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tv   Watters World  FOX News  July 21, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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"watters' world" starts right now. [♪] jesse: this is a fox news alert. i'm jesse watters. i'm debuting new hairstyle. check it out. we are going to weigh in on it later in the show. the return of barack obama. that's the subject of tonight' waters words. the president has been relatively quiet since leaving office but popped up? south africa. he lashed out at the man who did the erasing of his legacy. >> unfortunately too much of politics today seems to reject very concept of objective truth. people just make stuff up. we see the utter loss of shame
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among political leaders where they are caught in a lie and they double down and lie some more. jesse: we know he's calling president trump a liar. ther president obama, have you no shame? >> if you like your doctor you will be able to keep your doctor period. if you have like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan period. there is no spying on americans. we don't have a domestic spying program. >> a handgun and clips is easier to buy and a fresh vegetable. jesse: all politicians bend the truth. but some are smoother than others. barack, you lied. but the media covered up yours. speak of the press.
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>> the prethe free press is under attack. president trump didn't attack the press as much as trump does. he didn't need to. 90% of the media was on his side. and there has been more fake news about trump in one year than there was in 8 years under obama. let that sink in. when obama went after the media he went pretty hard. he spied on reporters from the a.p. and fox news. constantly attacked. the espionage act, he use i'd it almost more than any other president combined to go after reporters and leakers. even "the washington post" said it was the least transparent administration of all times. president trump told his audience in africa, we are living in strange times. >> they are strange. and they are uncertain.
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but each day's news cycles bringing more head-spinning and disturbing headlines. jesse: i remember being disturbed at head lines during your administration. remember our president bows to foreign leaders? racial riots all over streets tack america. a rash of domestic terror attacks, a woman shot dead by a deported illegal alien felon. the worst economic recovery since world war ii. remember the president laughing and fist bumping after an american was beheaded? >> you can be prowched your heritage without denigrating those of a different heritage. jesse: i guess obama doesn't agree with his own pastor. >> i am so glad that i got a god
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who knows what it is to be a poor black man in a country and culture that is controlled by and run by white people. he taught me jesus did how to love my enemies. jesus told me how to love the hell out of my enemies. jesse: barack obama was married by that guy, reverend wright. and he sat in those pews for 20 years. the media spiked this picture of obama with farakan. total hypocrisy which leaves us to this. >> so many [inaudible] [applause] >> it's enough. jesse: here is barack obama enjoying a tropical trip on
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billionaire, rich branson's world class squat. here is the $8 million mansion the obamas purchased after leaving the white house. notice how it has a wall around it for security. i thought walls were racist. i guess not. i guess president obama should take advice from another president. >> i don't think it's good for the country to have a former president undermine another president it's bad for the country. jesse: joining me is anthony scaramucci. >> it's politics in america. there is a level of hypocrisy that takes place. you and i know the cliche' a politician's lips are lying when his lips are moving. he has the best smile in
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american politics since jack kennedy. he's able to use that to good effect. but president bush is correct we should get out of the presidential president to president denegration business. it's bad for the presidency and bad for the united states. we don't need to be doing that. i will say this and you probably feel the same way. i have a lot of international business. when i'm off the shore of the united states i never criticize president obama or the obama administration. i think it's an unfortunate thing to be doing over there. jesse: do you think president obama realizes the toll it took on his country when it came to race relations and economic wage stagnation. and foreign policy. does he get that? there are a lot of people in this country who think what he did overseas and domestically took the united states a decade
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backwards. >> what i do any on the economy, he had left-leaning policies and he had never run a business or made payroll. you don't realize how bad these left-wing policies are until you are actually in business. remember george mcgovern? he opened a bed and breakfast after he left the senate. he couldn't believe the regulations that were in place. he went out of business after two years. he wrote an editorial and said if i only knew what i know now about business i would never have voted for all those regulations and all that crazy stuff. the president is misguide on economic policies. so you have got to give president trump huge credit for getting the economic policies right. look at the hispanic unemployment rate.
