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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 5, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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hoping things at the epa are going to change, they will be sadly mistaken. things will stay on the very same path. neil cavuto will continue the breaking news coverage. i'm trace gallagher for shepherd smith, see you tomorrow. >> neil: in the case of scott pruitt it wasn't a matter of if it was when. today was the day. the ema chief under barrage of criticism for expense reports, and extravagances that went way beyond the cabinet level position. you just heard from jennifer, may have gone beyond certain lee qualities, that much we don't know. this much we do. he is history. and now, the question is what happens? especially for a guy who shepherded this anti-regulatory push that went after things that were near and dear to environmental interests and those concerned that the epa was being a bit too aggressive. that we're told won't change. just the guy who ran the agency.
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blake berman at the white house with the latest. >> hi. let me walk you through the time line as best as we have it with the news breaking here within the last 15 minutes or so. there had been more aelss within just the last couple of days against scott prou it. the head of the epa as it relatses to the allegations that he had a staffer try to secure a lucrative job for his life and the revelations that he may have been keeping secret calendars, that raised red flags within corners here wra, d.c. that did not -- here in washington, d.c. that didn't stop, yesterday scott pruitt came to the white house. he was here for the fourth of july celebrations with his wife. what we know after that, at some point, pruitt had sent a resignation letter to the president in which pruitt said that he was subject to, as he put it, attacks, simply put they were just too much. here's part of the letter that pruitt sent to president trump. quote, it is extremely difficult for me to see serving you in this role because i count it a
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blessing to be serving you in any capacity. las because of the transformative work occurring. the unrelenting attacks, my family, unprecedented and have taken a sizable toll on all of us. so that a letter had been sent to president trump who is aboard air force one. the president then sent out the tweet in which he said that pruitt had done, quote, an outstanding job and that he would have a successor on an interim basis. however, if you've been following scott pruitt, neil, it's tough to sort of start and end with the many controversies that had surrounded him. allegations that simply put he was using his job to improve the lives of himself and members of his family. pruitt had pushed back on many of this. but those who had said, you know, this was a president, president trump came here to, quote, drain the swamp, many said that scott pruitt was the epitome of the swamp.
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he has resigned, there is an interim in his place, there will need to be a confirmation process at some point down the line. yet it is another controversy surrounding a cabinet member within this administration. neil? >> neil: do we know the revelation of these allegations, that pruitt might have doctored some calendars. that that was not known as recently as yesterday by the president or anyone in his team. >> it remince to be seen if that was the tipping point. there was ocean after allegation after allegation of scott pruitt. the latest was the secret calendars. he was here yesterday at the white house. fast forward 24 hours, not only is out but the president accepted the resignation. president trump had stood by him. in the tweet, he said he was doing an jut standing job. very clearly there's something that was a tipping point and the calendars might have been just that.
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>> neil: thank you. blake berman. scott pruitt, the administrator of the epa, environmental protection agency, stepping down amid a flurry of controversy. olympic media, katie murray, what do you think? >> i'm not surprised, i don't think many people are. from the moment he came in, it's been dramatic, it's been constant the drip, drip, drip of bad stories and bad pr. you walk around d.c. and you see the fliers stuck to every pole you can find making fun of him for the condo issue. and i think it's not so much he's done a good job at the epa for the conservative agenda, a very good job of pearing down environmentalists policies that they wanted gone. this drama, this baggage, is too much. now with this calendar information coming out, you have to get to a point where you say the benefits he's done at the epa did not outweigh all of this baggage. >> neil: and i've often heard to touch on that point that you made very well, anyone else
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might have left a whole lot sooner with these controversy. but the president liked what he had done. and the aggressive deal with which he went about getting it done tearing apart and removing a lot of rules and regulations that many in the business community found ownerous. we'll explore that. but that gave him an extended shell of life that other secretaries would not have been given. >> absolutely. the good work, until a time obviously, until today, was outweighing that bad. but there has to be a point, i'm sure even in the trump administration which has an endless supply of dram where you have to say enough is enough. we have to find some one new, if not to just stop this bad avenue of pr. >> neil: he was the latest administration official to akos costed at a restaurant. a young mother stopping to talk to him and rant and rave about his policies.
