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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 12, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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he was press secretary under george w. bush, radio host and esteemed colleague. he worked at fox news and was one of those people that everybody loved and we still miss him. ♪ >> brian: what a day, welcome to tucker carlson tonight as far as i can tell i will be filling in for him all night long. an explosive hearing just ended on capitol hill. disgraced fbi agent peter strzok dueling lawmakers as they probe him about his handling of the rush investigation. of his text to his lover and possible bias at the fbi. congressman louie gohmert grilled strzok on his dishonesty and got personal. >> how many times did you look
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so innocent into your wife's eyes and lied to her -- >> brian: it was like a rowdy college dorm. congressman trey gowdy ripped into strzok as well. >> i don't appreciate what was originally said being changed. >> i don't care what you originally appreciated. >> brian: he said the entire affair played into the hands of russia. >> i have theos utmost respect r congresses oversight role but i believe this is just another victory notch in at putin's belt and another milestone in our enemies campaign to tear america's part. >> brian: catherine herridge is live on capitol hill. 12 hours, 72 lawmakers, what did you glean from it? >> in the last couple of hours we have had some additional headlines. what i want to point out right
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now is an interesting exchange which was about peter strzok's termination from the special counsel investigation in julym f 2017, we learned that robert mueller never asked for specifics about the anti-trump text messages, here's that exchange. >> i want to know if bob mueller asked you about this text message. >> he didn't ask me about any text message. >> just days after mueller is appointed in two text messages, you reference impeachment did bob mueller ask you why you are referencing impeachment? >> as i just stated, he did not ask me about any text message. >> we also got more insight from agent strzok about that infamous text when he and lisa page talk about stopping trump. he said today that was a reference to a lot of anger he
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felt after what he described as then candidates trump belittling a gold star family, here is that exchange. >> my presumption based on that horrible, disgusting behavior that the americann population would not elect somebody demonstrating that behavior to be president of the united states. >> you were speaking on behalf of the american people? >> i don't recall writing that text. what i can tell you is that text in no way suggested that i or the fbi would take any action to influence the candidate. >> that is a fantastic answer to a question nobody asked. >> he was also pressed on another series of texts where he was very disparaging about trump supporters in virginia and that key phrase that he could smell the trump supporters, here is exchange. >> what does trump support smell
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like? >> that an expression of speec. living inas northern virginia, i was struck by the extraordinary difference in the expression of political opinion and belief amongst the communityre there. >> you write that as a smell in capital letters. >> that was a quick choice of words. >> democrats say that was a testimony to dirty the investigation and also agent strzok had tremendous bias, why didn't he leak information about counterintelligence during campaign whenin it would hurt trump the most? >> if you had wanted to harm and interfere with the election of president trump, you could have
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leaked information that the election was ongoing but none of that came out >> we also have nn tonight about the fbi lawyer lisa page, she was under threat of contempt and she has now agreed to a closed-door deposition, that's a transcribed interview behind closed doors tomorrowhe. >> brian: unbelievable, i don't know how you could get to every question i have for you. the overview. peter strzok says i wrote those things, i'm allowed to write those things, i shouldn't have wrote those things but it didn't infect the investigation. we don't know what happened with the rush investigation but in terms ofia the hillary clinton investigation, is he right? is there any proof of bias in the way he went about this? >> i think he made overly broad statements about the finding of the justice department inspector general. he found that when you get to
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august of 2016, when there is that text message about stopping trump, that is the point where thein inspector general said we have changed from expressing an anti-trump sentiment to taking some kind of action. he said from their on going forward, you could not reach the conclusion that actions were taken without political bias, trying to prove a negative. it was very generous in terms of his interpretation of the inspector general's findings. i would also emphasize, the inspector general was not looking at the impact of any political bias in decision-making about the opening of the russia probe in the early days of thatth investigation. that is going to come at a latee date. >> brian: in this investigation, you did not get him to answer the question, what
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does hedo mean about stopping trump? he doesn't remember writing that, is that acceptable? >> there was some conflict in the testimony about that specific text. he said i don't remember writing it and then i said i remember writing it late at night and then i was driven by anger. the bottom line with the text messages and i think this is the important take away, when you talk to d people like i have in law enforcement and intelligence circles, they will tell you if you're working in counterintelligence, one of the things you do not do is send a lot of text messages, especially text messages about compromising information because that is the kind of information a foreign intelligence service looks for in order to compromise you. agent strzok was the number two person at the fbi in this area, he knows that our intelligence services are looking for exactly this kind of information like an extramarital affair to use against someone to bring them onto ouron team.
