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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 20, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> jesse: following the money. right? that's it for us tonight. be sure to be back here on monday. "special report" up next. hey, bret. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. tragic story getting more so with details. 17 people dead tonight following the sinking of a tour boat in a missouri lake. and within the past hour, we're now learning more than half of them are from the same family. three small children are among the dead. senior correspondent mike tobin is live tonight in branson. good evening, mike. >> good evening, bret. heart break from this boat tragedy was not enough we now learned through the governor there was a family of 11 on board that ill fated boat and they lost 9 members of that family. children were lost. the age ranges of the victim are between -- of the victims are between 1-year-old and 70 years old. governor mike parsons of missouri has been meeting
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with survivors and bereeved loved ones trying to offer them support. >> there is no words you can say make it right at this moment. you have to give encouragement life does go on and there will be a healing process. >> a severe thunderstorm warning was issued about a half an hour before the duck boat capsized. the storm materialized quickly with winds over 60 miles per hour. two duck boats can be seen in amateur video taking on water. the video stops before one boat flips. that boat sank in 40 feet of water but landed wheels down and rolled to a depth of 80 feet. on board at the time, 29 passengers and two crew members when it sank. the boat's driver was among those killed. the stone county sheriff cannot say if life vests were used. the ntsb and coast guard taking over the investigation. sudden burst of high winds materialized before the one boat capsized. early on, investigators will
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look at the thunderstorm warning. was it communicated? was it taken seriously? but even governor parsons says in the end the blame may point to a fast-moving freak storm. bret? >> bret: mike tobin live in branson, mike, thanks. president trump who continues to tout what he is doing for the u.s. economy is facing new questions tonight about a different form of commerce. it involves discussions of a payoff to a former model who says she had an affair with businessman donald trump and those discussions with mr. trump's lawyer are on tape. and now are in the hands of federal investigators. correspondent kevin corke straightens it all out from the north lawn of the white house. good evening, kevin. >> good evening, bret. in the last half an hour we received a statement from lanny davis the attorney for michael cohen. he tweeted out his statement i posted that if you are following us online. it reads this way: obviously there is an ongoing investigation we are sensitive to that suffice it to say when the record something heard it will not
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hurt michael cohen. any attempt at spin cannot change what is on the tape. fox has confirmed that mr. cohen did, in fact, record conversations about payments to a former playboy model that claimed she had an affair with mr. trump back in 2006. >> the fbi seized the two minute recording during a raid on mr. cohen's office earlier this year. the new revelation, however, comes as the justice department has widened its probe into 2016 election meddling to include questions about whether or not payments made by mr. trump's lawyer violated federal campaign finance laws. fox news confirms mr. trump and mr. cohen discussed but never made a payment to karen macdougall, a formal playboy model who claims she had an affair with mr. trump back in 2006. the president's private attorney rudy giuliani told the "new york times" in the big scheme of things it's powerful excul exculpatory evidence adding that nothing in that conversation suggests that he had any
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knowledge of it in advance. if true, that could rebuff any presumed effort by the mueller team to tie the candidate to any direct violation of the law. what's less clear, why mr. cohen recorded his client in the first place and just how many recordings there are latest twist in the never ending 2016 saga comes as the president headed to bedminster, new jersey over the weekend. the president didn't respond to shouted questions as he departed the white house this afternoon. instead leaving behind washington still abuse following yesterday's announcement the white house planned to welcome vladimir putin to washington some time this fall decision that drew predictably mixed reaction on capitol hill with california democrat nancy pelosi saying in a statement president trump's frightened fawning over putin is an embarrassment and grave threat to our democracy. >> new york democratic senator chuck schumer tweeted until we know what happened at that two-hour meeting in helsinki, the president should have no more one-on-one interactions with putin in the united states, in russia, or
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anywhere else. but others called the move to continue the dialogue best for both countries. >> it's a signal of having a president in the white house who understands the role of strength, to bring vladimir putin to the white house to meet firsthand, to continue these discussions and negotiations to repair a broken relationship. >> as the two sides work out of the details of the putin's fall visit moscow released videos of several new strategic weapons including nuclear powered missile with unlimited range and hypersonic air-to-ground missiles. few numbers for you, bret, the mueller probe so far has led to 32 indictments, 25 of those people russian nationals. i can also tell you, this criminal charges by the way more specifically, one of the defendants is paul manafort, the former campaign chair for the president. he'll be on trial wednesday in virginia, bret. >> bret: kevin corke live on the north lawn. thank you.
