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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 19, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> shannon: people were really getting into it, we love it. so grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington, i am shannon bream. ♪ ♪ evening andood welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," all week we have watched our leaders other countries to our democracy. for a national seek to influence our election, they have told ushe again and again and they are right, some countries do that. it's a fair point. with that in mind it was a little bit surreal to watch today as democratic politicians in california encouraged foreigw nationals to actually vote in our elections. it wasn't treason, how could it be? -- progressives are doing it. it's a form of civil rights. in san francisco, citizens of other countries, including illegal aliens, are now allowed to vote for school board.
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other offices will not be far behind.rd you can be sure of that. san francisco is the biggest city to try this but the trend is spreading nationwide. in a number of cities in the state maryland, foreign citizens can vote in all local elections. there's a push underway in new york city and in boston to allow the same thing. none of this is treasonous, it is not a hacking of our democracy, there's nothing putin or donald trump would do, it is actually a restoration of rights. noncitizens have been voting in this country longer than they haven't. we're not going to pretend to know exactly what that means, we do know the left no longer pretend to believe in borders or citizenship. they've rejected the notion that america is even a country. it's an idea, they tell us again and again. really, you get the sense they think it's a division of amazon. staffed by faceless replaceable drones.
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of meaning you, for now. then your foreign replacement if you don't work eagerly enough or if you complain. keep in mind, none of this is a threat to our democracy. it's the essence of democracy, somehow. ian samuels of harvard law school. maybe he can explain. ian, thanks for coming on. the reason that people are upset that russia hacked our democracy and attempts to interfere in our elections, and i think they have a right to be upset about that is that russians aren't americans, and only citizens have the right to influence a democracy, that's what citizenship is -- the right to do that. to self govern. with that in mind, why the same people who are upset about russia doing this encouraging other foreign nationals to vote? >> i think the reason is it's not that people are upset that russia is interfering with american elections because those people aren't citizens -- it's because they're hostile to the united states.
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long-term residents of the united states aren't in the same position. you quoted at the top, voting br noncitizens is quite common. it has persisted in the united states until the early part of the 20th century. >> tucker: before you finish, it's not the samet' thing. it's a matter of intent? anyone who meets your definition of being not hostile to the united states as defined by you or other harvard law professors gets to vote. if putin were to say i'm not hostile to the united states i like a donald trump, i think he said that on stage on monday -- that would give him the right to influence our elections by your standard. >> the traditional test, up until arkansas was the last state to eliminate noncitizen voting in 1926, the traditional test was residency. permanentt residency. when abe lincoln was elected on the backs of lots of noncitizen voters in illinois, i don't think there was something
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illegitimate about that. >> tucker: we can't be sure what was true from the 1860 election because we didn't have the capacity to survey it. >> we know what the law was, we know illinois allowed noncitizens to vote. >> tucker: we don't know what percentage of them voted for ollincoln. let's move to the present from the past. let's skip ahead if we could. >> i'm an originalist, i like the past. >> tucker: why would it be wrong for putin if his intent was pure to influence our election? by the standards that you just playedur out. i don't understand how you could be mad about russian meddling and your encouraging noncitizens to choose officeholders. >> if putin wanted to leave
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russia and become a permanent resident of the united states i would encourage them to vote. >> tucker: there's no such thing and permanent residency for an illegal alien, he has no residency. >> historically that's not right. >> tucker: i'm not talking about historically, i'm talking about 2018. illegal aliens are now alloweded to vote in san francisco,01 there's no permanent residence by definition, they're not residents they are here illegally and they are allowed to vote. why is that okay but putin influencing an election not okay? why is that not treason? >> i don't know how better to put this. as i said, i'm an originalist,ti believe that the central government should not be involved in telling states who can and cannot vote the a constitution assign that responsibility. >> tucker: would you be okay with california saying anybody from russia, any russian intelligence agent who wants to influence our election, go ahead. >> not on the merits.