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that was one of the cardinal rules that agent strzok broke and a that's shared by a numberf law enforcement and intelligence contacts. >> brian: he's to blame it we are in this spot. he wrote this texts no one asked him to end he had a prestigious job. great job, thanks for setting us up. one of the republican lawmakers there was louie gohmert, things pulledbl over with him. he blasted strzok for the impact he had in public trust in his personal behavior. >> the disgrace, what this man has done. >> the gentleman from texas will suspend for a moment. >> it won't be recaptured anytime soon because of the damage you've done to the justice system. i've talked to fbi agents around the country, you've embarrassed yourself and i can't help but wonder when i see you looking there with a little smirk how many times did you look so
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innocent into your wife's eyes and lied to her about lisa page? [bickering] >> brian: it was a free-for-all, you heard your comment do you need your medication?yo did you lose your temper or did you intend to bring up his personal life? >> i didn't go into it intending to do that, as i sat there listening to him so smugly, his little smirk and he lied repeatedly and he knew he was lying, he knew i knew he was lying and yet he still would live. the unfortunate thing is about that last exchange that i had with him, it may have clouded over a very important story.
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that is he was told by the intelligence community inspector general investigator frank rucker that they had found an anomaly in the emails going to and from hillary clinton's unauthorized private server., it was when they forensically examined the anomaly, they found embedded information, it was a foreign entity, not russia, a foreign entity that was getting every single one -- over 30,000 emails. >> brian: just to stop you there. in hillary clinton's emails, they were forwarded to somebodyr else? >> yes, it was because they were hacked. horowitz didn't point that out. the previous story that comey gave us, it was not a good server, it was possible that it
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got hacked but there was no evidence it was hacked and then we find out and that's what i brought out today that the intelligence community ig brought it to their attention and they did nothing. nothing. this is a foreign entity not related to russia in the least thatsi is getting every one -- there are only four of over 30,000 emails they were going to end from. she compromised america's security. >> brian: one of the many people who questioned peter strzoker today and will question lisa page tomorrow. thanks so much. democrats took to their turn of questioning to peter strzok as well although obviously they had a very different tone. for example. >> you're here and you're not taking t the fifth. did you consider taking the fifth? >> no. >> for not? >> i've done nothing wrong.
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>> brian: that was congressman eric swalwell of california, first off your take -- are you underr belief that peter strzok should not have been forced to come in and speak or come in on his own and speak? do you see any merit to him being there? >> i think this was the wrong hearing with kids separated from their families in this committee has jurisdiction to do something about that. he was there, he should answer questions about those texts. i didn't like them either, if you were working for me he would be gone by now. i believe they never affected any decisions he made and there were a lot of people making decisions in the investigation and we should prioritize our time in other directions. >> brian: the inspector general report has not been out, just the hillary texts. if you have to wonder, someone who's going to investigate brian kilmeade or eric swalwell, i want to make sure they don't
9:13 pm
have an agenda against me. if they said eric swalwell was a disaster, i could a smell the supporters, will stop referring to his candidacy for president, just ripping him. then it turns out he is doing the investigating at the very least don't you think it's contaminated, let alone should be examined? >> i don't believe it's contaminated in the sense that't itco wasn't valid. but i do think bob mueller made the right decision to pull him off the team. i was as prosecutor for seven years before coming to congress and i've dealt with issues in the investigation. what i would always do if there was a question about what a police officer did, i would corroborate the decisions they made. he was not the one who set up the trump tower meeting, he didn't have donald trump's lawyer communicate with felix seiter so they could engineer the election and peter strzok
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was not the speech writer when donald trump told the audience russia, if you're listening you'll be rewarded if you can get hillary clinton's emails. >> brian: you could argue if you're saying something like that you can possibly be guilty of that. he was the one who interviewed michael flynn, he finished off the hillary clinton interview. he got a hold of the entity laptop and somehow mysteriously waited three weeks to tell james comey or andrew mccabe we still have the answersai there. he is implicated in this dossier. he might have dealt somewhere with david corn who wrote russian roulette and others. he's in the middle of everythin everything. >> i don't want to make him more significant than he is. on the michael flynn case, michael flynn pled guilty. he didn't have a gun held to his head by peter strzok, he pled guilty and is cooperating.
