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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 9, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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♪ >> jesse: i'm jesse watters with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, dana perino and sean hannity. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." ♪ fox news alert. it is decision day for president trump. four hours from now, he will announce his supreme court nominee. a bold move that could reshape the high court and country for a generation. cement his presidential legacy. sources saying that president trump is made a final decision after a report he was
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kin was candidate -- considering four candidates. senator lindsey graham saying the president can't go wrong with either of these contenders. >> republicans are holding four lottery tickets, and all of them are winners. if you are conservative republican, thomas hardiman, they are all winners in every republican should embrace these picks. >> jesse: regardless of who the president picks, it's being sent to the senate for a major confirmation battle. democrats using scare tactics to try to damage trump's nominee. >> we already know president trump's nominee will be prepared to overturn the precedents of roe v. wade. we know that because president trump has said so. >> it is about more than the next election. it's what the united states is
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going to chart as its course. >> i've never seen a president of the united states in effect make himself a puppet of outside groups and choose from a group of right wing fringe ideologues. >> figure out that we should be considering is nominee. >> jesse: we begin with gutfeld. i mean... hannity over here. you have seen a few of these confirmation battles. how is this one different? >> sean: the decision will be made at 9:01:30. pretty happy about that. thank you for having me. i am not as funny as greg gutfeld. warning to everybody at home. at 9:03 eastern, the left is going to be in the process of trying to smear, besmirch, slander, destroy the character of whoever the president picks. we use the term borking almost
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as a verb. clarence thomas, if you haven't read his book "my grandfather's son," one of the great american hero success stories. juan is shaking his head. it's one of the best books i've ever read and he is a great justice. whoever the president picks, the great thing is he told us all ahead of time and it will be another promise made, promise kept. the other thing, newt gingrich and i were talking and he said to me, he goes, before the president makes his decision tonight, close your eyes and for 30 seconds just think, imagine it was hillary making that choice. it would be nobody close to who the president will pick. this is about judicial philosophy. constitutionalism, regionalism versus judicial activism. that's pretty much it. >> jesse: dana, do you think the democrats would overreach to a certain point where it really hurts them in the midterm
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elections by going so crazy against a pretty reasonable nominee? >> dana: possibly. it's been said it's more important to stand on principle that it is to worry about those red state democrats. take somebody like heidi heitkamp in north dakota. today the fox news power rankings moved her seat to likely republican. she has a decision to make. because that race is moving away from her, she has a way to buck her party and vote with the president and try to keep her senate race but it. i think you will see that. i think mccaskill will be under pressure. in missouri. i think donnelly will be under tremendous pressure in indiana. i don't think that the pressure on susan collins and lisa murkowski will be that persuasive. when they voted for gorsuch, they were there. they might have had concerns. i think at the end of the day, they will be for whoever the president picks.
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i could be wrong but my gut instinct is that there's going to be a lot of fire and fury, so to speak. but when the vote is called, the republicans will come home. >> jesse: from the list, it doesn't seem of the four people we have been talking about there is any red flags how long either one of them. no one is screaming david souter really loud or anything like that. looks like a pretty sure thing no matter who he goes with. >> kimberly: he can't go wrong with the main primary ice cream picks. vanilla, strawberry, chocolate. they are all fantastic, solid choices. they have been well vetted by "the federalist" society, heritage foundation. the initial list of 20 that the president put together with his team and the advisors was outstanding. he listened to input and feedback from other people and add five additional names and subsequent to that, he has narrowed it down to four quality candidates, four people that would admirably serve this country and welcome the opportunity and have pledged to