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>> tucker: you wouldn't be. >> i would draw the line differently. i would draw the line at resident. >> tucker: let's just be -- as a matter of fact let's be clear on what california is requiring you don't have to prove residency in a foreboding, what you're saying is irrelevant to the actual facts. >> they may have excited as a practical matter to draw the line overinclusive but everybody who lives in san francisco for whatever period is subject to the laws there. it's not actually crazy to suggest that they should have some input, that's historically normal. >> tucker: we just had a russian intelligence agent arrested yesterday, she's in jail without bail. her crime is trying to influence america without registering under the foreign registration act.
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what did she do wrong? she's a long-term resident, she's involved in a romantic relationship with an american, she spoke english, she had a vested interest in this country, and yet she's in jail without bail, would you defend her? >> i think there's a great deal of difference between a person who is an actual spy between a person who believes that this is where they live. >> tucker: no one is alleging she's a spy. i read the indictment. she is accused of trying to influence the country without registering -- because she's not doing it for democrats. >> as far as i know, she might have. i have no idea. what she did wrong is violate the federal statute that
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what is true is that the constitution assigns each state a decision to decide who is going to vote. >> tucker: you've change the principal four times. you said they had to have lived here for a long time, not really. now you are saying, what? if you violate a law? >> i am comfortable with the idea that anybody who is subject to the laws of the united stateh and resides here in the ordinary sense should have an input into the political process. p tucker: i hope you will raise money for this woman's legal defense, it sounds like by your standards she got railroaded. >> i will do it for free. >> tucker: [laughs] no, you won't. don rosenberg knows a lot about his son was killed by an illegal immigrant driver.
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he is seeking to use a border initiative in california to reverse a law that gives driver's licenses to illegal aliens. he joins us tonight. thank >> thanks for having me. you for coming on. >> tucker: apart from the tragedy of your personal story, let me say every time i read it i feel sad, i was fascinated by the story because the pretext for allowing illegal aliens to have driver's license in california was it will make the roads safer. we now have some data on that, tell us, did it make the roads safer in california? >> not the least bit. there was pretext the drivershe would be trained, they would have insurance to get a license and hit and runs would decrease. there's nothing in the law that requires them to get trained. there is nothing in the law that forces them to get insurance. all you have to do is show up in a car that's insured and go home and drive your car that isn't. hidden runs in the first two years are up 26.4%,
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that's over 26,000 in the first two years and traffic fatalities in the first three years are up over 16% which is equal to about 1200 -- a little over 1200 people. i would hardly call that safer. >> tucker: the opposite has happened. by the way, nationally, highway deaths are falling but in california which allows illegals to have drivers licenses it's gotten more dangerous. do officials in california who predicted the opposite, have they apologized? are they concerned about this? >> they either don't talk to me or one politician threatened me last week that i shouldn't go forward. >> tucker: who? >> a guy named gil zedillo. he used to be in the senate, he is now a city council member in los angeles. >> tucker: he threatened you, what did he say? >> he said, it's in writing. he didn't talk to me
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specifically. but he said i shouldn't poke the hornets nest. >> tucker: what do you think he meant by that? >> i think he meant by if i go forward with this, they are going to do even crazier things than they've done when it comesi to illegal immigrants and their so-called rights. i looked at that as you're not threatening me, you're threatening the state. every time you do something that supposedly helps illegal immigrants, it hurts everybody who lives here who is a citizen or a legal resident. you're not threatening me, your threatening the whole state. >> tucker: it's one of the saddest, most backward stories eeve everd seen. don rosenberg thank you for coming on ensuring that, it's unbelievable. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> tucker: we have coming up exclusive reporting done by the show on a major story pertaining
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it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, provides the most wifi coverage for your home, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. ♪ >> tucker: several months ago on this show we broke the story of tony podesta lobbying for>> ukraine, he is the founder of the now defunct to podesta group which for years was one of the biggest democratic firms in washington. he's also the brother of clinton campaign chairman john podesta. he is also a close friend and a major fund-raiser for bill and hillary clinton. the podesta group worked with paul manafort to lobby on behalf of ukrainian interest in the united states without properly registering under the foreign agent registration act which is called farah.
