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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 24, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> marie: fox news analyst, your title has gotten long, that's marie harf. joining us on the couch today is david webb, hosting the david webb show on sirius xm and a fox news contributor and he is "outnumbered." this is going to be a fiery couch today, i can feel it already. looks locked and loaded, are you ready? be ready, whenever undone. new reaction is a white house looks at stripping security clearances of the six former national security officials. a former fbi director james comey, former dni james clapper, former cia director john brennan and former deputy fbi director andrew mccabe, former national security advisor susan rice and former cia director michael
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hayden. criticism from these former officials and others have escalated in the aftermath of the presidents i met with russian president vladimir puti president vladimir putin. last week, calling the president's behavior nothing short of treasonous. but if they should maintain security clearances that they were granted during their time and previous administrations. watch. speak of the president is exploring these mechanisms to remove security. the public service and their security clearances and making baseless accusations of improper contact with russia or being influenced by russia against the president is extremely inappropriate. the president contents of the fact that security clearances are making these baseless charges provides an appropriate legitimacy to accusations with. >> melissa: called on the president to revoke his security
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clearance >> john brennan he should've been fired for that. but he was and fired by president obama because he was a partisan but now he's a talking head on the outside saying that basically president trump i'm very concerned about him having privileges because of his past history. >> dagen: democrats warning that the move would set a dangerous precedent. because this is so extraordinary, the last thing you want an intelligence is partisanship. and we were able to avoid that for such a long time. and now the president is what? does is rise to the level of abuse of power? i went to see some of the people he's taking it away from don't even have it paid doesn't even
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know what he's talking about? >> melissa: nobody is partisan in that group. an earlier, speaker of the hospital ryan zinke doesn't take the threat to revoke security clearances very seriously. >> i think he's telling people. this is something that is in the purview of the executive branch. these people already lost their clearances. >> marie: them of the claims need seem to be based on classified information, but also point out that my kid and didn't work for barack obama, he worked for george w. bush, he didn't continue serving, he left when bush left but the broader picture here is there are reasons that the top intelligence officials once they leave keep their clearances and impart, best to help their successors if they need someone to call who has dealt with issues before. when i worked at the cia for three cia directors, they would call their predecessors all the
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time, the only ones who have been in that job and they would turn to them for guidance. say when i worked for the secretary of state. so i don't like the idea of stripping these clearances away for political reasons because you're being criticized publicly. and quite frankly, if they stripped them away, i don't think it'll change a single thing in any of these people are saying publicly because were not based on that the president is arriving. in kansas city at the international airport right now. he is getting ready to make a big speech to the veterans of foreign wars at their united states national, this is pertinent because you have to think some of these habits are going to come up when he gets out there in front of the crowd. >> david: let's look at the issue of security clearances. first of all, once you've left
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your post, whatever it is, you can be read out of the program. i was taken out of that, that's how it should work. i know former cia directors comes to mind, and while at that level, i can see validity to it. then it becomes a question of trust. for many of my friends goes back long before trump, the questions about clapper go long before trump, these are guys with had questions because their politicos and frankly the american people out there, once you're done with your job, your done with your job whether your congressman or a senior official, he read out of this and you can be read back in. when you needed at that level.
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>> melissa: they both have valid points here, talking to the people before you in terms of monetizing it, will be you're talking about is that if you're going out and giving a speech or writing a book or your commentator on another channel, it raises your cachet, you still have a security clearance, you're able to charge for it, i was like you this information, still have access to it, the idea that you're still in the loop. >> katie: they will accidentally reveal classified information because they're not clear in the moment whether it's wasn't classified so he did bring that up, from the white house perspective if you look at the requirements in web site about what you
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have to do to get a security clearance, you have to have loyalty to the united states, obviously be able to handle classified information but trustworthiness, honesty, reliability, discretion, and sound judgment are also requirements in the white house would argue that based on some of the things that john brennan has said that james comey has said able to vote for democrats, going beyond the issue of just talking about intelligence and offering a debate about foreign policy and using their position with a security clearance identified against with the administration. >> melissa: will come right back to you. >> dagen: i want to quote the headline on "the wall street journal" editorial on this today. dumb idea of the week, revoking clearance.