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the pentagon is planning to send $200 million in nonlethal military aid to ukraine. the hardware includes secure communications, military mobility, night vision, and medical equipment not immediately clear when that delivery will happen. pentagon officials says the move has been in for months not tied to the summit buy russia would oppose. a graduate of berkeley high school in california who reportedly told authorities he wanted to help isis kill 10,000 people in the san francisco bay area is now facing federal charges. 23-year-old amir al gagy pleading to the providing material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization. his lawyer claims is he a victim of the system. a grand jury has leveled 23 charges against a man accused of killing five people last month in a mass shooting at a maryland newspaper office. a prosecutor says the grand
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jury indicted 38-year-old jared ramos on five counts of first degree murder. ramos is also charged with attempted murder, assault, and gun crimes. stocks down today. the dow lost 6. the s&p 500 dropped three. the nasdaq fell five. for the week the dow was up .16 hurst, the nasdaq is off .07. president trump is lamenting the strength of the u.s. dollar. accusing china and europe manipulating and criticizing the u.s. federal reserve for raising the interest rates here. deirdre bolton of the fox business network joins us with details and possible fallout in the markets this week. good evening, deidre. >> good evening, bret. you said it u.s. stocks did close slightly down but finished little changed for the week. the dollar was really the big move. so, after a few tweets from president trump, here's what he posted. we'll talk about the reaction. >> so here's the first tweet, china, the european
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union and others have been manipulating their currencies and interest rates lower while the u.s. is raising rates while dollars get stronger and stronger with each passing day. taking away our big competitive edge. as usual, not a level playing field. a weaker currency such as the euro gives an advantage to chinese or european manufacturers. so it makes chinese or european goods less expensive in most global markets. to be specific, chinese or a german car would be cheaper than an american one if you are paying in u.s. dollars. president trump calls that a form of currency manipulation. the president also tweeted about. so effects of the trade tiff between china and the u.s. here's the tweet: farmers have been on a downward trend for 15 years. the price of soybeans has fallen 50% since five years before the election. a big reason is bad, terrible trade deals with other countries. they put on massive tariffs and barriers.
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canada charges 275% on dairy. farmers will win. the reference to soybeans is important since it is the u.s.' biggest agricultural export with $20 billion being sold. that's according to the usda. china buys more than 30% of that supply u and of the 11 midwestern states that produce them, feline voted for president trump. strategists say that chinese are betting if they keep putting tariffs on products that were grown or manufactured in states that voted for president trump, the trump administration will back off, especially ahead of midterms this november. american advisors say the chinese are making the wrong kind of bet with you wrong kind of president. bret, back to you. >> bret: deidre, thank you. endangered species and how they are handled is going to change that's according to officials at the interior department bracing for emotional and heated reaction to their moves. tonight correspondent ellison barber tells us what's behind the changes.
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>> supporters say the endangered species act is critical when it comes to protecting the ecosystem the bald ego, gray wolf, grizzly bear alligator. burdensome, harmful to businesses and outdated. >> even the u.s. constitution has been amended more recently than the endangered species act. >> the administration says it's time to make changes and clarifications. on thursday, the departments of interior and commerce unveiled what would be the most significant changes to the act in decades. the agencies want to change the definition of a threatened species. right now a threatened species in danger of extinction or likely in the foreseeable future. they want to narrow the definition of foreseeable future. provide procedures for designating critical habitat. experts say it will lead to easier construction of pipelines. environmentalists say all of it is dangerous. >> it will probably, over time and collectively,
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degrade many of the natural areas that are part of america's heritage. this isn't about small businesses. this isn't about burdensome regulations. this is really about rewarding the largest corporate polluters. >> the administration makes a different argument. the principled deputy director of the u.s. fish and wildlife service says they, quote are proposing these improvements to produce the best conservation results while reducing the regulatory burden on the american people. in a statement provided fox news a spokesman for the independent petroleum association of america said the group is optimistic that changes will, quote: continue to promote the conservation of protected species and their habitat and give their members, quote: the flexibility and business certainty needed for the safe and responsible development of america's public lands. the endangered species act isn't just mental to protect the cute and furry animals. it's meant to protect plants, fish, and wildlife.
