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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 11, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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different outfit on "fox & friends." actually i might keep the same outfit. they joined me on radio from nine until noon. steve hilton will be joining us from england and ed rollins will be with us. speaking of england, sean hannity's next and he's not in his office. >> so you are up, great show tonight brian. >> sean: welcome to hannity, broadcasting from london ahead of the president's first official visit here in england. there is so much happening right here in europe and at home, without a doubt this is one of the busiest news cycles in years. we have a lot to cover tonight, we have a huge show. newt gingrich, and much more. earlier today president trump attended the annual nato summit where he had some very tough talk for european leaders, the ones that relied on your
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taxpayer dollars to pay your defense. that will explain why under president trump of america will no longer serve as the world's piggy bank. also today the president singled out the german chancellor, angela merkel, for what is her country's obscene dependence on russia's energy. and for the billions and billions of dollars flowing from germany right into vladimir putin's pockets. meanwhile the mainstream media right here at home in america once again spinning out of control and for months they were just hysterical over the fake news narrative that trump is vladimir putin's puppet. tonight they are freaking out over donald trump's tough rhetoric against russia. wait a minute, i thought vladimir putin had all these horrible things against president trump and they compromised? a blatant double standard and important new developments around peter strzok, lisa page and all their friends in the deep state. sit tight, it is time for tonight's important breaking
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news, london in addition, opening monologue. for decades they've been footing the bill for the safety and security of the european continent and for many of our allies who failed to live up to their commitments. today in brussels, president trump made it perfectly clear that the u.s. taxpayer is not and no longer going to be europe's atm machin machine. >> many countries owe us a tremendous amount of money for many years back, where they are delinquent. so if you go back ten or 20 years, you will add it all up. it's massive amounts of money. germany is paying just over 1% whereas the united states in actual numbers has made 1.42%, much larger ddp. so that's an appropriate also. we are protecting germany, france and we are paying lots of
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money to protect. this has been going on for decades and this has been brought up by other presidents. i don't think they understood, or they just didn't want to get involved. but i have to bring it up because i think it's very unfair to our country and very unfair to our taxpayers. i think that these countries have to step it up, not over a ten-year period about immediately. >> the president is absolutely right, and even the secretary general of nato is backing up president trump. >> there are many important people on the senate. and we all agree, and the good news is the allies, after years they have started to have obedience.
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and why was that last year? >> it was because of leadership. >> numbers don't lie so let's do something the mainstream media won't do. the nato or nato was first utilized as a unified military deterrent to the looming soviet threat and to provide intercontinental stabilities throughout north america. it took the lives of hundreds of thousands of american heroes. nato has a massive budget around a trillion dollars. this year the united states contributed over $700 billion to that budget. all right, let's compare that to the rest of our allies. the next highest contribution would come from the united kingdom, and they only contribute 61.5 billion. canada comes in frankly at an embarrassingly low 21 billion,
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and the country where nato is boarded, they contribute only 5 million dollars. in fact you the american taxpayer is on the hook for 70% of nato's expenses. that's right. we pay $0.70 of every dollar that nato spends. and while all nato allies agreed to contribute, at least 2% of the overall gdp, the u.s. is only -- get this, and that's almost double, 3.5% of the massive gdp. meanwhile it's a much different story among our allies. take a look at your screen. economic powerhouse germany only contributes 1.24%, not 2% and three western european countries. they contribute less than even 1%. our country, the united states
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of america is now bearing the financial burden of nato and the protection of europe and north america while 27 other countries sadly are laughing all the way to the bank. so tonight under the president's leadership, america is putting them on notice and will no longer be the world's piggy bank and our allies must pay their fair share. of course this includes the de facto leader of the e.u., germany, on one of europe's wealthiest nations and it fails to properly fund nato. that spending billions of dollars in russia in order to support massive energy trade deals. in other words, germany, they will not adequately fund the protection of their own country but they are more than happy to prop up one of nato's so-called biggest threats, the one they keep telling us about, the bad actor with food and putin in te backcountry of russia.
