policy. you die before your 40. this matters. we will. it. it is like an insurance policy in case he gets elected. these are all comments from two senior fbi officials. responsible for investigate a candidate. there is more. way back in 2015, he texted her, "bernie sanders is an idiot like trump." on february 12th, from page "he simply cannot be president." he texts back, "he is abysmal." and that "he is a loathsome
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human. hillary should win 100 million, 20. "we are also learning tonight. trump's lawyer is firing back at republicans on the house judiciary and oversight committees regarding his testimony with them last week. joining us now with more from washington, catherine. >> the lawyer from the fbi, peter, from twisting and leaking his ties. he did not answer our questions or any other news organizations during his 11 hours on capitol hill last week. 90 minutes in the classified session, during that with lawmakers and staff on the house oversight and judiciary committee. he refused to answer some questions, saying the ongoing russia case. according to correspondence on the house committee, they confirmed by fox news, trump's
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lawyer initially expressed in interest and testify publicly. it was lawmakers who wanted to close the recession has the first step. "we know what is in store." bill asked them many of the same questions. we will see any tiny inconsistencies. given that the community has shown that they have played little games. i know longer make sense for us to keep playing along. last week the fbi director christopher riley deputy attorney general rod rosenstein has some tough questioning. has text messages, whether the political bias started investigation. >> he opens up the investigation against the trump campaign in the end of july. a week later, this text message, "he will not be president. we will stop it" he says, we can't take the risk of that presidency. the american people see that.
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doesn't that undermine the whole integrity of the actions of people like peter strzok? >> yes, obviously, that is highly inappropriate. >> they issued a subpoena. >> judge jeanine: catherine, thanks so much. while we anxiously await peter strzok's time. another set of subpoenas may be looming. devin nunes, he will now be calling on the obama administration officials to testify regarding possible fife abuse and the shady origins of the russia witch hunt. he had some very strong words. take a look. >> we will not be threatened by the democrats. they have all this blood on their hands. they have completely destroyed the fbi. how did they do that? they did by digging up dirt, the
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included campaign dug up dirt. they put it into a dossier. they sent it into the fbi. the use that capabilities against a political campaign. that is what happened here. the democrats in the house, the senate, they continue. they want to cover up. we listen to the democrats, we would never have found out that the democrats and hillary clinton paid to generate this dirt. so, i tend to ignore everything they say. we continue to do our work day in and day out to get to the truth. gradually, we are getting to the truth. i believe as these hearings take place, test and he was given to the congress. it will be a much needed sunlight in this investigation. >> judge jeanine: joining us now florida congressman matt gates. and civil rights attorney, davi david. good even gentlemen, congressman gates. i will start with you.
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underlying all of this, the reason we're here, we are finally getting the opportunity to see some of the documents. some of these text messages. some of the emails. and yes, here we are in the middle of the summer, we still don't have all of those requested documents. what makes you guys think that strzok will tell you anything and not claim the fifth? >> it is not the answers he gives, it is the ones that doesn't interest me the most. i am interested and his interactions with robert mueller after he found out about these messages. we will learn a lot about the lack of curiosity that mueller had. and how that manifested in the actions investigation. peter 12, at one point was the top spy catcher. don't expect him to crawl into the fetal position and begin weeping. he will have his side of the story.