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i wonder if that is something for the secretary, sarah sanders asked to leave the restaurant. betsy devoss and others that host the grief. does that weigh on the president? does something like that add to the controversy or is it deemed to be a bang of honor, you can take the heat. only sometimes have to leave the kitchen. >> i think republicans and the president have done a very good job of taking those situations especially with sara huckabee sanders and spinning them in a positive light for the right to say look what the crazy left is doing, harassing us, waxene watters statements, using that for their advantage. there's fundraising coming out of this. it does cause him a certain amount of frustration and grief to have the cabinet members of his and secretaries and administrators harassed wherever they go. hard to turn around and say do you want to take this be jo. in the case of pruitt, he has a seat to fill.
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now he says you may get harassed when you go to get groceries or starbucks in the morning, do you want this job? >> well put. thank you very much. we're talking about this with the business community. say what you to the business community, he was the guy leading the president's effort to get rid of onerous rules and regulations where they come to the environment. the president stressed he wanted clean air. to that they stuck to their goals. it was mr. prut it who aggressively untangled a lot of those rules and regulations that businesses found sort of just an added burden that was not necessary. it was that streamlining effort of the regulations that many credit with the economic turnaround that we had that was greased by the tax cuts that we would have well after the fact. charles pain has been looking at the developments a tale of two worlds for the business community regarding epa
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administrator. >> it was. you talk about the depth length of time that was mired, someone else might have been shown the door sooner. pressure was building on both sides of the ideological aisle. many conservatives who saw donald trump as going to washington, d.c. to drain the samp saw prut it as part of the problem. under president obama, the most onerous rules, if you will, came from that administers, obamacare hurt the economy, dodd frank. the epa after the supreme court ruling on its ability to just ultimately become the ultimate weapon within any administration, was used as a tool far beyond environment to slow progress, slow businesses. the things they regulated from
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dust particles and small puddles of water on people's lands that were considered laux or bonds. -- ponds. it was destructive. >> neil: did you get the impression that prou it was staying on as long as he was because of all that he had done to champion the president's agenda, to get rid of these onerous rules and regulations. to some too aggressively. the president liked what he was doing, the in your face style. but there came a point where push came to shove, embarrassments piled up. >> absolutely, very effective in his job. but, golly, the baggage and the controversy, some of it $50 rent a room, $50 a month. some of this is just like, golly, i can't believe anyone at this level of scrutiny would be
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involved in something or expose himself to this. he did. that starts to hurt the agenda, the ability for scott pru to it get his job done and hurts the ability for the overall administration to get their sort of focus and their goals as well. >> neil: for wall street does this mack any difference, charles, the mission of the epa some like some don't goes on. it's just he's not the guy leading the migs mission. >> i don't think it'll make a big difference. we rallied a little bit, the chart up there of the day session, val rallied into the close. there were a lot of things going on. the epa without a doubt became an anti-business weapon, far beyond the notion of clean air and clean water. it did slow our economy dramatically particularly 2013, 14 and 15. >> neil: thank you very much, charles payne. as you pointed out, far from
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buffeting the street the street moved higher on this news that the president doesn't to have deal with this embarrassment for the time being. john roberts has more information, now, on what led to this resignation. why today, why the now. >> i have been in touch with scott pruitt who provided me with the resignation letter that he gave to the president earlier today. thanking the president for giving him the opportunity to serve in the administration, the unrementing tax on me, my family, unprecedented taken a sizable toll on all of us. it became the straw that broke the camel's back. he asked the president to fire jeff sessions and appoint him attorney general. we heard that scott pruitt was angling for the attorney general's job.
