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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 18, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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call one today. are you in good hands? >> this is the second time in three days that the president or the white house has come out and reversed what the president has said. >> actually, i'm interpreting what the president said. i'm not reversing it. i was in the room. i didn't take it the way you did. >> why won't he criticize putin by name? >> he has. he's called them out for interfering with our elections -- >> if -- >> you choose not to call on me. is voter suppression part of the election process -- >> jon, go ahead. >> fireworks amid the fiasco. the press corps in a frenzy over the president's comments. can sarah sanders do anything to
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tamp it done? i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." howie kurtz here in a moment but first, peter doocy in the thick of it. peter? >> for several hours between the end of the cabinet meeting that the president hosted today and the beginning of the press briefing, there was a little confusion about whether or not something the president said sat the cabinet meting contradicted that something his intelligence officials said, that the threat from russia is on going. >> is russia still targeting the u.s., mr. president? >> thank you very much. >> as it turns out, according to sarah sanders, that no was addressing something else. >> we certainly believe that we are taking steps to make sure that they can't do it again unlike previous administrations.
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this president is actually taking bold action and reform to make sure it doesn't happen again. but he does believe that they would target certainly u.s. elections again. >> sarah sanders also said to the president's no that she had a chance to talk to him and what he was trying to say, the point he was asked, if russia is targeting the united states, it's no, he didn't want to answer any questions. again, that is the word from sanders that talked to the president. so they insist there's no breathing room, there's no distance between the president and the director of national intelligence. you heard her say at the top of the program that she was in the room and she understood things differently than some of the reporters that were commenting on the president's remarks earlier today a little differently. sanders say she does not know if there's a recording of the
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one-on-one meeting with the president and vladimir putin. but she did not want to get into the recent calls by democrats on capitol hill to bring the translator, the u.s. translator over there, put her under oath and figure out if president trump made any kind of promises to putin, that just haven't been announced yet. we just heard from the state department. they side they're trying to figure out if there's a precedent to do that. charles? >> thanks, peter. a lot of sound bites from that press briefing. the one we wanted to air, that wasn't it. we'll air it right now. you need to hear this exchange. let's put it on. >> you had a chance to speak with the president after his comments. the president said thank you very much and said no to answering questions. >> now to howie kurtz host of "media buzz." howie, how do you think the white house is handling this and the other side, the reaction by
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the press? >> it was a tense briefing, charles. the press's first shot at sarah sanders since helsinki. i thought the president was ambiguous. he doesn't say no or yes. there was a lot of skepticism in that room when she said no, he wasn't addressing the question. he said he wasn't answering any question. what is interesting, she addressed that at the top, a couple of tv reporters went at it again because they want sound to play on their news cast challenging the press secretary, the most aggressive being hallie jackson saying why should this president have any credibility with the americans if you come out and say just kidding? she didn't say just kidding. she said he wasn't answering that question about russia. >> of course, sarah huckabee sanders took a shot as well by pointing out yesterday when this photograph made the rounds, a lot in the media thought it was the woman just arrested
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inspector espionage. it wasn't. they went with it. big names. she took them to task out the gate that only sarah huckabee sanders could. she wasn't flailing away but she took that dig, didn't she? >> that was the chance that she had to get on the board. she talked about massive media confusion. she called it out ray -- outrageous. this was all about the russian spine, maria butina. she took down the tweet but not before it spread around the internet. that was a chance for sarah to punch back. >> a lot of professional journalists took the opportunity to not only share the tweet and the photograph but to opine their disapproval of the white house. how could a russian agent get this deep into our white house and of course -- goes to the state of the media, no doubt. what about the contentiousness of it? you said we should have expected
