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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 23, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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that's it for us tonight, tuneor in every night at eight to the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, groupthink ant russia! up next to sean hannity. >> all right tucker, that's a great story about you, let's put it this way. it was meant for prudent and the president, and you stole it. >> tucker: that's true, i can't turn down a good dessert. >> sean: tonight we have confirmation, right now tonight that america's top-secret isa court system was totally abused for political gain and judges were lied to repeatedly and on purpose. the fbi is now released the 2015 foreign surveillance warrant against one time drop campaign associate carter page. these contents go to the root
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core of our constitutional republic. we on this program or right for a year. the media has now missed thea biggest political scandal in our history. we will explain all of this. just as have we have been reporting, the bulk of the fisa warrant we now know for sure was based on the unverified, uncorroborated foamy, bought and paid for russian lying dossier of hillary clinton. clear proof that your federal government has been using opposition research, the deep state, to spy on a political campaign to impact steele a presidential election. this should rock the soul of every american in this country regardless of political affiliation. now to your core, we will reveal the baseless and corrupt motivations that are behind all this abuse. we will call out all of this high-ranking deep state officials. they literally weaponized surveillance.
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they save one candidate from being indicted and they turn their guns on another candidate politically speaking. this of course was admitted to the ongoing political because politicization. the trump administration rightly is looking to remove security clearances from former high-ranking officials. we will tell you who they are and why they should be removed. something the media won't tell you tonight. and we also have a message for robert mueller. bob, pay very close attention tonight. we found russia collusion. none of it involves donaldnt trump. buckle up and sit tight, this is a very important hour and we start with our breaking news monologue. ♪ >> sean: this is sad news. we have been reporting for months that the media has ignored for over a year which has been confirmed this weekend. i want you to pay very close attention, you get somewhatrm complicated. if you have a chump campaign
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if you have a chump campaign associate whose name is carter page. it was spied on duringe the height of the 2016 election by barack hussein obama as doj. through the use of a fisa warrant, the hardest warrant to get. tonight we know for sure that the clarification was a document, the verified uncorroborated foamy dossier put together by a foreign national with funneled money through a law firm to a research group and paid for by hillary clinton and the dnc. and by the way, this was all full of russian lies. the whole bunch of it. everything they said about donald trump was not true. we told you about perkins cooley the law firm, we told you about fusion gps, they dug up dirt on clinton's opponent with russian lies.
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let me repeat, mr. moeller,er russian lies to the american people to affect the outcome of a presidential election. let me put it more simply. obama's doj and fbi were spying on the campaign of an opposing party, in a presidential election year, using pop research that hillary clinton paid for. deep state operatives try to rake and steal a presidential election. this is what happens in banana republics. this is venezuela. the type of propaganda would rival pravda in the former soviet union. this should never happen in the united states of america, and the mainstream corrupt media in this country has been completely missing in action. make no mistake, this phony, dirty, russian dossier wasn't just referenced in the newly released documents on late saturday night. instead, steele's dossier was in fact the fisa application, all four of them.