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follow the law and have demonstrated that when you look at the review of their judicial record, their opinions. some have written more opinions than others. giving the other side to meets -- submit to peg with. whoever the president chooses, he made an outstanding choice with neil gorsuch and i fully expect he's going to make another very good choice and announcement tonight during the 9:00 p.m. hour during the hannity show and we will find it out. 32 of the top deans, scholars, attorneys, government officials have concurred that the president's choice will be confirmed and put through. regardless of what side you're on, democrat or republican, they agree with that liberal. liberal or conservative. ultimately and i agree with dana, they will get this through. we have to trust in the judgment. he has made solid choices. like shawn said, promises made, promises kept. he promised to put conservatives, constitutionalists would follow the law and i expect that's who
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he will choose. >> jesse: juan, are you having nightmares? >> juan: hannity is worried he's not funny enough. i think this is hilarious. it's like an echo chamber in here. he picks wonderful people. they have been thoroughly vetted by who? heritage and the federalist society? this is what blumenthal was talking about. fringe candidates. >> dana: they have all been concerned by the senate before. >> juan: we are talking about the supreme court and we are talking about a president who has said, these guys say promises kept. he says he want someone who's going to undo roe v. wade, take away abortion rights in this country, someone who would do away gay rights in this country. you are saying perfectly normal. blumenthal is right. these are fringe candidates. >> kimberly: why did the democrats confirm them on previous occasions? >> juan: the key thing here, kimberly, are you going to abide by the laws of the united states
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and recognize president? what you have, especially in the case, the number-one pick, amy coney barrett. she said the president doesn't matter to her. that's why you had a call from the senate majority leader saying i think that's trouble if you pick her. >> sean: my point about roe, what happens if roe is overturned? >> juan: a number of states would overturn abortion rights. >> sean: new york, new jersey, i can count 45 states if not 48 or 49 -- >> juan: is that your assurance to the american people? two-thirds say we don't want roe -- >> sean: there is nuance and intellectualism. these are people who have immersed themselves in constitutional thoughts and writings and in particular cases they work on. but let me concede a point. i really do think dick durbin is right. i think every democratic senator in a red state needs to
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go and commit political suicide. heidi heitkamp, claire mccaskill, they need to put it all on the line and oppose whoever the president picks. i think that's great advice. >> dana: it was reported senators donnelly, manchin and heitkamp, they were invited to the announcement tonight and they declined. >> juan: i think you will see tremendous pressure on susan collins and lisa murkowski, pro-choice republicans, to say this is too much. you can't have a supreme court become a rubber stamp for right wing agenda. >> sean: where is the evidence? you say these things and you are trying to scare the american people. >> juan: i am not scaring anybody. i'm just giving the facts. >> sean: nina totenberg made the comment that's the end of the world as we know it.
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dick durbin is telling these red state senators, democrats, to commit political suicide. >> juan: it's a matter of conscience and voting for what is right as opposed to -- political power. >> kimberly: hillary lost. >> juan: hillary won the popular vote. >> jesse: it's not the rules that they play under. >> kimberly: you can't change the rules. >> juan: an unpopular president and an unpopular senate trying to force on the american people a right wing agenda. >> kimberly: why is it in good conscience in good faith and having studied all of this in terms of the u.s. court of appeals, why did the democrats vote to confirm them to begin with if they were not qualified? united states supreme court if they weren't qualified already to serve on the court of appeals. they were put through by democrats, liberals, conservatives. they were confirmed and put forward. that's why those names have been proffered. >> juan: no, they are not. he believes they will do what he
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promised. overturn abortion rights in this country. >> jesse: we are going to go to break. close your eyes and imagine if hillary clinton was president. >> juan: wouldn't that be wonderful? >> jesse: president trump's legal team in a new war of words with special counsel robert mueller. rudy giuliani saying it is the most corrupt investigation he's ever seen. no matter who rides point, there are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. call one today. are you in good hands? it was always our singular focus, a distinct determination. to do whatever it takes, use every possible resource. to fight cancer. and never lose sight of the patients
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oh boy. wi-fi fast enough for the whole family is simple, easy, awesome. in many cultures, young men would stay with their families until their 40's. >> sean: the president's lawyer rudy giuliani blasting the special counsel robert mueller. >> it's hard to believe given all the things that have been shown about how tainted this investigation is, this is the most corrupt investigation i've ever seen that the justice department is allowing to go forward. >> sean: >> sean: former new yoy mayor 70 new terms between a potential interview with between president trump and the special counsel. >> if they had narrow questions about collusion where they were confused about did he find out up something, did he know something, we will happy to be