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it. there's always this tenseness. but there were outbursts, you know. amy ryan again, she jumped the cue. forcefully asking questions when it wasn't her turn. why does it have to be this way? >> it doesn't have to. april ryan was blurting out a question. she wasn't called on. sarah sanders took it later. there was tension. these things are televised every day. that was not true in previous administrations. so reporters want to make their mark that ratchets up the levels, charles. when "the washington post" reporter asked why won't he criticize putin by name, sarah sanders says he has and he's tough on russia. it's true this administration's policies with russia with the sanctions, the expelling of the diplomats have at times been aggressive but it's also true that president trump has not by name gone after putin. that upsets me in the press corns. they want him to take on the
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russian leader in ways that he chooses not to. >> never a dull moment. thanks. >> appreciate it. >> as this democratic candidate calling on americans to occupy ice. house republicans applauded the agency. tom holman says it's about time. and if you think that cortez continueses to shake things up, joe lieberman has her beat. he's calling on voters to reject her candidacy? why the former senator is here. mail and packages. and it's also a story about people and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you wednesdays. at outback, they're for steak and beer. walkabout wednesdays are back! get a sirloin or chicken on the barbie, fries, and a draft beer or coca-cola
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hurry in! wednesdays are for outback. that's the same things i want to do with you. it's an emotional thing to watch your child grow up and especially get behind the wheel. i want to keep you know, stacking up the memories and the miles and the years. he's gonna get mine -but i'm gonna get a new one. -oh yeah when it's time for your old chevy truck to become their new chevy truck, there's truck month. get 18% of msrp cash back on all silverado 1500 crew cab lt pickups when you finance with gm financial. that's $9,000 on this silverado. plus, during truck month make no monthly payments for 90 days. >> it says that we stand behind our ice agents. those brave men and women that are keeping america safe. >> this is exactly the kind of got-ya vote that alienates
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americans from our government. >> charles: the measure passing 244 to 235. how does tom holman feel about it? he's go to mike emanuel on capitol hill where the battle continues to play out. mike? >> good afternoon to you, charles. good to see you. the vote was in response from calls to abolish immigration and customs enforcement or ice. the nonbinding resolution passed a short time ago. the vote was 244 to 35. there's a twist. 133 democrats voted present so they didn't support the agency. they also didn't end up voting against the men and women of ice. the lawmaker backing the nonbinding resolution blasted democrats for a lack of courage. >> i would remind them that our constituents elected us as their voice in the people's house. we were not elected to be silent. the american people deserve to know where every member of this
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body stands, to vote present on this resolution reflects fear. the american citizenry deserves a courageous vote. >> democrats hammered the family separation issue and they said this is about election year politics. >> it is just a meaningless political stunt to change the subject from the international shame unleashed on us by president trump. >> the president's administration never considered how to ensure that the children would eventually reunite with their families. >> the house homeland security chairman ripped democrats today. >> less than a year ago, my bill to authorize ice in to law for the first time passed overwhelmingly by the congress and nearly every democrat, including nancy pelosi and the author of the bill, to abolish
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ice voted for it. so they all voted to authorize ice. now the hypocrisy is they want to abolish ice. >> nonbinding but allowed republicans to express support for the men and women that enforce the immigration laws and put democrat in an awkward spot. charles? >> charles: today's vote in support of ice comes as alexandria ocasio is calling for an all-it assault on ice. >> we have to occupy all of it. we need to occupy every airport and every border and occupy every ice office until the kids are back with their parents. >> so with us, thomas homan, what does he think about it? thomas, let's start with the vote first. 244-35. i think the interesting issue, 133 democrats just decided to sort of vote a present and didn't decide to make a decision one way or the other. how do you feel about that?
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>> i think it's politics. especially the ones that voted nay. what is incredible, these politicians, members of the legislature, would much rather abolish a law enforcement agency than fix a law. ice is enforcing the laws they enacted. rather than doing their job, let's abolish the law enforcement agency. it's ridiculous. >> charles: the narrative is the scenes on the border saying hey, the children, the young kids, the babies are being ripped from their parents was happening because ice, the ice somehow descended on the border and were doing that. of course later on smarter folks said, well, that may not be the case but they're going into people's homes and dragging people out of their homes kicking and screaming, separating families. >> first of all, just like the lost children. they said the government lost them. they're not lost.
