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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 25, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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shows. he response, tucker is an unethical journalist and a hack. if our feelings are not heard but that invitation remains open. the creepy porn lawyer can join us anytime he has time. that's it for us tonight, sean hannity right now. >> sean: you made my open really hard. i'm watching that segment and i'm just laughing. welcome to "hannity," this hour is chock-full of breaking news, incredible developments tonight, we will bring it all to you, articles of impeachment have now been filed against the deputy ag rob rosenstein. the days of his obstruction may soon be coming to an end, will have full coverage throughout the hour and first another day, another scandal, the sky is falling. the earth is shattered.
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days and days of breathless pedaling of lies by the mainstream media, we've got the best montage we've ever put together. this time americans americas pl trump haters are spinning in circles over a total insignificant audio recording over michael cohen and donald trump. it's clearly their meltdown but in moments we will show you how this tape is much to do about nothing. we'll take you on a frightening journey tonight, you might want to warn the kids, some of the worst examples of the destroyed trump media moving from crisis to crisis to crisis. we've got the tip, it's amazing that we will do something you will not see in the mainstream media. we have amazing great news tonight on the economy and other news on the foreign policy front with the trump administration, strong new poll numbers. so much for all the media beat downs and of course we were expecting friday the second quarter gdp numbers -- it should
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make america proud. were hoping for a major breakthrough and we had one today on one of the biggest economic partners we have. there's no trade war, they said the sky was falling there too. free and fair trade on the horizon, huge concessions the president got as it relates to the european union and a significant diplomatic progress under the leadership of the secretary of state mike pompeo. what a beat down he gave senators today and will show you how he helped educate democrats on the president's strong, sound, tough on russia policy. we have a lot of real news to get two and breaking news full hour opening monologue. we'll start with the one secret audio recording heard round the newsrooms all around the country. conspiracy tv, msnbc and cnn and all the likes of them. private conversation recorded between michael cullen and his
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client donald trump, last night it was released and despite all the breathlessness in the reporting, the tape is ambiguous, kind of hard to hear it -- it reveals no groundbreaking new information information -- let's just play it for you ourselves. >> i need to open up a company for the transfer of all of that info regarding our friend david. i'm going to do that right away. i have spoken to alan weiss ando about how to set the whole thing up. all the stuff, you never know what that company is going to b be. i'm all over that and i spoke to him about it, when it comes time for the financing. >> what financing?
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>> sean: what you just heard amounts to nothing, it never happened. the contents of that tape provide literally no new information, zero, zero significance here, no criminal law in question and what you just witnessed is something that occurs every single day at every major company in the country. crisis management to protect a brand's image and reputation. in this case it's the trump organization. over on the destroyed trump media, this was once again a daily earth shattering scandal. it's going to bring down the president. except it's not, take a look. >> we now have a secret audio recording that shows donald trump discussing payments about an alleged affair with a "playboy" playmate. the timing is everything, the payments were discussed just before he won the election. >> there may be bank fraud, tax
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fraud, money laundering issues. those issues could be more dangerous and damaging than the campaign finance issues. >> it's a very humiliating tape for the president and ironically, rudy giuliani says i can understand what's on this tape. it's similar to a mob tape. >> if you listen to this, it sounds like it's the weekly or monthly michael is here to figure out what we have to cover up meeting. >> sean: these are the same people who literally pedaled day after day, crisis after crisis -- it's 24/7. the same people pushing impeachment even before the president took office. the same people who were predicting the end of days or at least the end of trump ever since he dissented from that escalator in trump tower in 2015 and announced his candidacy to be president. the same people have literally gone through three major crises
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this week alone. in order to show you how the mainstream corrupt media has literally turned into a real life version of chicken little, we put together a mega montage of some of the worst moments. get ready because the sky is falling every second of the day. watch. >> better be ready, he may be leaving the republican ticket. >> i know you don't believe that but i want to go on. >> i understand why so many people voted for him, i understand where you're coming from, i understand why they liked him but this man is lying to you. >> donald trump is a president for whom there is grave questions about his fitness and ability to conduct the office. >> it builds and every time it builds and expands it you have to wonder if trump himself isn't worried about what's under the covers. >> the entire world is watching
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it and importantly vladimir putin is watching. it seems like yesterday was his love note to vladimir putin. >> it is an unusual speech, a weird speech, insulting kim jong un. >> i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. >> of course i want to punch him in the face. >> 16 tweets two days to start the new year some of them deeply disturbing. these are messages from a person who is not well. >> he came out, not show sure about excellent health. >> president trump is building kim jong un to test a nuclear missile again. to prove its reliability. >> stormy saga is taking a dramatic turn as the porn speaks out with her alleged affair. >> we heard about stormy daniel daniels.