2:16 pm
giving answers. >> sean: sources telling fox news lisa page will be deposed by house lawmakers behind closed doors on wednesday while her lover, peter strzok, he is set to be publicly grilled on capitol hill. you get to see it right here on fox on thursday. as we continue our discussion. >> dana: is like we are on radio. as we continue on... >> sean: there are as many as 42 people, devin nunes said, that need to explain their position, their political positions because of text messages. one of the things we most admire about our fbi and doj as they are supposed to be objective. they are not supposed to take positions. strzok and page, oh, we will stop them. oh, we have an insurance policy. oh, trump is loathsome. oh, she's got to win and everything in between. it's going to be a big week in terms of both of their
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testimonies. >> dana: a big week overall. the president has this chance to put forward a nominee for the supreme court, you think it will rule the week. by thursday, they are talking about something else and then there's a foreign trip and you can focus on one thing. i think the decision for the president to change for his lawyers to get him to go out there and say that he's reluctant to do an interview or that they are advising them not to do an interview, the influence of emmet flood who understands very well the role of the executive branch in a congressional branch and legislative branch on the separation they are in and he is a very skilled lawyer. >> sean: i am a fan of his as well and i think you're right. up to this point, jessica, zero evidence of any collusion. the idea that robert mueller didn't think that the 13 russian bot companies would fight back, that may be his biggest mistake. he is trying to stop them from getting discovery in this case
2:18 pm
which will go nowhere. then you have paul manafort in jail for 23 hours a day in isolation, convicted of nothing. he didn't kill anybody. he's not accused of killing anybody. this is a 2005 tax case. >> jesse: i don't really feel sorry for paul manafort. kind of a greedy, shady guy. innocent before proven guilty but he doesn't deserve to rot in solitary confinement. your point about mueller, you follow court proceedings which they are not allowing us to do come he's being humiliated at every step. if you go back to the beginning, the whole thing was started by peter strzok. the special counsel was triggered by comey and is being carried out by biased individuals. i understand what rudy is trying to do. trying to smoke out mueller, what do you have it we will answer it. i don't think president trump should go anywhere near these guys. it's a fishing expedition and he hasn't shown any evidence so far into the public.
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we see no evidence. if we did see evidence of collusion or obstruction, it would have leaked by now. i am sick of it. i am bored by it in the country is being torn apart by an i am tired of trying to prove juan wrong every day. >> sean: lets flip the script. juan williams, let's say the fbi investigators, the person interviewed was donald trump. change the language from gross lug negligence to extreme carelessness, wrote an exaggeration exoneration. they didn't interview her until july. if we flip the script, so anti-hillary. i have to believe you would be very concerned that the fbi at the highest levels would be that feasibly biased. >> juan: i was big because i think jim comey should have never put himself in the position of standing up there and taking the authority of somehow announcing that
2:20 pm
hillary clinton have been so excessively careless or whatever the language was. and then making it ten days before the election, the announcement that somehow she was still under investigation. and no mention, no mention the donald trump was under investigation for collusion with the russians. that to me was outrageous and that's what the inspector general michael horowitz at justice had to say about this but your point to me, i'm going to take it seriously, you're point to me as if peter strzok was saying we are going to stop her as opposed to stop him, i would be upset. the thing is, i wouldn't be thinking, as you do that therefore he couldn't do his job as an fbi agent. >> sean: even with all the other adjectives. >> kimberly: there is real concern given the inherent bias demonstrated through the text messages that there can still be fairness in the process, if there was a desire for a predetermined outcome. as a former prosecutor, i'm
2:21 pm
telling you that would color and compromise the investigation. you have people involved, like james comey, i agree with you that he overstepped his bounds, he was inappropriate, acted as the head of the fbi and the charging prosecutor making a decision as to what charges if any could be filed. he said he made the determination about her mental state, what she intended. didn't rise to the standard periods totally inappropriate and he's one of the people that they are relying on. and strzok and page. name one of these people who has any credibility given their inherent bias. >> juan: somehow undermining the entire law-enforcement beginning with robert miller. >> jesse: the fbi undermined themselves. >> juan: president trump tweeting over the weekend "this is a witch hunt." "this is unfair." this is all an effort to say don't impeach me. it's unlikely i'm going to be
2:22 pm