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the truth will come out. first of all, to connect ice with children being separated at the border is wrong. the board is doing that. i support them. they're doing their job. if you want to abolish an agency for what another agency does is ridiculous. ice is doing their job. people want to ignore the data and the facts that 89%, everybody we arrested last year had a criminal history. either criminal conviction or pending criminal charges. we are prioritizing against the criminals. abolishing ice is less criminals locked over. over 100,000 criminals are walking the streets of this country that are illegal. that wouldn't happen if ice was there. >> charles: now it feels like there's going to be -- if a lot of young people follow ocasio-cortez's lead and go to the airports, go to your offices, this is going to be a very explosive situation where
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people interfering with ice agents and doing their jobs. parking their cars to go into their office. >> she needs to study the issue also. to volunteer protesters come and get in the middle of us doing our job. we had an office in portland shut down a week. that means criminals weren't being arrested. victims of child trafficking, sex trafficking weren't being rescued. drug traffickers weren't being arrested. so it just -- if she wants to be a congressman, she needs to know is fix is system and change the laws and close loop holes. i want to add one thing. if anybody wants to look about who to blame, congress needs to look in the mir legislatromirro. i told them loop holes need to be fixed. they're failing to address the problems. it's easier to points fingers. >> charles: a lot of open border folks are using this as a more convenient reason to attack the
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policy itself. the ultimate goal have to have open borders for a lot of protesters. you have large corporations, mackenzie and company that stopped doing be with ice. microsoft and others pressuring people not to do business with ice. ice is being compared with the most evil racist organizations that exist in this country. you have fortune 500 companies lending credence to that. that is nuts. how does that make you feel? how do you push back? >> i'm insulted. it's based on the misinformation, intentional misinformation being pushed by the left. story after story. ice has never arrested someone in a high school or elementary school. never arrested anybody in a hospital or church. you read we do. you read that we do raids in neighborhoods and sweeps. every person we arrest, targeting enforcement operation, we know who we are going to
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arrest and where. it's fake news pushing the information out to the american public. once they figure out what the truth is, ice will have all the support they need. >> charles: beyond knowing the truth, what you have done and the professionalism in the organization what if ice was abolished? could you describe what some of these neighborhoods would look like? the neighborhoods that ironically would be most vulnerable if ice wasn't around? >> let's talk about immigration first. that's important. what would happen if ice wasn't around? anybody that overstays their visa illegally in the united states, they're home free. anybody gets by the border patrol illegally, they're home free. nobody is looking for them. if you get arrested by the border patrol and asked to see a judge and released to see a judge and they get a order of removal, nobody is looking for them. hsi, the other side. almost 1,000 children this year would not have been rescued from sex traffickers.
1:19 pm
over 2,200 child predators wouldn't be arrested and indicted and behind bars. 981,000 pounds of narcotics would have been seized. several thousand ms-13 members would not be arrested and still here in new york. >> charles: and preying on immigrant communities. they would be the biggest victims of the gang members. >> you're correct. >> charles: thanks, thomas. the one republican that voted no, a republican from michigan. thanks a lot. harmful to congress and the country. that's not a republican saying that about this socialist loving democratic nominee. try joe lieberman as a former democratic v.p. nominee. joe is here. e farmer. my life is here... [telephone ring] ahoy-hoy. alexander graham bell here... no, no, my number is one, you must want two!