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but you see these names? james comey, sally yates, dana fuente, andrew mccabe, rod rosenstein, they all signed off on this warrant. in all three subsequent renewals.y they repeatedly lied to fisa court judges, four separate times. rod rosenstein lied, mccabe lied. they all lied and they all signed off on a warrant application based on a document that was so duplicitous that even steele himself in court proceedings in great britain conceded that the dossier was not confirmed or verified, you referred to it as raw intelligence and said the chances of some of it even being true were 50/50. andy christopher steele was ultimately fired as an fbiur
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source for lying and leaking,af and still in the fight is a warrant after his firing, the claims that he was credible. he was fired for lying and leaking. meanwhile, james comey admitted he knew the dossier was unverified and let's not forget, fired fbi director, actually denied hand pulled alive to our own bret baier that the dossier was in fact playing a major role in the fisa application. >> c you part of the document unverified installations, why did you use that to ask for surveillance for carter page? not only use it by the lead with that. a bulk of that application deals with that dossier, why? >> that's not my recollection, and it was part of a broader
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mosaic of facts that relate before the fisa judge. >> it was a lot more than that dossier? my recollection was there was a significant amount of additional material about page and why there was cause to believe he was an agent of foreigne power. the dossier was part of that but was not all that were a critical part of it. >> sean: what he said was a lie. the lie was parroted again and again by democrats, the biggest liar in the country, adam schiff. let's look at him lying to you. >> the information used in part came from a trusted source, christopher steele. someone who is a respected member of british intelligence, and it was part of a full package that was presented to the fisa court and would have been negligent frankly given what the fbi knew about carter page, the history that he had and the fact that he had been a target of russian recruitment prior to this. the fact that they interviewed
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him in march even before christopher steele produced any part of the so-called dossier, that they were acting in good faith. >> sean: no, mr. schiff, you knew and we now know it was the bulk of the application. he's one of the biggest liars ib the country with 500 tv appearances. oh, about that. remember it was the deputy ag rod rosenstein who is conflicted many ways. he actually signed off on the last final pfizer renewal against carter page who had this to say. listen to your own words about the sanctity of getting a fisa warrant when you said back in may, apply these standards to yourself knowing what we now know. >> the way we operate in department of justice, if we accuse someone of wrongdoing we have to have admissible evidence and credible witnesses, we have to prove our case in court and we have to affix our signature to the charging document which is not something that everyone
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appreciates. there's a lot of talk of fisa applications and many people seem not to recognize what that is. afi's application is actually a warrant, like a search warrant. in order to get a fisa search warrant, you need an affidavitt signed by a career federalar law enforcement officer who swears that the information in the affidavit is true and correct andhe the best of his knowledge and beliefs. that's the way we operate. if it's wrong, and sometimes it is, if you find out what is incorrect in there that person will face consequences. >> sean: are you going to face consequences? jeff sessions, where are you tonight? and by the way, is christopher steele roddick, is he credible to you? the basis of the 2016 2016 faii warrant/warrants against a trump campaign associate, we now knoww the following. it was unverified and on
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uncorroborated as rod rosenstein stud it must be. it was a document full of russian lies and they all signed off on it. in fact everybody who signed off on this, they propagated lies and in order to knowingly spy on a campaign and regulate presidential election in their favor. the media took this bait and they were led by christopher steele at the behest of that and it was the biggest single scandal in american history and at your media is deaf, blind and dumb, overpaid and lazy. which brings us to carter page. tonight despite extensive surveillance from the federal government, why hasn't page been charged with a crime? despite obama's doj alleging he might be a russian agent, he
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told the fisa court, why isn't he in jail? he was actually debriefed by the cia and the fbi. cooperating with them, helping his own government. here's what he set on a radio show. >> it's funny. not only did they lie that they have two main themes which are totally contradictory. they call me a "foreign agent" but at the same time, they say i am a target of recruitment. so which one is it? there are so many inconsistencies and it's completely beyond comprehensions speak on our own gregg jarrett who has been reporting flawlessly and all of this will join us in a moment. here are the main takeaways from the fisa warrant. first the warrant information was the dossier. front and center come up the
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bulk of information. that means nunez was right and the grass like grandmama was right. the fisa court was purposely misled on a lot of fronts and the naturevely told of thishe unverified dossier wih russian lies. there would have been no warrant without the dossier. even andrew mccabe said that. james comey lied about the dossier's role in the warrant and the fisa court never knew hillary bought and paid for this. they purposely withheld that of important piece of information, and the fbi relied on news that counts and lied to judges including what's called circular reporting from yahoo news. they used the dossier as a basis for one of their reports. steele lied but was still "credible?" the dossier was unverified and
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yet it was used to obtain warrants. they are now violating shredding our constitution, violating our fourth amendment rights, and why was it all redacted? let's give it to the american people. trey gowdy even said he has seen no collusion from this document, and tonight we have a few more questions than we had earlier. this application is heavily redacted and the american people deserve to see it. i'm calling for all of this warrant to be on redacted. the president can do those and according to my sources, if the final fisa warrant is finished, then because of the blatant abuse of power that took place at the highest levels of your government, the trump administration rightly tonight is taking important steps and calling for a certain obama era officials to be stripped of their security clearances. this should have happened a long
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time ago, knowing what we now know. >> not l only is the presidentok looking to take away brennan's security clearance but he's also looking into the clearances of clapper, hayden, rice and mccabe. the president is exploring the mechanism to remove security clearance because they politicize and in some cases monetize their public service and security clearances. and the fact that people with security clearances are making these baseless charges that provide appropriateness and legitimacy with zero evidence. >> sean: well said sarah sanders, they abuse their power, the power that we give them. none of them have should have . the worst obstruction of justice
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case i've ever seen in my life, and in the case of hillary, misled the american people literally. she violated and it destroyed such two separate felonies and then ring an investigation. now obviously a clear and present danger for this country. but let us clear tonight. if this is your collusion story. robert mueller, maybe you want to get your pit bull andrew weissmann on this. hillary clinton, the dnc and the paid for russian lies to rig an election, i lied to the american people.