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he was not the sole investigator to close the hillary clinton case, he was not the sole investigator to open the investigation. i think as the public learns about more of the evidence we saw and more evidence that bob mueller is reviewing, they'll have more confidence in what the fbi did to start this investigation. >> brian: you were prepared and you did bring up those things in your introduction. you did say something else. when things got totally out of control and we didn't have enough cameras to cover all 72 of you, we said let's bring steve bannon back in and let's question him. could you. ground that and whether that come from? >> mr. gaudi was threatening contempt to mr. strzok for not answering questions. i remember him asking mr. bannon in our house intelligencee investigation questions that mr. bannon refused to answer. republicans on the community refused to hold him in contempt.
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if we are truly interested in getting answers that witnesses refuse to answer, then we should subpoena mr. bannon just like their doing mr. strzok, of course they voted against that. interestingly, he didn't vote while he was present in the hearing. >> brian: i think beyond a shadow of a doubt, you know he called out the president once and said if you're innocent, act like it. i think he's as good as it gets of preparation as lisa page is coming in friday, 1:30. what questions do you have for her that might be different than what you have for peter strzok? >> i think were putting our priorities o in the wrong direction, were going to spend hours again with ms. page. there are many other individuals involved in both closing the hillary clinton investigation and opening the rush investigation and to make sure this is not limited to mr. strzok and ms. page.
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>> brian: that's a good point, everybody has to bring in other people involved to get over the fact that you can't get past the bias that they put in black-and-white. if i were to script an investigation they would hand this back to me and say it's too deliberate, give me some new ones. these text messages are so egregious we almost had to have a day like this eventually. always appreciate your insight, one of the most interesting people to talk to in washington, thank you. congressman trey gowdy, he pressured strzok about his parent -- confirmed biased against trump in the 2016 election. > your eight days into your collusionay with the campaign investigation and he got another text from your colleague, lisa pagege. trump isn't ever going to become president and he replied no, no not, we'll stop it.
9:18 pm
>> what i can tell you is that text inay no way suggested thati or the fbi would take any action to influence the candidacy. >> that is a fantastic answer to a question nobody asked. it was the existence of your bias that got you kicked off. >> >> know what wasn't. i do not have bias, it's not my understanding that he kicked me off because of any bias, it was done because of appearance. if you want to represent what you said accurately, i'll answer that question but i don't appreciate what waste originally said to being changed. >> i don't give a damn what you appreciate, i don't appreciate an fbi agent having an unprecedented level of animus. >> brian: did you go ahead and scrub the donald trump investigation, at the very least you can counter it with your text. joining us now is terry church, former assistant director.
9:19 pm
does the fbi look bad today or does peter strzok look bad toda today? >> the fbi looks bad because peter strzok looks worse. i thought we could go in and start rebuilding and beginning the trust of the american public as a result of this hearing. it actually got worse. you see very clearly not just he took in this case but what really hurts and something that i never saw it in 30 of the fbi, that is this disdain and contempt for what i think is the american public in general. i've never seen that in the fbi. they usually get along and out there with everybody but when you start calling people deplorable and you go into walmart's and you text message that people smell, he didn't explain any of that. you can't be that way and be in the fbi. he's not just an fbi agent. i know democrats and the committee want to make sure people think that but he's a
9:20 pm
deputy assistant director of the counterintelligence division, he had a major say in the decision over the course of these cases. he had a major say of everybody working for him and the morale of people and their own attitudes. you l cannot lead and have this attitude and you can'tat tell me the way he feels about all of these things, i just don't buy that. >> brian: bob mueller the head of the fbi for yearsve gets ridf peter strzok but never tells him what the reason was. from the fourth most powerful person, he's not even curious whyou. >> one of the problems in b washington, d.c., and it's not just in this case, nobody at a certain level communicates with anyone. i i can buy off on that that mueller might have said it's nice knowing you but you've got to leave, i can see that happening because that's the way they talk there. that's one ofoo the reasons we e sitting here today. at a certain level like a
9:21 pm
james comey, andrew mccabehe don't feel like they need to talk and communicate with people about some of the reasons for their >> brian: thanks so much. meanwhile our coverage of this marathon peter strzok at hearings continue, we got more insight, kim strassel on deck. don't move what? where's that coming from? i don't know. i started my 401k early, i diversified... i'm not a big spender. sounds like you're doing a lot. but i still feel like i'm not gonna have enough for retirement. like there's something else i should be doing. with the right conversation, you might find you're doing okay. so, no hot dog suit? not unless you want to. no. schedule a complimentary goal planning session today with td ameritrade®.
