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tv   Watters World  FOX News  July 14, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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hilarious. thank you to charlie hearst, joe mackey and all our guest. i love you. i do. with the "watters' world" startt now. jesse: a tale of two tours. before barack obama was elected president he flew to europe and the socialist crowds loved him. he said this. >> i speak to you not as a candidate for president, but as a citizen. a proud citizen of the united states and a fellow citizen of the world. jesse: you probably remember after his election he embarked on the apology tour. >> in america there is a failure to appreciate europe's leading role in the world. there have been times america
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has shown arrogance and been dismissive and de -- and der a . jesse: the media ate this up. obama's foreign policy was a disaster, the voters rejected leading from behind. enter donald trump. here he is in europe on his america first tour urging nato to pay their bills. president trump: many countries are not buying they should and they owe us a tremendous amount of money from years back. we are protecting these countries and they make a five line deal with russia where they put billions of dollars into the
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coffers of russia. we are supposed to protect you from russia but you are putting billions of dollars into russia. germany will have 70% of their country controlled by russia with natural gas. germany is paying a little over 1%. america in actual numbers is paying 4.2%, and i think that's inappropriate also. other president didn't do anything about it because i don't think they understood it or they didn't want to get involves. jesse: trump want wants germany buying energy why america, not russia. >> the president deploying i
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know you are, but what am i. to call germany a captive of russia is the most of inflammatory language i can imagine. another only been fish airy of trump temperatures havoc is vladimir putin. jesse: i remember when asking wealthy people to pay their fair share was good policy. >> it's only right we have everyone to pay their fair share. >> it's important to make sure millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share. to make swhierltiest americans pay their fair share. jesse: trump is trying to strengthen nadine peel germany away from d strengthen nato and peel germany away from russia. remember he was caught tapping angela merkel's cell phone. he was caught trashing
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netanyahu. he left iraq to isis and iran. he skipped the paris peace march and he failed to prevent russia from invading ukraine. and after all the fake news chaos he made this announcement. president trump: it was a product idea summit where my job priority was getting other nato members to pay their fair share. we have gotten commitments from them to pay fear their defense spending more than ever. jesse: many president trump's tactics are work. president trump: i am very consistent. i'm a very stable genius.
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jesse: here with reaction, dr. sebastian gore yeah and nigel farage, considered to be the -- the architect behind brexit. what do you think about the president going over there and collecting bills from our allies. >> imagine if you are in a club and members are paying their -- aren't paying their dues. instead of fancy press statements and protocols, the president goes there and on camera calls them out and gets commitments, and tells them stop getting into bed with russia. we have been waiting for this for decades.
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finally we have a president who is doing it. jesse: past presidents nigel probably said this behind closed doors. he kind of reminds me of the guy when the bill comes at the restaurant with a group of people he itemizes it out and said you had the steak, you had the wine, i just had a salad. let's play this fair and square. >> the media you are talking about, you are seen as virtuous and good if you denigrate your own country and give away as much of your taxpayers money as you can. and if you make sure the democratic decisions are transferred from your country to somebody else. the former german chance lower now works for, you guessed it, a russian gas company. and yet obama wanted germany to
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be the dominant new force in the united states of europe run by mrs. merkel. the whole thing is unbelievable. jesse: i think juan williams said on "the five," i don't know if we want germany to be too big and strong. we had problems there before. let me ask you a hypothetical question. let's pretend hillary clinton was president. she flew over there and air force one to europe. what do you think would have happened if hillary had been there? >> what happened last time? she goes and meets lavrov, this complete cold war warrior foreign minister of russia, and he eats her lunch. she comes with this cheesy plastic button and says let's
