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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 11, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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their own and even giving him his own firefighter's coat. england is leading croatia in the world cup. that means my husband will be happy. thanks for joining us. i'm dana. here's shep. >> shepard: from the fox news deck, i'm shepard smith. today at a photo open, the president upended world order in the way that no president has. he attacked our closest allies. he berated them and insulted them. he labelled germany captive to russia and he blasted nato agreements that date to post r war -- world war ii. the president could turn back the global clock centuries. in the wake of today's developments, a reminder of what nato is and what it means to the world and to america. nato is the north atlantic treaty organization.
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a political and military alliance between north america and europe. one that rose from the ruins of world war ii in part a response to potential soviet aggression in western europe. >> the atlantic pact, eight nations agree the united states, canada, great britain, france, belgium, holland and norway. if one is attacked, the 0 others would consider attack. >> in other words, i got your back, you got mine. a complete 180 for centuries that guidedup rip. the idea behind that, look out for yourself. in 1949, president harry truman called nato a positive, not a negative. added its influence will be not only in the area that it specifically covers but throughout the world and no doubt its influence has grown. nato officially started with 12
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founding members. it outlasted the cold war and now includes 29 nations. among them, former members of the soviet union. even after the berlin wall fell, nato continued to play a pivotal role in world piece. nato helped implement the military end to the war in boznia. after the attacks of 9-11 for the first and only time in its history, nato members invoked the all-important article 5. it says one attack, an attack on one country is an attack on all members. many nato members took part in operation enduring freedom in afghanistan. in 2003, nato took over command in coordination with the international security assistance force to try to help create peace in that nation. in the last decade, the world
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has witnessed a new threat from an embolden russia under vladimir putin including invasion of ukraine, the takeover of the crimean peninsula. why nato exists? it's about defense. also a recognition that in order to thrive, there must be a collective effort. all of us in the nato alliance together. here's former president truman in his own words. >> in our own time, we've seen brave men overcome obstacles that seem insurmountable. men with courage and vision can still determine their own destinies. they can choose slavery or freedom. war or peace. i have no doubt which they will choose. the treaty we're signing today is evidence of the path they will follow. >> so here we are today.
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with president trump slamming our nato allies to their faces on international television at a summit in brussels. he claims the united states spends too much money protecting our european friends from russia and accuses nato countries of not spending enough to defend themselves. >> many countries are not paying what they should and frankly many countries owe us a tremendous amount of money that goes many years back where they're delinquent. we're protecting germany, we're protecting france and everybody and yet we're paying a lot of money to protect. this has been going on for decades. it's unfair to our country, very unfair to our taxpayer. and i think these countries have to step it up not over a ten-year period but immediately. >> the truth is every nato country has paid its bills for nato-shared budget. no country, not one is delinquent. about four years ago, nato members agreed to beef up their military, to spend 2% of their country's gross domestic product
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for defense by 2024. obviously that deadline is six years away and a handful of those countries have reached that goal. in each of the last four years, the vast majority of european nations in the alliance have increased their defense spending as a percentage of gdp. the combined increase is more than 87 billion in defense spending. the trend is positive. just as president trump has been demanding. they spend more than russia, they spend more than china. they have pledged to spend more. they are not free loaders. just today president trump asked for more. he said he wants not the 2%, but to double that to 4% of gdp for every single nation. even america doesn't spend that much now and we have the world's largest and most powerful military on the planet ever.
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the president lashed out against nashes buying oil and gas against russian, particularly germany. >> they're paying billions to russia. germany is totally controlled by russia. if you look at it, germany is a captive of russia. they got rid of their coal plants, got rid of nuclear. they're getting so much of the oil and gas from russia. >> germany is a captive of russia. germany is one of our closest allies. after the attacks of 9-11, we called on germany's leadership to fight with us in afghanistan. they answered. they fought with american troops for 17 years. when our soldiers are maimed and mauled in combat, they're flown to germany. they get critical care there.
