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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  July 22, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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with fox news report. >> washington is reeling tonight from the new twist of the mueller investigation, counsel issuing subpoena to kristin davis. good evening this is mike emanel in for jon scott. she served time for role in u.s. prostitution ring, it's not clear what mueller wants to ask her, what we do know that davis use today work for roger stone, former trump campaign adviser over alleged contacts with kremlin-hillary clintoned hackers, stoneman maintaining he did not collude with the russians. >> sure, mr. mueller has had full access to emails and
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therefore he is well aware that there's no evidence whatsoever. in my view with all honesty, this is a fishing expedition. >> all this as president trump reacts to the news that former lawyer michael cohen secretly recorded a conversation with him before the election where the two discuss possible payment to former playmate model that says she had affair with the president more than a decade ago. that recording among the evidence seized by the fbi during raids on cohen's home and office earlier this year. we have fox team coverage, laura ingle near the president's new jersey golf club but we begin with garrett tenney in washington. garrett, how does kristin davis figure into this investigation? >> well, mike roger stone has been a long person of interest in the special counsel's investigation and that is the in no small part because contact with hacker group 2.0 which was operated by russian intelligence officers, investigators have already interviewed a long list
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of folks with close ties with roger stone and kristin davis would be the latest edition to that group. in addition, roger stone one of the best friends and called witch hunt, quote, in terms of russian collusion, i know nothing, they seem to be going back with him and picking up people who work for roger and some people who are disgruntled. while davis and stone have worked together on various projects over the year, someone said in the interview last night that she wasn't working with him in 2015 and the reasonable reason he can think why mueller's team would want to speak to davis because of close ties to him and in open hopes of finding something. mike: we are knowing about a conversation before he was president trump, what can you tell us about? >> sources tell fox news this recording was made in 2016, a couple of months before the election and the conversation revolved around a possible
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payment to play mate model, cohen allegedly suggested she and mr. trump buy the rights to prevent allegations to becoming public. fox news learned that fbi obtained recording, cohen has not commented on recordings, we don't know why he made it and if there are any other conversations with the president. >> breaking news as the justice department releases long-awaited fisa documents, what do we know? >> well, mike, fbi released documents relating and the documents held between republicans and in 2016 intelligence surveillance court
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to wiretap page. a lot of the information here is redacted and still going through it but the documents do include justifications for the wiretap request and page was recruited to undermining and influencing the outcome of 2016 election and that he was, in fact, an agent for the russian government. to date, page has not been charged with any crimes, has repeatedly denied those claims, the fisa application issue has been a long-standing one for republicans on capitol hill who point to the fbi using some of the evidence in its request to have wiretap approved from the steele dossier which was in fact, funded for democratic sources. it's under investigation by the department of justice's inspector general, that probe is still ongoing, mike. mike: garrett tenney leading us off from washington, thanks a lot o. intellector of national intelligence dan coats walking
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back and respect with awkward response. laura ingle not far from the president's golf course where he's spending the weekend. >> director coats is looking to set the record straight after what happened on stage when he seemed to be caught off guard. you may have seen the tape, reaction was widely discussed and replayed this week after he heard the news about president vladimir putin of russia during a live interview, here is how it went down. >> the white house has announced on twitter that vladimir putin is coming to the white house in the fall. >> say that again? [laughter] >> vladimir putin coming -- yeah, yeah. >> okay.