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>> charles: alexandria ocasio-cortez loves socialism and a democratic senate nominee. joe lieberman urging votesers to reject her candidacy from new york's 14th congressional district and go with joe crowley on a different ticket in a general election come november. senator lieberman joins me now. by the way, we did call and reach out to ocasio-cortez and no reply. senator, thanks for joining us. >> great to be with you. >> charles: you've shaken things up with this vote for crowley for the working families op-ed. you mentioned several different issues that you have with this candidate. what was the main driver? is there a tipping point that made you say i have to speak out? >> well, the main point really is this: part of it may be
1:24 pm
personal. i lost a democratic primary in 2006 in connecticut. ran as an independent and thanks to god and the people of connecticut i got re-elected. the point is, what is the democratic party going to be? i'm still a democrat. when i see somebody that says she's a socialist, she's a very charismatic captivating candidate. but look at the policies. they're not policies that will be supported in very many places across america. if her win makes her into what kellyanne conway called the new face of the democratic party, they won't have a bright future. >> charles: you think she represents the younger voters? soci socialists have made inways. when you poll young people -- i see they feel more confident about a socialist system than a
1:25 pm
capitalist system. is the democratic party overlooking something going on? bernie sanders pricked this, if you will. feels like it's growing pretty rapidly. >> you're asking a lot of important questions. there's certain policies that may win in some districts like this one. in a democratic primary. they're not going to win in a general election statewide, certainly not in our national election for president. so if the victory of mrs. ocasio-cortez in the bronx and queens is taken as a direction of which the democratic party will go, they won't elect a new president in 2020. >> charles: i can see it going in places like california. >> i agree. >> charles: you took another area in your op-ed that you pointed out. her ideas about israel. i want to share with the audience her thoughts and come
1:26 pm
back to you. >> you used term occupation of palestine. what did you mean by that? >> oh, i think -- what i meant is like the settlements that are increasing in some of these areas and in places where palestinians are experiencing difficulty and access to their housing and homes. >> you think you can expand on that? >> yeah, i'd also just -- i'm not the expert on geo politics on this issue. >> charles: so she's regurgitating things -- >> yeah, right. >> charles: it's dangerous rhetoric there. >> it is. as i said in the column in the "wall street journal" today, she didn't talk too much about foreign policy during the campaign. she obviously by her own acknowledgement doesn't know much about foreign policy. when she talked about it, it was
1:27 pm
from the democratic organization policy book. it's pro socialist and the world. >> charles: anti-israel. >> yeah. she said at one point the israeli action to defend against the massing of troops on the border by -- and gaza by hamas was a massacre. she called it a massacre. that's very hot language and not fair. >> charles: another article in the new york magazine. i think this is going to be a problem for the democratic party. i hate to say it but it's from decades of politics of identity where they say yeah, you did the same thing or you went -- but this district is 81% minority. they're saying you, your op-ed, is the worst thing that could have happened for the democratic party. you can see seeping into this
1:28 pm
the issue of establishment versus nonestablishment and the politics of race seeping in. this could be a big issue. it wasn't long when maxine water as cued the leaders of the democratic party being racest. >> that's not fair. my opposition to mrs. ocasio-cortez has nothing to do with ethnicity, gender, race, nothing else. it has to do with her policies. the democratic party is full of hispanic african americans, african americans that take positions that i totally support and wish they were at the leadership of the party. but we have to watch out for that. that could be divisive. >> charles: it's coming. you can see it. i want to get your thoughts on what's going on with president trump, the helsinki summit and the aftermath. >> that's tough to do. he fumbled. i was shocked about it. generally speaking i'm
1:29 pm
supportive of the trump foreign policy but i don't get the soft approach to putin. putin is our adversary. president trump didn't seem to acknowledge that there. i'm glad he began to clean it up here. it's important to watch as we go on. >> charles: although his actions have been tough. they've been tough. >> his actions against russia have been tough. it's true. that's why it was so odd that he was so soft in the same room or the same press conference with putin. i'm afraid putin will take it as a sign of president trump's weakness and american weakness and take advantage of it. >> charles: senator lieberman, thank you. >> thank you. >> charles: and james crowley telling voter whose to vote for but did he go to far? is it to carry cargo... or to carry on a legacy? its show of strength... or its sign of intelligence? in crossing harsh terrain... or breaking new ground?