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>> i want to read the definition of treason, this is nothing short of treason. >> the idea that the president would be revoking security clearance not based on wrongdoing, just based on words is shameful. >> with any previous president if you woke up to this all caps tweets, with trump this is kind of business is normal. >> sean: this is literally every minute, every hour of every day, the media their friends on the left. three years running, obsessing over the crisis of the second, totally ignoring the biggest issues that we the people are facing in this country and ignoring the massive success out of the trump administration. if they can't weaponize the story, they don't really seem interested at all in covering him. news is not existent in this country on the so-called news channels. right here on this show we have been sounding the alarm about
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the serious corruption, real abuse of power. a real russia scandal at the highest levels of the doj and the fbi over at the destroyed trump media, crickets. naturally the media goes to great lengths to avoid talking about all the positive developments surrounding the country, in the trump administration. they don't want you to know about the huge success is out of the white house. for the first time in years, we will find out friday. america's gdp is seeing healthy, real growth. it was just a short time ago the obama administration wanted americans to accept our new normal, like jimmy carter saying wear a sweater. pathetic growth rate of one or 2%. according to projections are second quarter growth should be about 4%, may be higher. we now have historical job growth, 2 million fewer people on food stamps. there are more jobs available than there are people on
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unemployment in the country and the greatest labor participation rate in history. good news for the forgotten men and women, the ones who voted for president trump even though the fix was in for hillary and they covered up her crimes and they turned their sights on trump and lied to fisa court judge is a mess of never hear about. yesterday the president tweeted out "our country is doing great, best financial numbers on the planet, great to have the usa winning again. on friday we expect that full gdp report, we will bring you those numbers as they become available. we have even more positive developments on the economic front, after months of negotiations and fearmongering by the media, he's starting a trade war, the president put fears of that war with europe to rest as he signed off on a significantly improved trade deal for american businesses
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free of tariffs, barriers, and subsidies. here is the president explaining all of this earlier today, let's take a look. >> president trump: we agreed to work toward zero tariffs, and a zero subsidies. on nonauto industrial goods, thank you. we will work to reduce barriers and increase trade in services, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical products as well as soybeans -- soybeans is a big deal. this will open markets for farmers and workers, increase investment and lead to greater prosperity in both the united states and the european union. it will also make trade fairer and more reciprocal. >> sean: if he didn't negotiate that one to have happened. the president pointed out this deal will open markets for farmers in america, workers,
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increased investment, lead to greater prosperity in both the u.s. and the european union. it will make trade fairer and more reciprocal, his favorite word. great news for goods, services right here in the united states, good for the american worker that was unemployed in the obama years. despite the constant negativity coming from so much of the media and democrats, you think they want the economy to grow and be prosperous? they want their power back. more and more americans are seeing the truth, they've got a new poll out today. in spite of all the media hysteria, look at the hills poll. the president's approval rating is now higher than ever, nearly 50%. same with gallup, same with nbc "wall street journal" and on the world stage, the president is also seen progress which is good for our kids and grandkids. secretary of state mike pompeo hit the ground running, he is overseeing steady significant
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progress out of north korea, china, and yet we are being tough on russia than obama ever dreamed of because he was sending messages. today the secretary of state testified on the hill and he explained to some of these senators that the president peace through strength strategy to counter the hostile actions of vladimir putin and the hostile regime of russia and what we are doing about it, take a look. >> the united states call on russia to respect the principles and end the occupation of crime crimea. we will not recognize the kremlin's annexation of crimea. we stand with allies, partners, and international community and our commitment to ukraine and territorial integrity. there will be no relief until russia returns controlled the crimean peninsula to ukraine.
