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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 19, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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that's it for us tonight. tune in every night at 8:00 p.m. to the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. good night from washington. tomorrow is friday, and sean hannity is right now. >> sean: by the way, i want to tell your audience in helsinki, you are a troublemaker. that's all i'm going to say. i'm not going to give you up. speaking on behalf of others, with my producer. >> sean: they were the desert that the president and vladimir was supposed to have. it just for saying. >> tucker: you ate one so you are implicated. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." trump supporters, beware, the midterm elections are fast approaching. many on the left are ramping up the insane rhetoric. ramping up identity politics, demonizing differences, to them, if you support president trump, it's not just the political choice, it's a mortal sin for which there is no forgiveness ever. in a moment, i'm going to show
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you how our own judge jeanine pirro was literally shouted down face-to-face by some of the term painting of "the view." she will give us the ugly behind-the-scenes stories. we will get more psychotic rhetoric from the left, they're never ending obsession of roger. meanwhile, the president and administration outpacing many complex issues around the world, today, the fbi director, he warned that china, not russia, was the single most significant threat to the united states. tonight, we will do something the mainstream media won't do, we will show how the president is actually countering china with a policy of peace through strength. we also have tonight a shocking story out of the state of california. the sanctuary city of san francisco is now allowing illegal immigrants to vote in elections. i didn't make that up. we have an important new report on deep state after peter strzok, john solomon, all of
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that, plus president said, he will be putin's worst enemy if their relationship does not work out, and that obama was a patsy for putin. buckle up, it's time for tonight breaking news multipronged opening monologue. the democrat election playbook is now in full swing. according to the left, if you support donald trump, or you have conservative opinions, you are no longer a decent human being. instead, according to them, you are a xena phobic, islamophobic, homophobic, racist, sexist, you want dirty air, dirty water, you definitely want to take grandma and throw her right over the cliff. by the way, you want children to die. by the way, we are the smelly walmart shoppers, the irredeemable deplorables. we cling to our god, gund's, and religion. this is especially true in the age of trump.
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we've seen the president and his allies kicked out of restaurants, harassed out front of their own homes, front yards, the most vicious attacks even against women and even against the president's children and grandchildren. as no surprise that her own judge jeanine pirro is not warmly welcomed her and her guest appearance on "w" on abc. by the way, jeanine pirro, are you proud of this? >> did you just point at me? >> yes! >> i don't have trump derangement. there been a lot of people in office that i didn't agree with, but i have never, ever seen anything like this. i've never seen anybody whip up such hate, i've never seen anybody be so dismissive. how long has the deep state been there and who is running it? >> i want to answer your question -- >> i didn't ask you a question -- >> your opening statement, how horrible that it is that
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donald trump is talking about -- >> you said that -- >> he shouldn't be here and murdering the children of american citizens. >> what's horrible is when the president of the united states whips up people to beat up people. say goodbye! >> >> sean: i spoke to judge jeanine pirro back stage, it got much worse. she will join us for more. the entire week, the left's anti-trump echo chamber has been a super-duper high alert. the president's meeting with vladimir putin has been compared to, let's see, the holocaust, 9/11, pearl harbor, the rhetoric has been absolutely psychotic. look at this, the new yorker featuring a cartoon featuring ap face down at the bottom of an e. great, his kids have to say that, his grandkids have to see that. by the way, on tv, over just the
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past 24 hours alone, not the earlier 48 hours, the antidrug hysteria is even worse. we are all in a state of panic. the economy is doing well, we are safer than we have been, and they know they are going to lose the next election. they are scared. take a look. >> to the president share classified information with putin? did the president take other steps beyond those that he took so publicly to undermine the security of the united states? >> this president is very happy making himself a client of vladimir putin. who knows what they talked about behind closed doors. >> he is aiding and abetting the enemy. >> i can't believe this is something i'm saying about the president of the united states, it made me wonder if people are suspicious that he revealed sensitive, classified intelligence, including human sources of information to the president of the russian federation. >> what putin does is what trump does.