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we heard heard that from sources who said it came from his office. i sktd him, he said it was 100% false, never asked the president to fire sessions and appoint him attorney general. another story came out that, he had asked his aids to try and find his wife, marilyn, a high paying job. all of that in connection with the travel and the security and the phone booth which pruitt told me, he wanted a secure line to talk to the president. the president called him one day and he didn't have a secure line. unless he walked down two floors and half way across the building to what's called the secure compartmental sensitive compartmentalized facility. he wanted something in his office and gave to it a couple of bureaucrats who came back with a $43,000 price tag. there were simple explanations for a lot of these things. neil, one or two or five things? you can weather. but when it gets to 14, gets difficult. you can see what the president
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said in the tweet, he said i'll always be thankful to him for doing an outstanding job at the epa, despite the controversy that were swirling around him pruitt had the confidence of the president. in terms of doing his job. pruitt wasn't afraid to put his neck out there and do a lot of things that he was going to catch flack for. he believes this were people in the epa in the liberal establishment gunning for him because of the type of work he was doing at the epa. it's safe to say, neil, some of these things were lack of judgment. it was death by a thousand self-inflicted cuts. >> neil: i think they didn't like his methods. you touched on it, maybe you can bring me up to speed, the reports that he approached the president about firing jeff
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sessions and attorney general and taking his place. was there any truth to that? >> earlier this year, i guess earlier this year, everything gets a blur here at this white house, earlier this year, there were rumors that the president was going to get rid of jeff sessions. and appoint scott pruitt as attorney general. this was chatter among the folks here that that rumor was coming out of scott pruitt's office. last week when the news hit that he had personally asked the president in a meeting to fire sessions and appoint him, i reached out to administrator pruitt and he told me it's 1 hn% false story. this was a couple of days ago. he never had that meeting with the president, he supported jeff sessions and wasn't trying to pull the rug out from underneath him. neil, it's just, you know, when you have 14 different investigations against you, it's difficult to survive in any government knob. >> neil: right, john roberts, thank you. we will have more updates and
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coming back to you. scott pruitt us out. bernie sanders delighted. scott pruitt was the worst in the epa administrator. he said he ran it in the wrong direction. count sanders delighted. allstate agents riding sweep. call one today. are you in good hands?
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this 4th of july, discover why chevy is the most awarded and fastest growing brand the last four years overall. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >> neil: stocks up even though those tariffs are going down. in a little less than eight hours from now. dedra bolton on what's coming and what could be the fallout. >> in an interconnected world as we all know and as of midnight tonight unless there's some sort of last minute relief, the u.s. is going to be imposing $34 billion in tariffs on imported chinese machinery, auto parts, medical devices. so here is a list of goods that chiepese people, the flip side, are going to have to pay a premium for if they want these american goods. you see all of these examples of heavy consumables. a lot of agri products.
1:19 pm
china saying it will respond immediately with equivalent tariffs on american products, soy beans, sport utility vehicles. the u.s. tariffs are going to cover more than 800 categories of products from china. china will be placing tariffs on around 550 categories of u.s. products. today, also significant in u.s.-mexico trade relaxes, mexico began imposing its second stage of retilltry tariffs on dozens of u.s. goods. this is mexico's response to the trump administration's duties on mexican steel and aluminum coming into the u.s. mexico, to even the score, as they see it, targeting u.s. goods such as apples, cranberries, cheeses. also increasing tariffs on products including pork and whiskey. mexicans want those american products, they have to pay about 15% to 25% more. it's worth noting, that those tariffs are worth about $3 billion, still significantly
1:20 pm
less than what canada and the eu have responded with. which equal in both cases around $16 billion. talking a lot about these consumables and agre products. the auto sector is the next one to watch. most analysts say if tariffs go forward it will be more disruptive than what we've seen so far on these consumables. take a look at the charts of g.m. achd ford. you see both of these stocks, if you look from a month's perspective, have been down. president trump has threatened a new 20% duty on cars built in europe. but when i speak about this whole interconnectedness the parents of mercedes, invested a billion dollars in a new manufactureing plant in alabama near tuscaloosa. bmw, michelin, total workforce of 75,000 jobs in south kree care reine a the auto sector is the next spot. >> neil: we expect the chinese
1:21 pm
to responsibility but we don't know how. >> we assume they are going to be as promised, $36 billion on 550 goods. >> neil: thank you, deirdre. now me details on the resignation of scott pruitt, it cascaded during the last 24 hours. this calendar changing thing that was going on, jennifer griffin first reported, was a final straw. out of his job, acting administrator is number two, will be running things for the time being. no changes in policy at the epa but it is way, way, way too early to say for sure. more after this. -♪ he's got legs of lumber and arms of steel ♪ ♪ he eats a bowl of hammers at every meal ♪ ♪ he holds your house in the palm of his hand ♪ ♪ he's your home and auto man ♪ big jim, he's got you covered ♪ ♪ great big jim, there ain't no other ♪ -so, this is covered, right? -yes, ma'am. take care of it for you right now. giddyup!