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the air force bare is ramstein in germany. our air ground operations wing is there. our new 515 air mobility operations wing is there. in 2015 for our drone war, pakistan, pakistan, yemen control centers are housed there. the germans provide operations for the middle east and beyond. not soly for the protection of germany but also that we can protect our people around the world. the germans are our close friends and treasured allies. the president's attack on our nato friends is drawing concern from quarters around this globe including from both sides of the political aisle here at home. remember, nato nations replaced u.s. troops as leaders of operations in kosovo and bosnia. they're partners with the islamic state and terrorists in
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west africa. i spoke with nicholas burns. he was our ambassador under george 43. he aired his concerns on msnbc. >> just infuriating to watch this happen. you cannot imagine any american president back 75 years decided to be the critic and chief of nato. it orwellian. he's making our friends out to be our enemies and treating our enemies like putin as our friends. >> >> shepard: of course, president putin is meeting with president trump just days from now in finland. president trump's aides tell us they will have a one-on-one sit-down, which means no advisers, no transcribers, no reporters. only translators. will president trump tell putin that sanctions won't go away until he withdraws from crimea? will president trump stamped up to russian meddling?
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will he stand with britain in the face of murders in their country by russian nerve agents? we the public may never know what is said. but one thing is certain. the former kgb agent vladimir putin who invaded ukraine and interfered in the 2016 election and who murders his enemies and the journalists that expose his activities, vladimir putin would like nothing more for our nato alliance to frey. for friends to fight among themselves as we do today in historically unprecedented fashion. for it's nato that is the best defense against vladimir putin and russian aggression. the nato we created largely in our own self-interests so the united states could trade our goods and spread our values around the world while keeping murderous rulers like vladimir
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putin in check. the same vladimir putin that. trump who says is fine as he publicly attacks our friends. never been in history. john roberts is live in brussels. john? >> a lot to unpack there. when president trade made his nato debut in brussels, he came to shake things up. today he brought a rhetorical herd of elephants. now the president says countries like germany are buying oil and gas from russia at the same time that the united states is paying the lion's share of the bill to nato in order to protect countries like germany from
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russia. the president's statements got him to a spirited back and forth with the secretary general, ian stoltenberg. listen here. >> how can you be together when a country is getting its energy from the person you want protection against or the group you want protection? >> when we stand together, also dealing with russia, we are stronger. we have seen -- >> you're making russia richer. you're not dealing with them. you're making them richer. >> a little while after that, the president had a bilateral mealing with angela merkel. they did talk about the pipeline issue. this is the 1 and 2 pipelines that would pump natural gas from russia to germany. the president didn't say what the discussion was about. he did say that the talks that the two of them had were quite cordial.
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listen to what the president said. we did have something to say. merkel said we conduct separate policy and make decisions clearly, shep. the president would like it better if russia -- if germany would buy some of that liquefied natural gas that the u.s. started to export as opposed to buying it from vladimir putin. >> shepard: what are the fears among our allies that the president is weakening this nato alliance? >> there's fears that the president wants to undermine nato. putin would like a nato that is stressed. but in this declaration, this
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very strong language supporting nato. there's strong language standing up to vladimir putin and then strong language as well regarding increasing nato members financial commitments to the organization. there's also a recognition of the meeting that the president had as well, the south korean had with kim jong-un and support for not only the meetings but the documents that came out of that as well. so for all of the hand wringing about the fact that this may harm nato, this declaration is strong. we'll wait to see what the communique says tomorrow. on an official basis, things are on a strong track. >> shepard: thanks, john. some of these issues we've seen come up before. that story from the pentagon and the rest of the day is next. this is fox news channel. since my stroke, he hasn't left my side.