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since 1985, we've helped millions of families by finding them affordable coverage by impartially shopping highly rated insurers offering over 70 policies. dad, you're coming right? you promise? you promise? you promise? i promise. >> charles: just coming in, south carolina republican senator lindsey graham just issuing this statement. saying "i have just been re-assured by the white house legislative team that the president's no response today to shouted questions was not intended to suggest that president trump doubts the intelligence community's assessment that russia is continuing to attack our
1:34 pm
critical infrastructure in the 2018 elections." graham says he stands ready to work with the administration to guard our electoral system. and james comey said this republican congress has proven incapable of fulfilling the founder's design that ambition must counter act ambition. all that believe in the country's values have to vote democrat. history has their eyes on us. the question is this crossing the line? he's the former fbi chief. here now to discuss, jillian meltser, daniel mclaughlin and madison is here also. james comey saying hey, forget everything. it's an amazing situation right now. it's not about parties anymore. it's about getting rid of trump. >> you know, he sounds foolish and delusional.
1:35 pm
it's funny that james comey is quoting james madison here federalist paper number 51. so conveniently leaving out that also in federalist paper number 51, we talk about justice and how important the concept of justice is in the founding of our country. something that he doesn't understand looking back when he came forward laying out a law y lawnry -- laundry list of offenses by hell he-- hillary clinton. >> and i continue to believe that james comey did what he thought was the right thing at the right time. he's a private citizen now. he has the freedom of speech right. he was talking about upholding the constitution, which is something that he swore to do many times as a deputy attorney general under george w. bush.
1:36 pm
i want to say, we had a vice president george h.w. bush that was the head of the cia. it's not unprecedented for people to come out of intelligence agencies and go into political office. he has every right to say this. this is coming from a place out of respect nor the constitution and checks and balances on the presidency. >> charles: i don't know if anyone will argue if he has the right to see it, but being he knows his position of influence, is it dangerous? has he crossed the line there? >> he crossed the line two years ago. he's finally putting his politics first as a private citizen rather than as a public servants. certainly he was inappropriate last election. this is the more of the same from a guy who has put his belief before the law and before what is good for the american people. >> charles: madison, we're getting more and more of this stuff from high ranking officials in the media, calls
1:37 pm
for treason and just -- they're fanning the flames to the point that you have to wonder, hey, just vote for someone. there was a congressman from tennessee that suggested some form of a coup yesterday. >> yeah, it's really disappointing. the one thing to remember, there's many people across this country that look up to these officials and believe everything they say. so a lot of times when they come forward misleading people, i don't like that. a lot of people don't expect that from them. so we need to call them out when we feel they're being misleading or overstepping their bounds. it's so important that we have people in their country that have different political beliefs, whether republican or democrat. there's not perfect congressmen on either side. i'm a republican. i don't agree with every republican congressman. i know democrats that feel the same. what he said with regard to only elect democrats to uphold the constitution and our values is just ignorant. >> charles: throw all policies out the window.
1:38 pm
danielle, what jillian said two years ago and subsequent to that, the facts that have come out about this fbi when james comey was in charge and the investigation, things we're learning the things we've read and the e-mails about the high-ranking fbi agents and how they felt about "hillbillies". i think it would be better if comey just disappeared for a while. >> i was suggesting if you would hit the woods. one thing i'll say about the page and strzok texts, you can be a surgeon and operating on someone that killed another person or hurt another person but you do your job. you can be a lawyer defending somebody that has done terrible things. you know they have that right to have a defense. that is the standard that i apply to that people are are in the fbi or in law enforcement. they have political views. it's unthinkable to ask them not
1:39 pm
to. but the question becomes whether what they think or what they believe really impacts their action. the report showed that the investigation showed it didn't have any impact. >> charles: the irony with the statement danielle just made, everybody felt that way until the james comey episode and now we have doubts. >> yeah, i have to laugh at his tweet. he's talking about balance of power. if we want that, i would say kavanaugh is your guy for the court. he's a consistent check on administrative power. i think if that's what he's concerned about, that's maybe where we should go. >> charles: great seeing you. the european union going after google five billion times. we'll explain. no matter who rides point, there are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. call one today. are you in good hands?