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these rules are propose you had. they won't go into effect for at least 60 days. for 60 days the public has a chance to respond and give their input. bret? >> bret: ellison, thank you. up next, north korea appears to be trying to evade u.s. sanctions. we will tell you how. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 9 in the twin cities with cleanup from a flurry of unexpected tornadoes that swept through central iowa thursday. at least 17 people injured. the storms flattened building in three cities and forced the evacuation of a hospital in that area. no deaths were reported. wdr ghmplet louisville as kentucky governor matt bevins' administration says it's reinstating dental and vision care for hundreds of thousands of medicaid recipients. those benefits have been adrunbeenabruptly cut after a je rejected a plan to overhaul kentucky's medicaid program. this is a live look at austin, texas from our affiliate fox 7 there the big story there tonight,
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republicans at the party's summer meeting formerly approved charlotte, north carolina as the host city for their 2020 presidential nominating convention. charlotte hosted the democratic convention in 2012. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ let your perfect drive come together at the lincoln summer invitation sales event. get 0% apr on select 2018 lincoln models plus $1,000 bonus cash.
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>> bret: the president's top diplomat is briefing world leaders with progress with north korea on its nuclear program. top officials say kim jong un has been bending the rules in other areas. correspondent rich edson is at the united nations tonight.
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>> north korea is evading sanctions, smuggling petroleum and coal, profiting from guest workers and cyber crime. the trump administration points to china and russia for helping kim jong un skirt the consequences. >> all u.n. member states have unanimously agreed to fully enforce sanctions on north korea. we expect item to continue to honor those commitments. when sanctions are not enforced, the prospects for the successful denuclearization of north korea are diminished. >> secretary of state mike pompeo traveled to united nations headquarters in new york to meet with u.n. ambassador nikki haley. china, russia, the rest of the u.n. security council and japan and south korea. china and russia are blocking u.n. measures to penalize north korea for sanctions evasion. an administration officials and u.s. allies stress they are withholding economic benefits -- until kim dismantles his nuclear program. >> we can't do one thing until we see north korea
3:18 pm
respond to their promise to denuclearize. we have to see some sort of reaction. >> descriptions taking place. waiting for concrete action and deeds on the ground. >> direct reaction to secretary pompeo, it's unclear what specifically north korea has agreed to do. and how and when it will surrender its weapons programs. the state department refuses to offer time lines and acknowledges there is a lot of work left in that effort. >> so what do we need to see? we need to see chairman kim do what he promised the world to do. not very fancy but it's the truth. >> and the secretary continues expressing optimism. >> president trump remains upbeat about the prospects of denuclearization of north korea. so i do. >> as russia calls for easing sanctions against north korea and secretary pompeo calls him out for it, he also says the potential for a another meeting between president trump and president putin would be valuable and make sense as the two countries have an
3:19 pm
awful lot of issues to work through and the secretary says he hopes it happens this fall. bret? >> bret: rich edson live outside the united nations. rich, thanks. the top law enforcement official overseeing the probe of russian election meddling is defending the indictment of foreign agents who may never see the inside of a u.s. courtroom. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has the latest tonight from the as spin security forum in colorado. good evening, catherine. >> well, thank you, bret. and good evening. the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein characterized the cyber threat as persistent and pervasive calling internal obligation to call out the bad actors. >> public attribution, foreign influence campaigns can help to counter and mitigate the harm caused by foreign sponsored misinformation. when people are aware of the true sponsor they can make better informed decisions. >> a new justice department report explains their strategy for confronting election meddling and
3:20 pm
details how bad actors operate. they target voting infrastructure like voting machines. they steal and weaponize voter data. help politicians with compromising email to damaging political opponents. spread false information and rely on unlawful lobbiying efforts. same hackers who went after the clinton emails remain active. >> earlier this year we did discover that a fake microsoft domain had been established as the landing page for phishing attacks and we saw metadata that suggests that those phishing attacks were being directed three candidates all standing for election in midterm elections. >> during his session, the director of national intelligence dan coats who speaks for the 16 intelligence agencies, says the cyber threat goes well beyond election interference and he said the bad actors are thinking big. >> i'm concerned about a cyber 9/11. let's say you shut down wall street for a week, what does that do to world markets and people's investments?
