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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  July 9, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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russian president, vladimir putin. that's it for today. have a great week and we'll see you next "fox newssunday" . howie: we'll have a report on the rescue efforts in thailand. but president trump prepares to pick a supreme court mom flee tomorrow and the media investigates the candidates. >> every person on this list has been vetted by the federalist society saying they would be willing to overturn roe versus wade. >> i think people are overestimating the importance of roe. it's a calling card for the left, not the right. >> in roe is going to go, he can point to a woman who brought it
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down. >> the left is at a desperation point. they are not going to be able to stop trump's next nominee from being on the court. so they take glancing blows about her faith and now saying she is a member of a cult. howie: most of of the media cheer the firing of ask the pruitt over a series of scandals and a question how he hung on for so long. >> mr. pruitt is accused of egregious things by washington standards. >> pruitt's extraordinary list of ethical scandals prompted a debate by historians whether he's the most of corrupt cabinet member in u.s. history.
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howie: was pruitt toppled by good investigative reporting? alan dershowitz said many liberals on martha's vineyard are shunning him. he calls it mccarthyism. this is "mediabuzz." this is a fox news alert out of thailand where rescue efforts are under way to free the by their coach who are trapped in a cave. reporter: the concern is the rain. it's pouring down and it creates more urgency to get the remaining 8 boys and their coach
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to safety. four have been brought to safety. they are getting medical attention in a hospital. all oxygen tanks set along that route were used just to rescue those boys. it will take another 10 hours to prepare crews for the next stage. it took less time to get the boys out than anticipated. they said it would take 11 hours to get the boys to safety. we are learning it took 7 hours 40 minutes. the international divers from around the world and the local divers in thailand. howie: more updates ahead. media outlets have been vetting the supreme court candidates. according to unnamed sources they say trump's three top
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contenders are federal appeals court judges. brett kavanaugh, amy barrett and raymond kethledge. joining me is mollie hemingway, susan ferrechio, and mo elleithee who runs georgetown institute of politics and is a fox news contributor. will the supreme court nominee issue explode on roe versus wade? mollie: you think back to how donald trump was elected. he was elected in part because he put out a list of the actual nominees he put pout would be chosen from a certain list he made public. an unprecedented amount of transparency. we know a lot about these people.
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they have a different approach than the revolutionary progressive changes the court has brought. they are originalists and textualists. howie: are liberal commentators being alarmists? does it mean roe will be tossed out? mo: it's a legitimate question. the president said anyone he appointed would be someone who would be opposed to roe versus wade. he opened the door to this entire line of conversation. secondly. it's not a stretch to believe those in the. it line that will make it to the supreme court will deal with these issues made-on. does it mean it would outlaw
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abortion across the land? that's unlikely. could it throw it back to the states? then women in. >> states have this right and others don't? that's a legitimate question. that's something the left and the democratic party can use to rally in the election. howie: based on the sources, amy barrett's slipping, her interview didn't go well. howie: they may not know exactly what he plans to do. susan: for all we know it will be someone not on that list. getting back to what you are saying about the legitimacy of the question, roe versus wade.
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perfectly legitimate to talk about. we are not talking about what it really has to do with funding abortion. and what he or she would think of overturning obamacare provisions. all of that is being ignored. howie: there have been numerous pieces about amy coney barrett. her catholic faith, her rulings on the bench and her membership in this tight christian grouped called people of praise. what do you make about the media focusing so heavily on this. mollie: we also see the democratic party and the media walking together the way they cover amy bare yet. the way it has been portrayed is a super nefarious group outside
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of vatican control. the foam just appointed one of its bishops. so it's not a group that's that renegade. the way it's covered has been a little bigoted in some cases and activists which is not appropriate for journalists. howie: it seems like the press' wants a battle over religious liberty. what's your take on the way she's covered? mo: i think she is being vetted the way supreme court nominees have been by the press. for decade now. one, i don't think that there should be any religious test. and people who focus on that
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will doing so a little too much. she opened the door in one of her previous writings when she talked about how judges might need to recuse themselves when it comes to death penalty cases. i do think it can go too far. i think anyone who opposes her can focus on her record and not on her religion. howie: the fact she has seven kids. she worked for ken starr saying the president can be impeached for lying. there is all this standard reporting when you sense the press is trying to scuff up these nominees a little bit. susan: that's standard practice. they are always harder on republican nominees, in my opinion, than. it were an obama nominee they
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might try to shine them up. howie: george will, steve schmidt. all writing pieces saying on television they are so never trump they want the democrats to win in the fall. your take? mollie: i'm interested in this from a media angle. it's the predominance of never-trumpers we see in the media. in the real world they represent a small fraction of the people. in the media world they dominate. you look at papers that won't have a single columnist who represents the average american voter. they get a lot of prominence for a pretty minority opinion. howie: these are serious people standing up for what they see
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aspirin. but they get a lot of favorable publicity as mollie said. and they command new respect from the left. susan: they are a high-value guest because they can say we found a republican here who hates trump. and better yet, a republican who says vote for a democrat. could there be a more high-value guest? there is a market for these people. i am not saying that's why they have these opinions. but it will keep them on the air. howie: mo, do you welcome them to your cause? mo: i don't for a moment think george will will become a lifelong democrat. but i do think there is a very
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small -- i agree this is a very small minority of people within the republican party who believe the party shifted away from its core, wait has long stood for -- what it has long stood for and the party needs to be blown up to be rebuilt the way it used to be. it reminds me of some of the conversations from then candidate donald trump when he was being asked early on in the primary process, if you aren't the nominee will you pledge to support the nominee. he said i don't know. i am not saying it's apples to apples. but some of the conversations reminded me of that when he was not pledging to stick to the party if he didn't believe it represented his views. howie: good conversation. let me get a break.