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>> neil: in case you just joined us, scott pruitt has resigned at the epa. we'll get to this story on north korea in a second. i can tell you more about andrew
1:25 pm
well are, his number two, in number two role, as acting chief for the time being until the president chooses a permanent replacement who might be mr. wheeler. coal industry lobbyist, his background. later on we'll be talking to a big energy expert who follows the futures markets on energy very, very closely out of chiically to get the read on all of that. in the meantime, we are focusing on other news, the secretary of state back in north korea trying to get to the bottom of reports that the north koreans might be trying to pull a fast one when it comes to denuclearization efforts, doing quite the opposite. still another one that's gotten the attention of cameras from space, namely satellite images, they're not doing all they say they're doing. the hudson institute, rebecca on this. how big a deal are these allegations or at least suspiciouses? enough to get the secretary of state there, but what do we
1:26 pm
know? >> they're a big deal. all of these reports coming out are based on evidence that has been collected from open source. not classified information. the u.s. government has had all of this satellite imagery from before. they're not surprised. the administration is not surprised, new information to us. pompeo, cia director, he understands the kind of work the north koreans are inclined to do and what they have been doing. what pompeo needs to do on this trip if this denuclearization is going to happen, he needs to get the north koreans to provide a full accounting of all of their nuclear work. missiles, the nuclear piece both of them. we don't have a full accounting of where everything is and all of the work that they're doing. so we can't even begin to talk about how we're going to start a dismantlement process without the north koreans fully complying, fully playing ball, and really showing us everything
1:27 pm
that they have got. >> neil: everyone has their own agenda, i guess, rebecca. but this got the attention -- the american enterprise institute, no fan of this north korea deal, we should possible it that. george will quoting him in a "washington post" story, not exactly a fan of this administration too. having said that, quoting from this aei report, that it could be catastrophic this upcoming summit a return for trump's promise to halt military readiness, kim referring to kim jong-un, gave nothing, no inventory of weapons and missiles. north korea's decades-old commitment to due knee clue arization continues -- denuclearization. little else continues. >> many of that is true. we haven't seen the north koreans make the sfra teenlic decision to move in a -- strategic decision to move in a
1:28 pm
different direction, the trump administration said was necessary to happen. what i perceive coming out of the summit the trump administration presenting kim jong-un with a hard sale approach, make an offer he can't refuse, saying we're going to help you with your country, make it a prosperous nation, a nation that can participate in the community of responsible nations. but to do that you have to get rid of your nuclear weapons. they're trying to flip the calculus. the north koreans have long thought nuclear weapons guaranteed security, the trump administration is trying to persuade them nuclear weapons are oh guaranteeing destruction and devastation for your country. the clock is ticking. these reports that they're continuing missile development, and nuclear work, all of that is going to continue unless the north koreans make a strategic decision to quit. the clock is ticking for the trump administration to get progress here and begin dismantlement. >> neil: but they're not f we buy what is going on at the
1:29 pm
nuclear complex, where they're beefing up operations, could be questionable. and there are others who say we don't know where all of north korea's production and testing facilities are. that doesn't breed confidence. >> no. one of the things the trump officials say to point to evidence, where they're saying they're optimistic, there hasn't been testing of missiles and nuclear weapons. that's true. the testing is only one part of the puzzle, though. in order to increase the for midbilt of the nuclear program you can test and build out the capability. make more of them, the quantity. that's what we see, the capacity building continues. they can continue building more of what they have and not test. that's what we're concerned about at this point. >> neil: thank you, good seeing you. >> thanks. >> neil: we're learning more of the time line in the last 24
1:30 pm