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manafort got in big trouble, he's looking at a life sentence behind bars in solitary confinement. tony podesta, whatever happened to him? tonight we can report exclusively based on two separate sources we spoke to today that tony podesta has been offered immunity by robert mueller to testify against paul manafort. for a near identical crime, bill and hillary's friend could escape and emerge completely unscathed while paul manafort may rot in jail. only one of them made the mistake of chairing donald trump's presidential maybe the mostmi amazing is the pretext under which all of this is happening. the fara law was passed back in 1938 in order to prevent the nazi government from lobbying in the u.s. over a 50 year period from 1966 to 2015, a total of only seven people were criminally charged under fara. many more could have been charged -- washington is brimming with unregistered
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foreign agents and has been for decades. and yet only seven people were charged over 50 years. in recent months, three people have been charged under fara. what do they have in common? you guessed it -- some connection to donald trump. federal laws ought to be enforced, unlike the left we actually believe that. but they must be enforced equally or they are not laws at all, they are political cudgels and tools of social control. they become illegitimate and scary, and this case ought to make you nervous. john brennan ran the cia under barack obama, now he's a cable news shout or a paid analyst for msnbc who insults donald trump and advocates for the democratic party. brennan no longer works for the federal government in any capacity, he holds no official post and yet according to two psurces we spoke to exclusively today, brennan retains perhaps
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the most valuable asset he had in government -- a top-secret security clearance. this allows him to do with the rest of us cannot do, via a government documents and discuss with intelligence officials areh still working in government and lick that information to the press. this is an awesome power, our intelligence agencies keep america's most sensitive secrets. they hold highly personal information on every american including you. it is terrifying to think john brennan still has access to any information. he is an out of the closet extremist. this week, he accused donald trump of treason, a death penalty offense. he suggested it would be reasonable for the intelligence agencies to conceal information from the president -- that's ald violation of their charter and a violation of federal law. on twitter he routinely makes florid threats addressing his tweets directly to the president like a crazy person. earlier this year he wrote this.
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you could almost hear his fingers smashing the keyboard, not a stable man. he is a passionate ideologue with a documented history of dishonesty. the cia director he lied about spying on senate staffers and killing civilians with drone strikes. he lied about the steele dossier famously. in 2010, he prevented the cia from referring to islam as a as jihadists. if this is not a man who should have security clearance. we called to ask if he has revealed classified information or if he's past informationit to his colleagues on nbc, they did not respond. brennan isn't the only reckless partisan with a history of dishonesty who retains a government security clearance. jim klapper appears to have
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one too, the same with michael hayden, a former cia director. he recently suggested the president is carrying out a second holocaust on the mexican border. in case you're wondering how classified information winds up in the media on a daily basis, "the new york times" story this morning, all of it designed to undermine the elected president and bolster the democratic party, now you have some sense. you would hate to think that deep state is real, there is a permanent government that operates independently of voters and of democracy itself. as long as guys like this have security clearances, you've got to wonder. senator rand paul represents the commonwealth of kentucky, he is worried about this. we talked to him about it a short time ago. >> tucker: senator, thanks for joining us. john brennan is an irresponsible partisan combatant who works for a cable news channel and has threatened the president on twitter. why in the world would he have a wtop-secret federal security clearance? >> this is alarming.r. if brennan still have top-secret clearance, can he research
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donald trump? can he research his family, can he type my name into computer search engines, can he look at all of my information? he's calling the president treasonous, saying he is for the death penalty of the presidents -- it's alarming. if he has security clearance it's alarming. >> tucker: we spoke to knowledgeable sources on this question that say he does. we try to confirm it with the cia, they refused to comment. we asked nbc, they refused to comment on that, we believe it to be true. what would prevent him from speaking to current employees of the cia or other intelligence agencies and getting secret information from them that coulh be leaked to the press are used against his political opponents? >> he has a history of leaking information already, not only for political reasons but a few years ago, there was an inside informant in the yemen while that person was still on the