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they lie for a living. >> i'm about as shaky as i was as the night heat one back. back then, my fear was that we elected an asset of the russian government who would sell out america at every opportunity to save his own kind. my biggest fear now is that i was right. >> sean: president trump is a long track record countering the malicious actions of putin. the president armed ukraine, he increased sanctions on russia, he increased findings on nato, slapped a severe financial restrictions on some of vladimir putin's closest allies, he authorized a counter attack as putin was backing soldiers inside of syria killing many russians, remember the hostile takeover in crimea and ukraine? putin's power grab in syria, all of this election meddling you are hearing so much about, it all happened on obama's watch. he was the president, just like giving putin 20% of america's
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uranium. that was on obama's watch. the foundational material for nuclear weapons was given to putin and russia, the bad actor, the hostile regime why while oa was president. do you think you will hear this if you turn on conspiracy tv msnbc? fake news cnn? i tend to doubt it. today, once again president trump reiterated his commitment to countering putin. he issued a very stern warning. this is what we call peace through strength. judge for yourself. >> look at the diplomats are high throughout. look at all of the things that i've done. nobody else did what i have done. obama didn't do it. obama was a patsy for russia. he was a total patsy. look at the statement he made when he thought the microphones were turned off. the stupid statement he made. nobody makes a big deal about that. getting along with
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president boudin, getting along with russia is negative. with that being said, if that doesn't work out, i will be the worst enemy he's ever had. >> sean: if that doesn't work out, he will be the worst enemy he's ever had. for the sake of our world, our kids, let's hope it works out. while the media is obsessing with russia, russia, russia, i would like to remind the so-called "journalists" that it is a very big world out there, there are a lot of complex issues in this world, may be, just maybe, russia is not our biggest international foe. let's listen to what the fbi director said yesterday. >> china, from a counterintelligence perspective, represents the broadest most challenging, most significant threat we face in this country. and i say that because, for the them, it is a whole state effort. it is economic espionage, as well as traditional espionage. it is nontraditional collectors,
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as well as traditional intelligence operatives. it is human sources as well as cyber means. if we have economic espionage investigations in all 50 states that trace back to c china, not russia. someone may want to tell the left in this country that there is more to life than vladimir putin. why isn't the media obsessing about the china threat? where is the hysteria over chinese hacking, and aggressive military actions in the pacific? current manipulation, theft of intellectual property? while the left is spinning out of control over russia, russia, right here on "hannity," we report the full story. president trump is painfully aware of the geopolitical threat that is posed by all of these bad actors, including china, and has long called them out in a very public way. take a look. >> just remember, we are the banks. we are the bank that everybody wants to steal from and plunder. it can't be that way anymore.
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we lost $500 billion last year with china. we are going to end the theft of american intellectual property, cracked down on china's great abuses, and confront countries that cheat. i also had a very candid conversation with president xi about the need to reduce our staggering trade deficit with china, and for our trade relationship to be conducted on a truly fair and equitable basis. we can no longer tolerate unfair trading practices that steal american jobs, wealth, intellectual property. >> sean: as usual, the president's words are backed up with tough action. tripling tariffs, upgrading missile defense systems to china's neighbors, reaffirming america's commitment to taiwan, turning the screws on north korea. we will have more on the president peace through strength strategy more on the show tonight, but first we have to
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turn to a very shocking story that should make your blood boil. you know the sanctuary city of san francisco? they are now spitting in the face of every law-abiding american tonight. city officials are now permitting illegal immigrants, other noncitizens to register to vote in november's election. that's right. you can't make this up. they are allowing the spirit barring any future legal actionl now be among those in san francisco who get to vote in a certain local elections. this is just one more obvious sign that the left in this country, they don't care about the rule of law, our constitution, about the rights of the many, they don't believe in borders, they have no agenda to improve america, instead, they want to regain power at all costs. 42018, it's simple. they want their crimes back, they want to resend tax cuts, impeach trump but they are trying to tell everybody not to say it publicly. they want to preserve obama's
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legacy, keep your dr. plan and pay less. they want obamacare to stay, they want to block the present supreme court choices and the confirmation of justice kavanaugh, and, that's right, you can see they want open borders, also. they are not proposing one thing that will solve any problem for any american citizen. it is without a doubt the most important midterm election in her lifetime. the future of this country is at stake. they want to undo the 2016 election. finally tonight, we do have a breaking news story from jonah solomon. he is highlighting an underreported text from the corrupt fbi investigator, peter strzok to his girlfriend, lisa page. the text reads, and investigation leading to impeachment? you and i both know the odds are nothing. strzok goes on and says, there is no big "there" there appeared the timing of this text is incredibly telling. just two days after mueller was appointed to conduct this