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it's a difference you can see, touch, and feel. that's proudly particular. century. only at select local paint and hardware stores. >> brian: for some reason >> brian: for some reason democrats eager to show support for peter strzok during today's hearing. don grossman state: compared him
9:25 pm
to american soldiers killed or wounded to the line of duty saying he peter strzok reserves a purple heart for his efforts answering questions. whenrt he went on an extended justification of himself and his actions, committee democrats burst out into applause, listenf >> it was in no way unequivocably any suggestion that me, the fbi would take any action whatsoever to improperly impact theth electoral process d the proposition that that is going on that it might occur anywhere in the fbi deeply corrodes what the fbi is in americanri society, the effectiveness of their mission and is deeply destructive. [applause] >> brian: where does the applause come from, why is he worthy of applause after what we already know about his actions? kim strassel joins us now.
9:26 pm
you got a voice mail iff you called her today because she watched like i did all day and were riveted by. were his comments worthy of applause? >> of course not. there has been deep at destruction of the fbi but much of that has come from the text messages that have been exposed and shown that we have fbi agents that exhibit this degree of animus while working on presidential campaign investigations. >> brian: you have him going through this saying there's no t bias. there are other people belower d above him that would have checked him had he tried anything, so there were people below to overcome his bias. if you think there was no plan, what about the insurance plan referenced, what about we'll stop him, won't we? "yes, we will." stop him for what? he doesn't remember writing tha that. >> this is anbl incredibly
9:27 pm
disingenuous answer he gave about the checks from above and below. we know from jim comey, many in the leadership were not involved in the day-to-day investigations, that's why peter strzok was the lead investigator. he would have been and could have been and was making independent decisions that influence thede investigations. obviously he had the ability to takeve actions that wouldn't hae been questioned at might have been motivated by bias most likely were. >> brian: james comey with the king in this hee didn't do any f the work, he just took the copy. he was the one with his sleeves rolled up doing the investigating for hillary clinton, michael flynn, doing the investigation on the russia side to push it forward. you wanted to bring me to jim jordan's questioning. he wasen relentless in pushing o find out on his roleut with the
9:28 pm
dossier. his wife worked for the group that got the dossier to begind with. >> are there three copies the dossier? >> the most i can say is that we received a variety of copies. >> let me ask you one more, what agent strzok won't answer. the guy he references in the email and won't tell them who they are. this is unbelievable. >> brian: david corn of mother jones who cowrote russian roulette and then you have simpson from fusion gps who commissioned steele to go ahead and do this research. how significant is it that those names turn up in an fbi counterintelligence investigator's email? >> it's very important. if anyone deserves the model today for jim jordan for
9:29 pm
relentlessly pursuing this. the fbisi was advising mr. strzk not to answer any questions but he was heading this so hard that the council back down in the end and did give strzok permission to provide modest information. what he did give was important. we now have questions about how many versions of this were actually out there. did he have a copy that was different from the ones that were released to the press? did he have his own method of communication with fusion gps because he was using these people's names in the email? more importantly we found that bruce or who is an importantt justice official, married to nelly or, was indeed serving as a conduit between opposition research firm and the fbi passing along information fromom the group that had been hired by the hillary clinton campaign. >> brian: he never admitted that he knew, he didn't say i don't know if it was a dnc
9:30 pm
thing, i don't know if hillary clinton paid for it. that is terrible investigative if you don't know where your intelligence is coming from. are you writing i tomorrow? >> i am, not on this but read it anyway. it's on taxes. >> brian: good, i'm against them. thanks so much, appreciate it. will have even more on the peter strzok capitol hill showdown, we have to wrap up the 12 hours of testimony, only the "tucker carlson tonight" can do it. keep your fingers crossed, i think we can at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. until her laptop crashed this morning. her salon was booked for weeks, having it problems? ask a business advisor how to get on demand tech support
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>> brian: republicans and democrats clashing on capitol hill today as they grilled fbi agent peter strzok and when they weren't a yellingt strzok, they were yelling at each other over the rules, for example. >> what roles are we falling we should answer? >> we are following the rules of the committee. >> could you cite the rule? >> no. >> we have a right to know what the rules are. >> the gentleman is not in orde order. >> it's going to be tough for me to get through it if i keep getting interrupted. >> brian: every time we got on the role, some democrat would scream something out. he's used to more discipline