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when we come back. scott pruitt forced out at the epa. a flood of press speculation as michael cohen goes public with
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this wi-fi is fast. i know! i know! i know! i know! when did brian move back in? brian's back? he doesn't get my room. he's only going to be here for like a week. like a month, tops. oh boy. wi-fi fast enough for the whole family is simple, easy, awesome. in many cultures, young men would stay with their families until their 40's. howie: four out of the 12 boys trapped in a cave in tiled for 15 -- me in thailand taken to safety. rescuers planning to get three more boys out in the next 10-20 hours. more updates as we get them. [♪] media's mounting allegations
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against scott pruitt ranging from petty to profound led to many investigation. but he seemed to have president trump's back. president trump: scott pruitt is doing a great job within the epa. outside he's being attacked viciously by the press. i'm not saying he's blameless, but we'll see what happens. >> i love the president, but scott pruitt, everything i witness, i couldn't be a part of anymore. susan ferrechio, stunning allegations by the "washington post" and cnn and others. $50 a night room owned by a lobbyists. aides driving sirens and lights
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to get his favorite lotion. what is this by and large in your view solid reporting? susan: yes, it was, but he was investigated to take him down for something he was doing. he was trying to take apart the obama-era epa regulations and he accomplished a lot of that. and outside groups and people within the epa to try to take him out. he made himself an easy target. but he would not have been the same level of target if he had a different job within the administration. howie: he said the attacks on me and my family are unprecedented and have taken a sizable toll on us. mo: i am going to disagree that this was driven by an ideological agenda.
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i think it was driven by scott pruitt's actions. by his alienation of people on his own staff who went to the press who did investigative journalism. if you supported donald trump because you believed he was going to drain the swamp in washington, d.c. you should be appalled by scott pruitt. sue ann maybe we are only see. susan: maybe we are only seeing how swampy he was because so many people wanted to take him out. mollie: you mentioned he paid $50 a room. that was approved through the ethics office. yet it became a huge story. in the obama administration there was a cabinet member who paid nothing for a room and never paid his income taxes and it was barely a story.
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howie: pruitt's resignation was barely covered and i think that was a mistake. but you said this was a win for the resistance. you are saying it was what coordinated effort by the media for ideological reasons. if most of of those stories are true, partisan sources always come to reporters with dirt on people they don't like. mollie: many things brought up by investigative reporting were brought up by conservative offices. the previous epa, the mishandling of the colorado mine crisis, the flint water crisis. but you didn't see "the washington post" fan "new york times" pushing a drum beat
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against her. that doesn't mean what scott pruitt did shouldn't be covered. if you care about the swamp, cover it no matter who is in charge. howie: if the stories were true and he alienated his own staff trump wouldn't have fired him. and laura ingraham tweeted two days before the ouster, pruitt is the swamp, drain it. mollie: the resistance had a coordinated campaign which was covered by the media when it started in march. he lost support of his own people. but we shouldn't forget to cover the coordination that was involved in bringing him away in part to give credit to the resistance that is rare for them. howie: he testified himself with
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ed henry. and epa didn't respond to the substance. one reporter was insulted, so that didn't help either. mo: future press secretaries and communications directors will look back at this as a textbook case how not to handle this. howie: it was reported the one story that pushed the president over the edge is pruitt wanted him to fire jeff sessions so he could become attorney general. susan: let's see how the media respond to his successor. then we'll get a clear picture of the motivation behind the investigations. howie: mo elleithee, susan ferrechio, mollie hemingway,
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howie: the "new york times" is giving watkins another chance as part of a leak investigation that led to the deem it a former senate intel commissioner. they are reatining her from the washington bureau to new york. they said we are troubled by her conducted. for a reporter to have an intimate relationship with someone he or she covers is unacceptable.