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[laughter] >> that's going to be special. [laughter] >> well, tonight he released a statement which reads in part some press coverage has mischaracterized intentions in response to breaking news during live interview, my admittedly awkward response was in no way meant to be disrespectful or criticize the actions to have president. coats adds that the entire intel community is providing possible intelligence to inform and support president trump ongoing efforts to prevent russian meddling in upcoming election. we also have an update on the michael cohen discussion we have been reporting all day long, a source familiar with the investigation in cohen's business dealings tells jon roberts that he did not assert attorney-client privilege because "the new york times" knew about it and the information was going to be out there any way. the source also says that the president's legal team has no
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plans to release the recording even though they feel will not harm the president. mr. trump tweeting, this inconceivable that the government would break in lawyer's office early in the morning, almost unheard of, inconceivable that lawyer will tape a client, perhaps illegal. the good news is your favorite president did nothing wrong. you're talking about nearly 2-minute chat that was revolving around possible payment to former playboy model who claims she had an affair with mr. trump, she sold story of parent company of national inquire but the story was never published. this conversation was reportedly about paying mcdoogle for life rights to the story but the payments were never made. we are getting new information from john roberts source that they knew about this and waived
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attorney-client privilege for the phone call. >> thanks a lot. for more on all of this, let's bring in contributor editor, daniel, great to see you. >> like wise. thanks for having me. >> at least one powerful lawmaker has concerns about revelations, here is michael mccall. >> it concerns me, look, we have, i think we are looking strong in midterm elections but some of the issues are out of control. we have done a lot of really positive things for the american people and i don't want to get off message on that. >> what about that concern about house republicans getting off message ahead of november? >> i think a lot of republicans have that concern that they are running campaigns and trying to get elected, trying to run on the great economy, this other good economic news and there are tons of distractions coming out of washington that they feel are
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overshadowing perhaps good campaigning. i don't know if that exactly runs one to one, if people are voting -- we don't know whether people are voting based on preference for congress, who is going to congress or who is going to the senate but that's obviously their concern. mike: then there's robert mueller probe itself, take a listen to alan dershowitz and i ask you to react to it. >> collusion is not a crime. they'll have a report, in the report they'll put together all of the pieces and they'll leave to it copying to see if they can find something which they deem imbeachable offense, in the end it'll just be a report. >> quote, in the end it'll be just a report, do you agree? >> probably, he's the lawyer, he's the expert. i think that's probably right that we are not going to see indictments of the president or anything like that per se but that doesn't mean that a lot of people can't fall until that report gets down. we are seeing michael cohen, somewhat related investigation
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we are seeing other associates with president trump in this investigation, i mean, this investigation is cancer on the administration, it's very damaging, they are trying to focus on other things and trying to get through economic agenda, domestic agenda, even foreign policy agenda forward and this -- they can't, there's nothing they can do to -- to get rid of this investigation. this investigation keeps going on and more and more people keep getting pulled in and it's becoming more and more embarrassing for the president and the administration. >> mike: interviewing indicting all of the actions of mueller probe, any sign ending any time soon? >> you know, rudy giuliani said maybe september, that seems ambitious. i think robert mueller has a big strategy here and i think nobody knows what that is, it's very -- he hasn't been leaking much i don't think and it's, you know, there's like 5 people who know
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what's going on but i would suggest to you that the indictments to have russians the other week and all the continued actions mean that it's not at all getting close to -- if anything, it's ramping up and not ramping down and i think that's, i just don't see it ending any time soon. >> daniel, president trump has taken heat even from some of his allies on the helsinki summit with vladimir putin from russia, how rough was it in your view? >> look, because of the investigations, because they're relate today russia and russian meddling and accusation of russian collusion, in some sense he couldn't have done well. in a weird way, it's strike that he did the election -- that he did this whole summit because there was no clear gain, nobody knew what he was trying to get out of the summit but president trump is intent on getting a deal but nobody knows for what. going in he was at a disadvantage and i think he looked small next to vladimir
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putin despite being much larger than vladimir putin and i think it didn't serve the administration well because they didn't get anything, but i don't think there was anything to get out of this summit, so therefore it was a strange occurrence that i think has really hampered the administration, the walkback a day later did not help president trump either. >> daniel from the free beacon and the weekly standard, thanks a lot o. per thanks, mike. mike: a community in mourning as ntsb investigate duck boat crash in hanson, missouri, honoring 17 victims killed when tour boat capsized in stormy weather, we are hearing from the survivor that lost nine family members in the accident. >> i don't have anything to say to the owner. i don't have anything to say to the captain, to the survivors of the boat, i continue to keep you