3:21 pm
what about an attack on the electric grid in new england in january? there are people out there playing this game of chess with us in ways that are -- want to take us down and we have to be better than they are. >> and experts here in aspen emphasize that cyber can use -- can be used to really amplify the impact of conventional attacks as well, bret. >> bret: catherine, have you done a great job keeping us all informed from that forum which had a lot of headlines, basically about russia. what was overlooked as far as getting out of that format as it comes to an end? >> well, great question, bret. i think one of the big headlines is that while russia is a really aggressive cyber actor, really the greatest threat to the united states comes from china because it takes this whole of government approach. they are targeting not only military intelligence but also economic intelligence. and it really is that bringing together of the whole chinese institution targeting the u.s. to gain
3:22 pm
the advantage that the long-term threat to this country, bret. >> bret: catherine herridge, live in aspen. catherine, thank you. up next, trying to hit the president at his hotel here in washington. we'll explain and get reaction. first, beyond our borders tonight. syrian state media says rebels in that country's southwest have started boarding buses to be transported to northwest syria after giving up their fight against government forces along the frontier with israel that evacuation will put the syrian government face to face with israel along most of its frontier. for the first time since 2011. speaking of israel, israel pummeled hamas targets in gaza today, killing four palestinians in a series of airstrikes after gunmen killed an israeli soldier near the border. the israeli military officials say a terrorist squad fired at troops. one soldier was severely injured and died. he was the first israeli military fatality in months of violence along that gaza
3:23 pm
border. a man apparently armed with a knife attacked passengers on a crowded bus today in northern germany. nine people were reported injured. one seriously. the man was eventually overpowered and arrested. authorities believe the suspect had no background in terrorism but did not talk about a motive. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ no matter who rides point, there are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. call one today. are you in good hands? ito take care of anyct messy situations.. and put irritation in its place. and if i can get comfortable keeping this tookus safe and protected... you can get comfortable doing the same with yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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3:27 pm
alcoholic beverage regulation administration challenging the trump international hotel's liquor license. [chanting] say it loud, say it clear -- >> the hotel has seen no shortage of protest. its front entrance is always locked. police impair indicated nearby at the ready the novel one. buried deep in the 236 pages of licensing regulations is the requirement, quote: the applicant is of good character. >> bu what the complaint says is the owner of the trump international hotel doesn't meet that definition and so abra, the alcohol beverage regulatory administration should take action. >> complain nantds site president trump's long and continuing record of lies, deceit, broken promises, business with known criminal figures, abuse of women and racism. the trump hotel told us, quote: we have no comment and no one may come in to film. absent from the complaint is the stuff of normal challenges to liquor licenses. no claims of loud music, no fights, no public drunkenness and the
3:28 pm
neighborhood group that's backing the complaint is three miles away from the hotel, raising an obvious question. >> is this a political stunt? >> no, i don't think so. >> this passersby disagrees. >> i guess they have time on their hands. i don't want to go back to the prohibition no matter how awful this person is. >> more common opinion is don't express one in a town where donald trump won only 4.1% of the vote. >> i don't want to get my husband in trouble so i better not say anything. >> if successful the challenge won't take effect until 2019 when the liquor license suspect for renewal. this conflict over a liquor license again demonstrates the genius of the founders. james madison was worried about state officials threatening federal officials in the then capital of pennsylvania in federalist paper 43 he decided to create a federal district to protect federal officials from the tyranny of state ones. that's why we snrow a district of columbia. bret? >> bret: a history lesson.