hours that undid scott pruitt's days at the epa. within the last 24 hours, only yesterday he was at the white house for the annual fourth of july picnic. prominently featured there with his wife. everything seemed to be going along great. what happened? jennifer griffin at the pentagon with more on that. >> neil, we're just getting more information about the resignation of scott pruitt. and as you know, there were 14 federal ethics juriys into the -- inquiries into scott pruitt as epa administrator. it seems today when two prominent democrats on the hill, don bayer of virginia and ted lu of california wrote a letter to the even spector general demanding that the inspector general look into recent reports that epa administrator scott pruitt and his aids had been having regular meetings in offices at the epa to scrub his calendar, change records of meetings that he had held with
1:31 pm
coal representatives among others. and that that changing of those federal records is, in fact, a violation of the law. they were demanding that the inspector general look into this. this, we understand, may have been one of the final straws, that had looked as though scott pruitt were hoping to ride out the controversies up until now. and yesterday as you said, he was at the white house at that fourth of july party. but it was this letter today and the revelation of the letter today and the possibility that the inspector general would be looking into something that if he's found guilty of changing these federal records, that is something that carries with it, either a fine or possible imprisonment. we also understand that those investigations despite his resignation will continue. the inspector general will be moving forward on that investigation. as to whether any laws were broken. >> thank you very much for that update. you always wonder in these type of cases certainly they would know about even the imprepriets
1:32 pm
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>> neil: all right, the chief goes but not necessarily the mission that he espoused. after scott pruitt if you expect energy policy to change in this country think again. what that means for you after this.
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1:36 pm
>> neil: how will things be differentnd andrew wheeler? the acting administrator, now that the number one, scott pruitt, was forced to resign today. oil market watcher weighs in on all of that. it looks like right now, bill, change of personalities but not in the mission. >> absolutely not. i mean, andrew wheeler, of course, used to be with the epa many, many years ago. but from what we know he's very much a proponent of president trump's energy policies and the policies under scott pruitt n a lot of people in the energy industry are sad to see scott prou it go, despite -- pruitt go despite the improit priets have come up. they believe he's one of the main reasons, neil, the u.s. is going to be the biggest oil producer in the world in a couple of months. under the last administration, of course we had an epa that
1:37 pm
used to compare energy companies to the early christians. if you crucify a few of the companies the rest of them will fall in line. the u.s. energy industry feels for the last couple of years, they have had a boot taken off their back, they have been allowed to do business. andrew wheeler, of course, is going to get criticism from a lot of people. he used to be of course somebody who worked for a senator that didn't believe in global warming. he also of course worked as a mouthpiece for a lot of the coal companies to keep them in business. the energy industry of course is going to watch this very, very carefully. they don't want to see a stepback in all of the progress that they have made over the last couple of years. >> neil: when you think about it, there is so much over what the epa has purview that, we talk about the energy and energy related industry. but really much of manufacturing america, these companies that like the fact that he was easing
1:38 pm
up, the approach of the trump administration was to ease up on a lot of the rules and regulations in place that they said and complained often were disproportionally thrown at them. >> it was. and youed had an administration that gave advantages to foreign manufacturers who didn't have the same type of stringent rules to take jobs from the united states. a lot of companies took their businesses elsewhere only because the epa was ridiculously hard. in the bottom line is, listen, these companies aren't in business to pollute the environment, that's not the goal. but at the same time some of the regulations got so ridiculous that it really put americans out of work, put businesses out of work. just have to look at the difference right now, neil, look at the manufacturing numbers that we saw last week. we have the strongest manufacturing sector we have seen probably in the last 20 or 30 years. when you have something going on in america, listen, the e.