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>> it's not the first time that a u.s. president has surged nato spend more money. president obama called the nato nations free-riders over failing to reach the 2% gdp. >> going forward, every nato
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member must step up and carry their share of the burden. by developing the capabilities to serve as a source of international peace and security. >> u.s.a. tempts to pressure nato countries to contribute more go all the way back to 1984 when democratic senator sam nunn sponsored a bill to remove a third of all u.s. troops in europe by 1990 if nato members department increase their military contributions. he was encouraged to do so by nato leaders that wanted to increase defense spending but were facing domestic pressure to make cuts. ultimately nunn's amendment was rejected but made the intended point, this year eight nato nations are expected to meet the 2% benchmark. they are britain, astonia, greece, poland, romania and the united states. that is up from just three countries in 2014. right now there are five nations hitting the 2% mark according to new numbers released by nato
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yesterday. 21 others fell short. remember, many european nations have been under pressure since the 2008 global recession to cut budgets and defense is the easiest area to cut. the push for austerity in fact has prevented many from meeting that goal and in fact, that is one of the reasons that european countries have decreased their defense budgets and hard to increase them overnight. that's why the obama era agreement in 2014 gave them ten years to do so. now, nato's secretary general ian stoltenberg has taken the lead to push nato members to meet the 2% amount. he took the helm in 2014. nato countries in fact, shep, spend $12 billion more last year than the year before under
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stoltenberg's leadership. >> shepard: thanks, jennifer. let's turn to john bussey, fox news contributor, associate editor at the "wall street journal" currently working in spain, a nato country and joins us from madrid. john, your thoughts on today's developments. >> shep, you know, the comments you made earlier in the broadcast are very much now reflected in the media here in europe on television and in newspapers and radio. people are discussing the points that you made, which is that nato has played this critical role not just for europe in staving off additional possible conflict with russia, with the soviet union and within nato and also for the united states. that it has assured security not just for europe but for the u.s. so today's developments have been very closely scrutinized by european leaders and also by the people through the press and media in europe. it's taken it a much bigger
12:20 pm
sense in a broader context. they're looking at the attacks on nato as john roberts said earliner the broadcast, the stampede, the desire to get nato to spend more to the president's credit, the desire is to have a stronger nato. they're looking at it at the attacks on the e.u., the iran deal, the paris climate deal. they're wondering if the president wants to unravel the rule space, the international system. that's the bigger concern here in europe. >> shepard: thanks, john. if he does want to unravel it, why? we're also watching a lot of action here at home. the president's pick for the supreme court meeting more of the senators that will determine his fate. some democrats hitting hard with criticism of judge cavanaugh. why republicans accuse them of playing politics. it brings death from the sky. the u.s. military's reaper drone can fly high above targets and
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hit them with hellfire missiles they never see coming. america's enemies might for information on the reaper and a hacker is accused of trying to sell them some. the pentagon on that coming up. ♪ motorcycle revving ♪motorcycle revving ♪ motorcycle revving ♪ no matter who rides point, ♪ there are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. ♪♪ and just like tyrone taylor, they know what it takes to help keep you protected. are you in good hands? i'm trying to manage my a1c, then i learn type 2 diabetes puts me at greater risk for heart attack or stroke. can one medicine help treat both blood sugar and cardiovascular risk? i asked my doctor. she told me about non-insulin victoza®. victoza® is not only proven to lower a1c and blood sugar,
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it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, provides the most wifi coverage for your home, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. . >> shepard: a hacker tried to sell important military documents about drones. it's according to the "wall street journal." the journal reports that the hacker tried to sell maintenance documents on the mq9 reaper drone. looks like this one. the military uses reapers, attacks and uses the endo operations. pentagon officials responded to
12:25 pm
the reports did not do any secret documents. they say the air force is currently investigating. the supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh back on capitol hill today meeting with some senators that vote on his confirmation. first up, the utah republican orrin hatch. he says he has every confidence that judge kavanaugh will be confirmed. then the south carolina republican lindsey graham who calls judge kavanaugh a good solid conservative judge. in between those meetings, some senate democrats held a news conference blasting judge kavanaugh's record open healthcare. chuck schumer says senators have a moral obligation to stop this nominee. adam shapiro live on capitol hill. hi, adam. >> it's been an interesting day for judge cavanaugh. he's right now this hour meeting with the senator from idaho, and then later he will meet with rob portman from ohio. it's lisa murkowski from alaska
12:26 pm
and susan collins from maine, the senators that are pro choice republicans that seem to be warming to kavanaugh. murkowski pointing out that the nominees on the list, those that have said they're opposed to pro choice abortion rights, that would have been a problem for her. but she said we're not dealing with that with regard to judge kavanaugh. and judge collins said in her judge comports with his. i'm glad to hear him say that and she now says she will meet with him privately to see that he believes that roe is settled precedent as far as the law is concerned. orrin hatch summed it up. he's on the senate judiciary committee and expects this to go through. >> we're proud to have the judge with us today. he's on the second greatest
12:27 pm
court in the union and he's handled himself very well. he's a judge with a lot of experience. i expect his confirmation to go well. >> shep, you mentioned lindsey graham. graham said the democrats opposed to this nomination, lindsey graham said that if the democrats want to stop it, they should win elections. back to you. >> shepard: what are you hearing from democrats? >> you talked about chuck schumer in the press conference. they're doubling down on the message they're going to try to stop to use the nomination. they're going to shift from abortion to healthcare. they're going to be hitting the judge on whether he supports the retention of coverage from pre-existing conditions to obama. here's what schumer had to say about it. >> we're going to force judge kavanaugh to come clean. will he protect pre-existing conditions? will he protect medicaid?