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>> charles: the media frenzy over the president's russia comments.
1:43 pm
is all of this just emboldening vladimir putin? general jack keane is here on putin and what he must be thinking right now. we had a guest earlier that suggested that vladimir putin was emboldened by the press conference. you think that could be true? >> i doubt it. we're thinking that the press conference was the summit. it was just the aftermath where a few details were provided. there's about 4 hours where they met with their staffs that we're still not privy too. we'll all be hanging on our fingernails when pompeo goes to congress next week. then we'll get a grasp on it. putin came into that summit. he needed it because of legitimacy. being back on the world stage. he's an international pariah. he knows for a fact, he's been dealing with this for almost two
1:44 pm
years. president trump came in and fundamentally changed policy from russia from the obama administration. almost immediately. here's what putin really pays attention to. the first is the defense build-up. those two installments that trump got through congress are absolutely crucial. in his rear view mirror is the reagan build-up and comparable to that. that led to the collapse of the soviet union. it was a contributing factor. he knows that we already have significant capability. he's closed the gap in certain areas. but second thing is strengthening nato's defense budgets. since president trump has been in power, we have added additional troops in eastern europe. we have to do more. those things he looks at as real deterrents. those are major issues for him. >> charles: also, the javelin missile system to the ukraine had to send a message, this
1:45 pm
major missile shield system to poland and other nations. we're talking a $5 billion deal. certainly sort of hedges his ambitions. seems to be common knowledge that vladimir putin dreams of the good old days when the ussr was a bigger entity, a bigger power player and maybe could reconstitute that somehow. >> no doubt about it. nobody since stalin has expanded basic russia territory since putin came along. that's what he's been doing in crimea, eastern europe, georgia. i'll tell you why. you mentioned the anti-tank missiles in the ukraine. when president obama had discussed that subject with putin, i know this for a fact, putin said if you do that, you'll give me no choice but to have to escalate. i don't want to escalate. if you do that, that's what i'll do. we backed away. president trump had no
1:46 pm
discussion with putin about it. he knew it was the right thing to do. he did it and there's no escalation. >> will there be any help with respect to north korea? >> i think there may be. these are the two areas, the new start treaty in terms of extending the nuclear limitation that that treaty emboldens for five years, in 2021, that is possible and the other nonproliferation issue with iran and north korea. putin probably didn't admit to the president that he's been backdooring oil and other commodities to north korea because he lies. but if he's willing to come towards us on that, we have to press him and i'm hoping in one of those meetings, we told him about the evidence we have about what he's been doing with north korea. >> charles: thanks, general. >> thanks, charles.
1:47 pm
>> charles: point, click, find a lot. europe hitting google with a penalty and find out why and what it means to you next. this is a story about mail and packages. and it's also a story about people and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you (burke) so we know how to seen cover almost anything. even a "cactus calamity". (man 1) i read that the saguaro can live to be two hundred years old. (woman) how old do you think that one is? (man 1) my guess would be, about... (man 2) i'd say about two hundred. (man 1) yeah... (burke) gives houseplant a whole new meaning. and we covered it. talk to farmers.
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>> charles: this just in. the justice department is proposing an expedited schedule for the appeal of a judge's ruling on the $85 billion at&t time-warner merger. according to new court documents, the briefs are due by october 18. at&t little changed in after-hours trading. the european union hitting google with a $5 billion antitrust fine. it could have a ripple effect across the bond here at the fox business network's. christina has more. >> could have a ripped effect. right now we don't know if that
1:51 pm
will change regulations in the united states as of yet. the share price of google barely got hit. priced well over $1,200. you're seeing it down. barely moving today. even though it got slammed with the largest fine from the e.u. antitrust commission. they put forth this fine because they believe that google has been using their android operating system to purposely promote google web brower ises. did your phone have g-mail on it when you bought it? they're saying google paid manufacturers and phone companies to use google products exclusively on your phone. so the e.u. is saying that's not fair. not father for competition and other companies that want to enter the market. it's creating a monopoly. this isn't the first time the e.u. has fined other companies.