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i think largely, he was dishonest and very opaque in his answers and his closed-door session. >> judge jeanine: one of the things that you've been talking to is the fact that the republicans haven't seemed to learn to step up and stand up for the president and for the party at large. they live and let live. >> we had a failure to understand the republicans in congress, to understand the oversight has been the most critical things that they have to do constitutionally. they have the power of the first. they found these agencies. it is their job to make sure that goes. judge, we have seen the abuses of the fbi, and makes none of us happy. we respect them, we need them. is because we respect them, we see this type of wrongdoing, we have to stand up and say enough. as a citizen's cavalry not empowered to do much. it is congress that is empowered to do what needs to be done. the republicans in congress, it is a real moment for them. they had to demonstrate to the
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country. it has nothing to do with our national security, it has everything to do with what is embedded in the top spots of the fbi. trying to impact that election, samuel stop donald trump. if that is not enough republicans in congress to say that they will take all the appropriate steps, they have to do the same. >> judge jeanine: they are not doing it. i am tired of asking them to do it. asking, what you want to do? david. you know the system better than anyone. when he testified behind closed doors, there should have been conditions? >> tucker: where they? >> absolutely. first of all, we know from the inspector general that we don't have a set of his emails. we should have all of those. congress must demand that they should be produced. he is onto those kinds of things. it is not just be 12. remember, what we didn't see in that inspector general report was anyone at any point, ever
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telling strzok or his colleagues at their colleague was in the and appropriate. what i want to see them get to was the meeting that strzok had with paige and andrew mccabe, and his office in which the agenda was to stop him. andrew mccabe denies it, or he doesn't recall it. i don't want to get to the bottom of that. >> everyone has amnesia. >> judge jeanine: had we get to the bottom of it? >> his attorney has been saying, he will testify. he's an unfair victim. one thing we know for sure, there is no good answer to the emails that strzok throat. he will have to eat those. that sets the agenda. remember, that was the whole process. he can't determine whether the bias inspected that. remember, the prosecutor is only good as the investigator. he or she, make his or her
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decisions on whether to prosecute based on the body of material they are given. people like strzok decided what to up to, what go after. >> judge jeanine: an essential position. congressman gates, the frustration i have is that there some guys like you, jim jordan, trey gowdy, most the time. we are not seeing a lot of action. just as opposed to same bring him in. >> to my pen to my friend matt's lap, i would say congress has no constitutional role. that is what we are fighting against. they don't believe we have a right for oversight. that is outrageous. frankly, it shows the small group of us who been pounding the facts on this issue to get support from our leadership. to know how the democrats will do this? they say they have to be there
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at ten, or your impeachment will be there. that is what we have to do. >> judge jeanine: it is the leadership? which i am up paul ryan? mitch mcconnell? let's name them. this is what the viewers and with the american people want. you can come on and talk all you want for the next 30 minutes, the next 30 days, if leadership is much to do it, then you can't do it. am i right or wrong? >> you are right. i've been in congress for 18 months. i haven't entirely figured out this place yet. nothing happens unless leadership wanted to. i am proud of bob for accelerating the schedule. i think we will have comey, page, all giving public testimony is very soon. from the speaker's office on time, we need more support. those of us who need the documents, we want an open hearing so the american people can see what happens. >> judge jeanine: what kind of report is he talking about?
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i don't need someone's permission. they had these guys going to court, getting it on their own. is congress that innocent? >> that is exactly right for what they just said, they can demand it, they can hold someone in contempt, they can start impeachment proceedings. at the end of the day, it is a political question. the american people are watchin watching. the congressman, including republicans, they don't take the steps, they will throw people out of office. hopefully, we hold onto that majority. i think these types of decisions will impact that race. finally, the doj will have to prosecute. if they don't do that, none of this means anything. >> judge jeanine: i agree. at one point trey county mayo have had something like that come i am more interested in finding out the truth than the criminal consequences. >> judge jeanine: i'm interested in that! i'm interested in setting the
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record! if you are in the upper chief administration, and they are all going in one direction for hillary, against trump, then i have to believe the whole culture of the fbi other than the regular guys, there is a problem! >> it clearly reflects the culture. my father was an fbi agent, i grew up in fbi groupie. this is a huge blemish. it is a culture. this is one of the worst cases in the fbi. i have the worst case and the eastern district. you know with the prosecutor not case question mike andrew weissmann. the right-hand man of mueller. it's a culture here. it shouldn't be a right or left issue. that is what is disappointing here. the american people should demand transparency. there is not an investigation where source my real national
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security consequence if we expose this. listen, the presiding judge, they told congress that should asked the justice department for the documents. i think the judge also should exercise that, given the wrong doing. the misleading. there is so much here. i'm going to you congressman. >> judge jeanine: we have two seconds left. it goes down to a prosecutor. with all due respect. i don't need to hear about this in an open session. i don't need to read all these emails. i need a real prosecutor to get in there and find out what the truth is. whether or not everything they said and did, which indicates a negative intent is acted upon. rosenstein will not do it. jeff sessions will not do it. is there justice? >> i don't think there will be if jeff sessions remains the attorney general.