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historic reported lows. jesse: just because the economy coming doesn't mean everything else can go to hell. i think the president today, president trump thinks he can get away with anything. people and his enemies nitpick on the little stuff. it doesn't affect the average american's life. but i want to talk about civility. our friend judge jeanine pirro went on "the view." here is an exchange with whoopi goldberg. >> i am 62 years old. there have been a lot of people in office i didn't agree with. but i have never ever seen anything like this. i have never seen anybody whip up such hate and be this dismissive. i don't have trump derangement.
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i have a lot -- i'm tired of people starting a conversation with mexicans are liars and rapists. >> they end up murdering the children american citizens. >> what's horrible is if the president of the united states beats the hell out of people. say good-bye. jesse: they cut to break and allegedly she gets booted off the studio lot and all hell broke loose. this isn't supposed to happen. she wouldn't even let her answer the question. this is par for the course, i think. >> i give the judge huge respect on this point. they added anna navarro to the show. so it's 3 on 1. it was like 4 liberals -- megyn
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is not a liberal. so it was 4 on 2. but her book which we didn't mention, liars, leaks and liberals, that's a pretty tough title. >> a couple us may be on this book title. jesse: you went on that show. did they treat you with any respect? or did they try to hammer you? >> they were coming at me very hard in the beginning. then i would say to you the second show i went on -- this is way find always happens. when people meet you and they realizer not the -- realize you are not the characterture the media is painting. they need to relax a little bit. we need less demonization and just relax. we are all americans.
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let's take a chill. a little beer pong. jesse: we'll be playing beer pong at the end of the show. anthony has been getting loose in the green room. >> non-alcoholic beer. jesse: maxine waters who as we know called for people to be chased out of restaurants, get in their faces, rub them out of town. there was a counter-protest that never materialized out in california. but a bunch of her supporters showed up. they burned an american flag. maxine waters supporters burned an american flag and chanted america was never great. to say that maxine waters is the face of the democratic party as
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donald trump said, i think is a devastating political blow to them in the mid-term. she is hurting the party and the more her supporters act like this, the worse it will be in the mid-terms. >> i think you have to stand for the flag and not burn the flag. there should be some level of unconditional of love for the country, even though people have faced discrimination. the irish have. the african-american community came in bondage which is a horrible stain on the nation. this sort of behavior i think sets us back. and it send a symbol that we are not thinking about it as a community. the flag represents all of us. don't step on it, don't burn the flag. many men and women died for that flag. and we have many men and women
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wound as a result of fighting for our freedom. stepping on the flag is uncool, don't do it. jesse: do you think maxine waters has a responsibility to come out and say something? >> i do, but she won't do that. she'll play to that base. here is what these guys have done. they know that stoking anger and getting people riled up, they will show up at the polls. one of the things president trump said before the election. he said they have waited for me for 8 hours in the rain to hear me speak in an arena. don't you think they are going to show up to vote for me? there was a lot of passion. jesse: it's a passion based on
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policy, and love of country. and these people though i would say that's passionate. a lot of that is passionate hatred and disrespect. >> i think the best way to make change, if you have got something you are upset about, let's litigate it and argue by the and win at the ballot box. i have got guys who don't like my support. if we don't win at the ping-pong table one and i will go out so gloriously. jesse: it's not happening. stick around for that. long last footage of hillary clinton. clinton. wait until you see this.
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off. the stupid statement he made. nobody does a big deal about that. getting along with president trump and russia is a positive, not a negative. barack obama democrats attacking the president for reaching out to russia. but we uncovered some long last footage of secretary of state hillary clinton who did the exact same thing. >> our goal is to help strengthen russia. we see russia with the strong culture, the incredible intellectual capital russia has as a leader in the 21st century. russia has been an ally. they have worked with us in afghanistan. they have been very helpful in the distribution network and in other ways. i think it's somewhat dated to be looking backward instead of
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being realistic about where do we agree. jesse: wow, some new footage from hillary. doesn't sounds like the same person. the democrats have been so soft on russia. not just the last 8 years under obama. but i remember in the cold war they were waving the white flag. now they want to be tough? come on. >> obama had the apology tour. this is the way they have acted for decade. when the democrats started talking about treason. what did they want the president to do. slap them or punch him or start a fight. jesse: they are all just bitter because of the wikileaks. hillary was a terrible candidate, she never traveled to wisconsin, she fainted.