1:52 pm
you have just last year alone in 2017, google got fined with $2.7 billion. that's because they found that google was promoting their own shopping websites. in 2017, they went after facebook because they went after what's app? they said they didn't disclose their personal information was being shared with the rest of the company. in 2009, you have intel that had some rebates for specific pc manufacturers. didn't share that. all of this coming right now. will it change the regulations in the united states? will it set precedent or the e.u. just being too tough on all of these tech companies? some people say it has to do with looking out for the people. so that we're not being manipulated. google says it's a cheaper landscape and all of your apps are cheap out there. charles? >> thanks, kristina. cabinet officials praising the
1:53 pm
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>> charles: president trump and house republicans discussing tax cuts 2.0. kevin brady saying he anticipates the house will vote on the new round of cuts in september. former oklahoma republican senator joins us now. thank you for joining us. certainly they have a window in their sales. what is happening with the economy, whether it is jobs, wages, gdp growth. where do you think they should focus? >> they should focus on what they making done permanent. number two, they are to get rid of $400 billion of waste fraud in duplication and abuse. that would give them 400 billion that we aren't going to borrow
1:57 pm
against the millennials. >> charles: every presidential candidate use that term waste fraud and abuse. then they get in and say it was impossible. >> they always talk in generalities. we always talk in specifics. i can give you the 400 billion. you can look in the back of one of the books i wrote that lists a trillion dollars we could get rid of in ten years. a trillion. so there are specifics, but nobody wants to do it. anybody that is getting money from the government isn't about to want to give it up. when we have career politicians, their whole goal is to get reelected. why would they offend someone who's getting money from the government? we don't have real leaders in washington, for the most part. what we have as career politicians that want to stay there. the way change that is with a convention of states where we limit their terms and we force the government to balance its books.
1:58 pm
and we actually say we are going to redefine the scope and restriction jurisdiction. if you do your thing you need another grassroots, local revolution of sorts because washington will never fix itself. >> is not going to come and i believe america can cheat history. we don't have to follow the path that every other republican in history has done. and we also owe it to the young people, especially the millennials, to fix what we have created, the problem coming down the road. talk to the financial people. merit three and a percent gdp in terms of total debt that i'm not talking just government debt. i am talking total debt. there hasn't been a country in history of the world that has survived that. we ought to be about fixing that. >> charles: every great empire in the world seems to have fallen asleep with the switch. some people say it's human nature and it cannot be avoided. >> it's like bureaucracies.
1:59 pm
bureaucracies tend to propagate themselves. trump has done a lot of great stuff. i don't like how he does it, how he speaks about it but he has done a lot of great stuff. passing another tax cut without getting rid of some of the waste -- he passed the one bill that had all of the drunk candidates that he wouldn't sign another one. he should have never signed that one. >> charles: he expressed tremendous regret about that. $1.3 trillion spending bill is outrageous. a lot of people were pretty upset about that. but now you've got major republicans saying hey, let's go for more tax cuts. not hearing a lot about offsets. >> you are not. it's easy to cut taxes. that's easy. it's hard to cut spending. what that requires is real will, perseverance, people thinking about the long-term is of the short-term clinical consequences. >> charles: quickly, the big book came out today. anything stand out? >> earmarks are back.
2:00 pm
politicians are back to doing $14 billion worth of earmarks. it's a shame. it's about the politicians. it's not about the future of our country. >> charles: thank you. catch me tonight on fox business at 6:00 p.m. now here is "the five" ." ♪ >> greg: hello. i am greg gutfeld. juan williams, jesse watters, and she wants with stranded on a cheez-it. dana perino, "the five" ." stock up on the noisemakers, silly hats and xanax. the 2020 election is only 838 days away. a new poll shows 3 out of 4 democrats believe it's time for a fresh face. can you blame them? check out their ghosts of the candidates. biden, hillary,


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