indicted but i know you're going to have evidence i'm going to try to get as many republicans as i can physically say i am with trump no matter what. >> jesse: he's not going to be impeached because the democrats are going to retake the house. >> sean: i love sitting in on "the five." when we come back, crooked hillary clinton. she's not going to leave the spotlight. new evidence she may want to run again in 2020. great. iran, hillary, ron. special day today. it's jesse's birthday. we have an celebration and surprise. this is a story about mail and packages. and it's also a story about people and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you
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get your first prescription free thanks for the ride-along, captain! i've never been in one of these before, even though geico has been- ohhh. ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying? oooo. oh no no. maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military for over 75 years? is that what you wanted to say? mhmmm. i have to say, you seemed a lot chattier on tv. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. you ok back there, buddy? ♪ >> kimberly: is hillary clinton secretly planning a 2020 run? speculation is whirling that she
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is planning her comeback and a rematch against president trump. an op-ed in "the new york post" describes how clinton is running a political and fund-raising apparatus to oppose and resist president trump that could be unleashed before the next presidential election. unleashed. all right, so she is seemingly to be out in the public and everything. what do you make of this? do you think it's legitimate? >> sean: i endorse hillary running again. i think nancy pelosi should be the minority leader for as long as she wants. i think some people are being very mean to her and i would like maxine waters to be second in charge. >> kimberly: it's your dream team. >> sean: i know that juan will disagree. there is a certain level of the left that's been utterly unhinged. the 4-year-old granddaughter of the president, you might not
2:28 pm
know, she was attacked. and barron trump and melania and ivanka. if the left keeps going down this road, they are never going to win another election again. here is where they are running on. there running on open borders. they want to keep obamacare. >> juan: what are you talking about? the only people who want open borders are you so you can say -- >> sean: do they want the wall? i don't think they want the wall. they want to keep obamacare. how's that, keeping your doctor. >> jesse: keith ellison was wearing a t-shirt that says "i don't believe in borders." >> juan: i should tell you some of the stuff that trump supporters where. >> jesse: they say build a wall. make america great. >> kimberly: i am not sure hannity wants no borders. >> sean: the agenda is impeach trump but tell maxine to shush
2:29 pm
about it. they want their crumbs back. they are saying they want to raise taxes and oppose whoever the president picks for the supreme court. i don't think that's an agenda that inspires anybody to go to the polls for them. >> juan: let me tell you something. you have a sean hannity agenda. i think you're running this presidency. >> sean: that is the silliest thing. >> juan: i am so ridiculous. how could i say such a thing? >> sean: that's what cnn, the fake news, says and they are lying every night. >> juan: look at the polls about the things you are talking about. look at health care. gosh, the majority of americans think we want to keep the affordable care act. >> sean: keep their plan, keep their doctor. >> juan: i'm just responding to you. they want that. a majority of americans don't believe in separating children from their parents. >> sean: donald trump stopped it. >> juan: he is the one who put the policy in place. >> sean: no, it happened under
2:30 pm
obama. >> dana: i like the subject of this block. i don't think hillary clinton is running again but i think she's causing a lot of problems for the democrats because you won't get off the stage. and if she wants to be helpful to democrats but i think she could do a better job for them if she was behind the scenes. every time she sticks her head up, it is like whack-a-mole and the right gets to go back and remind everybody, aren't you glad she's not the president. the whole cycle starts again. the democrats have got to find new energy. there has to be somebody new. generally -- generationally together they are 234 years old. >> juan: george washington for president. >> kimberly: dana brings up a good point. the democrats are going to need new ideas, not to be so vitriolic and caustic and divisive. right now they don't have a platform. they're going to run against a
2:31 pm
great economy and say undo it or raise taxes? the clintons don't ever want to sort of leave the white house let alone the stage. but it doesn't give room for anyone else, and up-and-comer like kamala harris or other people. >> jesse: the bernie wing of the party hates hillary. she doesn't have them. the donor wing wants their money back because they burned about a billion dollars on the loss. juan, you can cite all the polls you want. the only ones that matter are on election day and those were good for republicans. the bottom line is, crooked hillary, please run. >> sean: the poll says americans say they are better off than they were under obama. here's the other thing. we now have 14 states with record low unemployment numbers. >> kimberly: that's a full screen. >> sean: record low on employment for hispanic americans, african-americans, women. record number of people in the labor force.