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to say traitor is kind of funny. barack obama, didn't he pay billions of dollars to the biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world iran? >> not on that. the president mentioned that mic comment, don't worry, my last election. don't worry it's outrageous. it's embarrassing. jesse: they can't feel embarrassment. they are incapable of feeling shame. the media doesn't ever call them out on this. everybody has access to this footage. she is a total flip-flopper but she has been protected. the media, they are the ones that published all these emails. they did pushu russia's dirty work for them. >> they don't want to recognize what's happening with jos jobs and all the progress being made
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in the economy. jesse: i wouldn't have said what he said at the helsinki summit. >> there is a point to be made about our intelligence community. i get it. jesse: let's talk about biden. it's been on trump's mind. he has been dreaming about joe. president trump: i dream about biden. that's a dream. joe biden ran three times. he never got more than 1%, and president obama took him out of the garbage heap and everybody was shocked that he did. i would love for it to be biden. jesse: i know democrats want a appreciate face. he's in his 70s. he has been in the swamp his whole life. he's a failed candidate. but what the media will focus on is he only ran twice, not three
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times. jesse: it seems like he ran three times because he has been on our tv screens for decades. but i don't think he has the electricity, the fundraising capability, he can't draw a crowd. this guy was only cool because obama tapped him to be vp. >> don't you think the democrats are just scared right now? you have governor murphy of new jersey and senator cory booker lire muching to the left. i think a lot of mainstream democrats think writes our party going? we are in trouble. jesse: they are going far left because that's where the energy is. the country, they don't want to abolish i.c.e. >> lower my taxes and i want a job. jesse: the new socialist
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superstar's big week of blunders. wait until you hear what she said. "watters' world."
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jesse: socialist millennial cortez rsh *, is she all sizzle and no speak? here is what she said when questioned on israeli-palestinian relations. >> you used the term the occupation of palestine. what did you mean by that? >> i think way meant is like the settlements that are increasing in some of these areas and places where palestinians are experiencing difficulty in access to their house and homes. >> do you think you could pond on that. >> i am not the expert on geopolitics on this issue. jesse: that's for sure. joining me now, fox news contributor, tomi lahren. we have been in situations where
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i'm sure we don't know exactly what we are talking about, but we are able to fijt and wing it and pretend to have a semblance of knowledge about the subject. you never throw your hand up and say i'm not an expert. >> she is also running for office. so that makes it more disturbing. i used to love it when hillary clinton would come on tv because i thought it would make it so much easier for us in november and 2020. but this is my new girl. jesse: i'm going to donate to her campaign. i want her to go as far as possible in the democratic party. maybe she can run on biden's ticket. maybe she can be biden-cortez. >> she is a democratic socialist and she'll be campaigning with bernie sanders. the young people are supposed to love socialism.