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this declaration formalizes united states policy of nonrecognition. >> sean: formalizes it. i think someone on nbc suggested that the president was an agent of russia. this is how insane news has gotten. the secretary of state also helped democratic senators who aren't really too bright understand how the leadership of the president, the u.s. is leading from the front all over the world. not from behind and we aren't going on apology tours and we aren't dropping hundred $50 billion on the tarmac in cash and other currency to the mullahs of iran that chant death to israel and death to america, take a look. >> did he tell putin that i will relax sanctions? >> when you need to conduct your appropriate role i will provide you today, that is the
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united states policy -- you asked me about policy with respect to sanctions and i can confirm to you that no commitment has been made to change those policies in any wa way. just so the facts are clear, the previous administration is the one that enabled russia to have the capacity. >> i'm not defending the previous administration, i want this administration to continue to do what's working. >> its policy, your advocating for the continuation of this administration's policy i think that's important for everyone to understand. >> north korea still has chemical and biological weapons and brutalize as its own people and there is no verifiable evidence that north korea is denuclearizing. i am afraid at this point the united states, the trump administration is being taken for a ride. >> fear not. >> there is no evidence. >> senator, fear not.
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this administration has taken a enormously constructive actions that have put us in a place that is far better than his either of the two administrations. we have put sanctions in place that is unequaled, we have continued to enforce. >> sean: no missiles fired over japan, dismantled nuclear test site, hostages returned home. we will have the bodies of americans killed in that war sent back and we are talking about denuclearization of the korean peninsula. last but not least to not some major breaking news out of the deep state, this is important. moments ago a group of 11 house republicans have introduced articles of impeachment against deputy attorney general rob rosenstein, the guy who signed the last fisa warrant after months of obstructing congressional subpoenas and
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inhibiting the important investigation of the phis abuse, the russia witch hunt and so much more. he must now be held accountable. it's called checks and balances, coequal branches of government and yes the united states constitution. it's time for rob rosenstein to be held accountable. we have a lot to get to, rudy giuliani in a minute joining us first as former u.s. attorney for the district of columbia joe digenova and fox news contributor sara carter. i think joe has a lot to say. >> he does have a lot to say. one of the things that happened today it was the straw that broke the camel's back the fact that when meadows and jordan went to meet with the doj, they refused to comply. they weren't in compliance with giving the documents over to congress. there was a lot of arguing back and forth, jordan and meadows said they weren't in compliance
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compliance -- they still didn't know how many documents they need to turn over to them. the fbi did agree with congressman jordan that strzok didn't answer 90% of the questions that he could've answered. he took a very broad interpretation, this is peter strzok, he provided testimony. they are going to be calling peter strzok back to testify before congress and hopefully he will be answering a lot of the questions that congressman jordan ask him that he refused to answer. >> sean: he was under oath, i don't think i would be under oath but more importantly let's go to rob rosenstein. he signed the warrant which was the bulk of information, the
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phony dossier paid for by clinton, they didn't tell the fisa court judges, they didn't verify the information, they didn't follow fbi protocol and abroad rosenstein signed the last one, your reaction. >> there is no doubt he deserves everything that he's getting, whether or not impeachment is the right way to go doesn't even matter anymore. he didn't even read the final application, he had people explain to him what was in it. rosenstein is the one responsible for the crisis that the president has faced in the mueller probe, without rosenstein, there is no probe. he dated did it personally, hed be ashamed of itself, he's getting precisely what he deserved. what's more important than that. you are watching the president of the united states who is astride the globe and he is being assisted ably by a secretary of state in full. we know longer have a namby-pamby foreign policy.
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we have a secretary of state who today performed beyond any expectation any americans could expect of a secretary of state. i was amazed at his performance. the president is really pleased especially because of the outrageous performance of the director of national intelligence dan coats in aspen when he kissed at the feet andrea mitchell and criticized the president of the united states. shame on dan coats. >> sean: i watched mike pompeo today and no apologies. finally strength and he laid out all the things that the president -- nbc reported that he is an agent of russia that he's doing to russia. the irony is that we cannot ignore, we've got to get this take on this fisa warrant. if i lied to a fisa judge, you
6:21 pm
can get me out of jail as great an attorney as you are. >> this case is over. the fbi under obama and the department of justice under obama with giancarlo and the assistant attorney general for national security lied to the fisa court, hid material information from the fisa court. it is an outrageous abuse of power and if jeff sessions and rob rosenstein have not begun a grand jury to investigate all the people involved in the phony dossier and everything involved on it, ultimately when mueller is done, rosenstein and sessions should be fired. this is a clear case of criminal law violation in the fisa application, it is clearly a fraud and it is beyond belief that nothing publicly known has been done to hold accountable everybody involved in the signing of those applications to
6:22 pm
the fisa court. >> sean: we've got to run but you've been amazing on all of this. >> i couldn't agree more, i want to say really quick remember what they did leave out. the doj said christopher steele would do anything to keep donald trump from being president and i think that's all we need to say. >> sean: and hillary paid for it and these are unverified russian lies. there's your russia story, go find it. we laid it on a platter for you, thank you all. the president's attorney rudy giuliani, we have a lab report from catherine herridge on these articles of impeachment that have been introduced -- a ton of breaking news. stay right there. multivitamin with antioxidants from one total serving of fruits and veggies try new one a day with nature's medley.