1:39 pm
pa has a job, we all want clean water, clean air, i know i do. at the same time we have to be reasonable. and of course look at the big picture. >> neil: he was a big target for many on the left, environmentalist movement, concern and skepticism about climate change. he brought the mission. he did so with great zeal. i'm wondering what little we know about mr. wheeler whether he would as well. or is much of the work already been done, much of the dismantling of those rules. i could extend it down to cafe standards, fuel efficiency, much of that worked into the system where wheeler has tolgts follow up on. -- he has little to follow up on. >> when it comes to government regulations, work is never done. >> right, rice. >> their work is never done. but i mean, listen, i think right now, if he gets this job, i think he will do a great job,
1:40 pm
stay the course, keep america moving on the right track. is a disappointment for the industry. i heard one of the stories, the criticisms that he built a $45,000 phone booth so he could have quiet, private conversations with the president. reminds me of the cone of silence in the "get smart" days. [laughing] . always great with the historical perspective. so much we still are trying to discern what happens to the epa right now. and whether businesses feel that there will be less of a push to get the rules and regulations. a lot more as hinted here, are still in their way. you can make the argument a lot of the push and the economic
1:41 pm
turnaround we saw began with his dismantling rules and regulations during the obama administration and in some case for decades. he was the lead dismantler. replaced by a guy equally zealous at dismantling, might be handicapped in the environment where they get the president a rough time no matter who he chooses to permanently replace scott pruitt. that's the guy looking up to the job. the question is, will the left or anyone on the right give him the latitude he needs? right now, the whole agency seems to be under fire. more after this.
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1:45 pm
as the worst epa administrator we haver had. clearly not a fan. ned ryan is ceo of the majority, har land hill here as el. ned ryan, what happens now? your first thought when heard this, what happens now? >> well, my first thought, scott prou it did this to himself. every cabinet member serves at the pleasure of the president and make the president successful. when you become detrimental, you're gone. the thing is that amazing looking at schwarzenegger's tweet, others on the left, seem to forget that the entire governing floss fift trump administration is one of deregulation. scott pruitt here at the epa, trump rolling back over 1,500 regulations, making it a litmus test for his judges. the whole governing philosophy
1:46 pm
of the epa is going to change because pruitt is gone? it's the entire philosophy of the trump administration and will remain that way as long as trump is in office. >> neil: michael starr hopkins, is that your worry as a democratic strategist? you aren't a fan of the things he was dismantling with the president's blessing. none of that seems to be likely to change under mr. wheeler or whoever is the permanent replacement. what do you think? >> i mean the policies of the report going to be put in place whether it's pruitt or mr. wheeler. i will say scott pruitt, is indicative of the behavior that trump was supposed to clean up. but has now become the poster child for that very swampish trump enterprise. what i think we're seeing is the reason the democratic wave is getting ready to happen. 18 point enthusiasm gap among democrats and republicans. democrats winning in red states, purple states, blue states. >> neil: you're almost acting
1:47 pm
like the last week never happened. you have been stumbling more than me out of the veggie bar. what do you think? >> i feel pretty good where democrats are at. >> neil: harland, he mentioned the swamp reference, chuck schumer said took you long enough, a long way to go to fully drain the swamp. what do you think? . the president cannot win. he either acts too hastily or took too long. this is a reflection of the fact in if this administration you become a distraction to the president's agenda you step aside. and that's not to take anything away from mr. pruitt, what he accomplished in his time at the epa executing the president's agenda was nothing short of amazing. the united states of america is on the verge of becoming the biggest oil producer on the planet. contrast that with the time, his predecessor during the obama administers we have dom come a long way. the regulations and what that means to save americans, with their pocketbooks, nobody should
1:48 pm
take that away from mr. pruitt. we're making the right decision to put mr. wheeler in the position to lead this department forward and execute the president's agenda. >> to harland's point real quick, i mean, scott pru it in 19 months had 15 investigations into his handling of finances, interactions -- >> what does that have to do with his accomplishments? >> he's the cabinet secretary. i mean accomplishments? do they matter more than actually respecting the office? >> neil: michael you raise a good point. but this is what is going to really be theeth d of them, already is, ron, you touched on it, too. no longer served at the pleasure of the president, embarrassing the president. anyone else would have been out of the job much earlier, if not for the things that he was doing that the president liked. but what is the lesson here? >> well, the lesson is, i mean, i liked how trump approached when dr. tom price found himself in a similar situation. it was a very short leash.