3:29 pm
protest in the national football league. the nfl national anthem debate is alive and well again. can't believe it. isn't it in contract that players must stand at attention, hand on heart? the 40-million-dollar commissioner must now make a stand. first-time kneeling out for game. second time kneeling out for season, no pay. earlier this week, the a.p. reported the miami dolphins had decided to punish players who did not stand for the anthem while on the field. this spring the nfl amended its policy saying players on the field must stand during the anthem, but others could remain in the locker room. it said teams would be fined for violations. a group supporting california democratic congresswoman maxine waters took a flag off a pickup truck outside her los angeles office and burned it yesterday. the supporters were waiting to confront a group of anti-waters demonstrators who never showed. the pickup arrived. it was stopped, and the flag
3:30 pm
stolen. no arrests or injuries. congressional republican also soften legislation to punish chinese telecom giant zte. house and senate lawmakers working on a defense bill adopted a house version of a measure excluding zte from u.s. government contracts but allowing it to do business with private companies in the u.s. the senate version called for the restoration of a full ban on zte that the trump administration first imposed. then lifted. the pentagon considers that company zte a national security threat. the company was found guilty in 2016 of repetedly skirting american sanctions on iran and north korea. ♪ in tonight's whatever happened to segment america's space dominance. 4 years ago today, two americans became the first men to land the space craft on the moon. now, a half century later,
3:31 pm
the u.s. relies on russia, yes, russia, to get its astronauts into space. correspondent kirsten fisher has the report. >> that's one small step for man. >> that small step was supposed to be one giant leap for mankind in a way it was. in the 4 years since neil armstrong became the first man on the moon humanity hasn't stepped any further in space. in some ways the u.s. has taken a step back. american astronauts have been hitching rides on the russian soyuz last seven years. all-american rockets are still at least a year or two away. >> we are anxiously anticipating a return of launching american astronauts on american rockets from american soil. >> all of that is about to change and fast thanks to a new space race. one fueled by good old fashioned american competition. a battle between billionaires for the history books and they are getting a big boost from the billionaire president. >> i'm instructing my
3:32 pm
administration to embrace the budding commercial space industry. >> the trump administration has made a huge difference for the space community and especially the commercial space. resurrected the national space council led by the vice president. >> there is no reason you our own federal government should distant in the way of trailblazing companies forging and reforging american leadership in space. >> great thing about the space council is they are able to get the various agencies to work together to find the right solution so that industry isn't held back, american industry isn't held back. >> president trump is also pushing the pentagon to make space a priority. >> we don't want china and russia and other countries leading us. we have always led. >> g.p.s. satellites which are used to guide everything from google maps to precision-guided weapons have become increasingly vulnerable to enemy attack. now president trump is ordering the pentagon who create a new branch of the military, the space force. >> when it comes to
3:33 pm
defending america it is not enough to merely have an american presence in space. we must have american dominance in space. >> and russia is already threatening the u.s. with a tough response if president trump follows through with his plans for a space force. in fact, the kremlin run and aptly named sputnik news claims moscow is developing a new type of electronic aircraft and its purpose is to disable u.s. spy satellites. bret? >> bret: kristin, thanks. a momentous and confusing week for president trump and his administration. the week that was. we'll talk about it all with the panel when we come back. ♪ ♪ we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you
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upper respiratory tract infection and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ♪ otezla. show more of you. >> dan coats came to me and said i think it's russia. i had president putin say it's not russia. i sail this, i don't see any reason why it should be. instead of should have been i don't see any reason why it wouldn't be russia. >> is russia still targeting the u.s., mr. president? >> let's go. make your way out. >> the president said thank you very much. and way saying no to answering questions. >> i let him know we can't have this. we're not going to have it. and that's the way it's going to be. >> getting along with president putin. getting along with russia is a positive, not a negative.