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it's a sad thing to admit that. we have demanded a special prosecutor to make precisely the decisions that you just outlined. jeff sessions has proven to be very captive to the deep state actors. they have some very captive. >> i am more hopeful. i think the american people are appalled. there were thousands of prosecutors they doj. they will demand that something be done. if no one is sitting in jail after this, there will be a political revolt like we haven't seen. >> judge jeanine: there is no prosecutor who can do it! rosenstein, he convinced jeff sessions jeff sessions to recuse himself. he doesn't have the political will. the political will to go in there and put together a grand jury. >> maybe there'll be some changes. >> you are right, and you know about prosecutors. look, it has to change from the top. i don't want to say that the president will have to be the bad guy, there shouldn't be this
6:17 pm
crisis. rod rosenstein has to be removed. he is running the mueller investigation. we know how broad that has gone. he got cute with jim jordan yesterday. he can answer these questions. he said i have a hundred and 15,000 employees, i don't know. he is just one. that is nonfun sell nonsense. everybody ought to be mortified on to what has been uncovered. >> judge jeanine: smart guy. gentlemen. it has been great. coming up, we are less than a week away from president trump's announcement for who he will announce. henry is here with an update on that. and then, tammy. stay right there. ♪ we used to get excited about things like concert tickets or a new snowboard. matt: whoo! whoo! jen: but that all changed when we bought a house. matt: voilà! jen: matt started turning into his dad. matt: mm. that's some good mulch.
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>> judge jeanine: welcome back to head to d. less than a week president trump will announce his pick for the supreme court. today the president met with more possible candidates after a call with utah senator mike lee yesterday. joining us now with more on this, fox news chief ed henry. add to. >> judge great to see you. trump has now interviewed a total of seven candidates for his second pick to the high court. this will pick will be unveilet week. in a prime time. he interviewed three of those seven candidates, including a judge joe larson. as well as utah senator mike lee, as you know, that was conducted by phone. before that interview a few days back, he was talking with shannon, he was honored to be considered. he headed today, "i thought it went well. very hard to predict."
6:23 pm
speaking at an event in west virginia, honoring military veterans ahead of the fourth of july holiday. the president promised a strong nominee to add to the justice department. "this is such a important decision. we'll give you a great one." >> we want the american people to understand what is at stake here. >> that is the democrats message right now. oppose everything, do nothing. it has frankly gotten really sad that their party has no message, no leadership, no solution. they want to write a president who was trying to lead, who is doing amazing things for our country. things that are really hard to argue with. >> they added again, there was no litmus test for the president on roe v. wade. what he said, he is focused on the superior intellect. a strong adherence to the constitution. a strict interpretation of the constitution.
6:24 pm
a strong temperament, sandra suggesting, that is what he wants them to have. >> judge jeanine: thank you so much. >> go to see you. >> judge jeanine: joining me now is returning point usa. all right guys i want start with mike lee. the president said "i saw him on television last night, he said he would love this job. you know, usually they don't say that." read that, what does that mean? >> you will recall, senator lee was not very nice to the president during the campaign. he is a good senator. he is well respected. has brother is also on the short-list, he is also a judge. the issue becomes, if you remove someone from the senate, we have a short list.
6:25 pm
you don't want a special election were that could become a problem. the general consensus, he will not be chosen because of the problems associated with that. you could make senator lee happy by choosing his brother. as a woman, as an advocate for women, it would be fabulous to have a conservative woman. >> judge jeanine: will talk about that. charlie company mike lee thing kind of surprised me. it was like he is almost pitching himself. you don't do that with the president. >> somewhat. i'm a big mike lee fan. i think he is one of the more conservative people being put in this conversation actually. >> judge jeanine: what you think about the fact that he has never been a judge? >> look, he probably understands the constitution better than every left wing person on the court. he is a student of history. his father was a very high ranking george brett his brother is on the short-list.
6:26 pm
he understands the constitution and the rule of law. it is for sale to a judge. it doesn't even say he has two have rolled on cases. if you pick someone out of of the body of senate, it will be difficult for them to vote against them. he can also look for himself, it would be a little unusual. >> judge jeanine: all right, he loves the constitution. the last time someone was nominated to the united states supreme court who is not a judge, even a lower court judge, i think a half-century ago. it just doesn't happen. >> can put you. >> judge jeanine: i didn't hear what you said. >> i said, we can put you there. i think that would be a great pick. >> judge jeanine: that's not what i'm looking for. let's talk about the woman. tammy, you want to talk about the women.