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>> i think it's very sad when germany makes a massive oil and gas deal with russia where you are supposed to be guarding against russia and germany goes out and pays billions and billions of dollars a year per two russia. i think that's very inappropriate and the former chancellor of germany is the head of the pipeline company that supplies the gas. ultimately germany will have almost 70% of the country controlled by russia with natural gas. so you tell me, is that appropriate, am i complaining about this? from the time i got here it should have never been allowed to happen but germany is totally controlled by russia. they were getting 60-70% of their energy from russia and of the new pipeline. i think it's a very bad thing for nato and i don't think it should have happened. >> merkel responded with what was a vague and indirect frankly
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pathetic statement. how could someone possibly make the case that russia was compromised by vladimir putin? he's urging merkel to get their energy from us. and by the way that's also their independence on russia. by the way, if russia's if russia's economy falters, vladimir putin is finished. so much for all the media conspiracies and all the lies saying donald trump is compromised by vladimir putin. now imagine how many, just for a second, high paying career jobs could be created in the united states of america if we could get those billions and billions of dollars and we were importing our natural gas to germany, of which by the way we have an abundance of where we can use.
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the talk in brussels was met with absolute predictable hysteria from the mainstream media and of course their best friends in the democratic party. after spending 18 months morning us all, the sky is falling, because of the fake, phony narrative, the witch hunts that donald trump was somehow vladimir putin's puppet. the left is now in a total freak out mode that donald trump today used a lot of anti-russia rhetoric and demanding that countries pay their fair share. in other words, another typical trumpet hating day in the media with the democratic allies and as always we have all the tape to prove it. >> it's a ludicrous demand that he is making. >> but who is bringing it back? donald trump. america first as toxic
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nationalism. >> it is unprecedented language, it's a threat to the alliance and a threat to the democratic liberal postwar world order that harry truman himself signed in to being with the nato declaration 70 years ago. >> it's infuriating to watch this happen. i frankly can't imagine any american president all the way back 75 years deciding to become the critic and chief of nato. it's or wailing in. it's infuriating to see this happen. >> think of it this way, you have the democratic party, the leaders of the democratic party. their agenda for 2018 is very, very simple. they want their comes back, they want to impeach trump but they don't say it, they want open borders and they don't want judge kavanaugh on the bench or any trump choice. they released a joint statement bashing trump saying, president trump's a brazen insult and denigration of america's most steadfast allies,
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germany is an embarrassment. this behavior is another profoundly disturbing signal that the president is more loyal to russia president vladimir putin then our allies. and, over 70% of nato, they were so generous with their money. why don't they encourage germany to buy our natural gas like our president is? the very same people who think they know best. the same people think giving billions of dollars to iran was a wonderful idea, that's a wonderful idea. some people thought bribing
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north korea as bill clinton tried in the 1990s will prevent them from creating nuclear weapons. the same people cringe at the thought that america is again leading on the world stage and the same people who sadly but routinely look down on you, us, we. the american people. remember you are the irredeemable deplorable's, you're the one that claims to your god, your guns, your bible into religion religion. >> the it's been gone now for 25 years and each successful administration has said that somehow they will regenerate, and they have not.
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and to just be grossly general estate, you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorable's. right? the racists, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic. you name it. >> same playbook, you'll see that all throughout the election year. nothing changes and they don't have vision to make the country better. in 2016 peter strzok texted that he could actually smell trump voters in a rural virginia walmart. just yesterday you had a msnbc conspiracy anchor throw up his leg, chris matthews, comparing trump supporters, believe it or not, taking it a step further.
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untamed dogs. >> is taking a republican party, that spent six or seven years leading the cold war, hating their russians for their aggressiveness in the world. and he has those people cheering against western europe which is liberal and democratic, and free market, and attacking for them. he's doing his best, it's remarkable. he's dog training these people. >> that's what they really think of us. these same elites in the media, they are celebrating the widespread anti-trump protest. and as we discussed last night, they are all forgetting, history does repeat itself. ronald reagan faced the same backlash, same demonstrations before his policy of strength. trust but verify, and that spurred some of the most historic, diplomatic achievements in world history.