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why don't we take bernie sanders and alexandria ocasio-cortez and drop them into the socialist nation of their choice and see how long they last. jesse: i love that idea. i will call the executives at fox right now and see if we can get that rolling. let's hear what her opinion was on direct action in the streets. roll it. >> we have to have a rapid response. and i think every day we go on, especially a day when something that heinous happens, we have to occupy all of it. we need to occupy every airport and border, we need to occupy every i.c.e. office. jesse: she doesn't understand about the israeli occupation but she wants to occupy everything in america. i don't think this tactic is effective, do you? >> it gets some people riled up. but she said she'll take a lot
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of her policy direction from activists. i have a question, which activists in the activists that riot, loot and burn their local businesses other activists that march you are the street with reproductive organs on their heads. which activists is she going to take direction from for her policy. she doesn't have a lot of policy experience. this isn't her strong suit. where is she going to get it from? jesse: maybe she can get at bernie's house. let's listen to her take on capitalism and the unemployment rate. you look at the figures and say unemployment is low and everything is fine. unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs. unemployment is low because people are working 60, 70, 80 hours per week. while we have this no holds
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barred wild west hyper capitalism means profit at any cost. capitalism has not always existed in the world and it will not always exist in the world. jesse: everyone has two jobs is the lowest rate in 11 years. but that's not how the unemployment rate works. it's down because people are working. i don't think she gets it. >> she doesn't get at all. but it keeps getting bert and better every time she opens her mouth. it's interesting to watch a train wreck. she loves socialism so much she doesn't think capitalism is going to be around forever. let's drop her in venezuela. let's give her six months in venezuela. jesse: i wouldn't give her six weeks. you know what she reminds me of? remember when i used to do the
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interviews and people were clueless? she reminds me of a guest on. "watters' world." but we have this wild wild west capitalism. what is she talking about? it's the most of regulated economy of all time. trump kind of slashed regulations. but what world is she living in? >> not this world. she doesn't understand capitalism is what allows us to flourish as a nation. it allows her to do the things she does day in and day out. but i think what she is trying to do is throw out flashy words like socialism because she thinks all the young people will flock to her because they flocked to bernie. i think people are getting smarter. at least i would hope so. jesse: i have been out in the streets recently. it's slim picking. we'll have diamond and silk when they hit the streets.
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we ask who is a bigger threat world peace. putin or trump. later. sharks. diamond and silk and sharks. don't go anywhere.
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jesse: many in the media and on the left up in arms over the trump-putin meeting. so we wanted to know what the average american thinks. who is a bigger threat, trump or putin. we sent diamond and silk to palm springs, california to find out. >> which one do you consider a threat, trump or putin? >> do you know obama had children wrapped up in foil in cages and no one said anything
11:40 pm
about it. >> we didn't know that. >> you have got to stop listening to the fake news. >> well, i would have to say, trump is closer to it. so anyone who is closer to you is going to be a bigger threat. >> i voted for trump, i stand for trump, i think he's done a great job. >> if he's around 8 years he'll be more successful. >> did you get a tax cut? are you an american citizen? jesse: was that guy an illegal alien? we think he may have been an illegal alien. but he was willing to talk to us so we appreciated the fact he would talk to us. he got away from us very fast.
11:41 pm
jesse: some people love and other people run scared. what were the two white women so afraid of? >> they are afraid of being challenges. and some people don't want to be on camera. and lot of people support president trump in california. this is a liberal state. we believe that the president can flip this state red. >> that's very, very bold prediction. we'll see how that plays out. you had a lot of people that said trump was a bigger threat to the world than vladimir putin. and these are regular people just walking around in california. what does that tell you guys? >> if anyone called him a threat the way we told him yes he's a threat to poverty and the left-wing media web's a threat to everything the left stands for, how they want people to be
11:42 pm
barely surviving and not thriving in this country. jesse: barack obama again, he can do whatever he wants. he's not president anymore. but he's popping up all over the place and he says some bizarre things. this is what he said about men. >> men have been getting on my nerves lately. every day i read the newspaper and i think -- brothers, what's wrong with you guys. what's wrong with us. we are violent. we are bullying. empowering more women on the continent? i think that will lead to better policies. jesse: -shameless pandering by the former president barack obama. it sounds lame. who is buying that anyway? >> well, you know what, jesse? the mall is open but some no one
11:43 pm
is shopping. he's not the president anymore. somebody should tell him we don't want to hear his opinion because we don't care. he need to go somewhere and be quite. we don't want to hear anything he has to say. jesse: you guys are on fire in california. president trump -- speak of malls and people shopig. i guess you can buy his on instagram. they are selling lynching president trump t-shirts it's called hanging with trump, the clothing line. i guess a bunch of libs put this out. instagram is allowing this. this again hurting trump physically seems to be on the front of everyone mind on the left. why do you think that is?