9:22 pm
inside, he put that person's life at risk, they all backpedaled and they had to rescue someone out of yemen who was at the heart of an al qaeda project trying to discover what their plans were. john brennan leaked their name. he has a history of having a problem with leaking, who in the right mind would want to let him have the power still to search through everybody's records? >> tucker: he's a private citizen who works for a cable news -- can i get a security clearance and find out government secrets and use them in the course of my job? what is this? >> i think it's completely crazy and the idea that he could be passing secrets to the media, that's alarming. >> tucker: what could be done? >> we're going to send a letter not only to the presidentan askg if he still has clearance which i think the president might be interested in this issue. i'm sending it to jeff sessions and dan coats, we are going to b press the case and we are going to find out does he still have
9:23 pm
clearance, and should a person who has called the president treasonous have a top-secret clearance? >> tucker: or threatened him? it's not just brennan, it isis potentially end we believe it is also james clapper, susan rice, people who are active participants in current partisan warfare, shouldn't there be some mechanism to prevent people who are engaging in partisan warfare from having security clearance? >> judges grant warrants so they would have to go to a judge to get permission to look at the database. i don't want them researching donald trump's political supporters, their bank records, their phone records, the way to stopop it is to have overhaul reform. i'm going to talk to the president on monday. were going to ask the president will you institute a new rule at the fbi that says they cannot search these foreign databases for americans material without asking a judge for permission?
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need a change of scenery? the kayak price forecast tool tells you whether to wait or book your flight now. so you can be confident you're getting the best price. giddyup! kayak. search one and done. ♪ >> tucker: injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, according to some, a flagrant injustice is unfolding in restaurants across america
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with plastic straws. some say the billions of plastic straws americans use every year are harmful to nature and are ts be eliminated. many restaurants are supplying straws only by request or eliminated them altogether. in seattle, they are banned, yoi can be fined or go to prison for distributing them. the executive director of lonely whales joins us now. thanks for coming on. >> for having me. >> tucker: unlike some people, i don't think it's crazy to worry about what plastic does to see animals, and i'm bothered by the effect that stress have on turtles. honestly, i don't like that. i guess what bothers me is the solution. the overwhelming majority of plastic waste in the oceans does not come from the united states we aren't a big littering country, it comes from asia. why not put pressure on the asian countries that are dumpin
9:29 pm
this crap into the oceans and leave american restaurant diners alone? >> it's a pleasure to be on the show to talk about plastic and america -- we should be focusing everywhere at the same time. our campaign when we started it just two years ago, it wasn't in anti-straw campaign. it was intended to raise awareness about the state of plastic pollution not just in the united states but elsewhere. since we've launched it, we've had requests from folks in india, indonesia, taiwan, evenps in china which might be a surprise to say what can i do about the plastic pollution crisis? not necessarily the plastic straw but the plastic pollution crisis overall. >> tucker: i think i'm for that. i guess what bothers me is the emphasis. threatening diners or restaurants with jail time b if they give out straws is probably less effective than saying to
9:30 pm
china, you're just spoiling the earth, which they are, and nobody ever says anything about it because they are like a third world country and we feel super guilty and we can't tell them what to do. but they're responsible for the bulk of the pollution of the world and you guys never say anything about it, why is that? >> we do say something about it. what's interesting about what china did just this year, they said no thank you. stop sending it to us. you're going to have to deal with it yourself. cities across the united states are starting to scramble to figure out where do we then send it? >> tucker: that was an interesting sleight-of-hand. china is somehow environmentally aware because it blames its environmental degradation, itsla environmental crimes on the
9:31 pm