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in my prayers, i know what you're going through. all the lives that were lost, so much, to all of the lives that were lost, i just -- i pray that they continue to live on in their family's hearts. >> heartbreaking, mike tobin live in branson, mike, what's the latest on the investigation? >> well, what we got from investigators a rough sketch of where the investigation is going, part of what the ntsb wants to examine is what you heard from tia coleman, she's a survivor of the duck boat tragedy and one of the things that she said passengers on board were told that life vests weren't necessary and they were not given life vests, investigators will look at weather data, severe thunderstorm warning, how the information was ingested, was it relayed to the crew on time, was it respected. one thing we heard from state attorney general that the parent
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company that own it is boat, ripley entertainment has not been cooperative but we have a different story from the ntsb. >> cooperation from the ripley company has been outstanding, they brought an exemplary vehicle to familiarize ourselves now, the official name of the boat that went down is duck boat stretch number 7, it was equipped with black box, should have recorded video from multiple angles as well as gps data, divers did retrieve the black box, it has been sent to washington, it has not been examined yet, other things investigators will look at, maintenance records of the boat, they want to look at weather data including the water temperature, we do know now that winds speed at 73 miles per hour, just shy of hurricane-forced winds and one other note about the investigation, we know from another source close to the investigation that there is,
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indeed, tension between state and federal investigators, turf wars have boiled occupy out here, mike. >> the video is compelling to see how conditions were s there thought about how the duck boats should be pulled from the water? >> i asked that to ntsb investigator brian young and he said simply it's too early to make determination. a lot has been written about boats, this is a world war ii design on these particular boats, a lot has been written about blind spot ifs. >> the drivers, absence of secondary-type of flotation like foam in the hall that is would prevent it from sinking if it was swamped and a lot written from the canopy that can trap people inside the of the boat and ntsb says it's too early to make the call. >> mike, thanks a lot. right now secretary of state mike pompeo and u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley getting on north korea for violating sanctions, but we will tell you why they are also calling out china and russia,
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plus, hundreds of protestors rallying for migrant children and their families separated at the southern border to be reunited this as federal judge says he was impressed with the government's efforts to reunify those families, more on the situation at the border and in the courtroom still ahead. >> it's criminal. he's an evil criminal to do that to the children, people have the ♪motorcycle revving ♪ motorcycle revving ♪motorcycle revving ♪ motorcycle revving ♪ no matter who rides point, ♪ there are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. ♪♪ and just like tyrone taylor, they know what it takes to help keep you protected. are you in good hands?
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it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. >> the united states accusing north korea of violating sanctions by smuggling oil and coil. secretary of state mike pompeo and united nations ambassador nikki haley meeting with un security council representatives yesterday and then giving an update on the effort to hold north korea accountable. >> all un member states have unanimously agreed to fully enforce sanctions on north korea and we expect to continue to honor those commitments. one sanctions are not enforced the prospects for the successful denuclearization of north korea are diminished. >> we can't do one thing until we see north korea respond to their promise to denuclearize. we have to see some sort of action. >> despite blaming russia for helping north korea pompeo says
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a potential meeting this fall between president trump and vladimir putin at the white house would be valuable and he hopes it happens. hundreds taking to the street of los angeles demanding the city do more to protect migrants and asylum seekers, this comes as federal judge praised the trump administration for making, quote, great progress reuniting more than 2500 children who were taken from their parents at the southern border. jeff paul is live in los angeles, jeff, what's the scene there? jeff: well, mike, the large crowd just kind of dispersed a little bit ago but earlier big crowd out here, hundreds of people putting the emphasis on immigration issues specifically the separation of immigrant families from their kids. now, there were a few speakers but shortly after that the group took to the streets chanting, holding signs and trying to get the community to realize that they still care and are worried. they are also concerned about the thursday deadline that's
2:22 am
supposed to reunite separated parents with their kids. >> i think that they need to work a lot harder into actually thinking of a way that we can, you know, solve the crisis, tall families are together, the problem is solved. >> now, as of friday morning, 450 kids ages 5 and older have been reunited, mike. mike: jeff, is the trump administration on track at this point to meet the reunification deadline? >> well, according to a federal judge in san diego on friday it sounds like they are. the judge there in san diego during a court hearing on friday, federal judge dana said in part, quote, i am very impressed with the effort that's being made, it really does appear that there has been great progress towards reunification, it appears this process is working and is on track and is on time, now some of the activist that is we spoke say that even if the families are reunited there's still a major
2:23 am
immigration problem that they feel needs solution. mike. mike: jeff paul live in los angeles, jeff, thanks a lot. amazon under fire for selling facial recognition software to police departments, is it big brother or just modern police work? dan springer has the story. >> when police officers in washington county oregon need to identify a criminal from a surveillance camera image they now turn to recognition, software from amazon that in seconds can make a match among the jail's 300,000 booking photos, it's how they caught travis, who was convicted of among other things stealing a thousand dollars worth of tools from a lowes store and technology used to identify suspect from police sketch and not fooled by another criminal who shaved beard. >> we want to be in the forefront of keeping our community safe. we recognize the criminal will keep committing crimes and they will always be trying to find ways to stay ahead of the law enforcement investigation and this is just another tool.