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using that process, i line to the judges on the bulk of the information, the judges are fed so you can't spy on another candidate instead, but it's full of russian lies. y so maybe you will have more time on your hands and go after, if i may come these lies that were bought and paid for by hillary, to russia. all designed to propagandize the american people. let me put it another way. lied to the american people. mr. mueller, do your job tonight, if you care about truth, if you care about justice, if you care about the system of justice in this country being abused at this high of a level. if you care that somebody actually paid for russian lies to misinform the american people and that information was spread by some of the highest levels of our government. how do you justify russian lies being used to get awards on an american citizen?ic
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it was never verified and never cooperated. it was never even looked at. it was just propagated and these judges, when arehe we going to hear from them? i've never met a judge in my life who like to be lied to. i grew up, yes, sir, no mama, yes your honor, no your honor. may it please the court. may it please the court that these judges now be told that they have been lied to tutsis extent here now, fox news contributor who deserves a pulitzer in her work all, going all of that. sarah carter, author of this book, "deep state" and she is working to destroy the trump agenda. jason shaved heads, good to see you here in studio. sarah, you've been ahead of the
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curve.e we've been reporting all this. now it has all been confirmed and now we know what they didn't tell the judges about who paid for this. now we know that they used unverified information and they put their name to it. speak out this is one of the most dangerous moments in modern american history when you think aboute this. or to skew the elections of that hillary clinton could win. the only place to go from here, is that the president must declassify the 19 pages that are being requested by the house intelligence committee. >> sean: and what will happen -- if the president does exactly what you're saying, and i know they agree speak of the
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american people will know the truth, they will see what w happened and how this dossier was used. beyond what we are seeing now which is already extraordinary, how the surveillance court was fooled and the extent to which they use the power. >> sean: isn't it that the fisa court was lied to? purposely deceived? >>el if i deleted emails and subpoena documents, my life is over. congressman, how did this happen in the united states,in or if there is anything i have a wrong, please correct the record. >> i think your mono monologue is the best synopsis we've heard to date. it is different, and a couple things need to happen. you need to release the document
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into its totality. rod rosenstein should not be able to oversee this. you have to ask yourself, why is it that director comey and the others are pushing so hard to get the democrats elected? it's because that will neuter what trey gowdy gaudi and devin nunes and -- >> i can't figure the tray out >> if you want to be able to move forward on this, if the democrats get elected, it's over. they will close us down. >> they will close us all down and a chapter of american abuse of power will be eliminated. >> just outwardly campaigning to elect. >> it won't just be eliminated. the abuse of power will continue and that is unspeakable. what could happen from here on out should frighten every american unless it is fixed. what needs to happen is the
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president needs to declassify these documents. those people need to know the truth, and the cia and our intelligence operettas needs to be overhauled. this needs to change and this abuse of power needs to stop. >> i liked jeff sessions as the senator but as the attorney general he is nonexistent for many of these discussions. until the president who puts in an attorney general who actually does his job, i think the deep state will continue to move forward and work as well. the one and this is important, if they win this election, this all dies. they cover the whole thing up. >> and these characters, use of or the people that are going to be running after that. >> i think everyone should -- we
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tonight ray get jared's book is finally out, and newt gingrich, and andrew mccarthy as a special important breaking news addition of hannity continues.