united states? is that what you're saying? >> i don't think i said that. what i did say is for a long time the united states and other countries have been sending waste for them to deal with it. >> tucker: i don't know if you've traveled internationallyt quite a bit -- >> ian have. >> tucker: but littering is not an american problem, you go to the middle east, asia, russia, they throw stuff out the window and pollute in a huge way, american environmental groups which are totally pc refused to say anything about it because they aren't western. it's considered bigoted to point out that litter is bad no matter who does it come if you see what i'm saying? you admit that? because it's true. >> what i will admit as we got a problem with trash globally. in the united states only 9% of our trash is recycled. that's held steady since 2012. we have work to do in the u.s., of course there's work to do elsewhere as well. what we are excited for right now is the awareness from policymakers and corporations on a voluntary basis. not on the mandatory basis where
9:32 pm
people are saying this is what you should c do. but others are stepping forward and saying, we have to do something. we all have to do something. >> tucker: by something -- i kind off meant you more than halfway by saying i hate pollution, i hate littering, i hate filth, and i don't think you should hurt animals if we don't have to. i believe that. i conceded that. pt's be real for a second, of all the problems that we face, 50,000 people died of opioid ods, are straws in santa barbara in the top 100 problems, why aren't we focusing on the things that mattered most? >> i think focusing on plastic solution now is important to do. we are expected to see an increase in plastic production, and not an expectation to l increase plastic solutions. over the next 10-15 years. and it's only going to get worse. as you know, the last thing you want to do -- >> tucker: the law of unintended consequences cannot be repealed.r: if you ban straws, companies
9:33 pm
start making plastic tops that start using more plastic than the straws did. short of banning drinking except out of your hands, with the solution? >> then we would all need plastic bibs to protect our clothes and that would be part of the solution either. what i'm really excited for there are companies like dell corporation, humanscale, others that are working with countries like indonesia and chile, how do we take all of that plastic that's on your beaches, on your riverbeds, on your shorelines, and how do we help you build your infrastructure and then take that product and turn it into chairs or furniture. >> tucker: if someone comes to our country from another country and gets caught littering, dumping a trash bag out the window, why wouldn't we deport that person? >> i feel like we should deport people who do that anyway who are u.s. citizens, we should all care for the country.
9:34 pm
>> tucker: [laughs] i semiagree with n that. but i'm'm not joking. why do we put up with that? >> and i'm worried my neighbors, i see way too many cigarette butts in the street, want to be going to do about that problem and those are u.s. citizens. >> tucker: thank you, great to see you. >> thank you. >> tucker: russia is a real threat to america. that's you know that, our policymakers ridiculous. it's china. know what, will discuss the urutine steps by china of u.s. private sector government research. it's huge and we will tell you how huge next. it's huge and we will tell you how huge nex crabfest is back at red lobster! it's huge and we will tell you discover our largest variety of crab and crab dishes all year! like new crabfest combo. your one chance to have new jumbo snow crab with tender dungeness crab. or try crab lover's dream. sweet, juicy king crab and jumbo snow crab
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♪ >> tucker: china has proven to be a much more formidable
9:39 pm
adversary than russia over the past three decades. congress finally seems to be taking notice of that. today the house intelligence committee held a hearing on chinese espionage and how it threatens private actors and the u.s. government. testified at that hearing, he joins us tonight. thank you so much for coming on. you run a high tech manufacturing company in the united states, makes a bunch of different things, some for the u.s. government. tell us how you have experiencer the threat from china to our sivate sector. >> we make things that nobody else can make anywhere in the world. one day not very long ago, the fbi showed up at her door and said, you are the most hit firewall in the southern united states by china. they are hitting you millions of times a day on your firewalls.t. uere was a thing under the bush administration to protect nano,
9:40 pm
because it is so important to the u.s. as we try to reclaim manufacturing in the united states. it really all starts with nano. it doesn't matter whether it's ai, nano scientists somewhere there. especially in medicine, things like that. it needs to be protected, it caught us by surprise but luckily we already had two firewalls. at the end of the day after looking at it, they said as much as we have helped you now protect and turn over my entire firewall to the fbi and they still got it and to that extent it's you almost have to go and put everything on your logbooks if you really want to protect your secret stuff. your supersecret stuff. if you're coming up with gravity resistant materials to make things that are really futuristic, do not put that on the grid. we take a lot of the stuff off the grid. it's kind of like you go back in time. >> tucker: is there any country that approaches china in the scale of its theft and aggression?