3:38 pm
now with that being said, if that doesn't work out, i will be the worst enemy he has ever had. >> vladimir putin is coming to the white house in the fall. >> say that again? [laughter] that's going to be special. >> bret: well, that was special. one week watching from monday to today, that's what we'll talk about this panel. let's bring this our panel byron york chief political correspondent of "the washington examiner." a.b. stoddard associate editor at real clear politics and "the washington post" columnist marc thiessen. mark, welcome aboard to the panel. >> thank you. >> bret: your thoughts looking back at this week and where we have ended up now at the end of the week. >> donald trump's press conference and his performance was cringe-worthy and watching him try to walk it bass was cringe-worthy as well. if you look at his russia policies, they are pretty good. in fact, there is a dramatic improvement over his predecessor. expelled 60 russian
3:39 pm
diplomats over chemical attack in london. gave military aid and just today they announced $200,000 more in military aid to the ukraine. imposed new sanctions on moscow for violations on inf treaty got nato to quick in more. twice bombed assad putin's ally. if vladimir putin was trying to gets more pro-russia policies out of his support for donald trump, it kind of back fired on him. >> bret: on capitol hill, a.b., the outrage was kind of really high at the beginning of the week. it kind of petered out but then it is at a steady kind of outrage, right? >> well, the news of the second summit was sort of the last thing that everyone wanted to hear and that it would be scheduled for the fall right around the timing of the midterm elections was not welcome. so you saw a lot of like i don't want to talk about that today. i'm busy. and they are actually privately obviously trying to dissuade the white house on this topic and hope that
3:40 pm
this never happens. and that they can make it go away. so, there are a lot of questions, obviously. about what happened in a two-hour meeting that we know nothing about. the pentagon knows nothing about. the russia experts know nothing about. the state department officials who devoted their careers to this know nothing about. this is the big concern. not what happened at the press conference, everyone has moved past that you know, trump betrayed the country. he humiliated himself. >> bret: not everyone has moved past that. >> the point is we really need to know if there were agreements and concessions made. we know now that there is news that the president has agreed to an agreement for syria. that netanyahu and putin came to. it's very complicated. involving who will control which troop movements by iran and everything else. but, basically, that's all we know. and we know that the other thing was discussed was shot down by 98-0 vote by the senate which we all saw
3:41 pm
yesterday. we need to find out what else happened at that meeting and that's of grave concern. >> bret: here is the white house minority leader and the secretary of state. >> what is putin blackmailing president trump with? personally politically, or financially? whatever it is, it is a level of blackmail that the american people cannot afford. >> i think those allegations are absurd. this administration has been relentless in its efforts to deter russia from its bad behavior. we inherited a situation where russia was running all over the united states. the last few days have been frankly a more heat than light. >> bret: the president tweeting earlier this afternoon i got severely criticized by the fake news media for being too nice to president putin in the old days they would call it diplomacy. if i was loud and vicious, i would have been criticized for being too tough. remember when they said i was too tough with chairman kim. hypocrites, byron? >> the pelosi stuff is just resistance fantasizing.