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president trump could now be poised to follow in those footsteps. we could all hope. we will have more on the president's trip throughout europe throughout the show but we also have breaking news on the domestic front. truncating fbi lawyer lisa page today did not comply with her subpoena and flat out refused to testify before a closed-door session of congress. she sounds like hillary. earlier today the house judiciary committee bob goodlatte voiced this very important concern. let's take a look at this. >> it does appear that lisa page apparently has something to hide. she has been in complete defiance of cooperation with the house judiciary committee for seven months now, dating back to the first letter we wrote to the department of justice in december of last year asking for an appearance. there have been two subsequent letters and to subpoenas issued.
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she has not had ample time. >> he tweeted out quote ex-fbi lawyer lisa page today defied the house of representatives. but is anyone really surprised together with her lover, fbi agent peter strzok? she worked on the raked witch hunt, perhaps the most tainted and corrupt case ever. the window as fast closing for lisa page, she must either comply with the subpoena, and by the way, this could be big trouble, or she will face serious legal consequences including a contempt of congress citation. meanwhile her corrupt fbi boyfriend peter strzok is set to testify in public tomorrow. get ready, this hearing is set to be explosive.
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and we have the latest on all of this tonight. join us by phone is the author of "the new york times" best seller, transamerica. and the roadblocks and difficulties and challenges the president will face, i just laid out all the numbers mr. speaker. 70%. we paid 3.5% of our massive gdp. germany, 1.4%. and they are giving billions of dollars in contracts to vladimir putin. 70% of the lifeblood of their economy and energy is coming from russia and i'm sitting here thinking, isn't it part of nato to prevent any type of a russian military challenges that you will face? why would they give the decision to us? >> i was so struck, when you
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played the section from hillary, it just reminded me. we had to listen to that for the last two years. that's a level of pain that i can't imagine. i couldn't just stop thinking about that and the president put his finger on the great falsity hypocrisies of europeans, and they love to lecture us when they make money. the german economy and they lecture us about not being tough with potent, but as the president points out, they spend billions every year buying natural gas from russia. the level of hypocrisy is just breathtaking. i think the president deserves a lot of credit, this may have been one of the most honest days of public dialogue about the
6:19 pm
future of u.s. and europe that i have ever seen and at every stage he was prepared. he's not reading off of some staff driven memo, he's talking off-the-cuff because he actually knows all of the stuff and he has learned and thought about it. and i thought he was very impressive. of course europeans are naturally irritated because they've had a great ride here for three or four decades and it's kind of like having a brother-in-law that you loaned your car to for free. but i like my car. and the europeans all of a sudden, they have to grow up and do their fair share. it's amazing in the london times by nine senior generals and admirals, they said trump is exactly right about nato and they list eight reforms of the british military.
6:20 pm
it's the most amazing thing i have seen in a long time bandits of striking a nerve for people that care about national security and people who care about safety. the one i love >> sean: i don'y american minds paying their fair share. we are paying 70% plus the bill and what i don't know is why would germany allow itself -- and and nato is spending a million dollars per year most of which we are paying. why would they partner with america considering our vast natural gas resources. >> well, don't underestimate the degree of resentment.
6:21 pm
i always remind people when we are celebrating the day in the land of normandy, there are a long generation of russians and americans working together through wars and i think there is a comfort zone. a substantial part of germany was in the soviet empire and consists of people who are used to dealing with the russians. >> sean: imagine donald trump if he could persuade germany to do this, it would literally shutdown russia's economy. if i was vladimir putin, i would be very nervous. as we continue from london, steve bannon will join us, straight ahead.
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and >> sean: as i mentioned as we continue from london tonight, the meeting cannot stand that president trump actually stood up for america. just a reminder, take a quick look. >> okay, fine. this kind of diplomacy looks like hulk smash. >> germany, a captive of russia, is the most inflammatory language i could imagine. >> is just an example of how that trump doctrine drives a wedge in the world order when places after world war ii. >> i think he went they are determined to poke his allies and to demand not only more spending meant to insult germany. >> what's going on here, is there any possible reason to believe it's good for the world? >> thanks for having me. live in london.