2:32 pm
>> jesse: what happened during the state of the union when those numbers were announced, the democrats sat on their hands. >> juan: they should have said thank you, obama, for rescuing this economy. >> jesse: when the economy roars, they want credit? >> juan: no wage increases for the american worker. >> kimberly: all right. the political battle lines are set for a serious confirmation fight over president trump's upcoming supreme court nominee. plus, get ready to party! we are celebrating jesse's birthday on "the five" ."
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now has 33% more protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals. and it has a guaranteed great taste. man: boost gives me everything i need to be up for doing what i love. boost high protein. be up for it. ♪ >> juan: we are a little more
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than three hours away from president trump's big supreme court announcement. 9:00 p.m. eastern. sean hannity is right here licking his chops. we are going to learn who the president has picked to be his nominee to replace retiring justice anthony kennedy on the nation's high court. democrats already throwing up their sleeves for a confirmation fight. let's hear our final thoughts. i'm going to start with kimberly guilfoyle. kimberly, if i said kimberly, wake up. wake up. who did the president pick? who would kimberly say the president picks? >> kimberly: i don't really know. he could change his mind. they are saying he has decided what he could change his mind up to the last minute and i really don't know who's going to pick. but i know probably one of the four come i would say that. >> juan: give me your hunch. >> kimberly: may be kavanaugh or barrett. i like her. i think she's really great, as a female lawyer, catholic myself. >> juan: your first pick is kavanaugh? >> kimberly: not my first pick
2:38 pm
pick. who i think or who the president will pay? >> jesse: sources are telling me it's kavanaugh. i know it's going to be a circus of the confirmation hearings. over the weekend, steve bannon was yelled at and cursed at. steve miller was yelled at and cursed act. mcconnell. in these hearings, you're going to have crazy left-wing fanatics yelling and screaming and doing what they do and it's going to turn the public against the democratic party. they call every nominee, whoever they are, a republican nominee, a right wing extremist. they called john mccain a right wing extremist and he votes with the democrats halftime. they called romney a right wing extremist. they say president obama didn't get his pick. he was a lame duck with no sign of control. president trump is a first-term
2:39 pm
president in a midterm election year with the full senate control. that's a huge difference. >> juan: did you make a pick? >> jesse: i told you sources are telling me kavanaugh. >> dana: i would look to how much money is going to be spent in the next couple months. judicial crisis network is going to put in about $1.2 million. they will be ready to go. the democrats have been very reluctant to engage on judicial confirmations over the past few decades. that's about to change. they are going to spend about $5 million initially on this effort. i think it will fail but i think you will see democrats are to reengage and invest in this issue in the future because they have been able to rile up their base in order to vote on judicial confirmations but this will change their mind. republicans are benefiting from focusing on this issue over the past two decades but that was really because what democrats did to robert bork in '87. >> juan: you know kavanaugh. >> dana: i worked with ashley
2:40 pm
and brett kavanaugh at the white house. >> juan: do you think kavanaugh is likely? >> dana: i don't know who it would be. i think anybody on the list of 25 would be confirmable and would be reliable conservatives for the president. >> juan: sean hannity, do you have any inside scoop? >> sean: it's going to be one of the four. the president told the american people during the campaign he's added a little bit to the list. it will be his judicial philosophy that wins the day. one thing we haven't really talked a lot about is there has to be some political consideration because it is so tight in the senate. the president i think has to consider lisa murkowski, collins, ted cruz and rand paul. i think he finds the balance with any of the four leading contenders. i would say pick them at this point. probably kavanaugh is leading. if i had to look to last week, he seemed to be the front runner. this president is very unpredictable.