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>> dagen: clearly unmasked in a parlance by obama officials and we deserve to know who was behind that great injustice. that being said, removing people security clearances is merely an act of political retribution in "the wall street journal" says. sitting at the table going will show them. because is not going to shut them up. they're still going to have john brennan on tv. >> melissa: can you speak to that second point they're making about michael flynn we want to know who it was that week. them >> marie: the point that it was going to bring up is about michael flynn and that was after he left the defense intelligence agency, he joined a partisan car pain, he gave
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partisan speeches were he was waiting deeply into politics advocating for someone to get elected and he still is a former head of an intelligence agency would've had the same kind of clearance. >> marie: unmasking various seriously, these are not making these decisions, someone at the white house can ask, the intelligence community is very capable of saying you know if it's inappropriate. >> melissa: i want to know people continue their security clearance, why didn't people yell about michael flynn? you're right, the way that you talk about what he did and those speeches, absolutely. if you don't have clearance, that is shut out. it's a courtesy. >> dagen: i think the american people, their reaction online
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that on twitter, all women want, this is a blanket park. it's a give me to anybody in this job. i understand it for the former head of the cia, may be. but when you're john brennan, he is essentially taking credit for launching the investigation into the trump campaign. i think that it is up to the executive branch that if you're in a position in your causing and calling the president's actions treasonous and you're acknowledging that you were egging on the fbi's probe into this campaign. we went all those people on that list are not all of the same level, we have one person on there that said the president is treasonous which is punishable by death and other people on that list that are just contributors at other networks. i don't have their security clearance anymore because again, james comey's friends said he was read out and andrew mccabe did as well. >> david: what is important with reading out, once you are right out of a program, you're also given parameters.
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you are read into a program which can take months. if you have a tss ci clearance are as high as that clearance which is the highest, once you are read out, you were given parameters and once you can and can't say. that comes to the accountability for what you do publicly, just with the clearances beyond just what you have in your position on it it's what you do with it or the perception where it leads. >> melissa: i just want to tell people where you're looking on the screen, that's a stage where we are expecting the president to step up and speak very soon, we are keeping up very close eye on it, will bring it to you as soon as it happens. >> katie: michael flynn made thousands of dollars to travel to russia and sit at the table with vladimir putin for an rt event so the little bit of a double standard. overall, there is a problem with security clearance backlog, security clearance program needs to be reformed and senator mark warner who is a democrat actually wrote about this earlier this year. so we want to take on security clearances from a political
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perspective, that's one thing. but overall it's a very serious problem with the way security clearances are pushed through, transferred, cost lots of money for them to do that and it is a question about who gets to keep them. if >> melissa: more than 4 million people walking around right now with security clearance. >> katie: and a 700,000 person backlog who cannot. >> dagen: and multiples of that number of laughing at nancy pelosi and her saying that the last thing you want it intelligence is partisanship. able to avoid that for so long. that's hypocrisy. >> melissa: thank you, new word the president's top approach to north korea may be paying off. what new satellite images show. in the war of words between the u.s. and iran intensifying. the latest from that rogue nation, the latest standoff may be part of a broader white house strategy. alright, i brought in new max protein
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are you ready to take your then you need xfinity xfi.? a more powerful way to stay connected. it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, provides the most wifi coverage for your home, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. >> melissa: fox news alert, we are awaiting remarks from president trump at the veteran foreign affairs national convention in kansas city, missouri, that right there on your screen and going to start any minute now. the appearance comes on the
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heels of the bipartisan confirmation of robert wilke, secretary of veteran affairs just yesterday. the president is expected to talk about ways to improve the va and the strategy to fight terror abroad. we are going to bring that to you live just as soon as it happens. in the president tweeting this has he landed in kansas city. i am very confirmed that they will be fighting very hard to have an impact on the upcoming election based on the fact that no president has ever been tougher on russia than me. they will be pushing very hard for the democrats, they definitely don't want trump. did you like that? i do that with dramatic input. what's your take on that one? the russian's goal is not necessarily to elect one party or the other, as tickets fighting with each other as they've been very successful with. for the past two years.
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i think he's just throwing that out there to say i'm concerned about progression meddling in by the way they want to elect democrats because of a strong record on russia. if you look at the number of sanctions, not the tweeting order with the claims are, you go down the checklist, access to baking for certain individuals and you go to various people sanction, diplomats that have been kicked out, other sanctions i have a secondary effect on russia, the trump administration has actually done a significant amount of work, the problem is we can't get out of this collusion argument. we have seen no evidence. >> katie: the obama administration ignored what they were doing, he ignored the intelligence. they needed a complex, made fun of mitt romney for even bringing it up as a threat. as of now.