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witch hunt on collusion. strzok refused to answer what this text is referring to. lisa page, behind closed doors, did in fact confirmed that the text refer to the quality of the russia case that he was leading. there is no big they're there. there never was. millions of dollars later, this never ending divide and fishing expedition rolls on. show us the evidence, mr. miller why don't you ever appoint a guy that has that much corruption in his background. really? withholding evidence? sending innocent people to jail for a year, overturned by the fifth circuit? tens of thousands of americans lost their job? he is your number one guy? really? then you can't find a single republican to put on your team? not one? just a merry band of hillary supporters? here was more from the hill is
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john solomon. big story. >> i think once important here, the evidence in this case has been produced episodically to congress. you get a single witness, a few documents they forgot to give you, then another witness. what happened over the last couple weeks, congress has gone back to reassemble and look back. one of the questions they are trying to answer, is there actions that were taken that clearly could be attributed to political bias? this discussion that you just highlighted has become very important. they've now confirmed, they put all the text messages and emails from mid-may, they see a discussion going on between us peter strzok and it lisa page appeared we stay in the fbi and go pointer to get up the elevator, or should we go try to get resident rep impeached? at some point, they say, maybe we should stop this discussion but they keep going anyways. we don't really need to go over there, there is no there there. there is not going to be a big
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crime found. i think that's essential because it is 1 of 5 things they did not defy the normal investigative work that they do. >> sean: on top of that, they were writing an exoneration of hillary before they investigated. let's go back to this. lisa page, the media only focuses on one story at a time, and it's a story that they have focused on for two years with no evidence, my question is, lisa strzok -- i'm sorry, lisa page is contradicting what peter strzok said under oath. that means he lied under oath if she is telling us what it seems like it reads is what they meant, which he denies. >> the most important thing is that peter strzok testified, he didn't believe any political bias affected his action. he's giving a factual statement, yeah, we were talking about russia, we are talking about the special counsel. we now know for sure that was what they were talking about. most important thing going on, let's take a look at the five things that we now know they did that defy their training.
6:16 pm
the excepted circular intelligence, they knew everything was coming from the hillary clinton funded dossier but made it look like it was coming from multiple sources. two weeks before the election, they are trying to force through a warrant on the term campaign before the election was over. the day after the election, they make and all call, we need all the rockers reporting on the term campaign, let's start collecting him beard the day after he is elected. you get to this point in may where they are about to turn the case over and allow the justice department to appoint a special prosecutor, they kind of know it's a flimsy evidence. all of these things suggest that they are going by their normal training, their normal behavior, to mike as counterintelligence agents. that's why this question of political bias is going to get answered soon. we want to sum it up, they used their power, try to steal, anyway, the presidential election by favoring one candidate over another candidate, and letting one candidate who should've been indicted and turning everything they had over to the other.
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joining us now, the host investigates, it's on a crt b, former secret service agent, nra tv contributor. it lets go over, shall weeks, i love truth in history, i know you do. that happened under obama's watch, that's 20% of america's uranium. the interference and meddling in the 2016 election, that happened under obama. crimea happened under obama, the syria redline was crossed also under obama. how can the media didn't care about any of this? speak up because they suffer from selective sovereignty syndrome. they only care about foreign meddling and foreign conflicts when there's a president with a r by his name, especially when
6:18 pm
that r comes in the name trump. you can go all the way back to the clinton years, china gate, the dangerous national security implications of all of the campaign contributions that were coming in from shady characters all the way back then. who was it that was sounding the alarm about all of those scandals? it wasn't the new york slime and it wasn't the washington compote, they were too busy printing all of the condemnations from people blowing the whistle on it and referring to them as xenophobic and racist, which is what you talked about in your monologue. this is classic left-wing playbook of attacking the messenger. it's a huge cloud, smoke and mirrors to distract from the fact that these people are absolutely treasonous hypocrites. they can scream treason as loud as they want to but the fact in the history speaks for itself. >> >> sean: the other thing is, the president with stronger
6:19 pm
onrush of the whole time. i was glad the president came out today and said no, it was actually obama that was the patsy for clinton. does anybody in the world doubt that if putin wants to get aggressive with donald trump as president, is not going to be the same as when obama was president. he is not going to take putin's. the idea that people think otherwise, it just shows there's nothing trump can do. he can cure cancer at this point, and they will still hate him. >> shawn, he has already been tougher on russia. i know you are tired of this, i'm kind of tired of being tired of it. as she pointed out, so many abominations under the obama clinton campaign. what about the payment from the russian banks to the clinton foundation? the russian bank that was, by the way, associated with the kremlin.