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reset our relations. he says it is not translated properly. it says overcharge, not reset. somebody wanted her to be president? i don't care what god you pray to. but november 8, 2016 is proof that god exists because donald trump won that election. jesse: powerful images over there being broadcast all over the world of president trump walking with the queen. a very formal ceremony. and they rolled out the red carpet. to see those images of our president shaking hands with the queen and being saluted the way he was saluted, i think shows the american people and the world something very strong and powerful and special. would you agree? >> and very special to him. in my conversations with him, there is no doubt in my mind he
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had enormous respect for the queen. she is the most of extraordinary figure. it would have been one of the highlights of his presidency. he would have loved it. i have no idea what they talked about, but it would have been a wonderful thing for him. and his mother who was born in scotland was a big fan of this queen. if you think about it in a way, the world's two most of famous people sitting down for tea in wind store castle. after all i saw in on gone the mob of protesters. by the way, only one of the protesters is hated more than donald trump and that's me. but what a nice way for the formal trip to end with the queen. jesse: they protests george bush and ronald reagan like this. i find it funny "when european
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leaders come to washington, no one shows up to protest. they don't know who they are and they don't care. and everyone in europe is thinking about the world cup. i want to show you president trump taking it to the mainstream media. they took it hard with the press conference with theresa may. >> he spent the week take on nato allies and criticizing prime minister may on her own soil. are you giving russian president vladimir putin the upper hand given you are challenging these alliances county require's such dishonest reporting, which happens to be nbc which is possibly worse than cnn. john roberts. go ahead. >> can i ask you a question. president trump: no, john roberts. cnn is fake news. i don't take questions from cnn.
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john rob earth of fox. jesse: cnn is fake news here and fake news across the pond. i thereof watching that stuff. >> it's fabulous. one of the networks doing? you are crushing it with your show. cnn, i think the latest figures published this week doesn't have a show in the top 15 ranked shows in america. i think outside of anderson cooper and people forced to watch tonight airports, no one* is watching cnn. so the president is right. jesse: avenatti showed up at the resist trump march in london. of all people, doesn't he have other business to conduct in the united states? who is paying for that trip. >> it's virtue signaling. most of of them that were there come from upper middle class
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families. they have rich mummies and daddies. they don't go to work and they have names like sebastian and nigel. hugo, and they are all fright any jolly nice. and isn't this trump chap simply ghastly. and they don't name a thing. jesse: i wouldn't take that laying down sebastian. you want to respond? >> nigel, i left 47 years ago, thanks to my mom. let's recognize the people who love him being there. nigel is right. these people are irrelevant. i group west london. when i heard the salt of the earth brick love this man.
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he's a straight short. forget about the chattering classes. they are the reason brexit happened and they are the reason trump won. jesse: the president will be sitting down with vladimir putin. and on the eve of the summit with the russian leader, rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general comes out with big news that he's indicting a bunch of russians for hacking the dnc and hillary. what do you make about the timing of this? will this come of anything since i guess these russians are part of the intel service over there. they are never going to step foot here in the united states. >> look, i just started reading the indictment. it's probably as irrelevant as the last one robert mueller's team dropped. if you are indicting russian nationals on russian soil and russian companies in russia, it
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won't lead anywhere. we have not had one indictment connected to the trump campaign and russia. it's not something that's going to make america safer. jesse: nigel, what do you think about the trump-putin summit? >> we discovered 12 spies were spying. it's what they do. that's their job. and to hack into hillary clinton's emails you did not need to be a rocket scientist. jesse: i think podesta's password was password. the wildest surveillance videos you are ever going to see. but up first, fbi villain peter strzok bombs on capitol hill. and i mean bombs. next.