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>> dagen: what we got from president obama after it was revealed that the russians were trying to interfere in the election, looked at vladimir as a silent meeting. and said cut it out. to be fair, the president keeps getting in his own way on this. in talking about trolling, he himself gets trolled by the fact that one day, he says the russians interfered, the next day he didn't because he's conflating the charges of collusion and meddling and feels like that's meant to undermine his presidency. >> marie: here's a challenge, the sanctions that were passed overwhelmingly by congress, donald trump did not want to sign and he has not fully implement it because he does not want to put them in place. there are multiple reports that he did not to expel that many diplomats. so what speed in size as an administration taking steps, but also the president they see thas
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really tough with all of our allies and won't apply the same pressure to russia so putin gets a thought from trump and donald trump. he said in an interview with tucker carlson last week, donald trump basically said why would we go over to war to montenegrin the cuts so close to why nato is around and that is music to putin's ears. i don't think they will expend u.s. resources for latvia or montenegrin. >> dagen: to your point, i want to highlight this that all russia wants to do is disrupt the united states of america and create an uproar and destroy any unity that might still exist in all point to two things. there was a microsoft executive at the athens security forum earlier this year and said that russia has tried to already hacked three congressional candidates during the midterm elections. i don't think they reveal the
9:22 am
candidates names are the parties. "wall street journal" today, homeland security officials said russian hackers reached u.s. utility control rooms, blackouts could have been caused, after networks of trusted vendors are easily penetrated. that's what they're up to, they want to destroy the united states and we need to have a much more united front on this. >> marie: do you think the president has a strategy in place to counter that? >> melissa: they did well at a strategy last week. >> david: they moved command into the pentagon to an act of command about two months ago number one. number two, the utilities hacking has been going on for some time because one-third of russia's gdp is based on energy and going after our energy sector helps them stay strong, 100% right, but it's other countries that they want to do this to at the same time. >> dagen: we have this fox news alert, new signs that president trump push towards a nuclear free north korea may be
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bearing fruit. the u.s. research group that monitors the rogue nation saying satellite images show that north has begun dismantling its main initial engine test site. the group calling this an important first step towards refilling a commitment made by kim jong un. words of this coming the same day knocking down reports with north korea's progress. the president tweeting yesterday this. "a rocket has not been lodged by north korea nine months. likewise, no nuclear test. japan is happy, all of asia is happy but the fake news is saying without ever asking me always anonymous sources that i am angry because it is not going fast enough. wrong. very happy. i want to get. >> melissa: did he sound that a very happy? i don't know if you read that with the right inflection. >> dagen: we need a trump tweet mood transfer.
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like a mood ring. katie, i want to go to you first on this, general jack keane was on the fox business network this morning on mornings with maria and he said this is obviously a step in the right direction. but we need to know the key denominator is to have the location and identity of all nuclear and ballistic missile sites go and verify is there. you don't know what has been given over. >> katie: that his enormous progress, great news that they take some steps but they don't have inspectors they are on the ground, independent sectors, u.n. inspectors there. this is great progress and i'm glad that we are seeing this moving forward, it's good for the president to be able to say that he's gotten results from this summit that he had which was a very high-stakes thing for him to do going into that being criticized for being tough on kim jong un then meeting with kim jong un, here we are now
9:25 am
with moving things around but until secretary of state mike pompeo in the administration have said until there's a verifiable denuclearization permanently which means we are going to have to go in and inspect the entire country quite frankly, then we will seem if they will yield results that are long-lasting. >> dagen: it wasn't long ago, just a matter of weeks ago that there were new satellite photos that showed that kim jong un regime is continuing to develop a nuclear weapons program, we've had china essentially allowing losing its enforcement on the trade sanctions after the summit, so there's been a lot that's been going in the wrong direction since that summit. if >> david: for anyone who expected that immediately kim jong un was going to turn the tables on this program, it's as big as leverage point, his leverage point with china not just with the united states in the world. it was not going to happen, also takes time to put these resources in place. they developed a plan in the administration, a multipoint
9:26 am
multiyear plan in this approach and it involves using other elements of national power putting together with the denuclearization. also, they don't have the equipment and the ability in some cases to tear these facilities apart. the tunnels that were exploded for the media was that they could be reopened in the way the explosions were done. we now know this. so instead of instant reaction and instant gratification, let's let the process play out, mike pompeo was well aware of it, he has a background of intelligence which is key as former cia director and the administration has developed a plan that is a multiyear plan. >> melissa: i would ask maria, we saw the u.n. last week when nikki haley was standing with mike pompeo and they were basically blasting china and russia and saying you guys are doing ship to ship petroleum transfer and you're getting refined people into north korea, that's no good, but to keep the pressure of commas at that the right move?