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watkins says she regrets it and should have handled her rips differently. she told buzzfeed she was dating plan the intelligence committee. and didn't tell "politico" when she started stating a second intelligence member. brian ross is leaving abc news after a major blunder about president trump and the russia probe. they suspended him for a mop after he reported the president trump directed michael flynn to contact russia during the campaign when it took place after that. he won numerous award in his 20 years with abc, but has made other mistakes. there was a moment of silence in
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news rooms across the country to remember the people killed at the capital-gazette. the newspaper said anyone expecting national consensus to come from the death of five community journalists in annapolis will be sorely disappointed. we can only hope they will disagree with this simple statement. this madness must stop. ahead, is jimmy fallon the only late-night host who hasn't been savaging donald trump now turning on him?
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howie: fox news alert. four of the 12 boys trapped in a cave in thailand are now above ground and recuperating at a local hospital. authorities say they will need another few hours before preparing to rescue another
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group of boys. trump is escalating his attacks on so-called fake news in part over the coverage of the north korea talks that may be taking a turn for the worst. brit, the president tweeted many good conversations with north korea, no nuclear testing in 8 months. only the opposition party is plaining. if not -- is complaining. if not for me we would be at war with north korea. brit: it depend on who you believe. pompeo indicated this meeting went about as he expected. progress was made. significant issues were discussed. they broke it down into working groups. he seems to think everything is fine. the north korea officials put
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out this blustery statement we are accustomed to hearing them throughout the years. so the question arises, who do you believe? howie: i thought the coverage of the summit was negative. but he's using the old steve bannon phrase "opposition party." brit: i don't have a lot of sympathy for the president saying the press is the enemy of the people or the opposition party. it would be far better if he were specific about them and identified particular stories and things that turned out not to be true. but he chooses this blunderbust approach. i don't think it works out very well. but i don't think he poses a serious threat to the free press in this country.
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howie: you took flack after saying only 23% of democrats in the gallup poll aren't proud to be hair cans. brit: when i am asked to give a graduation speech, i always say own your mistakes. i overread that poll. so i deleted the tweet and posted a separate tweet explaining the deletion. howie: that's the definition of owning a mistake. let's get to these presidential mistakes. "the washington post" constantly quotes anonymous sources in my opinion that don't exist. they will both be out of business in 7 years.
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both papers are doing quite well with subscriptions because of donald trump. brit: he's always talking about the failing "new york times." it ain't failing. jeff bezos has deep pockets behind it. it's not going anywhere anytime soon. i don't see the point in making that prediction, i don't think it will pan out. howie: another one, "the washington post" is constantly quoting anonymous sources that don't exist. rarely do they use the name of anyone. they are a disgrace to journalism and so are many others. does he believe the sources are made up and the journalists invent these things? brit: i hope not. i have been in this business a long time and have had
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differences with a lot of my colleagues. i don't believe they make up sources. they rely way too much on anonymous sources. we even see instances -- there is one i noted yesterday where anonymous sources are used for simply straight out attacks. the only way to get the information, the on way to determine what happened, things that where factual. there was a piece in "vanity fair" based on an interview with a wall street big shot from this seaside home that was an attack on trump and the guy was never named. howie: he gets to call the president of the united states a pathetic blank. brit: in my business when i came
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along as a reporter, anonymous sources were grounded on. they were dope stories and worse less. and anonymous attacks with people attacking somebody personally anonymously wasn't done. if you allege something happened, and you are afraid for your job and it's the only way to get the information out. that's one thing. but to allow someone to sit in an armchair by a seaside resort and attack the president personally is a different story. howie: brit, thanks so much for stopping by. coming up. alan dershowitz getting the cold shoulder on march thanks vineyard for defending the
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howie: along dershowitz who regularly defends president trump in the mueller investigation says mccarthyism has come to the vineyard. he says his liberal friends are shunning him.