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>> sean: you see this book, with more reaction for tonight's opening monologue, i watched gregg jarrett write this book, the russia hoax. at the illicit scheme. i watched him write it word by word and it this book is now out in bookstores, its meticulously footnoted. it is the definitive story of all the facts and this weekend, everything in this book, because i read an early copy, is now
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completely verified. the book tells the story not only of what happened over the last couple years but what is still going on and the documents that came out over the weekend the book was wide open. >> how do you like to judges, delete emails and asked it loss hard drives, how does that happen in america? >> it's amazing because i look back at comey's testimony and people don't remember that he was asked very directly by jason shea beds, during congressional testimony. did hillary clinton give classified documents to people who did not have classification status? and he said it, yes. she should have been charged right then and there. >> you seen those pictures, -- >> i go through all of the people in this book who have
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been charged for doing exactly what hillary clinton did it, and -- >> sean: she did worse.ex >> sean: the sheer volume indicates thatau was being made how is it possible that this is the biggest story of corruption and abuse of power that i can think of in our history? and we have basically been a lone voice and everything that we have been reporting on it, you have reported on, sarah, i can't name all the names, too many people. but our core group of people has now been proven right. how do you live to a fisa judge repeatedly? how does rod rosenstein get to be the deputy ag? and he signed off -- you played the clip of rosenstein's saying if you sign this we take it very
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seriously and we are vouching. so the truth is, the honesty and authenticity of our documents, and yet we now know that documents were never verified. it would have been interesting if. they had finally shown the fisa judges the dossier itself and then he said, get out of my court with this garbage. >> because of the fact it was bought and paid for by hillary. >> and on page 159 by hillary, he recited the footnote, which is so cryptic, you would have to be a telepathic or clear violent to be able to figure out that it was funded by hillary clinton a and came from a foreign national and ex-spy who use multiple hearsay russian sources and some of them didn't even exist. >> so this is in your book also,
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a case in great britain under the threat of perjury charges, what did christopher steele say? >> he basically said this was kind of raw intelligence and not exactly reliable. it took me a while to take that out. but you can get the interrogatory answers that he gave. once you read those answers, walk away and said, even christopher steele. he is in the fisa warrant, and in the later applications, they say we did determine that steele may have misled us, but we believe that his information is credible. on a scale of lying to the court, where does it go on the scale? and am i right that this was
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designed to steal the presidential election? >> if ten is a lie, this is about a 20. >> would i be right now if i did this? >> you be behind bars. this is an abuse of power by arrogant people. they subverted the rule of law and they tried to undo an election. >> sean: but also we know that this whole phony -- by the way, robert mueller, russian dossier. russian lies. the american people were purposely misled. we want them to go back and look at what he said originally. he said no reasonable prosecutor would ever bring such a case. i would
10:32 pm
love to find a prosecutor who would have loved to bring this case. so much evidence in clinton. >> they are in bookstores everywhere. >> thank you. >> it's all in here. all of it, meticulously done and i wash it down like you write it yourself. newt gingrich is next, say will wills. my name is jeff sheldon,
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♪don't tell me it's not worth trying for♪ ♪you know it's true ♪everything i do ♪i do it for you >> sean: following the white house's announcement today, president trump was looking into revoking the security clearance for former obama era intelligence officials including john brennan, he's the worst of them. james kleber, susan rice and michael hayden. destroyed trunk media basically -- well if trunk breathes they go into meltdown mode. >> sarah sanders they are, let's call it what it was, she threw a grenade in there when it comes to this moves which she is now saying the white house is
10:37 pm
considering not only revoking the security clearance to john brennan but also that of comey, clapper, mccabe and rice. >> there's really no way to look at this other than president trump wants to punish his critics. >> he>> wants to punish them in silence them as well perhaps. >> an unprecedented threat from the white house but it doesn't seem grounded in reality. >> this is a very dangerous day for democracy. this is the move evan autocrat, not an american president. >> this is nixonian, this is the president threatening to use his power. >> the other way is they use their power as a relates to the american electorate with russian lies that hillary paid for. the truth about our nation's great comeback, and fox news
10:38 pm
contributor newt gingrich, we are expecting gdp growth. barclays today revised the prediction and i don't think it's going to get there, to 5.3% for the quarter. anything above four would be a grand slam home run by any proportion. let's get to the important issue here. i've never seen a group of people lie to ports like this. fixed an investigation likega this, that had turned on one presidential candidate like this and abused their power at such a level. lying to fisa judges to spy on americans? we don't have a constitution, sir, if the stands. >> we do have a constitution, we just have to fight to preserve it. benjamin franklin said to a woman right outside of a constitutional conventionti when she said, what have you achieved, and he said, i republic, if you can keep it.