6:20 pm
what about the clinton trip to because extend? they forget all of the stuff that actually happened, then when trump actually did, they ignore. talking about the pipeline, fighting for american national gas interests over the russian interests, you think putin like that? under the trump administration, wiping out the russian marks in syria. this stuff actually happened. the media pays no attention because they are pathetic. they are not even the media, they are strictly propaganda for the democratic party. it lets stop pretending they are reasonable people. >> i just want to add something, it is so galling and unconscionable for these media outlets now to fashion themselves the champions of our intelligence agencies. they want you to forget that during the bush administration, it was two "new york times" journalist who tipped off the global relief foundation and the holy land foundation, designated terrorist finance organizations
6:21 pm
for raids that are about to happen. the attorney at the time condemned those leaks in those publications of the dangerous information because it directly impacted and affected those agents that were executing the raids. these are the same people, the new york slime, that blast about releasing and revealing the identities of cia interrogators, including the one who interrogated kate and peered endangering these intelligence agents and ignoring the treaties of top officials, who were telling them not to do this in the name of national security. they didn't care then, they don't care now. >> sean: at last. speak out last night, "the new york times" again, double down on what michelle said. what if they do? they leaked that there is a source close to putin that has been feeding them information.
6:22 pm
nice job "the new york times" outing what is probably our best intelligence sources to try to put a on the face of president trump, nice job, you goofball. >> sean: thank you both. when we come back, it is so bad, the trump derangement syndrome is so out of control, jeanine pirro got thrown off the set of "the view" today and what happened after was even worse. she will tell us all about it next ♪ ♪ let your perfect drive come together at the lincoln summer invitation sales event. get 0% apr on select 2018 lincoln models plus $1,000 bonus cash.
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6:27 pm
never, ever seen anything like this. i've never seen anybody whip up such hate, i've never seen anybody be so dismissive. how long has the deep state been there and who is running at? >> i want to answer your question -- >> i didn't ask you a question -- >> your opening statement is how horrible it was that donald trump is talking about - about -- -- >> you said that -- >> you said murdering the children of american citizens. what was horrible -- >> what's horrible as when the president of the united states whips out people to beat the hill out of people. say goodbye! >> sean: author of the new book, "liars, leakers, and liberals" you see here on fox, hello, judge jeanine pirro. anything going on in your life tonight? >> i will tell you. i got an invitation to go on a "the view" to talk about my new
6:28 pm
book, "liars, leakers, and liberals." i was happy to respond to their request. there was one segment which i thought was rather simple, they clearly are of a particular event, but it was in the second segment that you just played where i literally was thrown off the set. whoopi goldberg basically said, i am done, she pulled the plug off and walked away. but it did not end there. i think the sad part about all this is that, you know, i said in the first segment, we need to start talking to each other. we need to start having a conversation. people ostensibly hate each other. the irony is that i said that about 2 minutes before she started. i just felt that today was a microcosm of what is happening in america as the left suffers from this trump derangement syndrome.