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>> i'm make the the same arguments about civil liberties i have made for 50 years and i would be making if hillary clinton were president. a woman said if dershowitz were here tonight, i would stab him through the heart. howie: joining us now, emily jashinsky and adrienne elrod. the world will not remember that dershowitz faced a chilly summer on the vineyard. emily: dershowitz struggling in this area of elitism. what's interesting with martha's vineyard. alan dershowitz donated to hillary clinton's campaign.
12:43 am
looking at the way they are treating alan dershowitz. you can see this is the attitude reflected in the corridors of power. howie: this is self-proclaimed liberal democrat. he says he defends the president on civil liberties ground. what do you make of all the coverage this has gone the like it's a huge story. adrienne: i think i talked about this story, which appeared on a1 of "new york times" this week and five times on television. to me that shows you why so many americans in middle america cannot identify with publications like the "new york times." they have never been to martha's vineyard. they don't understand why it's news worthy. howie: yesterday there was another "new york times" story
12:44 am
written by a reporter who happened to be going to martha's vineyard for vacation. he told the "times," i'm enjoying this. it's a red badge of courage. so it's alan dershowitz who stirred this up. adrienne: i am an avid reader of the "new york times." but i can't understand why alan dershowitz is helping the story day relevant, why it's being covered by the media. howie: i will bet a lot of "new york times" readers go to places like that. it's almost like apply crow could many of intolerance. it's like when people unfriend you on facebook. it says how politics has affected everybody's social lives. emily, ders with it said the bar for tolerance has been lowered.
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now a democrat is being isolated and pushed out. as a conservative i dislike as much as anyone, we have to be sympathetic to powerful people who are being pushed out. but there is a statement there. it's worth consideration, but maybe not on the front page of the "new york times." howie: let me get to this dust-up between president trump and jimmy fallon. he was the last host on late night who wasn't regularly beating up on the president.
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howie: were you able to hear that? basically emily jimmy fallon seems to be joining the ranks of criticism. emily: jimmy fallon is a liberal. jimmy fallon was out with an interview talking about how he talks about the isolation he spearchesd he ruffled donald trump's hair because people said it humanized trump. there was pier pressure on him to -- there was peer pressure on him to go against trump. he wanted to be lighthearted and funny. now there are indications he's
12:47 am
work for steven colbert. president trump: i agree to go on the show and said you can do whatever you want to do with my hair. a year and a half or two years later he's apologizing because he humanized me. he hurt himself. i said to him today. i said jimmy, be a man. just relax. howie: when i -- >> when i saw trump insulted my on twitter i was going to tweet back because i have more important things to do. shouldn't he have more important things to do? he's the president. howie: this is serious stuff. adrienne: i think we might be making too much of this. jimmy fallon was the one host
12:48 am
willing to have donald trump on and didn't have him on and got flack in hollywood, it's a resistance the democratic party has formed. so it's not a surprise that he would say i regret visibility having him on. and humanizing him. i think it's much ado about nothing. i think there is pressure his audience base. howie: millions of people watch these shows and people who are not political junkies get their political fix from these shows. it's not as important as alan dershowitz. adrienne elrod and emily jashinsky, thank you very much.
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the president's attorney. but i think we should be thinking of the larger story. we were told for many years by many people in the media and anonymous sources there was treasonous collusion with russia to steal the election. do we have anything that supports that? we have cohen under fire. and various other people under fire. but what they are allegedly under fire for has nothing to do with that overarching story that led to the drama we have had the last few years. i think journalists should take a step back and think about how honest they are being. howie: he does have some exposure on the payment to
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stormy daniels. the $130,000 hush money payment for which he was reimbursed by the president. but one of the reasons he wasn't appearing on camera is he didn't want to say again and again and again, i can't comment about the investigation. rudy giuliani said the president wants to testify but we the lawyers are holding him back. good to see you. that's it for this edition of "mediabuzz." limits continue the conversation on howard kurtz and facebook. i'm launching a podcast. we'll have a lot of fun ripping on the most of fascinating stories of the day. the official launch is tomorrow. it will also be available on itunes and google. we are back here next sunday. see you then with the latest
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>> monday july 9th and this is "fox & friends first" happening right now at 4:00 a.m. east coast fox news alert for you. [speaking in native tongue] >> navy seals from around the world going to thailand to save more soccer players, why evidents were put on hold as rescuers race against the clock? >> more than just a election. >> the future of america is at stake. >> democrats back to doom