1:49 pm
he was dismissed. he resigned quickly. i would have liked the shorter leash. it opened up trump to attacks. i didn't like. that i think it should have been a shorter leash on pruitt. he got a longer leash because of what he was doing to implement policy. what we need to remember, everybody is expendable if you're detrimental to the president, you need to be gone sooner than later. we want an approach, we aren't doing business as usual, we will have the right approach how we govern. i want to say something p what michael said, a democratic wave is building because of stuff like. this i disagree completely. i don't see a blue wave forming. i agree with you, neil, the last two weeks have been deeply detrimental to the democratic party. they will have trouble moving forward. >> neil: wish we had more time, unfortunately we do not. in case you're going back in time to look at prior administrations how they handled embarrassments like this, this is unique or unprecedented, go back to, yeah, ronald reagan,
1:50 pm
ronald reagan days, anybody remember james watt? anyone remember the controversy he had at the interior department? we're going back in time, it worked out after this. no matter who rides point, there are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. call one today. are you in good hands?
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1:53 pm
>> it happens in every administration, sometimes early, sometimes later, sometimes throughout. for ronald reagan, it was his interior secretary james watt, who ran afoul of a lot of folks who thought he was overusing his influence and protocol and infuriating no less than nancy reagan. he ultimately had to step down, that was then, with us now art lafert, former economic advisor.
1:54 pm
art, this kind of thing is not new, we were racking our brains trying to remember instances. >> i have the best one ever. it was 1982, i believe, maybe '83. james watt, secretary of the interior and july 4 celebration was at the lincoln memorial and headline group were the beach boys, they had been headlining for years at the lincoln there. and james watt interceded and cancelled the beach boys because of tle questionable activity. >> the beach boy his political questionable activity? >> james, i'll have to override you on this one, i know the beach boys, i'm from california. it was funniest story you have ever seen in your life. of course, the beach boys came back and did the headliner as always. >> it worked out just fine. there are changes obviously that the interior secretary, but it does happen. i'm wondering what the fall-out
1:55 pm
is here, in this case, with the e.p.a. administration out, a lot of people assume the agency itself is under the gun, that auchtimes is not the case. >> no. >> just the messenger, not the message. >> yeah, it happens all the time, my boss ed schultz -- we just lost that there. it is interesting to go back in time and realize with each administration, going back with bert ladds running for jimmy carter and this idea that he would be a drain on the administration because quite simple banking ties and what have you. we can go back to olley north, with the iran contra issue. every administration has this. the question going forward, does it look poorly for the president of the united states, great deal of controversy with pruitt beyond what he might have been doing to leverage influence from
1:56 pm
his job and gain from the same people whom he was supposed to police. investigators are going into all of that sort of stuff and whether he doctored or changed calendars, a big no-no, but the mission he was on to deregulate and take burdens off corporate america, particularly manufacturing america, particularly energy enterprise, that invited the wrath of environmentalists and a host of others who said this is going way too far. it did not help matters any that mr. pruitt kept running into 1-800-75con 1-800-75coned -- controversy with influence from trying to get a job for his wife through the contacts and even worse. so much we don't know, this much we do. happened again, cabinet secretary shown the door because he simply wasn't getting a clue. for this president, who only yesterday was having the e.p.a. administrator and his wife at a 4th of july picnic, something
1:57 pm
developed in the last 24 hours to say, this time, scott, it is goodbye. and now it is. he's gone. it's happened again. "the five" is now.
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>> hello, i'm dana perino, along with kim guilfoyle, richard fowler. it is 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." >> fox alert, another cabinet shake up for the trump administration. e.p.a. administrator, pruitt resigned. president trump tweeting on his way to great falls, montana, on his way to a rally, we will have that live. john roberts joins us from the white house with the latest. john, you can't take a break, you have to be on your toes at all times at the white house. >> your head is on


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