6:29 pm
he shuts me down, doesn't allow me to talk, yells at me, yells about donald trump, and when i try to answer, she continued to yell. it did not end there. what happened was i realized the segment was over, i got up, and i just left the stage going downstairs, i saw her, i had to walk by her, i said, whoopi, i fought for victims my whole life, something like that, and she started cursing at me. >> sean: tell everybody what she said without saying it. >> she said f you. f you. i said, did you just say, f you? then she said, get the f out of this building. i felt like i was -- i couldn't believe that i went there to have a conversation. i got thrown off the side,
6:30 pm
thrown out of the building, as i walked away, she is yelling at me, get the f out of this building! it's sad. what these people have turned into his side. >> sean: what's happening is they can't handle that they lost, they can't seem to handle that the world has changed. the worst part for those on the left is that the presidents success is causing them to go even more insane because, remember, they're supposed to be a big blue title wave, but the economy setting record numbers, i can't wait till the end of next week, get the second quarter gdp estimates is going to be pretty good, maybe even as high as 4%, which barack obama never had an eight years of his presidency. 13 million more americans on food stamps, 8 million more in poverty. if there is no doubt it's a divided country. i've known whoopi for years.
6:31 pm
i watched the show, frankly, it has become on watchable, the ratings are way, way down than what it used to be. the fact that they can't have a civil conversation with you is part of the reason. speak out you know i have cohosted that show in the past, and during the break before the first and second segment, i looked over to whoopi and said, how are you? i haven't seen you in a while, i said are you still doing something that we used to do together? she said no, i turned to someone from cnn, no one told me that someone from cnn was going to be host, which i thought was fascinating. >> sean: i hope you said fake news. >> all of a sudden, when we came back into the second block, all hell broke loose, and i have to tell you, we deserve better. we deserve better than to be berated because we support the president. >> sean: judge, look at what happened to secretary nielsen,
6:32 pm
sarah sanders, look at the covers that i just showed her audience in my opening monologue tonight. severed heads, dead presidents at the end of escalators now. the left is unhinged, they don't have a plan to offer the american people, all they have is innuendo, name-calling, typical playbook, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic. they don't have an agenda to improve the lives of people, not a good time to be a democrat. >> people are going to think this is normal. i wasn't just in a restaurant, i was invited to go there and speak. this is where people start to copy what other people are doin doing. >> sean: it's dangerous out there. it's getting dangerous for a lot of people. everybody needs to take a deep breath. as an election coming up, focus on the next election. focus on your candidate and, i don't even -- don't change. keep being as dumb as they are. that will be perfect. judge, i am sorry you went
6:33 pm
through that. you didn't deserve it, by the way. the book, "liars, leaker, and liberals" is out in bookstores. when we come back, president trump loving that joe biden, crazy uncle joe, might run against him in 2020. i happen to be all for it. who will win tonight "it's your world." it's straight ahead fruits and veggies are essential to your health, but it's tough to get enough of their nutrients. new one a day with nature's medley is the only complete multivitamin with antioxidants
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>> sean: we have some good news tonight. crazy uncle joe biden might be setting his sights on running for president in 2020. according to reports, joe biden says he will decide if he is running for president by january. president trump responded to joe biden's possible run on "cbs evening news." we will take a look. >> let me ask about 2020. who do you think your democratic opponent will be? joe biden says he will make a decision by january. >> i dream about biden, that's a dream.
6:38 pm
joe biden ran three times, he never got more than 1%, and president obama took him out of the garbage heap, everybody was shocked that he did. i would love to have it be biden. >> sean: he can run on obama's failed record. if crazy uncle joe does decide to run against drum, it will be interesting. let's take a look at some of his, proudest moments. >> my mother and father had me believe that if i wanted to be president of the united states, i could be! [bleep] his mom lived in long island or so, but, wait, your mom is still alive, your dad passed. god bless her soul. stand up, chuck, let's see you. god love you, what am i talking about? the man who will be the next president of the united states,
6:39 pm
barack. delaware, the largest population is indian americans moving from india. you cannot go to a 7-eleven or a dunkin' donuts unless you have a slight indian accent. i'm not joking. >> sean: what kind of a chance will in northeastern liberal stand in the south? >> better than anybody else. you don't know about my state. it state was a slave state, my state is the eighth largest black population in the country. >> mainstream america who is articulate and bright, and clean, nice looking guy, that's a story. they are going to put you all back in chains. >> sean: first mainstream that is clean and articulate. my state is a slave state. you can't go to a 7-eleven or a dunkin' donuts unless you have a
6:40 pm
slight indian accent. fox news contributor, jessica. okay, imagine any republican said those really dumb things. how would your side react? >> the same way that we did when donald trump said things like that, and he ended up getting elected. >> crazy uncle joe. >> yeah, i've heard that. frankly, some of those gaffes aren't terrible at all, they're just misspeaking. he's been in politics 30, 40 years now. there's going to be things on a tape that are going to be embarrassing. i don't think that has any bearing on how he would do in 2020 running against donald trump, who runs a vitriol for hours and hours. >> sean: he could run on his record. his record speaks for himself. 30 more million americans on food stamps, lowest
6:41 pm
participation rate since the '70s, ate 8 million more ameris in poverty, lowest home ownership in 40 years, now compare that to the trump economy, how is that going to work out? >> donald trump is a better record, better economy, better hair than joe biden. >> i think he has great hair! >> joe biden is a gas machine, he's got no base, no money, no crowd size. and he is a straight white male, which is a little too much privilege for the democratic party, i don't know if you are going to be able to handle that. the guy is a little creepy. ever seen those videos where he is doing the massages? >> i think a lot of those are doctored. >> the minute donald trump retreats that video, game over. good night. i don't think he stands a chance. >> sean: i'm going to start date quiz segment. put your hand up if you know the answer. uranium 1 happened under which administration.