9:27 am
>> marie: i think it's one of the right moves certainly because we do not see other countries particular to china cracking down as much as we want them to but we also have a fundamental question that hasn't been answered yet by the north koreans. are they really serious about complete and verifiable denuclearization? we don't know that yet. and taking the step as is confirmed by inspectors on the ground to destroy this facility, we need to get inspectors in there and actually see what happened. i think that would be a good start. and if that happened, that is a good start. but fundamentally, we had reports that state department meetings with the north koreans have sort of flatlined and taking messages back to pyongyang and not negotiating over the nuts and bolts of denuclearization. they're still very much an open question that there is a real megadeal to be made are just going to keep tinkering around the end. >> melissa: we are committed to denuclearization. >> marie: they said it six times before so now we need our concrete actions and so far on the nuclear side we haven't seen
9:28 am
concrete actions. >> katie: they won't even give us the remains back which is the basic starting point. >> david: an important part of this strategy, is not a linear strategy. first you do this, then we do that. denuclearization is also right there was stability in the beginning which is what kim jong un wants. he must ability for his regime. other elements of this come together. >> dagen: a time i would have helped, we had a timeline to work off of, that would've helped a great deal. we sure didn't. and now we've got a lot of talk and not enough walk. >> dagen: melissa always as that. a president trump expected to speak at the veterans of foreign wars national convention in city missouri, momentarily we will bring you that live as soon as it begins. think of bc president trump sit down with special counsel robert mueller soon? and attorney for the president says it is possible under some
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♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> melissa: fox news alert, we are awaiting remarks from president trump at the veterans of foreign wars national convention in kansas and missouri happening any moment. the head of the group saying he hopes to hear more regarding the ongoing u.s. negotiation with north korea on the return of the remains of americans who were prisoners of war or missing in action during the korean war. if you're going bring in the president's address live just as soon as it happens. >> marie: meantime, president trump the lawyer rudy giuliani added again reportedly saying the president would agree to an interview with special counsel robert mueller if the questions were focused on allegations of russian collusion and not on obstruction of justice. giuliani is reportedly concerned mueller might believe witnesses who contradict president trump's account of events like the firing of former fbi director
9:34 am
james comey. that could open the president up to a potential perjury charge. giuliani telling "the wall street journal" "we think the obstruction of it is handled by article two of the constitution. the provision giving the authority to appoint and dismiss members of his administration." so rudy giuliani is really focused on negotiating publicly for terms at a private interview and i think that's a press strategy but in terms of a legal strategy, do you think that they have any say in what an interview might look like? if one happens? "your world" i will always go back to quoting judge andrew napolitano, one of my favorite people walking on planet earth that you do not let your client can sit down for an interview, for over five guiltyl counsel mueller has extracted or related to lying to investigators for lying to the fbi. it is a felony. for this is how they get your time and time again.