10:39 pm
we are in that kind of cycle. if i have any complaint about what sarah sanders said today that the president thinks he's going to do in terms of these people, he's not going far enough and he's not being serious enough. i think we ought to have some kind of open reporting on every single person who lied to us about benghazi. i think we ought to have a really serious look at all the different ways in which the establishment grew more corrupt and more dishonest, more willing to lie to the american people and if i wanted to fault the president, it would be for going too far. it would be for not methodically and systematically exposing to the american people, starting frankly with the fisa warrant. there's no excuse for that warrant being rejected anymore. >> sean: e lied to the judges four times. four times the book of the application was hillary's bought and paid for russian, if robert
10:40 pm
mueller is paying attention, lies. how is everything so topsy-turvy in terms of the country, the narrative, mueller and the medi media? >> while you essentially just said it yourself. we know who these people are, the question is what do we do aboutbu it? i have no doubt that "the new york times," "the washington post," cbs news and all the other manifestations of establishment are desperately seeking to prop up the corrupt system which fed them new stories which took care of them which made them feel like insiders, and i have no doubt that this is really an all out fight between the old order, desperate in its dying phases, and the desire of the american people for honesty. the challenge here is not then, i'm going to surprise you. the challenge is not them, we know who they are.
10:41 pm
the challenges us. the fact is starting with theg president, we haven't been tough enough, we haven't been direct enough, we haven't focused enough and i think if we wear this whole thing would collapse in a matter of weeks because it is so sick and the stench would be so great. and i just gave you three or four examples. >> sean: let's start with the redaction's. and here's the challenge. we could start with the reductions, how does rod rosenstein be as conflicted as he is and he signed thehe last warrant based on russian allies? i would laugh if it wasn't so serious because the american people were systematically lied to, courts were systematically lied to, our protections against unreasonable search and seizure were violated at the highest levels of our government. and i would argue our constitution is meaningless unless it is fixed.
10:42 pm
>> here's what you -- where you and i are in a different place today. maybe it's hard because i have an opportunity to take a deep step back and try to get a feel for where we are. you and i are in a different place. it's not any of these guys and the number one test is tomorrow morning, president trump should sign a note completely eliminating the reductions and releasing the paper. there is no reason for him to go ahead and do it, get it over with. and there are other things. >> he should sign it and release the totally unredacted version and all those documents that congress has been beating their brains over, how about he has the authority to release all of it? how about we release it all and be transparent? >> i think the only limitation
10:43 pm
should be active threats to a people who are helping the united states and that is actually proven. otherwise get it all out in the open. within that framework, dump it all out there. the only thing that is going to clean up washington is the fresh air of accountability, transparency and honesty. nothing else is going to clean this place up because it is a snake pit and, the more we learn, the sicker we realize it is. >> sean: if you are a great historian, you are a professor at harvard and nobody knows that about you as much as i do. i guess the question is, in history we had some very top-down like challenging times. can you think of a bigger abuse of power in our history? >> i think the person whose situation is the most like
10:44 pm
president trump's was abraham lincoln. lincoln is fighting to preserve the constitution and he's fighting to preserve the union. he's having to do lots of different things that are very bold and in some cases very radical. he's trying to do it in a way that he is deeply bitterly opposed, not just by that but the substantial number of democrats in the north. i think trump is in a very similar place. i gave him an example 2 minutes ago that i think is astonishing. if you go back and look at, we know without any question that the president of the united states, obama, lied to. we know hillary clinton lied to, we knew rice lied to. that information from tunisia or rather from livia that said, their version was totally false. and they deliberately and maliciously lied to the american people. that should all be released, we should be able to see with these people really are. then you say to yourself, if that's all true, and if clapper
10:45 pm
and brown and others were engaged in lying to the american people, why would they keep their secrecy? why would they be allowed clearance? i think it's important to get all the stuff out in the open. >> sean: all right mr. speaker, a very powerful. when we come back, we will get tom fenton and andy mccarthy's report of the situation -i've seen lots of homes helping new customers bundle and save big, but now it's time to find my dream abode. -right away, i could tell
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>> we have lots of questions for john brennan and he will definitely be sought by the committees for an interview. this is an extremely disturbing thing to see that both he and james comey, supposedly impartial government officials carrying out their jobs in very important areas and intelligence
10:50 pm
gathering and law enforcement expressing the kind of extreme bias that they've shown now, which i think reflects it quite accurately on what they were doing in 2016. >> congressman bob goodlatte this weekend calling on theoh former cia chief john brennan to testify to congress on his role. president tom fenton deserves a big pat on the back. let's go to that particular point. and more importantly just get your general reaction to what we learned today. for the saturday night dump. >> you know on the securityit clearances, i think anyone who abuses those are -- whether it be to politicize it, i think you should get your clancy act. i don't like seeing the debate about it get politicized.