6:42 pm
was it obama or trump? >> obama. >> sean: one about the russian meddling and interference? did that happen under trump or obama? >> i feel like you guys are playing a game by yourselves. >> sean: hold on, we are playing a game. crimea and ukraine. trump or obama? >> obama. >> sean: what about the reset button. when did that happen? >> crooked hillary under barack obama. something wrong, jessica? >> sean: who said, i will have a little more flexibility underr the election, tell vladimir. who has been tougher on russia. obama or trump? >> donald j. trump. >> sean: jessica, i'm just
6:43 pm
trying to understand your sides freak out. help us out. speak out out >> sean: you get the a+ forgetting every answer right. >> i know you really needed that for your ego because i won last time. >> sean: did meddling happen under obama? >> meddling did happen under obama and democrats have been critical on how the obama administration handled that, but the president today, donald j. trump, as you like to call him, stood up there next to vladimir putin's and said that he did not meddle in the election. >> sean: i played it on the air last night, you got to pay close attention to the show. i played at least seven separate instances where he said russia did meddle in the election. he said it over and over again. it's not something that he had not said previously many times before. >> okay, seven times he received classified information before his inauguration day that the
6:44 pm
russians had meddled. all seven times he said that, they were pretty wobbly anyway, he said it's a witch hunt, it's not a witch hunt, also, why are you laughing? you got to say barack obama, barack obama. >> i'm laughing because you guys are so tough on russia. russia ran wild under barack hussein obama. you guys did nothing until little hillary clinton got embarrassed about some emails that came out about chelsea and her wedding. you guys are not tough, you think global warming is more of a threat than terrorism -- >> that's not true. >> you guys have done nothing on russia, now you complain because it's an excuse for losing the election. you know what really cost her the election? she fainted, she was a terrible candidate, she didn't go to wisconsin, she called half the country deplorable. >> sean: i want you to know, jessica, the last time we were together got her first win.
6:45 pm
jesse now has come back and won 100-0. that is never happened. >> lets tell everyone where jessica was last week. >> i went into the semifinals of the world cup in st. petersburg. >> sean: of the first time we've ever had a perfect score goes to jesse watters. >> this is insane. >> sorry, maybe next time. >> sean: maybe next time. good to see you both. still to come, there's probably no one else out there in the world that knows more about the hatred of the media that they have for donald trump than sean spicer. he joins us next
6:46 pm
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>> sean: the mainstream media outdid themselves this week, proving once again they are not
6:50 pm
interested in journalism, all they seem to care about is destroying trump, delegitimizing his presidency, going after, as we saw with judge jeanine pirro, anybody that likes the president. watch this. >> can recall president trump the leader of the free world? can we still call him the leader of the united states? >> it is just as serious to me as the cuban missile crisis in terms of an attack, or the 9/11 attacks. his performance today will live in infamy as much as the pearl harbor attack or kristallnacht. >> when did we see almost a shadow government come out and say, we cannot side with the government, whether distinct cabinet or the senate? >> i feel this is a crisis of real urgency, i'm not sure what we can do except try to contain him in various ways. >> the definition it needs is the first word in the impeachment article of the constitution which is treason, bribery, high crimes and misdemeanors. >> you had a one word reaction to what you saw yesterday.