9:35 am
we go back to martha stewart and the like, and you never know what they know. you never know what the investigators have uncovered and they will intentionally ask you questions that trap you, that lead you down a dangerous road and you will never have a full sense of where they're going and they were allowed to lie to you. but you're not allowed to lie to them. and i just can't imagine that rudy giuliani as smart as he is whatever that president trump sit down for an interview. >> marie: there may not be a choice. the president may eventually have to sit down either politically or legally with bob mueller. if you have and at this point, is going to be a lot of unanswered question, if you have nothing to hide like you say you don't, maybe you should sit dow down. >> melissa: i think a lot of people know in their own mind that if they had a choice to go or not they would not go. i would try desperately not to go and i can't think of anything on the spot that i am guilty of. i was surprised to hear tom to preearlier, former assistant
9:36 am
attorney general is that he thought this was a fair offer. i don't think it's really sincere. i think it's out there, rudy giuliani is out there talking. >> david: let's face it, for anybody who wants to figure it out, see dagan's answer because any lawyer in any situation will tell you you don't sit down with someone who owns a grand jury for that very purpose in the last part of the statement, they're allowed to to you, you can be in trouble for lying to them for at least the appearance. also the next step, mueller needs to prove his worth which means if you didn't get anything on the president, he could write a memo that says i recommend impeachment, send it to congress and that you start the whole politics of this over again. i don't think trump should worry about the politics. >> marie: i think mueller has proven his worth, a number of guilty pleas. >> david: none of them related to russian collusion. >> dagen: i'll let katie get in here but i'll .1 out about michael flynn's guilty plea that
9:37 am
jim comey told people in congress of the fbi agent who interviewed flynn didn't think he was lying and he wound up pleading to something, not just asking a question. >> katie: he was also fired for lying. >> dagen: they can trap you that way. >> marie: what you think about this? to the president just tell the truth? should that be enough? >> katie: i think is a lot more complicated than that, there's a lot that we don't know. i find paul manafort's upcoming trial really interesting. the think we're going to find out a lot about democratic lobbyists in washington, d.c., like tony podesta. i think he's going after more people than we actually know about, there's been rumors of special treatment that he's been giving to democrats rather than republicans but for the president publicly, they've been very successful over the last year of turning public opinion against the mueller probe. people think it's political he motivated, public polling shows that people don't actually care about the russia issue anymore, they think whatever outcome
9:38 am
robert mueller comes from, it will be tainted with politics, there's been enough information now that the lawyers feel like it is a political witch hunt. so publicly, they've certainly been able to win on that. legally, we will save the president is forced to sit down. i've also been arguing constitutionally that the president may not have enough. there's a lot to go through here. but i'm sure rudy giuliani knows that he should not have the president sit down voluntarily because secondly to all kinds of problems. >> marie: is as far from over, we will keep watching. we are also watching because we are waiting president trump in kansas city, missouri, will he will give remarks at the veterans of foreign wars national convention. we will go there live once he begins to stay tuned. plus, a junior senator going against some top democrats that she now calls for her party to make abolishing isa top priority to take congress back. are some democrats losing touch with average americans? we will debate that. stay tuned. >> when we flip the house and flip the senate, we can get rid of ice.
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>> marie: we are awaiting president trump in kansas city, missouri, will he will be addressing the veterans of foreign wars and the lights are on now so we know that he will be coming up momentarily, there are number of issues we are expecting him to address, veterans issues of course yesterday his va secretary robert wilkie was confirmed by the senate, he is there with him today and we also expect them to maybe go off script and talk about revoking security clearances for a number of intelligence officials he just recently tweeted about russia and upcoming 2018 midterms and of course, there is news on north korea as well. so we are waiting for him and he should be here momentarily.
9:44 am
now, new york democratic senator kristen gillibrand renewing her calls to apologize telling a crowd an event called ozzie fest in new york city that in fact it should be her party's first order of business should democrats win control of congress. watch. >> when we flip the house and for the senate, the first thing we should do is deal with the children who are being separated from their families at the border, i think we should get rid of ice. >> katie: this comes as new polls show voters increasingly believe the democratic party has gone off course. there's an nbc "wall street journal" poll you'll see on the right side of your screen, 56% see democratic candidates as out of step with the mainstream. as a significant increase from two years ago when 42% said democrats were out of touch. on the other hand, a nearly identical numbers the republicans as out of step. that number has been consistent over the past two years. so david, there's a lot going on in the world, a lot going on in
9:45 am