2:41 pm
>> dana: i bet you just lit up the twitter. >> kimberly: democrats will vote to confirm. >> sean: this is going to be, the second he announces, it's going to be smear and dispersion and slander and it's going to be ugly and it's going to be coming from your friends on the left. >> dana: we've got to go. >> juan: coming from your friends on the right. you have a left ear. we are out of time because we're going to have a big party for our friend jesse. up next, a big surprise in store for jesse's birthday. huge. don't go anywhere, america. "the five" is back with a party. you're headed down the highway
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♪ >> dana: time to pop your collar, america. we are celebrating jesse's 40th birthday. we have some surprises. let's get started. in the honor of you turning the big 4-0, let's take a look at
2:46 pm
some of your most memorable moments on "the five." >> jesse: hello, everybody. i am jesse watters. >> juan: jesse watters. >> kimberly: jesse watters. >> sean: jesse watters. >> jesse: >> jesse: this is "th" >> juan: jesse is a poet of trump-landia. >> jesse: i have always been bullied because of my looks on my charm and my quick wit. i don't read reason. i read "the weekly standard" which you gave me a subjection for. that's from "the new york times." >> dana: is that not fake news? >> jesse: that's when it's not fake news. this is going to be very cutthroat. i am probably going to sabotage her. i made a fashion statement last night. everybody said i looked like ron burgundy. >> dana: you did. you look like the guy from revenge of the nerds.
2:47 pm
>> jesse: people always say i look like david schwimmer. >> sean: i don't see any resemblance. >> jesse: that is david schwimmer who looks a lot like me. that's not me. that's david schwimmer. i didn't eat all day because i knew that food court was coming. >> kimberly: national doughnut day. jesse is very happy. jesse only has a single quarter pounder. >> jesse: you didn't do it! yes, i love you! i love you! with the zippers. we are debuting a new feature. mom texts. my mom is a liberal democrat that sometimes texts me on the show. "i am honestly concerned that your colleagues have begun to roll their eyes." "what are you talking about?"
2:48 pm
>> kimberly: hysterical. i love it. >> dana: bear with us for one more thing, one more surprise and we are going to talk about it and give you our advice for turning 40. here we go. >> happy birthday, jesse. you have always been active in mind and spirit. >> we knew we were in trouble when you stood at seven months, walked at eight months, and ran at nine months. >> we've always admired your sense of adventure and imagination. >> until you jumped onto a moving lawn mower claiming to be a superhero. >> you were a superior athlete and student. >> when you chose to be. >> we treasure family summers on the coast of maine. >> until he wouldn't join us in the boat because you had to tune
2:49 pm
into listening to rush limbaugh. >> we taught you to be yourself and to seek the truth. >> although we have continued to be baffled by this search. >> we are proud of your independence, your courage of conviction, and your soft heart. we are the watters, and we are so happy you are in our world. >> jesse: i can't believe you guys did that. >> dana: they didn't make fun of you. >> jesse: they did, in a way. i picked up on it. >> kimberly: great treats. magnolia bakery. the banana pudding. we are big fans of that. lemon cake from del frisco's. >> dana: we wanted hannity to be here so he could give you some advice for turning 40.
2:50 pm
>> sean: i think jesse should just be jesse. let jesse be jesse. it's his world. don't forget. i had no idea both of your parents are liberals. >> jesse: not just liberals. hard left. >> sean: and you turned out normal. >> dana: so is his son. >> sean: congratulations. your son just got married. i will take the lemon cake. >> kimberly: i'm going to give you a little piece. we need to keep you laid on your feet. it's a big news night. >> dana: juan, advice for jesse. >> juan: it would be good, jesse, if you celebrated, let it out. let jesse be jesse.
2:51 pm
>> jesse: you better be careful what you wish for. >> juan: i honestly think that you are a good guy, and i don't disagree with you. god bless. >> dana: kimberly, do you have any advice for jesse? >> kimberly: you are getting very good at listening. your parents thanked me. >> sean: whatever that icing is, i would absolutely listen. a very different world now that we live in. >> dana: throwing ourselves in front of the jesse truck. >> sean: this is the greatest story dana will never tell. ask her how she did her job when she was in the white house as press secretary, and there's your answer. >> dana: occasionally, on occasion. i will tell you in the break. i will tell you in the break. it's a little bit...