9:35 pm
because he's got more rich military background. thanks for joining us. in particular, you focused on then, code of conduct and he was zeroed in on the fact that you have the phone that belongs to the government and your texting lisa page about presidential candidate hillary clinton, donald trump is the worst thing in the world. if the people who vote for him smell and are ignorant. this is going back and forth. did he try to actually say that was within the code of conduct? >> he repeatedly claimed he violated nothing according to the policies, that's why i cited all of the policies back to him to show he was in clear violation on multiple levels and his own personal moral conduct which was laid out in the ig report. >> brian: he also said the report showed no bias, i regret doing those text messages but it didn't infect my investigation. >> that's not the case at all, a with regard to strzok himself, he said hein had a clear, biased
9:36 pm
mind-set. he also stated in the case of the laptop, they had no confidence that he did not have bias in delaying the decision to reveal the laptop. they said he had bias in decision-making. we heard repeatedly today the opposite from the witness himself under oath, it was not the case. >> brian: do you take your foot off the gas, he's there interrogating hillary clinton on that fourth of july weekend inn that summer and he'sry also thee for michael flynn, there were reports he didn't believe michael flynn was lying but they fled him dry financially and he had no choice to cut a deal, that's my opinion it's turning into fact. he is there when he finds the anthony weiner laptop and they see all of these emails originally from hillary clinton. his decision to delay telling comey could have donell more damage than anything else, correct?
9:37 pm
>> this is one of the things that the ig report homes in on. they did think the delay clearly showed the bias. when we see the text messages in his own personal conduct, he was biased and he was in violation despite his assertions today. >> brian: in your past you focused on the informants or as president trump says spies like the cambridge professor, the one who tried to bring out carter page and papadopoulos. are you going to pursue that avenue to find out how many other people were victims of informants working for the fbi as contractors? >> one of the things we want to get to along those lines as if we get the chance to talk to lisa page. these are the types of things we would like to know more about. they talk about this thing has gone on too long and why are we doing this? i'll tell you why. our law enforcement agencies have to be trusted by the american people. if we can't trust them then we
9:38 pm
lose our institutions. it doesn't matter how long it takes. abraham lincoln said nothing good can be frustrated by time. >> brian: i just don't want you to investigate me with something like prison on the line or the presidency if they hate my guts. and these people hated the president. congressman russell, thanks so much. while today's capitol hill drama was unfolding, new messages between peter strzok and lisa page were released. what do they reveal? will tell you next welcome! hi there. so, what do you look for in a vehicle? sleek designs. performance. dependability is top on my list. well then, here's some vehicles that deliver on that. woah! wow. oh jeez! that's our truck! it's our truck! and they're our cars! that's my chevy! chevy's the only brand to earn j.d. power dependability awards across cars, trucks and suvs three years in a row. awesome. i'm proud. it's like a dynasty. it's impressive.
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9:43 pm
what has happened to our country? >> brian: that was peter strzok, he was asked to read his texts out loud. at other times it was surprising how fuzzy his memory was like when he was asked about softening an fbi statement to benefit hillary clinton. >> metadata shows that you modified the statement on june 6th. is this one the phrase grossly negligent was changed to extremely careless? >> i don't recall specifically when it happened. >> was at your computer that puts the change in? >> based on my subsequent review am i believe that to be t true. >> who has access to your you?ter, anybody besides >> no. >> brian: nailed. while this was happening on capitol hill, a additional emais were released. to discuss that, judicial watch
9:44 pm
his own president. first off your take on what we saw today. bit of a circus and not to be only the beginning in terms of getting information out of the justice department and the oet fbi. i don't understand why the mother operation is still going on giving the corruption evidence that strzok admitted to. were not talking about bias, were talking about corruption. a senior fbi official wanting to direct an investigation a certain way to target a politicala opponent. on top of that, we have mr. mueller seemingly disinterested in this corruption. hent kept it from the american people for months that he had to remove strzok because of his corruption, if i were congress i would call him in and ask some questions about how he is managing hison investigation and the evidence of bias and corruption with his team that is still undermining the credibility of the entire justicemi department.