9:41 pm
>> there's nobody even close. we hear russia, russia, russia, russia to great extent is mexico with nukes. they've got a small gdp. china realizes the way to take g over the world, the way to take over the united states andal be the number one country in the world in all respects is through innovation, through science, the fastest growing gdp in the world. it holds true no different than it did 100 years ago. the person with the most gold is in >> tucker: of course. mexico with nukes, i wish you would have told that earlier, that was really interesting. >> thank you for having me on. >> tucker: robert mueller's investigation continues to widen in it thus far unsuccessful quest to find collusion in 2016.
9:42 pm
recently the mueller team took possession of his communications, eric joins us tonight of the recap of what happened. thanks a lot for coming on. why would they take control of your communications devices? >> nice to see you. >> tucker: what's that all about? >> it's all part of their investigation. this was many months ago and i haven't heard anything of them i for months.f i would assume their interest in me has long passed. >> tucker: have you received your devices back? >> yes i had them back within a matter of days. >> tucker: is there any suggestion that they think you colluded with russia in some way? >> [laughs] no. certainly not. >> tucker: i want to talk to you also because i've been emailing with you about this i think you're a legitimate authority on the question of afghanistan. it's a war and occupation that gets very little attention. i'm interested to know how you
9:43 pm
think we should proceed in afghanistan because you have deep knowledge of that country. >> this year, we are spending as a country more than the entire u.k. defense budget or more than the entire department of homeland security. $62 billion in afghanistan. americans are still dying there now that were infants when the twin towers came down so we are entering a multigenerational war which is a first for america. the more pressure the president puts on iran which means the more that iran will continue to subvert the legitimate government in afghanistan. we should take a smaller unconventional approach just like the u.s. went into afghanistan with white after 9/11. the problem is within months of that we switched to a very conventional approach like the soviet union did and we spend going backwards ever since having spent trillions of dollars and we've lost thousands of americans. you go to a small special
9:44 pm
operations-led with some contracted presence there. right now there are 15,000 u.s. forces and another 30,000 contractors. my plan takes it down to 2,000 u.s. forces and 6,000 contractors with a significant savings, more than $50 billion of savings, real money even in washington. it would put us on a very sustainable path to outlast the taliban and the ice is forces that there. >> tucker: i don't even know what the counter argument would but i appreciate bringing that to public attention. eric prince, thank you very much. time now for "final exam," the question is can you beat the experts at remembering the strange and obscure things that happened this week -- there were a lot of them. find out next them. find out you're turning onto the street when you barely clip a passing car. minor accident - no big deal, right? wrong. your insurance company is gonna raise your rate after the other car got a scratch so small you coulda fixed it with a pen.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: thank heaven it is time now for "final exam," our fact-heavy after-dinner mint. you have earned it this week. we pit hardened news professionals against one another to determine who has n been playing close attention to the news this week. our defending champion is katie pavlich, she killed opponent after you can hear him on fox news radio every day. you both know the rules, i'm going to repeat them for our audience. they might be tuning in for hands on the buzzers. the first time in a while. i ask the question, the first one who buzzes has to answer the question. you have to wait until i finish asking it in order to answer. you can answer onceeis i acknowledge you by saying your name. each answer is worth one point, each incorrect answer to retracts point, best-of-five wins. are you ready? >> wee are. >> tucker: you look a little
9:50 pm
nervous. a man in new york city set a dangerous world record for speed slicing a piece of fruit, he did it on his stomach using a machete. he chopped through 26 of these in just one minute. what kind of food was he slicing. >> watermelons. >> tucker: you're decisive, i think you know the answer.>> >> oh, my goodness. >> what is he doing? >> i think he's cutting watermelons. >> tucker: is that maury povich?el >> my first reaction is i'm relieved i didn't kill myself in the second one is i'm exhilarated. >> okay. >> tucker: you are an esoteric sports fan, you just knew that. you weren't guessing.. that wasn't maury povich.w this is a multiple-choice question. here it is. online shopping has of course caused many brick-and-mortar stores to close. as of this week, which popular business from the '80s and '90s has exactly one store left in the u.s.?