2:24 am
government called face recognition illegal of citizens, sent letter to jeff bezos demanding that they stop selling to law enforcement. >> in the public spaces where people are moving about that are covered by the surveillance cameras they are being facially recognized. >> the aclu points china and rates citizen based on public behavior. people act better when they know they are being watched. despite pressure from community groups orlando will test using cameras and citizens welcome technology and they point out it's not hooked up to public cameras so there's no real-time surveillance but even that usage is probably legal under the supreme court's third party exposure doctrine.
2:25 am
>> what public can see and police can see too and can aggregate the data. >> require all customers to comply with the law and points out the technology can be used for a lot of things like, say, helping find lost children at theme parks but some investors are word about lawsuits they recently delivered a petition asking amazon to pull the plug. in seattle dan springer fox news. >> america's original sanctuary city is once again breaking ground in the immigration debate. controversial new policy and why it could be overturned, plus, could a surge of democratic socialism spell bad news for the party come november? >> i think what's very exciting that democratic party has extraordinary candidates across the country and when they get elected bring a whole bunch of new ideas to the democratic
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mike: alexandria in missouri stomping for corey bush, platform of democratic socialism is seeing renewed popularity prompting some to ask how liberal is too liberal for mainstream democrats. >> we're a big party, a big tent, we have lots of different views on a number of issues, what's important is there's energy from the candidates all around the country. we have extraordinary veterans, great women, great business leaders who are running, who want to make a difference, i think when we go back into majority with this great new class, it'll be exciting for the country. mike: gillian turner has more from washington. tbil gil 42 men and women are running for office at local state and federal level this year who got the formal endorsement from the democratic socialist of america. this according to the associated press, the candidates span 20
2:31 am
states and and includes, florida, democratic socialism has become powerful force in democratic politics. some of its new faces are laying out priorities than ever before. >> we want to be a nation that allows improved and expanded medicare for all. we are a nation that will not stop until every child is born the opportunity to go to college or trade school free of cost. [cheers and applause] >> and we will not rest, we will not rest until every person in this country is paid a living wage to lead a dignified life. >> they're clear on who their friends and enemies are. >> we say to trump instead of showing us your strength by tearing children from their families, where was your
2:32 am
strength in standing up to putin and russia for undermining her honor democracy. >> operated on the fringes to have liberal movement farthest left but now they've got 45,000 views paying members and making to states and communities traditionally carried by gop. >> they say the people of kansas don't want those things, they told me that i would not be welcome, but you have proven them wrong. >> this week ocasio-cortez hit campaign trail to support thompson and today she's in missouri camp training for bush. mike: gillian turner, thank you let's bring in daniel, contributing editor if free beacon and weekly standard. there's been questions since president obama left office, daniel, who is the leader to have democratic party, bernie sanders and ocasio-cortez in charge. >> it's too early to call them
2:33 am
leaders but if i were democrat i would encourage some debate going on, it's kind that there has been no voices of robust statism for lack of a better word, some kind of response in the left side and instead hysteria but finally i think we are seeing an ideology emerge, i don't know whether this can get reelected throughout the country, i'm not -- 45,000 dues paying members to the democratic socialists of america is not enough to turn one congressional district necessarily by itself but i think you should -- i think republicans should be a little concern that democrats are kind of pulling it together and, you know, democrats, i think, should be that there's a debate on the side. mike: take a listen to congressional candidate thompson and i will have you respond. >> so when people want to say
2:34 am
that this is trump country, i say hell no. [laughter] >> i looked at what we have been doing in our districts and that doesn't work, if a centrist message would have won then hillary clinton would have won here in 2016. mike: is there any chance, daniel, anywhere in kansas to go that far left? >> it's very, very unlikely. again, i'm not saying that socialism is going to take over but i think democrats should be hearden that there's debate. i come from georgia and a lot of bleeding-heart liberals even in very, very red states, of course, there's going to be some gathering in some acceptance in sorts of ideas in red states, i wouldn't read that much into this rally per se, what we are seeing is extent of bernieism,
2:35 am
there's no hillary clinton ideology that has really -- what did hillary clinton stand for politically aside from herself and reaching herself? i think bernieism is the -- what has survived the 2016 election for the democratic side and until it's challenged by somebody else on the democratic side i think that will continue to pick up stream and be organizing tool for a lot of the candidates throughout the country. >> is it your analysis this is the response to president trump like the tea party on the other side was the response to president obama? >> i long thought that but i don't know, you know, i think -- i perhaps think it's different. perhaps this is left-wing populism in response to conservative populism. if president trump was the conservative populist then this is, of course, left-wing populism, there's debate if you can have that, perhaps it's socialism and they are coming out and saying that they are