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>> sean: moments ago, congressman mark meadows and jim jordan along with nine cosponsors have introduced articles of impeachment against the deputy attorney general rob rosenstein. here with a new update on this is catherine herridge in washington. >> the articles of impeachment: the deputy attorney general. these heavily redacted efforts show he signed off on the last surveillance warrant in june 2017 for trump campaign aide carter page. these lawmakers say that's a big deal because their committees are investigating government surveillance abuse. deputy attorney general rob rosenstein's failure to recuse himself in light of this conflict of interest and failure to appoint a second special counsel constitute a dereliction of duty. lawmakers met with fbi official officials, reporters were told fbi agent and peter strzok avoided too many questions during his recent testimony and he will likely be recalled. they closed the door depositions
6:28 pm
from strzok and lawyer lisa page identified records previously unknown to lawmakers about a file documenting efforts to verify the controversial dossie dossier. lawmakers question whether verification happened before the dossier was used by the fbi is evidence to secure the surveillance warrant. [reporter questioning] >> i think when you look at that, that's the key question that we are looking at these documents, when did it start? and i think those start dates could be problematic for some of the narratives that are out there right now. >> justice department officials indicated they believe they have complied with the majority of congressional subpoenas on the article of impeachment tonight, there was no immediate response and in the last hour democratic senator dianne feinstein and
6:29 pm
congressman adam schiff called the republicans move deeply partisan. >> sean: catherine herridge in washington. now with us as the president's attorney former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. let's get your reaction to congressman meadows, more importantly the third renewal -- the fourth fisa warrant. rob rosenstein signed off on. >> he's one of the people in charge in this case so i'm not going to get involved in critiquing his con duct. i hope he makes the right decision. i see the case falling apart, i see what happened yesterday, the first of his tape, that one they have been saying all along did the president know about it? he didn't know about it. he said he paid for it. he said it was personal, over and over again, it's 82 hour
6:30 pm
tape. and he sticks with his story. with regard to that particular situation, once again, totally legitimate conduct. >> sean: let's go back to last night for just a second. you have listened to that tape how many times and you say that the president said check. >> the president said i have it right here. i had to five people go over and another five -- i talked about mafia tapes -- i said i'm an expert on tapes, i did 4,000 hours of men on tape, what are we going to do today? >> sean: will put you in the next movie. >> donald trump says don't pay with cash. interruption. no, no, no i got it. check, and then very
6:31 pm
suspiciously he cuts the tape off because it's a very innocent very solid explanation. here's another explanation. before they talk about doing it through a corporation. you might as well sign up for jail. >> sean: let's look at the big picture. the status, this has gone on. the country is so divided. i have been very harsh in terms of -- i believe a presidential election, he was guilty of obstruction and i see what we learned about the fisa warrants. if they purposely withheld from the judges on four separate occasions that this was hillary clinton bought and paid for what turned out to be russian lies. there's a russia conspiracy here. >> one of the things they were
6:32 pm
concerned about, to the president obstruct justice when he fired comey? he made it clear to lester holt he did it knowing the investigation was continuing so he couldn't obstruct it. on the other hand, how does hillary not get prosecuted for destroying tapes, lying at least three or four times, having people felt totally phony stories, false exculpatory statements, destruction of evidence. he reads that all the way. >> sean: you told laura ingraham last night that there are no more tapes on donald trump. >> michael avenatti was running around all weekend saying he said it on abc. he cross-examined him and there
6:33 pm
were numerous tapes with president trump. the government must be hiding them if that is the case and i assure you the southern district in new york is not hiding evidence. >> sean: some of the best prosecutors came out of there. >> i can't imagine they are shocked by this unbelievable assault on the attorney-client privilege, my god. >> sean: america has been following this and i -- everything we reported has come true. i still say the heroes are going to be fbi and cia guys. is this now coming to an end? i watch dershowitz after, is there going to be a subpoena fight? 's are going to be any discussion about collusion and why would you ever allow him to talk to this group of people which i have very strongly criticized?