6:27 pm
he gave a very harsh time about her christianity, catholicism. this was just last year, everyone will remember. that horrible exchange where she was grilling her about her faith. it is not what you do. you can't make these decisions based on someone's religious convictions. miss barrett, she handled it very well. she was confirmed for the position that she is in now. she has already been through that process. we know what the senate would do, what they would talk about. that is interesting. she clerked for judge glia. as they one of the other women. so, they both have that experience. i would suggest with mike lee, the problem with him is, being on the senate, he has articulated many different positions already. some of them are controversial. that will not be helpful in that regard. 8 capital
6:28 pm
that. charlie would respect the judge. there are also a few democrats who voted for her a year ago. that makes a difference. isn't it interesting, now the president is in a position of affecting the law president for a generation. he could change the court. the democrats are going bananas. >> that has rights. they are afraid not that he will bail, that he will succeed. 1 out of 8 circuit court judges have artie been appointed. he is on pace to replace over half the judiciary. remarkable. this would give a permanent, conservative constitution. you saw the implication of this. public sector units will be the same. in regards to the abortion facilities. president trump is too high court picks and just the first
6:29 pm
two years. phenomenal, stunning. i'm confident he'll make another great selection. >> judge jeanine: with respect to the issue of choice. everyone is talking about twice as though it is the only issue that is at stake here. >> when i was on the left, it was the only issue in which you could raise money. they like to trade as threatening. it is never been an issue. it is not there. this is really just one more element of the has stared at the is moving. bottom line, americans like what he is doing. we know something has gone wrong with his country with the attitude that is perpetrated with the liberals. we want to reasonable, constitutionally based decisions. we know that improves everyone's
6:30 pm
lives. there is already a war on some of these charges. the president has to stay the course. >> judge jeanine: what is the president do to get the democrats to come around, if mccain will not be voting? >> i think he has a better chance of getting mansion in donnelly, then even blake or collins a lot of these red state democrats will have no choice but to come over and vote for this pick. especially as we get up against the bed terms. i should very difficult for some of these democrats to go back to the states were trump won by 30 or 40 points. president trump us to do what he did. go straight to the states, advocate for this pick, for this election. >> judge jeanine: charlie, tammy, thank you for being here tonight. coming up, president trump is
6:31 pm
going after farr left congresswoman maxine waters again. after she said, she is done with "this nice guy politics." ♪
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low red and white blood cells and platelets, decreased appetite, headache, abdominal pain, tiredness, vomiting, and hair thinning or loss. i'm relentless. and my doctor and i choose to treat my mbc with verzenio. be relentless. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. >> judge jeanine: welcome back to hannity. the rhetoric and tactics are coming from the left have reached new lows. first, defect out maxine waters calling out everyone. remember this. >> people have been booed out of restaurants. [applause] protesting at their house. no sleep.
6:36 pm
if you see anybody in that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, you get out and you tell them that they are not welcome. >> judge jeanine: according to the hill, maxine waters is done with nice guy politics. president trump road, crazy maxine waters. she is one of the most corrupt people and politics. she is rapidly coming together with nancy pelosi. the face of the democrat party. she has referred to herself as a wounded animal. while some top democrats have called for ice to be abolished, now in nebraska, the g.o.p. office has been vandalized with its windows smashed and abolished ice scrolled across
6:37 pm
the pavement and red spray pain paint. earlier tonight, president trump talked about that. >> border patrol, all of these incredible people that you've been reading about. who are doing an unreal job. we want border security. we want security in our country. we respect ice. ice, these are tough people. and then i hear democrats saying we want to abandon ice. we are not abandoning ice. we not abandoning our law enforcement. just the opposite. >> judge jeanine: joining me now with a reaction is the former secret's agent, dan. author of the upcoming book, keeping your sanity in a world gone crazy. a member of the media advisory.
6:38 pm
all right, i will start with you dan. [laughs] what is happening to the left? sometimes, i feel like is it me? are these people, have they finally flipped their lead? >> no, for the last 20 years this has been the democratic party. they have been a pretty good, judge come over the last 20 years, politically tactically speaking. they've been good at hiding who they are. donald trump has brought out for them and has refused to apologize. he is doubling down. i like. this anger and rage in them. this left has as ideology, it is all about power. they want the house, they want the senate, they lost the presidency. they are losing the battle for the courts. all they have is aggression and confrontation. this is the natural outflow of their ideology. >> judge jeanine: you are democrat. he worked for the democrats, the clinton's. >> do you want to get rid of ice?