2:36 am
socialists. so what's strange is that they are trying to pick up the strands of president trump, they agree on trade, for instance, it's not president trump, it's not at all what he believes in but they're trying to appeal to the people in a way that he does and shun the elites. i think that's a good message for democrats to shunning of the elites and that is like the tea partyism and perhaps will gain a lot of purchase in the democratic. mike: daniel, we have seen democratic candidates basically saying flat out that they will not vote for nancy pelosi to be the next speaker to have house, how alarmed should pelosi and her allies be? >> i mean, they've been saying that for a long time, right, republicans have been running against pelosi for ten years and pelosi to her amazing credit, i guess, has been able to persevere. i wouldn't count her out yet, but i guess her days have longed
2:37 am
seemed numbered. considering how republicans have run against her for so long, but, you know, when it comes to election day, we will see -- we will see if the blue wave is real, if there's actually ground-swell support. by the way, you to see the alternatives to nancy pelosi, democrats have to see that in order to make up their mind. right now there's no alternative to nancy pelosi. >> we will be talking about this for months. daniel harper for free beacon and weekly standard, thanks. >> thanks, mike. mike: citizenship no longer require to vote in some san francisco elections, william explains. >> san francisco, america's original sanctuary city scored another first on monday registering illegal immigrants to vote. >> today we will say to our families, we need you to have a voice. two years ago voters approved proposition n, amending the city charter giving anyone over age 18 with child in school the right to vote in school board
2:38 am
elections including nonu.s. citizens even those without legal status. >> you shouldn't be here, your kids shouldn't be here, you should be thankful that we are educating them and now you want to tell us how to run the schools, i don't think so. >> critics say voting is a right of citizens extending it to illegal immigrants creates confusion, sense of entitlement and slippery slope, school board today, city council tomorrow. san francisco now, next los angeles and beyond. >> absolutely spread like wild fire. there's nothing -- there's nothing in this state when it's a benefit to illegal aliens that doesn't spread like the plague. >> san francisco unified with some 50,000 students is the only public school district in the city and county of san francisco, supporters say it is only right to give parents who have kids in school a voice in how those schools are run, documented or not. >> i think there will be parents who will register because parents feel so strongly about public education and how
2:39 am
profound it is in a child's life. >> emotions here run high when it comes to immigration, some fear ice will obtain the voter role to arrest illegal immigrants, others believe the city sanctuary status will protect those who register. >> under federal law noncitizens can vote in federal elections and under california constitution require voters be citizens and state residents which is one reason why some believe this measure could be overturned, however, as of yet it has gone unchallenged. in los angeles william, fox news. >> a quick programming note for you, coming up right after us a brand-new episode of water's world, let's check with jesse. >> lost footage of hillary clinton, shark week and the muooch and i play ping-pong tonight. >> we will have it top of the
2:40 am
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mike: hamas agree today -- agreed to cease fire with israel. israeli military responding by destroying dozens of hamas targets. >> israeli campfires ground to gaza and palestinians didn't respond. keep in mind, if the second cease fire we have seen in less than a week and already been tested, clearly a precarious situation in israel and gaza.
2:45 am
what sparked a lot of the violence was the murder of israeli soldier by palestinian sniper but have been other attacks, palestinians have been using kites effectively attaching devices turning them into fire bombs and sending them over to fences into israel, in the past israelis have respond today that by tightening economic block aid of gaza but now they appear to be prepared to use military force, this has all got the un secretary of general very concern, he's issued a statement in which he said, i call on hamas and other palestinians to cease sending provocations and israel must have restrain to inflame situations. israel and hamas have fought three wars, the concern that what was a flair-up during the
2:46 am
week and now cease fire and could churn again to war, nobody wants to see that happen. mike: world war ii era plane crashing this morning at a texas airport, the barnett was trying to take off the ground. one person was air-lifted to the hospital with significant burns and 7 others had minor injuries, investigators are looking into the cause of the crash. former president candidate hillary clinton taking aim at the man who beat her on election day, what she had to say about president trump's meeting with vladimir putin but a powerful storm making its way across the east coast, the detailed east coast, the detailed forecast coming up still a chance here. it's willingham, edge of the box, willingham shoots... goooooooaaaaaaaallllllll!