6:51 pm
treason. >> sean: here with reaction, also a brand-new book, former press secretary, sean spicer. you live this every day for a while. i told you at the time, i don't know why you do that job. i think sarah sanders has said the same thing, i did see her briefly in helsinki. one particular case, all of the meddling and interference happened under obama. uranium 1 happened under obama, crimea and ukraine happened under obama, the syrian redline happened under obama, and i'm looking at this, i'm like, they've lost all sense of any objectivity. what do you think it is? >> i think clearly they have a problem. they thought that hillary clinton was going to win the election, they were wrong, now they refuse to give president trump the credit he deserves in each of the areas, whether it's the economic policy, foreign policy, what have you. no matter how much good the
6:52 pm
president does, no matter how he deregulate regulatory states, it's never good enough, there's always a problem. i talk about this extensively in the book. how we take that headwind on every single issue. it started throughout the campaign, it started on day one. it was literally the present trying to delegitimize the president, to find a way to too into that oval office and say, there's something wrong. they falsely accused the president of taking the bust of martin luther king out of the office. throughout my entire book, part of the reason i wanted to write this book was to make people understand the headwind that we faced every day in terms of this administration and its president. >> sean: you've had a very interesting life and background, your family, actually, you grew up in rhode island, which surprised me. >> i did, yes. >> sean: i was in the next town over for five years, which
6:53 pm
is interesting. the thing is, you served your country, then you go into battle with this group of people that just want to destroy you every single day. what do you take out of it? what have you learned? i know what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, but you still lived it. >> number one, you are right. it makes us stronger, it makes us better, and better conservatives in my case. i think i actually was able to refine my argument, you have to be stronger and smarter and constantly thinking, because they come at you with everything they have, the more successful that you -- the more success you may have, the stronger they are going come at you. you've seen that time and time again. no matter what we've done on the conservative side, they will come after us. this president, every account, study, every one of them, the coverage is highly negative. the press should go after politicians and government officials, but 90% of the time
6:54 pm
doesn't make sense. >> sean: even at the expense -- it's like the democrats don't want this president to succeed because if he does, as he is doing, that is a real clear and present danger to their goal which is to get power back. every success makes them more desperate. >> right. you heard bill marr, who so many people love to go on his show and treat him as if he is a normal journalist. the bottom line is, he talked about the economy, he wants it to tank because that is the only way you're going to defeat him. think about what that means to every average day american. >> sean: people lose jobs that need them. the forgotten men and women. the book is fantastic, reading it now, loving every minute of it, it's in bookstores everywhere,, "the briefing," sean spicer, thanks for being with us. when we come back, rush limbaugh explains why you, the american people, are not buying this
6:55 pm
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♪ >> sean: following the president's assignment with vladimir, the left and then destroy trump mediated everything they could to attack the president prayed earlier today, on his massive rh limbaugh explains how the polls show nobody cares. too bad. take a look. >> here's the question, what do you think is the most important problem facing the country today? open-ended, pick whatever you want, whatever comes to mind. what has been dominating the news? for the past week, the past month, the past two months, what has been dominating the news? trump colluding with russia. russia meddling in the election. the election may have been illegitimate. donald trump may be a russian spy. donald trump, you name it, that has been the lead item. so few people answered the
7:00 pm
situation with russia that asterisks are in place of numbers. >> sean: they don't care. rush is right. 100%. we will never be the destroy-trump-media. let not your heart be troubled. jason chaffetz and for laura ingraham. how are you, sir? >> jason: doing great, thanks, sean. i appreciate it. >> sean: have a great show. >> jason: thank you. welcome to "the ingraham angle." i am jason chaffetz in four laura ingraham from washington. coming up, what is the status of congress' relationship with the intel agency? florida congressman ron desantis is here to react to how much by dan coats and rod rosenstein earlier today. plus are the media and democratic party beating the war trump's with russia? we'll dive into some questionable language for both sides. as a possible the fbi covered up by damaging foreign