the country. is getting rid of ice the first order of business for democrats, should they flip the house and do we say the senate to? pretty ambitious. >> david: good luck with both of those because if you look at the midwest and you look at the data and you start to look at the real tracking, not a poll that goes either way depending on the questions for democrats or republicans, americans don't agree. if you want to get rid of ice, what do you do next? if you want to get rid of ice, what do you say to the 500 something victims of human trafficking last year that were rescued because of ice? what you do about border security? what you do about all the interactions with other agencies on law enforcement and what do you say to all the people who have committed their lives to protecting this country? americans look at that and they don't wake up and see the polls, they wake up and go these people are protecting me. >> marie: democrats across the country particularly in the midwest where i was last week talking to a bunch of our candidates running in swing districts are not running on abolish ice, they don't think we
9:46 am
should apologize. credential a brand is getting ready for 2020 with those comments and that's fine but in terms of the midterm, i will say there are democrats, we used to call them blue dog democrats, democrats who fit their district were given republicans a run for their money in ohio and michigan and pennsylvania can i keep saying to people i know the liberal wing of the party gets a lot of national press attention because i agree, it's interesting. but if republicans don't see this undercurrent of moderate democrats who are really focused on their districts and are talking about abolishing ice, i guarantee you. the going to be surprised in november because something is coming. >> katie: you talk about how in the midwest, they're not interested in abolishing ice but of kristen gillibrand is interested in 2020, doesn't that detrimental to her chances to regain trump voters? >> marie: i think the democratic party that i love and i'm a part of has a serious conversation we need to have about 2020 and who we nominate
9:47 am
how we can win. if you look at bill clinton or barack obama, i know some people have issues with some things barack obama did but he wasn't calling for single-payer health care here. so the democratic party is going to go through a big internal discussion after the midterms about what we want to do in 2020 and it will be interesting. i'm ready for it. >> dagen: kristen jell-o brand is a unique bird because she definitely has a fame addiction. and she will increasingly say things to get more attention to that gasp for relevancy. the democratic party of how she turned on the clintons. and she turned on bill clinton and said he should resign, she cozied up to them time and time again. just really quickly, when they say abolish ice, that sounds like democrats on for the rule of law and they are for child
9:48 am
trafficking in human trafficking, things that ice fight. so it's important, let her keep saying that. >> melissa: want to point out to people that are watching, we are just moments away, you can see they turn on the lights and we are waiting for the president to come out and make his remarks to the veterans of foreign affairs wars of the united states national convention. he's going to be taking the stage and we do actually really truly expected to happen any minute. we're going to bring it to you live when it happens, as to the discussion we are having now, i want to go back to the pole that we saw the very beginning. when i get from that as our regular people think politicians are out of touch. with americans. to me, that said everybody hates both parties and educate people in washington. >> marie: that will help democrats in a midterm because we are not in power. when anybody is mad at the establishment, it helps the party out of power. >> dagen: i love seeing these democrats like kristen gillibrand for cynthia nixon and they go on a favorable program or there on a stage with a bunch of liberals and they go we
9:49 am
should all abolish ice, that's our number one priority and everybody on the sofa with them. everybody is in agreement. >> katie: there trying to bring back white working-class voters, the number one priority is going to be abolishing ice, not bringing back manufacturing jobs. to say that that of all the things of the need to on. >> david: here's the thing, the democrats are countering something or trying to counter something they can't which is the way the economy is growing for that average working-class person regardless of ethnicity. if there's another point here. democrats, blue dog democrats may run as moderates during the election but then they go in and they vote with pelosi which is the far left of the party. >> marie: i will bite you when thousand dollars. space row take that bet and then tell you why. pelosi controls the money and that party too much that's why she's kept her.
9:50 am
>> melissa: do i get a bonus if i officiate the bat? >> david: that's redistribution. >> marie: with all due respect, i think that's an outdated view of the democratic party because i talk to these candidates, we had two dozen say they will not support pelosi that are running, we have just as many in the caucus who say. >> david: the fact is that. >> marie: i think i have a little bit better insight into my party and where they're going and i promise you, talk to these candidates, some of them are going to vote for her. >> david: why did they run as moderates? why did they run a so-called moderates, then going to congress and their actual voting record is with the left wing led by nancy pelosi? >> dagen: ali's weird thing what kristen gillibrand is going to give you. she believes in wide open borders, no rule of law, anybody and everybody can come to this
9:51 am
country. if we're a criminal, you don't get deported. i love that ice officials were trying to break up this child trafficking ring out in oakland last year and there is video of it, people were outside the home protesting. but they were there to break up child trafficking. >> david: a few weeks ago, and happen with a rapid response team that went out as they were executing a search warrant for human trafficking and they went out and stood there and started protesting. >> katie: you talk about their needing to be a conversation to handle 2020 but hasn't seen in 2016, zoellick bernie sanders is on the friday of the party. his ideology and the people that he is bringing with him is a main staple now within the party. in this idea that just going to dissipate. 50/50 inside the party. >> marie: there are two parts of the democratic wing the more ribald wing and the more moderate wing.