9:45 pm
>> brian: i understand you got emails and text messages today, what did they say? >> they show communications, we had to sue to get the records. the justice department and the fbi want to take two years to get them over to us. they are from 2015, they show thee relationship between page and strzok was quite close. and he's cursing everyone out. he's cursing decisions about the fbi, they are making fun of colleagues and they show that mr. strzok was quite truthful in my view in the way he communicated withzo lisa page about how he was analyzing what the fbi was doing. one of the big lies that we heard was this was all personal. we wouldn't be getting these text messages and the emails if they were personal by law. they are government emails about government activity. anyone who says it's personal,
9:46 pm
political beliefs, if that was the case we wouldn't be seeingl them. >> brian: you say we got more, he also went out of his way to try to explain away hisis behav behavior. >> the viewers are going to have toto decide whether they take hs word that the bias didn't impact the investigations. the ig didn't believe it, mr. mueller didn't believe it, why should anyone else believe it? the facts are what they are. he tried to spin them and we have to decide as adults what to do with as evidence. should we allow the corrupted the mueller investigation to continue given the involvement of several other fbi in officials who thought like him. >> brian: continue to go through all that stuff, you are relentless to get to the truth. far away from today's hearing,
9:47 pm
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♪ >> brian: glad you're watching. if this week's nato summit in brussels contentious. but just like last month g7 summit it appears to have ended well for president trump and the nato organization. this morning for us the president vowed that his tone would not change once he left the summit, for example. >> will you be tweeting differently once you board air force one? >> president trump: that's other people that do the end, don't. i'm a very stable genius.
9:52 pm
>> brian: he is now in england for a working visit, he's already met prime minister theresa may for a gala dinner. a lot to report, first off the president said through sarah t sanders, i like and respect theresa may she was very good to me during nato, thanks for all the hospitality. he's going to be in scotland soon, then onto vladimir putin. how do you feel about how this visit has gone? >> i think it's been an interesting trip by the president. he arrived on the back of a huge success where he moved the needle on defensedl expenditure, and how he personally believes the alliance is an important one. he arrives in the u.k., he made some comments about brexit which is his usual way of stirring things up, then he went to a very serious at dinner where he met our business leaders and we've begun discussions on how
9:53 pm
we can forge a trade agreement between the two countries. it started in a whirlwind of style, we might expect it to .ontinue >> brian: the son has a story of the interview with the president. the u.s. trade deal with britain is off if she doesn't get it right and leave the e.u. what are the ramifications of that statement? >> what the president said was his understanding of this moment in time, it looked like it was going to be a deal. if that was the case, the u.s. wouldn't be able to do a trade deal. i suspect as the visit continues, we may get a very different statement suggesting he might have been convinced that it is possible. however, it's a very real and very significant political development that he put in in
9:54 pm
writing that he thinks at present this deal is not going to make sense for britain and for the u.s., that is a significant political blow for the prime minister and we can't diminish that. >> brian: we have a vladimir putin next, the president might call of military exercises and pledge something similar to north korea. i don't think there's a reason to worry about something like that. do you think this will be a positive meeting? >> it's going to be an interesting meeting. here you have the two leaders meeting one-on-one for the first time depending on how it ends up going. i think you're right that there won't be major agreements made or surprises coming out of it. it's really a question of how they get on and if there is a possibility of getting to a place where they can both come to an agreement coming down the line. >> brian: you guys have the trump machine and tornado,
9:55 pm
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and listen to me on xm sirius 450. now sean hannity is next. i'll be here tomorrow. sean, where the heck are you? >> sean: i'm in london. but i know you have to be up in six hours. there's no excuse if you are a minute late. we will be monitoring. >> i'll be here on time. >> sean: we are broadcasting in london where president trump just wrapped up a busy day during his first official visit to the united kingdom. we'll have more on that in a moment. but first what was an incredible day in the nation's capital. this is a historic day, disgraced anti-trump fbi agent peter strzok was in the hot seat and tonight we are finally now beginning to expose the


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