6:34 pm
>> there's no reason to talk about obstruction because article two including what i told you he was saying the champion investigation would go on to lester holt. they can leave that off whenever they play that tape, amazing what they do. however, there is a narrow area which we might think about it and we are in discussion with a special counsel about it, it all has to do with collusion so there is no perjury trap. >> sean: i don't believe they could do it without setting a perjury trap. >> they will give up on the obstruction point, they're trying to set up the president against comey and the fact that he is one of the most incredible guys around. i think mueller wants to get it over with before the election. >> sean: for the good of the country.
6:35 pm
do you think is a good man? >> i think he's okay, i think he's got people around him including one with a record whose astoundingly bad. >> sean: great to see you as always. when we come back, we will show you why john brennan former cia director deserves to get his security clearance revoked and much more, straight ahead. little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months, ... with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. otezla may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. tell your doctor if these occur. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression.
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♪ >> sean: the white house announced this week it is looking into stripping the security clearance from several obama era officials, one of the people who may be losing his privileges is the only guy who voted for a communist for president. how he became cia director is a mystery, director john brennan. he is one of the biggest trump haters out there, now a political hack for conspiracy theory tv. the caa protocol says if you want to keep your clearance,
6:40 pm
you've got to act like a modern-day cia employee, you can't be doing stuff like this. >> i think he's afraid of the president of russia. anyone can speculate as to why, the russians may have something on him personally. they could always roll out and make his life more difficult. >> he continues to have ignorance of facts, just to follow through on these campaign promises that really were very flawed. so many other national security officials are speaking out because of the abnormal behavior of mr. trump. the relief we feel afterward. >> sean: here with reaction, fox news national security strategist dr. sebastian gorka,
6:41 pm
retired cia intelligence officer daniel hoffman. you know john brennan. the caa we put it up on the screen last night, if you want your clearance you've got to act as the same way a current cia employee would react. >> for the rank and file retired intelligence officers who retain security clearance because they have a job to do as a contractor back in the intelligence committee which requires the clearance -- secondly there's no evidence that john brennan and jim klapper has revealed classified information. they have willfully spoken untruths not based on intelligence. jim klapper claims russians tilted the election to donald trump, not true and contradicts the intelligence that was produced which he presided. brennan claims that he could
6:42 pm
blackmail trump, there is no evidence to support that claim. they aren't exactly revealing classified information. >> sean: i know you have a thing or two to say on this. >> i have three things to say, number one since the cia was created in 1947, no cia director has behaved as the grace disgrs john brennan. he's attacking the sitting president and accusing him of committing high crimes and misdemeanors is absolutely outrageous. secondly, you mention it in your introduction -- how is it that john brennan even got a job at the cia when he admitted to voting for the communist party at the height of the cold war when the soviet union had 25,000 nuclear warheads aimed at this country and one it was committed
6:43 pm
to our destruction. i would like to find an investigation as to why he was employed by the cia let alone become its director. lastly, let me expand upon what daniel said. there are only two reasons after you retire for government service at his level that you should maintain a security clearance. number one, you are actively involved in a current government project as a contractor, john brennan isn't. secondly, your advice is requested by your successors so that the new cia director can listen to you. this administration does not want john brennan's advice, therefore the president should strip him of his security clearance right now. >> sean: how do you get to call yourself nbc news and have people under that banner suggesting that without any evidence, the president may be an agent of russia, an agent and
6:44 pm
he is compromised when the president has been ten times stronger against russia then mr. apologize for america and bribe the mullahs of iran with american dollars in cash. >> john brennan later walk that back. >> sean: the damage was done. >> because a lot of our allies who share intelligence with us heard him, same with our sources in russia who might worry about their safety because he's claiming the president could be blackmailed by vladimir putin. he needed to be taking the hippocratic oath of do no harm to our national security when he exercised his right to free speech. >> every time john brennan spins these insinuations, he is doing
6:45 pm
vladimir putin's dirty work. that's who he is today. he is undermining america. >> sean: well said, thank you both. when we come back, they are back. jesse watters, jessica tarlov we will find out who's world it is on meghan mccain takedown of joy behar in her defense of socialism, powerful moment. don't miss it next. fruits and veggies are essential to your health, but it's tough to get enough of their nutrients. new one a day with nature's medley is the only complete multivitamin with antioxidants from one total serving of fruits and veggies try new one a day with nature's medley.