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flaring. >> the witness will answer the question. >> point of order, mr. chairman. >> attorney-client privilege, he has been advised not to answer. >> shame on you. >> mr. chairman, please. >> you are harassing the witness. you need your medication. jesse: one of the most of heated exchanges came early when trey gowdy asked about strzok's stop trump text. >> august 8 you still hadn't interviewed anyone. you are 8 days into your russian collusion with the trump campaign investigation and you got another text from your colleague, lisa page. trump is not ever going to come president, right? right? and you replied no, no he's not. we'll stop it. by the time you promised to from
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becoming president on august 8, how many interviews had you conducted. >> two answers to that. how many interviews had or had not been conducted i have been direct by counsel to the fbi not to answer the question. >> i don't give a dam what you appreciate. i don't appreciate having an fbi agent with a high level of animus work on two investigations. i don't care about long hand or cursive. i want to know what it meant. >> it would be his candidacy for the presidency. jesse: joining me now, wall street journalist columnist and fox news contributor. kimberly strassel. he wouldn't say anything about the investigation and denied he was biased at all. what a mess. >> even though it was peter
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strzok in the hot seat. what struck me, there were two more powerful players in that world working to protect peter strzok having to answer any questions. one was the fbi. there was a lawyer who sat behind him the entire time directed him not to answer anything that had to do with the russia investigation. this is the fbi continuing to obstruct congressional oversight. and the other were democrats with a whole new strategy for shutting down oversight. interrupt and call points of order. jesse: this an actual strategy. they get in there beforehand and say when something gets to the heart of what the republicans are getting at, and it's starting to look really dicey for peter strzok, we'll start screaming, calling for order, saying all kind of ridiculous things and causing mayhem to distract and prevent punches
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from being land. but you mentioned before about these lawyers sitting in the background. he was asked, are you biased, are you biased? he said i'm not biased. the republicans said prove that you are not biased, and they ask a question about the investigation and he's told you can't answer a question about my investigation. so he never get to the bottom of anything. >> that gag order was obviously bogus from the start. by the end of this, that fbi lawyer and probably christopher wray was watching this at headquarters could tell the republicans were at the end of their rope and about to lose it so they did allow strzok to answer some questions. why couldn't that have happened at the start. they just don't want congress to have any detail about the this investigation. jesse: they are obviously hiding something. they are withholding documents and they put a gag order on strzok for anything having to do
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with the investigation. personally i was struck by strzok demeanor. i thought he was arrogant. i thought he didn't show a lot of respect. and i thought he didn't think he needed to be bothered by these people. he's going all over the internet viral by ridiculous and bizarre expressions he made. how do you think he conducted himself in terms of temperament and optics during the hearing. >> it's hard to see how the average american, how he did himself any favors. this is a guy who embarrassed and humiliated the fbi with the text messages he sent out. yet he snowed humility or regret or contrition. he was not just came across as somewhat arrogant. but he was disrespectful to the members of congress who had the temerity to question him about those. and he actually lectured congress at some point when they
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actually had the right to ask questions about an investigation. bob goodlatte the head of the judiciary committee had to remind him. in case you have forgotten, we, congress created the fbi and you don't get to tell us when you get to answer questions. jesse: meanwhile he hates half america, he says i can smell the trump support in southern virginia. he was called out about that, too. they actually made peter strzok read some of the texts which was pretty funny. >> omg, he's an idiot. trump is a disaster. miss page said not ever going to become president, right? right? no, no, he's not, we'll stop it. jesse: now he's claiming he's not biased. watch this effort to that end. >> after months of investigations there simply is no i have of boy as in my pro --
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of bias in my professional actions. jesse: you know what this remind me of? jim acosta at cnn. he's yelling at the president, he's investigating the president, he hates the president, disparages the president all the time. then he has the gall to say i'm non-biased. i don't have any bias in my reporting. my personal bias has never affected my work. >> this is why i like being an opinion writer. i don't have to pretend i don't have opinions. the reality is, when you watch peter strzok and he's reading those texts, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know how dismissive they are of trump voters and exactly what he meant when he said them. when he tries to justify them and at the same time says i'm honorable and i never tell a
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lie, and i do not lie under oath. it becomes that much harder to believe him. jesse: he's unbelievable, and you don't believe him. shocking violence south of the border. an incredible video of antifa clark with i.c.e. agents. road rage. what the heck is happening in america.