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>> first day of ozzie fest kicking in new york city with highly-anticipated appearance by hillary clinton. bryan llenas joins us with the latest, hi, brian. >> speaking for about 45 minutes on stage in central park today, secretary hillary clinton made her first on-camera public comments about the hell helsinki summit between president trump and russian president vladimir
2:51 am
putin, in front of a few thousand people at ozzie fest, political festival, clinton criticized president trump for trying to go above and beyond to be friends with putin. she insinuated that president trump was unprepared for the meeting, she said trump did not have vigorous debate or discussions with his advisers about russia before the meeting because if he did he would not have even considered to allow russia tokinging interrogate ambassador. >> the idea that the president even considered for a nano second turning over a former ambassador to russia, to russia, mike, was simply unbelievable and in this case, it doesn't seem like our president carries, he wants to be friends with putin for reasons that we are all still trying to figure out. clinton think it is white house should not have allowed president trump to meet one-on-one with russian vladimir
2:52 am
putin alone, she says it's alarming that the white house in her opinion has allowed russian president putin to dictate to the world what was said in that private meeting. >> you can have one-on-ones as they are called with friendly leaders and that has happened. you need others in there and you particularly need a note-taker so that there can be no mistake about what was said. >> clinton's comments today come just two days after trump tweeted, well, the dems and fake news ever learn this is classic and attach was 10-second video in which hillary clinton says the u.s. wants very much to have a strong prosperous stable russia, clinton responding that noting the clip was a 2010 interview in which the president of russia at the time was demitri, she tweeted a video in which has tougher words for putin and calls trump a kremlin puppet. those two are still at it, mike.
2:53 am
mike: bryan llenas, thanks very much. heavy rain where we need it the least with much of the western u.s. still on fire dealing with wild fires all the way from washington state to southern california. it's the northeast that's getting treated to an unusual summer time nor'easter, accuweather meerrción to break it all down, hi, melissa. >> we are looking at powerful systems and you can see the one that brought so many tornadoes to iowa still spinning up here through indiana and michigan, meanwhile we talk about heavy rain soaking to the east coast, places like washington, d.c. just with this rain northern virginia, lots of flash flood watches and you can see the storm system almost has tropical system, it's not a tropical system but nonetheless bringing heavy rain, will start to crank
2:54 am
up as it makes its way overnight and we could see extension of flash flood watches, let me show you what it looks like on future cast because as you can see the bands producing some very heavy rain, it's all about where those bands will be, how much rain you get but places like washington, d.c. could pick up 3 to 5-inches as we go through overnight hours, boston probably a little bit less, less as you go up your way through the northeast and i-95. now head in through your sunday and we aring about here, two interacting but the one producing heavy rain right now tries to work to canada, next one comes in from the west here and that means more rain for sunday an get the umbrella set for the week because we are stuck in this pattern here for the east coast, we will keep it unsettled as we go through much of the week. meanwhile the heat stays through the west and not much relief for the fire fight through much of the west coast there, mike. mike: melissa, i have a message from back in dc area, please
2:55 am
make it stop, thank you. >> i wish i could. [laughter] mike: thanks for joining us. facebook suspended boston firm as social media giant investigates the company sharing information, contracts with the u.s. government agencies as well as russian company linked to the kremlin, facebook says it's trying to figure out whether the firm has violated its policy against providing data for government surveillance. some potential good news for those of us who like the fish, the new bill that could have you digging out the old box ♪ whens ♪ it's so hard to believe ♪ but it's all coming back me.
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mike: the members of congress are work to loosen restrictions on recreation at fishing. it would allow folks to take home more fish from federal waters stretching hundreds of miles into the ocean. the running of the bulls hemingway style through the streets of key west with bulls on wheels. this is part of hemingway's celebration. he lived on the island in the 1930s. i'm mike emanuel. [national anthem]
2:59 am
3:00 am
. the justice department releases the long awaited carter page fisa documents. >> the documents include an october 2016 application to wiretap page. >> many people in the so-called department of justice are continuing to do exactly what they shouldn't do. >> the great mystery is why the president has not spoken up for our country. the best way to deal with that is to vote in november. >> a hoes tanl situation in los angeles at a trader joe's grocery store. police saying the suspect has surrendered and is now in custody. the suspect fired several shots at officers. none of them were


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