2:52 pm
anyway, happy birthday. >> jesse: thank you. thank you for that great video. thank you, sean, for being here. kimberly, thank you for cutting the cake and thank you, juan for putting up with my shenanigans. >> kimberly: god bless his parents. ♪
2:53 pm
this is a story about mail and packages. and it's also a story about people. people who rely on us every day to deliver their dreams
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they're handing us more than mail they're handing us their business and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you ♪
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you might or joints.hing for your heart... but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember. no mathere are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. call one today. are you in good hands? ♪ >> time now for one more thing.
2:56 pm
kimberly. >> i wanted to do a special one more thing today because fox news channel and fox business network also lost a very beautiful, wonderful human being. georgina, she was one of our very talented makeup artists here at the network and she was born and raised here in new york city and has been with us since 2014. she used to do my makeup as well. she was at the conventions and really super talented. she was a joy to be around. always walking around with a smile and positive things to say. she was really beloved and a lot of people were touched by her and saddened by her very early loss of her life and such a wonderful human being. she kept giving because her organs were donated and five lives were saved as a result. words really can't express how saddened we are about her loss, but her spirit lives on and she was particularly close to bismarck and wilber. please, if you can, i posted it on facebook and twitter and instagram, a gofundme account
2:57 pm
created for her family. if there's anything you can get, it would certainly make a difference. >> she's going to be missed a lot around here. >> that was wonderful. >> it's the wedding season of my life. the next generation is getting married. my son got married in june and this weekend it was my niece's turn. here are nick and the beautiful teresa dancing in d.c. that was followed up with a very emotional dance with her dad, my brother-in-law, and here's the groom with his mom. his dad passed away and she raised him. here's marissa with her parents and finally, here's the magic moment as they said their vows. good luck to the newlyweds. >> that's sweet. >> great pictures. >> mine is about a chipmunk. this is a chipmunk named van gogh. i think we have a video of it. this is from ontario, canada. he comes every day to get fed as
2:58 pm
many peanuts as he can possibly stuff in his little cheeks there and as soon as he has as many as he can put in there, he goes and runs to his little bro and then he eats them all and then he comes back. he can really stuff a lot in his cheeks. in his name is van gogh because he has half an ear. >> thank you, dana. >> trying to take over. >> my parents, that was a very sweet video message and i love you very much. >> you were very touched by that. >> i was. i was trying to be very manly during that not get get emotional. >> do we have a picture here? it's a picture of you, a portrait. >> you know how much i love tha that. i love that! >> photo made by fan photo shops
2:59 pm
for your birthday. >> he is admiring himself. >> i've run out of time. a guy holding onto a subway car. it's going to take away from the special moment about my birthday. sean. >> that's what we just told you. we don't want you to get in trouble. i don't really have one more thing. >> 9:00! >> 9:00 tonight, "hannity" starts at 9:00. the president of the united states, thank god it's not hillary, will announce his supreme court justice back. >> jay will be on and the left is going to be like alka-seltzer in water. all of juan's friends -- the battle to smear whoever gets chosen. we will have full coverage tonight. i also, one more thing, thank you all for having me. i am the biggest man on the shelf. >> no one believed in the show,
3:00 pm
that we could make it. >> not only did you make it, you beat the competition combined every day and night. >> supreme court pick is going to be like my birthday present again. thank you very much. set your dvr, never miss an episode. "special report" up next. what's going on, bret? >> bret: happy birthday, jesse jesse. quite something. the decision has been made. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier. we are coming to live tonight tonight outside the u.s. supreme court. three hours from now president donald trump will make one of the most important announcements of his presidency, his next nominee to the nation's highest court. it's a decision that's likely to outlive his stay in office by decades. and we are told the president finalized everything today and the nominee and the nominee's family will be with the president tonight at the white house. that's where we had no. chief white house correspondent john roberts. >> good evening to


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