6:27 pm
>> sean: today was historic. pitch-perfect and i don't think anyone laid out those numbers. >> look at the meltdown on the mainstream media in the permanent vocal class of both party. the national security apparatus and also the left. they have said for years how disruptive trump was. think about the speech he made in warsaw last august. is that our number one priority is defense of western's to civilization. he talked at that time about what i problem russian natural gas was going to be. for any other president that was so provocative, he goes to nato and has a partner discussion to say, look, this alliance, i'm trying to make it stronger. the problem is what nato has turned into is a protector. >> it's not just for the american people, it's not just
6:28 pm
that germany is only paying 1.2% of their gdp. they are positive in their budget, they have plenty of cash. it's only 1.2%. but if you look at what they are spending it on, it's not on equipment. it's a 128 german combat aircraft, only seven are prepared to be fully operational. what president trump said today, the key to the trump doctrine, no more managed decline. the elites in in the world mand to process to unacceptable outcomes to citizens. and he said, i'm not doing that anymore. and instead of waiting until 2,024, and if you don't. you should be in arrears. trump is not engaged, trumpets and isolation.
6:29 pm
this is total engagement, and, people on the republican side, they have platitudes. if they are going to make this alliance work, they could step up and fully participate as far as the 2% go, but president trump, remember, it's a $30 billion increase when we got there just for readiness. i believe president trump came down and said, i think it's about 4%. he gets into the details of what it takes to make this alliance work but when you look into the mainstream media and of the full meltdown. >> poland is doing the opposite of germany, they refuse to be
6:30 pm
dependent on russian energy sources. when you talk about germany, vladimir putin is a hostile regime in russia is a hostile regime and you put 70% of the life blood in your economy in his hands and nato in part is designed to protect against any hostile regime like russia. it defies all common sense and logic especially knowing the depth of american resources with that. >> when you are putting really the control of the entire country, because if you fully do this natural gas we will be at 70%. you look back in 2009, when russia put the pressure on the ukraine about natural gas. people have seen before -- like i said, he talked about it in warsaw last year, brought it up today and nobody has gotten in the russian spaces like this. he called out germany but he
6:31 pm
also called out russia. >> steve did not like what you her, he basically is saying, don't do this. >> i think they are saying, this guy is the leader of the west indies laying out methodically what it takes for the west. they aren't going to have an alliance that works militarily. president trump has a great saying, no more games. today he said no more games. if you are beholding to russia, you are strategically going to put the entire alliance in jeopardy. >> okay. let me switch to the 2018 election. i make the point that the democrat is no vision to work out -- look out for the working man or we say the forgotten men and women of this country. they want to impeach trump and are telling maxine waters and others to not say he had. they want open borders, they want to keep obamacare, and they want their crumbs back, they want their tax cut back. i can't think of one positive
6:32 pm
thing they are offering. but historically midterms are difficult for the party in the white house. >> this will be a referendum on president trump. they keep saying this is the first reelect. and they understand impeachment galvanizes the deplorable's and galvanizes the base. president trump is going to be unbalanced. >> well, september 9th is a high holy day in our movement. because what she really thinks of working people. they detest steel. they detest your values and they do just what you stand for and that's what trump speaks to the american people. president trump, this is his reelect. you will get the up or down vote. you will get the whole package. >> and, 2016, the president said
6:33 pm
talk about the judges. when you see president trump and where the taxes sit, he is reforming the federal judiciary. that's one of the reasons they are having a meltdown right now because the left understands that donald trump is an historic president and he will be in their lives in 30 or 40 years. he's going to be in the lives of the progressive left for 30 or 40 years. it's a very methodical process to go to people who have a lot of written opinions, to go to the constitution, it will have dramatic impact. >> so cavanaugh kavanaugh is an originalist? >> i think he's a tremendous pick. >> sean: as we continue from london, we have breaking news. katherine harris joins us with
6:34 pm
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if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong. we are reporting live from london and it will be a very big day on capitol hill tomorrow as fbi agent peter strzok will testify publicly before the house oversight and judiciary committees about his anti-trump bias. also tonight new developments concerning his former mistress lisa page and how sheet today divide a congressional subpoena. joining us now is chief intelligence correspondence catherine herridge. >> good evening. two congressional panels sent this letter laying out three options.