9:51 pm
is it tower records, blockbuster video, or circuit city? >> i'm not going to risk losing a point here, i don't know. >> blockbuster. >> tucker: you're just guessing. will she be rewarded? to the tape. >> alaska's final blockbuster video will rent out their last movies and close up shop, it will leave the blockbuster in bend, oregon, as the last blockbuster standing. >> tucker: fortune favors the bold. knowing you could have wound up with the negative one you did it anyway to regain the position of parity. it will not be a time when this is done. a bloomberg index that calculates the net worth of billionaires says there is a new richest man in the world. he is worth 150 billion, he is also the 25th largest landowner
9:52 pm
in this country who is it?irhe [buzzer] >> jeff bezos. >> tucker: is it infected jeff bezos? >> amazon says jeff bezos is the richest man in history. his net worth topped 150 billion. >> i suspect he could live on the interest on the interest on the interest on the interest from his $150 billion. but i digress. >> tucker: given how he pays his employees you would never know how he is rich.en not a generous man. question four, this is your chance. the rain came down hard on washington on tuesday and something spooky took place at the white house at the very moment trump was speaking to reporters about his helsinki trip, what happened? [buzzer] >> the lights went out. >> tucker: is that true? to the tape. >> intelligence agencies, i have full faith and our intelligence agencies.
9:53 pm
whoops, they just turned off the lights. that must be the intelligence agents. there it goes. are you guys okay? that was strange. that's okay. >> tucker: another helping of deep state anyone? >> suspicious, anyone? >> capitol dome got struck by lightning, too. >> tucker: did it really? >> we just paid to get that fixed. >> tucker: conceivably, we could end up with a tie. we're moving to the final question here. house speaker paul ryan says he has not been able to driveer lately because of some animals s ate his truck, what type of animal ate his truck?ly [buzzer] >> woodchucks. >> tucker: woodchucks. seriously? to the tape. >> i toted into the dealer and they realized that they family of woodchucks lived in theot underbody of my suburban they ate all the wiring out of it.
9:54 pm
my car was eaten by animals. >> tucker: how would you know that? >> i listened to that but growing up we took the car to the dealership and there was a squirrel in the engine. >> tucker: but not a wood chuck. and you guessed woodchucks. >> similar situation, i knew that answer. >> tucker: one of the more esoteric of our suburban forest animals. >> they are not raccoons. >> tucker: amazing. you got one, which is better than i could've done. >> the only reason i have this gig is because of guy apparently. >> tucker: i don't know how many of the eric wemple surprise mugs you have. a full dinner set. thank you both. more "final exam" next week you have seven days to pay close attention to the news to see if you can beat our news professionals, we'll be right back ♪motorcycle revving
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>> tucker: so what have we learned this week? one thing is anybody suspected of advocating for foreign interests of any kind, other than the interests of the o illegal aliens, of course, must be hounded from power immediately, accused of treason and sent to prison. those are the rules, ask mike flynn. given that, it was a p surpriseo learn just lastke year, john bolten delivered a paid speech in paris to a group called m.e.k. >> anchor: rainian opposition group that until -- iranian opposition group until 2012 was listed as a terrorist organization in that country. he ended his talk with this, " before 2019, we here will celebrate in tehran." we're not suggesting anyone denounce john bolten as a traitor, obviously. on the other hand it's a little weird nobody is. when the president calls for peace with a heavily-armed nuclear power, that's considered treason!n! when the national security adviser calls for yet another pointless war, that's elite consensus.
10:00 pm
and that's fine. that's it for us tonight. tune in every night at 8:00 p.m. for the show that's the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. tomorrow is friday and sean hannity is right now. sean? sean sean all right, tucker in helsinki, you're a troublemaker. i watched you steal desserts. that's all i'm going to say. i'm not going to give you up. welcome to "hannity." >> trump supporters beware. midterm elections are fast approaching. many on the left are ramping up the insane rhetoric pushingny identity politics, demonizing ideological differences because to them, if you support president trump, u well, it's nt just a political choice, it's a mortal sin for which floss forgiveness, ever. now


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