6:39 pm
>> no, not at all. i have no problems, if there are ways to proving ice. potentially reforming it. for goodness sake, we do need border security. i would be the first want to say, what we need is real immigration reform. border security, potentially the wall, and exchange for guaranteeing a pathway to citizenship for those here and protection for the dreamers. that is real immigration reform. >> judge jeanine: what is interesting, i think the president offered that. the 1.8 million dock. the path to citizenship. you are a psychologist. are people believing this? >> i would think the same people like doug, their democrats, they get pushed aside. the leadership has acted so diabolically towards the
6:40 pm
american public. they have no issues. the thing they never want to think about, where does this end? where does maxine want this to end? is there a line? at least god forbid. look what happened with rand paul this week. it gets scarier and scarier. this is very real to the people being threatened. he needs to stop right now. >> judge jeanine: i think we have some video of the scott pruitt to being approached in a restaurant. the epa director. >> she loves clean water. people who protect our environment. people who believe in climate change. i would urge you to resigned. >> judge jeanine: i can't imagine being at a restaurant
6:41 pm
and someone coming up to me saying i urge you to resign. >> the democrats who are watching, i don't know why you think this is helping. i am absolutely for the petition of government. she didn't attack him. do what you want to do. what i do understand is, they are usually smarter than this. the democrats have politically outmaneuvered us for a long time. to actually think this is helping? confronting a guy in a restaurant while he is eating and telling him to resign? it looks silly and foolish. go to at the tea party did. organize. when some elections. >> judge jeanine: as i was watching pruitt, he didn't move a bit. we have the attorney general in florida, they were spitting and her hair. she was in a movie theater. sarah sanders, kristen nielsen. what do you say?
6:42 pm
>> first, i am a central us. i believe in compromise and reasonable approaches to politics. i wish i could disagree with dan and gina. candidly, as democrat and as the patriot, i have to agree. this is ridiculous, counterproductive behavior. i wish they would just stop and act more like connor lam, the newly elected congressman from pennsylvania. he disavowed this behavior. most of all, approaching things with stability, grace and decency. putting america first. >> judge jeanine: gina, what you say to women who were confronted like this? it seems like it will not end? what if she was alone? she is with her boyfriend. if you are alone in a restaurant, what you say to a woman like this?
6:43 pm
>> i don't have answers for them other than i believe that this lies in the hands of the responsible party. for the g.o.p. office that was vandalized, i believe it was just this week, how about the dnc offers to pay for that? let's start extending some hands. the president has offered a path to citizenship for more than a million of the dreamers. how about the other side starts to offer a hand. we start to put together at least on the issues we agree on. likely three of us have done here tonight on this panel, the four of us rather. the pretty good bipartisan mix. >> 3-1. [laughs] >> judge jeanine: five seconds. want to say something? >> no, it wasn't me. that was doug. >> i was saying it's 3-1. we can all cooperate, we can all
6:44 pm
agree. >> amen. >> judge jeanine: still to come, big developments can turn concerning president trump. a summit with vladimir putin. if you want the real story to the russian collusion, make sure to check out my book that is coming out on the 17th, "liars, leakers,and liberals:the case against the anti-trump conspiracy." ." out and bookstore soon. don't go anywhere. for a single dad, and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid, plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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♪ >> judge jeanine: welcome back to hannity. president trump is making waves on the international stage. he is leading the world with a
6:49 pm
policy. the "washington examiner" is reporting president trump and the defense secretary mattix, are warning nato allies to open their chapbooks ahead of next week's summit. according to a report obtained by the the hill, trump is plana one-on-one meeting with putin without aid presence. plus, secretary of state mike pompeo was returning to north korea. the author of the upcoming book, why we fight to come recovering america's will to win. sebastian gorka, retired cia senior intelligent officer, daniel. let me ask you a question. before i get into putin. they president is warning the nato allies to open up their check books. sebastian, how does that happen? what leverage does he president have on these guys other then insulted them to their face, which i like. [laughs] >> it is very simple.