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♪ >> sean: things got heated on the view yesterday, joy behar got into a debate over socialism and democrats rising star alexandria ocasio-cortez and this is what happened, take a look. >> she is a democratic socialist
6:50 pm
and very close to liberalism. think about it for a second, medicare, social security, the post office, the library -- >> i hope they do run a democratic socialist. because i think you will lose spectacularly, and the words of margaret thatcher, you run out of spending other people's mone money. every democratic socialist is going on tv saying that it's good it needs to start paying 90% in taxes on your tax forms -- i think you should start paying the amount of taxes that every socialist in this country needs -- if you think the government is so good at spending money. it's dangerous. >> sean: meghan mccain. the only thing missing was jeanine pirro being thrown off the show. it's his world and we live in it, he's got two shows, the
6:51 pm
calls was the reigning champion and lost this is the democrat agenda for 2018. they want to impeach donald trump but they don't want to say it, they want their crumbs back. they want open borders and to get rid of ice, they want to keep obamacare it's been a great success. on top of all of that we've got a party that wants to stop investigations into corruption. why do you explain to americans, explain why they should give their crumbs to nancy pelosi and elizabeth warren and joy behar? >> donation money? why they should take that thousand dollars and give it to the democrats? there are new reports that wages haven't been increasing but i guess the tax cuts were a big bonus for the republican side. they should give it to the democrats because the agenda
6:52 pm
will benefit middle and lower class americans. >> sean: you want every american who has a tax cut to be taxed again, you want it back. >> the mega rich you two are getting taxed. >> sean: you have no idea how much jesse gets paid. >> whatever it is it's not enough. you want to bring venezuela to america, i think that's terrible. in venezuela, human beings are taking doc medicine, it's the murder capital of the world. if you want to bring socialism to america you hate america because it's going to destroy america and politically it's suicide to become socialists. in 1994, you went away left and he went way left in 2010. both times republicans swept through the house, massive gains. if you guys want to kill yourselves i'm going to sit back and watch. >> in 2010, you guys went way right, we only need 23 to take control. the democratic socialist movement there only 42 of these
6:53 pm
candidates in the contention nationwide. this is in the mainstream. they talk about it all the time. >> sean: meghan mccain had a really good idea, i like it. >> 90%? >> sean: will collect the joy behar, jessica tarlov box. pay as much as you think you should pay but leave the rest of americans alone, families that are struggling to pay for their cars on their mortgages and send their kids to a private school because public school sucks. >> they can't afford any of these policies, they aren't very good at math. you know how much free health care costs? $30 trillion and they want to edit free housing at free college on top of that. you can raise everybody's taxes to 90%, it isn't going to make a dent in the cost of those programs. >> this is what i'm saying, this is in the democrat mainstream. when you look at what bernie is
6:54 pm
advocating for, you sound like hillary clinton. he said how are we going to pay for that? how did you take my awesome mind and make it even better? jesse watters, you sound like hillary clinton, i live for that. >> sean: the comeback beat the line. >> the validity of my argument, democratic socialists are not the majority. >> sean: is there a positive agenda item for the democrats? >> our tax plan is a lot better. >> sean: don't change. ready? when we come back from a rush limbaugh a really great words about the president's critics in the media constantly breathlessly trying to take it down every second, every minute of every day.
6:55 pm
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>> sean: the great rush limbaugh has a great take on the failure of the media to destroy and delegitimize the president you voted for. >> one of these things these clowns at cnn, and areva sony blockbuster story about trump, all of these things are don't g. everyone of these things that doesn't get rid of donald trump inoculates him. from the next one. and every inoculation and lessens the credibility of the media and all this i think ends up helping trump. they have figured this out. they still think they can get rid of republican presidents, they are not going to give up. >> sean: such a good point. every second, every minute, every hour of every day, they can't help themselves. rash is right -- rush's rights.
7:00 pm
we thank you for being with us and we hope you'll tune in tomorrow night along with the breaking news, roseanne barr will join us. let not your heart be troubled. "the ingraham angle." you have some of my best friends on the show. you have jordan, meadows, and gregg jarrett, was the number-one book in the country. speak to his book is awesome. giuliani came on my show last night. i loaned him to you tonight. >> sean: is everything is everything tit for tat? >> laura: basically. you started it. you have my guests, so there. we are like brother and sister. how long have we been fighting like this? we have been fighting like this for at least 18 years. >> sean: i'm going to tell the whole story one day, on top of the trouble he got into.