12:28 pm
will he protect medicare? we're not going to let him hide behind this i'll respect existing law. we've been burnt too many times. so to sum this up, the democrats are in a tough spot. they have to retain three of their senators that could very well vote in favor of the confirmation. states up for re-election and states pro trump and convince lisa murkowski and susan collins to vote against the nomination. right now doesn't look like they'll be successful. still several weeks before the confirmation is official. back to you. >> shepard: thanks, adam. the trade war with china threatening to rise to another level with the white house planning taxes on hundreds of billions of news chinese imports. the chinese can't respond in the same way because they don't buy enough from the united states. but that means beijing could strike back with something else. plus, the blast that killed a
12:29 pm
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>> shepard: retaliation now after the trump administration announced plans to tax more chinese imports. $200 billion. stocks are sliding as a result. we were down at the beginning and down all day. slightly off the session lows. down 194 right now. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 on the down side. christina is with us to make sense of it all. how are you? >> good. the reason, tariffs. >> shepard: right. >> we have to talk about that again. a new report has come out saying the administration has been thinking about putting a 10% tariffs or $200 billion of goods. these goods targeted are more like consumer staples.
12:35 pm
tobacco, think fish sticks, handbags. >> shepard: fish sticks? how lovely. that was once a week as a kid. >> i ate some as a child as well. that's where we could see prices go a little higher. like you mentioned before the break, the united states imports more goods from china than china imports. how can china retaliate? they're going to go through a few other ways by stopping u.s. companies from expanding over there. we know that tesla announced they want a new factory. everybody wants to capitalize on the new electric vehicle market. so they could slow that down, slow down the visa process. they could hold your stuff at ports or help tourism to not go to the united states. >> shepard: conservatives have been open free trade-type folks. so concerns from the left and right. >> there's a vote in the senate and they discussed the tariffs more specifically towards steel and aluminum.
12:36 pm
you had chuck grassley and paul ryan speak. >> i'm very, very nervous about it. my constituents are very, very nervous about it. it doesn't just affect the 5% of the people in iowa that operate farms. it ripples through the economy. >> it's important to point out that china does deal in intellectual property and engage in unfair trade practices that violate the spirit of the trade agreement. i don't think that tariffs are right to do it. >> all of this is to stop china from stealing i.p. we're seeing an effect on the markets what else are we supposed to do as a country? maybe work with allies. the allies are upset with us. >> shepard: thanks, christina. >> thank you. >> shepard: apple's self-driving car project is facing problems of its own. the feds say a former apple engineer admitted that he stole
12:37 pm
information from the company and quit. they arrested the man in california this weekend. he was about to get on a flight to china as it turns out. court documents show he first told apple that he was moving back to china because his mother was sick. he later admitted that he planned to work for a chinese electric car company. the company reps at apple deny that they received -- at the company for which he was going to work deny that they received any sensitive information. just days before president trump is scheduled to come face to face with vladimir putin, israel prime minister has made his way to moscow. the prime minister, benjamin netanyahu sat down with president putin. the focus, syria where the united states has been in the middle of a proxy war for years. jonathan hunt at the sea of galilee. just a few miles from israel's border with syria. jonathan, what came out of this meeting? >> well, as of now, shep, not a
12:38 pm
great deal. what prime minister netanyahu has been asking of vladimir putin is that he use his not considerable power inside syria to persuade iran to withdraw their forces from the count trip. as of the end of this meeting, it seems the best that prime minister netanyahu has been able to get is a relatively vague commitment from president putin to try to help keep those iranian forces away from israel's border with syria. there is a school of thought here in israel that the russians might be welling to do more in terms of pressuring iran if in return the u.s. led the way in lifting sanctions currently imposed on syria as a result of its invasion of crimea. there meeting between putin and netanyahu took place just days before putin, of course, meets president trump. meanwhile, here in syria -- here in israel today, a stark
12:39 pm
demonstration of the tensions along the israeli syrian border. israeli forces firing a patriot missile and taking down an unmanned aircraft that israel that says was launched inside syria and crossed the border about six miles into israel and eventually shot down by the patriot in the skies above where we're standing on the southern shores of the sea of galilee. israel says they will defend its borders in anyway it feels necessary. today it did just that. and there's still the possibility, shep, of some sort of retaliatory strike by israel against syrian forces as a result of this drone being flown over israelly territory earlier today, shep. >> jonathan hunt live at the sea of galilee. a convicted killer says he wants to die and his execution was
12:40 pm
planned for just hours from now. but somebody else sued to stop it because of how he was supposed to die. details next.