9:52 am
that's just a fact. we are going to have what could be a tough fight in 2020. and that will be something we will have to find out inside the party. they will also talk about here on out numbered. in the meantime, we are seeing right now as you can see on your screen there, that is president donald trump as he is coming out and talking to the head of the vfw, getting ready to take to the podium, this is the national convention of the veterans of foreign wars of the united states, they are in kansas city, missouri, right now. the president tweeting on his way there about russia, we have a feeling that he's my potentially go off script in the midst of these remarks, there are issues that are brewing on the sidelines whether it is the rhetoric that is heating up with iran are talking about north korea. >> dagen: about some trade, again he was tweeting about tariff, he tweeted this morning. >> marie: the greatest.
9:53 am
>> dagen: david is talking we are going to get a second quarter growth on friday and it looks like it could be close to 5%. the whisper number out of the white house has been a 4.8% growth in the second quarter. >> melissa: which is crazy saying that it's going to be number that we haven't seen in so long and then it hits on friday but you're right, there's almost no doubt he does like to talk about how much the economy has soared since he has been in charge of it and i think it's a pretty safe bet to say that he's going to take it on that one as well. we know the head of the vfw talked about hoping that he was going to say something about north korea and the return of remains from there as well and the soldiers, so he was asked to address that, i imagine he's going to do that. >> david: is the home of the national world war i museum there in kansas city. veterans have an affinity for
9:54 am
that played a huge role for veterans of all generations, this is kind of a wheelhouse for the president. stay when that is a terrific comment, i didn't know that. >> katie: what he said about his new vfw of secretary who was confirmed yesterday, not unanimously, some democrats who did not vote for him, the usual players. >> melissa: here we go, let's listen in. >> president trump: thank you, lee. and thank you also to commander harmon, we are grateful for your service, for your leadership in this incredible organization, that's what it is, it's incredible. i'm honored to be here today in kansas city, missouri, . the pay tribute to the men and
9:55 am
women who make freedom possible, kansas city and what a special place, what a special group of people. the veterans of foreign wars, you people should be very proud of yourselves. i want to personally thank each and every one of you who has served our country in uniform, defended our nation in battle and protected our great american flag. i also want to recognize a great kansas city legend. the women today on the plane, someone i've been a fan of for a long time, member of the baseball hall of fame, george brett of the kansas city royals. where is george? he's around here.
9:56 am
>> president trump: congratulations. we are also joined by our brand-new va secretary, robert wilkie, he will be fantastic who was just concerned that mike confirmed by the senate last night with an overwhelming vote. the only ones who voted against him were all of the people, the super labs that are running
9:57 am
against me in two and a half years. every one of them. if you want to know who is running, just take a look at wilkie's score. there will probably be more of them but in the senate, that was it. he will do a fantastic job and there's nothing more important than me. thank you. i also want to thank and peter will be joining the whole team, and they are doing a job with choice and all the other things that we have gotten approved. it's a very important commitment
9:58 am
that i made to you during the campaign, and several terrific members of congress are here today as well. great friends of mine and, we are enjoying them so much. kevin yoder from kansas, what an incredible guy. and members of the congressional delegation, vickie hartzler, billy long, jason smith, along with your state's attorney general. hopefully, we need him so badly, hopefully your new senator to be, josh holly. we need him badly. in fact, josh, do me a favor and come up there for a second. this guy is a special man. come here, josh.
9:59 am
come here. [applause] >> it's an incredible honor to be here today, thanks to all of you for your service and what you mean to this country. what do you think? [applause] you know, when i think about president trump, there is one where that comes to mind on that word is courage, do you agree? how many people over the years have said that they will do this and they will do that, but there is one guy who had the guts to actually fulfill his promises, the guts to move our embassy to jerusalem, the guts to actually stand up against our enemies overseas, the guts to put conservatives on the supreme court of the united states, and that is donald trump.
10:00 am
[applause] you know, the president always says, we are at a turning point moment as a country. it's a critical time for our country and he is providing the leadership that this country needs as we lead the world into this new century. and now i will tell you what, i think he needs a reinforcement in washington, d.c., do you agree with that? so let's do this. let's show our appreciation again and let's redouble our efforts and stand together working hard and making america great again. [cheers and applause] >> president trump: well, goodbye folks. [laughs] that was great, what a great young man. before going any further, i want to take this moment to send our prayers to the victims of


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