6:39 pm
agent peter strzok, the committees are warning tonight they could initiate contempt proceedings as early as friday morning. >> she has been incomplete defiance of cooperation with the house judiciary committee, the oversight and governor formed committee for seven months. i think it's very important for her to understand that and she should comply with that and she should comply with it now before she's held in contempt of congress which could happen as soon as friday. >> president trump emphasized page has defied us how subpoena by not showing up today on capitol hill. quote while, but is anyone really surprised?" the fbi's provided a new photo of the client and failed to provide timely access to pages notes and records. her lawyer tells fox news there is no basis for claims that lisa has anything to hide or is unwilling to testify. then accusing the house panels of bullying tactics. they say they had to pull in
6:40 pm
federal officers because paige and her team played games. it's nearly a month now, and her attorney agreed to accept service of the subpoena and then turned around and immediately tried to reject it so that's why we sent the marshals to her house to serve the subpoena. they had to go back three times before they were finally able to reach her. >> of the situation tonight remains highly fluid. a legal source close to peter strzok tells fox news that he still plans to appear tomorrow on capitol hill and his team wants the transcript for his closed-door deposition two weeks ago made public as well. >> sean: catherine herridge in washington. there is a definitive book on this whole scheme, the illicit scheme to clear hillary clinton and frame donald trump. gregg jarrett is also here on
6:41 pm
site with us in london. fox news reporter sara carter. and peter strzok either appears friday or will be held in contempt. >> the fact that marshals had to go to her house, -- >> sean: three times. >> then they got her and now she is refusing. there's a different set of rules of family for lisa page and peter strzok and hillary clinton, and for all of these players that were involved in this. a different set of rules that we would not be allowed to get away with. they could push for contempt. he was in contempt but nothing really happened. the american people were frustrated and, she either comes tomorrow which i think is the best option and testifies with
6:42 pm
peter strzok, or friday, and, it wouldn't work out well for me or for anyone watching this progra program. it wouldn't work out well if subpoenaed emails were deleted and bleach fit and devices beat up with hammers and sim cards removed. how are they getting away with it and congress, what am i going to do? i they will have no power if they don't enforce this contempt. >> if you and i did this we would be doing push-ups in the hall and only thereafter with there be a show cause hearing. no power to force a contempt citation or subpoena, and, it's
6:43 pm
a different set of operating procedures there. she's claiming she needs to review documents but that's not a valid excuse. i use to issue subpoenas all the time before witnesses had a chance to look at documents, because i wanted them to tell the truth and not be influenced by documents. >> then i wanted to use those documents to impeach the credibility when they lied to. so she is reversing the entire process. history shows this, congressional contempt citations go nowhere. >> we don't have a country. we don't have rules, we don't have the equal application. if we have two sets, to a justice here. >> and, we hear more voices speaking out in the tide is shifting, but something needs to
6:44 pm
be done. it's either the department of justice, something needs to happen. where are the prosecutors that the attorney general put in charge? where is the president? >> that's right, the president has been classified. >> do you agree with that? the president has the power to declassify and amend all of this. >> he can and he can award the department of justice. as grounds for termination, you are fired >> all right. when we come back, the most outrageous conspiracy theory, that crazy nbc has now peddled about donald trump and russia. sebastian borgata and daniel
6:45 pm
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>> sean: trump left wing media is no longer in content, and now they are stooping to really insane conspiracy theories. what do i mean, take a look. >> does rush i have some kind of leverage over donald trump? writer jonathan chait argues, we have not allowed ourselves to consider the full range of possibilities. he considers the worst-case scenario. donald trump has been a russian intelligence asset since 1987. 1987 is when he went to moscow and he is vetted by the russians, tours moscow, comes back and then start talking about running for president for the first time. then he starts talking for the first time about how our allies are a bunch of freeloaders and we should kick them to the curb.