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that gives you the edge you need. alright one quick game of rock, paper, scissors. 1, 2, 3, go. e*trade. the original place to invest online. >> shepard: a death row inmate says he's willing to die and will have to wait longer for his execution. the judge in nevada says they can't use a combination of drugs to kill him. trace gallagher has more from the west coast. >> the use of the opioid fentanyl and a sedative called medazolan. the drug company argued in court it's in the business of making life-preserving medications and
12:44 pm
drugs and not the opposite saying" the goodwill being harmed here is for a business particularly if a pharmaceutical's company's purpose is to market drugs to prolong people's lives." they say they don't sell to prison systems and departments of correction and making sure their distributors don't sell to prisons. they say this has nothing to do with the merits of the death penalty. this is strictly a business decision and for now, judge elizabeth gonzalez agreed halting the execution and the hearing date. the next hearing date is september 10. shep? >> shepard: what was the argument from state officials, trace? >> well, the assistant solicitor general's primary argument is that the judge didn't have the authority to halt the execution. that's up to the governor. and that scott dozier, convicted of two murders, has said that he wants to die and said good-bye to his family. in fact, here's dozier's ex-wife
12:45 pm
talking about that. watch. >> all of us have -- my daughters and myself. he says, i just don't want other people to suffer anymore over this experience that i'm going through. >> the state also asked the judge to consider what scott dozier did to his victims and their families and halting the execution will prolong their agony. dozer was sentenced to die for the 2002 murder and robbery of jeremiah miller whose body was found dumped off the las vegas strip. shep? >> shepard: thanks, trace, live in los angeles. we're getting our first look at the soccer players after their rescue from a flooded cave in thailand. they were stuck there for more than two weeks. you can see them in their hospital beds here. officials say the players are all strong in mind and heart right now. a u.s. air force rescuer that helped with the efforts
12:46 pm
described the team and their coach as incredibly resilient and talked about how they beat the odds. >> i think the world needs to know when was accomplished is a once in a lifetime rescue that i think has never been done. we were extremely fortunate that the outcome was the way it was. >> shepard: we're getting video of the thai navy seals carrying one player on a stretcher right through the cave. our jeff paul is live in thailand. jeff? >> well, shep, the boys and their coach are all different stages of recovery right now at the hospital. judging by the video that we just watched, they all appear to be in good spirits. the main concerns are nutrition and hydration. they have all lost weight. also have to make sure they have not contributed any soil or animal-based illnesses. so far there's no signs. we're learning the parents are finally getting a chance to see their kids. for some, through the glass and
12:47 pm
for others, it's in the room but in a sterilized suit. and it's not just the parents thinking about the boys. the school can't wait for their return. take a listen. >> i'm so happy that all of the students and the coach were rescued and came out of the cave. >> yes, i have lots of feelings. glad, happy, excited. so delighted. everyone is relieved. >> officials say because of this international cooperation that made this impossible mission possible, they also want folks to remember that retired thai navy seal that died during this rescue mission in the days leading up to it saying he's a true hero, shep. >> shepard: what is next for the guys, shep? >> they'll spend seven to ten days in the hospital. after that when they go home, the doctors will make visits at
12:48 pm
their houses for the next month. hopefully after that, they can get back on to the soccer field doing what they love to do. i don't know about you, shep, but i would not want to be the first team that played the wild boars in the soccer match. >> shepard: i hang you. george clooney's condition and an update after this. following the crash that sent him flying 20 feet in the air and the surprising reaction from the driver that hit him. that's next. ♪motorcycle revving ♪ motorcycle revving ♪motorcycle revving ♪ motorcycle revving ♪ no matter who rides point, ♪ there are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. ♪♪ and just like tyrone taylor, they know what it takes to help keep you protected. are you in good hands? ask