3:42 pm
i think that's pretty clear because of these hard policies that marc was talking about. on the other hand, in handling this summit, the white house has really done a very bad job, it seems, of explaining to the american people what the president did. other than the president saying this was really great. they haven't really explained what was accomplished. and then, having not explained that, they come out and say let's do it again. i mean, we just had one. it appears that the president messed it up and wants a do-over. that's kind of what it looks like. so if there is a reason that they have set some process in motion, that calls for another meeting in the fall, that would be fine. but, we have seen a white house that has simply not explained the substantive stuff that went on at the summit. >> bret: now speaking of summits the as spin dan coats talking about the cyber threats specifically. take a listen. >> i'm concerned about a cyber 9/11. let's say you shut down wall street for a week, what does that do to world markets and
3:43 pm
people's investments? what about an attack on the electric grid in new england in january? there are people out there playing this game of chess with us from ways that want to take us down and we have to be better than they're. >> bret: now, russia, marc, is clearly one of them. but so is china and so is iran. >> and north korea as well. they spend million and million of dollars trying to infiltrate us they brought down sony studios practically. this is a major national security threat that we face. it has to be taken seriously. the president has got to be able to create collusion from the challenge of the cyber threat that is coming from russia and all those countries that you indicated. >> bret: do you think dni coats his job is in jeopardy after kind of explaining pretty frankly his concerns? >> i sure hope not. i think coats is doing a great job. trump needs good people around him. all these people running around with their hair on fire saying everybody should resign from the trump administration over this
3:44 pm
press conference he needs mike pompeo. he needs dan coats and john bolton. he needs all these people around him not because he can't handle the job he is new to national security. he has only been in this job for two years. good people surround themselves with smart people and listen to them. it seems president trump needs to do that a little bit better. >> bret: a.b. the story was that secretary pompeo and vice president pence were part of the team that said the president had to kind of clean things up on aisle five after coming back to the u.s. >> right. the problems arise when he doesn't listen to his experts. and marc's right, he has very, very qualified and credentialed people, public servants of great integrity working for him like dan coats. when they come, they are often not listened to. they are often not consulted. dan coats did not know he was going to have these
3:45 pm
people kislyak and others last spring. did he not know putin was not going to be welcome at the white house this fall. dan coats was hung out to dry on the world stage by the president on monday. and this is what happens. the president as he has grown into this job has decided he doesn't always need to consult with them. so, we are also told that it was more what he saw on television than the words of the vice president mike pence and satisfies mike pompeo about turning this around that really made him come out with a clarification in an attempt to turn it around. >> bret: has he turned it around. >> no, he hasn't turned it around. >> bret: has the mike cohen tapes turned it around. >> that will turn it around. >> new scandal to divert attention from the old scandal. as far as coats is concerned i don't think his job is in jeopardy but can you imagine that they are quite irritated with him. like if you want to hang out with andrea mitchell and her friends in aspen, go ahead. but don't expect us to be happy about it. >> bret: the establishment. next up, the friday lightning round. tariffs, trump derangement
3:46 pm
syndrome here in d.c., maybe. plus, winners and losers. ♪ ♪ are you ready to take your wifi to the next level?
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and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. ♪ >> i raised 50 and they matched us. i say you don't match us. you can't match us, because, otherwise, we are always going to be behind the 8 ball. >> would you ever get to 500. >> go to 500. look i'm not doing this for politics. i'm doing this to do the right thing for our country. >> recently u.s. officials made a lot of ridiculous remarks calling black white. they need to placate the people affected by the trade war. >> bret: trade war. it looks like we are heading that way if it continues. we're back with the panel. we will start there. marc, 500 billion? that's a big number that. >> is a big number. he said today that he would be really to put tariffs on
3:50 pm
every single chinese product. the american economy is booming thanks to trump. he has passed historic tax cuts the regulatory roll back has been incredible. now we have got record unemployment levels at lows. black unemployment low. hispanic up employment low. all of that put at jeopardy by the trade war. the chinese in particular are very smart how they will retaliate on this. they are targeting the trump voters. going after, for example, soybeans. there are 18 states that produce 6% of american soybeans and all but two of them voted for donald trump. these are the states that we -- the republicans have to win if they're going to take back the senate, missouri sneand, heidi hited heitcamp. they can separate themselves from donald trump and justify their separation from donald trump. >> bret: is there support nor at all on capitol hill. >> no, no, no. the political -- even though right now there is no real macroeconomic consequence and the white house will not tell the farmers in tweets he is telling them you are going to win what he won't