10:51 pm
let me ask you, what -- does hillary into -- was that the obstruction after it was subpoenaed? >> yes. and they not -- and an opposition party candidate to stop a him? >> i think they weaponized the intelligence and the law enforcement. they certainly did. >> and those fisa judges not once, not twice but four times? first of all, with respect to the dossier, it was not corroborated. their own policy say that they are not supposed to -- yes, the
10:52 pm
law demands that you have accurate information to the court. it doesn't require that it be verified and corroborated but their procedures -- that -- if they could have played that tonight. >> go through the same list of questions. start with hillary and end up with lying to the pfizer court judges four times with russian p propaganda paid for by an opposition party. >> even though it doesn't take a lot to yank a security clearance, they've been playing the security from the trump administration. and when it comes to comey and mccabe, it's a no-brainer. >> sean: what about brennan? >> brennan, yates, klapper.
10:53 pm
klepper is accused of lying, quite credibly. and the basis for pulling a security clearance is credible derogatory information. it's hard to say that there is no credible derogatory information. you have klapper who admits to lying and you have brennan who is accused in a book of leaking purposely. >> sean: that's all true. >> i would put them on hold. the one the cia director is spreading russian lies as cia director.. >> and susan wright had a number of explanation, contradictory investigations about her involvement in unmasking. >> i was reading how all weekend -- and if he didn't do that or i find out anyone did
10:54 pm
this illegally, i will sue them and hire the best legal team including andy, on the planet to go after them. let me go back to t you. wasn't this all about russian lies paid for, disseminated, propagated, and lying to the american people with russian lies of all things? i think it was about pushing the envelope as far as you could push it. i'm saying for the politics of the election, anday i think they did that because number one, the fisa stuff is classified and number two, they were sure that hillary is going to win and no one would be any wiser. so with that, where would i be now? >> it would be jail now. >> if i destroyed subpoenaed information, where would i be n now? >> is there any doubt that this
10:55 pm
whole liza application -- >> ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> sean: socialist superstars bernie sanders and the new rock star alexandria ocasio-cortez, were in kansas on friday, pushing their socialist left-wing agenda and claiming they are the new normal for your democratic party. take a look. >> we are a nation that will not stop until every child is born with the opportunity to go to college or trade school free of cost. >> the ideas we campaigned on which a few years ago were seen to be radical ideas are now mainstream ideas because of your support. i thank all of you for your support you gave me and will be part of a political revolution which is sweeping this country.
11:00 pm
>> sean: we start this week the hundred day countdown to the most important midterm in our history. that's tomorrow night. that's all the time we have left. we are always fair, balanced, not the destroy-trump media. let not your heart be troubled. there she is, laura ingraham, hi. >> laura: when i see bernie sanders, i have to smile. what were those grandparent muppets? what were they called? no one in my studio knows. >> sean: i've been doing this 23 years. i am thinking laura is going to get in trouble again. nobody knows you are kidding. >> laura: i like the muppets. but there's something about the way -- i like it. >> sean: i can't hear you. you're going to get in trouble again. stop getting in trouble. i am trying to help you. >> laura: i promise. you are much older and wiser. thank you so much. great show as always. good evening, i am laura ingraham.