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. >> shepard: just in. we have a thing called the urgent cue. seriously? hello! over here. over here. haven't gotten to the point yet. thanks very much. wait for it. top of the urgent cue. taylor swift not officially
12:52 pm
expected at the capitol but the halls descended to chaos as the press looks for her. that's from chad pergram. fox is told by multiple sources that there's no official expectation for taylor swift to appear at the capitol complex today. that said, congressional internals and senate pages are now prowling -- a quote -- the russell senate office building in packs looking for swift. the press corps went into a tizzie trying to find swift running through the capitol rotunda. swift appeared at a concert in washington in fed ex field. so if swift does materialize, she's on her own. call it what you want. if we miss her, just shake it off. the note to producers in fox country worldwide. the man that police say got into a car crash with george clooney on a motorized scooter said he didn't know who the actor was when it happened. that's according to an italian
12:53 pm
newspaper. happened yesterday. the driver told a news agency that clooney's motor bike slammed into his car. tmz reported that clooney was going 60 miles an hour when the car suddenly pulled in front of him. they crashed. he went flying 20 feet through the air. another italian newspaper reports that clooney had bruises on his leg and arm and had slight trauma to his pelvis. the star's wife came rashing to his side before she went home to recover. or before he did. are some airport screeners getting to handsy during their pat-downs? too bad. you can't sue them. not according to a federal appeals court. the court ruled that airport screeners are immune from passenger claims. why? they're government employees. no, not that, but not part of the law enforcement. a woman sued after accusing screeners of giving her an
12:54 pm
overly invasive search and falsely arresting her at the airport. she says she's still reviewing the decision. the appeals judge acknowledged their decision does not live airlines options but it's up to congress if lawmakers want to make that fix. if they grope you, they do. delivery of school lunches. everyone hated him because of it. what do you have in the way of delivery? phone delivery. >> thanks to the power of the cell phone, that includes a excuse by a notorious lunch experience. kids can use food service apps like seamless and grub hub and have anything they want sent to the school. officials are not loving this.
12:55 pm
they're banning it in campuses across the country citing security concerns and the headaches that comes with these deliveries piling up and tracking down the students and getting it to them. but there's other alternatives. one company is working with schools to get custom restaurant meals deliver to the kids in the cafeteria at meal time. there's other companies like red apple, which delivered meals to homes on school nights so they can be packed the next day. it's good news for picky eaters and busy parents. >> shepard: it won't be good if it's chicken fingers or pizza. we'll be back with a look at when law finally caught up to a criminal who left behind a unique clue and it happened on this day in history.
12:56 pm
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12:59 pm
kulture kieras. the baby's name similar to the real name of her father and cardi's husband. the baby girl is their very first child together. kulture. on this day in 2010, the police arrested the bare foot bandage. the teenager had started his crime spree after escaping from juvi where he was serving time for multiple burglaries. he went cross country breaking into homes and businesses stealing everything from homes and businesses and a plane that he taught himself to fly. he often left behind his bare footprints. the cops finally caught him after he stole a plane and crash-landed in the bahamas obviously. he served six years in prison. after the bare foot bandit got busted eight years ago today.
1:00 pm
oh, bare foot bandage. should news break out, we'll break in. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. maria filling in. >> many countries are not paying what they should. frankly many countries owe us a tremendous amount of money for many years back where they're delinquent as far as i'm concerned. the united states has had to pay for them. >> a face-to-face dressing down. president trump waste nothing time in nato telling nato allies to pay up. will it work? welcome. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo in this afternoon for neil cavuto. this is "your world." president trump may be blunt, but the numbers don't lie. the u.s. commit $700 billion to defense this year. compare that with the 51 billion in germany. $52 bil