3:51 pm
tell them the economy is so good we can take this hit for us right now. but republicans on capitol hill do not believe there is a plan. there is no long game here that we're just going to continue to face retaliation and the political window is closing. i mean, four to six weeks from now they will basically say to the president okay, it didn't work and we're really taking the hit at home. they have to wait through the summer for him to keep talking and they do not believe there is a plan. >> bret: quickly? >> i think the question is if he keeps talking about things like $500 billion the only question is when does capitol hill actually get involved? because unlike foreign policy on russia where he has exclusive, constitutional authority to do what he is doing, congress has a role in this and to sit back and let a 500 billion-dollar tariff go into effect not going to happen. they are not going to do that. >> bret: all right. plenty of examples of what's called trump derangement syndrome. i just wanted to play this bite from the late dr. charles krauthammer. >> they may not be personally deranged by his presence, but they have a
3:52 pm
base that has not recovered from the election and they insist that anybody who represents them and does not want to face a primary fight or have a demonstration outside their house on a weekend will oppose what trump is doing. >> bret: we miss that daily diagnosis. let's do the winners and losers. winner first and then loser. >> for me is the winner is the russia hawk. the drubbing that donald trump is taking because of that press conference has further boxed him in to this tough russia policy it makes him a lot harder if he gives anything away to vladimir putin. >> bret: loser. >> loser is bruce willis who announced this week against all that is holy and sacred that diehard is not a christmas movie. [laughter] >> bret: oh, boo. winner and loser a.b. >> windsor vladimir putin. enough said. he had the best week of his career. my loser is dan coats. there actually is chatter about whether or not he will be fired even though many americans are wondering on monday night if he would retire -- i mean resign.
3:53 pm
i just think it's appalling. i hope he gets to keep his job. >> bret: winner and loser. >> my windsor a family in mount florida had a drab home decided to repaint it of vincent van go's starry night. the city did not like it fined them $10,000 told them to change it. >> bret: city the loser. >> they went to court and won arguing this had violated their first amendment right so paint away although maybe not next door to me. loser is the british. they blew a chance to be in the world cup finals. they are twisting themselves into a pretzel over brexit and lost their heads over donald trump they are a complete mess and things do not look like they are going to improve any time soon. >> bret: i usually don't do winners and loser however the win they're week is the man we just saw dr. charles krauthammer our late colleague and friend because we talked about his book a lot on this show. take a listen charles krauthammer, who has a book
3:54 pm
out you may have heard of charles has officially sold 1 million copies of his best selling book things that matter. i will sign your copy. >> exactly. >> bret: as did you for me. >> mine is still available. >> bret: there you go. i knew he had to get it in. >> i do think that "things that matter" is going to stay on the best seller list for a good while longer. >> bret: a.b., you were correct. "things that matter" number one combined print and ebook and number one in paperback best sellers this week. >> here here. >> bret: here here that's awesome. when we come back, "notable quotables." ♪ ♪ stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate the nerves in your colon. miralax is different. it works with the water in your body. unblocking your system naturally. miralax. now available in convenient single-serve mix-in pax.
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>> it's friday. notable quotables. >> my people came to me, dan coats and others said it russia. >> the warning lights are blipping red again. >> they just turned off the lights. must be the intelligence agency. i have president putin. he said it's not russia. >> you smile. let me finish. >> i don't see any reason why it would be. >> tisk, tisk. >> putin is a bald-faced liar. >> he lies like a mattress salesman on a quota. >> clearly the russians tried to interfere in our elections. >> a key sentence in my remarks,
3:59 pm
i said the world "world" instead of "wouldn't." a double negative. probably clarifies things pretty good. >> the white house announced that vladimir putin is coming to the white house in the fall. >> say again. that will be special. >> the democrats may have so many candidates they'll have stage one, stage two, stage three and stage four. probably the best they can hope for is a three-ring circus. >> i dream about biden. >> would be lawless. >> i hope that we get off of this tariff kick. >> i always felt that baseball is a game of life. you have to eliminate highs and lows and just, you know, you fall down and get up and you keep moving. >> seriously that was a week. thanks for inviting us. that's it for this special report. fair, balanced, unafraid. i'm sitting in for chris
4:00 pm
wallace. my guests include trey gowdy and bob menendez. "the story" hosted by trish regan starts right now. >> thanks, bret. we begin with a fox news alert. 17 people are dead after a tourist boat overturns in missouri with the horrifying final moments all caught on camera.