6:50 pm
we have underwritten their defense since the treaty was signed in 1949. we have capacities that we provide them. we provide intelligence. we have troops in many countries of the nato nations. it is a simple quid pro quo. you have to start paying for your own defenses. they haven't even kept, only six of the nation keep the promise. the rest of them, they are what i call freeloaders. so, if they don't start playing for their own defense and that gentlemen's agreements. then we will have to do something. >> judge jeanine: dan hoffman, i want to talk about putin now. in finland on the 16th, the president's meeting him alone.
6:51 pm
that is for a short period of time as i understand, then the other aids will be coming into the room. what you think they will be talking about a loan? >> i'm sure the president will be discussing just that. i'm sure he will brief the presidents, very carefully on the specific issues. if they want to write in a group setting. what might be helpful when they are one-on-one. they will do some reform building. they're not really alone, there are two translators. the room is probably mic'd up. >> judge jeanine: back up. dan. the meeting is mic'd up? the room is mic'd up. what does that mean? there are bugs in there? >> yes, i am pretty sure that there are those who will be listing. that would be my assessment. yes, ma'am, .
6:52 pm
>> judge jeanine: interesting. what about pompeo? i will go back to you sebastian. why does he keep going back and forth to north korea? what is going on that requires them to go back and forth so much? >> as the nypd would say, to keep it there. to make sure they are actually following through. we had an incredible summit in singapore, i was there. the fact is now, they have to produce. they have to stop and hat allow us to have access. that is why this man who is the former director of cia. he is making sure that this isn't just some kind of protocol deal, but that's north korea, they stopped denuclearization. >> judge jeanine: dan, when we look at it. president trump, he has been present for what? a year and a half. the meeting with kim jong un,
6:53 pm
now putin, the economy. from an intelligence vantage point, this has to be pretty historic. the first thing is that it has been happening in such a short period of time. >> it makes you nostalgic for the old times. this is what officers live for. we are kicking into high gear to recruit the spies of the president is as well prepared as he can be when he steps out on the stage to meet these leaders. these are such important meetings. really come our national security depends on how these meetings go. the president has described a general framework. we are working on a framework for denuclearization. we working on a itinerary of these facilities. that is a lot of hard work. the president is in the note. >> judge jeanine: sebastian, finally, they are bugging the room. what goes on there?
6:54 pm
>> daniel is absolutely right. he knows exactly, exactly the reality here. even if it does just the two heads of state, the interpreter interpreters. the organization, the kgb, they will be collecting intelligence from everybody who is going through the summit. that is by you leave your cell phone your laptops. right? >> he is right about that. >> judge jeanine: coming up, president trump honored our military veterans, we will show you the highlights. hannity continues. me. i need an insulin that fits my schedule. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ (announcer) tresiba® is used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. don't share needles or insulin pens. don't reuse needles.
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>> judge jeanine: welcome back to "hannity." earlier this evening, president trump attended the teller to serve as military charity dinner at the greenbrier resort in west virginia. watch this. >> we are gathered here on the eve of the fourth of july to
6:59 pm
celebrate the courageous men and women who make freedom possible. our brave service members and our wonderful veterans, we love our veterans. for 242 years, it's a long time, american independence has endured because of the sweat, blood, and sacrifice of the american armed forces. tomorrow, families across our nation will gather to celebrate the fourth of july, as we do, we will think of the men and women serving overseas, at this very moment, far away, far, far away from their families, protecting america, watching over our people. they are there and they are with us and they are brave. these are regrettable people. we will thank god for blessing us with these unbelievable heroes. >> judge jeanine: and they are heroes. unfortunately that is all the time we have tonight. don't forget to buy a copy of my
7:00 pm
book on amazon or barnes & noble. "liars, leakers, and liberals: the case against the antidrug conspiracy." thanks for being with us. we hope you have a great fourth of july. laura ingraham is next. ♪ >> laura: good evening from washington. i'm laura ingraham. welcome to the special edition of "the ingraham angle": our country, our culture. on the show tonight, a new trend or social media phenomenon? the founder of the walkaway movement is here today to tell us why former liberals are leaving the left behind. as the next generation in this country actually proud to be american? we will show you some of the shocking responses when raymond arroyo joins us for "seen and unseen." plus, tb legend suzanne somers joins us for an inspiring conversation, you will love this, about her career, from "three's company"