11:44 pm
>> you have to realize this is what the left do. lynching, when we talk about lynching, the left promoted that back in the day. the democratic party were okay with that back in the day. this is the party that keeps saying they are apauled about hate yet they are promoting hate. these are the lefties who say we don't like hate in this country but they are promoting it. facebook owns instagram. jesse: facebook, zuckerberg, you ladies don't like him. have fun in sunny southern california. when sharks attack. are you ready to take your wifi to the next level?
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are you ready to take your then you need xfinity xfi.? a more powerful way to stay connected. it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, provides the most wifi coverage for your home, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. jesse: that could only mean one thing, shark week is back. >> there was one down looking hugely aggressive. it worried me a little bit.
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jesse: jim abernathy is a diver not afraid to come face to face with an array of sharks and hosts cage-free expeditions. people are swimming with their families in the ocean. should they be worried about sharks? >> absolutely not. sharks are one of the misrepresented -- most of misrepresented animals on the planet. though there is lots of comical shark sensationalistic shows, the truth is the exact opposite.
11:50 pm
jesse: you think sharks have overrated when it comes to their ferocity. a girl and a boy were bit last week, non-life-threatening injuries. and another one in florida in just two feet of water. >> sharks bite and kill less humans than any animal on the planet. maybe we should be afraid of the domestic dog that bites 3 million people a year just in the use the. it's easier to pick on the shark because no one lives with them like i do. jesse: you live with sharks in. >> 25 days a month for the last two decade i run shark expedition with the world's
11:51 pm
largest ways considered to be the most of dangerous predators. but i have never seen an aggressive shark toward a human. jesse: was "jaws" lying to us? >> it's a comical movie to me. they are vilified as monsters that want to eat us. but the truth is even when they make a mistake what is termed as a shark attack. they they make a mistake they spit us back out because we are not on their food chain. jesse: we have some more footage on the discovery channel. this is pretty harrowing. >> there is a lot of sharks starting to show up so things
11:52 pm
are starting to get a little dangerous. >> that was close. jesse: you are saying "shark week" is sensationalistic dribble and there is not a threat out there? >> no question. there are over 500 shark-diving operations worldwide that use fish to attract sharks so we can swim with them. the incident rate of an accident happening puts shark diving in between the two sports of badminton and bowling. jesse: if a sharker tried to bite me, i would take my suntan lotion and try to blind. or if i had a stick and it opens it jaws, i would stick the stick in the middle and then i would
11:53 pm
swim away. >> well, good luck with that. i doubt you will have the opportunity. if you want some good advice. stay away from places where people are fishing. jesse: that is good advice. i will do that. up next the mooch and i play beer pong. i can't believe it. my lineage was the vecchios and zuccolis. through ancestry, through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian.
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jesse: time for "last call." world series of beer pong tournament in las vegas. i'm joined now by the 2018 champs brandon clark and matthew klein. they are here to take on the
11:58 pm
mooch and me. here we go. professional rules. you guys start. let's do this. >> this is how i beat my kids in one-on-one basketball. you are in the zone now. >> not bad. now he's all comfortable and everything. so painful. it's going to be very painful for jesse and i. but we are taking it as the true good sports that we are. >> i should have gone the my 2-1 on shots. jesse: we need a little
11:59 pm
handicap. peanut gallery, let's go here. okay, hold on. there it is. got him right where we want him. >> let me go back. all right. all right. ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the fox news corporation, i want to congratulate these two people. jesse: the mooch not as bad as i thought. check out our twitter poll. let me know if you like my new haircut or the old one better. "justice with judge jeanine" is next and remember i'm watters and this is hyd -- and this is y
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world. [♪] judge jeanine: hello and welcome to "justice" i'm jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us. and thank you for once again make "justice" number one last weekend. we have a packed show for you tonight, counsel dwroor the president, kellyanne conway, congressman darrell issa, governor mike huckabee, and turning points u.s.a.'s candace owens with the most of outrageous comments of the week. how was your week? mine as you might have heard was quite eventful. and a message for whoopi goldberg on what happened in


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