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warned to stay away from the areas. i'm robert gray. [honking horn] [gunshots] jesse: as illegal immigrants pour into the united states,
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violence continues to surge south of the border. the drug cartels killed off 100 politicians alone in the run-up to the election. this is the mexican army's raid on el chapo's hideout. [gunshots] jesse: joining me now, katie pavlich. mexico in 2017, most of violent year on record. and it's just the homicide
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kingdom south of the border down there. and that's what's causing a lot of the smugglers and drug traffickers to pour across the southern border. >> i'm glad you are talking about this on your show. the crisis with homicide. we are talk about heinous acts of violence like boiling people in acid while they are still alive. delivering the heads of police officers and police chiefs to police departments as a warning. hanging bodies from bridges in mexico. these are things happening all the time. based on the numbers you just talked about, it really is a crisis. the video you showed from el chapo's lair. the obama justice department trafficked a .50 caliber rifle that was found during the investigation of that lair and where he was hiding out.
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jesse: that was the fast and furious gun running operation. the second thing is while we don't see the violence flowing over into the united states on the level we are seeing in mexico thank god. it does have an impact on ranchers living on the border. and in the streets of american cities including chicago. nobody likes to talk about the fact that the sinaloa cartel is one of the main reasons chicago has so much violence and per pet waits the problem we have in the united states. jesse: the cartels are doing the human trafficking and smuggling. they get paid a $5,000 bounty per head when the young people controls the border. you know how they had to separate families because of the massive influx. some of the families they can't reunite. listen to this, katie. dozens of them aren't their parents. one is a child abeyers.
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the other wanted to send the young person to a sexually abusive relative. some have criminal history including child cruelty, murder and human trafficking. these are the people that have been separated from these young central and south american minors. for that reason alone. >> i wrote a story for town a couple weeks ago when we were at the height of hysteria over the separation of families at the border. i spoke to a border agent who talked about how they were releasing minor children to 60's offenders and sexual abusers and previously convicted of these crimes. we hear a whole bunch about parents. but the billion dollar smuggling industry thrives on our open border process of catch and
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release. smuggle i ares are paid to pair up children with strangers. there are a lot of single men coming across the border with children. you had elizabeth warren accusing the president of having to do dna tests because he was ripping children from mother's arms. they are having to do dna tests. they are doing that because they are with smugglers into horrible trafficking situations. i am not sure why the left isn't concerned about that. jesse: they should be because they are pro children and being open borders is being pro cartel. this is and i a in portland confronting i.c.e. agents using disgusting agents. >> [bleep] [bleep] [bleep]
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[bleep] [bleep] >> i will laugh on your grave you are a [bleep] jesse: you can't even show the whole thing because they used the n word when they were talking about the black i.c.e. agent. now it's going mainstream in the democratic party. they want to abolish i.c.e. and it's despicable. >> i.c.e. agents are every day americans who want to serve their country and protect the'' community they are in. antifa are almost as bad as drug cartels. how would communities care if i.c.e. was not in there getting out the criminal element. jesse: no one knows that. they think they are just a bunch of goons. >> it's not a high-paying job.
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jesse: there are 20,000 i.c.e. agents serving their community and trying to do their jobs. >> democrats had a bill to abolish i.c.e. and republicans said let's vote for it, they are now voting against it. jesse: political suicide. the smart ones realized that. happy birthday. >> thank you. jesse: left-wing comic george lopez pulls a disturbing stunt on a hold star. -- a h
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[♪] jesse: after this week's hearing what peter strzok, the disgraced
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fbi agent became a meme. his bizarre facial expressions straight ahead through the internet like this one. joining me now, diamond and silk. you probably watched this. how could you not. it was a marathon that probably lasted 7 hours. he didn't come off too well, did he? >> no, he didn't. he was like a vile, malicious creepy little boy that gets into things. we want answers from him. he's biased. he made the fbi look crazy. we don't trust him or the fbi. he is a criminal in our eyes and he needs to be locked up. jesse: he acted exactly how i thought he would act based on the text messages he sent. let's talk about george lopez. he was a pretty decent stand-up
11:44 pm
comic. tmz caught him doing something pretty nasty at the hollywood walk of fame on donald trump's star. watch this. [laughing] jesse: maybe that's comedy. should i not take it seriously, ladies? >> we took it serious. urinating in public is a crime. it makes you a gutter bug is what it makes you. he's a nasty fou foul gutter. he needs to do what he said he would do in 2015 in president trump becomes president. he need to leave the country. we don't want to see him no more
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because he's disgusting. >> that's why we call him a sewer sucker. jesse: i guess lopez has to go to canada if he's going to be a man of his world. jerry steinfeld is talking to one of my favorite actors. surprisingly both of them think the political correctness b.s. has gone way too far. you can't say anything, especially on college campuses. this is what they had to say. >> it's weird colleges have become a place where there is restricted thought instead of thought freedom. >> there is nothing liberal with shutting someone up. not allowing intell rant talk, now you are intolerant. jesse: that sounds like a "fox and friends" segment. >> some are probably seeing the light. when you restrict other voices
11:46 pm
your voices can be restricted, too. leave freedom of speech alone. let people voice their opinions about things. we'll have to agree to disagree. i'm glad they are talking about this. we need too talk about -- to talk about this. shows like this where on either side of the aisle people have a right to their freedom of speech so we love it. >> we want to let the liberals know it's not okay to terrorize people. or take away their free speech or their rights to eat in public. jesse: i will see you guys next week. coming up, the craziest surveillance footage you will ever see. with the * is watching you.