6:50 pm
so it dovetails with russian pop foreign policy then and it now. that's probably a coincidence but it may not be. >> sean: okay, a russian asset. these bizarre conspiracy theories, that even extends to trump supreme court nomination. again back to nbc news, tom brokaw. the proud reporter had to delete this tweet saying he conspired to fight judge kavanaugh. he was an asset since 1987, and now we figure it out. today he was basically telling germany don't rely on russia, which if they didn't would tank vladimir putin's economy in a year. >> i can play their game, too. so all the people that you showed come all the staff members at "the new york post" "
6:51 pm
"new york times," "washington post," cnn or msnbc. i don't have any evidence but i think they are lizard men from another dimension. it might be true, i don't have any evidence. this is journalism today. they are like a cornered rabid rats. they have been selling us lies for so many years that now they can't go any further except to double down. if they did anything else -- they would have to admit to us that they had been lying. so they just invent new stuff. >> daniel hoffman, this is your business, this is what you have done including russia working as a cia operative. i don't even know what to say about this, it's basically everything they say, you just can't trust any of it anymore. dr. gorka is right.
6:52 pm
it's all lies. >> this started with john brennan who did a great disservice to the national debate on national security while and speculating without purpose that vladimir putin could blackmail the president. brennan should have known really that he speculates in a known peril. he really framed the debate, and that is what is of greatest concern to me, is absolutely unprofessional and very partisan behavior. >> it's even actually worse than not. i'm not even joking. tom brokaw spent his life, and i don't think he agrees with sean hannity but people like tim russert, this is not nbc news anymore. this is a whole new entity which is basically innuendo, conspiracy theories, outright lies, fake news and an agenda to destroy the president and delegitimize him and it's been going on for two years.
6:53 pm
three years, actually. >> let's take daniel's really important important point. john brennan is the former director of the cia. he leaves government service and still has his clearances, and he goes on -- >> he wasn't a communist, wasn't he? >> he voted for gossypol and then was hired by the cia. he gets picked up as a contributor on left-wing media and spins what daniel said about the president being vulnerable, then he's basically doing vladimir putin's work for him. let me play the game they do with sean. his john brennan getting paid by putin? i don't have any evidence, but it could be. but it's reprehensible.
6:54 pm
>> the president -- what the president was saying to germany was don't rely on putin and be so dependent on him considering we are spending all this money to possibly deal with a hostile russia. and if, in fact, germany listens, they are economy is done because that is their economy. so the president doesn't seem to be too bold into vladimir putin tonight. >> my late father told me to be faithful to the facts, they won't steer you wrong. and i think it's important, stick to the fax you are talking about. >> sean: all right guys, unbelievable times we are living in, fake news at its worst. coming up, rush limbaugh, amazing strong words for a liberal elite for attacking the president and holding our nato allies are accountable to pay their fair share. they pay 70 plus cents of every dollar, straight ahead.
6:55 pm
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>> sean: rush limbaugh had some strong and powerful words for the so-called foreign policy experts, liberal pundits who want the u.s. to apologize for everything after they attacked president trump for his tough and fair rhetoric at the nato summit. >> there are these people who think they are they gifted special elites, the experts in diplomacy, who really believe that donald trump is going to turn the world against the united states. these people are predominantly liberal and therefore they are laden with guilt. the united states is the problem. we must act like we are the problem. we must acknowledge where the problem. we must let our friends and enemies know we understand that we don't have any moral authority here to determine right and wrong and so we must pay for this access or pay for
7:00 pm
that. trump has had it. he's not doing it anymore. >> sean: drop off 150 billion in cash and other currencies and cargo planes to mullahs in iran. we will be back tomorrow night. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. laura ingraham takes over holding down the fort as she always does at 10:00. >> laura: i am sweeping the floor for you. so you get back, everything is really clean. it's all good. hannity, i can't believe you're doing your show tomorrow night from the double decker bus. it's going to be great. it's going to be great. >> sean: our great