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are you ready to take your then you need xfinity xfi.? a more powerful way to stay connected. it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, provides the most wifi coverage for your home, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. jesse: surveillance video making headlines. an enraged customer in milwaukee walks into a kitchen and assaults a female employee until
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a pistol-packing female scares him off. this is really dangerous. >> this apparently is a regular at this restaurant. he was unhappy with how long the server was taking with his food and went back there and decided to literally pun' her in the face. he was unhappy with the time it was take. this happened in milwaukee. the coworker didn't even flinch it looks like. jesse: she didn't even go down. jesse: that's wh that's why wom, too, have concealed permits. >> the employer allows those with conceal permits to carry their guns. in this case it ended up being a
11:52 pm
good thing. jesse: if he waited longer for his eggs and bay county wouldn't have happened. this is a surveillance video in canada, i believe. watch this. so what was going on here. she was running away and she tried an escape route and it didn't work out. >> if you are using a stolen credit card to buy a soda you are going to get caught. jesse: was she trying to escape through the ventilation system? >> i don't know if she was trying to get out of the building. but, boom on to the ground and she gets caught.
11:53 pm
jesse: what were they selling in that aisle. >> something they are not selling anymore. that was a hard fall. she showed a little toughness, but she is behind bars. this is an apple store. usually apple stores are pretty calm and everybody has to wait forever. this is a bunch of bandits run in with hoodies, steal thousands of dollars worth of apple products. >> totaling $27,000 from an apple store in fresno. if you are going to steal something would you think let me go into a crowded apple store and there are people around to try and stop me? jesse: did they capture them? >> i don't think so. tweet me if i'm wrong. someone tried to block the door and they ran right past.
11:54 pm
jesse: this thief busted in somewhere trying to conceal his face. if you look closely, it's not your hoodie like the guys in the apple video. what is he wearing on his head? >> it looks like a pair of blue underwear. i hope he did laundry that morning. the police department where this happened in texas posted this video online saying if you know this guy, give sauce information, and and lot of the comments are does he realize his fingerprints are all over the place? come on, dude. jesse: up next, red light road rage. lock your doors, america.
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jesse: type for "last call." a crazy scene in florida as road rage spilled on to the treats during a red light. the brawl caught on camera. by the type the cops arrived everyone involved in the fight was gone. but two of the young women were eventually arrested on aggravated battery charged. the fight was probably over a guy. they usually are. look at the girl in the green. my god, sign her up. you have got to lock your doors people. you can't let someone get into the car at a red. keep your doors locked. not that that ever happened to me before. "justice with judge jeanine" is
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up next and remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] [♪] judge jeanine: hello and welcome to justice, i'm jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight and thank you for once again making justice number one last weekend. we have a packed show, congressman darrell issa, mike huckabee and mercedes schlapp standing by. a fired up panel, candace owens is here with the most outrageous comments of the week. but first my opening statement. the man leading the fbi's investigation into hillary clinton's use of a personal email server and russian interest force in the 2016


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